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Meeting a Ditz


Chapter 9: Meeting a Ditz

It is a beautiful morning at the Uzumaki mansion in Ponyville when Naruto woke up from the rays of the sun although slightly annoyed at waking up from a nice dream. "Why did I have to wake up at the moment I leapt off the springboard and was about to splash into a giant bowl of ramen, sometimes I hate you sun" thought Naruto pouting at the sun. "Anyway I'd better go wake up Scootaloo for breakfast or she will be late for school" he trotted upstairs and quietly opened to door to his sister's bedroom to her still asleep. He went over and nudged her awake, "Scoots wake up, you have to get ready for school and you don't wanna be late"

Scootaloo woke up and rubbed her eyes before turning to her brother with a smile "Sure thing bro, I'll take a bath before coming downstairs to have breakfast" Naruto smiled back and went downstairs to the kitchen and began to prepare breakfast which was a plate of sandwiches, orange juice, apples and salad. Then he went ahead to prepare a lunchbox for Scootaloo to eat at school and one for himself as he plans to have lunch at the park after his daily run in the town. After preparing breakfast, Naruto willed his chakra arms and used them to carry the platter to the summer hut and waited for Scootaloo who showed up wearing a pair of goggles on her forehead and a medallion around her neck, Naruto had made some more of the items and gave them to the fillies excluding the goggles which was for his sister. Since she began to live with her brother, she was very happy as he would care for her and play with her and others especially when they formed the Cutie Mark Crusaders as they searched for their talents in activities and he is around to guide them as well as keep them out of trouble although he is not above playing pranks every once in a while. After a hearty breakfast, Naruto packed their lunchboxes into his satchel and went to the entrance of the mansion where he turned to Scootaloo with a grin.

"Wheels or wings?" asked Naruto.

"Wings, besides I've already stored my scooter in my medallion, I planned to hang out with Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle at her place after school" said the young filly who jumped onto Naruto's back.

"Alright then just hold on tight, Chakura no Tsubasa!" said Naruto as wings made of energy appeared then he leapt into the air and flew. It was a fun flight to school for Scootaloo as Naruto was performing tricks along the way before finally landing at their destination much to her disappointment. "Alright, have a good day at school and I'll pick you up at AJ's place later in the day" after give her the lunchbox which she sealed into her medallion, Naruto trotted off to the Sugarcube corner in order to buy some snacks to add to his lunch. "Can't have a picnic without muffins otherwise it's a crime"

Meanwhile a certain mare felt happy all of a sudden, "It felt like someone is appreciating the taste of muffins, I hope to meet the pony soon" she thought happily as she waited for her daughter to come downstairs. She is a Pegasus with a coat of bluish gray with mane and tail of pale light grayish green, she has cutie mark of two large bubbles and five smaller ones surrounding them on her flank, what is most noticeable is her grayish yellow eyes which are crossed. "Dinky doo aren't you done yet?"

"Coming mom!" a voice called out as a young filly came down the stairs, she is a unicorn with a coat of pale purple, a blond mane and tail and yellow eyes. "I'm ready!" she happily approached her mother.

"It's my day off from mail delivery so how about we go for a walk around before we go and get some muffins from the Sugarcube corner" said the mare. With that they left their home not knowing of the special encounter that they would have with a certain blond stallion.

Naruto was galloping excitedly to the Sugarcube corner while greeting everypony along the way until he finally reached his location. When he entered the shop, he tackled to the ground by a pink blur but he smiled happily knowing who it was behind the tackle.

"Hiya Naru, it's been a while since I last saw you here!" said Pinkie Pie bouncing happily.

"Geez Pinks, we only met yesterday so hasn't exactly been a while, anyway I wanted to buy some muffins for lunch" said Naruto as they walked to the counter.

"Coming right up Naru! You know I'm sure if you met my friend you would get as she also likes muffins" said Pinkie as she packs the muffins into a paper bag.

"Really? Who is this friend of yours as I would like to meet her" said Naruto who received the bag and placed some bits on the counter.

"Her name is Derpy Hooves, she is a Pegasus who works as a delivery mare and often hangs out with Rainbow Dash and she absolutely loves muffins!" said Pinkie Pie.

"Alright then one of these days, I will follow you to meet this friend of yours, see ya later Pinks" said Naruto as he waved goodbye to the pink mare before leaving the shop and going on his merry way. Along the way, he heard somepony calling his name and turned to see Rainbow Dash flying towards him.

"Yo Naruto, how's it going with you and Scootaloo?" said Rainbow Dash as she landed next to the blond stallion.

"Hey Dash, everything is fine with Scoots and I, I'm busy keeping her and the others out of trouble as they search for their cutie marks but it's never a dull moment with them. Anyway, Pinks told me that you are friends with a pony by the name Derpy" said Naruto with a smile as he walked along with the tomboyish mare.

"Oh I know her very, I sometimes help out with her delivery, she is a bit clumsy and tends to crash into ponies whenever she flies" said Rainbow Dash while laughing.

"You can't laugh at her as you also tend to crash into ponies too with me being your favorite landing cushion" said Naruto with smirk to which Rainbow blushed with embarrassment.

"Well at least my crashes are lower in number than hers, anyway I'll catch ya later for our daily challenges" said Rainbow Dash waving goodbye before flying to the clouds to perform her duties.

"Well I'd better take a walk around before heading to the park to relax and then pick up Scootaloo at AJ's place" said Naruto before trotting away to the neighborhood. As he was walking through the street when he felt something close to him, it was a feeling of distress. Ever since the battle with Nightmare Moon, Naruto noticed that he had the ability to sense the emotions of ponies around such as anger, sadness, joy and others but he learning how to use it by meditating but sometimes the ability triggers without warning. Feeling curious, Naruto went in the direction of the source of the emotion to see if he could help the pony out. After tracing the source, Naruto came upon who was emitting the emotion which was a young filly who was sitting on the ground crying to which he called out. "Hello young one, why are you crying?"

10 Minutes Earlier

Dinky was walking with her mother all the while talking about school and other things when she met with one of her mother's friends.

"Hello Rainbow Dash, how are things going for you?" said the gray mare.

"Heya Derpy, is today your day off?" said Rainbow Dash as she landed on the ground.

"Yeah so I thought that I should spend the day with Dinky and we are just on our way to the Sugarcube corner to buy some muffins" said the newly named Derpy.

"Okay then, oh I almost forgot to introduce to a friend of mine, he is a unicorn who goes by the name Naruto and I'm sure you'll like as he also likes to eat muffins just like you" said Rainbow Dash.

"Really? I hope to meet this pony soon as I've heard of a stallion from the post office that he comes around to help out with the deliveries, most of the most of the workers say that he is one of the fastest ponies in Ponyville" said Derpy.

"Well he has to be the fastest since he is my friend and rival, he even been helping me out with my tricks as well as teaching me some new ones, I sure that when the Wonderbolts show up they might have the both of us join them" said Rainbow with a smile proud of the blond stallion.

"But I thought he is unicorn so how can he join the Wonderbolts?" asked Derpy who was confused.

"Let's just say that he is a special pony" said Rainbow Dash.

"Okay then I have to get going so I'll see you later, come on Dinky let's-"said Derpy turning to her daughter only to see that she is gone. "Where did she go!? She was right next to me!?" she began calling out for her only to receive no reply.

"Let's search from the sky, she can't have gone too far!" said Rainbow Dash, the two Pegasus took to the air to begin their search.

What they didn't know was that when they were talking, Dinky was distracted by a butterfly and chased after it in order to catch it, she kept following it through the town until she lost sight of it much to her disappointment. "Oh well, I guess I'd better get back to mom" she tried to go back the way she but kept taking the wrong way which resulted in getting more lost, she tried to look for a familiar face but to no avail adding more to her distress, adding hunger to her problems made her break down and cry. Dinky kept crying until she felt a shadow over and heard a gentle voice call out to her.

"Hello young one, why are you crying?" said the voice, she looked up to see a male unicorn with an orange coat and spiky blond mane and a foxy tail, and she also noticed the whisker marks on his face which piqued her curiosity if they are real. She didn't know this stallion but felt that she could trust him.

Back to present time

The filly looked up to Naruto without talking making him feel shy so decided to draw her attention to why she was crying.

"My name is Naruto Uzumaki, I moved to Ponyville a couple of weeks ago, what's your name little one?" said Naruto giving the filly a foxy grin which calmed her down and made her smile as well.

"My name is Dinky Doo and it's nice to meet you Mr. Naruto" said Dinky Doo. "I have heard of that name from mom's friend, this could be him, he looks nice and those whisker marks remind me of a fox"

"Please call me Naruto, being called Mr makes me feel old and distant" said Naruto with a smile.

"Okay well the reason I was crying is because I got lost from my mom. My mom and I were on out for a walk since it's my mom's day off when we met a friend of hers, they were talking and I chased after a butterfly and ended up getting lost" a growl came from her stomach causing her to blush "And I'm hungry too" Naruto chuckled softly before coming to eye level with the filly.

"Well I can help you on both cases, I can help you find your and I can get some food into that stomach of yours" said Naruto with a gentle smile.

"Really?! Thank you Naruto!" said Dinky happily.

"I can tell that you look tired so how about you climb onto my back and then we head to the park as I've packed lunch and it should be enough for the both of us" said Naruto as he crouched down for Dinky as she climbed up to his back.

"Wow his back is firm and warm, it makes me feel protected" thought Dinky as she made herself comfortable, with that the duo went towards the park have a picnic.

Meanwhile Derpy and Rainbow Dash were still flying over the town looking for the missing filly but to no avail and Derpy is getting more worried. "We've been all over the place and still no sign of Dinky"

"Maybe we should get help from Naruto" said Rainbow Dash.

"Why is that?" asked Derpy.

"He recently told me that he could sense the emotions of the ponies around him so if we can get him to sense the emotions of Dinky, then we should be able to find her" said Rainbow Dash.

"Then where can we find him?" asked Derpy already desperate look for the pony who could help find her daughter.

"Well he should be at the park as it's where he likes to meditate so let's head over there" said Rainbow Dash, then the two mares flew over to the park.

Back with the blond stallion, he was currently enjoying his picnic with Dinky who was happily eating a sandwich that he made.

"Wow Naruto, all of your food taste delicious, I'm sure that mom would like to eat your cooking" said Dinky after she had finished eating.

"Thank you Dinky, how about some music before we go and look for your mom?" said Naruto bringing out his ocarina, after receiving a nod from the young filly he began to play with his chakra arms (Okami Ost – Shinshu Fields), as Naruto played his ocarina, the song was heard throughout the town giving everyone the feeling of calmness and serenity which even calmed Derpy as she approached the park.

"He was the one who played that song that day" thought Dinky as she closed her eyes and listened to the sound the music. After a bit of playing the music, Naruto stopped playing much to her disappointment as she wanted to listen to and told just that.

"Hehehehe I would love like to continue to play but don't forget that we need to find your mother first" said Naruto to which Dinky consented, they were about to start packing the food when two Pegasus landed before them to which they were familiar with.

"Mom!" shouted Dinky as she ran to embrace the gray Pegasus which Naruto assumed is her mother.

"Dinky I was so worried about you!" said Derpy then she turned to the blond stallion "My name is Derpy Hooves and thank you for finding my daughter"

"My name is Naruto Uzumaki and you're welcome, I'm sure anypony would have done the same thing in my place. I believe Dash led you here so that I could help you search her right?" said Naruto with a foxy grin which led to both mares to blush.

"Of course, you are the pony for the job which was why I brought her to you, any I'll see you guys tomorrow" said Rainbow Dash who took off for her home.

"Since that's case, let me pack up then I'll escort you to your home" said Naruto.

"I appreciate the gesture" said Derpy, then the three ponies walked home with Dinky riding on his saying that she finds it comfy. After seeing them home, Naruto turned to leave when Derpy called out to him. "I would like to thank you again for what you did and I hope to see you again"

"Of course, I'll invite you and Dinky to my place for lunch, she wants you to try my cooking. Anyway I'll see you around" said Naruto waving goodbye before trotting to Applejack's home to pick up Scootaloo.

Later that night as Derpy tucked Dinky to bed, she listened to how her daughter spent her day with the blond stallion. "It seems like you really like him?"

"Yeah, he's very nice and likes to joke a lot and he was the one who played the song that day, I hope to see him again with you and Sparkler, he also gives me the feeling of having a father which makes me want to spend more time around him" said Dinky.

"That would be nice for all of us, goodnight and I'll see you in the morning" said Derpy kissing her daughter before leaving the bedroom to her own. As she lay down to sleep, her thoughts strayed to the blond stallion and thought "He's an interesting pony, I hope to meet him again as well" then she went to sleep.

Meanwhile at the Uzumaki mansion, as Naruto was about to sleep his thoughts also strayed to the gray mare and the filly and thought "I hope to meet them again as it's fun to be with Dinky and I want to get to know Derpy a bit more" then he went to sleep as well.

His is Hussbek online with the latest chapter, I've brought Derpy into the scene so what's next for our blond pony ninja, stay tuned to find out. The next chapter is going to be musical if you catch my drift which will involve to certain ponies which I'm sure you're familiar with so be sure to stick around.

This is Hussbek from Ghana

Signing out.

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