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Team Matchups and Nostalgia

Naruto: The Weapon Master

Chapter 4: Team Matchups and Nostalgia

As the sun rises over the hidden leaf village, its rays shine through the apartment of a certain blond ninja who covers his head in order to continue his sleep while mumbling something about the destruction of the sun, however his sleep was not to be as a certain enemy announces his presence. BEEP, BEEP, BEEP BEE..*CRUNCH* Naruto's hands upon the crushed remains of an alarm clock. "Uzumaki 24, alarm clock zero" said Naruto with a smirk as he got up from the bed. "Good morning, Kurama and Chinami"

"Good morning Kit" said Kurama with a warm smile.

"Good morning Naruto-sama, I hope you had a good sleep" said Chinami smiling to which Naruto nodded into affirmation.

""Yep, today is the day that I get placed into a team, so let's take a shower, put on my new ninja gear, eat a healthy breakfast and then head for the ninja academy" said Naruto looking at the calendar before taking of his pajamas and going to the bathroom with his towel. Due to lack of hot water because the landlord said that demons don't deserve to be pampered, Naruto created some seals to alter the temperature of the shower and he didn't even have to pay the bill for it. After taking a bath, Naruto went to his closet and opened it to reveal his new clothes after clearing out his kill me orange jumpsuits and took set out to wear it. Naruto now wears his forehead protector replacing the blue cloth with a black and longer one, a black t-shirt with an orange silhouette image of a fox with a facemask, an orange open hooded vest with black flames, black fingerless gloves with metal plating, brown cargo pants with pockets and black ninja sandals. He also wears his old goggles around his neck, telling Kurama and Chinami that it is a precious gift. Naruto then strapped the Tsukiotoshi to his back and the Mumei Tamanoo at his waist. Then he went to cook up a breakfast of fried eggs, milk, and toast and fruit salad. He was able to purchase the groceries while under the guise of transformation jutsu.

"It's a good thing that I bought fresh milk otherwise I would have had a bad case of diarrhea" said Naruto.

"True but if it was your old self then that would have been the case" said Kurama with a laugh while Chinami giggled.

"It's best that you hurry on your way Naruto-sama as you are already late" said Chinami with urgency.

"No need to worry about that as I've got just the solution for this situation!" said Naruto as he jumped out the window of his apartment and to the streets below. During the descent, Naruto sent chakra to the bracelet and called out "Surf the clouds!" in a flash of light, a small rectangular platform with a wind design appeared at his feet, it levitated a bit over the ground. "LET'S RIDE!" Naruto quickly took off leaving a cloud of dust in his wake.

While riding through the village all the while surprising the civilians, the images from the hoverboard told him that the more tricks he performs, the faster he goes and with that Naruto began performing stunts. He rode along the walls while jumping from one building to the other to create a combo, then he grinded along the wires of the electric poles and then jumped off while performing spins and flips before landing and the board glowed brightly. Then Naruto went through an alley and saw a wooden plank propped up against a crate and grinned widely before zipping towards it and called out "Boost!" a burst of energy shot out from the rear thruster of the hoverboard which granted a dramatic increase in speed and launched himself off the makeshift ramp and high into the air, then Naruto performed a handstand and began to spin fast while calling out the name of his new trick "Uzumaki spiral!" and skidded to a stop in front of the entrance to the academy after landing.

"What do the judges say to the performance?" asked Naruto to the tenants within the mindscape.

"Great timing of performing your tricks, perfect control and balance despite it being your first time so I'll give you a ten" said Kurama while holding up a card with one of its tails.

"I agree with Kurama-san, I'm impressed with the creativity, fast reaction, and perfect planning while on the move as well as the creation of the new trick so I'll also give you a ten" said Chinami who was also holding up a card as well.

"Thanks for the rating, now let's get in before we get into any kind of trouble" said Naruto as he jumped off the hoverboard which disappeared into the bracelet and walked into the building. As he came into the class, Naruto saw that the others had arrived as well, most which he was familiar with.

A boy whose head is laying on top of the with his eyes closed and has pineapple shaped hair is Nara Shikamaru, heir to the Nara clan, he always emits the aura of laziness and also seems to think that everything is troublesome and lacks a serious amount of motivation but Naruto knows that he has the highest IQ in the group. Naruto and Shikamaru would hang out and watch clouds which both find to be very relaxing. His clan can manipulate their shadows to ensnare foes and force them to mimic their movements. He wears his headband around his left biceps.

The boy sitting next to him while snacking on a bag of potato chips is Akimichi Choji heir to the Akimichi clan, he is never seen without his bag of snacks but is very friendly to everyone but he is sensitive about his weight so if anyone is to call him fat, he will go on a rampage, he found a kin in Naruto as they both like to eat especially at Ichiraku ramen or hang out together with Shikamaru. His clan are known for their ability to enlarge parts of their bodies to massive proportions but need to eat large amounts of food for the energy required. He wears his headband as a bandanna on his head.

The dark raven haired boy who is brooding at one side of the classroom is Uchiha Sasuke the surviving member of the Uchiha clan. His clan was annihilated by his elder brother and sworn vengeance, he is withdrawn and cold to everyone and is the top rookie of the class. Naruto tried many times to befriend him but all to no avail. His clan possesses an eye technique known as the sharingan that can copy the techniques of their opponents. He wears his headband on his forehead.

The boy who has a puppy sitting on his head is Inuzuka KIba with his dog Akamaru, the heir to the Inuzuka clan, although he means well he has a warped view of women and proclaims himself as an alpha, Naruto would often get into arguments with him. His clan partners with trained dogs for close combat and known to be the best trackers in the village. He wears his headband on his forehead with his hood up.

Further down is a girl with a long blond ponytail whose name is Yamanaka Ino an heiress to the Yamanaka clan, she is an outgoing and spirited but is loyal fangirl to Sasuke. She tends to belittle Naruto believing that he is nothing but trouble. Her clan specializes in infiltrating the minds of enemies to takes control of her body. She wears her head around her waist as a belt.

Aburame Shino is the boy with the dark glasses, the heir to the Aburame clan. He is known to never express his emotions along with the rest of his clan, Naruto could barely start a conversation with Shino due to his bluntness. His clan battles using bugs which live within them with the price being chakra for nutrition. Shino wears his headband on his forehead.

The girl with the pink hair is Sakura Haruno from a civilian family, she is a loyal fangirl who used to be best friends with Ino but broke up because of their rivalry and whom Naruto has crush on but is no longer sure at the moment, she is one of the smartest in the class despite the lack of physical ability. She wears her headband on her long pink hair.

Last but not least is Hyuuga Hinata from the prestigious Hyuuga clan, she was supposed to be the clan heiress but her father ignored her and it to her younger sister Hanabi. She is very shy and lack self-confidence because of her father's neglect. Whenever Naruto comes near her, she would blush and stutter or even faint much to his confusion. Her clan specializes in close combat that involves damaging internal organs and chakra points, they also have an eye technique called the byakugan which allows them to have a 360 view of their surroundings and see the chakra points on the enemies. She wears her headband around her neck. Naruto looked at her and smiled gently to which she blushed scarlet and shyly waved.

"N-Naruto-kun is looking this way and smiling at me, wait he's wearing a headband which means he graduated after all, I am so glad I can only wish that we would be put on the same team" thought Hinata. Naruto approached Sakura and called out to her.

"Good morning Sakura-chan!" greeted Naruto happily, Sakura merely scoffed at the blond.

"Naruto-baka what are you doing here? Only graduates are allowed here and I remember that you didn't pass the examination" said Sakura. Naruto was saddened before explaining how he got here.

"Well Iruka-sensei allowed me to pass through field promotion and the Hokage approved of it" said Naruto.

"Well it doesn't matter as there is no way you can compare to Sasuke-kun even with your new clothes" huffed Sakura, Naruto's tenants were irritated at the pinkette's attitude.

"Naruto-sama, why does she act this way to you?" said Chinami.

"She's right kit, this girl has changed too much from when you first met her as she used to be shy like Hinata" said Kurama.

"I know but there is something weird about her, I sense something else on her, we need to check up on this later" thought Naruto as he continued upwards until he reached Ino.

"Good morning Ino" said Naruto while the female blond greeted back.

"Good morning Naruto, I have to admit that you look good in those clothes, much better than the kill-me orange jumpsuit" said Ino as she is on friendly terms with Naruto as well as Choji and Shikamaru. Naruto said his thanks and continued upwards until he reached Hinata.

"Mind if I sit here?" asked Naruto to which the shy Hyuuga nodded.

"N-n-naruto is sitting right next to me, I hope that I don't faint from this" thought Hinata while Naruto watched from the corner of his eye.

"That blush of hers really makes her cute" thought Naruto then Iruka entered the classroom.

"Alright everyone settle down and pay attention while I announce the teams" said Iruka as he began to call out the names and the teams they would be on. "….for team 6 will be Nara Shikamaru, Choji Akimichi and Ino Yamanaka, your sensei will be Sarutobi Asuma" the trio looked at each other and smiled at being able to work together as the next Shika-Ino-Cho.

"For team 7 will be Inuzuka Kiba, Aburame Shino and Uchiha Sasuke and your sensei will be Hatake Kakashi" Sasuke looked indifferent while Sakura groaned at not being on his team.

"I have to find a way to steer him away from the path of revenge or he'll end up destroying himself" thought Naruto.

"And for team 8 is Uzumaki Naruto, Hyuuga Hinata and Haruno Sakura, your sensei will be Yuuhi Kurenai and Mitarashi Anko" Naruto smiled happily.

"I'm on the team with Hinata-chan and Sakura-chan, this is great" thought Naruto.

"I'm with Naruto-kun on the same team, I hope I can get stronger so that i won't disappoint him" thought Hinata.

"I can't believe that I'm not on the same team with Sasuke-kun but rather with the baka and the shy girl, but why do I feel happy to be with the blond and why does my neck itch?" thought Sakura.

"Now you will wait here until your assigned sensei arrives to pick you up, I wish you all good luck with your ninja career" said Iruka before looking at Naruto who gave him his true smile and left the classroom. It took a while until a woman approached them.

"If this is team 8, I am Yuuhi Kurenai so please follow me, my co-sensei is waiting at the meeting place" said the newly named Kurenai as Naruto, Hinata and Sakura got up to follow sensei to a dango shop where another woman is sitting at the table waiting for their arrival.

"Now that we are here, let's introduce ourselves with me going first. My name is Kurenai Yuuhi, my likes are genjutsu, hanging with my friends, flowers and herbal tea. My dislikes are sexist, rapist, perverts and traitors. I don't feel like telling you my hobbies yet and my dream is to bring out the potential in my team. You're next" said Kurenai pointing to the woman next to her.

"My name is Anko Mitarashi, my likes are dango, sake, snakes and my friends. My dislikes are a certain snake, rapists, perverts and traitors especially a particular one. My hobbies are r-rated for you guys to hear and my dream is to make a certain traitor pay for ruining my life" said the newly named Anko. Naruto looked at her sadly along with Chinami and Kurama. "You're up pinkie"

"My name is Haruno Sakura, my likes are a certain someone who is not on the team, the color pink, drawing and cherry. My dislikes are Naruto-baka and Ino-pig. My dream is to impress a certain someone and reunite with a childhood friend" said Sakura, while Naruto looked sad, Hinata, Kurenai and Anko glared angriliy at the pinkette.

"She said she wants to reunite with an old friend? But she is supposed to remember that it was you!" said Kurama.

"Something must have happened to make her forget" said Chinami.

"We'll check on it later after the introductions" thought Naruto as Hinata was called to introduce herself.

"My name is Hinata Hyuuga, my likes are cinnamon buns, pressing flowers and a certain someone" looking at Naruto who smiles back at her "My dislikes are perverts, the caged-bird seal and people who look down on others. My dream is to get rid of the seal, reunite the Hyuuga clan and get the attention of a certain someone" said Hinata.

"Okay you're the last one up blondie" said Anko grinning at Naruto who smiled back.

"My name is Naruto Uzumaki, my likes is ramen, music, cooking, training and a few special friends" looking at Hinata and Sakura who had a look of curiosity "My dislikes are the thre minutes it takes to cook ramen, biased people, perverts and traitors. My dream is to the strongest ninja to protect my precious people and the balance of the world" said Naruto.

"He's different from what the record says about him, he's more serious and calm from the loud ninja who proclaimed to be the future Hokage" thought Kurenai.

"Wow the kid has come a long way especially with those swords, they emit a weird vibe, I'm sure Yugao would love to check them out and spar with him" thought Anko.

"Now that we've introduced ourselves, we will be taking a test and before you ask about it, the previous examination was for preliminary purposes so tomorrow we'll meet at the training grounds so don't be late" said Kurenai before they left the shop. Naruto called out to Hinata.

"Hinata-chan, I want to talk to you alone" said Naruto as the girl blushed at being so close to her crush, they headed to the park.

"Hinata-hime, I wanted to tell you that it's good to see you again since that day" said Naruto as Hinata looked at him in shock.

"He remembers that day" thought Hinata as she thinks back.


In a park, a certain pale eyed crouched on the floor crying while surrounded by three boys who looked down on her smirking evilly.

"Look at the weak paled eyed freak! I can't believe she even brushed past us!" said one of the boys who kicked her but was soon pushed aside by a spiky blond hair boy wearing a t-shirt with an orange spiral and a pair of black shorts.

"Get away from her! If there is anything I hate then its bullies so get out of here before I pound you to the ground!" said the blond who took a fighting stance.

"What are you going to do about it!? There's three of us and only one of you, there's no way yo-"the boy didn't finish the sentence as a fist connected with his face, courtesy of the blond, the two boys attacked from both side and soon there was a scuffle while the girl watched on in surprise at the blond who came in to rescue her. The three boys got up and run away while tending to their bruises and busted lips, the blond approached the girl while sporting a black eye and few bruises of his own.

"Are you okay" asked the boy to which the girl nodded "That's good, my name is Naruto, what's yours?"

"M-my name is Hinata of the Hyuuga clan" said Hinata.

"So you're a member of that clan then you must be strong with that awesome kekkei genkai!" said Naruto looking at her with starts in his eyes to which the girl looked sad.

"I'm not so sure about that, my father say that I am weak and won't amount to anything" said the girl while Naruto had a look of anger.

"There's no such thing as a weak person, I can tell that you are strong you only need to believe in yourself. Tell you something, let's promise each other that the next time we meet, we will work together to become stronger and prove everyone including your father wrong!" said Naruto holding up his pinky finger.

"O-okay, I hope that we meet again and thank you for saving me" said Hinata crossing her pinky with his.

"Goodbye Hinata-hime!" said Naruto running off while waving at her to which she shyly waved back.

**Flashback end**

You remember that day and the promise we made as well right" asked Naruto to which Hinata nodded "I was aware that you were also following me around plus I know that you like me" Hinata blushed scarlet fought hard not to faint from embarrassment when Naruto hugged her "Well I like you too and I hope that you'll be my girlfriend?" that was it and she finally fainted to which Naruto laughed.

"Still as shy as I remembered her" said Kurama to which Chinami nodded.

"True but I can sense great potential from within her" said the spirit. After a while Hinata woke up thinking what happened before was a dream.

"I see you are awake so what is your answer?" asked Naruto to which he received a hug and a kiss to the lips.

"My answer is yes and I'm happy that you accepted me!" said Hinata with a bright smile.

"Thank you but you should also know everything about me and I hope you can accept me" said Naruto as he told her of the Kyuubi, the bracelet and his family to which she cried and hugged him tightly.

"You aren't the fox, you're Naruto, the son of the fourth hokage and I love you no matter what happens" said Hinata, Naruto began to cry for the first time since he was four years old and held her tightly.

"Thank you, but that biased civilian council might force the CRA on me but I will only marry women whom I fall in love with so I hope that you would be my first" said Naruto.

"I don't mind much because I know that you will love us all equally" said Hinata as she kissed him again.

"Thanks, now let's get you home" said Naruto as he focused chakra to his bracelet. "Ride the Sky road!" and summoned the Air trecks much to the surprise of Hinata, he then carried her in a bridal position. "Well done we're off!" then he took off at high speed. When they reached the Hyuuga estate, Naruto set her down much to her disappointment as she enjoyed the ride since Naruto was performing some minor tricks and stunts with her laughing out loud. "Goodnight and see you tomorrow Hinata-hime"

"You too Naruto-kun" said Hinata before walking away with a skip in her step to which Naruto smiled happily.

"Now to look for Sakura-chan and I know just the place that she would be" thought Naruto before skating away unaware that a paled eyed boy with long hair was glaring at him. Naruto skated along the roofs until he reached a small hill close to a lake and saw Sakura standing there looking lost. "Sakura-chan, I was looking for you" she turned to look at him with disgust.

"What do you want Naruto-baka? You're here to ask for a date well to bad cause I'm going to be the wife for Sasuke-kun so leave me alone!" said Sakura turning away from the blond.

"I'm not here for that, you said that you were looking for someone and I wanted to help, so can you tell me who the person is?" said Naruto "This might confirm my suspicions" Sakura clenched her head as if in pain

"I trying to remember but when I try, my head hurts and my neck itches" said Sakura while scratching her neck.

"Can I take a look?" asked Naruto to which Sakura gave a hesitant nod, then he lifted her hair and was surprised to see a seal glowing at the back of her neck. "Who the hell would put a loyalty seal and a memory seal on Sakura-chan!?"

"The memory seal must have sealed away her memories which is why she didn't recognize you back and the loyalty must be the reason for that fangirlish faith in the Uchiha but the person would do this must have been trying to get the sharingan through procreation" said Kurama.

"Wait I see something else here… ROOT hold on didn't Jiji tell us that ROOT was disbanded years ago so why are they still in operation, I remember that Danzo was the leader of the group.

"It seems that man is working behind the Hokage's back and must be leaking out information to the other villages" said Chinami with anger in her voice.

"To involve Sakura-chan in his plans, that warhawk is gonna pay for this, I'll copy these seals for evidence and remove it" thought Naruto as he placed a slip of paper and applied chakra to it and traced out the drawing before speaking to Sakura. "Sakura-chan someone placed a seal on you and I'm going to remove it" Sakura was shocked at the discovery.

"Who would put a seal on me, I didn't do anything to anyone" said Sakura looking scared.

"Don't worry, I can remove it so just hold still as it might hurt" said Naruto before performing some hand seals before placing a finger on the seal "Uzumaki arts: Seal destruction!" the seal glowed brightly before fading away, Sakura clenched her head as memories flooded into her mind.


At a hill close to a lake, a girl with pink hair sits near the lake crying with several girls taunting her.

"Look at that girl with the big forehead! I bet her parents write notes on it while she sleeps!" said a girl with the others agreeing.

"What a freak, I'm sure no one even wants to be her friend or even be her boyfriend" said another girl, they continued laughing until they saw a blond spiky haired boy approach the pinkette. "Hey stay away from the freak! She doesn't deserve anyone to be close to her!" The blond turned to the girls with a look of rage which scared the girls.

"The person who doesn't deserve to have friends is you! Now get out of here before I lose what little control of my temper I have left!" shouted Naruto to which the girls run away like a bat out of hell as the pink haired girl looked at the blond in awe. He turned to her with a smile on his face.

"You can stop crying now, I scared them away and don't listen to what they said about your forehead, by the way my name is Naruto what's yours" asked Naruto with a foxy grin.

"My name is Sakura, thank you for helping me" said the shy girl. She was surprised that this boy would willingly help her as no one had ever done that.

"That's a fitting name for cute girl like you, well to tell you the truth, I think you have a pretty forehead as it makes me wanna kiss it." Said Naruto blushing while Sakura was sporting a blush of her own.

"He thinks my forehead is pretty, no one has ever said that to me not even my parents" thought Sakura.

"Well then how about we become friends then, what do you think?" asked Naruto and his response was a tight hug from Sakura as she saying thank you repeatedly, since then Naruto and Sakura would meet at the hill and play together, they also promised to always be there for each other no matter what.

**Flashback end**

Upon remembering everything, Sakura turned around hugged Naruto all the while crying "Naruto-kun, I'm so sorry I didn't really mean all those things I said and I didn't mean to abandon you, I'm really sorry" said Sakura while Naruto hugged her gently and rubbing her back.

"It's okay, I knew that you didn't mean to say those things and I still kept to our promise which is to be there for each other. That was why I always cheered you up whenever you felt down. But could you tell me who placed the seal on you?" said Naruto although he knew who the culprit is.

"After I played with you on that day, I went home and saw some ninjas wearing blank masks with a kanji for ROOT as they knocked out my mom and were putting some kind of seal of her neck, I tried to run away but they caught me and I lost consciousness. That's all I could remember until when you removed the seal and my memories came back" said Sakura. Naruto had a look of rage along with Kurama and Chinami.

"It's official, I'm going to destroy Danzo along with ROOT, and they have taken it too far!" Thought with his tenants agreeing. "Sakura-chan, when I go to the next council meeting after the test, I'll remove the seal from your mom but I want you to keep up the act so as to avoid suspicion and alert the group until the Hokage and I deal with them" said Naruto as he hugged her "Everything will be alright, I can promise you that"

"Okay but please be careful" said Sakura before kissing him on the cheek and running off while Naruto had stunned look on his face.

"Will you tell her about us as well kit?" said Kurama.

"Yes but it will be after I deal with Danzo and the civilian council, I can only hope that she doesn't reject me" thought Naruto before channeling chakra to the bracelet "Surf the clouds!" and summoned the hoverboard. Then he rode home to rest for the next day.

Weapon/Gear appearance

Hoverboard = Airblade

Air Trecks = Air Gear

Hello this is Hussbek online, sorry about the delay as I just got my new laptop a few day ago and was installing windows 10 on it. Anyway I've gotten many requests for a harem and so made up a list of the girls for Naruto and thought that Sasuke will be good but I am still in the works, here is the list:




Fem Kyuubi

Fem Haku







Fem Gaara






That's the list so far but I'm open for others but please give me a reason for each as I need some ideas so that I can get some ideas of my own, the Sasuke retrieval arc will come on but with a slight twist plus I'm going to follow the anime before Naruto went on the training trip an include the movies both the first and the shippuden. Read and review as always, remember that your opinions count in the making of this fiction.

This is Hussbek from Ghana

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