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Days before the Matchups

Naruto: The Weapon Master

Chapter 3: Days before the Matchups

It has been an eventful 3 weeks since Naruto began his training within his mindscape with Kurama the nine tailed fox, Chinami the spirit of the Jigen no tamashi no rinku and the spirits of the heroes that were summoned to be his teachers. Kurama had him to perform various chakra exercises so as to improve his chakra control which was extremely poor due to the fact that he has enormous chakra reserves. So Naruto started by doing tree walking which involved using chakra on his feet to stick to the tree, at first he could barely take five steps before he loses his grip and falls but Kurama told him that the shadow clone technique has a special ability whereby the memories of a dispelled clone is sent to the original making it an A rank jutsu with only it requiring a large amount of chakra being the drawback, with the help of the shadow clones Naruto was able to perform the tree walking with no issues along with water walking, senbon balancing and sticking a leaf to his forehead much to the surprise of the fox and spirit, they came to the conclusion that Naruto learns quickly by body memory. Soon Naruto's chakra control reached up to Jounin level and his speed at performing hand seals makes it difficult for a sharingan user to copy without error. Before indulging in fuinjutsu, Chinami had Naruto go to the library to gain knowledge so he went under a Henge and collected books based on History, biology, math, ninjutsu and cooking to make up for the lack of education back at the academy. Afterwards, Naruto practiced on fuinjutsu which he has noticed to have a great talent for leading him to make strong seals for storage, suppression, explosives and much more.

Before attempting on the ninjutsu, Kurama and Chinami checked for his elemental affinity which turned out to be Fire, water, wind and lightning much to their surprise sharing the same thought 'Some people are going to regret neglecting or underestimating this guy' Meanwhile throughout the land several people felt a chill go down their spines and wished that they wouldn't come across what made the feel that way. Thanks to his now excellent chakra control, Naruto performed the ninjutsu with no error and even created some of his own ranging from D to A rank with the intention of teaching them to his trusted comrades and future students (Hint hint).

Before Naruto began his training with the heroes, Chinami and Kurama had him confront his inner darkness which is where he met his dark self that he had locked deep within himself.


"Hey kit before you start your training with the heroes, Chinami and I decided that you should face the inner darkness that you locked away within yourself" said Kurama to which Chinami nodded in agreement but Naruto was confused.

"I don't understand, I've never had dark feelings as far I could remember since I never felt angry or vengeful to the villagers" said Naruto.

"The reason would be because you subconsciously keep those feelings deep inside and you put on a mask to protect yourself. Your mindscape represents your emotions hence the sewer represents the unshed tears, sorrow and loneliness" said Chinami with a sad look as Naruto had a look of realization.

"Kit you would have to face your inner darkness otherwise in the long run you might end up destroying yourself and the people you would come to care about" said Kurama. Naruto thought deeply about what the fox said and agreed at what he said.

"Okay then, I would like to face my darkness or I will regret anything I might do in the future" said Naruto with a determined look. Immediately he heard footsteps coming from behind and turned to see a figure emerged from a hall which a person who looked exactly like him except with black eyes and red irises.

"Who are you?!" said Naruto tensing for a possible battle, the look alike chuckled darkly and responded an evil voice (Like how hollow Ichigo talks)

"I'm hurt that you don't recognize me after all I've been with you this whole time since you were born" the person sneered "I am the embodiment of your dark emotions, you can call me your true self while you are just a mere shell" Naruto realized that this is his darkness which had taken a physical form."Why are you even bothering yourself to become Hokage to protect these villagers who hold nothing but hate for you, I'm sure they would betray you immediately in a bad situation, when I take over your body I'll become exactly what they fear and destroy the village besides who needs them?"

Angered by what he said, Naruto sped through a series of hand seals and launched an attack "Wind style: Great breakthrough" a huge gust of wind sped towards the Dark persona, Dark Naruto smirked and performed his own hand seals "Fire style: Grand fireball" and shot a large fireball which consumed the wind and became larger forcing Naruto to jump out of way and launched another attack "Lightning style: Lightning bolt" and stretched out an open palm releasing a surge of lightning but Dark Naruto defended himself "Wind style: Gale claw" by forming a claw made out of wind which covered his hand and slashed at the lightning attack therefore cancelling it out. "My turn" said Dark Naruto going through some hand seals "Water style: Water dragon bullet" launching dragon made out of water at Naruto, "Shit" quickly performing some hand seals quickly "Fire style: Fire dragon bullet" and released a dragon made out of fire and sent it at the water dragon which resulted in both cancelling each other out leaving behind a veil of steam.

Naruto knew that he had to keep a sharp look out since he has lost sight of his dark self, sensing a presence from his left, he quickly ducked to avoid a roundhouse kick and responded with a rising knee which was deflected and received a backhand that sent him stumbling backwards. Naruto tried to create a distance to recover but Dark Naruto kept laying the pressure all the while laughing maniacally "See how weak you are? Is this the strength you can muster? You're better off being a civilian than a ninja! Hahahahaha!" Both blondes kept exchanging punches and kicks until Naruto launched a high kick which was a mistake as Dark Naruto performed a leg sweep, knocking him to the ground and quickly mounted him and began pounding at Naruto's face while Kurama and Chinami watched with worry.

"Like I told you, you're just a shell and a weakling, let's see how you like it when you are locked away and watch another person walk around without a care in the world!" said Dark Naruto as he continued punching at Naruto. While struggling to escape, when Naruto heard what his dark half said, a sudden thought came across his mind before channeling chakra to his hands and pushed him off sending Dark Naruto a short distance before getting up, all bruised. Dark Naruto quickly got up ready to defend himself but was surprised to see Naruto simply standing looking at him with a sad look in his eyes.

"I understand it now, why you truly exist and I foolishly kept you locked away which is why you hate me so much" said Naruto. Dark Naruto looked confused for a moment before sneering at Naruto again.

"So you final understand that I am your true self and that I deserve to be the dominant one while you should just disappear" said Dark Naruto to which Naruto shook his head in negative.

"You're right and wrong at the same time, you were helping the both of us by taking in all of the negative emotions so that we can both stay sane and yet I rejected you, you are me and I am you, we are two halves of a whole, light can't exist without darkness and darkness needs the light as both need each other to maintain the balance" said Naruto. Dark Naruto glared angrily at him.

"What are you talking about?! These villagers will surely betray and hurt us! So you're saying that if we stop hating them then they will stop hating us!? Don't make me laugh!" shouted Dark Naruto.

"You forget about Iruka-sensei who doesn't hate us for what we contain and don't forget that as ninjas we are meant to endure" said Naruto smiling.

"What about me then!? Where do I fit in all this!?" shouted Dark Naruto while charging at Naruto "What am I supposed to do!?" he launched a punch but Naruto moved in and hugged him.

"Like I said, you are me and I am you which is why I say this" said Naruto who held on more tightly "I'm sorry for rejecting you and I acknowledge you" Dark Naruto was stunned for a moment and closed his eyes which began to release tears before opening them to reveal cerulean blue eyes similar to Naruto's and hugged back.

"Thank you and I'm counting on you…Bro" said the now awakened Naruto who turned into sparkles of light and entered into Naruto.

"I won't disappoint you" said Naruto who now feels complete "So this is who I truly am, I am Naruto Uzumaki-Namikaze, son of Minato Namikaze and Kushina Uzumaki, a ninja of the hidden leaf village, partner of Kurama the nine tailed fox and the chosen wielder of the Jigen no tamashi no rinku" A bright light shone upon the mindscape and faded to reveal a large forest with a lake and a clearing at the center of the forest. "What just happened?" asked Naruto to which Chinami amswered.

"Due to making peace with your inner darkness, the mindscape changed to represent your now awakened self as the forest represents your newfound peace" said Chinami, Naruto nodded in understanding "Now we can resume with your training" then she summoned Kisuke, Liu Kang, Ryu Hayabusa and Deadpool.

"Hey Kit, congrats on making peace with your darkness as it makes it much easier to use both yours and my chakra but I can provide only a certain amount until we get the key to release the seal and then we can merge our chakra together which give us a power which only a container who is in harmony with his Bijuu can achieve" said Kurama to which Naruto smiled.

"Thanks and I need to settle some things with a few before things get out of hand" said Naruto with a worried look that Kurama mirrored.

"You mean those three girls? I can understand that but what about him?" said Kurama to which Naruto responded.

"When the time comes, I will know what to do so until then, I have to train" said Naruto before walking to the heroes.

**Flashback End**

After making peace with his inner darkness, Naruto discovered some hidden memories back when he was younger and noticed that there are others who cared for him aside from Iruka and promised to meet them again.

In his training with Liu Kang, he learnt the fighting style from the former earthrealm champion including his signature moves which was the bicycle kick, flying kick, dragon fireball and the dragon uppercut. He was also taught the signature moves of Jax, Kung Lao, and Johnny Cage saying that he wants their legacy to be continued, after much training Naruto was able to create his own brutality and fatality but would have to train harder to discover his animality. Liu Kang was impressed with how Naruto had taken to his fighting as if it was made for him since his attacks are always come out of nowhere in his spars hence living up to the title number one most unpredictable ninja.

"Well done young warrior, with this your training is over, all you need now is experience and resolution" said Liu Kang to which Naruto bowed in respect.

"Thank you for teaching me your ways master Liu Kang, I will honor them and use this strength to protect my village and the people I care about" said Naruto, Liu Kang nodded in approval before fading away.

Next teacher was Kisuke who began to train him in the secret arts of the oboro style. Naruto took to the sword very quickly and easily and wondered why it felt like he had been using the sword his whole life, Kurama pointed out that his mother was one of the powerful kenjutsu master known in history that could challenge the swordsmen of the mist and still come out on top and so must have inherited her talent for the sword much to Naruto's joy for having another connection to his family. After much training and help of the shadow clones, Naruto was able to utilize the oboro style with the long blade and katana but wasn't able to use the secret arts due to the blades that were sold in the shops being incompatible and would break, that was until he came across a certain shrine.


Naruto was at the training ground, holding a katana in front of a large wooden stump, "Secret arts: Log chop" he performed a descending vertical slash upon the stump but the blade broke halfway through the slash.

"Dammit, these blades just aren't strong enough to be used for the oboro style like you said master Kisuke" said a frustrated Naruto.

"Indeed, the oboro style requires a muramasa blade or a much more powerful sword in order to perform the secret arts" said Kisuke from the mindscape. Naruto signed in disappointment and began to return to the apartment to cook some dinner before going to bed. He was passing by a waterfall when Kisuke called him to stop.

"Naruto wait, I sense something from behind the waterfall and it feels familiar" said Kisuke. Naruto approached the waterfall and noticed that there is a well hidden cave behind it and so he went through it. Walking through the tunnel which finally revealed an end, Naruto came across a set of stairs which led to a shrine where a long blade and katana lay upon a pedestal both that emit a strong energy foreign to Naruto.

"So this is where they went?" said Kisuke.

"What are these blades master Kisuke?" asked Naruto with curiosity.

"The long blade is the Tsukiotoshi while the katana is the Mumei Tamanoo, these blades are some of the most powerful blades to have been forged by Muramasa. With the help of these blades, I was able to slay a corrupt shogun who possessed a blade that contained the spirit of an evil inugami, in the middle of the battle the shogun created a portal to trap me but I avoided it however the blades fell into the portal and somehow ended up in your world. You can take them as you are immune to the bloodlust thanks to the oboro style but you must know that when a muramasa breaks, it can repair itself when sheathed for a while" said Kisuke to which Naruto nodded in understanding and took the blades, strapping Tsukiotoshi to his back and the Mumei Tamanoo to his waist.

**Flashback End**

After discovering the muramasa blades, Naruto could now perform the secret arts without worrying about breakages and soon he became a master swordsman in his own right, he made a seal which stores and releases them when chakra is applied.

Soon it was Kisuke's time to leave "It is time for me to leave my dear student, be sure to show your enemies the futility of facing against the oboro style and make the predecessor of the style swell with pride" said the ninja.

"Thank you for taking me as your student master Kisuke as I will surely display the prowess of the oboro style" said Naruto bowing to his master before he disappeared as well.

Next for training was Ryu Hayabusa who began to teach him the ways of the ninja in from his world, since he had mastered the basics Naruto was able to perform various techniques such as maneuvering through various obstacles using the forest within his mindscape and the buildings in the village for training and was also trained in stealth which was easy due to his time as a prankster, obliteration techinques and ninpo which is the ninjutsu from Ryu's world. Naruto was also taught the Dragon ninja's signature techniques which is the flying swallow and izuna drop as well as how to wield a Bo staff, dual katana, claws, scythe, nunchuks and bows with arrows. Soon the training was over and the time for the master ninja to leave had come.

"I wish you good fortune and hope that you do not stray from the path of the true ninja" said Ryu Hayabusa to which Naruto bowed in respect.

"Thank you for being my master and I shall uphold the code which a true ninja follows" said Naruto before the Dragon ninja faded away.

Soon the final course of training involved Deadpool also as the merc with the mouth, he had Naruto improve his accuracy by at first standing and aiming then it went to throwing while on the move and to deflect incoming projectiles by intercepting or by blocking with his own. After completing that section of the training, Deadpool introduced Naruto to the world of guns which he took to it excitedly although the initial introduction was amusing.


"Now it's time for me to introduce you to one of the most finest weaponry ever known to man and that is GUNS!" said Deadpool which Naruto looked in confusion.

"What exactly is a gun Master?" asked Naruto to which Deadpool looked in shocked look (If that's possible through his mask).

"You mean you don't know what a gun is?" asked Deadpool whose head was down and his shoulders were shaking, Naruto shook his head in negative. It was barely a minute before Deadpool raised his head screamed out "THIS IS BLASPHEMY! HOW COULD YOU NOT KNOW ONE OF MANKIND'S GREATEST INVENTION IN THE WHOLE FUCKING WORLD!? THIS REQUIRES AN EMERGENCY EDUCATION!" Deadpool grabbed Naruto and ran to a small clearing, sitting him on a rock before pulling out an angular object from his holster "This my dear student is a gun, one of man's greatest source of war, this artistic piece of work can launch small metal projectiles at high speeds and long distance leaving lethal damage on any sucker stupid enough make you use on. Hold the gun, feel the gun, caress the gun, love the gun, the gun is your friend, your soul mate and if any jerkoff who tries to separate you from your soul mate then separate his soul from his soon to be rotten corpse…."

**Flashback End**

After a sugarcoated history of guns (Am sure Deadpool is a gun nut), Naruto was trained to use various artillery such as handguns, machineguns, grenade launchers, bazooka, shotguns and many more, then was taught the art of gunkata which involved close combat while using guns in battle. However training with Deadpool was not without side effects, Naruto now says wisecracks to anger his opponents (Expect a bit those in the future chapters) and ways of interrogation much to Kurama's amusement and Chinami's discomfort. Then it was go time for the Merc with mouth.

"Looks like it's time for me to ship off kiddo, just be to raise some hell while scoring some girls as well as driving some baddies to the loony bin" said Deadpool with a smirk (Again if it's possible with mask).

"Sure thing sensei, they will definitely want to die be before I even get to them" said Naruto with a sadistic at the thought, with that Deadpool faded away thus officially ending the training.

Afterwards, Naruto spent the rest of the days practicing with his fighting style, ninjutsu and oboro but was given the last day as a free day to take a photo for his ninja biography and visit the third Hokage but before he left, Naruto was called into the mindscape.

"Hey guys, what's up?" said Naruto with a foxy grin to which the tenants smiled.

"Hello Naruto-sama, we called you here to inform you of a discovery we made recently said Chinami.

"Which is what?" asked Naruto curiously.

"Well kit, we discovered that if I send my chakra to you while using a legendary weapon or gear, it increases its power or grants you access to a higher level in its power" said Kurama which Naruto had an excited look "It will only last for a short time leaving you exhausted after use"

"I understand, then I'll make it my trump card anyway I'm on my way to see jiji so I'll see you guys later" said Naruto and with that he exited from the mindscape and went on his way to the Hokage. After taking the photo (A normal one surprisingly enough) he went to meet his surrogate grandfather.

"Hello jiji! I've missed you" said Naruto grinning, Sarutobi smiled in returned happy at seeing the young blond.

"Ah Naruto, it has been a while since I've last seen you, I was getting worried" said the old Hokage.

"Sorry about that, I was training as well as learning more about the bracelet" said Naruto who was rubbing the back of his head sheepishly.

"I understand just be careful when using it as you would draw enemies to yourself" said Sarutobi. While they were talking, the door burst open to reveal an 8 year old boy wearing a helmet and a long scarf.

"Prepare yourself old man for today is the day I defeat you and take the hat, for I will be the next Hokage!" shouted the boy as he charged at the Hokage but tripped on his own scarf, landing face first on the floor to which Naruto and the old Hokage sweatdropped. Naruto was about to ask who the boy was when the said person got up and pointed a finger at him

"Hey you tripped me!" shouted the boy annoying Naruto to grab the boy by the scarf.

"No one tripped you but yourself you little brat!" Naruto snapped, it was at that moment when a man wearing black sunglasses entered to see the scene.

"Release the boy for he is the honorable grandson of the Hokage!" said the man, Naruto blinked once and turned to the old Hokage for confirmation and received a nod then he turn to face the boy who smirked thinking that he would act like everyone else.

"I don't care if you're his grandmother so don't think you're getting any VIP treatment from me" said Naruto before dropping the boy and left the office not noticing the stunned look he was receiving from the boy who left the office leaving the Ninja wearing the sunglasses to panic while the Hokage smirked in amusement.

Naruto was walking through the village while ignoring the hateful looks from the villagers until he rounded a corner and called out to his stalker "You can come out kiddo since I can tell so far that you want to talk to me, the said person appeared from behind a fence.

"I expected no less from strong guy like you, I was hoping that you would train me" said the boy a nervous look, Naruto looked at him for minute and signed.

"Before I answer that question, let's go somewhere else and talk" said Naruto and lead the boy to small clearing and began to talk to the boy who sat beside him on a log.

"What is your name as I don't really like calling you kid" said Naruto.

"My name is Konohamaru, my grandfather named me after the village but nobody calls by my name, and they always call me 'Honorable grandson', only seeing me as the Hokage's grandson instead of myself which is why I want to be Hokage as soon as possible so that they will acknowledge me for who I am like Ebisu said" said Konohamaru with a sad look in his eyes.

"In a way, this guy is like me, people are not seeing him for who he is, I starting to like this guy but I need to give him some advice" thought Naruto before turning to Konohamaru. "I've decided to teach to you" the boy had a look of excitement "But there is something you need to know. There are no shortcuts to being Hokage, a Hokage watches over the village as well as protects the people hence gaining acknowledgement and most importantly, you will have to beat me for the title" said Naruto with a smile, Konohamaru was surprised at what he said but smiled in return. That was when the ninja now identified as Ebisu appeared.

"You stay away from the honorable grandson, you have no right to be within his presence for he is the grandson of-"he didn't finish the sentence as Naruto had dashed forward and placed a paralysis seal on Ebisu rendering him immobile.

"That seal feeds on my chakra and will not wear off until I go to sleep so you'll be there for a while, giving you time to think about giving stupid advices involving shortcuts in life" said Naruto before walking off with Konohamaru to training. After a few hours of training, Konohamaru was able to perform the Henge, Bunshin and Substitution much more easily. "Well done, next time we meet, I'll teach you the tree walking exercise as tomorrow is the day I become a ninja" Naruto said, Konohamaru looked at the blond with admiration.

"That's so cool! But I hope you'll have time to come but every once in a while to train or hang out" said Konohamaru to which Naruto smiled gently.

"Of course, that's a promise. Let's get you and I know a fun way to do so, just keep this a secret between you and me okay?" said Naruto and Konohamaru nodded in agreement. Naruto channeled chakra to the bracelet and called out "Ride the Sky road!" a flash of light appeared and faded to reveal boots with two wheels attached to each. Naruto bent down and called Konohamaru who climbed on his back excitedly "Hang on tight" and then he activated the shoes, taking off at high speed. The duo are later seen speeding through the village riding along the walls, grinding on rails and leaping through the rooftops until finally reaching their destination.

"Thanks for everything, I've never had so much fun!" said Konohamaru.

"No problem, I'll see you around so take off yourself Kono" said Naruto, the boy had a confused look "Kono is a nickname I've come up for you" he was about to leave but was suddenly hugged.

"Goodnight Nii-san" said the boy, Naruto was stunned for a moment before giving Konohamaru one of his true smiles and hugged in return.

"You too Otouto" he responded before taking off in direction in order to rest for tomorrow.


Lightning style: Lightning Bolt

Wind style: Gale fang

Weapon/Gear Appearance

Air Trecks = Air Gear

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