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Dash for the Finishing Line

Naruto: The Weapon Master

Chapter 25: Dash for the Finishing Line

Naruto, Idate and the girls were running along the dirt path as quickly as they could until the Torii gates were in their sights, however it was what they saw beyond the gates that stopped them in their tracks.

"Dang, how many stairs are there to climb all the way to the top?" like Naruto just said, there was an extremely long flight of stairs leading all the way to the top of the great Modoroki shrine.

"No one knows, it's one of the reasons why they call it the 'Spirit Breaker'," said Idate.

However Naruto smirked at hearing it "That sounds like a challenge, and I'm gonna conquer it!"

"Heh, we'll see about that," Idate dashed up the stairs with Naruto running alongside him.

Hinata and Sakura were panting in exhaustion as they watched the two boys ascend the stairs.

"I always forget not to underestimate his stamina," said Sakura tiredly.

"He's always been that way Sakura-chan," said Hinata.

"I know, makes me wonder if we can even keep up with him once we get married to him, he might wear us out," Sakura spoke teasingly, making Hinata literally withdraw into her shell by pulling her hood up over her head to hide her blush.

Naruto and Idate were running up the stairs when Idate called out to the blonde "Hey Naruto, there's something I wanted to ask,"

"What is it?" asked Naruto curiously.

"When you took on the Chuunin exam, did you encounter anything like a tenth and final question that came from out of nowhere?"

"Yeah my group and I did, it was very tricky since the point of the question was whether you want to answer it or not, given the conditions for the choice that you make,"

"Yeah…three years ago, I ran into the same question when I took on the Chuunin exams," said Idate.

"How did it go?"


**Flashback Start**

Idate sat in the examination room with the other participants as they waited in anticipation for the final part of the first stage of the Chuunin exam with Morino Ibiki standing before them.

"Alright, it's time for the tenth and final question," said Ibiki.

"Okay big brother, what trick do you have up your sleeve this time?" thought Idate.

"This time, you're not only competing against the other Genin here but also against your own teammates. I'm talking about going up against your own squad, whoever scores the lowest in your squad will fail, and the one who fails will never partake the Chuunin exams and remains a Genin for life,"

A random Genin called out in protest "That's crazy! Going up against our own teammates? That goes against every rule of-"

"In here, I am the rules and there's nothing you can do about it," Ibiki cut him off "If there's anyone who wishes to withdraw, now is the time. If you choose to quit then the members of your squad will be disqualified, however you will still be eligible to take the exams again in six months' time. So then…what will it be?"

One by one, the participants got up from their seats and left with several others following after while a few of them chose to stay with Idate being one of them.

"A one out of three chances of being thrown out for good, I should be able to beat those odds but that means one of my squad will remain a Genin for life…should I go for it?" thought Idate.

"So no one else is leaving?" asked Ibiki looking around "Alright then, to you who have chosen to remain I have one thing to say…YOU FAILED!"

Everyone sat there stunned before jumping from their seats and yelling at Ibiki while Idate was simply shocked.

"Why would you say that we failed?!" shouted one of the Genin.

"Are you penalizing us for being confident to take the tenth question?!" shouted another.

"So confident that you would sacrifice the future of one of your own squad, none of you deserve to be Chuunin for such a decision! You're dismissed," Ibiki responded before walking out of the examination hall.

**Flashback End**

"Whoa, that's really something," said Naruto in wonder.

"Indeed, I wonder how you would have answered that question had you encountered it," said Chinami.

"So what was the question he hit you guys with?" asked Idate.

"Well the question was about whether one is willing to risk everything including the lives of his squad to acquire information which if genuine could lead to victory for your village, however if false would result in the death of your squad members and destruction of the village. It all counts down to the choice that you make, take the risk for an unknown information or simply back away," said Naruto.

"Whoa, that is completely different from what I encountered," Idate spoke while in awe.

"Yeah, especially when we had to cheat in order to solve the previous questions without having to get caught by the invigilators," said Naruto.

"Well I know is that I trusted my brother and he failed me, I trusted him and he ruined my life forever,"

"I don't think that's the case, I can tell that he was looking out for you but at the same doesn't want to coddle you as it would look like he was playing favorites among the ranks," said Naruto.

"What do you mean by that?"

"Maybe you should think back about the things he said to you, from what I know of him he tends to hide what he truly means underneath his words," said Naruto, leaving Idate to run silently beside him.

Soon enough, the duo finally reached the top of the stairs where a large crowd cheered loudly upon seeing Idate, ahead of them was the great Modoroki shrine where inside lays a stone pedestal and on it is a blue orb with the silhouette symbol of a tiger and there is a hollowed out part next to it.

"Is your body having any problems?" asked Naruto.

"None at all, I have your summon to thank for that. I'll get the Ryuko jewel then we'll catch up with Fukuske and overtake him," said Idate.

"And you can leave Aoi to me," said Naruto.

Idate dashed forward and grabbed the Ryuko jewel while Naruto wrote a message on the Trans-Scroll to the one on Sakura and Hinata to tell them that they're still going on ahead.

"You know that the girls aren't going to be happy about this," said Kurama.

"I know but we can't afford to wait either with that runner from the Wagarashi clan being ahead of us," thought Naruto, with that said they continued on their way.

Meanwhile Fukuske stands before a long rope bridge built over a deep valley to the other side.

"Once I cross the bridge then I'll be over at Ouzo Island," said Fukuske, then Aoi landed next to him with a frown on his face.

"Then you best hurry and get over to the other side, Idate has already made it to the Modoroki shrine and is on his way here," said Aoi.

"What?! I thought you said that you would take care of him!" Fukuske yelled in anger.

"Yes but apparently the head of the Wasabi clan had hired some very competent ninja to guard Idate, now get going while there's still time,"

"Humph! Some ninja you are, completely worthless," Fukuske turned to before his shoulder was grabbed and forced to turn around as Aoi grabbed him by the neck and lifted him into the air.

"Now you listen here, I'm here helping you because I have to since it's my duty. But one more little crack like that then I'll break you in half," Aoi spoke with menace.

"O-okay, sorry…I'm sorry!" Fukuske gasped out before being dropped to the ground.

"That's better, now get moving," said Aoi.

"R-right!" Fukuske scrambled to his feet and ran across the rope bridge while Aoi used the Body Flicker jutsu to disappear from view.

Naruto and Idate were running along the path until the rope bridge came into their view and saw Fukuske running across it.

"There he is, we've almost caught up to him," said Idate.

Naruto immediately perked up when he heard Chinami call out to him urgently.

"Naruto-sama, there's an incoming attack heading straight towards Idate-san!"

Naruto lunged forward to grab Idate by the back of his collar and yanked him back while moving forward and drawing out the Mumei no Tamanoo in time to block an attack and then jumping backwards with a frown on his face.

"I was wondering when you were going to show up Aoi," said Naruto.

"I knew that you were expecting me, so I didn't want to disappoint you Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze, Konoha's Weapon Master, rumors say that you carry mysterious weapons within that bracelet on your hand. Seems like Iwa has put quite a bounty on your head just for being related to their most hated enemy," said Aoi with a smirk.

Idate looked at Naruto in shock at the revelation "You mean that you're the son of the Yondaime?!"

"Well I didn't inherit these good looks from any other blond ya' know, I was wondering when they were going to put my name up on the Bingo book after the invasion," Naruto pointed to his face and smirked.

"I'm pretty sure that the ninjas of Iwagakure are going to be very happy once I bring your body over to them, not only will I become rich but my ranking in the Bingo book will increase," Aoi sneered.

"Need I remind you what happened the last time we fought?" Naruto quirked an eyebrow at him.

"Oh I haven't forgot at all, which is why I came prepared," Aoi held out something which was all too familiar to Idate and a first for Naruto.

Aoi was holding what appears to be the hilt of a sword designed to look like a vajra but instead of a steel blade, blade glowed bright yellow and appeared to be infused with pure electrical energy which was emanating from the crossguard while making a humming sound.

"That's the sword of the thunder god!" said Idate.

"Of course you would recognize it, after all you were the one to steal for me," Aoi said with a sneer.

"That sword was once wielded by the Nidaime, it made him extremely dangerous in the battlefield especially when used in combination with his water jutsus, It is also called Raijin for short," said Kurama.

"Now then, why don't you bring out that spear of yours and let's see whose weapon is the strongest?" Aoi held out the Raijin with a smug look on his face.

"To think you used someone as innocent as Idate to steal one of Konoha's most valued relics, I'll be taking it back to its rightful place," Naruto took the Oboro stance with the Mumei no Tamanoo.

Music Start: Tekken 5 Dark Resurrection; Hiten

Naruto dashed forward and performed a horizontal slash at Aoi who raised the Raijin to block the incoming strike, electricity crackled from the blade as they clashed. Naruto broke off from the struggle with a one-handed backflip to build some distance from his opponent.

"Take this, Lighting Wave!" Aoi unleashed a slash which sent out a crescent wave made of lightning at Naruto.

"Wind style: Wind Cutter!" Naruto speed through a series of handseals then wind gathered to his left hand and swirled around it, he swung the arm to launch a crescent wave of air. Both waves clashed with each other and struggled for domination however Naruto's jutsu won out with the elemental advantage and broke through as it shot straight towards Aoi who dodged to the side "My turn, Secret Arts: Specter Blow!" He raised the blade into the air and five purple orbs shot out from it and homed in on the target.

Aoi raised the Raijin into the air and discharged large amounts of electricity from the blade which made contact with the purple orbs destroying them in the process. He grabbed the umbrella from his back and flung it into the air "Ninja art: Senbon Shower!" the umbrella proceeded to spin rapidly before firing a volley of needles towards Naruto.

"Secret Arts: Moonlit Glint!" Naruto swiftly sheathed the Mumei no Tamanoo and drew out again to unleash multiple slashes all around him, deflecting the needles and also cutting the umbrella to pieces. Not missing a beat, Naruto dashed forward and launched a barrage of slashes at Aoi who was deflecting some of the attacks before retaliating with some of his own.

Both opponents jumped away from each other while bearing wounds from being inflicted with the others attacks though it appears that Aoi had received the most of it.

"I'm impressed that a Chuunin like you could keep up with a Jounin like me for very long, though it seems like your sword might break with the next few strikes. To be expected of the Raijin which can cut through anything even that of a Muramasa blade," said Aoi with a smirk.

He wasn't wrong as everyone could see numerous chips on the edge of the Mumei no Tamanoo, Naruto frowned a bit before returning the blade back to its sheath to repair itself.

"To think a sword like the Raijin is in the hands of scum like him, it's a complete insult to the Nidaime," thought Naruto, he hesitated on drawing out the Tsukiotoshi due to its poor speed and suffering the same conditions as the Mumei no Tamanoo "Chinami-san, is there any weapon I could use that could match up to the Raijin?"

"Give me a moment…," Chinami closed her eyes in concentration as she scoured through the archives for the most suitable weapon for her master before finally locating the information on just the one "I found one Naruto-sama, it is a powerful weapon which is only allowed to be wielded by the elite group of an organization that follows the ways of the Shinobi which was once created to oppose a force that sought to conquer the world by force. The words to call upon it are…"

Naruto listened to Chinami's words before raising the bracelet up and channeling his chakra into it as he called out "Running across fields!" the bracelet glowed brightly causing everyone to close their eyes before fading away, it was at that moment when Hinata and Sakura arrived to see the weapon that Naruto was now holding.

Naruto wields a broadsword in size and appearance with a pointed tip although it has a short handle perpendicular to the main handle, giving one the impression of a tonfa. He also wears a metal gauntlet with a red core on his left arm as well as small devices attached to the heels of his ninja sandals, what is most notable is the long flowing scarf around his neck as it appears to be made entirely of crimson energy.

"What kind of weapon is that?" said Idate in wonder.

"We don't know Idate-san, however he would be able to defeat Aoi now," said Sakura.

"Allow me to introduce you to a weapon which is only wielded by the elite of the Striders, the Cypher blade!" Naruto pulled up his facemask and took a stance similar to that of the weapon's previous owner.

"Let's see if this so called sword of yours can perform any better than your Muramasa blade," Aoi sneered then he waved the Raijin overheard in an arc to create several rings of electricity before swinging again to launch them at Naruto.

The red energy scarf flared a bit as the cypher blade was covered in the same energy, Naruto held the blade at the ready as the electric rings drew close

"Reflect Cypher!" he slashed at the first ring, knocking it away from its trajectory and did the same with the second and third rings. The last ring was almost upon him when he slashed it to actually send it flying back to a shocked Aoi who used Raijin to absorb the reflected projectile.

He dashed forward and attacked with a horizontal slash which was quickly blocked, Aoi willed the Raijin to emit crackles of lightning to shock Naruto however the Cypher blade was unaffected and when Naruto jumped away, Aoi was surprised to see that the blade appeared completely undamaged.

"How is it that your sword isn't damaged by the Raijin?!" Aoi demanded.

Naruto replied "That's because the Cypher blade generates high voltage plasma particles which makes it capable of cutting through just about anything. Since two swords capable of slicing through anything clash, they pretty much cancel each other out,"

"We'll just see about that!" Aoi reared the Raijin back and swung it forward to launch another Lightning Wave.

Naruto positioned the Cypher blade behind as it built up plasma energy judging from the increasing brightness then he spun around and slashed at the electric projectile, completely dissipating it. He quickly closed in on his opponent ready to slash him, Aoi thrust the Raijin forward in an effort to stab him but Naruto saw it coming as the devices on his heels activated before he performed a slide across the ground with one of his legs sticking forward to kick.

Aoi saw the attack coming and jumped into the air to avoid the attack, but he had a gut feeling that he made a serious mistake which was confirmed as Naruto dug his heels in the ground to lift himself up and performed a somersault back flip in the opposite direction towards Aoi.

"Savage Slash!" Naruto performed a rolling somersault and then outstretched both of his arms apart, making multiple slashes appear around him inflicting massive damage on Aoi as numerous cuts appeared on both his body and gear "Happy landings!" he somersaulted again and slammed a heel drop kick, sending Aoi crashing into the ground.

Suddenly, both the plasma scarf and Cypher blade changed colored from crimson red to bright yellow

"Explosive Cypher! Downstrike!"

He gripped the main handle with both hands while directing the blade towards the ground before descending with the intent to impale, Aoi rolled to the side just in time to avoid the blade as it stabbed into the ground however he wasn't ready for when the area around Naruto suddenly exploded and rocks flew in all directions pelting him.

"Amazing, to think that he could beat Aoi so soundly even when he wields the Raijin," said Idate.

"Naruto-kun has always been training very hard to become that strong," said Sakura.

"And his wanting to protect the people he cares about makes him train harder, Naruto-kun always puts his life on the line for them," said Hinata with a warm smile.

"Puts his lives before others…" Idate's thoughts strayed back to when he took the Chuunin exams and recalled the final question "Could this be what big brother was aiming for when he asked that question?"

Naruto stood watching intently as Aoi struggled to his feet and the electric blade on the Raijin is visibly flickering like it was about to go out.

"Now's my chance to get the Raijin," thought Naruto, then the plasma scarf and Cypher blade changed color again from bright yellow to a deep purple "Magnetic Cypher! Cypher Boomerang!" he reared his arm back and quickly brought it forward to throw the Cypher blade at Aoi as it spun like a disc.

Aoi sneered as he saw the incoming projectile "What's the point of that when you know I can simply avoid it," he dashed to the side just as the Cypher blade flew by, however the Raijin was suddenly wrenched from his grip and he watched in shock as the prized weapon floated after the blade which returned to Naruto who caught both in each hand with a smirk on his face

"How was that possible?!" Aoi yelled in anger and denial.

"If you were listening to what I said earlier, I changed the plasma into one with magnetic properties so when I threw it, the strong magnetic attraction was too much for the Raijin to resist resulting in me getting the blade and you weaponless," Naruto replied while placing the Raijin in his pouch and sheathing the Cypher blade to the back of his waist "Now it's time to end this, we can't afford to waste any more time with you,"

Naruto held out his hand and chakra began to gather around, it started to spin rapidly before finally solidifying into a blue spinning orb. Then a piece of the plasma scarf which had reverted back to its original color flowed into the sphere, changing its color from blue to crimson.

"I wasn't expecting that, but I don't mind the mix," said Naruto despite being momentarily surprised.

Aoi took a few steps back with fear in his eyes before turning tail and scrambling for the woods "Like hell I'm going to let you hit me with whatever jutsu that is!"

"And who says I'm letting you get away!"

Naruto activated the gauntlet on his left arm as it opened up and a thin red beam of light shot out from it, he aimed the beam at Aoi then there was a loud bang as he took off in the form of a crimson streak. He instantly caught up and was right in front of him.

"Take this! Plasma Rasengan!" Naruto rammed the spinning sphere into Aoi's gut and was surprised to see the technique easily burn through the skin as it grinded against it before sending Aoi flying as he screamed in agony over the edge of the cliff and into the valley below with death being his final destination.

Music End

Naruto made his way over to the group as the Cypher Blade and the equipment disappeared in a flash of light to signal that they have returned to the bracelet though he was a bit surprised by what happened earlier with his Rasengan.

"I never expected that to happen, do you have any idea Chinami-san?" thought Naruto.

"If you recall what I told you back at Wave country, this weapon must have wanted to help you in a way," said Chinami.

"Yeah well, I'm thankful for its help but now we should focus on more serious matters," thought Naruto as he drew close to Hinata, Sakura and Idate.

"Naruto-kun, are you okay?" asked Hinata worriedly.

"I'm fine, Aoi has been dealt with and I recovered the Raijin," said Naruto turned to Idate "I've done my part and cleared the path of all obstacles, so it all comes down to you now,"

Idate stood up and looked at Naruto with determination "Thank you Naruto, I'm definitely going to win this race, not only for the boss or the Wasabi but for you guys also," then he reached into his leg-warmers and pulled out the leg weights before dropping them to the ground as he dashed off much faster across the bridge and towards the finish line over at the great Todoroki shrine.

At the said place were a massive crowd that gathered at either side of a very long stone tiled road, leading into the main building where there Ryuko jewels were to be placed and also signify the winner of the race, and also where the heads of the Wasabi clan and the Wagarashi clan waited for their runners. Instead of cheering and smiles, there were murmurs and frowns as they watched Fukuske of the Wagarashi clan casually jog down the road towards the goal.

"Oh no, the Wagarashi are going to win again," said one of the people.

"Where's the runner from the Wasabi clan?" asked another.

Fukuske was smirking as he approached the shrine "Heh almost at the shrine and Idate is a mile away from here, I always knew that I had this race in the bag. I'm pretty sure that my boss is going to reward me for this despite the crowd not even cheering for me,"

Suddenly the crowd began to cheer out loud much to Fukuske's confusion.

"Look! Here he comes, it's Idate from the Wasabi clan!"

He turned to look behind and gaped in shock upon seeing Idate currently running towards him at top speed.

"Idate!" Jirocho called out happily upon seeing the boy.

"What the hell are you doing Fukuske?! Run faster!" shouted Kioroku, the head of the Wagarashi clan.

As if he heard him, Fukuske faced forward and increased his speed to cancel out the slowly closing gap between him and the pursuing Idate.

"I'm not going to lose, after coming all this way I'm definitely not going to lose!" Idate brought himself lower to the ground to reduce the wind pressure and gain more speed "I'm putting everything I got into this final dash to win this for everyone!"

Sure enough, Idate has caught up with Fukuske and was running neck and neck together while closing in on the finishing line.

"I'm not going lose to you after coming all this way you little runt!" shouted Fukuske pouring more speed to get ahead.

"Come on Idate, you can do it!" shouted Jirocho.

"Boss…you're right, I can go faster…faster…faster…faster…FASTER!" Idate roared out as he willed his legs to run faster than ever before in his life, overtaking and pulling ahead of Fukuske and crossing the finish line.

The crowd roared out as they gathered around to celebrate the victory of the Wasabi clan and their freedom from the Wagarashi clan.

Despite his exhaustion, Idate walked into the shrine and placed the blue Ryuko jewel on the prepared pedestal before falling on his back with a smile on his face.

"Well done Idate, you've made me and the members of the Wasabi clan very proud of you," said Jirocho as he approached Idate while smiling.

"I gave you my word that you could rely on me boss, that also went for Naruto and the others too since they helped me come all this way," said Idate.

"Very well said my boy, well go on they're waiting for you since it's your day after all,"

Later Idate stood on top of a small wooden platform and everyone was cheering for him, Naruto, Hinata and Sakura had arrived a few minutes ago and were smiling as they watched.

"And the winner is Idate Morino, representative of the Wasabi clan!" said the judge.

"Hold on!" everyone turned to see Kioroku along with an elderly man whom is one of the chief councilors.

"What is it?" asked Jirocho.

"It appears that the kid was carried by a group of hired ninja and that goes against the rules, and I have proof," Kioroku took out a photograph to show Naruto and the girls carrying Idate from the shores of the beach.

Then the chief councilor spoke up "They have to make it here by their own strength, those are the rules of this race so the boy must be disqualified. Which means that Fukuske of the Wagarashi is the winner,"

Naruto scowled upon hearing what they said "That can't be right, I never heard of such a rule, did you Sakura-chan?"

"No I didn't, I haven't read anything like that from the rule book," said Sakura with a frown.

"Those bastards, they're trying to find a way to cheat despite their loss," said Kurama angrily.

"Such behavior goes against all aspects of honor in any kind of competition," said Chinami.

Idate attempted to explain "Wait a minute, that's because I…"

"I won't hear any excuses from you boy, Jirocho you gave your own that upon losing the race that the Wasabi clan will be disbanded," said the chief councilor with a smirk.

"Now wait just a minute, there was no such rule so stop talking nonsense," a man in regal clothing strode up to them with a frown on his face.

"But my lord…"

But the district leader cut him off "But what? Are you suggesting that I allow the Wagarashi simply because you wish it?"

"N-no of course not,"

"Perhaps the reason you wanted them to win was because it would be the end to all the bribes you've been accepting, look here," the district leader took out a photograph to show the chief councilor receiving gold bars in his parlor, the said person paled in fear upon seeing the picture "You ignoramus! You'll give up your position and don a monk's robe!"

"Ye-yes sir,"

"And as for you Kioroku,"

Kioroku backed up in fear "Yes?"

"I've heard a great deal about the evil deeds you've committed, your crimes against the people of port Degarashi are unforgivable. From this day forward the Wagarashi clan is no more, is that clear?"

Kioroku slumped over in despair "Yes sir…"

"Looks like karma finally caught up with them," Naruto smirked

"Hohohoho an auspicious day! We will now consider this matter ended!" said the district leader and the crowd cheered far more loudly than before upon hearing such great news.

Later that day at sunset, Naruto and the girls were standing at the port with Jirocho and Idate seeing them off.

"I really want to thank you for all for your help," said Idate.

"Don't mention it, I was happy to help despite the rough start we had," Naruto smirked.

"I hope that we would meet again," said Jirocho.

"Of course Jirocho-san, should any help be needed we'll always be willing to assist," said Hinata.

"Naruto…if you see my brother. Could you tell him that I'm alright and I finally understood what the tenth question meant?" asked Idate.

"Sure thing, in fact I even have something better in mind," Naruto reached into his ninja pouch and took out a small scroll and gave it to him "Take this, and you can send a message once I've given Ibiki the other one,"

"Thanks Naruto," Idate smiled.

Naruto jumped off the dock and landed on top of the water, then he bit his thumb hard enough to draw blood before performing some handsigns and slamming his right palm on the water's surface.

"Summoning jutsu!"

There was a puff of smoke before it faded to reveal Tylomon again on in the water much to the awe of the people around.

"Ah Naruto-san, I can see that you're mission was successful," said Tylomon.

"You're right, and you could give us another ride to the other side," said Naruto.

"Of course, I'm always ready to do so," said Tylomon.

After getting on top of the digimon's back, Naruto Sakura and Hinata waved goodbye to their new friends as they left the port in direction of the Hidden Leaf village.

"Phew, this mission was really something to experience," said Naruto as he laid back.

"You're right but because of that you recovered the Raijin," said Sakura.

"Yeah, I bet Hokage-Jiji and Granny Tsunade would be happy to see it again,"

"Naruto-kun, I just received a message from Fu-san and Ino-san that the latest Princess Gale movie will be premiering next week," Hinata looked up from her Trans-scroll to see Naruto and Sakura being excited.

"The next Princess Gale movie is coming up soon?! I was wondering when they'll bring out the next one!" said Naruto.

"Me too, let's bring the others along to the cinema when the movie comes out," said Sakura.

"Be sure to tell the Digimon and I about the movie when you watch it," said Tylomon with a small chuckle.

With all that is said, the group continued on their way across the sea towards home with no incident whatsoever.


Cypher Blade = Strider

This is Hussbek online with the latest, Naruto and group defeated Aoi and helped Idate win the race while recovering the Konoha's legendary Raijin. Now they're on their way home to later watch a Princess Gale movie, though we all know that even the simplest can become a whole new adventure with Naruto involved.

Here's something interesting to note, Strider actually means 'He who Runs across Fields'

Stay tuned for the chapter.

This is Hussbek from Ghana.

Signing out.

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