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Bringing it down at the Prelims Part 2

Naruto: The Weapon Master

Chapter 15: Bringing it down at the Prelims Part 2

As they watched the screen go through the remaining names randomly, Naruto noticed that Ino kept glancing at him every once in a while.

"Looks like you caught her interest now Naruto-kun," said Kurama.

"I know, I just hope that she doesn't hate me like the other villagers," thought Naruto worriedly when he heard Hinata call out to him.

"Naruto-kun, I've noticed that Ino kept looking at you, did something happen between the two of you?"

"Yeah, I also noticed too," said Sakura walking up to them.

"During her match with Sakura, Ino's jutsu ended up sending her into my mindscape where she met Kurama and Chinami," Hinata and Sakura let out a gasp but let Naruto continue talking "I told her to not tell anyone and that I'll explain everything to her, I can only hope that she doesn't hate me,"

"Don't worry Naruto-kun, I know Ino and she's not like that, I'll also be there to explain everything," said Sakura, holding his hand as a way of reassuring him with Hinata shyly doing the same with his other hand.

"And don't forget about us Naruto-kun," said Kurama.

"Indeed, we're always there for you," said Chinami.

"Thanks girls, I really appreciate it," said Naruto with genuine smile, something people rarely get to see aside from those whom he considers precious to him.

The screen stopped shuffling and displayed the names for the next match.

Tenten vs. Temari

"Oh so Tenten's going to battle," said Naruto with a smile.

"You know her Naruto-kun?" asked Sakura curiously.

"Yes I met her one day when I was training before the wave mission, she saw me wielding my Muramasa and offered to spar with me. I've to tell you, she's highly proficient with any weapon that she carries,"

"Whoa, makes me glad that I wasn't matched up with her,"

"You're right about that, especially since she graduated before us, so she has some experience under her belt,"

The two Kunoichi faced each other in the arena and Tenten immediately jumped back as the proctor signaled the start of the match.

"What's the matter, do you want me to make the first move, then that will be a big mistake cause my first move will be the last move you'll ever see. Tell you what, I give you the first move so show me what you got," Temari taunted while pointing a thumb at herself.

"Fine then, just keep in mind that you asked for it," Then jumped into the air and flung a handful of shuriken at her opponent with pinpoint accuracy, then there was a flicker of movement which was from the sand Kunoichi as the shuriken landed just a few meters to her, much to everyone's surprise especially Tenten and her team mates. "How could I have missed, there's no way!"

"How's this possible? Tenten has never misses her target no matter where her opponent may be, something must have made her miss," said Gai.

"Gai-sensei is right, but could have made her miss when we didn't see the sand ninja do anything," said Lee.

Naruto was carefully observing the sand Kunoichi, he had noticed the flicker of movement and then felt something else which was familiar to him, "If what I sensed is right, then I'm afraid that it won't end well for Tenten,"

"Come on, is that all you got cause I'm getting bored here," said Temari with a smirk.

"I have to calm down, there must be a reason why I missed but what?" thought Tenten as she looked carefully at Temari until she noticed the large metal folding fan strapped to her back "I'm sure it must have something to do with that fan that she's carrying, I think I'll try a different approach,"

Temari smirked as she looked at Tenten preparing to attack again "She must have figured out about my fan, but I don't think she knows everything about it,"

Tenten started off by running around Temari before taking out a small scroll from her pouch, then she leapt high into the air while spinning, unravelling the scroll to swirl around her. As she swiped a hand over seals on the scroll, a throwing weapon would appear as she grabbed and threw them at Temari. When the projectiles drew close to their target, there was another flicker of movement from the sand Kunoichi and the weapons fell harmlessly to the floor as Tenten landed nearby and glared at her opponent with frustration.

"Darn it, just what does she have in that fan of hers?!" thought Tenten, then she noticed that Temari had her fan half open to reveal a purple moon.

"If you must know, this is the first moon. If you see all three moons then this is match is over for you," said Temari.

"Temari is just playing around with that Leaf ninja, she should hurry it up and finish it already," said Kankurou, Gaia remained silent as she was uninterested in her sister's match.

"Don't listen to her Tenten! Maintain focus and you'll surely find a way to beat her!" shouted Lee and Gai nodding sagely before doing an good guy pose, Naruto was watching the match attentively as Temari was confirming his theory bit by bit an began to worry for Tenten.

"Unless she has a trump card that she's keeping back, I don't think she'll have a chance of winning," thought Naruto with his tenants agreeing with him.

"I didn't want to use this before the finals, but you gave me no over choice," Tenten reached into her pouch and pulled out two identical scrolls although they looked different from the first one. She crouched low and positioned each scroll by her sides before performing a series of handseals.

"She's planning on using that move?" said Gai with surprised, Naruto quirked an eyebrow in curiosity at the techniques that she was about to perform.

"From the way they're talking, it sounds like Tenten is about to use one of her strongest moves," said Kurama.

"It seems like so Ku-chan, let's see if it will work," thought Naruto as they continued to watch.

"Rising Twin Dragons!" there as a large plume of smoke and then two dragons shot of it into the air, then they swirled around each other in a form of a dance before disappearing to reveal the two scrolls. Tenten leapt high into the air while in the middle of the scrolls, then she proceeded to unseal throwing weapons and launch them at Temari at a much faster rate.

"Sorry but that's your second strike, moon number 2!" Temari opened her fan a bit more and swung at the projectiles, sending them clattering to the floor again.

"Who says I'm finished!" Tenten jumped once more and moved her hands in a pulling motion and the weapons lifted themselves from the floor and into the air. Naruto noticed that there was a glint in the air and realized what's going on.

"She's using ninja wires to move them!" said Naruto, with the others looking on in surprise.

Tenten lashed out the wires, making the weapons shoot towards Temari again "Now I've got her!" but was surprised when Temari simply smirked at her and swung her fan again, knocking the projectiles and sending her tumbling to the floor. She slowly got up to see the fan full opened and all three moons in display.

"Moon number 3," with a twirl of her fan, Temari disappeared before them.

"I was afraid of this, Tenten is not going to win this match," said Naruto sadly.

"What do you mean by that, why won't you support your fellow comrade?!" shouted Lee angrily, drawing the attention of the others nearby.

"Calm down Lee, I wasn't saying that to downplay her skills. It's because she had been matched with her natural enemy, something which she had no knowledge until now,"

"What do you mean by Tenten's natural enemy?" asked Gai curiously.

"Let's just say that the sand Kunoichi and I have something in common and that is the affinity with wind," Gai's eyes widen in realization and started to sweat now knowing the gravity of the situation.

"Naruto's right, I can't believe I've missed something like this, with no proper counter measures, it won't end well for her," Gai and Lee now looked at Tenten with worry.

"Humph, it was her fate to lose this match," Neji snorted, Naruto stared at him in surprise and then anger.

"What's with this guy? First he glares at Hinata-chan, then he looks down on his team-mate?" thought Naruto.

"I'll have to agree Naruto-kun, this guy has poor social skills," said Kurama.

Tenten was looking around the area, trying to locate her opponent "Where did she go? She couldn't have just disappeared,"

"If you're looking for me, then I'm up here," a voice came from above and Tenten looked up to see Temari gliding in the air on her fan while smirking at her. Then she jumped off the fan and caught it as it fell towards her. "Now that you've have had your fun, it's my turn to attack. Wind scythe jutsu!"

As Temari swung her fan, a vortex of wind raced towards Tenten and hurled her into the air before her could react, there it proceeded to cut her body with razor sharp blades made of wind.

"Tenten get out of there!" shouted Lee in dismay.

"She won't be able to escape from the vortex, I see chakra in the wind so Temari must be controlling it. It's all over for her," said Neji with his Byakugan active.

When the jutsu finally faded away, Tenten fell towards Temari and everyone could see that she would land with her back on the metal fan.

"Oh no, if her back hits the fan, it could possibly damage her spine!" shouted Kurenai with worry, the flicker of movement near them and before Tenten landed on the fan, she disappeared much to everyone's surprise.

"Where did she go?" Temari was looked confusedly until she heard a familiar voice from behind.

"Hate to ruin your fun but I won't let you hurt a good friend of mine," Temari turned to see Naruto glaring at her while holding Tenten in a bridal carry. "What you almost did would have damaged her spine and cost her ninja career, so I'd thread carefully if I were you,"

"I've forgotten about him, the rage in his eyes are almost as if I'm staring at Gaia," thought Temari fearfully.

"Winner by interference, Temari," said Hayate while coughing, Temari sighed with relief as she quickly walked back to her team who were staring at Naruto especially Gaia.

"That boy might be the one to prove my existence, I will surely know when I watch him fight,"

Many of the Leaf ninja smiled happily as Naruto carried Tenten back to her team on the upper levels, Hiruzen smiled happily at how Naruto defended his fellow ninjas.

"The Will of Fire burns brightly within you Naruto,"

"That kid is a wildcard that could interfere with our plans, I hope he doesn't pass the preliminaries," thought Baki, the sand team's sensei.

"Thank you, it was most youthful of you to save Tenten!" said Lee with tears which creeped out Naruto a bit.

"Sure it was no problem at all," said Naruto then he turned to Hinata "Hinata-chan, I need your help here,"

As Hinata approach them, Naruto noticed Neji glared angrily at Hinata and she walked past him quickly while avoiding his glare which angered him further until he heard Chinami speak up.

"Naruto-sama, there seems to be something going between them,"

"I figured that too, but we'll have to ask later when she's calm," thought Naruto before speaking to Hinata "We could use your salve to treat her wounds,"

"Okay Naruto-kun," Hinata reached into her pouch and took out a small bottle of ointment, then she proceeded to treat the wounds, before long Tenten opened her eyes and looked around in confusion.

"What happened?" asked Tenten.

"You were defeated in your match and Naruto in his youthfulness, saved you from getting hurt further," said Gai as he gave Naruto a thumbs up.

"Thank you Naruto-kun,"

"It's no problem at all, I just didn't want to see you get hurt anymore," said Naruto with foxy grin, causing Tenten to blush, something that Sakura and Hinata noticed.

"That's so nice of him to save me, almost like a knight in shining armor. Wait am I thinking like this? It's not that I like him is it?" thought Tenten.

"We've got another girl whose interested in Naruto, wait till Haku and Fu hear about this," they both simultaneously.

Then the screen lit up again and shuffled through the remaining names before displaying the details for the next match.

Shikamaru Nara vs. Kin

"Darn it, when is it going to be my turn? I wanna show my prowess of awesomeness," Naruto whined, causing the tenants and the girls to giggle at his childishness.

"Man what a drag, now I have to fight a girl? Gimme a break," Shikamaru muttered as he stepped into the area.

"You'd better watch what you say little man, or you might regret it," said Kin, glaring at the lazy Nara.

"Shikamaru had better be careful, these sound ninjas are not to be underestimated," said Naruto.

"I agree with you Naruto-san, although I hadn't seen her attack us back at the forest," said Shino coming up next to him.

"That may be true, but if we know Shikamaru, he immediately create a plan once he has seen her techniques despite his lazy attitude,"

Meanwhile, Shikamaru was study the Kunoichi carefully as the proctor was about to signal the start of the match.

"I don't know what kind of techniques that she may have, since her other team-mate didn't provide much Intel from the battle with Shino but I've got to keep a safe distance and keep an eye out,"

"If the contestants are ready, the match begin," said Hayate before jumping back for the battle to begin.

Kin launched a pair of senbon which Shikamaru ducked under for them to pin into the wall behind him.

"That's so obvious, the next thing that you'll do is throw another pair of senbon needles only that one of them will not have a bell attached in hopes that I'll avoid the one with the bell but I'll get hit by the one without the bell. How predictable," Shikamaru smirked at the girl, but Naruto frowned at the explanation.

"That may be true but I get the feeling there's more to it than that," said Naruto.

"What do you mean Naruto-kun?" asked Sakura curiously.

"I'm not sure, it's just a feeling I have,"

"You may be on to something Naruto-sama, but we'll continue to watch to be sure," said Chinami.

"So you think that you've figured it all out?" Kin kept throwing senbon at but Shikamaru kept dodging them.

"Throw as much as you want but I know what I have to avoid, especially the ones without the bells," but then he heard ringing from behind and turned to see the bells attached to the first pair of senbon still ringing. "What the?! But how?!" he took a closer look to see thin threads pulling on the bells, he sensed an attack and quickly moved, only to get hit in the arm by another pair of senbon needles.

"What just happened?" asked Ino.

"I don't know but Shikamaru doesn't look so good," said Chouji.

Shikamaru was trying to move, but he noticed that his body wasn't obeying his commands and that he was getting double visions when he looked at Kin.

"You might as well give up, my bells emit a special sound wave that passes through your ears and into the brain, resulting in paralysis and hallucination," said Kin with a smirk.

"Not only that, but it's also messing with his other senses Naruto-kun," said Kurama.

"If Shikamaru already has a plan set up, he'd better execute it soon," said Naruto.

Shikamaru covered his ears in an attempt to block out the sound but Kin laughed at him.

"It's no use, it has already taken effect so all that's left is to finish you off," Kin prepared to throw another pair of senbon, but then she realized that she couldn't move and noticed that Shikamaru was smirking at her. "Why can't I move? What did you do?"

"All I can say is that my plan succeeded," said Shikamaru.

"What plan? What are you talking about?"

"Haven't you noticed something strange about the thread that you're holding, that it's casting a shadow when it's too thin to do so?"

Kin looked at her and saw the shadows below the threads and was shocked when it started to distort and spread until it revealed that it was connected to Shikamaru's shadow.

"This is a jutsu from my clan, the Shadow Possession jutsu. It enables me to manipulate my shadow to stretch to a certain distance and when it connects with the shadow of my target, they will be forced to imitate my movements,"

"I get it now, Shikamaru figured that Kin would have seen the shadow and avoid it by instinct so he stretched it along the line of the thread while taking a beating in order to distract her," said Naruto.

"Wow, that's pretty smart of him but I've never seen him like that back at the academy," said Sakura.

"Shikamaru may be smart, but he's a Nara through and through as they have a severe lack of motivation to do anything unless there's a good enough reason. I'm pretty sure that he didn't want to participate in the exams if he wasn't forced to do so,"

Meanwhile Kin was smirking at Shikamaru "According to what you said, all that we'll be doing is mirror each other's moves so what do you get from this,"

"Actually, this is where things start to get interesting," Shikamaru reached into his kunai pouch and took a shuriken, forcing Kin to do the same thing.

"Have you lost your mind?! If you throw that shuriken at me, you'll end up hurting yourself!"

"Which sounds like a fun game, let's find out who's the winner of it,"

"You must be bluffing!"

"Game on!"

They both threw the shuriken at the same time, as the projectiles drew close Shikamaru bent backwards to avoid it with kin doing the same thing although she was more willing.

"Ha I knew that he was bluffing," But then she smacked her head into the wall hard and lost consciousness.

Shikamaru flipped back to his feet with a smirk on his face "One of the basic lessons is that a ninja must always be aware of their surroundings, too bad she was too distracted and ended up with a headache,"

Chouji and Ino cheered for his victory while Naruto and the others looked impressed, then the screen lit up again and shuffled through the names before finally displaying the next competitors Naruto Uzumaki vs. Kiba Inuzuka.

"Akamaru looks like we got lucky and ended up with the dead last, this will be an easy win," said Kiba with Akamaru barking in agreement as they went down the stairs.

"Awww Yeah, time for my big debut! Now I can show everyone here that Naruto Uzumaki is here to take the stage!" Naruto grabbed on to the railings and vaulted over to land in the arena with everybody watching him. He even left behind a shadow clone, saying that it would serve as a commentator.

"Do your best Naruto-kun," thought Hinata.

"Show them what you got Naruto-kun!" shouted Sakura.

"Everybody is waiting to see how much you've grown as well as me too," thought Hiruzen.

"Kukuku, I hope to see something interesting Naruto-kun," thought a disguised Orochimaru evilly

"Sorry Kakashi but your student might lose to Naruto if he continues to underestimate him," thought Kurenai.

"Be careful Kiba, Naruto isn't the same one back from the academy," thought Kakashi.

"Now I'll see if you'll truly prove my existence," thought Gaia.

"Let's see how troublesome you'll be," thought Shikamaru.

"I'll get to see your flames of youth," thought Lee.

"Do your best Naruto-kun," thought Tenten.

"Have you truly changed Naruto?" thought Ino.

On the arena, Naruto and Kiba were glaring at each other, he noticed that Naruto's swords were sealed away.

"Hey what happened to your swords, afraid that I'll break them?" taunted Kiba, but Naruto simply smirked and raised his fists.

"Dude, with fists like these, I don't need to pack any heat so you'd better watch out, as my two punches are ill. One, two, one, two," Naruto was throwing some punches quickly.

"You're just mouthing off, you're still the dead last from the academy and I'll show you just how weak you are,"

"Then show me, you may be talking big now but you'll be crying like a puppy when I flatter you,"

"We'll see about that!"

"If the contestants are ready, then battle begin," said Hayate.

Naruto Uzumaki vs. Kiba Inuzuka

Music start: Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep OST; Future Masters

"Akamaru wait here, I'll handle this," said Kiba, Akamaru nodded in affirmation and sat down.

"Tora, you go and stay with Hinata-chan and Sakura-chan," said Naruto, Tora nodded and hopped off his hood, making her way back to the girls.

"Why are you sending the cat back?"

"That's because I work a whole lot better with a handicap,"

"Alright then, Ninja art of Beast Mimicry: All Fours jutsu!" Kiba went on his hands and feet before speeding forward and slammed a punch into Naruto's stomach before he could react, sending him flying backwards and not getting up. "What did I tell you before? You're weak like always,"

"I guess I overestimated him" thought Kankurou.

"I guess he's not the one," thought Gaia.

"That was embarrassing Naruto," thought Lee.

"Is this how much you changed?" thought Ino.

"I guess you're still the same," thought Shikamaru.

"Proctor, you can call the match as he's not getting up anytime soon," said Kiba as he turned around and started to walk away, he was a few steps away when he heard a familiar voice from behind.

"Hey Dog boy,"

He felt a hand grab his shoulder and was forced to turn around and received a punch in the jaw, sending him flying to the ground. Kiba got up to see Naruto smirking at him.

"Next time you throw a punch, bring it from the shoulder as it's a lot more powerful that way," said Naruto displaying such an example.

"That's right Naruto-kun, you're just getting started!" Sakura cheered the blonde with Hinata silently agreeing with her.

"Oh man, I keep forgetting that Naruto isn't someone you can easily figure out," said Shikamaru, with the others nodding in agreement as well.

"Looks like Naruto's not playing around now, that guy's in for it," said Anko with a sadistic grin.

"Why you!" Kiba growled in anger.

"I think you might stand a better chance if bring your puppy into the mix,"

"You'll regret that, let's go Akamaru!" Kiba charged at Naruto with Akamaru by his side, then he reached into his pouch and pulled out a pair of purple pellets and threw them at Naruto which exploded with smoke.

"Those were smoke grenades!" said Kurama.

"He intends to attack you while blinded Naruto-sama," said Chinami.

"I know, too bad Kiba has forgotten that eyesight isn't the only thing that ninja depends on," thought Naruto.

As Naruto focused on his other senses, he felt something approach from behind and quickly twisted his body to evade, he sensed another attack aiming for his stomach and blocked it with his hands. The attacks kept coming from different angles but he was able to block or deflect them, he then caught a punch with left hand and slammed a palm into Kiba's stomach which sent him flying out of the smoke cloud.

"I've had enough of hide and punch, Wind style: Gale Claw!" he swung his hand to clear to smoke and everyone was surprised to see the wind covering his hand.

"He can use wind jutsu?!" said Temari with shock.

"It's rare to have wind users in the Hidden Leaf village with me formerly being the only one," said Asuma as the cigar fell from his mouth before catching it.

"I've had enough of this!" Kiba took out two small brown pellets and threw one to Akamaru who swallowed it and his fur turned red before eating the other one.

"Looks like Kiba is going to use that jutsu," thought Shino.

"What was that Kiba and Akamaru ate?" asked Ino.

"Those were food pills, it's an energy booster that can make the consumer fight continuously for 3 days and nights without rest but it often leads to complete exhaustion when the effects wear off," said Chouji.

"Alright Akamaru!" the dog jumped onto Kiba's head as he crouched "Beast Mimicry: Man Beast Clones!" there was puff of smoke and it faded to reveal a doppelganger in Akamaru.

"Naruto-sama be careful, that's a variation of the clone jutsu like your Shadow clones," said Chinami.

The duo pounced at Naruto who quickly backflipped to avoid the attack. He then twisted his body out of the way when one of then swiped a clawed hand at him and rolled to the right as the second tried to punch him from behind. He immediately cartwheeled out of the way of their double claw attack.

"With them attacking back to back, boss won't get enough time to set up a counterattack," said the clone, making the others worry.

"Why won't he use the bracelet? He should be able to win using its weapons," asked Sakura.

"Boss felt that he was depending on it too much and wanted to take Kiba on with the martial arts training which he received from Liu Kiang-sensei,"

Naruto saw a swipe aiming for his legs from one of the Kibas and quickly into the air but got worried when he saw them smirk at him.

"He fell for it! Let's go Akamaru!" they leapt after him and started to spin, forming two mini tornadoes "Man Beast Ultimate Taijutsu: Fang over Fang!"

Music End

Naruto screamed out in pain as the attacks slammed into his body and he fell to the ground with his hoody jacket shredded to pieces and blood all over his body.

"Naruto-kun!" Sakura and Hinata shouted his name in worry as they along with everyone else watch him slowly get up from the ground with the jacket falling off and his t-shirt with rips on it.

"Come on Naruto-kun, hang in there," thought Anko.

"Come on Naruto, don't let your flames of youth die out," said Lee as his fists clenched.

"Don't give up Naruto-kun, I know you're stronger than this," thought Tenten.

"How much damage did I get Ku-chan?" thought Naruto.

"I'm healing your wounds as we speak, you'll be back to normal soon," said Kurama as she sent her chakra through his chakra circulatory.

"I did tell you that I'll show you how weak you are, so you might as well throw in the towel," Kiba taunted.

"Then you might as well forget it, as long as my dream is yet to be achieved, there's no way I'm giving in," said Naruto as he stood and felt his wounds already closing up.

"Please, that stupid dream of being Hokage? That's fool's errand, there's no way you'll be Hokage especially with how stupid you are,"

This had many of those who supported Naruto glared angrily at Kiba until they heard him speak up.

"I've just about had it with you insulting me up until this point and it's gonna be the worst mistake of your life,"

"Teach him a lesson he'll never forget!" Kurama shouted furiously, along with Chinami who was just as angry.

Naruto crossed his arms before his face, something that caused his clone's eyes to widen in surprise.

"Kiba has done it now, boss is about to trigger his brutality,"

"What do you mean by that?" asked Lee curiously.

"It's a state where one would attack his enemies ferociously and relentlessly, in other words it's not gonna be pretty for Kiba," Everyone turned back to the match to watch what would happen.

Music Start: Kingdom Hearts 2 OST; The 13th Struggle

Naruto brought his hands down to his sides as he raised his head to the ceiling and unleashed a powerful roar, Kiba started to shake as he felt a certain pressure being emitted from the blond. Naruto held a hand forward and pointed to the ground.

"Step up, I dare you," said Naruto with rage in his eyes, Kiba shook his head to clear his head.

"Come on Akamaru, let's take him down!"

They charged at Naruto and tried to pounce him again but Naruto was ready this time.

"Tornado spin!" Naruto crossed his arm across his chest and spun in one place while exuding blue energy from his body which knocked them into the air before jumping after them "Dive kicks!" he proceeded to land diving kicks on them continuously then he grabbed one of their legs and swung around to slam into the other, sending them falling to the ground.

"What?! That looks almost similar to the Hyuuga clan's techniques!" shouted Neji angrily

"That may be true, but Naruto was taught it by his master so it was not copied," said Kurenai, defending her student.

"Amazing, he's really whaling on them," said Shikamaru.

"And he's just getting started," said the clone with a smirk.

The Kibas charged in again and threw another pair of smoke grenades at Naruto "Fang over Fang!" they spun into mini tornadoes again and attacked him.

"That won't work the second time even when you change it, Wind style: Typhoon Dance!"

Naruto started to spin rapidly while hovering in midair with the wind revolving around him, it blew away the smoke and forcefully dragged the Kibas into the current. Drawing power from the spin, Naruto dealt a powerful roundhouse kick which sent the Kibas flying away, one slammed into a wall puffed into smoke to reveal an unconscious Akamaru while the other tumbled to the floor before recovering.

"Akamaru! Damn you!" Kiba rushed in angrily and started attacking with punches and kicks with Naruto blocking them before landing an uppercut below the chin.

"C-c-c-combo breaker!" shouted the clone, then Naruto launched a barrage of punches and kicks of his own until knocking him away with a double palm thrust, Kiba slowly got up but was stumbling around while stunned. "Finish him!"

"I get the feeling that Kiba's in for a world of hurt," said Chouji, shivering a bit when he heard the clone say those words.

"Shadow Clone jutsu!" Naruto summoned four clones then he went on his hands and legs with his right leg stretched out and glowing and the clones dashed out in different directions. The first clone dashed forward and punched Kiba in the face, causing him to stumble, the second clone came from behind with a slide kick to knock him off his feet. The third clone dashed in from the left and used a rising kick to launch him into the air while the original leapt into the air with his right leg glowing more brightly, the final clone appeared under Kiba while performing a handstand and dealt a double kick to send him higher. "Uzumaki Barrage EX!" Naruto slammed a powerful heel drop kick and they both descended towards the ground resulting in a small crater and Kiba laid there unmoving.

"Here's little tip from me, next time try blocking with you fists instead of your face and quit being a dog that can't learn new tricks," said Naruto before looking Sakura and Hinata gave them a foxy grin, making them blush which made Tenten and Ino glare at them with jealously.

"Winner of the match, Naruto Uzumaki," said Hayate.

"Yosha! Your youth burns brightly, I'll make sure that mine burns just as brightly!" shouted Lee with fire in his eyes.

"Wow, who ever thought that Naruto would be this strong," said Shikamaru with surprise.

"What a major upset," said Chouji.

"Amazing, I never thought that Naruto would be so strong and cool," thought Ino.

"I was hoping that you would use your weapons, but this works too," thought Tenten.

"You've really come a long way Naruto," thought Hiruzen happily.

"Kukukuku, you've really caught my interest Naruto-kun," thought Orochimaru evilly.

"Although I should be sad about Kiba's loss but well done Otouto," thought Kakashi with an eye smile.

"That's my Naruto-kun," thought Anko giddily.

"He is the one who will prove my existence, I can't wait to taste your blood," thought Gaia with a mad look in her eyes.

"I hope not to be anywhere near him when we commence with our plans," thought Kankurou.

"We might need to set up precautions for this kid," thought Baki nervously.

When Naruto climbed to the upper levels, he was glomped by the girls and Tora climbed to his shoulder and rubbed against his cheeks before they applied bandages to some of the wounds that Kurama hadn't healed yet.

After Kiba had been taken away by the medics, Hayate spoke up as the screen started to shuffle through the names again, "Now then let us proceed to the next match.

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Monster (Bakugan)

Monster (Digimon)

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