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The Final Wave Ride

Naruto: The Weapon Master

Chapter 10: The Final Wave Ride

The next morning, team 7 and 8 were about to leave with Tazuna to go to the bridge, however not all of them were going.

"I'll be leaving Naruto in your hands Tsunami-san," said Kurenai, at a side glance she could see that Sakura and Hinata weren't happy with leaving Naruto behind and Tora choose to go with them.

Are you sure about leaving him behind?" asked Tsunami.

"It's no problem at all, Naruto-kun had pushed himself too hard last night with his training and he won't be able to move for the whole day," said Anko.

"I expect no less from the class clown," said Kiba, Sakura, Hinata and Anko glared at the Inuzuka for his lack of disrespect.

"Kiba, the day you go up against Naruto-san will be a day of rude awakening," thought Shino as he had been observing Naruto and noticed that the blond has completely changed from the academy days. "And there's also the matter of his chakra, my insects get restless whenever I'm close to him,"

"And as I've fully recovered, I should be able to make up for his absence," said Kakashi while reading his book, Tsunami was fighting the urge not to hit him with a frying pan.

"Alright then let us be off," said Tazuna as he leads them towards the bridge, the Jounin looked back at the house and thought of what happened last night.


I think I should stay behind while you go to the bridge with Tazuna and the others," said Naruto as he sat with his sensei in his room.

"What makes you say that Naruto," asked Kurenai.

"I think I know the reason why he wants to stay behind, it's because of Gato and his men right?" said Kakashi looking up from his book.

"Yes, we already know that Gato will show with his men on the bridge to kill Zabuza since he won't pay but I get the feeling that he will try hold Tsunami and Inari as a hostage against Tazuna," said Naruto, they agreed as he was right so far.

"There is possibility for that as Gato had killed Inari's father in front of the public, so it shouldn't surprise us that he would try it again" said Anko "That guy better run when he sees me, because he's definitely gonna get a snakebite at his package," Naruto and Kakashi shuddered at the thought of it.

"Anko can be scary when she wants to," said Kurama with Chinami nodding in agreement.

"So the plan is that I remain behind so as to safeguard Tsunami-san and Inari in case Gato's men show up, afterwards I'll quickly move to the bridge and assist you in the fight against Zabuza," said Naruto.

"That's the gist of it, we'll try not to kill him until Gato arrives as I'm sure that he won't believe us if we tell him the truth," said Anko

"Then we raid Gato's mansion and rescue the jinchurriki of the seven tails," said Kakashi, though he flinched when he saw Naruto glare at him "Sorry, I didn't meant it that way,"

"Okay, but just be careful about it next time," said Naruto before turning to the others.

"I don't think we should tell our students as it might ruin the plan and we need the element of surprise," said Kurenai to which they nodded in agreement.

"Alright, let's rest for tomorrow," said Anko, then they all went to bed.

**Flashback End**

Their thoughts were broken when they heard Tazuna shout out in shock upon reaching the bridge, the construction workers were sprawled out on the floor and unconscious.

"What happened here?! It looks like someone was here and got to them!" said Tazuna worriedly. Then a thick mist covered the bridge, alerting everyone to stand on guard.

"He's right, I've got two scents but now I can't locate them!" said Kiba with Akamaru barking in agreement.

"I-I can't see anything with this m-mist, e-even with my Byakugan," said Hinata, taking the Gentle fist stance and Sakura stood nearby with a kunai.

"Just like we thought, Zabuza is still alive," said Kakashi as he raised his headband to reveal his Sharingan eye.

"Yeah, and he's back for round two," Anko took out two kunai and stayed close to Kurenai. Then they heard Zabuza's voice from the mist.

"Sorry if I kept you all waiting, I was hoping for a rematch with the brat wielding the Muramasa. But since he's not here, I'll just have waste some time with you and the brats" then four clones surrounded them with their zanbatou drawn out. "I can see that one of them is trembling,"

Sasuke simply smirked at them "Actually, I'm trembling with excitement,"

"Show them what you can do," at words, Sasuke dashed and slashed one of the clones, Kiba used the all fours jutsu to take down another, Shino used his insects to absorb the chakra of his target and Hinata used her clan's taijutsu to disrupt the chakra of the last clone.

"It looks like your brats have improved, to be able to take down my water clones is an achievement. Maybe this won't be such a bore after all," Zabuza appeared from the mist along with the fake hunter Nin.

"Sasuke and Kiba, you go after the ninja while Anko and I deal with Zabuza. Kurenai will stay with Hinata, Sakura and Shino to guard Tazuna," said Kakashi, receiving nods of affirmation.

"Haku, when the situation goes bad, you have my permission to use it," said Zabuza.

"Yes Zabuza-sama," said Haku, getting ready for battle.

Then Sasuke and Kiba dashed at Haku with their kunai drawn as she takes out a senbon to fight back while Kakashi and Anko moved in to engage Zabuza in the mist.

Kurenai noticed that Hinata and Sakura looked worried and thought that it was about the battle.

"You shouldn't worry about them, I'm sure they'll be fine," She was surprised when they shook their heads in negative.

"It's not them that we're worried about, it's Naruto-kun," said Sakura, Hinata nodded in agreement.

"W-we're hoping that he'll recover soon to come and help us," said Hinata, Kurenai kept silent as she knew the reason why he isn't here yet.

"Naruto, please hurry and get here soon before Gato shows up, we could really use your help at that time,"

Meanwhile back at Tazuna's house, Naruto was meditating and had entered his mindscape to speak with Kurama and Chinami.

"I'm pretty much sure that Kakashi-sensei and the others are fighting against Zabuza and Haku by now," said Naruto.

"Yeah, but you can't go yet, not until Tsunami-san and Inari are safe," said Kurama.

"I know Ku-chan, I just feeling a bit anxious," Kurama blushed at her pet name from Naruto, then Chinami spoke.

"Naruto-sama, I wanted to inform you that the bracelet has unlocked a new ability,"

"Really, what kind of ability is it?" asked Naruto with curiosity.

"It's called tag mode, it allows your allies to wield the weapons from the bracelet for a limited amount of time. They will acquire the knowledge of the weapon once they hold it, but only those with good intentions can truly wield to their full potential" said Chinami.

"Wow, that's a very useful ability to have, so how do I activate it?"

"All you need to do is say 'Tag mode!' and the keyword to activate it,"

"Naruto-kun, I almost forgot to tell you that in order to access the inner power of the weapons, you must call out 'Awaken!' and the keyword. Remember that you need my chakra for it to work," said Kurama to which Naruto nodded in affirmation.

"Naruto-sama, wake up! Some men have broken into the house and are kidnapping Tsunami-san!"

"I'm on it!" Naruto immediately and started fade from the mindscape, when he opened his eyes, he heard Inari's voice from outside the house.

"You leave my mom alone!" Naruto saw Inari charge at the men and quickly jumped from the window to help while channeling chakra to the bracelet.

"Journey to the west!" Naruto summoned the golden staff and slammed it into the face of bandit holding Tsunami and kicked away the other bandit. "Sorry if I'm late, heroes always show at the last minute,"

"Naruto-niichan?!" Naruto was a bit surprised by what Inari called him before smiling at the boy.

"I have to say Inari, that was very brave of you. The moment you shouted at them, it was enough of a distraction for me to save your mother. I'm sure that your dad will be very proud," said Naruto, Inari smiled happily at what he heard.

"You're dead meat brat, you won't get the drop on me!" the bandit got up and drew his sword before charging at them. Naruto smirked at him and slung the staff over his shoulder.

"I don't think I need to since I'm going to bash you all over," Naruto ran at the bandit and swung at him, bandit raised his sword to block but the staff broke the blade much to his surprise.

Naruto then performed an uppercut to launch him in the air and used the staff's ability to stretch to execute a rapid fire of jabs, juggling the bandit in the air and finished it by enlarging the staff to the size of a tree trunk and sent him flying a great distance far from them.

"And he's going, going, going, going and he's gone," Naruto grinned while Inari laughed at the spectacle.

"That was amazing Niichan, but why are you here instead of being at the bridge?" asked Inari.

"That's because I had a feeling that Gato would try something like this, so I stayed behind to make sure that you and your mom safe," said Naruto, Inari hugged him while crying.

"Thank you for protecting us Niichan," Naruto returned the hug with a gentle smile.

"It's okay, but now I got to get to the bridge fast, my team needs me,"

"Okay, show Gato what you can do!" Naruto grinned and ruffled Inari's hair.

Naruto made the golden staff disappear before focusing on the bracelet again "Ride the Wing road!" then he summoned the Air treks and took off towards the bridge at high speed. Along the way, he had an image of the previous owner perform a technique which made him fly in the air flash through his mind.

"What was that about?" thought Naruto.

"Naruto-sama, that was the memory of the gear, it must want you to use it," said Chinami.

"Are all the other weapons like that?"

"Yes, and they will only do so when the situation calls for it,"

"Okay then, let's give it a try!" Naruto skated up a nearby tree and launched himself into the air, then he channeled his wind chakra into the air treks and called out "Wing road". Blue energy burst from the trecks and took on the form of wings, and Naruto was flying towards much faster than when he was skating on the ground. "I should be able to make it to the bridge in time,"

Meanwhile at the bridge, things weren't looking too good. Sasuke and Kiba were fighting against Haku who was able to keep up with them at the same time.

"Take this!" Kiba swiped at Haku who quickly dodged and kicked, then she launched several senbon which struck at certain parts of his body, completely paralyzing him as he fell to the floor.

"And now for you," Haku turned to Sasuke charging in with his kunai in both hands.

"Don't get so cocky," he clashed his kunai with Haku's senbon as both sides struggled for domination.

"You have just made a huge mistake as I've now gained two key advantages," said Haku.

"And what would they be?" asked Sasuke trying to push her back.

"The first is that we are surrounded by water, and the second is that I've one of your hands busy while the other can only be used to defend yourself," Haku started to perform handseals with just one hand to the shock of everyone around.

"How's that possible?! I've never seen anyone do that before!" said Sakura with the rest silently agreeing with her.

"Secret art: A Thousand needles of Death" Haku stomped on the ground and the water rose to the air and took on form of needles and surrounded them.

"Concentrate my chakra," Sasuke quickly chakra to his body in preparation for his next action.

"It's over," Haku quickly jumped back right before the needles struck, looked, expecting to see the raven haired boy to be covered in needles but was surprised, especially when the said person appeared behind her and dealt a powerful punch to the head and sent her flying.

"What? The brat was able to beat Haku in speed?!" thought Zabuza as he dodged the snakes from Anko's attacks.

"I guess you were as fast as you thought," Sasuke smirked as he watched Haku slowly get up.

"It may seem so, but I'll have to apologize since you give me no choice but to use this jutsu," said Haku, she then formed an unknown hand sign and the temperature began to drop.

"Why does it feel so cold all of a sudden?" asked Sakura.

"It must be coming from that fake hunter Nin, could it be that she has a bloodline limit?!" said Kurenai in shock.

"Secret art: Crystal Ice Mirrors" several mirrors made of solid ice surrounded Sasuke to from a dome, then Haku walked into one of the mirrors and completely melded with it, leaving only her reflection and appeared the other mirrors.

"It's all over for the brat, no one has ever survived once Haku uses that jutsu," said Zabuza swinging his sword at Kakashi who barely dodged it.

"Now it's time for me to show you what speed really is," Haku started to launch senbon at Sasuke at a rapid pace, leaving him no room for him to attack or defend.

Soon enough he was on the floor, covered in senbon needles. "Dammit, I can't lose here. I must fulfill my ambition, I won't die here!" as he got up, Sasuke noticed that he was seeing things more clearly than before.

"What has happened to your eyes, they weren't like that before," said Haku, which made Sasuke figure out the cause for his clear vision.

"It seems like I've finally unlocked my Sharingan, now I can even the odds," Sasuke was getting up when they heard something and looked up to see someone coming towards with blue energy shaped like wings from his shoes, they saw the blond hair and instantly knew who it was.

"Naruto-kun! You're here!" Hinata and Sakura were overjoyed to see the blond ninja.

"Sorry if I'm late, I had to take care of something. So can you tell me what's going here?" asked Naruto after dispelling the air treks.

"Kakashi and Anko are currently fighting Zabuza, Kiba was taken out of the fight after being struck with senbon needles which paralyzed him and Sasuke is trapped inside the fake hunter Nin's jutsu," said Kurenai.

"Then I'd better go in and help Sasuke while you help Kiba recover," said Naruto, then he ran into the crystal mirrors just as Haku launched another barrage of senbon needles at Sasuke.

"Sasuke get down! Wind style: Typhoon Dance!" Naruto jumped over Sasuke and spun like a top and the wind swirled around him, deflecting the senbon needles before landing next to his fellow ninja.

"Sasuke, are you okay?" asked Naruto.

"Yeah, I'm fine now that I've unlocked my Sharingan I should be to see through her attacks," Sasuke performed some hand signs before ending in a tiger seal.

"What are you planning?"

"Since the mirrors are made of ice then the best way to destroy them would be to use fire! Fire style: Grand fireball!" Sasuke shot a large ball of flame at the mirrors but when the fire faded away, it was as if they were never hit by the fire.

"But how? It was supposed to work," said Naruto.

"It seems like she fused chakra into her mirror, hence making it harder to destroy and the Uchiha's fire jutsu wasn't strong enough," said Chinami.

"You'll need more heat to melt this ice," Naruto noticed the mirrors light up and realized that an attack was coming, he started to form hand signs but was too late as he and Sasuke were pelted with senbon needles left and right.

"Damn, I didn't even get to complete the hand signs, we were hit too quickly," thought Naruto, then he whispered to Sasuke "Sasuke, I'm going to try something and I want you to observe with your Sharingan,"

"Okay but what are you up to?" asked Sasuke.

"Shadow clone jutsu!" Naruto summoned several clones jumped at the mirrors, intending to smash them but disappeared into puffs of smoke.

"It's useless, you can't keep up with me," said Haku. But Naruto ignored her and turned to Sasuke.

"So far, all I know is that she is able to transport herself through the mirrors at light speed, I couldn't see her clearly at the speed at which she is moving," said Sasuke.

"If that's the case, I need to get you out of here," said Naruto much to Sasuke's surprise and anger.

"What do you mean by that?! I can still fight!" shouted Sasuke angrily.

"I know that, because I'll need your help for the incoming attack,"

"What attack, aren't we just fighting Zabuza and the fake hunter Nin?"

"That would have been the case, but there's more to it than we knew, so will you co-operate?" asked Naruto, Sasuke looked at him for a moment before signing in resignation.

"Fine, but how will you get me out of here?"

"Like this," Sasuke was covered by white smoke and when it cleared, he saw himself outside of the crystal mirrors. He looked inside and saw a clone of Naruto standing at where he was and realized what he did.

"Naruto must have used Substitution to switch places with me and his clone, how much has he changed from the academy?" thought Sasuke as he watched Naruto.

"Now it's between you and me," Naruto turned to face the mirrors.

"I will defeat you, for the sake of Zabuza-sama," said Haku, she shot out of the mirror and slashed him several times across his body before he could react and knelt on the ground from the damage. "There's no way that you can keep up with my speed,"

"Damm she's right, and she won't let me complete my jutsus either. There has to be some way to turn this around," then the bracelet flashed and Naruto had a vision of a man donning a suit and pointing to the sky. Naruto smiled and started to laugh, much to Haku's confusion.

"What's so funny?" asked Haku.

"You think you know speed, but I'm gonna show you what true speed is," Naruto focused on the bracelet called out the new gear. "Henshin!"


There was a bright flash before it faded to reveal Naruto in a heavy armored bodysuit with the upper body covered in metal plating and a belt with a rhinoceros beetle for the belt buckle.

"What was that? How was he able to summon that armor? What does he means by show me true speed, as far as I can tell the armor would slow him down," thought Haku as she observed.

"Get ready to face the power of a Kamen rider!" Naruto stood ready for battle.

Haku launched another barrage of senbon from all directions with no hope of avoiding, But Naruto flipped the 'horn' to the middle and the armor pieces loosened, and then he pulled it to the right and called out.

"Cast off,"

[Cast off: Change Beetle]

The armor pieces flew off, deflecting the needles to reveal a much sleeker form which resembles more of a rhinoceros beetle with the horn snapping to his helmet. He drew out his Kabuto Kunai gun and held it at the ready. Naruto then swiped a hand at the side of his belt and called out.

"Clock up,"

[Clock up]

Haku shot out of the mirror at Naruto and tried to slash him, but he blurred out of the way and appeared at her side and delivered haymaker punch. Haku recovered in midair and entered a mirror and shot several senbon needles at him.

Naruto grabbed the gun barrel to reveal a kunai which he used to deflect all of the projectiles without a hitch, then he dashed at the mirror while reattaching the gun barrel and held it for the axe mode, he swung at the mirror right as Haku got out and shattered it much to Haku's surprise.

"That's impossible! Even Zabuza-sama would find it difficult to destroy my mirrors!"

Naruto disappeared and reappeared beside Haku and dealt a heel drop kick, then he shot at her with his gun but Haku used substitution to dodge and entered the mirrors again.

"Naruto-kun, you have to end this battle before Gato shows up," said Kurama.

"Indeed, you have to conserve your strength for the oncoming battle," said Chinami.

"Alright then, time to end this battle," Naruto pressed the buttons on the belt buckle and pushed the 'horn' to the left.

[1, 2, 3]

"Rider...Kick" then he pulled it back to the right.

"I can't let him finish what he is doing!" Haku dashed out of the mirror to attack Naruto from behind which was a mistake in her part.

[Rider Kick]

White lightning flowed from the belt buckle to his horn and then to his right leg which he used to perform a 360 roundhouse kick which sent Haku flying through one of her mirrors and rolling across the ground with her mask shattered and the remaining ice mirrors broke into pieces as well.

[Clock over]

"Zabuza-sama, I couldn't beat him, I've failed you," thought Haku as she got up painfully from the ground with her body bruised all over.

Naruto dispelled his rider form and walked towards Haku who was slowly getting up from the ground.

"This fight is over Haku, I knew that it was you, I held back on that kick as I didn't want to kill you," said Naruto.

"Why didn't you finish me off? I'm nothing more than a broken tool that cannot serve its master," said Haku to Naruto's surprise.

"Why do you call yourself a tool? I see nothing but a beautiful girl who should have a life of her own will," Haku blushed from Naruto's compliment but responded nonetheless.

"It's because Zabuza saved me from certain death, in Kirigakure, those who possess a bloodline limit are killed. My father killed my mother after finding out that I have a bloodline and tried to kill me too but I killed him on self-defense. Zabuza picked me up from the streets, he made me feel needed which is why I help him," said Haku.

"Naruto-sama, I sense a lot of people at the end of the bridge," said Chinami.

"I understand your reason but I still won't kill you since this wasn't the reason my team and I were fighting," said Naruto, then he noticed that the mist was disappearing.

"What do you mean?" asked Haku who was confused by what the blond ninja was talking about.

"I think it's better you hear it from the horse's mouth," Naruto pointed and Haku looked in his direction to see Zabuza being restrained by Kakashi's dog summons and Anko's snakes. Everyone looked past them to see Gato and his men standing at the end of the bridge.

"Gato? What are you doing here and who are these thugs you brought with you?" asked Zabuza but Kakashi answered instead.

"One of our students found out that Gato was planning to kill you and your apprentice after killing us and had never intended to pay you for killing Tazuna,"

"Is what he said true Gato?" asked Zabuza.

"That's right, I figured that you were too expensive, heck even these guys cost me money. But seeing as how the so called Demon of the mist couldn't do the job right, I will have my men do it for me instead," said Gato with a sneer and the thugs laughed behind him.

"Why you no good-" Zabuza turned to the Konoha ninja "So you knew about this?"

"Yes we did, but we knew that you wouldn't believe us without proof which was why we didn't go all out and restrained you until Gato showed up," said Anko.

"I see, then this fight is over," Kakashi and Anko released their summons for Zabuza to stand. Naruto with Haku walked up to him.

"So the enemy of my enemy is my friend?" asked Naruto already knowing the answer.

"You're right about that one kid, but I don't think I can fight properly with my body like this," said Zabuza with a smirk behind his mask. Then they turned to face Gato.

"After we kill all those on the bridge, we'll raid the island and take the women as our sex slaves!" Gato smiled lustfully at Sakura, Hinata and Haku "Especially those girls,"

A massive killer intent was felt throughout, freezing everyone in place. Even the Jounin and Zabuza were having difficulty breathing but the three girls didn't feel it.

"Who's able to leak this level of killing intent?!" asked Zabuza, they turned to see Naruto glaring at Gato with absolute fury.

"This isn't from the Kyuubi, but from Naruto himself. Gato must have really pissed him off," thought Kakashi.

"Naruto-kun is angry because of what Gato would do to me? But I just met him yesterday and tried to hurt him, why he would he protect me?" thought Haku.

"No one has ever seen Naruto-san angry and I hope that they never will," thought Shino as he tried to calm his insects down.

"N-Naruto-kun cares a-about us this m-much, it makes me l-love him e-even more," thought Hinata.

As Naruto glared at Gato, the bracelet glowed red as if reacting to his anger.

"You bastards just promoted yourselves from walking punching bags to dead men walking!" Naruto had a vision of a man with pale skin and a red tattoo on his body with a scar on his right eye and a leather loincloth, he saw the man wield a pair of swords chained to his arms in the battlefield. Then he channeled chakra to the bracelet and called out "For Sparta!"

In a flash of light, Naruto was holding a pair of swords which are chained to his arms and he took a stance before the bandits.

"Naruto-kun, show them no mercy!" said Kurama with rage.

"Get ready, cause I'm going to send you on a one way trip to the Shinigami!" Naruto charged at them while Gato fearfully ran to the back of the group.

Naruto threw one of the swords and it ignited with a golden flame and pierced through one of the bandits, he pulled the bandit over and used him as a battering ram to plow through the enemies before throwing him aside. He quickly rolled out of the way of a pincer attack and slammed a blade on the ground, unleashing a shockwave which razed through the bandits.

"Cyclone of chaos!" Naruto swung his blades around him, hitting the surrounding enemies multiple times before rolling backwards for his next move. "Rage of Tartarus!" He slammed the first blade on the ground, followed by the second before finally bringing both back and slamming them together on the ground, sending the bandits into the air.

"Wow, Naruto-kun is really laying it on them," said Anko.

"Naruto-kun, please be careful," said Sakura.

"Where did Naruto get this power?" said Sasuke.

"He has inherited his mother's protectiveness," said Kakashi.

"I know that he's fighting against Gato, but he should take it easy on the bridge," said Tazuna.

Naruto was attacking the bandits when he felt the blades pulse with power as if struggling to be unleashed.

"If that's what it wants, then who am I to deny it," thought Naruto, then he cried out "Awaken! Rage of the Titans!" Immediately Naruto's body surged with flames, scaring everyone around.

"Prometheus' torment!" Naruto twirled the blades in a blazing radial attack, searing through more of the bandits and finishing up with his final attack. "Prometheus inferno!" A fiery tornado exploded from Naruto's body and reduced the bandits to ash.

Then Naruto walked over to Gato who was trembling with fear as the flames faded away but the swords were still ignited.

"Please don't kill me! I'll give you anything money, women, anything at all!" Gato was on his knees begging for mercy.

"These are one of the things which I hate about humans, their greed," said Kurama with Chinami nodding in agreement.

"But you can't bring people back to life, besides I've already acquired all of your bank details and rights to your business since you're going to hell anyway," Naruto whipped out the swords in an x pattern and beheaded Gato as his body fell to the floor.

Naruto heard a cheer and turned to see Inari along with the village celebrating Gato's death. Then He saw Sakura, Hinata, Haku and the others run up to him.

"Naruto-kun, are you okay?" said Haku which drew the attention of Sakura, Hinata, Anko and Zabuza.

"Could it be that she likes Naruto-kun too?" thought Hinata.

"It seems like Haku and those girls have a thing for the kid, I'd better keep an eye on him" thought Zabuza.

"I'm fine but we're not done yet, we have to go and save someone from Gato's mansion. So I'll need Sakura, Hinata, Sasuke and Shino to follow me since Kiba is still out of commission," Naruto led the way with the others following while Kakashi and the rest stayed behind to guard the island.

Soon they arrived at the front gates of Gato's, and Shino asked Naruto.

"What is your plan, Naruto-san?"

Naruto was about to reply when he heard Chinami talk to him.

"Naruto-sama, I know of a gear that can help you and your team mates. I'm transferring the knowledge to you now,"

Naruto felt the knowledge flow through his head before speaking up.

"We'll raid Gato's mansion and take out all of the guards, and I've got the gear needed for the job,"

"You mean we'll also wield the weapons that you have?" asked Sasuke.

"Yeah, so get ready," Naruto focused on the bracelet and called out "Tag mode! Gokai Change!"


There was a flash of light and it faded to reveal Naruto and the others wearing helmet and outfit with a pirate motif and had grown a few inches but in different colors. Naruto was in red, Sakura was pink, Hinata was yellow, Sasuke was Blue and Shino was green.

"Amazing, I feel so powerful," said Sasuke looking at himself.

"I'm wearing my favorite color," said Sakura while giggling.

"I've never experienced anything like this and my insects are quite comfortable," said Shino.

"Alright guys, let's do this!" Naruto smashed through the gate with the others close behind as they engaged the enemies. At first, they were going with hand to hand combat but soon they switched to using their sidearms which was the Gokai gun and the Gokai saber to take down their but they were getting pushed back by the numbers.

"Naruto-kun, what do we do? There're too many," said Hinata worriedly.

"Then it's time to get serious, everyone follow my lead!" the rest gathered close to see Naruto bring out the mobilate and pressed a button on the belt buckle to reveal a key for him to take out, and they put away their weapons and did the same. "Ready?" receiving a nod of affirmation, they all put the keys inside and twisted.

"Gokai change!"


They changed into suits with a dinosaur motif and charged in once again. Naruto was cutting the bandits down with his Ryugeki sword, Hinata was jabbing with her Sabre Daggers, Sakura was serving as cover fire with her Ptera Arrow, Sasuke was spearing his enemies with the Tricera Lance and Shino was cutting the bandits down with his Mothbreaker but would sometimes convert into blaster rifle for long range.

"Let's cut these kids down to size and show them their place," the bandits drew out their swords and charged at them.

"Humph, we'll see about that," said Sasuke with a smirk.

"They're getting reckless, let's finish this!" once again they brought out another key and slotted it inside the mobilate.

"Gokai change!"


They switched into suits with a samurai motif, they drew out their spin swords and charged right back at the bandits. They were able to defeat the ex-samurai thanks to the knowledge of kenjutsu embedded in the ranger mode.

"Take out your secret disks and spin them in the Shinkenmaru to activate your signature weapons," Taking Naruto's advice, the team took out their disks and slotted them inside the swords and spun them before calling out.

"Rekka Daizanto!" Naruto slashed through his enemies while his zanbatou was covered in flames.

"Heaven fan!" Sakura blew away her foes with huge gust of wind with her fan.

"Land slicer!" Hinata sliced through her enemies with her large chakram.

"Water arrow!" Sasuke shot the bandits with the arrows from his bow.

"Wood spear!" Shino executed several jabs on his enemies with his spear.

Soon enough, all of the bandits in Gato's mansion had been defeated, and Naruto cancelled the transformation.

"We have to do this again sometime," said Naruto with a grin while the rest smiled and nodded with Shino being stoic as always but Kurama could sense happiness from him. "Now let's go and save Fu-chan,"

"What's so important about the girl?" asked Sasuke.

"It's because she was banished from her village and we're alike in a way," Naruto went inside while the others were confused by his statement but Sakura and Hinata knew what he was talking about. When Naruto reached the cell, Fu was waiting and became happy when she saw him.

"You came back, just like you promised!" Fu happily hugged him when he opened the cell door.

"Well I did promise that I'll come back to get you out," Naruto said with a foxy grin, making Fu blush and her heart was racing.

Two weeks later, team 7 and 8 along with Zabuza, Haku and Fu stood at the now completed bridge. Fu decided to go with them and got along with Sakura and Hinata especially since they all like the same boy and Nanabi started to like Naruto much Kurama's shock.

Naruto and Inari spent a lot of together that one would mistake them for brothers in all but blood, he take Inari for a ride with his air treks. Zabuza would sometimes spar with him in a kenjutsu match. Naruto gave the ownership rights to Tazuna as he could trust him to manage it for the good of the island. Kiba stubbornly refused to believe that Naruto was the main reason for the village's salvation and thought that it was a fluke.

"We can't even begin to tell you how much we appreciate your help with the bridge, especially you Naruto. We're really going to miss you all," said Tazuna smiling sadly along with everyone else.

"Do you really have to go niichan? Can't you stay a little longer?" Inari was holding on to Naruto's jacket as he was very attached Naruto and didn't want him to leave.

"I'm sorry Inari, but it's my duty to serve my village. Don't cry, I have a way of keeping contact with you," Naruto took out a small scroll and gave it to him. "This is a special scroll that I made with fuinjutsu which allows whatever you write to be transferred to the other so we can write to each other at any time,"

"Thank you niichan," Inari smiled happily.

"So where will you go now Zabuza?" asked Kakashi.

"I've decided to join Konoha," said Zabuza to their surprise.

"Why?" asked Kurenai with curiosity.

"Because I'm getting tired of running from hunter Nins and I don't want to put Haku in anymore danger as I actually see her as my own daughter," Haku cried tears of joy at hearing what he said.

"Alright then, we're off! Don't miss us too much!" shouted Naruto as he waved goodbye at them.

"Say Tazuna, have you thought of name for the bridge yet?" asked a man.

"Yes, I decided to name it the Great Naruto Bridge as Naruto means maelstrom and he helped regain our hope and freedom," said Tazuna as they watched their heroes return to their village.

Weapons/Gears appearances

Golden staff = Journey to the West

Air trecks = Air Gear

Kabuto Zecter = Kamen Rider Kabuto

Blades of Athena = God of War 2

Mobilate = Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger

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