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Chapter 7: A Spook and a Battle at the Museum

After passing over a mountain, Naruto and the gang had finally arrived at Nacrene city, they were surprised to see that the buildings were designed in an artistic way even Naruto and Kurama had never seen such style back at their dimension.

"Whoa this place is quite colorful, I've never seen such designs like these before" said Naruto who was looking around in awe.

"I agree with Naruto here, I never seen such cool buildings before" said Iris excitedly.

"The buildings are actually warehouses that owners lease to artists which is why Nacrene city is known as the city of art" said Cilan.

"You're right, there is art in every direction you look" said Iris looking around along with Naruto.

"The city is also known for its style hence it's also known as the city of admiration" Cilan further explained, Naruto nodded in understanding as the place explains itself.

"Well I'm here for one reason and that's for a gym battle" said Ash who was all ready to go.

"Well the interesting thing is, the gym happens to be in the Nacrene city museum" said Cilan.

"That sounds interesting, it must be cool to have a Pokemon gym in a museum. Well let's go there and check the place out!" said Naruto with excitement with Ash and Pikachu agreeing, the group set out for their location but when they arrived at their intended destination, they were surprised to see that the museum was closed.

"What gives? I thought with the place being a museum and a Pokemon gym that they would be open all the time?" said Naruto then he looked over to see a poster hung beside the door "What's that over there?"

"A secret artifacts exhibit?" Iris read the title.

"But judging by the date it's supposed to be open today so why is the museum closed then?" said Cilan.

Ash went to the door and knocked several times and tried opening it to discover that they were locked "Hello is anybody around?" he said but they didn't hear anything until moments later there was a loud scream which startled them.

"What's that all about?" said Naruto, no sooner he said that than a man burst through the doors and fell to the ground, the group quickly rushed to the man.

"Excuse me sir but are you alright?" asked Cilan. The man pointed backed at the hallway that he came from.

"In there, it's horrible!" said the man with fear in his voice, the gang looked at the direction that he pointed only to see nothing in the hallway.

"I don't see anything and you look like you were being chased" said Naruto. The man looked surprised at a Pokemon being able to talk but quickly replied.

"You were right about me being chased as a dome fossil was right behind me but it's strange as I don't see it anymore" he said as he got up to look at the empty hallway.

"Let's go in and check the place out, maybe we can found out what's going on" said Ash, they all entered with Pikachu running ahead with Naruto close behind.

"Here is the dome fossil!" said Pikachu pointing at an oddly shaped rock which is placed on top of a pedestal.

"I don't sense anything from it Naruto" said Kurama.

"The fossil looks completely fine" said Cilan turning to the man who was hiding in the hall.

"That's strange as I'm sure that it was chasing me" said the man.

"Could you tell us about what happened and please leave out no details" said Cilan to which the man nodded reluctantly, they went to sit at an outdoor restaurant so that they could hear the story.

"We were behind schedule on the preparations for the secret artifacts exhibition so when they arrived, the workers and I rushed in putting the artifacts in display so by the time we were done, it was late at night. After the workers left, I decided to stay behind to do some final checks on the artifacts when all of a sudden the lights went off and I began to hear footsteps and voices which frightened me, then I saw a purple flame which chased me out of the museum, I called back the workers next morning to check up on the artifacts but we didn't find anything, as the safety of the public is our number one priority we decided to postpone the opening of the exhibit. After the workers left, I went to check on the artifacts when that dome fossil chased me" said the man.

"And that's when we ran into you" said Cilan.

"Weird stuff happens a lot" said Ash as he had such encounters in his past journeys.

"I agree with you Ash" said Naruto with Kurama nodding in agreement.

"A curse, it has to be a curse that has been cast upon the museum by an angry spirit unless it is appeased" said Iris in a grim tone.

"That's sounds scary" said Axew who jumped from Iris' hair and onto Naruto's tails.

"You see? Even Axew agrees with me" said Iris.

"Y-you really believe that it is a curse?" asked the man fearfully.

"I don't think that this is something that we should overreact on, I'm sure that there is a rational explanation and this is all a misunderstanding" said Cilan with a smirk "I'm sure we need to view this from a scientific perspective" Iris stared at Cilan in disbelief

"If that's what you think then why don't you see things from your point of view?" said Iris.

"Then I'll do just that as this is a recipe I'm starting to like" said Cilan.

"What do you mean?" asked the man who was confused.

"What they mean is that Iris will try to find out why there is an angry spirit in the museum while Cilan will try to solve things from a scientific point of view" said Naruto with a deadpanned expression.

"That way I see things, I don't think either of them is right or wrong but we'll just be the neutral party" said Kurama with Naruto agreeing.

"But what about my gym battle?" asked Ash who was getting confused at what they were talking about.

"Ash we can't have a gym battle until this mystery is solved" said Naruto, much to Ash's disappointment.

"Well you can't have your gym battle as Lenora isn't here at the moment" said the man, Ash and the group looked at him wondering about the person he spoke of "I forgot that I didn't introduce myself, my name is Hawes and I am the co-curator of the museum and when I refer to Lenora, I mean my wife and she is also the Nacrene city gym leader"

"Whoa that's awesome, my name is Ash and these are my partners Pikachu and Tokala" said Ash as Pikachu waved and Naruto responded with a "Yo"

"My name is Iris"

"And my name is Cilan, a pokemon connoisseur if you don't mind, May we have look around your museum?" said Cilan bowing to Hawes.

"Of course as a matter of fact I'll even give you a tour of the museum so if you'll just follow me" said Hawes, then he led the gang to the dome fossil "It is said that this fossil used to be a Kabuto a shellfish pokemon that is said have been living on our beaches as far as three hundred years ago"

"Whoa the sounds very far" said Ash.

"That's nothing compared to how long I've lived" said Kurama with pride.

"And how long would that be Kurama?" asked Naruto with curiosity.

"Over a thousand the last time I counted" said Kurama who started to laugh at Naruto who was stunned. Iris then ran to where a skeleton of a pokemon was hung up in display and pointed excitedly at it.

"Wow isn't that a Dragonite?" said Iris with stars in her eyes.

"You are right as this is the skeletal model of a Dragonite and it so happens to be the largest in the world" said Hawes while Naruto looked at it with interest.

"I hope to battle one of these dragon types as I've heard that they are one of the strongest among other types, don't you agree Kurama?" thought Naruto.

"Me too kit, especially the ones that they call legendries so that we can see how much we can match up to them" said Kurama nodding in agreement. Next on display was a rock which was behind a glass case.

"This here is a meteorite" said Hawes pointing to the display.

"Which means that it came from space" said Cilan.

Naruto looked at the meteorite and sensed energy radiating from it "It's just like the star from the star village before I destroyed it with the help of Subaru's mom's spirit" Then they went to where suits of armor where propped up.

"Wow these armor look so cool" said Ash with Pikachu agreeing.

"It's been said that people used to wear them back in the old days of the Unova region" said Hawes, while Naruto looked at them with a critical eye.

"They look like they put more emphasis on defense than speed" said Naruto then he turned to see what looks like a coffin "What's that over there Hawes?" the group went to where the coffin was displayed.

"The coffin as well as the other artifacts were found in the ruins, it's also been said that Cofagrigus have been seen there but this coffin is a replica" said Hawes, everyone were surprised except Iris who was thinking deeply.

"Iris what's the matter?" asked Naruto.

"I believe that this has something to do with the curse" said Iris.

"What makes you so sure about that?" asked Ash.

"It's my sixth sense that's telling me" said Iris.

"Which means that it is only a wild guess" said Cilan with a smirk, Iris looked ready to blow her had Axew not calmed her down.

"Hey Hawes, what's this?" asked Ash pointing at a yellow mask behind a glass shelf.

"That's a Yamask's mask, they have also been known to be seen frequently ruins as well although the mask is a replica" said Hawes.

"That mask gives me a bad feeling" said Iris with Naruto having to agree as he was having the same feelings.

"I can't help but feel that this mystery has something to do with that mask" thought Naruto.

"With the time that I've spent with you kit, every time that you have those feelings, they are usually spot on so it's best that we keep an eye on it" said Kurama, then the gang were led into a room where there was a lot of books much to their amazement.

"This is the library where information about artifacts and other things are kept, visitors are encouraged to read as much as they desire, and so this brings an end to the tour so have you noticed anything so far?" said Hawes.

"I haven't, everything checks out normal so far" said Cilan.

"There is something going on but I can't seem to pinpoint it so far" said Iris.

"I think it would be a good idea if we slept in the museum tonight" said Naruto which surprised Hawes.

"That's a great idea as spirits are more active at night" said Iris.

"Indeed and we can find out about any paranormal activities" said Cilan.

"Wow I'm impressed that you kids would want to stay here for tonight" said Hawes, later as the group brought out their sleeping bags, he was still unsure or himself "Are you sure about this? What if we start hearing things at night?"

"Then that's when we can figure out what's really going on" said Ash with the others nodding in agreement, then they slept. It was for a while when Naruto woke up due to chilling sensation coming over his body and noticed that Iris was awake as well.

"Hey Ash wake up" said Naruto shaking the boy awake with his tails.

"W-what is it?" asked Ash rubbing his eyes along with Cilan waking up as well.

"I felt a chill crawl down my spine as if something is approaching us and Naruto is feeling the same thing if I'm not wrong" said Iris with Naruto nodding in agreement.

"I pretty sure that this is another wild guess" said Cilan.

"No, Iris is right on this as I can feel something coming towards us" said Naruto, all of a sudden a thick purple fog appeared from the hallway much to the alarm of the group and frightened Hawes who had just woken up.

"W-what is that fog!?" said Hawes who was all panicky.

"It must be that the evil spirit is about to do something bad" said Iris.

"Relax I'm pretty sure that it's the air conditioning that broke down" said Cilan, then they heard a clatter of metal and out of the fog appeared two suits of armor which was walking towards them.

"G-g-ghosts!" shouted Hawes.

"What do you have to say about that?" asked Iris.

"Well it's obvious that someone is using strings" said Cilan, to which everyone sweat-dropped.

"Geez not even your friend Shikamaru would produce such logic" said Kurama. The possessed armors drew their and prepared to attack.

"Pikachu use Quick attack and Tokala use Extremespeed!" said Ash, the two pokemon dashed towards the armors with Naruto striking first and Pikachu hitting his seconds later, the armors fell to pieces much to the relief of the others but were surprised to see the pieces put themselves back together.

"Oh great, this just like with the cursed warrior back at the land of birds" thought Naruto as he took a battle stance. (Watch episode 162 on the anime)

"Okay then, Pikachu use Volt tackle and Tokala use Rasengan!" said Ash, the duo attacked once again and knocked down the armors however two flames came out of them and combined to form a bigger one.

"Whoa that thing feels hot!" said Naruto who was close to it.

"Is that a ghostly aura?" asked Hawes.

"I'm pretty sure that it's an electrical discharge and nothing more" said Cilan, the flame began to chase Hawes around much to his distress.

"Oshawott come out and use Water gun!" said Ash throwing out a Pokeball, the sea otter pokemon appeared and launched a stream of water which put out the flame. A helmet from one of the armor began to levitate from amongst the collapsed pieces.

"Okay Cilan, what do you have to say about that?" asked Iris.

"It's just the reverse polarity of the magnetic field which is causing it to float" said Cilan, then the helmet began to chase Hawes.

"Alright, that's enough!" said Naruto, he quickly jumped at the floating helmet and struck it down with Crush claw.

"Thanks for the help Tokala" said Hawes.

"No problem, but it seems to me that everything that to happened so far always seems to target you Hawes, any idea why?" said Naruto.

"No I don't seem to recall doing anything that would make anyone mad at me" said Hawes.

"Kit, I can sense that he is telling the truth" said Kurama. Then all of a sudden, water began to drizzle from above them.

"Rain? How come?" said Ash.

"There must be something wrong with the sprinklers" said Cilan, but just as the drizzle had started than it stopped much to the confusion of the group. All of a sudden, they heard crying and it was coming from the exhibition room.

"That must be the spirit crying and it sounds so sad" said Iris.

"No I believe it to be sound waves which is coming from something that is squeaking" said Cilan.

"We don't have time for this, let's go check out the source of that sound" said Ash as he called Oshawott back to his Pokeball, then they headed towards the exhibition room where they found the source of the crying which was coming from the Yamask's mask that was releasing tears much to their surprise.

"I thought you said that the mask was a replica" said Naruto.

"I don't understand this either" said Hawes who was just as confused.

"Relax as what you see as tears is nothing more than condensation in the atmosphere" said Cilan, the mask floated in the air and began to smash itself against the glass.

"The spirit is in that mask!" said Iris.

"You are wrong it must be magnetically attracted to something" said Cilan, soon they heard a thumping sound and turned to see that the Dragonite skeleton was walking towards them.

"Are you the angry spirit?" asked Iris.

"No no no, it must be controlled by-"said Cilan but he was interrupted by Naruto.

"Cilan, the things you are saying are now becoming unbelievable" he said.

"You're right, I'm even beginning not to believe myself" said Cilan sheepishly, they quickly jumped out of the way as the skeleton proceeded to punch the glass as if to get the mask. "Pansage come out and use Bullet seed!" Bringing out the simian pokemon who launched a barrage of seeds at the skeleton, there was a certain distortion before the skeleton collapsed into pieces.

"Kurama did you see that?" thought Naruto.

"Yeah the skeleton was controlled and it must be related to what has happened so far" said Kurama.

"Is the mask alright?" asked Cilan.

"I'll go check on it" said Hawes as he went to open the glass screen but no sooner had he done it than the mask floated out and latched itself onto Cilan's face. Ash and Iris tried to get the mask off, but the possessed Cilan pushed them away.

"Why did the mask target Cilan?" asked Ash.

"Maybe because the spirit was angry at Cilan for denying its existence" said Iris.

"And now you will be punished!" said the possessed Cilan in a deep voice before he launched purple flames at them although they managed to avoid them.

"Hey why are you so angry?" asked Naruto.

"You locked the mask away which was precious to me!" said the possessed Cilan angrily.

"That mask is the genuine one" said a feminine voice, the group turned to see a dark skinned woman with green hair standing at the hallway.

"Oh honey! I'm so glad that you're here" said Hawes happily, they immediately realized who he was talking about.

"Then you must be Lenora" said Iris.

"That's right, so where did you get the mask Hawes?" asked Lenora.

"I believe it was yesterday when the workers and I were moving the artifacts from the truck to the exhibit room, I found the mask in on the floor, I didn't order for a Yamask's mask so I thought that it was a bonus gift" said Hawes.

"You should have known better than that" said Lenora rubbing the bridge of her nose while Hawes rubbed his cheek sheepishly. The possessed Cilan controlled to the skeleton to attack again.

"Hey isn't that enough? We now know what's going on" said Naruto but it didn't listen.

"If that's the way you want it, go Watchog!" said Lenora throwing out a Pokeball to summon a pokemon which resembles a meerkat, it proceeded to emit light from the yellow striping on its body almost blinding everyone. Ash took out his Pokedex to scan the new pokemon.

[Watchog, the Lookout pokemon and the evolved form of Patrat, Watchog's body contains luminescent compounds, which allows its eyes and stripes to glow]

"Yamask why don't you show yourself to us" said Lenora, the mask came off of Cilan's face and floated upwards to reveal a shadowlike pokemon holding it.

"So it was a Yamask?" said Iris who was surprised, Ash scanned the pokemon as well.

[Yamask, the Spirit pokemon. Yamask is a ghost type pokemon that wanders the ruins of ancient civilization]

"Now I get it, Yamask must have been among the artifacts but it dropped its mask by accident which Hawes mistook for a replica and when it woke up and saw it on the display case, Yamask thought that you stole it and got angry at him" said Naruto to which Yamask nodded in confirmation. "But if you had simply let Hawes know that the mask was yours, none of this would have happened" Yamask blushed in embarrassment at not thinking of the obvious solution.

"That explains everything, Yamask used Psychic to move the suits of armor and the fossil too, the purple fog was Haze" said Cilan.

"The rain was Rain dance and the flames was Will-o-wisp" said Ash.

"I told you that it was the work of a spirit" said Iris proudly.

"Not exactly" said Cilan with a smirk.

"Actually, neither of you were right nor wrong about this as everything that happened was because of a pokemon" said Naruto with a foxy grin.

"Yamask I want to apologize for the mistake I've made and hope that you would forgive me" said Hawes steeping forward and bowing his head in apology to which the spirit pokemon nodded in affirmation. Later in the morning, the group stood in front of the museum as Yamask got ready to leave.

"Be sure to visit us again anytime" said Lenora, Yamask smiled before flying away.

"Wow look at the sunrise, it marks a good morning" said Cilan.

"Which is perfect for a gym battle" said Ash.

"So you're here to challenge my gym?" asked Lenora.

"That's right, my name is Ash from Pallet town and I'm here for the Unova league" said Ash excitedly.

"Well I've always been interested in the battle styles of my challengers and I'm looking forward to seeing yours" said Lenora with a smile.

"Kit, this woman seems to be the type to use strategies to confuse opponents as well as disrupt the plans of others" said Kurama.

"I can tell just by looking at her, I hope that Ash can pull through with this" thought Naruto before following them back into the museum.

Later the group followed Lenora and Hawes to a door which they hadn't seen before where Hawes inputted some codes on the keyboard to open the door.

"This room is sealed off to the general public, only researchers and other people are allowed to gain access to it" said Hawes, they continued until they entered a room which has a lot of books in shelves.

"In this room, there are books and research material where one needs special permission in order to read as they contain important information about Unova as well as other things" said Lenora.

"Just like the scrolls that were sealed in the vault at the Hokage's office" thought Naruto.

"Indeed as such information were to fall into the wrong hands could cause trouble for a lot of people" said Kurama.

"Alright then Ash, I'd suggest that you would read a little about the history of the Unova region before our battle" said Lenora. Ash looked confused but Naruto looked at Lenora with a stern gaze as he immediately realized the meaning behind her words.

"She must be testing Ash so see his reaction as most strategies come from one's personality" thought Naruto before walking towards Ash.

"But the thing is, I didn't come here to read but for a gym battle" said Ash.

"Which is why I brought you here as this room grants access to researchers and gym battle challengers, after all knowledge contributes in a pokemon battle" said Lenora walking to a book shelf "I would recommend reading this book" pointing to a book.

Ash was about to repeat his earlier statement when he felt a poking at his leg, looking down to see Naruto staring back at him.

"Remember what I told you earlier before Ash" said Naruto.

Ash thought deeply before he remembered what Naruto had taught him during his training "Look underneath the underneath, then this means that Lenora is giving me some sort of test before the gym battle, let's see if I can figure this out" Ash thought, then he approached the book that Lenora pointed at "You said this book right?" when he pulled it out, Ash heard a click and turned to see two book shelves separate to reveal a staircase descending. "What is down there?"

"That is the way to the battlefield and I'm impressed that you were able to find the way to it so quickly" said Lenora.

"Well I was taught by someone that I shouldn't take things at face value and that I should view things from a different perspective so I figured that you were testing me from the very beginning although I had to be reminded" said Ash who took a sidelong glance at Naruto smiling at him

"That person must have good insight and you were right that I was testing you. Most trainers tend to view things in different ways, some try to read books that catch their interest while others read books with lesser pages so that could get to the gym faster even when I show them the fastest way to the gym" said Lenora.

"Why do you do that?" asked Cilan.

"Because it allows me to see what kind of trainer I would be facing" said Lenora.

"So what kind of trainer do think Ash is?" asked Iris.

"Ash is someone who approaches aggressively and at the same time moves spontaneously, I wish to see what kind of style he has on the field" said Lenora.

"I'm pretty sure that's easy to predict" said Hawes.

"I wouldn't be so sure about that, after all Ash and I are alike in a lot of ways" thought Naruto smirking.

"That's true, since the both of you can be unpredictable when it comes down to it, all I can say is that she is in for a surprise" said Kurama who was smirking as well. The group went downstairs and came upon the site of the battlefield.

"Alright then let's the show on the road!" said Ash excitedly.

"Don't you think you should research on the type of gym leader I am? Like the pokemon that I'll be using today!" said Lenora throwing out a Pokeball to summon a familiar pokemon. "I believe that both of you have met?"

"Of course, I knew that you would choose Watchog today" said Ash looking at the Lookout pokemon.

"And this is my second pokemon!" said Lenora throwing another Pokeball to call out another pokemon. Ash brought out his Pokedex to scan the new pokemon.

[Herdier, the Loyal Dog pokemon, and the evolved form of Lillipup. Herdier's hard black fur softens its opponent's attacks like armor]

Ash then searched through the Pokedex for its pre-evolved form.

[Lillipup, the Puppy pokemon. The long hair covering Lillipup's face is an excellent radar, which senses conditions in the surrounding area]

"Normal type pokemon are perfect for battling as they can use a lot of attacks unlike the other pokemon that are bound to a certain type which allows me to react to any strategy that a trainer would use against me" said Lenora.

"That would make sense, but that it doesn't exactly bother us since you would soon gain access to the other elements" said Kurama to which Naruto nodded in agreement.

"Alright Hawes, could you explain the rules to our young trainer?" said Lenora.

"Alright dear, in this gym the trainer and gym leader are allowed to use two pokemon. Victory will go to who is able to render his/her opponent's pokemon unable to battle and both sides are allowed to substitute at any time during the battle" said Hawes.

"A two on two? I thought it would be a three on three like the other gyms?" said Naruto who was confused.

"There are different rules in different gyms so as to test the trainer's ability to adapt" said Cilan.

"Alright I get it now" said Naruto then he approached Ash "Yo Ash, I'll be backing out of this battle"

"Why Naruto?" asked Ash.

"I want to see how a gym leader battles and I want to see the results of your training" said Naruto.

"Alright then, Pikachu I want you to go with Naruto as I won't be using you today" said Ash.

"Alright Ash" said Pikachu before jumping onto Naruto's back then they went to the stands to watch the battle.

"Well then shall we begin?" asked Lenora.

"Of course!" said Ash, then they went to opposite sides of the battlefield.

"The Nacrene gym battle between Lenora the gym leader and Ash the challenger from Pallet town is about to begin, the challenger has the first move and so battle begin!" said Hawes.

(Pokemon Black OST; Battle Gym Leader)

"Herdier go!" said Lenora throwing out the Pokeball to call out her pokemon.

"Alright then, Tepig I choose you!" said Ash calling on his fire pig pokemon.

"Okay I'm rearing to go!" said Tepig looking determined.

"Tepig use Tackle!" said Ash, Tepig sped forward and slammed into Herdier sending it skidding back much to the surprise of Lenora.

"Wow that's fast and strong, Herdier use Roar!" said Lenora, Herdier let out a roar which sent Tepig back into its Pokeball surprising Ash and Naruto then one of his Pokeballs opened to release Oshawott into the field.

"Huh? Why am I here?" asked Oshawott who was confused.

"What kind of move was that?" asked Naruto looking at Cilan.

"Roar is a move that forces you to switch your pokemon out with a random pokemon" said Cilan.

"Now I'll switch my pokemon" said Lenora calling back Herdier "Watchog come out and use Mean look!" throwing out a Pokeball to summon her next pokemon. Watchog's eyes glowed purple and Oshawott's body glowed purple as well before fading away.

"Now what move is that as I don't see any kind of damage" said Naruto.

"Mean look is move that prevents your pokemon from being switched out until the battle is over" said Cilan.

"Forcing your opponent to switch and then forcing the next pokemon to stay in battle, this kind of combination can rattle any normal trainer, I hope that Ash can recover from this" said Kurama worriedly.

"I'm sure he can handle it otherwise this wouldn't be a challenge as we might meet someone who would use any of these moves" thought Naruto.

Meanwhile Ash was shaken at first before he closed his eyes and took a deep breath to relax his nerves, then he called out to Oshawott "It's okay Oshawott, let's get through this and we'll be fine"

"Seriously?" thought Oshawott who wasn't pleased at being called out before his time. Lenora was surprised at Ash's reaction as most trainers would begin to panic after her combination.

"He keeps getting more interesting" she thought.

"Oshawott use Water gun" said Ash, Oshawott launched his attack halfheartedly which annoyed Naruto and made a mental note to lecture the sea otter pokemon after the battle.

"Dodge and use Low kick!" said Lenora, Watchog sidestepped the attack and quickly sped towards Oshawott and knocked him off his feet, causing him to fall on his head before speeding back to Lenora with its arms crossed and a smirk on its face.

"Oshawott are you okay?!" Ash called out worriedly.

"Kukukukukuku that guy is soooo gonna get it" said Oshawott chuckling evilly which sent a chill down Watchog's spine.

"If that's all you have then I'll have to end it, Watchog use Thunderbolt!" said Lenora, Watchog launched an arc of lightning at Oshawott.

"Deflect it with your scalchop!" said Ash, Oshawott took out his scalchop and with one hand smacked the attack aside with a smirk which surprised Watchog and Lenora.

"I wasn't serious before but now I'm gonna show you what I'm really made of!" said Oshawott.

"I've never seen a water type pokemon defend against an electric type attack like that before, now I'm impressed" said Lenora.

"Oshawott get in close!" said Ash, Oshawott sped towards his opponents in a zigzag pattern to confuse them just like Naruto taught him.

"Whoa that's fast but if they want close combat then respond with Low kick!" said Lenora, Watchog ran towards Oshawott to attack.

"I was expecting you to do that!" said Ash with a smirk which confused Lenora but Naruto grinned knowing what is coming up next "Oshawott jump above Watchog and use Water gun!" right as Watchog kicked at Oshawott, he jumped and launched a powerful stream of water at his opponent slamming it to the ground and sent himself into the air "As you descend, use Razor shell!" Oshawott took out his shell and channeled energy into it to from a blade before diving towards Watchog to attack.

"Watchog use your tail to knock away Oshawott's scalchop!" said Lenora, Watchog spun on its back and used its tail to send the scalchop flying off Oshawott's hand. "Without the scalchop, Oshawott can't defend itself, use Thunderbolt!" Watchog launched its attack at Oshawott.

"I wouldn't be so sure about that! Oshawott dodge it!" said Ash, Oshawott rolled out of the way of the attack, Watchog tried again but he dodged again by flipping into the air, Watchog was starting to get frustrated as Oshawott kept dodging by flipping or rolling out of the way.

"How is Oshawott able to move like that?" asked Iris with Cilan wondering the same until Naruto spoke up.

"That would be because I taught him how to evade and he is not the only one, Ash and I also taught the other pokemon different styles of evading, there is more to a battle than simply attacking" said Naruto.

"That's enough, Watchog use Confuse ray" said Lenora, Watchog launched several orbs of light towards Oshawott.

"I remember Ash telling me that Confuse ray can cause your pokemon to lose focus in battle" said Naruto with Iris and Cilan confirming the statement.

"Alright then, Oshawott spin and use Water gun!" said Ash, Oshawott spun on his back and released streams of water which whipped around him to form a barrier, it blocked the orbs and proceeded to damage Watchog much to the surprise of everyone on the field.

"What is that!?" said Lenora.

"That move is called counter shield, it allows my pokemon to use its attacks to serve as a form of defense as well as offense at the same time, I created this move when I was battling against the Hearthome gym leader back at the Sinnoh region to defend against her Pokémon's Hypnosis" said Ash with a smile.

"It's quite similar to the eight trigrams rotation of the Hyuuga clan" said Kurama with Naruto agreeing. After knocking Watchog back, Oshawott flipped backwards and picked up his scalchop which was close to him surprising Lenora.

"This whole time I was having Oshawott get close to his scalchop while preventing you from catching on" said Ash with a smirk.

"That was quite a strategy but it's not over yet, Watchog use Thunderbolt!" said Lenora, Watchog who was panting heavily from exhaustion and the damage it received launched its attack, Oshawott grinned and grabbed his scalchop and Ash caught on and knew what he wanted, from the stand Naruto saw it as well and grinned.

"It's over for Watchog" said Naruto, Iris and Cilan looked at him questionably "Since Oshawott had been dodging those attacks, Watchog is now too tired to dodge this next attack"

"Time for a new move, Oshawott use Aqua shell shuriken!" said Ash much to everyone's surprise, Oshawott channeled energy into his scalchop which took on the form of a throwing star then he threw it at the Thunderbolt which it absorbed and struck Watchog, knocking it out and it returned to Oshawott who caught with a smile on his face.

"How do you like that?" said Oshawott.

"Watchog is unable to battle therefore Oshawott is the winner!" said Hawes.

"Those were pretty good strategies, you completely took me by surprise" said Lenora as she called Watchog back to its Pokeball "But this is where I get serious, go Herdier!" then called out on her last pokemon.

"We'll see then" said Ash calling Oshawott as the effects of the Mean look had worn off "Tepig I choose you!" once summoning the fire pig who still had the look of determination despite being forced out of the battle early. "Tepig use Ember!" Tepig launched sparkles of flame at Herdier.

"Herdier use Protect!" said Lenora, Herdier produced a green barrier to deflect the attack.

"If that's the case, use Tackle!" said Ash, Tepig dashed forward at high speed at Herdier.

"Not this time Herdier use Shadow ball!" said Lenora, Herdier launched several black orbs at Tepig, he tried to dodge but he got hit by several sending him back but was able to recover to his feet.

"Since Tepig was too close to Herdier, he wasn't able to dodge most of the attacks, if that's the case…" thought Ash "Tepig use Tackle again!" much to the surprise of everybody, Tepig dashed at Herdier again.

"Has Ash forgotten that Tepig can't dodge at close range!?" said Iris.

"He hasn't forgotten, it's just that he has a plan for it, just watch" said Naruto looking at the battle.

"You must be desperate, Herdier use Shadow ball again!" said Lenora, Herdier launched another volley of the orbs at the approaching Tepig.

"Now Tepig use Ember!" said Ash, Tepig released sparkles of flames at the orbs leading to an explosion and black smoke covered the field, everyone thought Tepig got hit when a blur burst out of the smoke and slammed into Herdier which revealed to be Tepig.

"How!? I thought Tepig got hit!?" said Lenora who was confused.

"What the Shadow ball hit was Tepig's Ember cancelling each other out and allowed his Tackle to make contact" said Ash with a smirk.

"That's quite an interesting recipe" said Cilan who was impressed.

"That's Ash's true battle style, to be unpredictable and to keep his opponent from catching on and to always keep them guessing" said Naruto.

"I'm pretty sure that any strategy that Lenora came up was disrupted with the way Ash battles" said Kurama with a foxy grin which was being mirrored by Naruto.

"It's time to end this Herdier, use Giga impact!" said Lenora, Herdier released energy from its body and dashed at Tepig.

"That is one of the strongest move among normal type attacks, however she just made a big mistake, I just hope that Tepig can pull through this" thought Ash "Tepig use Flame charge and combine it with Ember!" Tepig charged at Herdier while covered in fire which grew bigger when he combined his second attack. Both pokemon collided with their attacks and there was an explosion, when the smoke cleared they were still standing but were exhausted however it was easy to see that Herdier was more tired between the two.

"You made a big mistake Lenora" said Ash.

"What do you mean?" asked Lenora.

"Giga impact is a powerful move but the user has to recharge so right now Herdier can't move" said Ash much to Lenora's shock at the mistake that she made "Which was why I had Tepig use that combination move to match up, so Tepig finish this with a full powered Tackle!" Tepig dashed at faster than ever before and slammed into Herdier with all his might sending it crashing into the wall, knocked out.

"Herdier is unable to battle, Tepig is the winner therefore the winner of the match is Ash the challenger!" said Hawes.

(Song End)

"Alright way to go Tepig you were amazing" said Ash running out to meet the fire pig with Naruto and the others flowing close behind.

"That was an amazing battle Ash!" said Iris.

"Indeed, the recipe which you cooked up was four stars!" said Cilan.

"Looks at that training has paid off" said Naruto with a smile.

"That's my buddy!" said Pikachu happily jumping to Ash's shoulder.

"They are right, your battle strategies were perfect to even be able to confuse me which takes a lot to do so" said Lenora walking towards.

"She is right, you tactics completely took us off guard" said Hawes.

"Anyway here is the basic badge, congratulations" said Lenora hold out the badge.

"Thanks" said Ash taking the badge "Alright we got the Basic badge!" striking a pose.

"We did it!" said Pikachu doing a victory sign.

"Believe it!" said Naruto raising a paw into the air while Kurama looked on shaking his head in amusement.

Later the group were checking on Ash's pokemon egg at the pokemon center.

"Your pokemon egg is in a healthy condition and will be hatching soon" said Nurse Joy.

"Thanks Nurse Joy" said Ash before leaving the center with the others.

"I don't think I'll be able to get over the fact that there is more than ten people who goes by the name Nurse Joy, Officer Jenny or Don George" thought Naruto.

"You and me both kit" said Kurama who was just as confused. Outside the center, Cilan was checking on his electronic map "So what's our next stop?"

"The next gym is located at Castelia city so that's where we are headed" said Cilan.

"Then let's go!" said Ash taking the lead out with the others following.

"Let's what else this journey has for us!" thought Naruto.

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