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Chapter 5: Showdown at the Battle club

On their way to Nacrene city for the next gym battle, Naruto and the gang pass through Luxuria town when Ash began to run off saying something about a battle club much to Naruto's curiosity as he has yet to know everything about the new world that he now resides.

"Hey Cilan, why did Ash run and what's this talk about a battle club" asked Naruto with Kurama listening to get some info to think about later as he is still examining the condition of his partner's body as he noticed that there is something else aside from the elemental affinities hidden within.

"Well the battle club is a place where Pokémon trainers upload their profile as well as the kind of Pokémon that they wish to battle making it the perfect place to sharpen their battling skills before their gym battles or any other kind of event" said Cilan with Naruto nodding in understanding.

"It's almost like the preliminary matches in the chuunin exams" thought Naruto.

"True, except that it involves these creatures to battle each other, sounds like the best place to seek out worthy opponents, let's go after Ash before he picks a weak opponent" said Kurama with a grin as he is looking forward to a good battle as they had been training for a while.

"If that's the case, Ash wait for me!" said Naruto running after the excited boy with Cilan and Iris following a bit behind.

"To get excited of a battle, they are such little kids" panted Iris.

"Hey I heard that!" shouted Naruto to which Kurama sweatdropped.

"Doesn't that not even prove her point" said the fox before going to sleep.

When they reached the building, Ash was seen going through an electronic bulletin board in such of a strong trainer.

"Yo Ash, have you found a trainer worth battling against?" asked Naruto to which Ash shook his head in negative.

"Not yet, am still looking through…. AH! Trip is registered here, this is the perfect chance for a rematch!" said Ash with enthusiasm with Pikachu in agreement.

"Who is this Trip guy and what do you mean by rematch" asked Naruto.

"Trip is brand new Pokémon trainer who had started out on his journey, he was also the first trainer I have battled in the Unova region but I lost to him as I didn't know that Pikachu wasn't able to use his electric attacks but he was able to regain it after the battle like I told you" said Ash to which Naruto nodded remembering what Ash told him about a legendary Pokémon by the name Zekrom striking Pikachu with a lightning bolt and again at the professor's lab which helped Pikachu to recover his power.

"It was an embarrassing loss for me and Ash, I intend to show my true strength this time" said Pikachu with determination, Naruto and Kurama smiled at the lightning mouse's words reminding them of the battles they had back at their world.

"I see that you know Trip as well" said Cilan to which Ash and Naruto looked at him with a questioning look "He had a gym battle back at Straiton city against my brother Cress and won himself a badge"

"Woah, I'm sure that it takes a strong trainer to win a gym battle which makes him the kind of guy that I would want to battle" said Naruto with a smirk with Kurama mirroring the look.

"I see, so you want to battle Trip eh?" said a deep voice from behind the group who turned to see a man with a black hair and moustache, wearing a grey dojo clothing (I've no idea what he's wearing) and red armbands. "Hello, my name is Don George and I am the manager of the battle club"

"Hello Don George but didn't we meet back at Accumula town?" asked Ash with Naruto wondering what he is talking about.

"Oh you must be talking about my brother, we are all part of an extended family, take a look over there" said Don George pointing to a picture on the wall which shows a family photo of Don George along with others who look the same"

"Wow I would have thought they were all shadow clones if not for the fact that they don't use ninjutsu in this dimension" said Naruto.

"I've heard of twins, triplets, quadruplets and so on but this is ridiculous" said Kurama with Naruto agreeing.

"Anyway allow me to contact Trip on the X-transceiver for the battle request" said Don George accessing the Electronic bulletin before a screen popped up to show a boy with blond hair. "Hello Trip, there is someone who wants to have a Pokémon battle with you" before moving away for Ash to continue the conversation.

"Hey Trip, long time no see" said Ash.

"Why if it isn't Ash, so you're in this town too huh?" said Trip

"Yeah along with Cilan and Iris, we travelling together" said Ash much to Trip's surprise "Anyway let's have a Pokémon battle, what do you say?"

"No thanks, what's the point of having a battle when your Pikachu lost to my Snivy who had zero experience back then" said Trip with a look of indifference which annoyed Naruto and Kurama.

"This guy is acting just like Sasuke, looking down on others while thinking that he is better"thought Naruto with Kurama agreeing.

"Indeed, just like the Uchiha clan and their cursed eyes" said Kurama with disgust.

"Hey back then Pikachu wasn't at top shape because he wasn't able to use his electric attacks besides I've gotten a lot stronger and caught more Pokémon as well" said Ash who was getting irritated.

"Sure sure, let me come over and then we'll see" said Trip who had even arrived at the battle club, Ash quickly ran over in excitement.

"So are you ready for our battle?"

"Maybe, depending on how strong you are" said Trip with a smirk.

"Of course I'm strong, I even won a gym badge" said Ash showing him the trio badge.

"Well I've two so it's obvious who is going to win" said Trip with arrogance.

"You'll never know the results until you battle" said Naruto, Trip turned and was surprised to see a Pokémon whom he had never seen before standing close to Ash and is looking at him with disapproval.

"Who's this Pokémon?" said Trip bringing out his pokedex to scan.

[Tokala (Tokala means fox), the fox sage Pokémon, not much is known about this new species but it has been noted that this Pokémon is capable of absorbing the energy from its surroundings and within itself to transform into a different form based on the energy absorbed. It can also detect the emotions of living beings from a long distance, much information is still in progress]

"Where did you get a Pokémon like this from?" asked Trip.

"I met Tokala back at Straiton city and he chose to join me on my journey to the Unova league" said Ash with a smile, not wanting to revealing Naruto's background any more than he already has to which Naruto was thankful.

Trip was skeptical "What I don't get is how someone like you who is from the boonies is able to get a Pokémon like it"

"For your information, I'm a male and I why don't you lay your doubts to rest by battling us, just don't complain about the end result" said Naruto who was getting really annoyed the boy.

"Okay then, after all it's basic that trainers battle each other to get stronger as well as prove who is superior" said Trip with a smirk.

"This guy is such a kid" said Iris who was also getting annoyed as well.

"For once I agree with you" said Naruto.

Soon the group moved to the battle field where Ash, Pikachu and Naruto stood at one end and Trip stood at the other while Cilan and Iris were at the stands. Then Don George spoke up.

"I will be the referee for the Pokémon battle between Ash and Trip, each trainer can use six Pokémon with substitutions, the battle is over when all of either trainer's Pokémon are unable to battle so are both trainers ready?" after receiving nods of approval "Well then battle begin!"

"Alright Tranquil, prepare for battle!" said Trip throwing a pokeball releasing a bird Pokémon, making Ash scan it with a pokedex.

[Tranquil the wild pigeon Pokémon, no matter where in the world it goes, it knows where its nest is, so it never gets separated from its trainer] (I had to use the pokedex from Pokémon black 1 and 2)

"Okay Oshawott, I choose you!" said Ash throwing his own pokeball to summon the Sea otter Pokémon who stood with his arms crossed making Naruto snicker at his attempt to look cool.

"Isn't that the Oshawott from prof. Juniper's lab?" asked Trip who was surprised to see it.

"The very same, he wanted to come along so prof. Juniper allowed me to bring him along, now Oshawott use water gun!"

Oshawott shot a stream of water at tranquil. Trip smirked at the attempt.

"Tranquil dodge and use aerial ace" said Trip

Tranquil dodged the attack and immediately swooped in a high speed and Oshawott at the front and again from behind knocking him much to the surprise of Ash and Naruto.

"Oshawott is unable to battle, therefore Tranquil is the winner" said Don George.

"What kind of move is that and how could it knock out Oshawott in one move!?" said Naruto. He knew that the water Pokémon had a decent endurance and wondered why it was a one hit K.O.

"Aerial ace is a flying type attack that never misses and my Tranquil has the ability super luck which makes it easier for its attacks to strike easier" said Trip.

"It's almost similar to the Jyuuken of the Hyuuga clan where they strike at your chakra points" said Kurama with Naruto remembering his battle against Neji back at the chuunin exams.

"We're not out of this yet, Tepig I choose you!" then the fire pig pokemon appeared ready for battle "Alright use ember on Tranquil and don't stop!"

Tepig began launch the attacks at Tranquil who was dodging but could only land a few grazes much to the fire Pokémon's ire, Trip sneered at Ash.

"When your water pokemon failed, then you bring out your fire type? How straightforward of you, Tranquil use double team"

Tranquil quickly created copies of itself making Tepig lose track of the original.

"It's similar to the clone technique of my world, Tepig stay focused and try to locate the real one!" said Naruto.

"Got it!" said Tepig who began to locate the real Tranquil but with no luck.

"Now Tranquil use work up and then use aerial ace" said Trip.

Tranquil and the copies began to glow red and swooped towards Tepig who was able to locate the original shot ember at it but it was avoided and got struck, knocking it out as well.

"What does work up do?" asked Naruto who was stunned at the second loss.

"It is move that boost up the user's attack power" explained Cilan.

"Damn, we already have enough problems with that super luck ability and now we have to deal with that power up technique, we must be careful when it's our turn to battle" said Kurama. Naruto nodded in agreement as Ash called Tepig back to his pokeball.

"Ash, let Pikachu go up against as he has the type advantage" said Naruto.

"I was about to do just that so, Pikachu I choose you!" said Ash.

"You got it Ash!" said Pikachu running out to the field.

"Pikachu use thunderbolt!"

Pikachu released an arc of electricity at Tranquil who dodged it again and again.

"SO it seems that Pikachu can use electric type moves after all but that doesn't change anything! Tranquil use work up and then aerial ace!"

Tranquil glowed red again and sped toward Pikachu and struck him to the ground but he was able to avoid getting knocked out.

"I'm not losing this time" said Pikachu struggling to get up.

"That's enough, time for to get three wins in row, now use aerial ace!" said Trip with arrogance.

"No way, Pikachu grab hold of Tranquil and send it flying!" said Ash.

Once again Tranquil dived in and struck Pikachu, but he grabbed its legs and threw it into the air.

"Now follow it up with a volt tackle!"

Pikachu dashed towards the stunned Tranquil whilst his body was covered in electricity and slammed into the bird pokemon sending it flying into the wall with swirls in its eyes.

"Tranquil is unable to battle, therefore Pikachu is the winner" said Don George.

"Finally Ash gets a win, I was worried for a moment" said Iris happily.

"True but Trip still has five pokemon left while Ash only has four so he should be careful" said Cilan.

"You may have beaten Tranquil but you're no match for my Servine" said Trip throwing out a pokeball to release a pokemon that looks similar to Snivy but only a little bigger.

"That must the evolved form of Snivy, it must relate to this evolution we keep hearing about, it even makes me wonder if you'll evolve as well" said Kurama.

"I don't know but when the time comes we'll find out" thought Naruto "Ash isn't that the same pokemon that defeated Pikachu before we met?" Ash nodded in confirmation.

"The very same but we are not losing again, right Pikachu?" said Ash.

"That's right!" said Pikachu with his cheeks sparking electricity.

"Hn, just come over here and lose again" sneered Servine.

"This guy is acting just like Sasuke" thought Naruto.

"Alright Pikachu use iron tail!"

Pikachu ran at Servine with his tail taking on a metal sheen and swung at it.

"Servine use cut and then use leaf tornado" said Trip.

Servine's paw glowed blue and swiped at Pikachu's tail, deflecting it and spun with its tail upwards releasing a whirlwind of leaves which captured Pikachu and slammed him to the ground inflicting serious damage.

"Pikachu please get up and use volt tackle" said Ash.

"Servine close in and use cut!" said Trip.

Both pokemon dashed at each other with each other with their attacks and clashed but the end result was Pikachu laying on the ground with swirls in his eyes.

"Pikachu is unable to battle, therefore Servine is the winner" said Don George.

"Things are looking bad for us, but I won't give up no matter what!" declared Ash making Naruto smile at him.

"The kid reminds me of a certain stubborn knuckleheaded ninja I know" said Kurama with a smirk to which Naruto rubbed the back of his head sheepishly.

"Snivy I choose you" said Ash summoning the grass snake pokemon.

"Please another weak pokemon, this is too easy" Servine taunted

"We'll see about that" said Snivy with a glare.

"Snivy use vine whip!" said Ash

Snivy summoned her and lashed out at Servine who was dodging all of her attacks with ease.

"Follow up with leaf blade and remember what Tokala taught you!" said Ash making Trip raise an eyebrow at those words.

Snivy's tail glowed with green energy and swung at Servine who ducked under the attack and was caught off guard when she spun on the ground and slammed her tail into her opponent and sent him tumbling across the field. She turned to see Naruto who smiled making her blush much to his confusion.

"I borrowed that move from one of my best friends, the first attack normally makes your opponent duck which traps him, leaving him vulnerable for the second attack, such is the leaf hurricane or should I say leaf blade hurricane" said Naruto with a smirk.

"That's a brilliant idea from Naruto as the first is a feint whilst the follow up is unavoidable, that makes quite the recipe" said Cilan with a thoughtful look.

"Servine use leaf tornado!" said Trip.

Servine launched the attack quickly at Snivy before she could dodge and was sent slamming on the ground.

"Snivy get and use attract!"

Snivy launched a string of hearts which hit Servine which made him ogle at Snivy and couldn't attack no matter what Trip told him to do, although Naruto was currently glaring at Servine due to the way he was looking at Snivy.

"Kurama, why do I feel like slamming a Rasengan into that guy and sent him flying across the region?" asked Naruto while the fox was rolling on the ground in his mindscape laughing at how his partner was possessive even though he is not aware of it.

"Snivy use a full powered leaf blade!"

Snivy jumped into the air and descended with a spinning slash which landed on Servine's head, effectively knocking him out.

"That's what you get for underestimating me" said Snivy with a grin.

"Servine is unable to battle, therefore Snivy is the winner.

"Good job now return for the mean time" said Ash, calling Snivy back to her pokeball.

"Not bad for someone who is from the boonies, you caught me off guard with that attract, now Frillish come out for battle!" said Trip throwing out a pokeball to release a pokemon that looks like a floating jellyfish to which Ash scanned it.

[Frillish the floating pokemon, They paralyze their prey with poison, then drag then down to their lairs, five miles below the surface]

"Okay Pidove come out and use air cutter!" said Ash throwing out his pokeball to release the pigeon pokemon who launched the attack at the pokemon.

"Use protect and then use water pulse" said Trip with a smirk.

The floating pokemon summoned a green barrier which blocked the attack and then launched a sphere of water at Pidove, trapping her within before exploding which knocked her out.

"Pidove is unable to battle, there Frillish is the winner" said Don George.

"We'll have to send Snivy back in t take on that Frillish if we need an edge" said Naruto.

"Okay Snivy come out and use vine whip!" said Ash bringing out Snivy who immediately launched the attack.

"Ash don't let Snivy use that move!" said Iris but it was too late as the attack landed on Frillish, making it emit a dark aura with Snivy emitting the same thing.

"What just happened?!" said Ash who was surprised at what is happening.

"I don't know but it doesn't look good" said Naruto.

"Frillish has the ability cursed body that disables any direct attacks, how could you not know that!?" shouted Iris.

"In other words, using close range attacks is a bad idea against this kind of opponent, this guy is really working on my last nerves" said Kurama.

"Fine then, Snivy use leaf storm"

Snivy quickly gathered up the leaves and fired them at the water pokemon.

"Frillsih use protect and then use night shade"

Frillish formed the barrier again to block the attack and then its eyes glowed purple and released a sound wave which damaged Snivy.

"I have to gamble on this one shot, Snivy use leaf blade!" said Ash much to surprise of everyone except Naruto who understood the reason.

Snivy slammed her tail against frillish which dealt great damage but wasn't enough to knock it out, Snivy emitted the dark aura again signifying that her attack move has been disabled.

"Damn the gamble didn't work at all" said Naruto frustrated at the failed plan.

"Frillsih, use confue ray and then use hex" said Trip with a smirk.

The water pokemon shot an orb which struck Snivy before she could react, leaving her dazed and then released a violet aura which enveloped her, making her scream out in pain before collapsing to the floor.

"Snivy is unable to battle, there Frillish is the winner" said Don George.

"Things are really looking bad for Ash now, he only has Tokala left and Trip still has four pokemon remaining so I wonder how he'll pull through" said Cilan.

"Tokala I choose you!" said Ash as determined as ever.

"Time to show him what we got!" said Naruto.

"Give him a thrashing he'll never forget" said Kurama.

"Hn this will be over in a few minutes" sneered Trip while Naruto and Ash glared back.

"Tokala use extremespeed and then use Rasengan!" said Ash.

Naruto immediately dashed at Frillish at high speed leapt at with a ball of spiraling energy in his paw much to the surprise of the blond boy.

"Quick Frillish use protect to guard against that attack!" shouted Trip.

Frillish summoned the green barrier before Naruto's attack collided with it, however the barrier began to crack before it shattered leaving it open to be rammed with the sphere and was sent crashing into a wall, knocked much to Trip's surprise. However, Naruto emitted the dark aura and felt his move lock up due to the cursed body ability.

"Frillish is unable to battle, therefore Tokala is the winner" said Don George who was surprised at the sheer power of the new pokemon.

"What kind of attack is that!? I thought it was an aura sphere but it shouldn't have that kind of power to break through the protect!" shouted Trip.

"Rasengan is a normal type attack which can break through any form of defense and can damage any pokemon types including ghost type and only I can use the move" said Naruto smirking along with Kurama at the look of denial on Trip's face.

"No matter, I'll still win this battle, you can't possibly beat my remaining three, go Purrloin!" said Trip throwing out a pokeball to release a feline looking pokemon.

"Tokala use shadow clones and then use crush claw!" said Ash.

Naruto quickly summoned four copies alongside him and their claws began to glow white, they dashed towards Purrloin ready to strike.

"Purrlion use detect and then use shadow claw!"

Purrloin's eyes glowed white and its claws was coated with darkness, it proceeded to evade the attacks of the clones and struck back, making the copies disappear and Naruto receiving serious damage so he quickly jumped back.

"Damn it's like fighting Sasuke all over again" said Naruto.

"Tokala be careful, detect allows the user to avoid all kinds of attacks while shadow claw is a dark type move with a high critical hit ratio!" said Pikachu who had recovered a bit from his battle.

"Why don't you just give up and save yourself the humiliation after all your trainer is from the boonies" taunted Trip with Purrloin smirking at Naruto.

"Now you listen here, I never give up, I never go back on my words, that is my nindo, my ninja way!" declared Naruto who began to release chakra from his body.

"Naruto! It seems you can access a different form now, just focus and call out the new form!" said Kurama who was looking at six orbs floating in front of him in the mindscape, four was ash in color while one was glowing white and the other was bronze.

Naruto closed his eyes and called out his new form "Combo mode!" his body glowed in a bronze color and faded to reveal a different form to everyone. His appearance is of an orange furred monkey with spiky blond hair tied to a ponytail, he wears Konoha forehead protector, fingerless gloves with metal plating and a black sleeves vest with red flames and a kanji for 'sage'. Ash's pokedex spoke up.

[New data uploaded, Form unlocked]

Polymorph Mode

Type: Normal

Ability: Guts- Attack power increases when poisoned, paralyzed or burned.

Attacks: Rasengan, Shadow clone, Crush claw, Extremespeed and Substitute

Combo Mode

Type: Fighting

Ability: Moxie- Attack power increases with upon defeating pokemon in battle.

Attacks: Mach punch, Work up, Close combat, Sky uppercut and Mega kick.

[More forms are yet to be discovered]

Naruto grinned widely and started to bounce on his toes while flexing his arms "Let's get it on!"

"Purrloin use shadow ball!" said Trip after snapping out of his surprise.

"Tokala use mach punch and finish up with sky uppercut!" said Ash.

Naruto disappeared in a blur and appeared with his right fist buried in Purrloin's belly before it could even start its attack, then his left fist glowed before launching an uppercut which sent Purrloin crashing into the ceiling before falling back to the ground and didn't get up. (It was a Shoryuken moment)

"Purrloin is unable to battle, therefore Tokala is the winner" said Don George.

Naruto's body glowed orange, signifying that his ability was activated.

"Looks like the tables have turned to Ash's favor" said Cilan with Iris agreeing.

"Bro is soooo cool!" said Axew with sparkles in his eyes.

"Go Patrat and use hyper fang!" said Trip throwing out a pokeball to release a pokemon that resembles a chipmunk. Its fangs stretched and glowed before it launched at who dodged the lethal attack.

"Tokala use mega kick!" said Ash.

Naruto's legs glowed and then he dashed towards the pokemon and executed a barrage of kicks (Think of 13 kicks from Gilgamesh DMC 4) and finished up with a flying kick "That was for you Lee and Gai-sensei" said Naruto with a thumbs up and a sparkling smile. His ability activated again further boosting his power.

"Naruto, NEVER. EVER. DO. THAT. AGAIN!" shouted Kurama with agitation.

"Patrat is unable to battle, therefore Tokala is the winner" said Don George.

"And then there was one, what do you think of us now?" asked Ash with a grin.

"I think that I'll win this battle! Go Timburr and use strength!" said Trip throwing a pokeball to release a pokemon hold a large piece of wood who swung it at Naruto.

"Tokala dodge and then use work up and end this with close combat"

Naruto quickly vaulted over the attack and focused his energy to increase his already boosted power and then dashed in and proceeded to release a storm of punches and kicks before wrapping it up with a classic haymaker punch that sent Timburr bouncing along the field before stopping at Trip's feet with swirls in its eyes.

"Timburr is unable to battle, therefore Tokala is the winner and the victor of the match is the pokemon trainer Ash Ketchum" said Don George.

"Alright we won! You were so amazing Tokala!" cheered Ash who ran to Naruto who had reverted to his polymorph form, Cilan and Iris came along with Axew happily jumping onto Naruto's back.

"Thanks guys, how we go and celebrate by eating ramen which is the food of the gods!" said Naruto while drooling much to the amusement of his friends. But then they were approached by Trip.

"You may have won this battle, but the next time we meet, it will be different" said Trip.

"Sure but by that we'll be a whole lot stronger so we are looking forward to it" said Ash

After healing the pokemon at the pokemon center, the gang left Luxuria town, heading for Nacrene city for their next gym battle while Naruto started planning training sessions seeing how Trip battled.

"We need to get them to become stronger for future battles and for the warning Arceus told us about" said Kurama to which Naruto nodded in agreement.

"You're right about that so until then we'll be training with the others" thought Naruto as he walked alongside the group.

Hello this Hussbek online, sorry about the late update as I had been focused on the other fictions. Anyway I've given Naruto his first form relating to his stubbornness and spirit and I've already planned out his other types which is water, fire, wind and electric but I don't plan on adding psychic, dark, bug, rock and ground but I'm open for others. He will get a mega evolution but that will be when he travels to Kalos. I'm wondering if I should add any pokemon to be romantically interested in Naruto. I'll be getting a new laptop soon and I'm making plans for a few fictions:

Naruto x Megaman

Naruto x Sonic the hedgehog

Naruto x Kirby

Naruto x Power Rangers

I'm up for suggestions so PM me until then I'll focus on the ones I've already started

This is Hussbek from Ghana

Signing out.

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