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Chapter 29: Trouble with the Forecast Pt.2

The group watched in anticipation as the yellow pillar of light which shot out all the way beyond the stormy clouds began to dissipate and a Pokémon was now seen hovering silently above the shrine.

It is an orange-skinned muscular humanoid Pokémon that resembles a genie, on its forehead are three sharp pink horns in a slight upwards arch, a white protrusion shaped like a short log on top of its head along with a jagged white moustache and two pointed orange ears on either side of its head. The Pokémon's upper body is covered in dark pink spots while the lower body consists of a trailing cloud with a long brown curling tail resembling a tree branch, spanning the length of the tail are several various flat protrusions each spotted in dark pink on their edge surface.

"Is that…Landorus?" asked Iris in awe.

"It is! It's the island guardian!" said Lewis in excitement

"Whoa…amazing!" said Ash.

"Never would have thought that I would have the honor of meeting the guardian," said Absol.

"First time for everything," said Naruto.

Landorus descended to the ground with his arms crossed as he glanced upon the humans and Pokémon who apparently have been the ones to summon him here, though the sight of the unusual Pokémon caught his attention before noticing one of the humans approach him.

"Landorus, Tornadus and Thundurus have descended upon Milo's Island and are battling fiercely. I beg of you to stop before everything is lost!" said Lewis.

Landorus frowned upon hearing that those two are at it again before nodding in agreement, then he noticed a flash of lightning behind him and turned round to fly towards it, having a clear idea that the duo were the source of it.

"Amazing, Landorus actually listened to us," said Iris.

"Yeah, it's awesome," Ash nodded in agreement, recalling the times he worked together with the other legendary Pokémon in his previous journeys.

"Glad to see that he's more reasonable unlike those two," said Naruto.

"This gives us hope that this disaster can be stopped before it begins," said Absol.

"So what do we do now?" asked Cilan.

Ash was the one to speak "We head over there in case Landorus would need help,"

"Good idea Ash, let's go," Lewis took the lead with the rest following him, they soon arrived close the mountain to see Landorus having already arrived and was confronting Tornadus and Thundurus overhead.

"My brothers, please cease this fight lest you cause destruction to the island," said Landorus, wanting them to stop the fight.

"Why should we listen to you?" Thundurus retorted.

"This is none of your concern so leave!" said Tornadus, then he twirled his tail before him to launch a strong blast of wind with Landorus holding his hands before himself to projected a domed blue energy shield to defend against the attack.

"Tornadus isn't listening at all, Landorus had to use Protect to defend himself from that Hurricane attack," said Cilan, Thundurus followed up by launching a Focus Blast towards Landorus who used Protect once more to defend himself.

"And neither is Thundurus!" said Ash.

Landorus crossed his arms as his body is enshrouded in golden energy then he broke them apart to release three rings of rainbow-colored energy surrounded in golden energy out of his body in a radial burst which slammed into Tornadus and Thundurus, sending them crashing into the mountainside.

"That was Landorus' Extrasensory," said Lewis.

"A pretty strong move, I gotta say," said Naruto, watching the battle carefully.

"Yeah, but it's two against one!" Ash pointed out.

"Then we'll jump in should things go south,"

Tornadus attempted to attack Landorus from behind with a Hammer Arm but he evaded it with a backflip, however he was unable to react in time to the follow-up attack of Thundurus who used Hammer Arm as well to send him crashing into the mountainside. Tornadus used Air Slash with Thundurus using Focus Blast to strike much to the worry of the group below but Landorus recovered in time to use Protect to defend against the attacks, Landorus now took to the offense as he created a pink orb of energy outlined with white energy in his palm before thrusting it out to launch it as a powerful beam which struck the duo.

"Landorus just used Hyper Beam! And it's so powerful!" Cilan exclaimed over the winds which blew against them from aftershock of the aforementioned attack.

The duo refused to give in as Thundurus attacked with Wild Charge and Landorus prepared to use Protect once more but quickly cancelled upon seeing a barrage of Hidden Power launched towards him by Tornadus, he somersaulted to evade both attacks only to see the Hidden Power hit the mountainside with large rocks falling towards the humans and Pokémon.

"Guys, watch out!" Naruto called out in warning, as everyone took cover to avoid getting hit by the rocks until everything settled down and Naruto called out to them "Is everyone okay?"

"Yeah, we're fine," said Ash.

"Me too," Pikachu sat up from the ground.

"Oh no, Axew and Gothorita are hurt!" Iris called out in worry, getting everyone to look at both Pokémon having been hurt by the falling rocks.

"They need help right now, let's take them to the cabin," said Lewis with concern.

"Right!" Ash were to pick up Gothorita while Iris carried Axew.

"You guys go on ahead, we'll remain here in case anything else happens," said Naruto, the others nodded in affirmation before running off.

He and Absol looked up to see Landorus used Stone Edge to attack the duo before pursuing them up high into the clouds, they could see the constant flashes of lightning and feel the strong winds blowing against their faces.

"What power, battles amongst Pokémon would simply affect their surroundings but battles between Legendaries are of much higher scales," said Absol as she watched with trepidation.

"I know what you mean, which is why we need to stop this before things get any worse," said Naruto, recalling Pein's assault on Konoha and how he reduced a majority of it to a gigantic crater for him to see upon arrival. After sometime, Naruto heard footsteps and turned to see Ash and the others returning with Axew and Gothorita fully healed "Good to see you two are okay,"

"It's thanks to Lewis a piece of the Revival Herb, it really helped us out," said Iris with relief.

"Hey, where's Landorus?" asked Ash.

Naruto pointed a tail to the sky before responding "Up in the clouds, fighting with Thundurus and Tornadus,"

Landorus suddenly emerged from the clouds with Thundurus and Tornadus pursuing him as he dove towards the ground with the latter closing in from behind with a Hammer Arm ready to strike only to miss as Landorus sharply pulled up a few meters before the ground to rise into the air but was unaware that Thundurus was right behind him and about to attack.

"I don't think so! Lightning Arrow!" Naruto roared as his stripes glowed with yellow electricity concentrated on his back and took on the shape of a bow, he then used his prehensile tail to pull back on the bowstring to conjure a lightning bolt "Fire!" he let it loose as the projectile shot forward, forcing Thundurus to dodge the attack and float next to Tornadus.

"I'm thankful for your interception," said Absol.

"No problem," Naruto replied in kind.

Landorus fired yet another Hyper Beam to strike both Pokémon, inflicting great damage which left them bruised before appealing to them once more "Please brothers, stop this fight. The consequences will be dire should you continue,"

"Landorus is trying to persuade them again," said Lewis.

"I wish they would just listen," said Iris worriedly.

Suddenly thin beams of colored light came upon each of the Pokémon before encapsulating them in cuboid cages much to the shock of everyone witnessing this, Thundurus even tried to break his way out but to no avail.

"Those are cages?" said Cilan.

"Who did that?" asked Lewis with a frown.

"Who? That is the question indeed," An all too familiar feminine voice spoke up, they turned towards the voice to see none other than Team Rocket standing atop a cliff with the caged legends hovering above them with the look of arrogance on their faces.

(Again skipping the dumb Team Rocket intro)

"Team Rocket?!" Ash growled at the sight of them, same feelings shared with the others especially Naruto as he was getting a clear idea of why they're here.

"So it was you three…you were the ones that broke the wedges and made Tornadus and Thundurus come here!" said Naruto in anger.

"Indeed we did, and we also knew that Landorus will be summoned to stop the fight which provides the perfect opportunity to capture all three legendary Pokémon in one go!" said James greedily.

"And we knew you twerps would go about it just the way we predicted," said Meowth with a smirk.

"And we simply waited till they tired themselves then we seized the opportunity to capture them," said Jessie arrogantly.

"Doing all this for their selfish needs," Lewis gritted his teeth in rage, the sick Pokémon and the degradation of the island itself was all because of them.

"How can be such humans?" said Absol in anger.

Ash strode forward which caught everyone's attention as he stood next to Naruto, then he reached to his belt and took out a Pokéball which he activated "There's no way I'm going to let you get away with this!"

Pikachu, Electro Ball!" Ash commanded, "We'll help too, Pansage come out once more and use Solar Beam!" Cilan called out on his simian Pokémon to fire a yellow beam of energy.

"You help too Emolga, use Hidden Power!" Iris called on hers to attack.

"Gothorita, join in by using Shadow Ball!" said Lewis, Gothorita launched a black orb of energy with Absol doing the same attack

"One more time, Lightning Arrow!" Naruto nocked another bolt of lightning and fired.

All of the attacks impacted the cage Landorus was imprisoned within, but none of them had any effect whatsoever much to their frustration.

"None of our attacks did a thing!" said Cilan with a frown.

Jessie scoffed at their attempt "None of your twerpish attacks will do a thing to our state of the art technology specifically meant for this purpose," A helicopter descended from above with a large black container attached which then tethered the captive Pokémon underneath it while Team Rocket got on board and sneered at the group "Like they say; Finders keepers, losers' weepers,"

"Now weep, losers," Meowth snarked before closing the door as the helicopter began to fly away.

"What do we do now? Our Pokémon's attacks can't break those cages," said Iris worriedly.

"There's gotta be a way," said Lewis.

Naruto was racking his brain for an idea as he glared at the helicopter, then he took note of something about the vehicle and a suspicion before he called out to the others "Guys, aim for that black container that the cages are attached to! It must be what's maintaining them!"

"It's worth a shot, Pikachu use Thunderbolt!" Ash called out with the Pokémon quickly using said attack.

"Pansage, use Solar Beam again!" said Cilan.

"Emolga use Hidden Power and Axew use Dragon Rage!" said Iris.

"I shall assist, Razor Wind!" the scythe on Absol's head glowed white before she swung her head to a white crescent blade of energy at the helicopter. All of the attacks struck the black container which began to malfunction.

"It worked!" said Lewis happily.

"Oh no, they damaged the laser container," Dr. Zager typed rapidly on the keyboard to regain control but the systems were constantly failing "No! at this rate the container will explode along with the helicopter! I have no choice…releasing the container!" he jettisoned the container much to the shock of the others.

"What?!" said James in shock.

"But Dr. Zager!" Jessie protested due to the efforts spent capturing the legends.

"There's a chance that those three legendary Pokémon might attack us, initiating emergency escape!"

"I can't believe this!" said James in anger.

"Stupid twerps!" Meowth was in agreement.

Jessie looked through the window to see Naruto smirking at them and growled in anger "We'll be back and they will be caught,"

The container exploded with Thundurus and Tornadus able to break free and escape but Landorus crashed to the ground with the wreckage landing on top of him, he pushed the wreckage away before gripping his shoulder in pain.

"What's wrong with Landorus?" asked Iris worriedly.

"That crash must hurt his shoulder," said Cilan with a frown.

"But that means that he won't be able to defend himself," said Ash. No sooner he said that did Tornadus attack with Hurricane to send Landorus flying without able to put up a fight.

"This bodes ill!" said Absol in concern.

"Then in that case…," Naruto reverted to his polymorph form before using Extremespeed to quickly reach up to stand in front of Landorus as Thundurus attacked with Hidden Power and he used Return in kunai formation to intercept them "I'll serve as a shield!"

"I can understand wanting to protect Landorus, but I fear facing two Legendaries is a tall order for Tokala," said Cilan worriedly.

"Hang on a minute, Lewis can use what's left of the Revival Herb to help heal Landorus," Iris suggested.

"You're right, I'll go get it and return as fast as I can!" said Lewis before running towards his cabin.

"We'll make sure to back Tokala up," said Ash with Pikachu and Torterra nodding in affirmation.

Naruto trained his eyes on both Tornadus and Thundurus to make the first move when he heard Landorus call out to him from behind "Do not fight them young one, lest you would be terribly hurt!"

"Well I can't just leave you here to be pummeled by those two either, just gonna hold till you get the needed help," Naruto responded.

"We've got incoming!" Kurama called out in alert.

Naruto looked up to see Tornadus attacking him with Air Slash before leaping forward and using Crush Claw to deflect them, he sensed movement from his left and turned only to be struck by Thundurus' Hammer arm before going out in a puff of smoke to reveal a wooden log in his place. Thundurus looked around in confusion, unaware that Naruto closing in with a blue spiraling sphere of energy till it was too late "Rasengan!" he rammed the sphere into Thundurus' to send him flying away.

Tornadus was about to use Hidden Power when a white orb of light flew away from him then seconds later a barrage of green energy orbs almost struck him, had he not dodged at the last moment. Absol landed next to Naruto, ready for battle.

"Allow me to aid you," said Absol.

"Was never going to refuse," Naruto replied with a foxy grin.

Tornadus swooped towards Absol with a Hammer Arm ready to strike when her eyes suddenly glowed green and she evaded the incoming before countering with her horn glowing purple before swinging her head to launch a purple crescent blade of psychic energy to knock him back.

"Amazing, Absol used Detect to dodge then countered using Psycho Cut!" said Cilan in awe.

"Keep it up Tokala, you too Absol!" Ash called out to them.

"You can do it!" Pikachu cheered loudly.

Thundurus launched one Thunder attack after another as Naruto had used Shadow Clones to create a large number of copies and hidden himself amongst them with the copies running about but getting struck time and again till there was a large cloud of white smoke to obscure one's vision, something suddenly burst out of the cloud, revealing to be Naruto using Extremespeed to slam into Thundurus before he could react. Thundurus angrily retaliated with Focus Blast, Naruto created some clones and used Return as a beam in unison to cancel each other out before backing away.

Absol was keeping Tornadus at bay by using Detect to evade the forthcoming attacks while retaliating with either Me First or Shadow Ball to stall for time. An annoyed Tornadus attacked with a Hurricane attack, Absol used Detect once more but was disturbed to realize that the move failed with the attack drawing closing when she was pushed out of the way before seeing that it was Naruto who was hit instead and sent crashing into the mountainside much to the fear and worry of Ash and the others.

"Tokala, are you okay?!" asked Ash.

"Young one!" Landorus was just as worried.

"Oh dear, he took the attack in my place. Arceus, please let him be alright," Absol muttered lowly with great concern.

Naruto painfully but gradually peeled himself off the wall and landed back on the ground with his entire body racked in pain, he rose his head to look at Thundurus and Tornadus with eyes of determination, there's too much at stake for him to go down here with the lives of humans and Pokémon and the island itself at risk. His very Nindo at the very core of his soul was driving him back up to his feet and continue this battle.

Suddenly the winds began to swirl around Naruto at speeds that he was lifted up into the air as his body glowed brightly, within the mindscape, one of the grey orbs lit up with wind swirling around it. The light then dissipated to reveal Naruto in a different form, he bears the appearance of an orange colored raptorial bird with blue markings around the eyes, wings and body, then he let out a loud screech which send waves of sound around him.

"Naruto's gotten another transformation!" Cilan exclaimed in shock.

Absol also gawked at the sight of Naruto's new form "Could this be his innate power?"

"Astounding, this Pokémon truly differs from many," said Landorus in wonder.

Ash took out his Pokédex to scan as the AI spoke up for all to hear.

[New data updated, Form unlocked]

Gale mode

Type: Flying

Ability: Speed Boost; Its Speed stat is boosted every turn.

Attacks: Acrobatics, Air Cutter, Wing Blade, Mirror Move, Agility

"How did this happen?" asked Lewis confusedly.

"I bet it must have been the weather, Naruto must have adapted to the winds and changed because of it," Ash pointed out, recalling how he attained the previous forms.

"But he's now a flying type which is bad against Thundurus," said Iris worriedly.

No sooner she said that did Thundurus attack with a Thunder, Naruto quickly took to the air to evade the electric attack to find himself heading towards Tornadus who closed in with a Hammer Arm and attacked…but Naruto blurred out of existence in front of the legendary Pokémon and reappeared at another spot, he continued to disappear and reappear every time a Hammer Arm was swung at him before suddenly appearing behind Thundurus as a black portal outlined in white appeared in front of him materialized in front of Naruto, then a white glowing fist emerged and punched Thundurus at the back of his head to knock him away.

"Whoa, Naruto dodged those attacks with Agility then he used Mirror Move to copy Thundurus' Hammer Arm for a counterattack!" said Ash in amazement.

Detecting movement from the corner of his eye, Naruto turned to see Tornadus launching a volley of Air Slash to which the Pokéninja took off with the projectiles being fired at him but he was evading them with increasing ease and speed upon every evasion.

"He's moving faster than before," said Iris.

"That's because of his current ability Speed Boost, his speed increases as time goes along with him using Agility in the mix," Cilan explained.

Naruto flapped his wings once which resulted in a sonic boom and disappeared within the clouds with Tornadus losing sight of him and looking about. Naruto suddenly dove out of the clouds behind him, his body glowed white launched a barrage of blue crescent shaped blades from his wings in the form of Air Cutter to strike Tornadus. He now hovered in the air with Thundurus and Tornadus now flanking in at both sides, then they launched Thunderbolt and Air Slash respectively, Naruto waited till the last moment to use Agility to ascend sharply for the attacks to whizz by each other and strike the attackers.

"Naruto's really hanging in there, but I don't know how long he'll last," said Cilan with concern.

"Why aren't you letting me give you my chakra as planned? This battle would have been over, typing or no," asked Kurama with a quirked eyebrow.

'We aren't aiming to beat these guys as we are now, but rather to stall them till Lewis gets back with the Revival Herb,' Naruto replied.

"Landorus!" a voice yelled out, getting everyone to turn towards it to see Lewis atop a cliff holding out a vial containing a Revival Herb "Gothorita, send the herb to Landorus!" then he threw it into the air.

"I shall!" Gothorita used Telekinesis to move the vial towards Landorus, Thundurus and Tornadus flew to intercept but Naruto flew ahead of them and used Air Cutter to force them. soon the vial arrived at the injured Pokémon's grasps as he opened the vial and consumed the Revival Herb and immediately recovered to his full strength as he hovered into the air next to Naruto with the duo looking rather wary.

"We made it in time," said Lewis happily.

"Landorus is alright again," said Ash.

"Perfect, just like in the island legend," said Cilan, recalling the legend about how Landorus was injured and hurt from his battle with Thundurus and Tornadus then received a Revival Herb from an islander and recovered with a Gothorita giving him power to resume the battle "It's the legend down to the tiniest ingredient!"

Absol shook her head "But not entirely according to legend since a Pokémon stood up to defend Landorus in his moment of weakness this time,"

Landorus spoke to Naruto "Leave the rest to me young one, I shall put an end to this,"

Naruto nodded in affirmation "They're all yours, go get em!" he descended to where the others are to watch along with them.

Landorus turned to face Thundurus and Tornadus with a glare "If you refuse to listen to me, then I shall make you!"

"We'll see about that!" said Thundurus in anger

He along with Tornadus lunged at Landorus with Hammer Arm ready to strike, however Landorus used Extrasensory right before they could strike to push them back then he followed up with a full powered Hyper Beam attack upon both of them which dissipated to reveal the duo covered in bruises and burns, signaling their defeat. Landorus floated up to them and placed a hand on their chests as they were all enshrouded in purple psychic energy.

"Landorus must conveying his thoughts to the other two," said Cilan, then they noticed Gothorita was also emitting psychic energy.

"Looks like Gothorita is doing the same," said Iris.

"Let's hope it works," said Naruto, soon the trio separated and he could sense that Thundurus and Tornadus are much calmer compared to before, apparently Absol sensed it as well.

"They are no longer hostile, the disaster has been averted," said Absol as a small smile graced her lips.

"Alright, everything's okay now!" Ash cheered happily with the Pokémon soon joining in.

Lewis approached the cliff's edge as the Weather Trio floated towards him before he spoke "Landorus, I ask of you; please heal this island, return it to the beautiful state so that the Revival Herbs will flourish once more,"

Landorus nodded in affirmation "It shall be done,"

Soon everyone gathered at the edge of the island with Naruto having reverted to his polymorph form and Absol stood next to him as the Weather Trio began the restoration. Tornadus used his powers to summon the rain then Landorus produces the seeds which are then planted and grown into Revival Herb sprouts with pollen spread throughout the island by the winds. Thundurus then used lightning to burn the herbs which in turn transforms them into fertilizer for the soil to become much richer. The trio repeated the process once more save for the third part and soon the group were standing in a field full of Revival Herbs, Naruto didn't even need to go into his Natura form tell that the Natural energy of the island is fully restored.

"Guys look, the forest Pokémon are returning," said Naruto as the aforementioned Pokémon emerged from the forest appearing well.

"Lilligant!" Lewis went to embrace the recovered grass type Pokémon who was dancing happily on the field "My Milo's Island is back!" Thundurus and Tornadus flew to the sky while Landorus approached the group "Thanks so much for everything Landorus!"

"It is my pleasure, I must also thank you all for coming to my aid," Landorus turned to Naruto "Especially you, young one,"

Naruto shook his head "No need for thanks, just doing the right thing. I go by Tokala but you can call me Naruto,"

"Very well then, I bid you all farewell," Landorus took to the skies to follow the others with the group waving them goodbye and thanking them as well.

Later that day as the sun began to set; Ash, Cilan, Iris, and Naruto were on board a boat with a large bag full of Revival Herbs as they prepared their return to Driftveil city, Lewis along with Gothorita and Lilligant were at the pier to see them off.

"Thanks for the Revival Herbs Lewis, you've been a big help," said Ash in gratitude.

"It's the other way around Ash, I should thank you all for helping restoring to its beautiful state," said Lewis.

"Please take care of all those Revival Herbs for both people and Pokémon," said Iris.

"We will," said Lilligant with a bow.

"Have you seen Absol? I was hoping to say goodbye to her too," said Naruto.

"We haven't seen her, she must have gone back to the mountains," said Gothorita.

"That was a letdown,"

The boat began to sail away as Ash and co waved goodbye to their new friends.

"Good luck on all your gym battles!" Lewis called out.

"Thanks Lewis, take care of yourself!" Ash responded.

'Man, heck of a day wasn't it Kurama?' thought Naruto as he gazed at the island which grew smaller in the distance.

"You could say that again; this world is truly an interesting one. The difference is quite great compared to our former world," said Kurama.

'Well now we can focus on this upcoming gym battle with that guy, Clay of the Driftveil City gym. Hope he's worth the postponement,'

Elsewhere on the rock outcropping of Milo's Island, Absol stood at the edge and watched as the humans and their Pokémon departed for the mainland, her mind strayed towards one of the Pokémon; particularly Naruto a she recalled his prowess and demeanor as well as his strong will in spite of the great power of the opposition.

"He said his name is Naruto, he certainly is a unique Pokémon. Many would hesitate to face a legendary yet alone two simultaneously…I wonder what else would he be capable of doing? He has most certainly piqued my curiosity," said Absol, she heard a loud splash and looked down to see a Mantine swimming along the coastline and a smile appeared as she came up with an interesting idea.

This is Hussbek online with the latest chapter, the group were able to summon Landorus to help subdue the feuding Thundurus and Tornadus before the island is destroyed. Things were going smoothly until Team Rocket suddenly appeared and captured the Weather Trio while revealing to the cause of the entire situation. Ash and the group managed to free the Legendaries and drive away Team Rocket but Landorus was injured with the duo bearing down on him, so Naruto stepped forward to protect him while Lewis went to attain the last piece of the revival herb which led to him unlocking yet another form and a step closer to recovering his full strength. Lewis came through and delivered the herb for Landorus to recover and end the feud then the Weather Trio worked together to restore the fertility of the island before departing peacefully.

The team soon left the island with a bag full of Revival Herbs back to Driftveil city so that Ash can battle Clay at the gym for the badge this time for sure, and it appears that Naruto managed to gain the interest of several Pokémon both regular and legendary. What's next for the Pokéninja and his friends?

Read and review to find out.

This is Hussbek from Ghana.

Signing out.

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