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Chapter 27: Out of your League

"We finally made it back to Nimbasa City," said Naruto with a look of relief as he and the others are currently walking along the streets of said city after taking a detour to while away the time while the bridge was being repaired.

"That's right, we'll be saying farewell to Nimbasa city once we cross over the bridge to the other side," said Cilan as he took a glance at the electronic map.

"And then we head over to Driftveil City where our next gym battle awaits us!" said Ash with excitement.

"You got that right Ash!" Pikachu was in agreement with his trainer.

"Hold on you guys," Iris spoke up, drawing the attention of the others.

"What's the matter Iris?" asked Ash curiously.

"Look over there," Iris pointed for them to look, there they saw what appears to be some sort of festival as there are street performers working in tandem with their Pokémon, food stalls, mini games and more, interesting the gang greatly.

"Whoa, it's a festival!" said Ash excitedly.

"It's actually called Performer's Square, it's a space set aside for street performers, musicians and dancers," Cilan was quick to explain.

"It definitely looks like a fun place to check out, let's go have a looksee," said Naruto.

"Yeah, let's go!" said Ash in agreement.

"Me too!" Iris piped up.

The gang made their way through the square as they admired the acts done by the street performers and songs sung by the musicians and their Pokémon, but what drew most of their attention were the aroma wafting from the food stalls as the group rushed over to them.

"I have no idea what to eat first," said Iris while looking at all the food being cooked.

"Me neither," Ash was in the same boat.

"Well I do and I want the stir-fried noodles and takoyaki," said Naruto while drooling at the sight of said food.

Cilan sweatdropped at all this "I should have known that your stomachs would lead the way,"

Pikachu then noticed something before calling out to the others "Hey Ash, look over there!"

"What is it Pikachu?" Ash turned towards where Pikachu was pointing and saw someone familiar "Hey it's Trip!" he was walked over with Cilan, Iris and Naruto soon following him "Hey, how's it going?"

"Good, looks like you're doing well as always," said Trip.

"Yeah well check this out!" Ash brought out his badge case and opened it to display the acquired badges inside "I've got four gym badges now,"

"Hmph…," Trip took out his badge case and opened it to show them how many gym badges that he has and they are…

"Five badges? That's one more than me!" Ash, Pikachu and Naruto were surprised at this.

"He must have gotten it during the time we went Eindoak town," Naruto mused.

"Of course, it's the difference in our skill level. Basic stuff," said Trip as if it was obvious.

"Oh yeah? Then how we have a Pokémon battle?" said Ash challengingly.

"Sorry but I don't have the time for that today,"

"But why not?"

"There's someone I'm waiting for,"

"Really, who is it?" asked Iris curiously.

"Alder of course," everyone was taken by surprise from his response.

"Are you talking about Alder the Pokémon Champion of Unova?' asked Ash.

Trip nodded in affirmation "That's right, you see Alder's my goal,"

"Your goal?" asked Iris.

"Winning the Unova league is just a stepping stone as far as I'm concerned, my ultimate goal is getting to the Champion League and once I get there, I'll defeat Alder. This is basic stuff for anyone who wants to win the Unova league," said Trip.

"I'm assuming you've met Alder before, right Trip?" asked Cilan.

The boy nodded in affirmation "Since that day, Alder set me off on the path of working to become a Pokémon trainer,"

"That's pretty cool, I wanna meet Alder too," said Ash.

"It would be interesting to meet a Pokémon champion," Naruto was in agreement, he was having the impression that these champions are the world's counterparts of Kages but wants to meet one of them to get a clearer idea of them.

"But you never know where he's gonna be since he's always traveling," Iris pointed out a small problem.

"You're right, but people have seen him around here recently so I'll check it out," said Trip.

Suddenly they heard a voice speak out in irritation "Get off of this instant!" they turned to see Officer Jenny standing at her bike with a look of annoyance as someone was sitting at her motorcycle's sidecar with her Herdier in his arms.

He appears to be a tall powerfully built man with long flaming red hair tied back in a spiky ponytail, he wears a garb akin to that of a Native American chief which is a tan cloak-like vestments with a black collar, red and orange trim on the sleeves, and orange and black trim across the middle. He also wears a pair of white pants with ragged ends, black sandals on his feet, and sports a necklace of six Pokéballs around his neck.

"You're adorable even when you're angry!" the man chuckled amusedly.

Trip's eyes widened in shock and recognition "Hey wait, that's Alder!" that news surprised the others as well

"That's the Unova champion?" asked Ash.

"He certainly doesn't give off that vibe though," said Kurama with a quirked eyebrow.

"At face value I guess, a closer look will tell us more," thought Naruto, as they drew close he could see the man attempting to flirt with the officer until she threatened him with handcuffs which scared him off the bike for her to get on and ride away, giving the transformed ninja a sense of Déjà vu "Is it me or is this guy acting a bit like Pervy Sage?"

"Oh it's not you, he's definitely acting like him,"

"Hey Alder, remember me? We only met once when I was just a kid" asked Trip hopefully.

The man got up to look at him then the group "Well I'll be…if it isn't Tristan,"

"It's not Tristan, it's Trip," said Trip with a sweatdrop.

"Trip, Tristan, doesn't really matter," said Alder with a chuckle.

Ash stepped forward with a look of excitement "Hi I'm Ash Ketchum, would you have a battle with me?"

Trip was surprised and annoyed to hear that as he shoved past Ash "Hold on, Alder's battling me first!"

"No way, it's first come first served!"


Alder laughed at the sight of this "Ah the price of fame, tell you what, how about I battle the two of you at the same time,"

"No, I want to battle you on my own!" Trip protested.

"Yeah, me too!" Ash was in agreement.

"Very well then it's one at a time, so who wants to go first?" asked Alder.

"Ash can go first," said Trip, surprising Ash and the others.

"Are you sure Trip?" asked Ash.

Trip replied smugly "Of course, cause you'll get creamed while I get to study Alder's strength,"

"What did you say?!"

Naruto was quick to speak up "Chill Ash, we need to focus on our battle with Alder plus we get to learn more by experience instead of just watching," he smirked upon seeing Trip frown at him.

"Well now, I didn't expect to see a talking Ninetales although this one looks different from the others," said Alder appraisingly.

"I'm not a Ninetales, I'm a different species and go by the name Tokala," said Naruto.

"I see, now let us get started on our battle Ashton,"

"Uh it's Ash," said trainer sweatdropped at that.

The group made their way into a clearing within a small forest close to the two stadiums where Ash, Pikachu and Naruto were facing off against Alder while Iris, Cilan and Trip stood from a certain distance to watch the forthcoming battle.

"So here my Pokémon, let's go Bouffalant!" he threw his Pokéball before him for it to open and bring out his Pokémon.

It is a buffalo-like Pokémon with brown fur and a large dark afro on its head, protruding from the afro are two large curving horns with two golden growths resembling rings, its pale brown face is distinctively bovine with a gray muzzle and beady yellow eyes with black tear markings directly below them, and it has large grey hooves and a stubby tail.

"Who's that Pokémon?" Ash brought out his Pokédex to scan the Pokémon.

[Bouffalant, the Bash Buffalo Pokémon. Bouffalant is powerful and destructive, wildly charging and headbutting everything in its path]

"That sounds similar to that of my Tauros," said Ash.

"Yeah, but this is a champion's Pokémon so it's obviously more powerful," said Naruto, looking at the Pokémon in question.

"Then it's a good thing that I had Professor Oak transfer another one of my Pokémon over when we arrived here at the Pokémon Center," said Ash with a smirk as he detached a Pokéball from his belt and enlarged it.

"Who did you bring?" asked Pikachu curiously.

"An old friend of ours Pikachu, go Pokéball!" Ash threw the Pokéball ahead for it to open and bring out his Pokémon.

It is a large blue winged bipedal beetle, it has a capsule-shaped thorax along with a pair of yellow and two clawed arms and feet. Growing its head is a large T-shaped horn which is flanked on either side by a smaller antenna.

"Hey look, it's a Heracross!" said Iris excitedly.

"This must be another of Ash's Pokémon from previous regions, I wonder what recipe he has prepared for this battle?" said Cilan. Trip frowned a bit as he took out his Pokédex to scan Ash's Pokémon.

[Heracross, the Single Horn Pokémon. Though gentle and docile, Heracross possess great strength and power. Their favorite food is the fresh sap of leafy trees]

"Heracross, it's good to see you again!" said Pikachu.

Heracross looked back to smile "Me too, I've missed you and Ash,"

Music Start: Pokémon Black and White Super Music Collection OST; Battle! Champion

"Whenever you're ready Ash, you have the honors," said Alder with a look of interest.

"You got it! Heracross use Leer!" Ash commanded as Heracross's eyes glowed red and stared at Bouffalant, reducing its defensive power.

"An interesting start, Bouffalant use Horn Attack!" Alder called out with Bouffalant charging forwards as its horns glowed white with energy.

"Quick! Use Endure to stop Bouffalant and then use Focus Punch!" Ash countered, Heracross braced himself and caught Bouffalant by the horns but was getting pushed back by the force. Heracross dug his feet into the ground to finally skid to a stop then began channeling energy for his arms to glow white before punching Bouffalant hard in the face to send it skidding back only for it to appear still ready to go.

"Impressive, now use Stone Edge Bouffalant!" said Alder, Bouffalant stomped the hard very hard with its fore hooves to make jagged pieces of rocks to rise from the ground before launching them towards its target.

"Defend yourself by using Fury Attack against the Stone Edge!" Ash called out, Heracross began swinging his horn and arms rapidly to knock away the incoming projectiles but wasn't able to hit them all and was struck a few times but still capable of battle "Now strike back with Horn Attack!" Heracross charged at Bouffalant with his horn glowing white with energy.

"You too use Horn Attack Bouffalant!" said Alder, his Pokémon complied with the command and charged as well. Both Pokémon collided in the middle with a loud boom as they struggled for domination over the other but Bouffalant was slowly getting the edge "Now use Stone Edge!"

Ash's eyes widen in shock what was about to happen and quickly called out to Heracross "Hurry! Pull back and use Endure Heracross!" Heracross immediately dashed backwards with use of his wings and crossed his arms as Bouffalant began striking him with a barrage of rocks to withstand against the attack until it finally stopped but they can see that he was getting really tired from all this.

"This isn't looking good, I don't how much more Heracross can take," said Cilan with a small frown.

"Ash better think of something or it's all over for him," said Iris worriedly.

"Hmph, I knew he was going to lose just like I expected," said Trip with a scoff, annoying Naruto.

"There's gotta be a way for me to turn this all around in a big way," said Ash thoughtfully "Heracross, use Megahorn!" Heracross began channeling a lot of energy into his horn before flying straight at Bouffalant.

"A head-on charge eh? Alright Bouffalant, use Head Charge!" Alder commanded, Bouffalant charged at Heracross with the afro on its head glowing red and the front part of it glowing yellow.

Ash kept his eye on the forthcoming clash "Wait for it…wait for it…Heracross, cancel Megahorn and switch to Hyper Beam!" everyone's eyes widen in shock at what he just said, Heracross immediately complied as the energy on his horn dissipated then it began glowing orange and fired a large orange beam which slammed into Bouffalant, continuously pushing it back till it slammed into a tree with an explosion.

"What?!" Trip couldn't believe what just happened.

"Unbelievable, what a rapid addition of an ingredient to a recipe!" said Cilan.

"You're telling me!" said Iris.

"Did that do it?" asked Ash, still feeling tense. Naruto took a glance towards Alder and saw that he didn't look worried in the least bit.

"It's not over yet," said Naruto, the smoke cleared away to reveal Bouffalant looking a bit bruised but still rearing to go.

"I must say that you took us by surprise, kudos to you. But I believe it's time to end this, use Head Charge once more!" said Alder, Bouffalant charged once more and slammed into Heracross who was unable to move due to the side effect of having used the Hyper Beam attack and was sent flying backwards before slamming into a tree then slumped to the ground with swirls in to signify his defeat.

"Heracross is unable to battle, the winner is Alder!" Cilan called out.

Music End

Ash took out a Pokéball and pointed it towards Heracross "Return Heracross, you deserve a good long rest for doing such an awesome job against a champion's Pokémon," he reattached it to his belt after calling his Pokémon back.

"Well, he tried his best," said Pikachu.

"So that's the prowess of a Pokémon Champion," said Naruto thoughtfully.

"Goes to show how hard we have to train to get to that level, especially when you're restored to full strength and probably evolved by then," said Kurama.

"That is if I can evolve, I read from the Pokédex that some Pokémon don't evolve,"

"We'll just have to see by then,"

Then they saw Alder approach them "Like I said before, you battled pretty well and your Heracross is quite strong Ashton,"

"Uh it's Ash, but thanks anyway," said Ash politely.

Then Trip stepped forward with a look of determination "Now it's my turn, and I'll show you how to battle,"

"Very well Tristan, I look forward to see how you battle," said Alder.

"It's Trip sir, and I'll show you how far I came because of the advice you gave to me since I was a kid,"

Alder quirked an eyebrow "An advice which I gave you?"

"That's right, you said that the more I battle then the stronger I would get. If I did then I would become champion someday, you also told me that strength is the most important thing in a battle," said Trip, Naruto frowned at that as it opposes the ideals which he follows since the beginnings of his life as a Shinobi.

"Let me think about it…," Alder closed his eyes thoughtfully "…no I wouldn't say strength, did I really say something like that?"

"Huh?" Trip was taken aback by when he just said, it goes against what he was told before when they had first met "Yes you did, how could you forget?!"

"Now now, let's not sweat over the details and get started on the battle. What do you say Tristan?"

However Trip was too shocked and angry at all this "I'll pass thank you! This whole thing was a waste of time!" he began walking away much to everyone's confusion.

"Where are you going Trip?" asked Ash.

"To follow the path I believe in, the path of the championship. A trainer who's strong, who's a champion. And in order to do that, I have to be a winner which is by beating the champion," Trip responded.

"Well it also helps to enjoy life too," said Alder, but Trip paid no mind to that and continued walking away "I certainly hope that he calms down to think about all this, what say we head on over to the Pokémon center to heal our Pokémon as well as go for bite to eat,"

"Sounds like a good idea, I'm pretty starved," said Ash in agreement.

The group set for the Pokémon center where they handed Bouffalant and Heracross over to Nurse Joy and Audino for healing, but Alder started flirting with the nurse which strongly reminds Naruto of Jiraiya and was about to do his usual routine of dragging him away from to the visibly uncomfortable girl but snapped himself back to reality and was a bit saddened at the memory. Nevertheless, the champion's presence had attracted a lot of Pokémon trainers around him in admiration. Soon enough the group were having lunch, well most of them as Iris, Axew and Cilan weren't touching their foods which drew the attention of the others.

"What's wrong you three, not hungry?" asked Alder.

"Yeah, you guys got a stomachache or something?" asked Ash.

"You better eat up while they're still hot, tastes better that way," said Naruto with a quirked eyebrow.

"Not quite," Cilan replied awkwardly.

"Kinda hard to eat with an audience," said Iris a bit shyly.

"I really prefer dining with close friends,"

"They make me feel like I got something stuck between my teeth,"

Alder and the others looked behind them to see several Pokémon trainers standing there and watching them, making them get the idea of why they weren't eating.

"Oh I get it now, I'll be glad to sign autographs when I'm done eating so why don't you wait outside please?" asked Alder.

"Sure!" the trainers complied with the champion's request and left the center much to the others relief.

Then Alder turned towards the others "Now then, you haven't told me the purpose of your travels,"

"You mean why we're on a journey?" asked Ash curiously.

"That's right, so why don't you start?"

"Well I want to be a Pokémon master," said Ash.

"And I want to be a Dragon Master," Iris spoke up next.

"My goal is to become a top ranked Pokémon connoisseur," said Cilan.

"And what of you Tokala, I'm curious to know of what goal you might have?" asked Alder.

Tokala looked a bit uncomfortable at the question and slowly came up with an answer of sorts "Well I had a goal before but something happened that prevented me from achieving it, but I decided to search for a new goal while traveling with Ash and the others to reach the Pokémon league,"

"I see, having goals or searching for one while traveling is a good thing. But what will you do after reaching your goal?" asked Alder, stunning the group as such a thought never came across their minds.

"Huh, I never really thought about that," said Ash.

"Me too," Pikachu nodded in agreement.

"I never thought about that either," said Iris.

"I always thought about becoming the best Pokémon connoisseur I can be," said Cilan thoughtfully.

"Not to mention that we're still a long way to accomplishing our goals," said Naruto.

"That certainly is true," Alder turned towards Ash "So Ashton, what do you think you need to become a Pokémon Master?"

"I think that becoming strong alongside my Pokémon is a good way to becoming a Pokémon master," Ash recalled the clash of ideals to being strong against Paul back at the Sinnoh region and the final conclusion in their battle in the league during that time.

"That kinda sounds like what Trip wants, being strong is one of the best ways to becoming a Dragon Master," said Iris.

Alder closed his eyes in thought "Becoming strong…is it really that simple?" that question confused the group and wanted to know what he meant by that.

Suddenly Nurse Joy ran towards them with a look of worry "Alder please!"

"Ah you don't really have to beg sweetheart," said Alder in a flirty manner but she wasn't having any of it.

"This is an emergency, there's a wild Gigalith on a rampage at Performer's Square!"

Alder was shocked to hear that "What?! Then I'm heading there right now!"

"We're coming too!" Ash stood up as he put on his hat with Pikachu jumping to his shoulder and the others getting up as well to follow.

"Very well then, but I want you to stay out of danger,"

The group ran out of the Pokémon center and towards the Performer's Square where they could hear sounds of panic along with loud roars of agitation, they soon arrived to see Officer Jenny making sure to keep the citizens away from the rampaging Pokémon.

The Pokémon appears to be a blue quadruped with various spiny crystal-like red features jutting out of its body, its limbs have gray joints and are topped with red crystalline features with the two claws on each limb being similar features. It has fierce looking deep set yellow and red eyes while several of the red crystalline features are present on its face.

"Who's that Pokémon?" Ash brought out his Pokédex to scan it.

[Gigalith, the Compressed Pokémon. Gigalith's attacks, using the compressed energy from its core, are powerful enough to destroy a mountain]

Gigalith let out a roar and began charging towards Ash and the others, causing everyone to panic. Alder quickly threw a Pokéball to call on his Bouffalant to guard against the incoming charge and stop it from approaching them.

"Everyone get away from here, it's not safe!" said Alder, getting the people to comply and immediately move away from here "Jenny you better stay back too,"

"But I have a job to do," the policewoman protested.

"If I should fail, then I'll leave it up to you,"

"…it's a deal," Jenny stepped back for Alder to take control of the situation.

Alder walked up next to his Bouffalant before speaking to it "Leave this to me my friend, I'll take it from here," then he looked towards the Gigalith "Hello there, I have something that will calm you down so we can learn what's causing you to be so agitated. A delicious apple will do just that," he took out said fruit and held it before him, the Gigalith began approaching him rather quickly, alarming the others.

"Alder, look out!" Ash called out in alert.

"Get out of there!" said Cilan.

"Don't worry, Gigalith will surely stop before it reaches me!" said Alder as the wild Pokémon drew closer "Yes, I know it will!"

Suddenly there was a white blur which tackled Alder out of the way right before the Gigalith slammed into him, causing it to collide with a statue and look about in confusion. Everyone was surprised at what happened and looked to see that it was Naruto who had pushed Alder out of the way.

"Tokala saved Alder from getting hurt!" said Cilan.

"Way to go, Tokala!" said Ash cheerfully.

"Why did you do that?" asked Alder.

Naruto replied "You may have seen that Gigalith was agitated, but I sensed more than that from its emotions to figure that it won't be able to calm down so easily. Which is why I'll be taking it from here,"

"Are you sure?"


"…very well then, I'll leave it to you,"

"Thanks," Naruto cautiously approached the wild Gigalith who narrowed its eyes upon seeing him "I know you won't listen, so I'm going to have to use another way to stop you from rampaging anymore,"

Gigalith let out a roar as it stomped the ground to make jagged pieces of rocks to rise from the ground before launching them, Naruto quickly used Crush Claw to destroy the incoming projectiles before creating some Shadow Clones which went to distract the Gigalith as he transformed into his Natura mode and sat down to begin meditating.

"What is it doing?" asked Jenny confusedly.

"Tokala must be getting ready to absorb the natural energy around it to counter Gigalith's attacks," said Cilan, having seen Naruto do something similar before.

Gigalith roared once more as it stomped the ground to make it quake to use Bulldoze, slightly unbalancing the clones and slowing them down for it to use Stone Edge to take them out then it targeted the original next. The red crystals on its body began glowing brightly before opening its mouth to fire a red energy beam as it used Power Gem, Naruto sat unmoving with his eyes closed and the markings on his body glowing

"Tokala, watch out!" Ash called out in worry with Pikachu and the others feeling the same way

The energy beam was almost upon him when the tattoos glowed brightly and Naruto opened his eyes, he took out his bokken which began glowing with a green flaming aura to activate his Leaf Blade attack and swung it to split the beam into two with a single strength much to everyone's surprise.

"Wow, I didn't know he could do that!" said Iris in surprise.

"That's so cool!" said Axew excitedly.

Naruto saw the Gigalith about to use Bulldoze to attack and quickly leapt high into the air to avoid the attack then he opened his mouth to launch his tongue to wrap around Gigalith's neck before pulling himself towards it. Gigalith fired another Power Gem but Naruto quickly launched an enhanced Energy Ball to cancel it out before landing in front of it. Naruto reached out to grab hold of Gigalith and in an amazing display of strength flipped it over in spite of his size

"Astounding, your Pokémon is quite unique Ashton!" said Alder with a look of wonder "And now to deal with the cause of all this,"

"What do you mean?" asked Ash.

Alder walked over to Gigalith and reached out to pull something out of its foot before showing to the others, revealing it to be a nail "Look, you'd be upset too if this was in your foot and apparently Tokala knew of this as well,"

Naruto nodded in affirmation "Yeah, I was sensing its pain along with the agitation which was why I had to step in to help."

"Looks like being in the Natura form helps attain natural energy a lot quicker which boosts your physical abilities and moves greatly," said Kurama musingly.

Alder took out a Super Potion to spray on Gigalith's foot before it flipped itself back over and appears to be much calmer than before as it looked towards Naruto and Alder with the former sensing its gratitude, getting him to smile.

Officer Jenny stepped forward with a look of seriousness "Alder please step away from Gigalith,"

"Why so?" asked Alder with Ash and the rest wondering the same thing.

"Look at the property damage Gigalith had created, I have no choice but to take it into custody,"

"But it's not necessary, Gigalith is done being upset and its actions weren't intentional," Alder explained.


Suddenly there a cracking sound which caught everyone's attention as they looked up to see the statue falling over then they recalled Gigalith crashing into it earlier when Naruto had pushed Alder out of the way, and right now it was about to fall right on top of Officer Jenny.

"Officer Jenny, watch out!" Cilan called out in worry.

At that moment, Naruto and Gigalith swung into action as the latter jumped on top of the officer to protect her while the former jumped to kick the statue to the side with his boosted strength to prevent from on top of them.

"You two helped me…," Jenny was stunned at this.

"Yeah, we wanted to make sure that you're safe," said Naruto reverting to his Polymorph form, Gigalith nodded with an eyesmile.

"Way to go Tokala!" said Ash.

"Yeah, you saved them!" said Pikachu.

"As you can see, Gigalith is quite calm and helpful just as long as it's not being provoked," said Alder.

"Right," Jenny nodded in understanding.

Later on, everyone saw Gigalith off at the outskirts of the city, Jenny agreed not to put up any charges against the Pokémon as its actions weren't on purpose. They waved goodbye as Gigalith began walking into the forest then Ash decided to ask Alder about something.

"Alder, would you finish what you were telling us at the Pokémon center?" asked Ash.

"Telling you about what?" asked Alder curiously.

"You were asking us if strength was all we needed,"

"And was before we were interrupted," Cilan clarified.

Alder realized what they were talking about "Oh right, I'll tell you what I think. I also want to become strong, but I want people who see me battle grow closer to Pokémon just as I want Pokémon to grow closer to people, and that's the kind of battling I live for. You Ash are a good example of what I'm talking about,"

Ash pointed at himself in confusion "Me?"

"That's right, I saw how happy your Heracross was the moment it came out of its Pokéball and saw you as well as how it battled beside you, which goes to show how much Heracross cares for you just as much as you care for it,"

"Wow, thank you Alder. I'll be sure to let Heracross know too," said Ash gratefully.

"There's one thing that matters most to me and that's people and Pokémon working together with mutual respect, living in perfect harmony,"

In Naruto's eyes, he could have sworn that he saw the ghostly form of Jiraiya standing next to Alder with his arms crossed and nodding in agreement to the champion's words with a smile, making him smile as well in nostalgia.

"Awesome, I think so too," said Ash.

"Me too," Iris agreed.

"So do I," said Cilan.

"Great, it's good to remember. There are many kinds of Pokémon trainers, some trainers only pursue strength while others are happier simply being with their Pokémon, there's no one right answer. As you continue your journey together, I'm sure you'll find answers too,"

"Thank you for the advice, we'll make sure to never forget it," said Naruto with a bow.

"It's best that we get moving if we want to reach Driftveil city before it gets too late," said Cilan.

"Then I wish you all a safe journey and hope that we meet again along the way, and be sure to say hello to Tristan for me," said Alder.

"You too Alder, hope you have a journey," said Ash.

The group set out to cross the Driftveil Bridge in order to get to Driftveil City where Ash's next gym battle awaits them as their journey continues.

This is Hussbek online with the latest chapter, Ash and the gang have made their way back to Nimbasa city after taking a detour over at Eindoak town and had a crazy adventure there. The group ran into Trip who was looking for the Unovan Pokémon Champion whom he had met back when he was a kid. They finally met the man and Ash battled him with his Heracross but lost in the end, Trip also wanted to battle but got upset and left when Alder spoke against the advice he had given some time ago.

Later on, there was a wild Gigalith rampaging at the Performer's Square which they went to resolve with Alder and Naruto being the most effective in calming the agitated Pokémon. Alder gave the group some worthwhile advice with Naruto finding it similar to Jiraiya's ideal before setting out for their next destination.

After much deliberation and analysis, I've decided to remove Emolga from the main pairing and replace her with another. I know it would be a surprise and disappointment to some of you, I was rather the amateur when I started out with the story and wasn't really being in depth with the second choice. Canon wise, Emolga would have been left out of the story once Iris splits up with Ash and the others near the end of the Black & White series not to mention such a long distance relationship with Iris being her trainer would have complicated things. By the by, her replacement would be a female Riolu which later evolves into Lucario. Again I apologize as I wish to make this story as good as I believe it can be in the future.

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Harem List:
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Riolu = Lucario
Sylveon (Serena's Pokémon)
Braixen (Serena's Pokémon)
Zorua = Zoroark

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Anonymous reviews have been disabled. Login to review. 1. Overview 407 0 0 2. Victory wiith a price 1005 0 0 3. A New purpose 1330 0 0 4. Brought up to Speed and The G 1130 0 0 5. The Clock tower and Axew in traininhg 2189 0 0 6. Showdown at the Battle Club 4151 0 0 7. Uzumaki Training and Cleanup 4043 0 0 8. A Spook and a Battle at the Museum 6242 0 0 9. The Wild Child and Getting Bugged 6278 0 0 10. The Skeptical Evaluation 3946 0 0 11. Insect Rampage and a Buggy Bout 5655 0 0 12. A Shocking Encounter 6041 0 0 13. A Ghostly Night 4049 0 0 14. The Dragon Trainee 4226 0 0 15. Missing a Part of Oneself 4130 0 0 16. Another Rival Rematch 5018 0 0 17. Overcoming Your Fears 3561 0 0 18. Restoring Bonds and Busting Up 3516 0 0 19. Showtime for the Fox Sage Pokemon 5063 0 0 20. Reunions at the Tourney 3176 0 0 21. Tourney Advancements 3614 0 0 22. Wrapping it All up 5219 0 0 23. Getting a Feline Tagalong 4022 0 0 24. Too Much to Beartic! 4568 0 0 25. Gotta Catch a Train! 6479 0 0 26. A Parent's Worry and All Amped Up 8642 0 0 27. Clash between Truth and Ideals for Vict 4892 0 0 28. Clash between Truth and Ideals for VicT2 4712 0 0 29. Clash between Truth and Ideals for Vict3 7015 0 0 30. Out of your League 5114 0 0 31. Trouble with the Forecast Pt1 5860 0 0 32. Trouble with the Forecast Pt2 4280 0 0 33. From the Ground Up 3695 0 0 34. To the Rescue! 4976 0 0