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A New purpose


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Chapter 2: A New Purpose

With Ash and the Others

"So this is the Dreamyard" said Ash as he looks over the abandoned ruins which now has a strange atmosphere due to the pulsing dream energy.

"Yes this place is the result due to a failed project that was meant to help the world" said Fennel sadly.

"What do you mean professor?" Cilan asked the question which was on everyone's mind.

"We were working harnessing the dream energy which was emitted by Musharna to view the dreams of Pokémon and strengthen bonds between humans and pokemon but due to the greed of the directors, Musharna lost control of the dream energy resulting in the explosion and her disappearance" Fennel explained.

"Well with what is happening right now, it must have something to do with Musharna" said Cilan.

"Then let's get going" said Ash who was running off with the others following until they reach a clearing with Ash seeing strange machine being controlled by a trio whom he was all too familiar with. "You guys again!?" Ash yelled.

(AN: I am not going to write the Team Rocket since it creeps me out)

"Aw great it's the twerp and his Pikachu along with a new gang" said Jessie.

"Ash who are they?" asked Iris.

"They are called team rocket, a crime organization whose purpose is to steal powerful pokemon to rule the world as they have been after my Pikachu for a long time now" Ash replied.

"But what is a Kanto organization doing here in Unova?" asked Officer Jenny.

"We intend to spread our ambition, starting with the Unova region" said James.

"And we are going to do so by harnessing this dream energy" said Meowth, surprising everyone except Ash.

" Well we are not going to stand and nothing while watching you do whatever you want, Pikachu let's stop them!" Ash declared. "Pika!" said Pikachu with confidence. He was about to attack when a purple light burst from the ground, blinding everyone when the light faded a pokemon appeared whom Fennel immediately recognized to be Musharna.

"So this pokemon is this the source of the dream energy? We need to capture it for the Boss" said Meowth pressing a button on a remote, making the machine to shoot out an energy beam which encircled Musharna, restraining her.

"I won't let you! Pikachu use Volt tackle!" yelled Ash, Pikachu started running towards team rocket whilst coated in electricity.

"That's what you think" Meowth sneered pressing another button, making the machine to fire energy beams at Pikachu who was dodging left and right. A beam was about to hit Pikachu when a white blur jumped in between and knocked it off course. Everyone turned their attention to the newcomer and were stunned to see a pokemon that looks like a ninetales but with white fur and black markings on its body

"What kind of pokemon is that?" Ash wondered.

With Naruto – 20 minutes earlier

When he woke up, Naruto discovers that he is in a forest clearing and he takes notice of strange looking creatures running around the forest.

"What do you think I should do now Kurama?" asked Naruto

"I suggest that you familiarize yourself with your new body and what techniques you can execute" Kurama advised.

In the next ten minutes, Naruto learnt to channel chakra, create new moves amd discovers that he can use shadow clones and the rasengan. After getting full mastery over his new body, Naruto begins moving through the forest when a bright light caught his attention.

"Hey Kit, I sense an energy surge from where the light came from and its quite large" said Kurama.

"Sure thing Kurama, I on my way there" said Naruto as he dashed toward the source. When he arrived, Naruto see a group with a boy commanding another one of those strange creatures to attack a trio who are standing beside a machine that is restraining one of the creatures while attacking the other group.

"I may not what's going on but I know what I should do" thought Naruto before jumping in to help the larger group.

"You and your hero complex" grumbled Kurama.

Present Time

"Who is this pokemon? It looks like a nintales but different." Said Meowth with a stunned look on his face.

"It doesn't matter what it since it decided to help the twerps making it our enemy!" said Jessie grabbing the remote from Meowth and commanding the machine to attack Naruto.

Naruto began evading the volley of energy attacks with sidesteps and flips before building a distance in order to make his next move, "Shadow clone jutsu!" a poof of white smoke which clears to reveal ten copies of the original.

"Is that Double team? But it doesn't look like illusions but solid clones!" said Cilan who was shocked at the pokemon's powers.

"Okay guys! Move in with Extemespeed!" Naruto called, "Okay Boss!" the clones charged in leaving behind white streaks of light. The machine quickly released another volley of energy attack destroying the clones only to see that the original is nowhere to be seen.

"Where did he go?" everyone thought.

"UP HERE!" yelled a voice, they all looked up to see Naruto diving towards the machine with a spiraling ball of energy in his paw. "Take this! Rasengan! Ramming the attack into the machine, destroying it and freeing Musharna in the process.

"Amazing, this pokemon's power could even take on legendary pokemon" Ash aid with Pikachu agreeing as they had encountered many of them to realize.

"Damn! We need to retreat!" shouted Jessie calling out Woobat who used Gust to create a distraction for escape.

"Tch, they got away" said Naruto.

"True but I get the feeling that this won't be the last that we see of them" said Kurama.

"Hey, thanks for helping us rescue Musharna form team rocket" said Ash.

"Don't mention it, I couldn't just stand there and watch them do that, By the way my name is Naruto, nice to meet all of you, Believe It!" he replied with a smile.

"Is that the name of your pokemon species because I can't tell if you are a ninetales?" Iris asked curiously.

"Pokemon? What is that? Naruto asked with curiously confusing the group.

"What do you mean by that? You are a pokemon aren't you? Said Fennel.

"Hey Kit, I think they must be referring to those creatures we saw on the way and that you are one as well" said Kurama.

"You think I should tell them where I came from?" thought Naruto.

"They look trustworthy as I sense no negative emotions from them" said Kurama.

"Well I will tell you about myself if you tell me about this world" said Naruto to the baffled group due to what he just said.

Pokemon Center

After an hour of explanation between both sides, Naruto was having a conversation Kurama.

"This world sounds interesting especially with these legendary pokemon" said Kurama.

"Yeah and this pokemon league sounds like the ideal event for me to let loose against strong opponents" said Naruto with a foxy grin. "I think we should join Ash since in a way he reminds me of myself" and he faded out of the mindscape.

Meanwhile, Ash was talking to Professor Oak about Naruto who was excited at the discovery of a new pokemon.

"In that case, I will add another slot to your party since I need you to research on Naruto with his powers and abilities. Also I am installing a feature to your pokedex to record him to the database" said the pokemon professor.

"Thanks professor, I will let you know of anything else" said Ash before ending the connection.

"Hey Ash, I need to talk to you" called out Naruto gaining his attention "I decided to come along with you on your journey since I don't have anything else to do"

"Sure thing Naruto, I was even about to invite you to join us" Ash said happily.

"Well put me in one of those pokeballs and then we are all set" said Naruto. Ash tossed a pokeball at him and drew him into it and pinged signifying the capture without a struggle. However the pokeball opened releasing Naruto who was shuddering.

"I don't think I will like going in there" said Naruto still shaking"

"Now you know how I feel being in here" snickered Kurama.

"Well it's not necessary to be in a pokeball like Pikachu" said Ash while Pikachu wave at Naruto.

"Now let's meet up with the others and get ready to go to the next pokemon gym as I am getting excited!" said Naruto with a foxy grin.

The next day Naruto along with Ash, Pikachu, Iris and Cilan set out of Straiton City towards the next pokemon gym looking forward to a memorable journey full of twists and turns.

Unknown to them a mysterious figure watches over them, particularly Naruto with interest


Hello, this is Hussbek with another chapter, i wish say thank you for following this story as i am truly thankful. I wanted some suggestions on what name naruto should get on the national pokedex entry and i am planning on writing more naruto crossovers as listed below

Naruto x Megaman Battle Network

Naruto x Dog days

Naruto x Journey to the west

As always i am open for ideas and i am considering having Naruto regain his transformation jutsu and not the pokemon version of transform.

Until the next chapter

This Hussbek from Ghana

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