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Chapter 24: A Clash between Truth and Ideals for Victory Pt.1

At a small frozen snowy countryside where a small tribe currently resides, a man with half of his hair black and the other white is dressed in a tundra-traveling outfit whilst accompanied by his Gothitelle, at the moment he's having a conversation with a resident of the tribe who was packing a bag onto his snow sled harnessed onto a Stoutland.

"It's useless not matter how often you ask," said the tribesman.

"The people of the Vale have a place! A place where they're meant to live!" the other man.

"But Damon, that's only just a legend so why don't you leave?"

The now named Damon remained firm "I won't, I want to see Glacine the village chief,"

Elsewhere are a group of Beartic sparring and unknown to them are a woman and a young boy accompanied by a Lillipup who was currently sniffing the ground as it searched for something before digging through the snow to unearth a revival herb.

"Look mom, we found it!" said the boy excitedly.

The woman raised a finger to her lips to shush the boy "Please, keep your voice down,"

"Sorry mom, the Beartic haven't heard us,"

"However, you did a good job finding it. They'll be thrilled to have this,"

The boy scooped Lillipup up in his arms "Great job, Lillipup!" the puppy Pokémon happily responded to the compliment by licking his face.

Suddenly the ground shook violently and they turned to see that an ice berg just crashed into the icy shore, causing the Beartic to flee in confusion. The boy accidentally tumbled off the ledge to the ground below and the woman jumped down and grabbed his hand to lead him and Lillipup away from the breaking ice. Up above was the tribesman and Stoutland pulling his sled along as they rushed down to help them.

The tribesman called out to them "Glacine, over here!" said woman and her son quickly ran over to climb onto the sled, however one of the feeling Beartic slammed into the Stoutland, knocking them all off as the ice cracked all around them with no way of escape. They all looked up only to be horrified upon seeing a massive glacier heading straight towards them. The glacier made contact and the group were knocked off their feet and Lillipup slipped out of the boy's grip and almost fell into the freezing lake when it was engulfed in a red aura and hovered in the air before floating back into the boy's, apparently it was a Gothitelle using Confusion as it floated towards them.

Suddenly something else flew up to them as well, it is a large black bipedal draconic Pokémon with piercing red eyes and dark gray to black skin with some parts appearing more armor-like, it possesses a pair of short wings on its back whilst the lower length of the arms resemble that of weblike features with three-clawed dark colored hands on the undersides, and its tail is that of a large round conical formation resembling that of an electricity generator. Someone happened to have been riding on the Pokémon's back as he jumped off to land before the group, revealing who he is.

"Damon?!" Glacine looked at said in surprise.

Damon thrust an arm forward as purple energy begins to form in front of its forehead and grew larger to shape into a ball of shining blue energy.

"Who is that Pokémon?" asked the boy.

The tribesman took a step back as he begun to recognize the Pokémon "Could it be?!"

The Pokémon charged straight at the glacier and rammed into it with great force, pushing it back. The tail began to glow light blue with electricity as the Pokémon's body becomes surrounded in a sphere of violet electricity before flying at the glacier and slamming into it, this time shattering it into many pieces as everyone looked on in wonder.

"It's the legendary Pokémon…Zekrom," said Glacine.

Damon turned towards them "Please Glacine, listen to what I have to tell you one more time….the people of the Vale must now reclaim their bond with the land!" The other members of the tribe were nearby and looked in wonder as Zekrom descended before them.

To their shock, the legendary Pokémon actually spoke "Beyond hope, you will find your ideals!" then it flew upwards, piercing through the dark clouds for the sun's rays to shine through.

Back to the present, Ash and the gang were currently trekking through the forest pathway when they heard a screech of a bird Pokémon and looked up to see which one it is.

"Hey look, it's a Mandibuzz!" said Ash.

"It's certainly been a while since we last saw one," said Naruto looking as well.

Iris turned toward Cilan "Are we there yet?"

"Not yet Iris, but we should able to see it fairly soon once we exit from the forest," Cilan looked up from his electronic map to respond.

Naruto and Ash ran ahead of them towards the exit of the forest and stopped to stare in awe of what laid out before them, Naruto turned to call out to the others "Hey guys, come and check this out!" Iris and Cilan soon caught up and they too were stunned.

"Is that it?" asked Iris.

Cilan nodded in affirmation "It is!"

Before the group is a tall mountain where they can see a large town situated along the mountain ridge, and further ahead of it is a massive castle which seems to resemble that of a sword's hilt from one's perspective.

"That has to be Eindoak town which Elesa was talking about," said Naruto.

"Indeed, let's hurry over so we can sign up for the tournament," said Cilan.

Ash nodded in agreement "That's right, let's get moving,"

With that said, the group began their gradual climb along the ascending mountain pathway to the top. They putting up quite a distance when Naruto suddenly picked up two emotions of terror up above them, triggering him to quickly dash up the pathway much to the confusion of the others.

"Hey Naruto, where are you going?" asked Ash who began to run after him with Pikachu riding on his shoulder.

"There's someone in trouble up ahead of us!" Naruto replied, causing Ash's eyes to widen in surprise before narrowing with determination.

"Then we're coming too!"

"Yeah!" said Pikachu.

They quickly ascended to a certain point where they saw a pair of Deerling in their summer forms at the edge of a cliff a bit further from them, however one of the was dangling over the edge of the cliff while the other is struggling to pull it back up by grabbing the tail with its mouth but slowly failing at doing so.

"They're going to fall at this rate!" Naruto channeled chakra to his feet and quickly jumped to stick to the cliff wall before beginning his approach.

"I'm coming too!" Ash took off his backpack and began to shuffle along the ledge with his back to the wall so as to follow.

"No Ash, it's too dangerous!" Naruto protested.

"I don't care, they need help and we're going to give it to them,"

Naruto was taken aback, he kept on forgetting that he and Ash are so alike that it's almost as if they were twin brothers. He let out a sigh and before smiling in response.

"Alright Ash, let's go but be careful,"

The duo quickly made their way over to the Deerling, just in time as they all began to fall. Ash reached out to wrap an arm on one while Naruto used his tails to grab the other. However things started to go wrong as the rock underneath Ash's feet crumbled, causing him to lose his balance. Naruto grabbed Ash's hood with his teeth and tried to pull him back, suddenly he and Kurama sensed a surge of energy flowing into Ash much to their confusion. That momentary lapse cost them as the ledge crumbled completely with Ash skidding down the Cliffside and dragging Naruto along.

"Ash! Naruto!" Cilan and Iris had already caught up and were horrified upon seeing what was happening before them.

Naruto gritted his teeth as he tried to stop them but the additional weights was making it a difficult task "Come on, come on, come on!" he began to panic upon seeing them draw close to the edge, then in one crazy moment Ash actually jump but it wasn't the action that surprised Naruto and Kurama, rather it's the result. They went flying about a hundred feet into the air and came landing on top of a far cliff from where they were before.

"Did you just see what I saw?" asked Iris in disbelief, getting a silent nod from Cilan.

"Thank you for saving us!" said the Deerling after Naruto and Ash placed them on the ground.

"You're welcome," Naruto turned to question Ash "How did you do that? As far I can remember, you never jumped that far before,"

"I don't know how I did it either," said Ash truthfully.

"I think someone transferred power to him earlier before, otherwise he wouldn't have been able to do so," said Kurama.

"And we weren't sensing for anything at that time too, it must be a Pokémon," thought Naruto.

"Hey guys, how are you going to get out of there?!" Iris called out to them while Cilan picked up Ash's backpack.

The duo looked around before discovering a tunnel right behind them and went to examine it then Ash replied back to them.

"There's a breeze coming through here, we'll follow it out and meet you on the other side!" said Ash.

"Come on guys," Naruto spoke up as he and Ash walked into the tunnel with the Deerling obediently following them, the group walked through the winding tunnel until they arrived at a juncture where many more tunnels laid before them, potentially leading to different directions "Okay…now which tunnel should we go through? Taking the wrong one might get us lost. What do you think Ash?"

Ash was about to answer when he suddenly stiffened in surprise though Naruto hadn't noticed before he finally spoke to them "Follow me," he jogged through the tunnel with the others soon following him. Naruto and Kurama began to notice that when Ash led them through the tunnels, he didn't spend so much as a second at the junctions when they run across them.

"Don't you think it's kinda weird for Ash to be able to navigate through these tunnels especially since it's the first time we came here?" thought Naruto.

"Indeed, I suspect an outside influence at work," said Kurama.

"Think it's that mystery Pokémon from earlier before?"

"It's highly likely, but we don't sense any negativity of sorts then it's not an enemy,"

"Got it," Naruto snapped back into focus right as they exited from the current tunnel to step out onto a massively large area with giant crystalline rocks forming a network of sorts around them "Whoa, I've never seen anything like this before in my whole life,"

Pikachu nodded in agreement "Me too,"

"Hey, anybody hear me?! Hello?!" Ash called out with his voice echoing throughout the cavern but received no response whatsoever. Unknown to them, something reacted to their presence and unleashed a ripple of energy which rose from the bottom of the cave and rose to the top whilst illuminating the area much to the surprise of the group "What was that?"

"I don't know for sure, it just emitted power for a moment and now I can't sense it," Naruto replied.

Ash was about to say more when he stiffened again with Naruto noticing it this time "Again..,"

"What do you mean Ash?" asked Naruto, already suspecting what just happened.

"I've been getting some kind of visions in my mind which is showing which way for us to go,"

"Sounds like a psychic type Pokémon to me," said Pikachu thoughtfully.

"Well that sounds pretty helpful, let's keep going. So lead the way," said Naruto.

"Got it,"

Ash moved ahead of the others as they followed him along the crystal pathway upwards till they went through a tunnel up to a spiraling staircase which led them up to a wall, Ash pushed the wall to find that it rotated for an opening into a cellar of sorts with a door serving as the exit.

Outside, Cilan and Iris were quickly making their way up the mountain path in hopes of reuniting with Naruto and the others when they heard a familiar voice call out to them from above. They looked up to see Ash, Naruto and Pikachu looking down at them from the castle balcony.

"Iris, Cilan you gotta come up here and check out the view!" said Ash happily.

"Yeah, pick up the pace ya slowpokes!" Naruto added with a smirk.

"And to think we were worried," said Cilan.

"What kids," said Iris.

Later on they made their way up to the castle and met up with the rest before saying their goodbyes to the Deerling pair as they left.

"So what's to know about this place, Cilan?" asked Naruto curiously.

"This castle is called the Sword of the Vale," Cilan replied.

"Sword of the Vale?" asked Ash.

"Well it certainly looks like a sword," said Naruto.

"Look over there…" Cilan pointed out for the others to look as they saw a barren looking valley visible in the distance to the mountain top "…They say it flew through the air from that valley and landed right here in this very spot,"

Iris, Ash and Naruto were surprised to hear that, and Iris voiced out her disbelief "Flew through the air?!"

"How can a castle fly?" asked Ash.

"It's just a legend, it's impossible to know if it's really the truth," said Cilan then he pointed again, this time downwards for them to see a large grove of trees bearing fruit "But look as you can see that the fruits in the orchards are both beautiful and delicious,"

"I could go for some right about now," Ash looked at the fruits with hunger.

"Me too," Pikachu mirrored his best friend's intentions.

"You guys aren't the only ones," Naruto chipped in.

"Don't tell me you guys are hungry again?" asked Iris.

"In case you haven't, but we're always hungry and that's that!" Ash replied with gusto.

"Not to mention we have a high metabolism," said Naruto in agreement, both of their stomachs rumbled loudly as if to testify to their statement.

Iris sighed "Oh why did I even ask?"

Cilan strode forward with a small basket in hand "Then I've just got the thing…my homemade macaroons," he opened it to reveal small chewy cookies of different colors.

"Awesome!" Ash gingerly reached out to take a couple of them whilst giving some to Pikachu and Naruto to have some.

"Thanks Cilan," Naruto popped one into his mouth and ate cheerfully.

"You're welcome, now let's head on over to the town below," said Cilan.

The group began making their way through the hallways of the castle, Naruto was admiring the sight of place, seeing as it is quite different compared to the buildings back in the Elemental Nations. Suddenly he heard Ash yelp in surprise and turned to see him looked at his empty hand in shock.

"What's up?" asked Naruto.

"I was just holding a macaroon a couple seconds ago, and now it's gone!" Ash replied.

Iris deadpanned at this "Knowing you, you probably just ate it earlier,"

"Of course I didn't, and besides," Ash took out another macaroon with a smirk "I still got one left,"

"Ugh, what a kid," Iris shook her head as she walked away with Ash and Naruto laughing.

"Well, down the hatch…huh?!" Ash was about to eat it, only to find it gone too?!

Naruto quirked an eyebrow in surprise, then his ears picked up the sounds of someone eating something crunchy "You don't suppose that it's the mystery Pokémon that's been snatching the macaroons from Ash,"

"It seems to possess the ability to become invisible, an interesting on at that," said Kurama thoughtfully.

"Well not for Ash, that's for sure," Naruto mumbled, suddenly they heard the sound of fireworks from the outside "The festival is starting!"

"Then let's go!" Cilan took off with the rest quickly following him from behind, though Ash lagged behind a bit before catching up to them. They descended through a few stairs but were nowhere close to their destination "Let's see now…which way should we go?"

"Quick! If we don't hurry, we won't be able to register for the competition!" said Iris worriedly.

"I can take you," they all turned to see a man with black-and-white hair climb down a staircase before them "Over here, if you're in a rush. This way is much faster,"

"Thanks for the help, my name is Ash and I'm working to become a Pokémon master. These are my partners Pikachu and Tokala," said Ash as said Pokémon greeted him.

"My name is Iris and this is Axew, I'm training to be a dragon master," said Iris.

"My name is Cilan and I'm a Pokémon connoisseur," Cilan introduced himself.

The man then introduced himself "My name is Damon, and I've been working on restoring this castle. Please follow me," he led them out of the castle and into the town where they were able to locate the place meant for the registration for the competition before making the decision to go exploring. They were walking along the street when they saw a giant bipedal Pokémon resembling that of a suit of armor and it happen to be pulling a cart with a woman walked alongside it.

"It's a Golurk," said Cilan.

"And it's huge," said Ash.

"Pointing out the obvious, Ash," said Naruto.

"But what's it pulling?" asked Iris curiously.

"Why don't we go and find out," said Cilan.

They all ran after the cart not noticing the hanging lamppost suddenly jerk around as if something had bumped into it and quickly caught up with the cart to see an assortment of souvenirs and goods which seem to center around a Pokémon with a round face and long triangular ears.

"Awww, they look so cute!" said Iris.

"They're Victini dolls, the Victory Pokémon," a woman, probably the owner of the cart spoke up while walking towards them.

"Victini?" Iris and the others looked at the woman in curiosity.

"That's right, they say it's lived in this town long ago,"

"Wow, I want to meet it," said Ash with Naruto and Pikachu nodding in agreement. Naruto may have met Arceus but he would certainly like to meet with other legendary Pokémon.

"Very few have ever seen Victini," said the woman, causing Ash to feel a bit let down "It is said to give people and Pokémon power,"


"That's right, long ago it was said to have protected the Sword of the Vale,"

"Really? That sounds awesome!" Iris pointed at one of the small wooden Victini charm "I'll take one of these please,"

The woman took one off and gave it to her "Here you go and one day may you receive Victini's power as well,"

"Now I know I'm going to win the battle competition!" said Iris excitedly.

"We'll see about that," said Naruto with a smirk.

Later on, they made their way to the town square where there are already all people gathered there, both residing in the town and tourists. There was a large stage set up with baskets of fruits and berries all on display as a an elderly man stood with a microphone in front of him with the trio of Pokémon which Ash scanned with his Pokédex to be Klink, Klang and Klinklang were hovering overhead.

The man began to speak for everyone to hear "Ladies and gentlemen, moms and dads, girls and boys…and of course Pokémon. I welcome you all to the Eindoak Harvest festival, my name is Mannes the mayor of Eindoak town. Folks I'm happy to report that our orchards have given us a bountiful harvest this year, so festival fans…are we having fun?"

The crowd cheered out loudly in response to the question with Ash and the gang joining which is kinda hard not to given the excitement all around them.

"Alright, then it's time to kick off what you've all been waiting for…our annual battle competition!"

The Pokémon trio flew over to a large instrumental machine and inserted themselves into the customized slots constructed before spinning as the machine began to play music.

"Here are simple competition rules, trainers who have gathered here and wished to participate will have a one-on-one Pokémon battle with no substitutions," then Mannes held up a wooden necklace with a design resembling the castle on it "Whoever holds the competition necklace until the end wins. Alright! Let the battle begin!" at his words, the competitors took off in random directions for a battle.

"Just watch me win!" Iris took out a Pokéball and tossed it into the air.

Cilan was quick to follow suit "Watch me win!"

Iris's Pokéball opened to release Emolga who waved happily at Naruto while Cilan's Pokémon released his Pansage as well.

"We're gonna win, right guys?" Ash asked his partners.

"Yeah!" Pikachu nodded in affirmation.

"You know it!" said Naruto with a look of excitement.

"Scraggy and Cubchoo, come on out!" Ash took out two Pokéballs and opened them to bring out said Pokémon who turned to him "Alright you two, I want you both to watch all the other Pokémon when they battle so you can learn more about it,"

"Okay," Cubchoo nodded in understanding.

"Right!" Scraggy pulled up his 'pants' to prevent them from falling down.

"Then let's go!" Ash ran off down the street.

"Right behind you!" Naruto used his tails to pick up Scraggy and Cubchoo to place them on his back before running after Ash and Pikachu while Iris and Cilan went elsewhere with their Pokémon.

Music Start: Pokémon Black & White OST; Black and White (Movie version)

It's always hard,
When your journey begins.
Hard to find your way;
Hard to make amends.
But there's nothing you can't do,
'Cause you got the power inside of you.

Ash faced off against a trainer by the name by the name Mako who brings out Serperior which is the fully evolved form over Snivy to battle against Pikachu. The serpentine Pokémon quickly slithered towards Pikachu who leapt out of the way to land on a slanted wall before jumping off to avoid his opponent back to the ground. Mako ordered for a Vine Whip attack from her Serperior, Pikachu was quick to dodge the incoming vines and was commanded to use Iron Tail to destroy an Energy Ball which was fired at him, resulting in a cloud of smoke. Ash switched to the offensive as he commanded Pikachu to use Volt Tackle as his partner slammed into the Serperior with a high-speed electric tackle, which knocked it out to earn them the win with Scraggy and Cubchoo cheering happily while Naruto nodded in approval.

It's never easy,
To make a choice:
To keep things inside,
Or raise your voice.
But for everyone there comes a time
When the light inside begins to shine.

In another part of town, Iris and Emolga were currently facing against a trainer by the name Tatsuki with his Emboar that is the fully evolved form of Tepig. Emolga swooped towards Emboar whilst evading the Flamethrower fired at her before landing on its head and stomping on it several times before gliding away. Tatsuki ordered for another Flamethrower to which his Emboar complied and almost hit Emolga although she scrambled out of the way in a panic, causing her to use Volt Switch before Iris could stop her. This had her switching places with Excadrill who looked ready to battle, however the competition rules resulted in Tatsuki earning the win. Iris glumly handed over the wooden necklace over to the referee before turning to glare at Emolga for their loss, said Pokémon flinched and made a cute face, hoping to be forgiven.

It's not always right or wrong,
As long as your spirit's strong.
It's always win or lose;
It's the road you choose;
The answer's within.

It's not always black and white,
But your heart always knows what's right.
Let the journey begin-

Iris went over to meet up with Cilan and find him and Pansage facing off against a trainer called Carlita with a Pokémon which Iris instantly identifies as Hydreigon which is a dragon type much to her excitement. Cilan and Pansage turned towards Iris with deadpanned expressions for distracting them to which she chuckled sheepishly before pointing ahead to alert them of an incoming attack. Carlita ordered her Hydreigon use Dragon Breath as it unleashed a powerful blast which instantly took out Pansage with one hit with Cilan only having to accept his loss as well.

So many choices,
How do we know?
So many places,
Where do we go?
What should I say?
What should I do?
Still, we're together: me and you!

It's not always right or wrong,
As long as your spirit's strong.
It's always win or lose;
It's the road you choose;
The answer's within.

In another part of town, Oshawott came running down a flight of stairs whilst avoiding a Flamethrower from behind to stand ready at the street below with Emboar soon following after him and stood a fair distance away, Ash and the others along with Tatsuki ran to stand behind their respective Pokémon whilst Iris and Cilan soon caught up to them. Tatsuki ordered for a Flame Charge and Ash quickly told Oshawott to use Aqua Jet whilst spinning to double the power. Both Pokémon raced towards each other with their attacks before clashing in the middle which resulted in a large cloud of steam.

It's not always black and white,
But your heart always knows what's right.
Let the journey begin:

The steam eventually cleared to Emboar stumbling back a few times before falling down with swirls in its eyes whilst Oshawott remained standing. Upon the referee announcing their victory, Ash and Oshawott along with the others were cheering happily as Cubchoo was jumping for joy and Scraggy was swinging his 'pants' to and fro before doing a HI five with someone but it was most certainly not Cubchoo much to his confusion.

There's nothing you can't do,
'Cause you got the power inside of you.
It's not always right or wrong,
As long as your spirit's strong.
It's always win or lose;
It's the road you choose;
The answer's within.

Then Ash took off with Iris and Cilan in search of his next opponent as Naruto scooped Cubchoo and a still confused Scraggy to which Naruto quirked an eyebrow at in curiosity before placing them back on his back and running after the others, failing to notice yet another hanging lamppost being suddenly jerking sideways but a little girl did although her mother paid it no mind.

It's not always black and white,
But your heart always knows what's right.
Let the journey begin:

Music End

The group eventually found Ash's opponent who goes by the name Leeku over at the town square as his next opponent. The lady of the Victini souvenir cart had her shiny Golurk carry it over and park it nearby before seating herself on a stool to watch the upcoming battle.

"Good luck to the both of you!" said the woman cheerfully.

Ash nodded in affirmation but taking out a Pokéball "Go Pokéball!" he tossed it into the air to bring out a Pokémon, it was a dark orange tortoise-like Pokémon with a large black rocklike shell with holes that glow with a red warmth. The Pokémon blew out smoke from his nostrils and the top of his shell with a sound of a locomotive horn.

"That must be another one of Ash's old Pokémon, a Torkoal to be exact. I can tell it has a spicy flavor," said Cilan.

"I can't wait to see how strong it can be," said Iris.

"Do your best Torkoal!" Pikachu cheered out loud.

Leeku tossed his Pokéball to bring out what appears to be the fully evolved form of Oshawott which is a Samurott, causing the others to worry about Ash a bit.

"This looks bad, Torkoal is a fire type which has a disadvantage against Samurott which is a water type," said Iris worriedly.

"This might leave a bitter aftertaste in Ash's mouth," said Cilan.

"Don't worry about it Torkoal, I know we can win this!" said Ash assuredly, Torkoal nodded in confidence and turned to face his opponent "Now use Flamethrower!" Torkoal opened his mouth to unleash a stream of fire at the Samurott.

"Dodge it Samurott, and then use Water gun!" Leeku called out quickly, the water Pokémon quickly darted to one side and launched a stream of water.

"Quick, use Iron Defense!" said Ash, Torkoal quickly withdrew into his shell and was slowly being pushed back but held strong until the attack finally dissipated before coming looking a bit damaged "Now use Body Slam!" Torkoal complied and leapt high into the air before coming straight down at

"Use Razor Shell to knock it away!" Leeku called out, Samurott reached across to pull out one of its seamitars from its forearm as it glowed with blue energy and elongated before slashing at Torkoal to send it flying back and skidding right next to the cart.

"Oh my word!" said the woman, looking surprised.

"That's bad, Torkoal may have toughed out the Water Gun but that Razor Shell did a lot of damage," said Cilan.

Ash and Naruto were about to go and check on Torkoal when he suddenly shot up to his feet and came running to stand in front of them, Naruto sensed a foreign energy coursing through him and the signature is similar to the one which flowed through Ash back at the cliff.

"Torkoal, are you okay?" Ash asked worriedly.

"I am now!" Torkoal breathed out smoke in affirmation.

"Alright then, let's turn this around with Overheat!" at Ash's command, Torkoal's body turned bright red and opened his mouth which glowed white before unleashing massive white flame that has a red-orange flame spiraling around it at the Samurott, engulfing it in flames much to the shock of everyone present. Flames died down to reveal a scorched water Pokémon lying on the ground knocked.

"Samurott is unable to battle, Torkoal wins!" the referee announced.

"Wow Torkoal, we won!" Ash cheered happily.

"Way to go!" said Cuchoo.

"I can't believe I won, I'm so happy!" Torkoal started crying in joy.

"Whoa, I never knew Torkoal had that much power!" Iris was stunned at the sight of the attack.

"Quite unexpected," Cilan was in agreement.

Naruto however was silent "Kurama, come up with a theory yet?"

"I have, everything so far points out that it is Victini who has been helping us out since the cliff and following us around as well, not to mention the ability to enhance one's abilities which we saw twice so far," said Kurama.

"I really want to meet it now more than ever,"

"You're not the only one,"

Closeby was Carlita who was watching the battle from the very beginning and had come to notice something strange about the Trainer's Pokémon and so walked up next to the cart and spoke to the owner "Hey mother, that Torkoal powered up quite suddenly right?"

"Yes it did," said the woman who is apparently her mother.

"Do you think that it could have been the work of Victini?"

"Come on now, Carlita dear. No one has ever seen Victini for a long time, I'm sure they won because he trained his Torkoal so well.

Carlita wasn't swayed in the least bit, something definitely happened during the battle and it had to do with Victini and she's going to get to the bottom of this puzzle!

This is Hussbek online with the latest chapter, Naruto and the gang have finally arrived at their destination, however Naruto and Ash quickly had to rescue a pair of Deerling from falling off a cliff with some assistance from a mysterious Pokémon and went venturing through a cave which they later found out was underneath the castle before reuniting with Iris and Cilan. With some help from a man called Damon, they were able to arrive in time to register for the battle competition of the Eindoak Harvest festival in time. The competition was underway with Ash and Naruto winning but the same couldn't be said for Cilan and Iris. On Ash's third battle, something strange happened when Torkoal suddenly powered up all of a sudden to beat an opponent it was weak against and Naruto along with Kurama now suspect it to have been done by the legendary Pokémon Victini, and it seems that they aren't the only ones.

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Anonymous reviews have been disabled. Login to review. 1. Overview 407 0 0 2. Victory wiith a price 1005 0 0 3. A New purpose 1330 0 0 4. Brought up to Speed and The G 1130 0 0 5. The Clock tower and Axew in traininhg 2189 0 0 6. Showdown at the Battle Club 4151 0 0 7. Uzumaki Training and Cleanup 4043 0 0 8. A Spook and a Battle at the Museum 6242 0 0 9. The Wild Child and Getting Bugged 6278 0 0 10. The Skeptical Evaluation 3946 0 0 11. Insect Rampage and a Buggy Bout 5655 0 0 12. A Shocking Encounter 6041 0 0 13. A Ghostly Night 4049 0 0 14. The Dragon Trainee 4226 0 0 15. Missing a Part of Oneself 4130 0 0 16. Another Rival Rematch 5018 0 0 17. Overcoming Your Fears 3561 0 0 18. Restoring Bonds and Busting Up 3516 0 0 19. Showtime for the Fox Sage Pokemon 5063 0 0 20. Reunions at the Tourney 3176 0 0 21. Tourney Advancements 3614 0 0 22. Wrapping it All up 5219 0 0 23. Getting a Feline Tagalong 4022 0 0 24. Too Much to Beartic! 4568 0 0 25. Gotta Catch a Train! 6479 0 0 26. A Parent's Worry and All Amped Up 8642 0 0 27. Clash between Truth and Ideals for Vict 4892 0 0 28. Clash between Truth and Ideals for VicT2 4712 0 0 29. Clash between Truth and Ideals for Vict3 7015 0 0 30. Out of your League 5114 0 0 31. Trouble with the Forecast Pt1 5860 0 0 32. Trouble with the Forecast Pt2 4280 0 0 33. From the Ground Up 3695 0 0 34. To the Rescue! 4976 0 0