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Chapter 22: Gotta Catch a Train!

After a long journey, the gang had finally arrived at Nimbasa city and were currently standing at a ledge which overlooks a majority of the city as they marveled at the view of urban area.

"We finally made it to Nimbasa city!" said Cilan happily.

"Yeah, this place looks so cool!" said Ash.

"I gotta agree with you on that one Ash," said Naruto.

"And check out that humongous Ferris wheel!" Iris pointed at the tall contraption ahead of them.

"I wanna ride it!" said Axew excitedly.

Cilan then took out his electronic map and was scrolling through the city's hotspots "And there are other places for having battles besides the Nimbasa city gym, apparently there are so many trainers who come here to sharpen their battling skills that Nimbasa city is nicknamed 'Battle Central',"

"Then that means strong opponents would gather here to challenge each other, sounds like an ideal place for us," said Kurama.

"I'm with you on that one, I'll see if I can get Ash to check out the places here for a good battle," thought Naruto.

"Let's go over to the Pokémon gym as soon as possible!" said Ash with gusto.

"Stop the clock, I'm beat! I need to find the Pokémon center and do some serious chilling!" they turned to see Meowth sitting on the ground, looking quite exhausted.

"You know, I kinda hungry Ash so why don't we go to the Pokémon center first?" said Iris.

"Cause I want to have my gym battle!" suddenly a low growl was heard and it came from both Ash's and Pikachu's stomach much to their embarrassment.

"Though both of your rumbling tummies have other plans," Iris looked smug.

"Maybe so," Ash and Pikachu looked sheepish.

"And take it from a guy with firsthand experience, you definitely don't want to go into a battle with an empty stomach…even if there's a chance of throwing up," said Naruto, remembering how Team 7 got suckered even before the bell test by Kakashi by skipping breakfast.

"That's excellent! And I know just where the Pokémon center is, follow me!" Cilan ran off looking quite excited much to their confusion.

"Must be an exciting Pokémon center for him to act like that," said Iris.

"Here it is! Voila!" everyone turned to look at Cilan with deadpanned expressions, what was in front definitely isn't the Pokémon center.

"Cilan, this is rather how you get down to the subway," Ash pointed out.

"This is not ordinary subway, the Nimbasa city subway is fast and easy. Of course that means the Pokémon center is only minutes away!" said Cilan.

"Yeah! Fast and easy are y middle names ya know?!" Meowth scampered into the entrance of the subway excitedly.

"There's only one way to travel in Nimbasa city and that's through the subway, all aboard!"

"Wow, just like a little kid, he loves his trains," said Iris.

"Just like you love dragon type Pokémon," Naruto pointed out what she couldn't refute.

"Of course, I am a Metro connoisseur after all!" said Cilan.

"A Metro connoisseur/ Metro connoisseur?" both humans and Pokémon asked confusedly. Regardless they went downstairs to the station where many people await the arrival of different train for their next destination, there they found Cilan ogling at an old train cart on exhibition.

"Oh joy! They've got a subway exhibit!" Cilan was busy taking pictures.

"It looks like a subway cart to me," said Ash.

Hearing that statement offended Cilan as he turned to speak to them with a twinkle in his eye "Ash it's more than that, cause now…it's subway,"

"Which means it's lecture time," said Iris.

And like she said, Cilan began to explain how the train on display is a double train, the first mass-produced train to contain small number of machine parts, for it can for it can travel faster and is less expensive to manufacture

"…which is why it became a standard for future models," Cilan finally finished.

"Yeah, too bad it has become a standard for your mouth," Meowth grumbled, he saw that Cilan was about to continue his rambling and so proceeded to drag him away from the train "School's out! It's grub time!"

"But I want to look at the trains some more," Cilan whined.

"Dude, our stomachs want to be fed, not educated!" said Naruto.

Soon enough, the gang were on a train and en route to the Pokémon. Inside, Cilan was pressing his face against the window like kid looking into a candy store with everyone watching him much to his friends' embarrassment.

"Quit it Cilan, you embarrassing us!" Iris whispered out.

"But I'm looking at the controls," said Cilan.

Out of curiosity, Naruto, Ash and Pikachu looked through the window to see an electronic console, however…

"There's nobody in there," said Ash.

"That's right Ash, because it's ATO,"

"What does that mean?" asked Naruto.

"It stands for Automatic Train Operation. In other words, it's fully automated and doesn't need an engineer,"

"That would cause a serious lack of jobs, that's for sure," said Naruto.

"So how does it run?" asked Ash.

"The main computer in the central control room uses sensors to detect the train's position which speeds up and slows down the train. And when it arrives at its destination, stops it,"

Suddenly, the train screeched to a stop, causing everyone to nearly lose their balance and fall to the ground. Ash and the others held on during then and were able to remain standing.

"The emergency braking system has been engaged for some reason, there may have been an accident," Cilan went over to a side and looked outside, there he saw a grey colored train pass by "I've never seen that train before and since I'm a Metro connoisseur, that's quite unusual,"

"There it is, the ghost train is such a mystery," said one of the passengers with others murmuring in agreement.

"A ghost train, never heard of that before," said Cilan.

"Cilan, something's coming down the tracks!" said Iris.

They looked through the to see to spots of light approaching the train, Naruto tensed a bit in preparation of a possible battle until he saw that it was two men holding torchlights. At first glance, one could tell that they're twins as both share the same height with pale skin and silver hair with locks shaped like lightning bolts that curve over either side of their faces. Both wear a tall conductor's cap and a long high-collared trench coat with large silver buttons and large cylindrical cuffs on the sleeves. But the colors on their coats different with similar patterns, and underneath them they wear a white dress shirt, a blue necktie, white/black dress pants, and white/black shoes whilst wear a pair of white gloves.

"It's Ingo and Emmet!" said Cilan excitedly.

"Who are they?" asked Iris curiously.

"You see, those are the two Subway Bosses that watch over the Nimbasa subway system,"

Soon enough, the Subway Bosses had repaired the system on the train and announced to the passengers about the resumption of the subway service. Upon reaching their stop, Cilan led the group to go and meet them "Ingo, Emmet! It's been so long!"

"Why if it isn't our favorite Metro Connoisseur," said Emmet with a smile.

"I haven't seen you two since last year's subway convention,"

"There's a subway convention?" Ash asked curiously.

"It's a wonderful event for subway lovers and it happens once a year," Cilan explained to them.

"I wonder if there's a ramen convention?" thought Naruto.

"Don't hold your breath," Kurama grumbled, Naruto ignored the fox and turned his attention back to the others.

"So is there a problem with the trains?" Iris was asking.

"Yes there is, we've had several reports of strange train sightings we haven't been able to identify so far," said Ingo.

"Strange train sightings…you mean the ghost train we just saw," said Cilan.

"Precisely Cilan, the ghost train unexpectedly appeared over at drawbridge station and the ATO stopped all trains in the system to prevent any potential collision. But true to its name, the ghost train vanished into thin air,"

"I just released that I've never seen a train like that one before but there's no doubt that it was a real train, so how could it just vanish?" Cilan looked deep in thought.

"I'm afraid we have no idea," said Ingo.

"And that's why we're investigating," Emmet added.

"Something weird is going on here Kurama, we need to be on guard," thought Naruto.

"My thoughts exactly," Kurama responded.

Cilan looked angered with fire in his eyes "How dare someone endanger the lives of passengers and taint the subway's reputation!"

"I'll haul you down at the Pokémon center!" Meowth grabbed Cilan by the back of his shirt and started dragging him away with the others following him with Naruto lagging behind a bit.

Eventually they had arrived at the Nimbasa Pokémon center and were quite taken with place as it is much bigger than the previous ones that they visited before.

"Man I've never seen a Pokémon center this big before," said Ash while they approached Nurse Joy and her two Audino over at the reception desk.

"That's because so many trainers come to visit us here, our lovely gourmet restaurant and Pokémon vault are quite spacious as well," said Nurse Joy.

Naruto about to ask about it when Cilan spoke up "The Pokémon Vault is befitting of the town nickname battle central where the strongest Pokémon gather to sharpen their battling skills,"

"Right! The Pokémon vault also got these rocking therapy machines you can't find at regular Pokémon centers and Pokémon can even get special healing massages by these awesome Audino. Be still my beating heart!" said Meowth blissfully.

Ash was quite impressed "You sure know your stuff,"

"No duh pally, this joint is famous in the Unova region. That's why you should let them take care of every single one of your amazing Pokémon,"

"You know I might do just that,"

"Me too," Iris seconded.

"Count me in," Cilan was in it too.

"Of course that would include your wonderful Pikachu, Axew and Tokala," said Meowth, Naruto's eyes narrowed at the sentence.

"Sure thing, what about you guys?" asked Ash.

"I would!" said Pikachu.

Naruto took a little longer to respond but he eventually spoke "Sure thing, but would you mind taking my headband before returning me to my Pokéball? I don't want to lose it along the way,"

"Sure," Ash reached over to untie the headband before placing it in his pocket and then returning Naruto into his Pokéball. Later the Audino were carting the Pokémon and Pokéballs away for the therapy treatment while Ash and the others went for lunch. They were halfway towards the vault when Meowth suddenly spoke up.

"I just remembered something I forgot to do, would you mind waiting for a few moments?" asked Meowth.

"Why of course," said one of the Audino with a smile.

Meowth hopped off the stretcher and made his way into a nearby phone booth where he picked up the receiver and dialed in a series of numbers before the line connected as he smirked evilly "Ok, this is Meowth. I'm about to proceed with our plan,"

"Excellent, Jessie and James. Proceed as ordered," said Dr. Zager.

Deep within the subway is the supposed 'Ghost Train' where Jessie and James were inside waiting for the mission to proceed.

"Yes sir," said Jessie.

"Proceeding straight away," James typed on the console to begin the operation.

Meanwhile back at the Pokémon center, Ash and the others were at the restaurant ready to order some food when he suddenly recalled something.

"Oh yeah, I gotta go call professor Oak and my mum for something. I'll back right back," said Ash before leaving for the phone booth. Sometime ago, Naruto had whacked him on the head with his tails for not calling his mother from time to time.

Back with the Pokémon, Meowth had rejoined them and were currently standing in front of a high-tech security door. One of the Audino went to stand on some sort of scanner much to the curiosity of Pikachu and Axew.

"What's that for Meowth?" asked Pikachu.

"That's the pride and joy of Nimbasa city Pokémon center's security system. When Audino touches that scanner pad, it makes sure that only Nurse Joy and the Audino can enter the vault," said Meowth.

"That's so cool, I wish Naruto could see this!" said Axew with a starry look in his eyes. By then the doors opened for the Audino to wheel them inside.

Ash was at the booth and had connected with the Pokémon professor.

"Why hello Ash, how are you doing?" asked Prof Oak with a smile.

"I'm doing okay and it's been a long time," said Ash.

"So where are you now?"

"In Nimbasa city,"

"Then that means you're going after your fourth gym badge,"

"Yeah but I'm not sure which Pokémon I'm gonna use yet…especially since now I'm bringing in the rest of my old team," thanks to Naruto, Ash recalled how much more training his other Pokémon needs aside from the ones he currently has on hand.

"Not to worry, Tracey has been looking after your Pokémon so he should be able to give you some goo-," suddenly the line cut off much to Ash's confusion as he tried to call him back but failed each time. Unknown to him was that Team Rocket had cut off all communications to the Pokémon center and even manipulated the drawbridge to remain open. Ash went back to the others with a small frown on his face.

Back in the vault, Meowth had persuaded the Audino to attend to their other duties then put an asleep Pikachu and Axew into cages before disabling the security system which released the secured Pokéballs and unlocked the ventilation system as well.

"Heh this is like taking candy from a baby!" Meowth started throwing the Pokéballs into the vents with the air currents directing them all the way to where the ghost train is stationed. Then he tossed Pikachu and Axew in next, waking them up to see that they're being transported to who knows where.

"Hey what's going on here?!" shouted Pikachu.

"Just like clockwork," said James.

"While Officer Jenny has her hands full with the drawbridge, we'll be able to slip out unnoticed," said Jessie as they watched the Pokéballs fall into the train.

Ash and the gang heard the sound of sirens and looked out the window to see a fleet of police cars speeding down the road.

"I wonder what's up?" asked Ash.

"They're heading for the drawbridge," said Cilan, they went over to the reception desk where Nurse Joy had just finished talking to an Officer Jenny who left "Nurse Joy, do you know what's going on?"

"Apparently, something happened to the drawbridge," said Nurse Joy "And with all communications in Nimbasa city down, Officer Jenny said that there could be trouble so we should be careful,"

"Huh, first the ghost train in the subway, next communications cut off, and the drawbridge having problems," Cilan was deep in thought.

"And then what?" asked Iris.

"All of these incidents occurring in succession, this must be part of a plan,"

"A plan for what?" asked Ash.

"A plan to steal something…Pokémon!" Cilan along with everyone realized the reason why it's occurring then quickly made their way to the Pokémon vault. Nurse Joy activated the scanner to open the door and went inside only to find that all of the Pokéballs as well as Pikachu, Axew and Meowth are gone.

"All of the Pokéballs are gone!" said Nurse Joy worriedly.

"Hey guys look over there!" Ash pointed over to an open vent before moving towards it.

"This vent could have been a means of escape which the thief must have used," said Cilan.

"Then I'm going in after, I'm getting Pikachu and Tokala back!" Ash jumped into the vent.

"Me too, I won't let them take Axew from me!" Iris followed him in.

"Nurse Joy, please tell Officer Jenny what's going on!" said Cilan before jumping in after them.

Over at the Subway Control Room, all of the systems started to become unresponsive and the operators repeatedly attempt to gain back control while Ingo and Emmet were looking around worriedly.

"All trains are making emergency stops…what in the world is going on Emmet?" asked Ingo.

"It's not good Ingo, someone's hacked into the ATO system and has taken control of everything!" said Emmet.

"But how can that be?"

By then Ash and the others have exited from the vent and found themselves in the subway. Ash looked around to find the ghost train and Meowth was in front of it with his back turned to them.

"That's the ghost train," said Cilan.

"There you are Meowth, we've been looking all over for you, where's Pikachu and Axew?" asked Ash.

However Meowth turned to face them with an evil smile on his face much to their surprise "I never would have done all this without your twerpish help,"

"What do you mean?" asked Iris.

"What do you mean? You're clueless indeed," Jessie landed next to Meowth.

"The answer will come as we feel the need," James was the next to follow

(an Not doing the dumb anthem, personally it's a waste of words)

"Team Rocket?! That means it was a trick along!" said Iris angrily.

"That's right, I became buddies with you twerps so I can pull off an inside job, breaking into that vault was a piece of cake. And I'd be rude if I didn't thank you from the bottom of my calculating heart," said Meowth with a sneer.

"Now that we finally have your Pikachu and that new rare Pokémon of yours. We'll be making our leave, Woobat use Air Slash!" Jessie threw a Pokéball to call out her Pokémon as it launched its attack at Ash and others, forcing them out of the way for the train to get away.

"You're not getting away!" Ash ran after the train in an attempt to catch but he was unable to keep up with it "Darn it!"

"Ash, let's head for the Subway Control Room! We should able to see exactly where the ghost train is headed!" said Cilan.

Within the control room, Ash and the others were explaining to the Subway Bosses what happened earlier.

"I see, so all of this chaos was the dastardly work of Team Rocket," said Emmet.

"First they stole the Pokéballs from the vault and then transferred them to the ghost train, at the same time they hacked into the ATO and froze the whole system," said Ingo.

"But hold on, wouldn't Team Rocket and the ghost train be stopped from going anywhere since all of the trains have stopped?" asked Iris.

Ingo looked down at the ground sadly "If only that were true…"

"I see…they're using the connecting lines!" said Cilan.

"Connecting lines?" asked Ash.

"They're tracks used for clearing trains coming from behind or from the opposite direction. And that's how Team Rocket were able to steer the ghost train wherever they please," said Ingo.

"But isn't there any way to stop them at all?" asked Ash.

"There's no way of knowing exactly where they are now but since they're using the connecting lines, the fact is that they can't head direct to wherever it is that they're going,"

Emmet then spoke up "Which means they must be taking a circular route," then he looked over the large subway system map on the table "Let's see, using the connecting lines…of course! They'll have to pass the D3 point no matter where they travel!"

"Then we can set up an ambush there!" said Iris excitedly.

"But the lines are so far apart," Cilan pointed out a problem.

"That's it! There's a mail car connecting line, it links the Nimbasa central station and the central post office!" said Emmet.

"Right there's a railcar as well," said Ingo.

"I'm coming along!" said Ash, both Ingo and Emmet were about to protest "I'm going to go save those Pokémon from Team Rocket, they aren't getting away this!"

"I'm going too!" said Iris.

"Me too!" Cilan was in agreement.

"…Very well then, I'll guide you through," said Ingo.

Suddenly Ash felt something moving in his pocket and reached inside to take out Naruto's headband which was oddly shaking a bit much to his confusion. Before he could say anything, there was a puff of smoke before fading away to reveal Naruto standing before them.

"Naruto?! How did you get here? I thought you were in your Pokéball?" asked Ash confusedly.

"That was my shadow clone you put into the Pokéball while I transformed myself into my headband," Naruto explained to them.

"But why did you do that?" asked Cilan.

"That's because I knew that Meowth was lying to us from the very beginning and had been keeping an eye on him,"

"If you knew, why didn't you tell us before?!" Iris looked at Naruto angrily.

"If I had told you, Meowth would have been alert and changed whatever plans he had in store for us. By now my clone is working on freeing the Pokémon within the train while we go and catch up with Team Rocket,"

"Alright then, I'll take you to the rail car so that you could head them off at the D3 point," said Ingo.

"I doubt they'll fall for that, no doubt they had planned for their escape as well," said Kurama.

"I figured but I can track them while in Sage mode, too bad Meowth doesn't know what I'm really capable of," thought Naruto.

The group were running along the rail tracks led by Ingo until they stopped before a sliding door, Ash and Cilan forced the door open and inside they found the mail car ready for use. They quickly got on board with Cilan at the helm except for Ingo who remained behind.

"I'll need to return in order to try to repair the ATO and guide the stranded passengers as well, take this and it will lead you to the D3 point," Ingo handed over a small map of the subway system "Be careful,"

"Yes sir…hang on guys, we're heading out!" said Cilan as he activated the mail car and were on the move. Cilan expertly drove the mail car through the connecting lines as he followed the route on the map "Now warp speed, it's only a matter of time before we get to the D3 point!" with their increased speed, the group caught sight of the ghost train moving just ahead of them "There it is!"

"Go faster Cilan, don't let it get away!" said Iris.

"Right!" Cilan drove the mail car closer to the train, however Naruto was frowning as he stared at it.

"I'm getting on!" Ash got ready to jump when Naruto grabbed him by the shoulder to hold him back "What are you doing Naruto?"

"There's something weird about the train, and I'm going to find out just what. Shadow clone!" a duplicate of Naruto appeared above them before quickly transforming into a ninja throwing star. Naruto quickly caught it before flinging at the train. Instead of the expected metallic clang, there was a whooshing sound as pink gas leaked out from the 'train' and deflated like a balloon much to their shock.

"It was a decoy!" said Cilan.

"I figured that they would cover their tracks," said Naruto.

"Cilan can you hear me? There's a train headed for the D3 point, have you caught up with it?" Ingo called them over the radio for Cilan to pick it up and answer.

"Yes but the train was nothing more than a decoy!" said Cilan.

"What? But our sensors are picking up a train still heading for the D3 point!"

"Then that means…it's right behind us!" Cilan hastily switched lanes and a few moments later, the ghost train passed by them with Team Rocket smirking at the group though they didn't see Naruto amongst them as he had quickly transformed into a pebble before reverting once they were out of sight.

"Cilan, we have a problem! We're getting multiple signals of the ghost train going in different directions and can't tell which is the real one!" said Emmet.

"So what do we do now?" asked Iris worriedly.

"Don't worry guys, I got this! I can use my Sage mode to track them down!" said Naruto as he changed into his Natura form and sat down to mediate with the yellow markings on his amphibian body beginning to glow.

"Of course! It just like last time, Naruto should be able to pinpoint the real ghost train by sensing the life signature of Team Rocket and the other Pokémon on board," said Cilan.

"I remember now!" said Iris in realization.

Naruto sat still in meditation for about two minutes with the markings glowing brighter until they stayed lit as he stood up with orange pigmentation appeared around the eyes "I've found them and they're heading in that direction," he pointed it in a direction and moved along to show the direction which they're going.

"With the direction which Naruto is pointing…that's it! I know where they're headed!" Cilan quickly picked up the radio to contact Ingo and Emmet "We figured where Team Rocket is heading to…which is the northwest of Nimbasa city that is Anville town!"

"Of course, it must be where they entered the subway in the first place since all trains come in from the Anville town rail yard and are now heading back to it! Emmet and I will be heading your way to pick you up and give chase," said Ingo over the radio.

"Got it, we'll be waiting,"

Meanwhile in the train cart, Pikachu and Axew were trying in vain to get themselves free from their cages but nothing seems to be working for them.

"What do we do now Pikachu?" asked Axew worriedly.

"Don't worry Axew, I'll figure a way out!" said Pikachu, then from the corner of his eye he noticed a Pokéball shake a bit before opening to release a Pokémon which turned out to be Naruto much to his surprise and joy "Naruto, you're here!"

Naruto nodded in affirmation "Not really, I'm just a shadow clone which the boss used to hide himself. He was aware of Meowth trying to trick us from the very beginning," he used a Crush Claw to break them out of the cages.

"I knew I shouldn't have trusted that cat!" electricity sparked from Pikachu's cheeks as he growled in anger.

"Now's not the time, we need to focus on getting out of here. In the meantime, let the others out of their Pokéballs," said C-Naruto. then Pikachu began to work on releasing their friends from their Pokéballs and bringing them up to speed about what's going on here "Now to get out of here," C-Naruto turned to face the steel door which is obviously locked and held a paw out as blue energy gathered around before forming a spiraling sphere "Rasengan!" then he slammed it into the door, causing it to bend inwardly before being wrenched out to smack into the other side. Moments later, the door at the other end opened to reveal Meowth who looked surprised to see Naruto and others out of their Pokéballs.

"Huh? What are you doing out here?" asked Meowth.

"Meowth!" Pikachu glared at the cat Pokémon with emphasis on the letter G.

"Escaping, what else does it look like? Oh and by the way, I knew you were lying to us all this time," said C-Naruto.

Meowth was flabbergasted from what he just heard "What?! How did you know?!"

"I have the ability to sense the intentions of others through their emotions, so I saw right through your lie and had been keeping an eye on you. When you suggested to Ash and the others about the relaxation therapy, I knew you were beginning your plans so the boss hid himself and left a clone behind to mess with your plans,"

"It doesn't matter if we don't have the real you, the rest of the Pokémon are ours since the twerps are far from here…what's so funny?" Meowth noticed that the clone was smiling.

"I forgot to tell you that they're on their way here already, your decoys had no effect at all since the boss can sense life energy even if far away, so until then…," C-Naruto formed another Rasengan and rammed into the train's coupling, destroying it completely "…we'll be annoying you for a while,"

Meowth ran into the cockpit and called out to Jessie and James "We have a problem, Pikachu and the Pokémon are out, turns out that Tokala knew of our plan all along and is leading the twerps this way, not to mention that they've just destroyed the train coupling!"

The duo were surprised to hear that "But how? Dr. Zager, we need to move the pickup ahead of schedule!" Jessie spoke through the comm link.

"I'm on my way," said Dr. Zager as he piloted a helicopter through the sky towards the cart.

Back in the subway, Ash and the others were running along the tracks when they heard the sound of a train heading their way. They stopped and turned to see Ingo and Emmet riding on a maintenance car with a Pokémon at the back emitting electricity.

It is an eel-like Pokémon that resembles a lamprey with a long tentacle-like finned limb extending from its head, it has red eyes with dark blue body, and possesses clawed paddle-like arms with yellow spots and yellow-and-red palms. It has a beige fin on the upper portion of its body and beige fin-like legs below. Ash took a moment to scan the Pokémon for a quick info with his Pokédex.

[Eelektross, the EleFish Pokémon. Eelektross's mouth locks onto its opponents, where upon it delivers an electric shock]

"Sorry for the delay, we used the Discharge from Emmet's Eelektross to power up the car's motor to get here as soon as possible," said Ingo.

"What an excellent idea," said Cilan.

"So everyone onboard and let's go!" said Emmet, the group nodded in affirmation and quickly climbed onto the cart then Eelektross used Discharge again and they took off at high-speed.

They had just exited from the tunnel when Naruto's eyes widened in surprise and spoke up "Guys we need to hurry! Team Rocket is using one of those helicopters to try and pick up the car with the Pokémon on it!"

"Affirmative, increasing speed!" said Ingo.

As they picked up the pace, the group saw that the car was front with the ghost train behind and in pursuit and a helicopter with a large cargo hook descending towards the car in an attempt to pick it up.

"There they are!" said Cilan.

"But they're in trouble!" said Iris worriedly.

"The track splits up ahead. If we get on the other track, we'll be riding parallel to the ghost train!" said Ingo.

"Go for it!" said Naruto, Ingo activated a switch to change lanes and were soon right next to the car "Now we need to get on the car before it's too late!"

"But it's too dangerous!" Emmet protested.

"Tokala's right, they've tried hard to get away so we've got to help them!" said Ash.

"I agree!" said Cilan.

"All of our Pokémon are depending on us!" said Iris.

Emmet turned to face his brother "Ingo, I completely understand what these kids are feeling. We're dedicated to protect the subway system while they're dedicated to their Pokémon, it's the same thing!"

Ingo slowly nodded in agreement "I know exactly what you mean, and I think my partner will be able to help as well. Chandelure, all aboard!" he took out a Pokémon and tossed it into the air to call out his Pokémon.

It is a Pokémon that resembles a sentient chandelier, it has a striped round head with round pupil-less yellow eyes. There is a ring of small black spikes on top of its head with a tall purple flame in the middle. From a black spike below its head, black arms curl upward while tipped with purple fire. Ash scanned this new Pokémon.

[Chandelure, the Luring Pokémon and the evolved form of Lampent. Chandelure uses its dancing flames to hypnotize opponents]

"Chandelure, use Psychic! Get everyone on the other subway car!" said Ingo, Chandelure glowed with a thin outline of blue energy then Ash, Naruto, Iris and Cilan were covered in the same energy and were lifted into the air "And now full speed ahead!" the Pokémon complied as it levitated them over to the subway car where the Pokémon greeted them happily.

"Ash!" Pikachu jumped into his best friend's arms and hugged him tightly.

"Sorry we took so long," said Ash.

"Are you ok Axew?" asked Iris who was also hugging her Pokémon.

"I'm okay, now that you're here!" said Axew happily.

"Hey guys heads up, the helicopter's coming again!" Naruto quickly alerted the group, sure enough the Team Rocket helicopter was descending towards them with the cargo hook.

"We'll need everyone's help to get out of this, Roggenrola use Flash Cannon and Tepig use Ember!" at Ash's command, both Pokémon launched their diagonally at the rails which caused the subway car to be propelled faster and move ahead of the helicopter.

"Alright Axew, help out by using Dragon Rage!" said Iris, the Axew stood next to Roggenrola and Tepig before launching his attack to make the car go even faster.

"Dr. Zager hurry and secure the subway car!" said James.

"I heard you the first time!" Dr. Zager spoke with irritation in his voice, he piloted the helicopter to come after them once again.

"Oh no, they're catching up!" Iris spoke worriedly

Cilan looked at the front of the train and saw a track switch ahead which gave him an idea "Pansage use Bullet Seed on the switch!" Pansage then fired a barrage of seeds at the lever to activate the switch, getting the subway car to turn left and evaded the helicopter but the ghost train followed after them.

"Once more everyone!" Ash called out for Roggenrola, Tepig and Axew to use their attacks to accelerate away from the helicopter's next swoop.

"Impudent kids!" Dr. Zager growled in anger.

"This won't work, they're bound to catch up," said Cilan.

Naruto glared at both the train and the helicopter "Even though I'm in a different world, some things remain the same. There will always be someone who seeks to get what he wants, even it means letting others suffer for his acts," his body emitting a white aura much to the others' surprise "But I'll be dammed if I let people like you bring harm to my friends!" the aura gathered around his open mouth before launching a powerful beam at the helicopter which destroyed the cargo hook much to the shock of Team Rocket.

"What attack was that?" asked Iris in wonder, then Ash's Pokédex spoke up as if to answer.

[Return, A full-power attack that grows more powerful the more the user likes its trainer]

"Whoa, that level of power just shows how much Naruto cares about Ash and us," said Cilan

"Amazing," Snivy looked at Naruto in wonder and felt her heart race.

"The cargo hook has been destroyed, I can't secured the subway car anymore," Dr. Zager reported to Team Rocket much to their shock and anger.

"Then we'll just have to grab that subway car instead, full speed ahead!" Meowth tapped on the console to increase the train's acceleration as it charged at the subway car.

"Here comes Team Rocket!" said Cilan.

"Then we need to move, everyone go at it with full power!" said Ash, the three Pokémon used their individual attacks. But when Tepig used Ember, it changed from sparkles of fire into a large stream of flames which helped accelerate the subway at a much higher velocity than ever before much to their surprise.

"Amazing! That was Flamethrower!" said Iris excitedly.

"Tepig was obviously inspired by Naruto's desire to protect and Ash's determination enough to learn a new move," said Cilan.

"Way to go Tepig!" said Ash.

"And now to deal with Team Rocket," A white aura radiated from Naruto as he used Return again but this time the aura broke off to take on the forms of kunai before he willed them to struck at the ghost train, damaging it severely.

"We traveling blind here!" said Meowth.

"Which is no way to travel," Jessie was in agreement.

"Abort the mission!" said James.

Ash and the others watched as a piece of the roof broke off before Team Rocket were revealed to be standing on top of the now destroyed ghost train with jetpacks strapped to their backs.

"You almost had all of us fooled Meowth!" said Ash, Pikachu glared at him "But we got all of our Pokémon back, so that means we won,"

"You got lucky this time twerp! If it wasn't for Tokala, we would have gotten your Pokémon!" said Meowth.

"True but I have to admit that it was the only time that you lied since the rest of the time you were being honest which is a far cry from what you are," said Naruto.

"Save it for someone who cares…Pikachu we'll cut you a break for now," said Meowth.

"But rest assured, the boss still has an eye out for you and Tokala," said Jessie.

"I'll never serve Team Rocket!" shouted Pikachu.

"Then I'll tell you this…," Naruto looked at them with utmost seriousness as his eyes changed from to red "should your boss ever capture me or my friends…that will be the day Team Rocket comes to an end…forever and that is a promise," Kurama smirked, knowing exactly what he meant.

Team Rocket were taken aback by his declaration and felt it from their heart that he was serious with that threat…but that won't stop them, after all they are Team Rocket! They activated their jetpacks and ascended to the helicopter with Pikachu screaming at them to come back.

"Pikachu, calm down. Just let them go for now," said Ash crouching on one knee to place a hand on Pikachu's head.

"Grrrrrr…fine," Pikachu finally relented.

"But I have to hand it to them, Team Rocket came up with a really good plan this time," said Cilan.

"Yeah, which is why we need to be ready for the next time we encounter them," said Naruto.

"I hate to think what would have happened if I had caught Meowth," said Iris feeling relieved.

As the sun sets, the gang were over at the Anville town railroad yard, much to Cilan's enjoyment as he gazed upon the many trains with bliss to the point of proclaiming it to be a Metro Connoisseur's paradise much to Ash, Iris and Naruto's amusement.

"Subway service is completely restored, we couldn't have done without you," said Ingo as he and Emmet walked up to them.

"We also returned the stolen Pokéballs to the Pokémon center," said Emmet.

"Wow, that's great!" said Ash.

"You can finally battle the Nimbasa city gym leader," said Iris.

"Yeah, and I'm totally psyched up!"

"Really? You're going to challenge the Nimbasa gym?" said Ingo.

"Good luck, gym leader Elesa is really strong," said Emmet.

"Then that makes earning that gym badge much more worth it," said Naruto with eyes full of excitement, he and Ash can't wait to take the train back to Nimbasa city so they can finally battle for the fourth badge and take another step closer to competing in the Unova League.

This is Hussbek online with the latest chapter, Naruto and the gang had finally arrived Nimbasa city for Ash's next gym badge. Naruto had noticed Meowth's strange behavior and took precaution only for his early suspicions to be confirmed as Meowth had been working with Team Rocket the whole time. He swung into action as he and the gang helped the Subway Bosses Ingo and Emmet in foiling the theft of the Pokéballs from the Pokémon center. Now they can freely turn their attention on gaining their fourth gym badge from the Nimbasa city gym.

I'm also closing down the poll for the name of Naruto's next evolution which will definitely occur before the Unova league. So you can check out the results from my profile even though I'll display it here as well.

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