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Chapter 19: Tourney Advancements

"Ladies and gentlemen, after witnessing such a great battle and debut of a new Pokémon. Let's see if we'll get the same feeling with this next match, what do you think Don George?" said the announcer as he turned to his cohort.

"The fact is that Cilan is one of the three gym leaders of the Straiton city which means that he's going to be one tough opponent," said Don George.

Meanwhile Cilan was standing at one end of the battlefield facing Trip who was standing at the other as they're both ready for their Pokémon battle.

"I remember your battle back at the Straiton gym Trip, I hope some of that flavor will emerge here as well," said Cilan.

"My Pokémon and I have come a long way since then, I'm sure our battle today will be much more exciting than when I beat your brother gym leader Chili," Trip replied.

"I can't wait to see what kind of battle Trip and Cilan are going to have," said Ash as he stood alongside Naruto and the others at the stands.

"Same here, we might get to see a new Pokémon on Trip's side," said Naruto.

"Well Trip seems pretty confident, but I can't find myself to see Cilan actually losing," said Iris.

"I can and he will! I want to see Cilan get the smack down of his connoisseur life and I hope that Trip delivers it. So what if he's an A-class connoisseur, I want revenge!" said Burgundy with a scowl.

"Can this girl be any pettier with that childish grudge?" said Kurama.

"We don't have any answers to that yet," thought Naruto.

"Alright, battle begin!" said the referee.

Music Start: Pokémon Black; Battle! Trainer

"Alright Dwebble, let's go!" Cilan threw his Pokéball into the field to bring out his hermit crablike Pokémon carrying its rock shell whom he had met on the way with Ash and the others.

"Gurdurr you're up!" Trip threw his Pokéball into the field as well which opened up to reveal a Pokémon which Naruto noticed to bear similarities to a Timburr only that it looks taller and much muscular with violet bands adorned on its shoulders and is carrying an I-beam girder in its arms.

"Which Pokémon is that?" Ash took out his Pokédex to scan the new Pokémon.

[Gurdurr, the Muscular Pokémon and the evolved form of Timburr. Gurdurr trains its muscles by carrying a steel beam. With its amazing strength, even professional wrestlers can't move it.]

"His Timburr must have evolved since we last met," said Iris.

"Let's see what it can do against Cilan's Dwebble," said Naruto.

"We'll be going first, Dwebble use X-Scissor!" said Cilan, Dwebble dashed at Gurdurr with its claws forward which was emitting energy in a cross pattern.

"Gurdurr dodge it!" Trip quickly responded, Gurdurr slammed the beam to the ground and vaulted over it just in time to let Dwebble pass under and completely miss its attack before landing back on the ground.

"Dwebble use Slash!" one of Dwebble's claws glowed white as it dashed at Gurdurr once again.

"Keep your distance Gurdurr!" Gurdurr thrust its beam forward for Dwebble to crash into it, then Gurdurr tossed it over and stood at the ready "Now use Rock Smash!" Gurdurr staked its iron beam to the ground before clenching its fist as it glowed red and charged at Dwebble with it reared back.

Cilan quickly called out with worry "Quick Dwebble get away from there!" Dwebble withdrew into its shell right as Gurdurr's fist made contact but the force of the punch was enough to cause cracks on it much to everyone's shock.

"The rock on its back has been cracked!" said Stephan with worry.

"All Trip has to do is use that attack one more time and I'll be a happy connoisseuse," said Burgundy with glee.

"Cilan better think of something fast or Dwebble's rock shell will be destroyed," said Naruto.

"Gurdurr use Rock Smash once more!" said Trip, Gurdurr lunged at Dwebble with its fist glowing red again.

"Dwebble quickly retreat!" said Cilan, Dwebble came out of its shell and scuttled backwards to avoid the incoming punch just in time.

"Now use Stone Edge!" Gurdurr crossed its arms and two rings of jagged white energy orbs that floated around it which faded to reveal gray jagged stones, then it opened its arms and fired the stones which slammed into Dwebble and sent in tumbling backwards.

Everyone was now looking very worried with the exception of Burgundy who looked like Christmas had come in earlier this year.

Trip smirked as he watched Dwebble struggle back to its feet "I see that you're not throwing in the towel yet? I'm impressed,"

"Well you've definitely grown stronger Trip, however it's my turn now! I call it comeback time!" said Cilan with confidence.

"Gurdurr get in close and use Strength!" Gurdurr charged at Dwebble with its body emitting a deep red aura and got ready to swing its iron beam.

"Dodge it and use Shell Smash!" Dwebble jumped out of its shell into the air and its body glows white then red cracks start to form around the body before breaking apart to reveal Dwebble's entire body glowing crimson red "And now use Rock Slide!" Multiple white ripples of energy appeared in the air and large gray boulders came out of the ripples before falling on Gurdurr, trapping it inside.

Trip was taken aback what he had just seen "What just happened?!"

"Dwebble's Rock Slide makes contact with brilliance and flare!" said the announcer.

"Shell Smash decreases Dwebble's defense but it also increases its offense, making Dwebble's Rock Slide an even more powerful attack," said Don George.

"What?! That's not fair!" said Burgundy with anger.

"And just like that, Cilan turned this battle around," said Naruto.

"That's right, it's really comeback time!" said Ash.

Meanwhile Trip was looking quite desperate "Gurdurr get out of there quickly!" Gurdurr tried to comply with its trainer's command but the difficulty in getting itself free was too high.

"Dwebble, I believe that the time has come for you to use Slash!" said Cilan, Dwebble launched itself forward with a claw reared back and glowing white with energy, Gurdurr finally freed itself from the stone prison and reached for its iron beam but it was too late as Dwebble landed the hit and was able to make Gurdurr collapse to the ground and not get back up.

"Gurdurr no!" shouted Trip worriedly.

"Gurdurr is unable to battle, Dwebble wins! So the winner of the match is Cilan," said the referee as the crowd cheered loudly.

"Cilan has won the first round! Which means he gets to advance to round 2 of the tournament!" said the announcer.

Music End

"I can't believe that he didn't lose! I wanted him to!" said Burgundy who was throwing a tantrum while the others watched with a sweatdrop.

That was when Bianca walked up to them "Hey have you guys seen Zorua? I've been looking all over for her,"

"But Bianca, your match with Steffen is up next you know?" said Ash.


"Aside from him getting my name wrong again, Ash is right. Right after I win this battle then it will soon be between him and I," said Stephan, though Bianca wasn't too happy at being overlooked like that as she was seen pouting a bit.

In a few minutes time, Stephan and Bianca were currently in an intense Pokémon battle between their Zebstrika and Minccino.

"Now Minccino use Doubleslap!" said Bianca, Minccino's tail glowed white before he swung it to smack Zebstrika hard in the face and again before backing away "And now follow it up with Hyper Voice!" Minccino and tucked in its large ears and took in a deep breath before letting out a scream which slammed into Zebstrika, inflicting damage.

"Looks like Minccino has gotten a lot stronger," said Ash.

"Much more since our last battle," said Pikachu.

"True but the same could be said for Zebstrika," said Naruto.

"Now it's our turn to attack, Zebstrika use Shockwave!" said Stephan, Zebstrika's mane lit up with electricity before a bolt shot out from the tip and struck Minccino before it could react.

"Minccino, please hold on!" said Bianca worriedly.

"End this with Stomp!" Zebstrika rushed up to a prone Minccino and raised its forelegs into the air before bringing it down on its opponent which drew up a cloud of dust, then the dust cleared to reveal Minccino still on the ground but with swirls in its eyes.

"Minccino is unable to battle, so Zebstrika is the winner and Steffen wins the match!" the referee proclaimed as the spectators cheered out loud,"

"Got my name wrong again, but who cares," Stephan sweatdropped.

"It's sooooo unfair that I lost!" Bianca whined as she returned Minccino to its Pokéball.

The remaining matches were underway afterwards, Luke won his match by having his Golett take out Scooter's Darmanitan with a well-placed Shadow Punch enabling him to advance to the next round. The same could be said for Iris when Emolga used Attract to bedazzle Jimmy Ray's Watchog and finishing it off with Hidden Power to earn the win.

"With Iris being the winner of the match, that makes eight trainers who will be moving on to the second round," said the announcer.

"Remember that tomorrow we'll have the second round and then the semifinals, so I suggest that our competitors should get back to the Pokémon center and get lots of rest," said Don George.

Later that day, Ash and the gang were hanging around in the lobby of the Pokémon center when they saw Trip leaving with his bag.

"Hey Trip, where are you going?" asked Ash.

"Since I lost there's no reason for me to stick around, I have other things to do," said Trip.

"But the tournament is not over yet and the second round is tomorrow,"

"So what? My Pokémon aren't going to get stronger just by watching other people's battles. It's basic stuff," Trip turned and left the center with Ash watching on which was when Naruto, Cilan and Iris walked up to him.

"I guess he's not sticking to watch the rest of the tournament huh?" asked Naruto.

"Yeah, says he has other stuff to do,"

"Well to each his own, but I'm pretty sure that we'll see him again during our travels," said Cilan.

"Maybe, but I still don't like that attitude of his," said Iris.

"You and me both, let's head over to the cafeteria and get something to eat. I'm totally starving after that battle today," said Naruto before walking off.

"I'm with you there," said Ash following after him.

"Me too," said Pikachu.

Later that night, the gang were at a table eating dinner comprising of bread and vegetables with Naruto eating the same while under a transformation since it's not all the time that he eats Pokémon food.

"Man this stuff is great," said Ash after taking a bite out of a baguette.

"Same here, and that's saying a lot since I don't like veggies much," said Naruto.

"You mean at all?" corrected Kurama with a smirk.

"Why thank you, the flavor comes from the freshest ingredients available. Perfect for serving Club Battle competitors," said Cilan.

That was when Stephan walked towards them while carrying a plate heaped up with food and sat down with them "You got that right,"

"Hey Steffen," Ash greeted.

"Ash the name's Stephan, but whatever. I saw your battle with that Pokémon of yours, he's pretty strong and I hope to battle you and him later,"

"Sure, for all we know you could be battling me,"

"I hope so, speaking of which where's Tokala? Oh never mind he's right over there," Stephan pointed at Naruto sitting nearby much to their confusion who is actually next to them eating and were about to point it out.

"Hey guys, have you seen Zorua?" asked Bianca for the second time in the day.

"No we haven't Bianca," said Iris.

"Oh dear, Zorua where are you?" Bianca walked out of the cafeteria but she didn't notice that Naruto giggled before jumping into the air and started spinning, then his body glowed pink and it faded away to reveal Zorua giggling much to Stephan's confusion.

"Huh? If Zorua was Tokala in disguise then where is he?" asked Stephan.

"Sitting right next to you," he turned to see a teenager with spiky blond hair and three whisker-like marks on both cheeks, he wears an orange and black jacket with orange pants and black sandals who was currently eating.

"You're Tokala? But I thought you're a Pokémon?" asked Stephan confusedly.

Naruto smirked before a cloud of smoke covered his body before fading away to reveal him in his polymorph form with a foxy grin "Does that answer your question?"

"You're just as much of a prankster as I am," Zorua giggled.

"But how?" said Stephan.

"Turns out that Naruto can transform to look like anything just like Zorua," said Cilan.

"That's pretty cool, now I'm really hoping to battle you tomorrow,"

"The feeling is mutual Stephen," said Naruto.

Stephan slumped his shoulders in depression "Even a Pokémon that can talk is getting my name wrong,"

Afterwards they all retired to their rooms to rest for the night, the next day Ash and the gang along with the other competitors gathered back the battlefield in stadium with the crowd cheering out loud.

"Welcome to the second day of the Club Battle, please pay attention to the big screen as we display the second round matchup," said the announcer.

Once again everyone watched as the portraits were randomly shuffling before finally displaying the matchups and they were:

1st Match: Georgia vs. Ash
2nd Match: Antonio vs. Dino
3rd Match: Cilan vs. Luke
4th Match: Stephan vs. Iris

"Looks like I'll be battling Georgia, She used Beartic in the last match so I wonder who she'll use next?" said Ash glancing at Georgia.

"Who knows but be ready for anything," said Naruto.

Georgia and Ash stood at opposite ends of the battlefield as they waited for the call to start the battle.

"Ladies and gentlemen, we're about to begin the first battle of round 2 between Ash and Georgia!"

"Ready? Begin!" the referee called out.

"Okay! Snivy I choose you!" Ash threw out his Pokéball as it opened up to release Snivy who stood at the ready.

"Do your best Snivy!" Naruto called out, Snivy nodded a bit and turned away with a pink tinge on her cheeks.

"Pawniard! Battle time!" Georgia threw out her Pokéball to release a Pokémon not known to Ash and Naruto.

This Pokémon is a bipedal with a rounded red and black head with a silvery blade extending from the front, its face is grey with yellow eyes. Four steel spikes protrude from its black torso, two on each side connected by steel ribs and its red arms end with knife-like blades instead of hands with red legs ending with two-toed feet.

"Pawniard?" Ash took out his Pokédex to scan.

[Pawniard, the Sharp Blade Pokémon. Pawniard's entire body is made of blades which it uses to inflict damage on its opponent]

"Merely looking at it tells you that you shouldn't engage in close range with it too much," said Kurama.

"I know and I'm sure that Ash has the same thought in mind," thought Naruto.

Music Start: Pokémon Black; Battle! Trainer

"Let's do this, Snivy use Leaf Storm!" said Ash, Snivy spun while summoning the leaves to swivel around her before launching them at Pawniard.

"Pawniard use Metal Claw!" said Georgia, Pawniard's claws took on a metallic sheen then in one move slashed all of the leaves to pieces.

"What?!" Snivy was shocked at seeing her attack nullified like that.

"Looks like Georgia has trained harder than we thought," said Naruto.

"Let's amp it up, Use Energy Ball!" Snivy held her hands close together and a glowing green sphere took form before firing it at Pawniard.

"Dodge and get in close!" said Georgia, Pawniard somersaulted over the incoming projectile and landed right in front of Snivy "Now use Metal Claw!"

"Snivy use Leaf Blade to deflect!" Ash quickly called out, Snivy spun around with her tail glowing green before it clashed Pawniard's claws. The impact from both attacks sending them skidding backwards from each other "Get in close!" Snivy dashed towards Pawniard with determination in her eyes.

"You're just looking for trouble, Pawniard use Iron Head!" said Georgia, the blade on Pawniard's head took on a metallic sheen before it lunged at Snivy.

Ash watched closely before calling out "Snivy, at the very last second sidestep to the left and then use Energy Ball!" Snivy immediately darted to the side while forming the green sphere before firing it as it slammed into Pawniard, sending it flying away.

Georgia gasped in shock before snapping out of it and called a command "Quick, get up and use Metal Claw!" Pawniard got back to its feet and ran at Snivy with its claws bared

"Snivy fight back with Vine Whip!" said Ash, Snivy summoned her vines and lashed out at Pawniard who used its claws to deflect them and approach but is kept at bay by Snivy's speed with her vines "Now use Attract!" Snivy launched a string of heart shaped projectiles which hit Pawniard who continued to attack and was able to land a hit much to her surprise which was shared by everyone else.

"Why didn't Snivy's Attract work?" said Iris.

"For it not to take effect must mean only one thing," said Cilan.

"Pawniard is a girl?!" Ash was in disbelief.

"That was unexpected," said Kurama being mildly surprised.

"You're telling me, she doesn't look feminine in the least," thought Naruto.

Georgia smirked at their expressions "Guess you didn't see that coming huh? Well let's see you react to this…Pawniard use Guillotine!" Pawniard's claws glowed with blue energy and then extended before jumping high into the air and dove at Snivy with her claws before her.

Ash called out frantically "Snivy get out of the way now!" Snivy jumped backwards just in time to avoid Pawniard who crashed into the ground, forming a crater.

"If I recall Guillotine is a move which guarantees a one-hit K.O," said Naruto.

"You're right about, now we have to watch out for it or it's all over," said Ash.

"Scared huh? We'll be coming over, Pawniard use Metal Claw!" said Georgia, Pawniard charged forward with her attack.

"Snivy use Vine Whiplash!" Snivy's vines shot out and swung in arc while making a snapping sound, Pawniard flipped over the first vine and deflected the second vine before landing close, Snivy twirled around wrapping the vines around her then twirled in the opposite direction, swinging the unwrapped vines to smack Pawniard away from her. But Snivy could be seen panting a bit from exhaustion.

"I need find a way to end this fast, Snivy is getting worn out and some of her attacks are easily deflected," Ash thought deeply before smiling upon formulating a plan "I got it! This should work even against Guillotine,"

"Looks like Snivy is getting tired, now I can attack without it moving around so much now. Pawniard use Guillotine!" said Georgia, Pawniard jumped into the air and dived at Snivy once more.

"Snivy jump towards Pawniard!" said Ash, everyone looked at Ash as if he grew a second head at what he said.

"What the heck is Ash thinking?! Snivy could get hit by the attack!" said Iris in dismay.

"Who knows but I hope that Ash's new recipe doesn't leave a bad taste in his mouth," said Cilan.

Snivy leapt at Pawniard who approached with her attack as everyone watched with bated breath at what looks like a suicidal attack, which was when Ash spring into action.

"Now spin!" Snivy swirled around like a top very quickly and evaded the attack much to everyone's surprise except for Naruto and Kurama who smiled knowingly.

"What?! How could Snivy dodge it!" shouted Georgia.

"I can't believe what I'm seeing here, what an exquisite recipe!" said Cilan.

"Yeah I've never seen a dodge like that!" said Iris.

"Whoa what a move, now I'm really looking forward to our match if he wins this!" said Stephan.

"I'm so glad I got this on film," said Luke happily.

Pawniard crashed on the ground and looked up to see Snivy descending towards her with a twinkle in her eyes.

"Snivy, time to wrap this up with Leaf Buzzsaw!" said Ash, Snivy curled up and started rotating head over heels with her tail glowing green before slamming it on top of Pawniard's head which happened to be a critical hit. The steel type Pokémon couldn't take anymore as she collapsed to the ground with swirl in its eyes.

"No Pawniard!" Georgia cried out.

"Pawniard is unable to battle, which means the winner of this second round is Ash!" said the referee.

Music End

"What a battle folks! Although Pawniard had a one hit K.O move, Ash and Snivy were able to come out on top with a well-placed strategy. Therefore Ash becomes the first competitor to go on in the semifinals," said the announcer.

Ash, Pikachu and Naruto ran out to the field to meet with Snivy.

"Wow Snivy, you were great! Thank you!" said Ash happily.

"That was awesome!" said Pikachu.

"They're right, you've shown everyone how strong you are!" said Naruto with a foxy grin.

Snivy turned away shyly with a blush on her cheeks and stammered out "T-thank you N-Naruto,"

Georgia had called Pawniard back into her Pokéball and turned to leave when Ash and the gang ran up to her.

"Georgia, we wanted to thank you for the great battle. Your Pawniard was very strong," said Ash.

"Let me tell you something first, that dodge of yours was pure luck so the next time we battle you won't be so lucky," Georgia walked away with huff while Naruto glared at her.

"By saying that, she's underestimating Ash and Snivy's skills which kinda ticks me off," thought Naruto.

"She's quite petty for saying that instead of accepting her loss with dignity, makes me wonder what excuse she would have had if she had gone up against us," said Kurama.

"Blaming a loss on luck, what a kid," said Iris.

"I heard that!" shouted Georgia.

The tournament went on with the second match of the second round was between Antonio vs Dino with Dino emerging the victor as his Tranquill landed a super effective Aerial Ace on Antonio's Cottonee.

"Now that we're halfway done with the quarterfinals, we'll be taking a break for a short while before resuming with the rest of the remaining matches," said Don George.

This is Hussbek online with a new chapter, I'm sorry that I kept you waiting this long for a while. Well here's the next chapter for you to enjoy, we're drawing to the end of the Club Battle so who will be the one to come out on top? Read and Review as always.

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