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Chapter 18: Reunions at the Tourney

"So the battle tournament is going to be here in Nimbasa city!" those were the words from Ash Ketchum as he and the gang were looking around while walking through a city along with their new friend Luke who dreams of being the best filmmaker ever.

"That's right, and it's home to the world famous giant Ferris wheel," said Cilan.

"This place looks so exciting, and it's where our battles are going to take place," said Iris excitedly.

"Sure is, and I'll be there to get it all on camera," said Luke while holding out his camera with Zorua sitting on his head.

"By the way Luke, do you know where the Pokémon gym is?" asked Ash.

"What do you mean by that?" asked Luke confusedly.

"We're talking about the Nimbasa city gym," said Naruto.

"But this is Nimbasa town, that's where we are,"

"…Nimbasa town?!" the gang said simultaneously in surprise, then Cilan took out his electronic map to verify this new information.

"He's right, Nimbasa city is still a long way from here," said Cilan.

"Well Nimbasa town has been here a lot longer, which is why the battle tournament is being hosted here and it's also sponsored by the Pokémon battle club,"

Ash was a bit disappointed but he quickly cheered up "In that case, the tournament will just be a warm-up for the gym battle,"

"Got that right Ash, let's get going!" said Naruto.

Then they heard someone approaching from behind all the while screaming to get out of the way, Ash quickly darted to the side right as the person passed by and they all saw that it was none other than their friend Bianca. The said girl caught her leg on the pavement and was about to fall on the ground when Naruto quickly dashed forward and used his tails to cushion her fall.

"You should really watch where you're going Bianca," said Naruto as Bianca got back to her feet before looking around and recognizing the people close by.

"Oh it's Ash and the others!" said Bianca happily.

"Where are you off to in such a hurry?" asked Iris curiously.

"I was on my way to register for the battle tournament," this caught everyone's attention when she said that "I just hope I'm not too late,"

"Actually we're on our way there as well to register," said Cilan.

"Really? Well what are we waiting for? Let's go!" Bianca took off before they could say anything else.

"Does that girl ever stay still for even a minute?" said Kurama.

"When I find the answer, I'll let you know," thought Naruto.

The gang and Luke managed to catch up with Bianca and together they headed towards the stadium, where they saw many people and Pokémon gathering around either to spectate or take part in the tournament. They found a booth nearby which they guessed to be the tournament registration booth and approached it.

"Excuse me, we all would like to register for the battle tournament," said Ash.

Then someone came out from the back to meet whom they recognized to be Don George "Then you've come to the right place for tournament registration needs, I'm Don George by the way,"

"They really all do look alike," said Iris.

"Indeed," said Cilan.

"I still think they're clones, there's no way different mothers can give birth to children with similar resemblances," said Naruto.

They received the registration forms and went to the nearby tables to fill them in before returning them back to the booth.

"Let's see…name, hometown and three Pokémon. So which should I choose?" said Ash looking at his form while deep in thought.

Pikachu hopped onto the table and tried to catch his attention "You'll be using me for the tournament right?"

"And me too Ash, I totally want to get in on this!" said Naruto looking excited.

"Of course I will be choosing you guys, I'll be needing you two out there on the battle field," said Ash.

"You can count on us Ash,"

"Allors, I can see that you're still using that peppery Pokémon," they turned to the voice behind them only to see that it was burgundy.

"It's Burgundy," said Ash in surprise.

"Oh no not her again, she better not say anything to annoy us like last time," said Kurama while growling.

"Ditto," thought Naruto as Burgundy approached them.

"Are you entering the tournament too?" asked Ash.

"Of course, you see any bitter feelings aren't towards you," then she pointed a finger at Cilan "but towards him! The time has come for some sweet revenge!"

"She's still upset about losing to Cilan? She should get over it already," thought Naruto.

"But Burgundy, you seem so angry. Have you become a higher class connoisseuse yet?" asked Cilan nervously, which made Burgundy back away while looking nervous as well.

"Uh not exactly, but c'est pre unimportant as I'll show you the stuff of a true connoisseuse. Because it is re-evaluating time s'il vous plait!" said Burgundy.

Then an equine looking Pokémon trotted up to then and Naruto noticed that it looked a larger version of a Blitzle, and there was someone familiar riding on it.

"Hey it's Ash and the gang!" said the boy as he got off and walked up to them with a smile.

"Hey Steffen, you're in the tournament too?" asked Ash.

"You still haven't gotten my name right but whatever, you bet that I'm in this tournament," said Stephan holding up a completed form for him to see "Keep in mind that I'm stronger than before, especially since my Blitzle has evolved into a Zebstrika,"

"A Zebstrika?" Ash took out his Pokédex to scan the Pokémon.

[Zebstrika, the Thunderbolt Pokémon and the evolved form of Blitzle. Zebstrika can be dangerous when angry, shooting in all directions from its mane. It is lightning fast and when running at full gallop, thunder echoes through the air.]

"Fast huh, hope I can battle you then," said Ash.

"Me too," said Stephan.

Then Iris heard someone make a comment behind her "I thought I smelled a dragon type," she turned around to see that it was Georgia "So you still got that gigantic head of yours huh?"

"Well it's quite obvious that someone like wouldn't understand a good hairstyle," said Iris with a smirk.

"You think you're funny, but remember that I'm a first class dragon buster who will never lose to the likes of you!" said Georgia.

"Just like a kid," said Iris.

"So what if I'm a kid?!"

This led to an argument until Zorua transformed into a copy of Georgia much to the original's confusion, but Iris came up with a crafty idea as she used Zorua to emulate Georgia on how she doesn't stand a chance against a dragon master like her much to Georgia's irritation.

"Personally, they both kids," Naruto muttered to himself.

"Hey look, it's Trip!" Naruto looked at where Ash was pointing, and sure enough there was Trip standing amongst the crowd and taking pictures with his digital camera.

"I shouldn't be surprised, there's no way he'll miss out on something like this," said Naruto.

Trip glanced to the side and saw Ash and the others close by "So you guys are here, gotten any stronger since last time?" Trip snubbed them before walking away.

"Still as arrogant," said Kurama.

"Tell me about it," thought Naruto with a roll of his eyes.

Later on, Ash and the gang along with the trainers who registered for the tournament entered the stadium, passing through a corridor until arriving at the end where the battlefield was laid out before them and they could see many spectators cheering out loud for them.

"Kinda reminds me of the Chuunin exams," Naruto mused to himself.

"Everyone welcome to the battle tournament! I'm your announcer for today and I present to you Don George from the Pokémon Battle Club and the sponsor of this tournament!" said the announcer known as Freddie.

"Thank you, as Freddie mentioned I'm Don George. Today's winner will be able to increase the base power of their Pokémon by leaps and bounds as he or she receives a beautiful and extremely rare seven feather top class Driftveil City wing set containing health, muscle, resist, genius, clever, swift and pretty wings. Best of luck to all of today's competitors!" said Don George with the spectators cheering out loud.

Then the announcer spoke up "Alright ladies and gentlemen pay attention to the big screen as we're about to reveal the club battle first round matchups!"

Everyone looked up to the giant TV above as it began to display the images of the trainers meant to battle each other and they were:

1st Match: Georgia vs. Sylvester
2nd Match: Dino vs. Omega
3rd Match: Antonio vs. Emmanuel
4th Match: Burgundy vs. Ash
5th Match: Trip vs. Cilan
6th Match: Stephan vs. Bianca
7th Match: Luke vs. Scooter
8th Match: Iris vs. Jimmy Ray

Many of the competitors nodded in affirmation while a few others weren't satisfied, like Georgia telling Iris to win so that she'll be the one to defeat her, Burgundy wanting to battle Cilan instead of Ash much to Naruto's anger for underestimating them. Trip simply says that a gym leader is a worthy opponent and Iris was a bit creeped out by her opponent who was wearing Watchog costume.

"And now that the trainers knows who they're facing, let's begin the extravaganza!" said the announcer, soon enough the battles went underway.

The first match was Georgia and her Beartic vs. Sylvester and his Joltik, Beartic was finding difficult to land its attacks on the small but nimble Joltik who was jumping left and right to evade, then Sylvester called for a Thunderbolt as Joltik latched onto Beartic's back and zapped it very badly. This led to Beartic falling on its back but also resulting in Joltik getting squashed underneath it, knocking it out. Hence it was Georgia's victory which she flaunted at Iris who called her a little kid.

Second match was Dino and his Deerling vs. Omega and his Patrat, both Pokémon clashed several times until Deerling landed a Tackle which was a critical hit enough to take down Patrat and give Dino the win.

Third match was Antonio and his Tranquill vs. Emmanuel and his Scoilepede, Emmanuel told his Scoilepede to use Poison Sting on Tranquill who took to the air and successfully evaded the attack, then Antonio called for a Sky Attack to which Tranquill complied and was able to take down Scoilepede, which allowed him to advance to the next round.

"And now for the fourth match, Burgundy versus Ash!" said the announcer as the screen displayed the next matchup.

"It's about time, I've been waiting for this!" said Ash with a look of excitement.

"Ash, during my battle with Burgundy she used Dewott and Sawbuck," said Cilan.

"So who will you be using to battle?" asked Iris.

"We'll just have to see which Pokémon she sends out, that's when we know who to use," said Ash before kneeling to face Pikachu "I'll be saving you for later buddy,"

"Okay Ash!" said Pikachu with a thumbs up.

Then he leapt into the battlefield and stood to face Burgundy who stood at the other side "Okay Burgundy, let's give it our all!"

"What I care about is beating Cilan, you're just in my way," said Burgundy nonchalantly.

"Look, I came here to win and after that head straight to the Nimbasa city and win there as well!"

"That's just a silly dream, perhaps my defeating you will convince you to completely replace your Pokémon,"

"Not that again!" said Ash with a frown.

"Allors Stoutland, it is time for battle!" Burgundy threw a Pokéball into the battle. A canine Pokémon came out of the Pokémon, its whole body is covered by shaggy dark blue fur and grayish blue towards the legs and also has voluminous white tipped plumes which are so long that they run the length of its body from its face "Bonjour, it is re-evaluating time s'il vous plait! The compatibility between me and Stoutland is perfection," her Pokémon growled in agreement.

"Stoutland?" Ash took out his Pokédex to scan.

[Stoutland, the Big-Hearted Pokémon and the evolved form of Herdier. Stoutland is very wise and is skilled in rescuing people stranded in the mountains or at sea]

"Stoutland looks very strong," said Cilan.

"Now which Pokémon will Ash use?" said Iris.

Ash took out a Pokéball from his belt and enlarged it "Okay Tokala, I choose you!" then he threw it into the battlefield and opened up as Naruto came out and stood at the ready with a foxy grin on his face.

Everyone were surprised upon seeing an unknown Pokémon like Naruto before as well as the competitors.

"Well this is interesting, I've never seen a Pokémon like this one before. It almost resembles a Ninetales except for the black markings," said the announcer.

"According to what my brother from Luxuria town told me, that Pokémon is known as Tokala and is a new species discovered in the Unova region. And from what he told me about this new Pokémon, I'm looking forward to an exciting match," said Don George as he looked at Naruto with interest as well as everyone else.

"Ash is using Naruto, but I thought he hated going into his Pokéball," said Iris confusedly.

"My guess is that he must have wanted to make an entrance," said Cilan, Pikachu nodded in affirmation as he was there when Naruto told Ash to put him into the Pokéball.

"I never saw Ash use that Pokémon in battle, I can't wait to see what it can do," said Stephan.

"Me too," said Bianca.

"I just know that I'll be recording some amazing scenes," said Luke as he focused the camera on Naruto with Zorua barking in agreement.

Trip was also watching attentively and gritted his teeth in anger as he recalled the beat down he received from the fox back then.

"So you're using that rude Pokémon to battle me? It still has that pungent aroma," said Burgundy.

"You may say that but don't underestimate Tokala because he's stronger than you think, right buddy?" said Ash.

Naruto turned to look at Ash and smirked "Believe it!"

"Very well, let us see your specialty dujuor!"

Music Start: Pokémon Black; Battle! Trainer

"Okay Tokala, use Extremespeed!" said Ash, Naruto immediately dashed forward and slammed into Stoutland before it could react, sending it skidding backwards.

"How dare you?! Stoutland use Tackle!" said Burgundy, Stoutland charged towards Naruto to hit him.

"Tokala, use Shadow Clones!" Naruto concentrated and four copies appeared close to him, Stoutland slammed into one of the clones making it disappear in a puff of smoke much to its confusion "Now use Crush Claw!" Naruto dashed in from the left and slashed Stoutland with a glowing white claw.

"Now use Fire Fang!" Stoutland's jaws lit up in flames as it clamped down on Naruto's neck, making him cry out in pain.

"Argh, it burns!" Naruto shouted out.

"Tokala, hang in there!" shouted Ash worriedly.

"And use Thunder Fang!" said Burgundy with a cocky grin.

"Quick use Substitution to get away!" Ash commanded.

"Got it!" Naruto puffed into smoke and in his place was a wooden log right as Stoutland unleashed electricity from its jaws.

"That was close," said Iris looking relieved.

"True, but I know that Naruto and Ash are getting started," said Cilan.

"Go for it Ash and Naruto!" Pikachu cheered them on.

"Tokala use Rasengan!" said Ash, Naruto formed a blue spinning sphere on his paw before charging forward and rammed it into Stoutland, inflicting a lot of damage.

"This isn't over, Stoutland use Tackle!" Stoutland charged forward once again.

"Tokala Use Accel Claw!" Naruto sped out of the way of Stoutland's charge before approaching from behind and slashed it again.

"Don't give in Stoutland and use Ice Fang!" said Burgundy, Stoutland clamped its jaws on Naruto's front leg as ice slowly spread out and freezing him in place.

"Oh no, Tokala is in trouble," said Bianca worriedly.

"Ash better do something or it's all over," said Stephan.

"He's finished," said Trip.

"Hahaha, there's nothing like frozen desert from gourmet chef Stoutland, and for you two it's on the house," said Burgundy tauntingly.

"Not so fast, Tokala switch to Combo mode and use Mach Punch to get yourself free!" said Ash, Naruto nodded in affirmation as his body glowed brightly before fading to reveal his simian form much to everyone's surprise, then he reared his free fist back and punched Stoutland in the face forcing it to let go before he shattered the ice to free his other hand.

"Astounding! This Pokémon could actually change forms as well as types, which is considered rare among other Pokémon!" said the announcer.

"That's pretty amazing and he looks strong too, makes me want to battle him," said Stephan.

"Wow, Tokala looks so cool," said Bianca.

"Of course he can do that as well," Trip grumbled.

"C'est impossible! Stoutland use Thunder Fang!" said Burgundy after getting over her shock, Stoutland rushed towards Naruto with electricity emitting from its jaws.

"Tokala, use Mach Punch and then switch to Close Combat!" said Ash, Naruto disappeared in a blur and appeared with his right fist buried in Stoutland's face and then unleashed a barrage of punches and kicks, inflicting a lot of supereffective hits.

Burgundy gritted her teeth in anger "Don't give in Stoutland and use Fire Fang!" Stoutland complied as it bit Naruto's arm with flaming jaws as he grunted a little in pain.

"That really hurts!" said Naruto.

"Using Close Combat reduces your defense power so watch how often you use it," said Kurama.

"Tokala, use Sky Uppercut!" Naruto's fist glowed before punching Stoutland to send it flying into the air before crashing to the ground below.

"This isn't over, Stoutland use Ice Fang!" said Burgundy as Stoutland attacked once more.

"Tokala, use Work Up and then use Mega Kick!" Naruto's body glowed a red aura before it flowed into his left leg, then he charged towards Stoutland. Upon getting close he leapt into the air and performed a front flip before landing a flying side kick on Stoutland to send it tumbling across the field before finally stopping with swirls in its eyes. (Think of Kamen Rider Kuuga's Rider Kick)

"Stoutland!" Burgundy cried out in worry.

"Stoutland is unable to battle, Tokala wins! Therefore the winner of the match is Ash," said the referee, this lead to the spectators cheering loudly for Ash and Naruto.

Music End

Ash ran out to Naruto who had reverted to his polymorph mode "You were great Naruto!"

"Thanks Ash," said Naruto with a foxy grin.

"What a great debut for Naruto," said Cilan.

"They did it, they won!" said Iris excitedly.

"Yay! Big bro won!" said Axew happily with Pikachu not too far behind.

"Whoa that battle was epic!" said Stephan.

"I'm so happy that they won!" said Bianca while jumping for joy.

"I knew that I would get some amazing scenes," said Luke.

"Humph, that was just luck," said Trip.

Ash and Naruto approached the rest and the screen displayed the next match which was between Trip and Cilan.

"Looks like it's your turn Cilan, good luck," said Ash.

"Show them what you got!" said Naruto.

"Of course, as a Pokémon connoisseur my battle needs to be as tastier as the both of yours," said Cilan before walking towards the field to face Trip while Ash and Naruto sat at the benches to watch.

"If this first battle was this exciting, then I wonder the other battles are gonna be like," thought Naruto.

This is Hussbek online with another chapter, sorry for not updating for so long but now I'm back in action. Naruto is participating in his first ever Pokémon tournament along with his friends turned rivals, will he be able to go all the way and win the whole thing? Stay tuned to find out. Read and Review as always.

This is Hussbek from Ghana.

Signing out.

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