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Chapter 17: Showtime for the Fox Sage Pokemon

Naruto and the gang were currently in a town, looking up at an electronic billboard as it was currently displaying a trailer of an upcoming movie where they see two actors having a Pokémon battle and using some sort of handheld device which is called a wonder launcher to power up their Pokémon.

[Wonder Fighters The Movie: Part 24, the mystery of the wonder launcher. In theaters now, where all secrets are finally revealed.]

"Wow! A new wonder fighters movie, I gotta see this one," said Ash, Pikachu nodded in agreement.

"It looks like a nice movie to watch," said Naruto as he continued to watch the trailer.

"Of course it is Naruto! Which means it's movie time!" said Cilan with stars in his eyes "I've always loved the new equipment that they use in each new movie," then he started talking about each role an actor played in the movie series which pretty much surprised the gang.

"Wow you sure know a lot about movies Cilan," said Naruto.

"More like addicted to them like you are to ramen," said Kurama, Naruto refused to respond to this statement.

"Of course I do, after all I'm also a movie connoisseur as well," said Cilan, which made the others sweatdrop.

"I also love movies, whenever there's a festival in the village of dragons where they show movies, I couldn't wait to go," said Iris excitedly.

"I'm also into movies too!" said Ash.

"Same here, I always love how the main characters keep on fighting and never give up no matter what. They're my favorite kind of characters," said Naruto, then he and Ash noticed that Cilan and Iris had looks of surprises on their faces, and it seems like they're looking behind them.

"What are you guys looking so surprised about?" asked Ash, then he heard someone giggling behind him and Naruto. They turned around and were surprised to see a girl who looked just like the one in the movie trailer and she even had a wonder launcher on her "You're that wonder fighter we just saw on TV!"

Naruto frowned a bit when he used his senses "She's not the one Ash, she doesn't even feel human,"

The girl giggled again and then she jumped into the air and started spinning, then her body glowed pink and it faded away to reveal a clone of Iris in its place, then it changed again into a Pokémon. It is a slate gray, foxlike Pokémon with red and black accents, its ears are triangular with dark insides with a large tuft of fur tipped with red on top of its head. It also possesses a ruff of black fur around its neck and four short limbs tipped with red, and its tail is short and bushy.

"It's a Zorua! I never thought that I would see one again," said Ash.

"Could you use your Pokédex so that I can know more about Zorua?" asked Naruto before he turned to look at the Pokémon who was giggling and looking at him with interest.

"Sure thing Naruto," Ash took out the device and pointed at Zorua.

[Zorua, the Tricky Fox Pokémon. Zorua hides its true form by changing its shape into people and Pokémon, and loves to surprise people.]

"Well I'm surprised that you were able to see through my disguise, how did you know?" asked Zorua curiously.

"Well it takes a fox and fellow prankster to see through those who are just like him," said Naruto with a smirk, Zorua giggled at his statement.

"There's no doubt about that, since I can tell that you like to play pranks too,"

"I've heard that Zorua are really rare Pokémon and this is the first time I've ever seen one," said Cilan.

"Me too," said Iris.

"Hey!" the gang turned to the voice to see a boy with brown hair and wears a pair of glasses running towards them with a Pokémon by his side.

It is a bipedal clay Pokémon with shades of blue throughout its appearance, it has a head with a cyan-colored fin and two yellow eyes. Around its spherical body are brown straps which meet at a blue square with a yellow swirl in the center, it has four large stones, two on its arms and two acting as his feet. Naruto noticed that it was carrying camera equipment like the ones he had seen on his mission to the land of snow.

"Please don't let my Zorua get away! It's my Pokémon!" said the boy.

Zorua frowned upon seeing him "It's him again," it quickly transformed into a Pikachu and started running around the real one to mix them up.

"Which one is the real Pikachu?" asked Iris confusedly.

Naruto was about to point out the real Pikachu, when the boy pounced at them and ended up grabbing one of the Pikachu.

"Now I've got you!" said the boy happily.

"Actually that's my Pikachu you're holding," said Ash with a deadpanned expression.

"Are you sure?"

"Hey put me down!" Pikachu released a low powered Thunderbolt which zapped the boy enough to let him go.

"Zorua can look like any other Pokémon it wants to, but it can only use its own moves," said Cilan.

"Then where did my Zorua go?" said the boy, the clay-like Pokémon quickly pointed at Iris's hair when Axew popped out of it "Ah-ha! So you changed into an Axew!"

Iris protested against his declaration "You're wrong, he's mine!" then another Axew popped out of her hair and was giggling.

"And that one's mine!" the boy tried to grab the fake Axew a few times but she keep moving around Iris's hair much to her distress. Soon he had enough as he took out a Pokéball and pointed it at Zorua "Alright Zorua, return!" but Zorua jumped out of Iris's hair to avoid the red beam before reverting to her true form and then firing a Shadow Ball at the ground before the group which drew up a cloud of dust. When it dissipated, it revealed that Zorua was nowhere to be seen and the boy looked glum at that "I guess that we'll have to cancel the shooting today.

"What do you mean by shooting?" asked Cilan curiously.

"The thing is that we're shooting a movie, and that Zorua happens to be our lead actress,"

"So that means Zorua is a girl," said Iris after tending to her hair.

"That's right, I almost forgot to introduce myself. My name is Luke and my dream is to become a big time movie director, and this is my partner Golett," said the newly named Luke.

"Golett huh," Ash took out his Pokédex again to scan it.

[Golett, the Automation Pokémon. It is said that Golett was instructed to protect people and Pokémon by the ancient civilization that created it.]

"I'm Ash and I want to become a Pokémon master, and these are my partners Pikachu and Tokala," said Ash.

"Hello," said Pikachu.

Naruto waved a paw and said "Yo,"

"My name is Iris and I want to become a dragon master, and this is Axew," said Iris.

"Hi!" said Axew excitedly.

"I'm Cilan and I a connoisseur, a film connoisseur as well," said Cilan.

"Those sound like big dreams," said Luke.

"Anyway, we want to know why Zorua was so upset with you that she ran off," said Naruto.

"I was wondering the same thing, we were right in the middle of shooting a scene when she just ran off,"

"What happened before she ran off?" asked Cilan.

"When we had finished shooting the scene with the princess, I asked Zorua to change into the pirate. She did as I asked but then she changed back into the princess which wasn't in the next scene. I asked her to change into the pirate again and gave her instructions on what to do before she turned into the knight next. When I asked her to turn into the knight for me to check, she complied but then she changed into the princess again so I told her that wasn't what I wanted, then she got upset and ran off," said Luke.

"It sounds to me that Zorua must have had a reason for her to run off like that," said Cilan.

"Really? But what am I going to down?"

"First things first, we need to find Zorua and then find out why she's angry with you," said Naruto.

"Do you know where she might have gone?" asked Ash.

"I don't know and I've checked the usual places," said Luke.

"Then let's check again," said Iris.

Luke led the way until they found themselves standing before a movie theater "This is where Zorua and I met, it's the oldest movie theater in town,"

"Could you tell us how you two met? I'm kinda interested to hear about," said Cilan.

Then Luke began to tell them his story, he used to help with the projections which meant that he could watch movies for free, then one night he noticed someone who closely resembles the main character of the movie sitting in the theater and watching. This kept up for two more nights till he decided to meet the character and it was to his surprise that it was a Zorua whom he discovered to have a love for movies. Luke told Zorua that he also loves to watch as well as make movies, he even offered her a chance to star in his movies which she happily accepted.

"And ever since then, we became movie partners," said Luke.

"Wow that sounds like good times for the both of you," said Iris happily.

"Hey Luke!" the gang turned to see an old gentleman walking out of the theater towards them.

"I'd like for you guys to meet Mr. Matthews, he's the theater manager and also the projectionist," said Luke.

"It's nice to meet you," Naruto and the others greeted.

"It's nice to meet you all too, I just wanted to let you know that I saw Zorua come inside just a few minutes ago," said Mr. Matthews.

"Really? Let's go in and see her," Luke and the others went inside theater and were surprised to see a princess standing on the stage.

"A princess?" asked Iris confusedly.

"That's princess Yuria, the lead character of the film I'm shooting now," said Luke, when they got to the stage, Zorua reverted to her true form and was growling at them.

"She looks very angry," said Iris.

"I'll try to talk to her," Naruto jumped up to the stage and stood before Zorua "Hey Zorua, Luke told us what happened and we wanted to know why you're so angry with him,"

Zorua stopped growling for a moment before she started speaking "It's because I want to play the role of the princess, I know that Luke wanted me to play the roles of the other characters but I really wanted to be the princess, but he wouldn't let me which was why I got upset,"

"Sounds to me like she's being picky," said Kurama.

"I don't think so Kurama, it's obvious that she would want to play that role since she's a girl after all. Have we ever seen a female play a male's role in a movie?" thought Naruto.

"You have a point there kit,"

Naruto relayed the message to the others who nodded in understanding.

"I get it now, but how are we supposed to make a movie with only one character?" said Luke.

"Then that's where we come in, we'll help you out in the making of your movie," said Cilan.

"Really, you guys will help us?"

"You can count us in!" said Ash.

"Me too!" said Iris excitedly.

"And don't forget about me, it's been a while since I took part in movie," said Naruto.

"You took part in a movie?" asked Luke.

"Yes it's true, Naruto told us all about it and it was a big hit where he came from," said Cilan, since they don't want to reveal everything.

"In the meantime, I'll be rewriting the script. I'm sure Mr. Matthews will let us use the film storage room in the back,"

"Alright everyone, let's work together to make the best movie that the world will ever see!" said Naruto with a paw in the air.

"Yeah/Yeah!" everyone cheered as well.

Luke called his Leavanny to make some costumes for the characters which Ash, Iris and Cilan would wear with Ash's Swadloon helping out as well. Cilan, Golett and Oshawott were making fake swords and shields to use for the movie, Luke was still working on the script with bin full of crumpled papers by his side. Ash was using a hammer to assemble a prop while Naruto was painting the others by using his tails to hold multiple paintbrushes.

"Naruto, can I help you with the painting?" asked Snivy as she walked up to him.

"Sure thing Snivy, here you go," Naruto held out a paintbrush to her with one of his tails which she took with her vines and started to paint alongside him with a smile on her face.

Emolga was coming over to Naruto when she saw Snivy painting by his side and frowned with jealousy "Why does she keep getting in my way of being close to him? I'll show her!" She got close to them and spoke up "Can I help out too Naruto?"

"Sure you can, with the three of us it will be done sooner," said Naruto with a smile while Snivy was frowning a little at being interrupted, Emolga took a paintbrush and hopped to his head much to Naruto's surprise "Why are you on top of my head?"

"It's so that I can reach the higher that you and Snivy couldn't reach," said Emolga, Naruto shrugged the answer and continued to paint, unaware of the fact that both girls were glaring at each other.

Soon enough, everyone had completed the preparations and Luke had finished with the script. So the next day, they all gathered at the theater room to listen to the story.

"Alright everyone this is the plotline of the movie, it's called 'The Legend of the Pokémon Knight'. One day, princess Yuria of the kingdom of Pallet is kidnapped by captain Cilan the pirate as he seeks a sacred treasure which she alone knows the location, then Ash the Pokémon knight vows to rescue the princess and is accompanied by a wandering Pokémon Tokala. Together they journey to meet dragon master Iris as they overcome many trials and obstacles, and finally Ash along with his partner Pikachu and Tokala emerge victorious against captain Cilan and rescues the princess," said Luke as he used a slideshow to display the scenes.

"That sounds like a great, Pikachu, Naruto and I get to be the main characters," said Ash.

"We'll do our best, right Pikachu?" said Naruto.

"That's right!" said Pikachu.

"The three of you are so childish, the princess is obviously the main character," said Iris, then she turned to Cilan "It's too bad that you're the villain of the story Cilan,"

Cilan smiled knowingly "On the contrary, villains play a vital role in an action movie. The depth of character of villain influences the characters of the hero and heroine which makes a hero too but from the shadows," said Cilan.

"The way he says it almost sounds similar to how you trained to get stronger when the Akatsuki were after us, since you wanted to defend yourself as well as your friends," said Kurama.

"That sounds about right Kurama, but I'm glad it's all over with those guys and we're having a new life in this world," thought Naruto and he could sense Kurama nod in agreement.

"Alright let's make our way to the set and get started," said Luke.

They relocated themselves to a playground whereby Cilan in a pirate costume, Pansage and Zorua who had transformed into princess Yuria were standing on a pirate ship, Ash in the hero costume and Pikachu were standing before the ship while Naruto was on standby before he makes his appearance. Iris was holding a script to serve as a voice actor for Zorua while Axew and Leavanny were watching from a distance.

"For the first scene, this is where captain Cilan kidnaps princess Yuria in front of sir Ash. Ready? And Action!" said Luke as he operated the camera.

"S-stop c-captain Cilan, r-release the princess!" said Ash nervously.

"Cut!" Luke stopped the camera and walked towards Ash "You're too nervous Ash, you should really try to relax a bit,"

Ash rubbed the back of his head sheepishly "Sorry about that, I guess this is much harder than I thought,"

Naruto walked up to them and started to talk "Here's the thing Ash, when you're playing the role visualize it like you're having a Pokémon battle and you're going all out to win it. So give it everything you got and everything will just flow through you naturally,"

"I get it now, let's try it again!" said Ash.

"That's the spirit!" said Luke as he ran back to the camera "And Action!"

"Captain Cilan! Release princess Yuria!" Ash spoke more clearly this time.

"Looks like your pep talk worked as always," said Kurama with a smirk.

"And why would I release her? The princess holds the secret to finding the sacred treasure!" said Cilan with menace.

"I won't let you get away, Pikachu use Electro Ball!" Pikachu formed an orb of electricity on his tail and flung it at them.

"Pansage use Solarbeam!" Pansage gathered sunlight and formed it into an orb in between its hands before thrusting it forward to release a bright yellow beam which collided with the Electro Ball and broke through it before impacting the ground near Ash and Pikachu to create an explosion. The dust cleared to reveal Ash and Pikachu lying on the ground.

"Oh no, sir Ash!" said the princess worriedly with Iris voicing in.

"Have you given up? If so then your Pokémon knight days are over! The princess is mine!" captain Cilan uses a smoke bomb to escape while laughing evilly with the princess calling out to sir Ash to save her before it cleared to reveal no one in sight.

Sir Ash weakly raised his head to look up at where they were and clenched his fist in anger "Darn it! I must rescue the princess! But how?!"

"Looks like you two could use some help," they turned to the voice and saw a Pokémon that looks like a Ninetales but with white fur and black markings on its body.

"Who are you?" asked sir Ash curiously.

"I'm just a Pokémon with wanderlust, but you can call me Tokala. I saw what happened and I know who can help you get stronger," said Tokala.

"Really? Who?"

"Dragon master Iris, she lives in a deep forest away from civilization. I can guide you there to meet her,"

Sir Ash got to his feet with Pikachu climbing onto his shoulder "Thank you, please lead the way!" Tokala nodded before walking away off screen with sir Ash following close behind.

"Cut! You guys were amazing! Now the next scene is where the Pokémon knight gets trained by the legendary dragon master," said Luke.

Then they headed into the forest and began the scene where Iris now in her costume stood with Axew by her side as she faced Ash and Pikachu across the field, and Naruto stood from a distance to watch.

"Hear me Pokémon knight Ash, if you wish to defeat captain Cilan then you must first battle and defeat Axew, the most powerful of my dragon type Pokémon!," said dragon master Iris with Axew roaring in agreement.

"Very well then, Pikachu use Electro Ball!" said sir Ash, Pikachu launched an orb of electricity at Axew.

"Quickly Axew, dodge it!" Axew jumped to evade the attack but he was slow and was hit by the Electro Ball.

"Cut!" said Luke as Iris went over to check if Axew was okay "Axew needs to dodge it quicker than that,"

"I know but Axew just isn't up for that,"

"Maybe we should have Pikachu tone down his power,"

"But then it wouldn't make the movie any more exciting, why not have Axew counter with Dragon Rage?" said Cilan.

"That's a great idea! Let's try this again," said Luke.

They repeated the scene and sir Ash had Pikachu use Electro Ball, but this time dragon master Iris commanded Axew to use Dragon Rage. Axew launched his attack which broke though the Electro Ball before knocking sir Ash and Pikachu off their feet.

"That was insufficient, you must put your heart into the move!" said Iris sternly.

"My heart…" sir Ash was deep in thought before looking up with determination "Pikachu, use Electro ball once more!" Pikachu got back to his feet and launched another orb of electricity, Axew responded with another Dragon Rage as both attacks collided and struggled for dominance "We're not done just yet, use Thunderbolt!" Pikachu fired a blast of electricity at the two attacks which resulted in an explosion. The dust cleared to reveal that Iris and Axew had disappeared but then they heard her voice echo through the forest.

"I have now seen what truly lies within your heart, now you may go and rescue princess Yuria," said iris and the forest was silent.

"Looks like your training is complete, let's go and find the princess," said Tokala as he walked towards sir Ash who nodded before they ventured out of the forest.

"Cut! Wow guys, we're really on a roll! Let's go to the forest's cave and record the final scene," said Luke, the group went further into the forest, not knowing that they were being watched from a distance by a certain trio.

As they stood before the cave, Luke was giving them instructions for the final scene "This is the part where sir Ash will defeat captain Cilan and rescue princess Yuria. Keep in mind that the camera will keep rolling, so don't stop no matter what happens,"

"But what if we mess up?" asked Iris.

"In that case we'll just have to ad-lib it," said Cilan.

"What's that supposed to mean?" asked Ash confusedly.

"It means to make things up from your mind and act on them as you go along, a lot of movies really wow a crowd with scenes that never follow the script at all,"

"That sounds like a lot of fun too," said Iris.

"And I'm good those kind of things," said Naruto with a smirk.

"You've always been the type to come up with plans even in the middle of battle, I've lost count of how many times you had done that," said Kurama.

Then they all took their places and got ready to commence with the final scene.

"And Action!" said Luke as the camera began rolling.

"Well as I thought, the princess's power has opened the door to the treasure cave. Now let's go inside!" captain Cilan grabbed princess Yuria and was about to drag her away when voice rang out.

"Hold it!" they looked up to see sir Ash along with Pikachu and Tokala as they leapt from the cliff and landed on the ground to confront the evil captain.

"Sir Ash!" princess Yuria was happy upon seeing the Pokémon knight.

"That's no way to treat a girl captain," said Tokala with a smirk.

"But did you find us?" demanded captain Cilan.

"That's because the princess's heart and mine are connected, so release her!" said sir Ash.

"Quit talking like a fool! Now Pansage use Bullet Seed!" Pansage opened its mouth and fired a barrage of seeds at them.

"Pikachu use Quick Attack!" Pikachu sped forward while leaving behind a white trail of energy and was darting left and right to avoid the incoming seeds.

"Dodge it and use Solarbeam!" Pansage leapt backwards right before Pikachu hit where it once stood before launching a bright yellow beam of sunlight at Pikachu.

"Pikachu! Put your heart into the next move and use Electro Ball!" Pikachu complied and launched an orb of electricity at the Solarbeam as both attacks collided "Now use Thunderbolt!" Pikachu launched a blast of electricity at the Electro Ball, empowering it to break through the Solarbeam and knock out captain Cilan and his Pansage.

"We did it!" sir Ash cheered happily with Pikachu joining in.

"You sure show him how strong you are," said Tokala with a smile.

"Princess Yuria, are you hurt?" asked sir Ash.

Suddenly blades of wind headed towards Zorua, she quickly jumped out of the way and reverted to her true form but she got hit by an electric beam which encased Zorua much to their surprise.

"Who are you and what are you doing to Zorua?!" demanded Luke as the group looked up to see a plane and a familiar trio aboard with Zorua trapped in an electric cage.

"They go by the name Team Rocket, and are a group of thieves as they go around stealing Pokémon from trainers," said Cilan with a frown.

"That's right, and now that Zorua is ours there's no need for us to stick around," said Jessie with a sneer.

"Meowth, take us out of here," said James.

"With pleasure," Meowth piloted the plane as it ascended towards the sky.

"I don't think so! Golett use Shadow Ball!" said Luke, Golett formed a ball orb in between its hands and threw it at the plane, destroying it and forcing Team Rocket to land on the ground.

"We'll take care of Team Rocket!" said Ash as he and Pikachu stood ready for battle.

"Luke keep the camera rolling," said Cilan.

Luke looked confused at what he heard "Huh? But why?" Naruto smirked as he quickly caught on to what he's planning.

"Cause it's ad lib time!" Cilan took off his pirate costume and switched it with a different "The three villains who had been controlling me all this time have finally revealed themselves, Team Rocket!"

"I get it now!"

"What these twerps talking about?" asked Jessie confusedly.

"Allow me to introduce myself, I am the Pokémon sorcerer Cilan!" said Cilan.

Then Iris jumped into the scene "And the Legendary dragon master Iris!"

"Pansage use Bullet Seed!" Pansage fired a volley of seeds at the electric cage that imprisoned Zorua, freeing her.

"Axew use Dragon Rage!" said Iris, Axew unleashed dark blue energy which took the form of a dragon and charged at Team Rocket, Zorua jumped out of the way ran back to the others.

Team Rocket jumped out of the way and looked angry, "I won't let you get away! Woobat use Gust!" said Jessie, Woobat intercepted Zorua halfway and flapped its wings quickly to create powerful air currents which launched Zorua into the air. Ash was about to call out Tranquill to catch her when they heard a voice call out.

"Tokala, use Extremespeed to catch Zorua!" Tokala dash forward at high speed and caught Zorua with his tails before she fell on the ground.

"Who said that?!" Meowth demanded.

"That would be me," everyone turned to see a teenager with spiky blond hair and three whisker-like marks on both cheeks, he wears an orange and black jacket with orange pants and black sandals. He also wore a short sleeved red coat with a black flame pattern around the hem. The gang noticed the headband which he was wearing and instantly realized who he was.

"Who are you?!" asked James.

Naruto grinned and pointed a thumb at himself as he responded "I am Naruto Uzumaki the Hokage and the loyal guardian of princess Yuria!"

"Yamask on the double!" James threw out his Pokéball to summon Yamask "Use Shadow Ball on Tokala!" Yamask fired a black orb at Tokala.

"Tokala, use Rasengan on Yamask!" said Naruto, Tokala placed Zorua on the ground before dashing at Yamask and formed a blue spinning orb and thrust it forward which easily broke through the Shadow Ball and slammed into Yamask, sending it crashing to the ground and was knocked out.

"It's about time that you came with us!" Meowth charged at Zorua with his claws glowing white.

"Oh really?" Zorua giggled mischievously as she transformed into a female Meowth and winked at him.

Meowth stopped in his tracks and had hearts in his eyes "On second thought, how about you and I go out on a date?"

"Meowth! This isn't the time for you to be love-struck!" said Jessie angrily.

Zorua reverted to her true form then she raised her front paws into the air and brought it down to the ground, and a pink and crimson forcefield appeared out of her body and expanded outwards until it impacted Team Rocket which resulted in an explosion.

"That was Night Daze!" said Cilan.

The dust cloud cleared to reveal Team Rocket making their getaway in jetpacks. Zorua ran up to the gang with Tokala behind her.

"Zorua, are you okay?" asked sir Ash.

"I'm okay now thanks to you!" said Zorua happily.

Luke quietly whispered out to them "The camera is still rolling,"

"Oh okay," Cilan turned to Naruto "What brings you here Naruto Uzumaki?"

"Tokala and I were ordered by the previous king to protect the princess from the shadows and make sure that she was safe," said Naruto with Tokala walking to his side.

"But if Zorua wasn't the princess, then who is?" asked Sir Ash confusedly,

Naruto raised a finger and pointed it at Iris much to everyone's surprise "The princess was none other than Iris, she used a disguise to hide from her enemies who sought out the treasure while Zorua took her place to fool them,"

Iris was a bit surprised but she quickly caught on "That is correct, I was merely under a disguise for my true identity is…" Iris switched out her costume and was wearing a princess gown "Princess Yuria!"

Both human and Pokémon stepped forward and bowed before her "Your Majesty, be at ease and know that we will always protect you,"

"You have my deepest gratitude, and I shall lead our kingdom to peace and prosperity," said the true princess Yuria.

Then we change the scene to see people at the movie theater and are currently watching the ending of the now finished movie with the gang watching from the back and Naruto was still under a transformation. When it ended, the audience jumped from their seats and gave a loud standing ovation, they learnt that the movie had a huge box office success.

Later on, Naruto and the others were standing in front of the movie theater with Mr. Matthews.

"The movie was a big success and it was all thanks to you! Though I was surprised that Naruto could transform just like Zorua," said Luke.

Naruto rubbed the back of his head sheepishly before reverting to his polymorph form "I kinda forgot that I could do it until I saw Zorua doing it, and it reminded me,"

"You had been using the Rasengan and Shadow Clones and yet it didn't come across your mind that you could transform. Then again I shouldn't be surprised with your IQ," said Kurama with a deadpanned expression.

"Shut up furball! I don't want to hear that from you!" thought Naruto.

"Although I wish that the fight scenes had a bit more action," said Mr. Matthews.

"You're right, but where can I get more ideas?" said Luke with a thoughtful look.

"How about you enter the Nimbasa Battle Tournament? I'm sure that the battle experience will give all kinds of ideas for all kinds of exciting battle scenes,"

"Okay I'll do it!"

"Hey, I'll also enter it too!" said Ash with a competitive look.

"Count me in on this, now it's time for the world to see what I got!" said Naruto with a grin.

"This is the perfect opportunity to battle strong opponents," said Kurama.

"Me too!" said Iris excitedly.

"So will I, but keep in mind that we'll all be rivals," said Cilan.

"You're all joining in? This will be great! Let's get moving so that we can enter," said Luke.

With that said, the gang including Luke proceeded to make their way to where the tournament will be held with feelings of excitement in their hearts.

This is Hussbek online with another chapter, the gang took part in an action movie which was nostalgic in Naruto's case, although things didn't go according to the script it still made a big hit in the box office. Upon hearing that there's a tournament to be held in future, Naruto is filled with excitement as he looks forwards to facing strong opponents and coming out on top.

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Anonymous reviews have been disabled. Login to review. 1. Overview 407 0 0 2. Victory wiith a price 1005 0 0 3. A New purpose 1330 0 0 4. Brought up to Speed and The G 1130 0 0 5. The Clock tower and Axew in traininhg 2189 0 0 6. Showdown at the Battle Club 4151 0 0 7. Uzumaki Training and Cleanup 4043 0 0 8. A Spook and a Battle at the Museum 6242 0 0 9. The Wild Child and Getting Bugged 6278 0 0 10. The Skeptical Evaluation 3946 0 0 11. Insect Rampage and a Buggy Bout 5655 0 0 12. A Shocking Encounter 6041 0 0 13. A Ghostly Night 4049 0 0 14. The Dragon Trainee 4226 0 0 15. Missing a Part of Oneself 4130 0 0 16. Another Rival Rematch 5018 0 0 17. Overcoming Your Fears 3561 0 0 18. Restoring Bonds and Busting Up 3516 0 0 19. Showtime for the Fox Sage Pokemon 5063 0 0 20. Reunions at the Tourney 3176 0 0 21. Tourney Advancements 3614 0 0 22. Wrapping it All up 5219 0 0 23. Getting a Feline Tagalong 4022 0 0 24. Too Much to Beartic! 4568 0 0 25. Gotta Catch a Train! 6479 0 0 26. A Parent's Worry and All Amped Up 8642 0 0 27. Clash between Truth and Ideals for Vict 4892 0 0 28. Clash between Truth and Ideals for VicT2 4712 0 0 29. Clash between Truth and Ideals for Vict3 7015 0 0 30. Out of your League 5114 0 0 31. Trouble with the Forecast Pt1 5860 0 0 32. Trouble with the Forecast Pt2 4280 0 0 33. From the Ground Up 3695 0 0 34. To the Rescue! 4976 0 0