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Overcoming Your Fears


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Chapter 15: Overcoming Your Fears

After having a third battle with Trip, Ash and the gang continued on their journey to Nimbasa city. When wandering through a forest, they came upon a lake which Cilan suggested would be the perfect place to have lunch while Iris wanted to play with the other Pokémon, but Ash and Naruto were looking at the lake as they thought back to what they learnt during their battle with Trip.

"Are you thinking what I'm thinking?" asked Naruto.

"Yup," said Ash, then he turned to Iris and Cilan "Naruto and I will be doing some training with Oshawott,"

"In that case, how about you let your other Pokémon out? I'll watch them for you," said Iris.

"Okay Iris, and thanks,"

"Could you watch mine too while I'm cooking?" asked Cilan.

"Sure thing," said Iris.

"With that, they released their Pokémon from the Pokéballs. But when Snivy and Emolga set eyes upon each other, they simply glared at each other before turning away with a huff. Ash and Naruto turned to Oshawott.

"Okay Oshawott, it's time for some special training," said Ash.

"Training?" asked Oshawott with a tilt of his head.

"Yup, and we're doing it in the water,"

"Alright, let's do it!" Oshawott excitedly ran towards the lake with Ash following him close behind, Naruto was about to follow when he heard someone call out to him from behind.

"Naruto, won't you come and play with us?" Naruto turned to see that it was Emolga with Snivy standing next to her.

"I would like to but I need to help Ash out with Oshawott's training," said Naruto.

"I see," Emolga felt down and so was Snivy even if she didn't show it, Naruto sensed their emotions and felt bad about it.

"How about when I'm done then I'll come over and we'll have some fun?" Hearing this cheered up Emolga and Snivy gave a small smile before they went back to the others. Naruto was about to go and meet Ash when he heard Kurama call out to him.

"Hey kit, I noticed that one of the orbs are glowing," said Kurama, he was currently looking at the orbs that are floating in a circle with three orbs colored white, bronze and green which shows the current forms which he can access with the rest grayed out but one of them was glowing faintly.

"Does it mean that one of the forms is about to unlock?" asked Naruto.

"It seems so as it started glowing when we entered this area,"

"We'll just have to wait and see then," Naruto cut off the connection before heading towards the lake where he saw Ash and Oshawott performing stretches "Hey guys, ready for some training?"

"I'm all set!" said Oshawott before he jumped into the water and started swimming around a bit, Ash jumped into the water and walked towards the sea otter Pokémon.

"Oshawott, you're great swimmer and there's no doubt, but the reason why you keep missing with your Aqua Jet is because you close your eyes underwater, so we're gonna work on that okay?"

"O-okay," said Oshawott, looking a bit unsure something which Naruto noticed as he stood on the shore.

Ash held Oshawott's hands "I'll be holding on the whole time, so you'll just have to relax and slowly put your face in the water," Oshawott nodded hesitantly before dipping his head in the water, after a little while Ash thought to check and dipped his head underwater only to see that Oshawott had closed his eyes and brought their heads out of the water "Thing is that you can't keep your eyes closed when you're underwater so let's try it again, but this time we're doing it together,"

After counting up to three, they both dived into the water. Ash looked at Oshawott and saw that he had still closed his eyes. Ash used his fingers to open Oshawott's eyes, but it rather frightened him to used Water Gun on Ash which blasted him out of the water and onto the shore with swirls on his eyes.

"Ash are you okay?" asked Naruto worriedly, he had been meditating to try and figure out how to activate the newest form but with no luck.

"Yeah I'm fine, but I don't know how we'll get Oshawott to open his eyes underwater," said Ash.

"It seems to me like Oshawott is scared to look underwater,"

"I guess we have to find a way to help Oshawott get over his fear,"

They were about to continue the training when they heard Iris call out to them "Ash, Naruto, we have a problem!"

"What's up?" asked Ash.

"It's Pikachu and the others!"

"Something bad must have happened, we need to go and check it out," said Naruto.

"Right, Oshawott let's go!" Naruto, Ash and Oshawott quickly ran back to where the others are and saw Pikachu and the other Pokémon laying on the ground with their faces red, Naruto went over to Snivy and touched her forehead only to release that it felt hot.

"What happened here?" asked Naruto.

"Those Foongus over there shot poison spores on everyone and now they're in bad shape," said Iris, pointing at a group of Pokémon. They are a mushroom-like Pokémon with caps that look like a Pokéball, they have digit-less arms, large pink mouths, and pinprick-like dark eyes.

"Foongus huh?" Ash took out his Pokédex and scanned them.

[Foongus, the Mushroom Pokémon. Foongus release poison spores to repel anyone who tries to catch them. For unknown reasons, they resemble Pokéballs.]

"For Pokémon that don't want to be caught, why does a part of them look like the tool used to catch them?" Kurama mused.

"I was wondering the same thing," thought Naruto, then he glared angrily at the Foongus, frightening them to hop away. "Cilan, do we have any antidote?"

"I'm afraid we ran out of antidote, and the Pokémon center is nowhere within miles of here," said Cilan after looking at his electronic map.

Naruto turned to Iris "I remember that you used herbs to cure me when I was poisoned by the Galvantula some time ago, do you think you can find some herbs to make another one?"

"Yeah, but I hope I can find some Remeyo weeds which can be found growing in the lake. If you make tea with it, it can neutralize the poison,"

"Hold on and let me do a search on it," Cilan started typing on the keypad of the electronic map for a moment "Alright, the map says that there's a lot nearby here,"

"Great, Oshawott and I can dive into the lake and get it, right Oshawott?" said Ash.

"You got it!" said Oshawott with determination.

"I'll go with you just in case any problem comes up," said Naruto.

"Me too," said Cilan.

"I'll stay here and keep watch over everyone," said Iris.

"Okay guys, let's hurry since we don't have much time," said Naruto.

Cilan led the way to the lake with the use of his electronic map, it was a long walk but they soon arrived at the edge of the lake.

"We're here, it says the Remeyo weeds grow in crevices between rocks at the bottom of the lake. However the crevices are very small so there's no way for you to fit. Back then, people used specially trained water Pokémon to gather it," said Cilan.

"I'm sure that we can handle it," said Ash.

Oshawott looked pretty scared at thought of going underwater "I-I'm not s-so sure I-I can do t-this,"

"But the narrow crevices make it hard to, and since Oshawott won't open his eyes underwater, how are you going to make it work?"

"That's easy, all I have to do is pull Oshawott's ears and guide him around,"

"I won't be able to help you as much as I want to, so Cilan and I will be waiting here for you to get the Remeyo weed," said Naruto

"Sure thing Naruto, just leave it to us!" Ash put on a rebreather and jumped into the water with Oshawott as Naruto and Cilan watched them. Inside the mindscape, the orb started to glow even brighter than before much to Kurama's confusion.

"It seems like the orb is reacting to the water around us, what could it mean?" Kurama wondered to himself.

Meanwhile, Ash and Oshawott had reached the bottom of the lake where they started searching through the large rocks for a crevice. It took a while until Ash finally found one, he peeked inside to see a clump of green leaves.

"That must be the Remeyo weeds, now all we have to do is get it and return to the others," said Ash, then he noticed something fast approaching them and saw that they're a group of water Pokémon with no good intentions, he immediately recognized them to be Tympole. He quickly swam out of the way before they could Tackle him, with Oshawott looking around in confusion.

"W-what's going on?!" said Oshawott fearfully.

"Oshawott get out of there!" Ash shouted, but Oshawott was much too confused to do anything and still won't his eyes "You have to open your eyes, it's the only way for you to dodge!"

Ash was a little too late as the Tympole started to Tackle Oshawott who couldn't even put up a defense, then they all used Supersonic which hit the sea otter Pokémon, confusing him. Then they followed it up with Hydro Pump, and Oshawott floundered around blindly to avoid the onslaught of attacks.

Meanwhile back on the shore, Naruto and Cilan were surprised to see streams of water shooting out of the lake.

"What is going on down there?!" said Naruto worriedly.

"It seems like they're being attacked," said Cilan.

"Judging by it, they seem to be a lot," said Kurama.

"I'm going after them!" Naruto ran to the middle of the lake before cutting the connection of chakra to his feet and diving underwater.

"Naruto wait!" shouted Cilan, but he was too late as Naruto was already gone.

"Kit, what do you think you're doing?!" shouted Kurama angrily.

"I've got to help them Kurama, they're in trouble!" thought Naruto as he tried to dive deeper but the current was a bit strong.

"Even so, you can't possibly hold your breath for very long and if you do get there, you can't properly use your moves underwater,"

"I don't care! I've got to help them no matter what it takes, the others are counting on us to get that Remeyo weed and we can't fail!" suddenly the glowing orb emitted a light so bright that it forced Kurama to cover his eyes from it.

"Could the orb be reacting to Naruto's emotions and is activating?"

Naruto's body started to glow as well and the light completely covered which could even be seen from the shore of the lake much to Cilan's surprise.

Meanwhile Ash and Oshawott were trying to fend off the Tympole with poor results as the sea otter Pokémon being constantly hit by their attacks.

"Oshawott, use Razor Shell!" Oshawott grabbed hold of his scalchop and sent energy through it to form a blade and attempted to attack the Tympole but he kept missing them because he still kept his eyes closed "You won't be able to hit them if you don't open your eyes! Come on, you can do it!"

Oshawott stopped attacking and began to slowly open his eyes, but the Tympole saw this as an opportunity and simultaneously fired another Hydro Pump at Oshawott which made contact and sent him flying backwards before he righted himself again.

"Come Oshawott! One more time!" Oshawott tried to open his eyes again, then the Tympole shot Bubblebeam at him as the projectiles quickly approached him "Oshawott watch out!"

Suddenly something darted in between them and destroyed all of the bubbles, then it spoke in a voice that was familiar to them "Are you guys okay?" Oshawott slowly opened his eyes to see an azure colored serpentine dragon with four webbed claws, and a white frill from the head to a scythe like tail.

"Naruto, is that you?" asked Oshawott,

The dragon turned around and nodded "Yeah it's me but let's save the chat for later, right now we've got some bullies to deal with,"

The Tympole attacked Oshawott and the newcomer with some using Hydro Pump and others using Bubblebeam. Oshawott took out his scalchop and used Razor Shell to slice bubbles before they got any closer and swam towards the group and proceeded to land a lot of strikes on them.

Naruto was weaving in and out of the streams of water with ease in his new form "Wow, never thought this I could move this fast underwater, now to hit back!" he opened his mouth and fired water spheres at them rapidly and landed a few hits on some of them, then he quickly swam towards the Tympole with his scythe-like tail glowing blue. "Aqua blade!" he lashed out with his tail on the Pokémon, soon the Tympole couldn't take any more damage from the duo and swam away in fear.

"You guys were great, we need to return to the surface and regroup before anything else shows up to attack us," said Ash.

"Then grab on to me, I'll get us out of here quickly," said Naruto, Ash and Oshawott held onto his neck as they began their ascent to the shore. They were getting close when Naruto heard Kurama call out to him.

"Kit, there's something approaching us and is ready to attack us!"

Naruto turned his head to see a flat, fish-like Pokémon with a broad, mud-brown body approaching them. He saw its body crackling with electricity and knew what would happen if it released it. He opened his mouth and fired a water sphere, knocking the Pokémon back and swam quickly to the surface, making it to the shore.

Cilan saw them and ran over to check up on them "Are you guys alright, and Naruto also got a new form?"

"Yeah we're fine, we got attacked by a group of Tympole and nearly got shocked by another Pokémon," said Ash, then he took out his Pokédex and pointed it at Naruto.

[New data updated, Form unlocked]

Aqua Mode

Type: Water

Ability: Storm Drain- Draws in all water type moves to boost special attack power when hit

Attacks: Water Bullet, Aqua Blade, Surf, Water Dragon, Ice Fang

[More forms are yet to be discovered]

"Being near the water must have unlocked this form when you jumped in to help us," said Ash.

Then something burst out of the water, they turned to see that it was the same Pokémon which tried to shock them.

"That's a Stunfisk, it must be the one that tried to shock you guys before," said Cilan.

"A Stunfisk?" Ash pointed his Pokédex towards the Pokémon.

[Stunfisk, the Trap Pokémon. Stunfisk hides itself in the mud and then delivers an electric jolt when its prey touches it, smiling all the way.]

"Hey why did you try to shock us?" said Ash, but the Stunfisk simply smiled before diving into the lake "We can't get back into the lake without that Stunfisk being around to shock us again,"

"And if I get hit by my weaknesses, I would be forcefully reverted back to my polymorph mode and not change into it for a while," said Naruto.

"So what should we do?" asked Oshawott worriedly.

"You can leave that Stunfisk to me because it's now fishing time!" Cilan took out a small rod and twisted the cap before whipping it out to form a fishing rod with a lure that looks just like Cilan himself.

"Does this kid have a time for everything?" asked Kurama with a sweatdrop, Naruto simply shrugged his shoulders while still in his aqua form.

"Alright then, backhand cast!" Cilan let loose the fishing line as the lure flew across the lake, skipping a few times before sinking into the water "That Stunfisk is an unwanted ingredient in this recipe, once I've taken care of it, the recipe will be tried and true," he felt the line being tugged "I've got it, and now to reel it in!" Cilan pulled back hard on the line and was able to pull the Stunfisk out of the lake and onto the shore.

"Good job Cilan, now we can go and get that Remeyo weed," said Ash happily. Something then shot out of the water and landed on a large lily pad with the mist surrounding it "Now what's going on?" the mist cleared to reveal a Pokémon glaring at them "It's a Palpitoad," he took out his Pokédex to scan it.

[Palpitoad, the Vibration Pokémon. Palpitoad's long, sticky tongue is used to capture prey. It lives both on land and in the water.]

The Palpitoad whipped out its tongue to launch a volley of mud balls at them, Naruto quickly retaliated by firing a volley of Water Bullet at the incoming projectiles to take them out. Then the Stunfisk launched itself into the air and fired a Mud Shot at Cilan who jumped back to avoid the attack

"Cilan, are you okay?!" shouted Naruto.

"I'm fine, it seems like those two are working together. You guys battle Palpitoad while I take care of this Stunfisk!" Cilan pulled back on his fishing rod to send Stunfisk into the air and started swinging him around in circles.

"Alright, I'll be counting on you Naruto," said Ash.

"Naruto simply shook his head and reverted to his polymorph form "I think Oshawott should be the one to battle Palpitoad,"

"What?! Why me? I know that you can take this guy on!" said Oshawott fearfully.

"That's because I believe that you can beat this guy, Ash and I have complete faith in you. If I didn't then I wouldn't have put you up to this,"

Oshawott was a bit unsure of himself, then he stepped forward with a look of determination "Okay, I'll fight him!"

Music Start: Pokémon Black; Battle! Wild Pokémon
Naruto relayed the message to Ash who smiled at the sea otter Pokémon "Let's do this Oshawott, use Water Gun!" Oshawott leapt into the air and let loose a stream of water from his mouth. The Palpitoad opened its mouth and fired a much larger and more powerful stream of water that easily overpowered the Water Gun and sent Oshawott flying backwards.

"That was a Hydro Pump which is much stronger than a Water Gun," said Naruto.

"Oshawott, recover and use Razor Shell!" Oshawott got back and charged forward as he took out his scalchop and channeled his energy into it to form a blade. Palpitoad opened its mouth again and unleashed a powerful yell that completely stopped Oshawott as he covered his ears in an attempt to block out the sound.

"That's Supersonic, Oshawott has become confused from the attack!" said Cilan who was still twirling the Stunfisk in the air.

The Palpitoad stopped and quickly switching to firing a volley of Mud Shot which hit Oshawott, but it also help shake off the effects of the Supersonic.

"Oshawott, are you okay?" asked Naruto.

Oshawott shook his head as if to clear it before responding "Yeah, I still good to go!"

"That Palpitoad is really strong guys, I think I should catch it!" said Ash.

"I agree with you Ash, go for it!" said Naruto.

"For that Pokémon to possess an arsenal of powerful attacks as well as quickly switching between them makes it the perfect hitter for the team," said Kurama since he also agrees that they should catch it.

"Right now, Oshawott's Water Gun can be overpowered and he can't get close fast enough to use Razor Shell. So it's all or nothing, Oshawott use Aqua Jet!" said Ash, Oshawott surrounded himself with water and shot forward like a rocket towards Palpitoad "You're doing great!" but Oshawott veered off of course again which could only mean one thing.

"Oshawott closed his eyes again!" said Kurama who was getting annoyed.

Palpitoad whipped out its tongue and launched a volley of Mud Shot at Oshawott who was heading right towards it.

"Oshawott look out!" shouted Ash.

"Oshawott, don't let your fears control you this time! Pikachu and the others are counting on us especially you to get the Remeyo weed, and you can't afford to lose to that Palpitoad!" shouted Naruto.

"Naruto's right, everybody is counting on me to help cure them of the poison. I can't let my fear stop me here! Not now, not ever!" Oshawott immediately opened and began to weave left and right as he evaded the volley and sped towards a surprised Palpitoad and slammed into it, sending it flying back till it fell on another lily pad with swirls on its eyes.

"You did it Oshawott! Now go Pokéball!" Ash threw a Pokéball which hit Palpitoad before opening up sucking it inside in a form of red energy, then it closed and fell on the lily pad as rocked a few times before letting out a loud beep to signify a successful capture "Alright I caught a Palpitoad!,"

"Now it's time me to catch a Pokémon too!" Cilan stopped twirling his fishing rod and let Stunfisk fall to the ground with swirls in its eyes too due the dizziness, then Cilan threw a Pokéball, capturing it as well "And I've caught a Stunfisk, a good catch!"
Music End

Then Ash's Pokéball shrunk and refused to activate much to his confusion.

"With me being an exception, I remember that a trainer can only carry up to six Pokémon. So you might have to switch with one of us if you want to keep Palpitoad with you on the road," said Naruto.

"You're right about that," Ash turned to Oshawott "Oshawott can you go and get the Remeyo weed on you own this time?"

"Yes I can," Oshawott jumped into the lake and dived towards the crevice which they were before, he passed through the narrow gap and collected the Remeyo weed before making his way back to the others "I got it,"

"Good job Oshawott, now let's get it back to iris so that she can use it to make a cure for the others," said Naruto with a smile.

They quickly went back to Iris who used it to make tea for the Pokémon to drink and soon they were cured of the poison spores and were running around with Ash, Naruto, Iris, Cilan, Pikachu and Oshawott sitting down and watching them.

"The medicine really worked and everyone's okay now," said Iris.

"Thanks to all of your hard work Ash," said Cilan.

Ash shook his head and placed a hand on Oshawott's head "Nah, it was all thanks to Oshawott,"

"That's true, it was because of his determination that he was able to overcome his fear to see underwater which allowed him to fully master the Aqua Jet," said Naruto, nodding in agreement.

"And you unlocked a new form in the long run, and that makes three forms which you can transform into," said Kurama.

All the other Pokémon stood before Oshawott and give him their thanks with the sea otter Pokémon feeling very proud of himself while Ash and other were smiling too.

This is Hussbek online with another chapter, looks like Oshawott has finally mastered Aqua Jet, Ash and Cilan each caught new Pokémon and Naruto has unlocked another form to his arsenal. In the next they will encounter a trainer who bears a grudge against the village of dragons, will Iris be able to come out on top as well as reconnect with a certain Pokémon with the help of a certain fox? Stay tuned to find out as well as read and review.

This is Hussbek from Ghana

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