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Chapter 14: Another Rival Rematch

It was another normal day on the road for Ash and the gang and a lot has happened throughout their journey so far.

During their training between Axew and Scraggy, they met a Pokémon by the name Cottonee who was on its way to Rainbow Valley to find a mate along with other Cottonee. Apparently, this Cottonee happened to be a male who had his eyes set on a female Cottonee and tried to impress her. The female Cottonee battled him to see if he was worthy to be her mate, but he lost badly due to a serious lack one combat experience and was snubbed.

Sympathizing with the distraught Cottonee, the gang decided to help it out by teaching how to battle as well as use its moves more properly. Ash and Naruto taught it how to maintain focus in battle and how to evade and defend against attacks. Iris and Axew helped it out with its accuracy when using its attacks. Finally Cilan had Pansage and Dwebble serve as sparring partners for the Cottonee to utilize all that it has been taught in battle.

Feeling Cottonee was ready, the gang escorted it to Rainbow Valley thanks to Naruto using the Sage mode while in Natura Mode to lead the way. They were able to find the female Cottonee and the male Cottonee approached her to try again, but several other male Cottonee got in the way and challenged it into a battle to which it accepted with the female Cottonee watching. The battle was tough, but the male Cottonee was able to come out on top and defeat the other Cottonee which impressed the female Cottonee enough to approach him herself much to his joy.

But then Team Rocket showed up and tried to capture to Cottonee much to the gang's annoyance. But the Cottonee were able to defend themselves, forcing Team Rocket to retreat. When the sun rose and the breeze carried the Cottonee off, the gang happily bade the farewell before continuing on their journey.

On their next adventure, the gang were woken up by a strange light which flew over them, something which Ash claimed is a UFO which piqued Naruto and Kurama's curiosity. The next day, the gang stopped at a diner to get information and were told they were in area 28 and a strange scientist by the name Prof. Icarus lived there which Cilan was familiar with both, they also heard that a postman went to his place and suddenly had a vision of seeing space. Cilan felt that what they saw last night might have a connection with the scientist and went to check it out.

When they arrived at the place and were crossing a wooden bridge, they suddenly had a vision of Ash falling from the bridge, Ash tapped on one of the wooden planks which broke under the pressure to confirm it, Kurama suggested that it must have been a vision from the future. They continued onwards and met the professor with Cilan being enthusiastic to meet him. They were talking when they had another vision of a lab exploding, Icarus got up and towards his lab with the others following him as they saw him trying to shut down the system.

He tried to persuade them to leave but the gang persisted so he told them to disconnect the cable to the flying saucer, they tried to pull it out but it wouldn't budge until suddenly it was pulled out by an unknown force which stopped the system from overloading. The gang turned to see a Pokémon whom Cilan identifies as an Elgyem.

Icarus told them that he found Elgyem when it was injured and helped it recover. It was shy at first but eventually became his roommate, Icarus suddenly a vision of space and thought that Elgyem wanted to return to its home and so he worked on building a flying saucer for the trip. Then some people claiming to be from the space agency appeared at his front door wanting to test out a new machinery. But when they activated the machine, it captured Elgyem who couldn't escape it even when using Teleport. It turns out that the so called space scientist were none other than Team Rocket who sought to capture Elgyem.

Team Rocket made their getaway in a flying machine, but Icarus used his flying saucer to after them with the gang in tow. They were able to free Elgyem and force Team Rocket to flee once again although the flying saucer had suffered some damage during the rescue. Icarus vowed to repair the ship and take Elgyem back into outer space, but then they received visions of Elgyem spending time together with Icarus and realized that it's rather happy living with the professor. The gang bade farewell to the professor and Elgyem before moving on with their journey.

Right now, they were in a forest with Cilan busy cooking lunch and Iris and Ash swinging from vines above them with Naruto perched on top of a tree branch watching them with amusement.

"Hey Cilan, you gotta try this out!" said Ash excitedly.

"Yeah, come on Cilan!" said Iris who was just as excited.

Cilan was ignoring them as he was trying to cook, but then due to swinging from the trees, some of the leaves fell from the branches and one of them fell into the food which pretty much irritated him.

"Will you two stop IT!" shouted Cilan, however in his anger he accidentally knocked over the pot much to everyone's horror.

"Oh no, not the food!" shouted Naruto in dismay, even Kurama flinched at seeing the food spill over.

"What an upset!" said Pansage.

"This is bad!" said Pikachu.

"Oh no!" said Axew.

Ash and Iris stood before Cilan with their heads bowed in shame while Naruto and the other Pokémon were trying to cheer him up.

"We're really sorry about this Cilan," said Ash, looking apologetic.

"Yeah sorry," said Iris.

"Do you guys have any idea what you have just done? On a beautiful day like this, we have nothing to eat," said Cilan with a stern glare.

"That's not true, we have some fresh fruit right here," said Iris bring out some apples from her sleeves and passing it around.

"Iris you're missing the point, Cilan worked hard on that food and seeing it spilled on the floor pretty much bothers him," said Naruto.

"It's okay Naruto, I'll just have to make lunch again but will the two of you play your games somewhere far from here?" said Cilan.

"Okay," said Ash and Iris at the same time before walking away with Pikachu, Naruto and Axew behind them.

After walking for a while, Ash sighed to himself "Man I really feel bad about just now,"

"Well it's your fault for acting like a kid," said Iris.

"What do you mean my fault?!"

"You're the one who said we should swing from the trees,"

"Well I wanted to show you that you're not the only one who's good at swinging from trees especially since Naruto has been teaching me some moves,"

"What do you mean by that?"

"I've been teaching Ash some moves so that he could move around quickly and easily in order to improve his ability to react to any situation in battle," said Naruto.

"On the other hand, both of them were fault for knocking the food over," said Kurama with a quirked eyebrow.

"In that case, I challenge you to a race," said Iris.

"Okay, where's the goal?" asked Ash, then Iris pointed at the trees ahead of them.

"I'll race you to that Oran berry tree and back again, and whoever makes it back first wins!"

"Oran berry tree? Where, I can't see it?" asked Ash curiously.

"To the right, next to that tall pine tree," said Iris, Ash strained his eyes to see it although Naruto had already seen it the moment Iris pointed in that direction.

"You're right, but how can you see that far?"

"Where I come from, we all can see that far, so are you ready to run?"

"Of course,"

Iris leapt to the branch of a tree in one jump, while Ash quickly ran vertically up a tree and flipped over to land on its branch much to Iris's surprise.

"Wow, how did you do that?" asked Iris curiously.

"That's one of the moves Naruto taught me, pretty cool right?" said Ash.

"I have to admit it's pretty cool. Okay, ready go!" said Iris before taking off through the trees with Ash and Naruto and Pikachu riding on his back close behind.

Iris was leaping through the trees and swinging from the vines with great speed and agility, but Ash wasn't far behind as he too was jumping through the trees and keeping up with Iris, thanks to his past experience in the previous regions and the training from Naruto who was jumping through the trees with him.

"I gotta admit, you're pretty god at this but can you keep up?" said Iris.

"You just wait and see, I'll catch up with you!" said Ash as he swung from a vine. He grabbed onto another vine, but this one was too weak as it tore from his weight and Ash fell to the ground and tumbled down a hill.

Naruto saw this and quickly called out "Ash recover from the fall just like I taught you!" Ash heard him as he rolled on the ground and stood on his feet before sliding down the hill.

"I must say that I'm impressed with the kid's reflexes," said Kurama.

"Hey Naruto, what happened to Ash?" asked Iris who came upon noticing that they had stopped.

"Ash grabbed onto a weak vine and fell down the hill, let's go and check if he's alright," said Naruto before jumping off the tree branch and started sliding down the hill after him with Iris following him. They came in time to see Ash along with Trip with two unknown Pokémon.

He came in time to see Ash take out his Pokédex to scan the first that looks like amphibious Pokémon with a blue ovoid body with tan oval marking lined with black stretching from the bottom of its belly to its forehead. It has small feet with three toes, its tail is oval and white, it has three large half-spheres encircling its head and there are four large bumps starting from either side of its lower body and stretching across its back.

[Palpitoad, the Vibration Pokémon. Palpitoad can live both underwater and on dry land. It captures its prey by using its long sticky tongue.]

Then he turned around to scan the second one, its head is covered with something resembling a scoop of vanilla ice cream, its small body is adorned with specks of ice and has stubby arms.

[Vanillite, the Fresh Snow Pokémon, Vanillite's breath is more than fifty degrees below zero when it exhales, creating ice crystals and causing it to snow.]

"Wow, I guess that's an ice type Pokémon," said Ash, then he turned to Trip "Sorry about that, did I get in the way of you catching that Pokémon?"

"Yeah, big time,"

"Yo Ash, you okay buddy?" asked Naruto as he and Iris landed next to them.

"Yeah, I'm fine," said Ash,

When Iris set eyes on the Vanillite, she freaking and shivering all over which pretty much caught their attention.

"Iris what's the matter?" asked Naruto.

"T-that's an i-ice type p-Pokémon, k-keep it away f-from m-me!" said Iris fearfully with Axew hiding in her hair.

"What a weirdo," said Trip before returning his Vanillite back into its Pokéball, then he picked up his bag and started to leave "Next time stay out of my way,"

"That human is really getting on my nerves," said Kurama with a glare.

Naruto turned to check on Iris "Hey Iris, why were you so scare of that Pokémon?"

"Well you see dragon type Pokémon are weak against ice types so they don't like cold temperature, I think raising dragon types rubbed off on me as I don't like cold temperatures easily," said Iris.

"That's kinda like Misty, except she has a fear of bug type Pokémon," said Ash.

"Isn't she the one who travelled with you when you first started out as a Pokémon trainer along with another called Brock?" asked Naruto, remembering the stories Ash told him about his previous adventures in the others regions before coming to Unova.

"Yeah the very same Misty," said Ash before turning to Iris "Since you come from the village of dragons, could it be that they don't like cold temperatures either?"

"I'm not so sure, though I remember the elder saying that she doesn't like cold temperatures too so it could be possible," said Iris, suddenly Trip appeared before her looking interested.

"So you come from the village of dragons which makes sense since you raise an Axew," said Trip as he took out his camera and started taking pictures.

"Why are you taking pictures?" asked Iris.

"Chronicling my journey, but I find it weird that you're scared of ice types even dragon are also weak against dragon types too and yet you don't mind hanging out with Axew,"

"Well the thing is, Iris is aiming to become a dragon master," said Ash.

"If that's the case, then being scared of ice types won't help you in becoming a dragon master. You're being disrespectful to ice types,"

"Yeah, yeah, yeah, well excuse me," said Iris.

"I'm afraid I have to agree with Trip on this one," said Naruto.

"Naruto not you too?!" Iris whined.

"Iris since you're aiming to become a dragon master, you will have to battle trainers and their Pokémon, and that includes ice type Pokémon. So if you tell them that you can't battle ice types, not only are you disrespecting the trainers but the Pokémon as well and I'm sure that you don't want to build a bad reputation,"

"B-but," said Iris started but Naruto interrupted her.

"I'm not saying to get rid of your fears in one night, but just put it aside for when you're battling your opponents. You can use this as a way of getting used to being around ice type Pokémon for a while," said Naruto.

Iris was silent as she thought over what Naruto said and realized the gravity of the situation if she let her fears cloud her decisions "I never thought of it that way, thanks for telling me Tokala,"

"Anything for a friend," said Naruto with a smile.

"Now that you realized your mistakes, how about a Pokémon battle," said Trip.

"Why don't you battle me instead," said Ash, but Trip ignored him much to his annoyance.

"Surely you must have much more Pokémon than Axew, and it should be worth battling you since you're aiming to be a dragon master,"

Iris didn't want to battle as she has obedience issues with Emolga and her other Pokémon with the exception of Axew "Well you see, I can't battle at the moment,"

"Well that is a disappointment," said Trip.

"Like I said before, battle me and I'll show you how much I've improved from last time," said Ash.

"Yeah!" said Pikachu in agreement.

"Battling you won't help my Pokémon get stronger and besides, you got lucky because you used your Tokala who was obviously stronger than you other Pokémon to win the match,"

"So you're using me as excuse for your loss, how about you battle Ash and this time he doesn't use me in this battle," said Naruto.

"Yeah, and that will show you how we got three badges," said Ash proudly.

"Oh really, cause I have four badges," said Trip with a smirk.

"Don't underestimate us just because you have one more badge than us," said Naruto.

"In that case, let's have a three on three Pokémon battle,"

"I accept, you'll be shocked at just how strong we've gotten,"

Ash and Trip stood far apart and faced each other as they brought out a Pokéball to begin the battle.

Music Start: Pokémon Black; Battle! Trainer

"Servine go!" Trip summoned his Pokémon.

"Snivy, I choose you!" Ash threw his Pokéball to call out the grass snake Pokémon.

"Show them what you got Snivy!" said Naruto.

Snivy simply nodded while trying to hide her blush.

"Your Snivy still hasn't evolved? How long are you going to keep ignoring the basics, I guess that's how they do it in the boonies where you come from," said Trip.

"This kid's arrogance is gonna be the end of him one day," said Kurama with a glare.

"I know, he's just lucky that I'm not in the battle like I would have mopped the floor with him," thought Naruto.

"Too true kit, too true,"

"You may say that, but I believe in my Pokémon whether they evolve or not," said Ash, with Snivy nodding in agreement.

"We'll see about that, Servine use Leaf Tornado!" Servine spun with its tail in the air which formed a whirlwind of leaves before launching it at Snivy.

"Snivy, use Leaf Storm to cancel it out!" said Ash, Snivy summoned leaves around her and fired them at the incoming attacks with both side colliding before disappearing.

"Servine use Cut!" Servine charged at Snivy with a paw glowing blue.

"Snivy use Vine Whip and then slam it on the ground to launch yourself into the air, afterwards use Attract!" Snivy summoned her vines and brought them down on the ground, propelling herself high into the air right before Servine launched her attack. She then summoned a string of pink hearts and launched them towards Servine.

"That won't work the second time, use Leaf Tornado!" said Trip, Servine formed another whirlwind of leaves that clashed with the Attract and completely destroyed the hearts much to their shock. "As you can see, I've been training my Servine to the point that it can even block status attacks,"

"Seems like the kid has been training just as hard," said Kurama.

"Yeah, but that doesn't mean we've been slacking off," thought Naruto as he continued to watch the battle.

"It doesn't really matter if you can block Attract, my Snivy has been training too," said Ash.

"Alright then, Servine use Cut!" said Trip, Servine dashed at Snivy with its paw glowing blue.

"Snivy use Leaf Blade to deflect it and then use Vine Whip to fight back!" Snivy's tail glowed green as she waited for Servine to come in close, then she swung it in time to block the attack and quickly summoned her vines and started to inflict a lot of hits on Servine before intertwining her vines into one and lashing at her opponent, sending it skidding backwards.

"Wow, I've never seen Snivy use that move before," said Iris.

"Servine use Leaf Tornado!" Servine launched another attack at Snivy who got trapped in the whirlwind and was receiving damage.

Ash was thinking fast before he called out to Snivy "Snivy use Leaf Storm counter shield while spinning in the opposite direction to break out of the Leaf Tornado!" Snivy started spinning while summoning the leaves which completely cancelled out the attack much to Trip's surprise.

Snivy landed on the ground looking bruised and tired from the attack, she glared at the Servine and held her hands close together and everyone was surprised to see a glowing green sphere take form, then she fired it at Servine which inflicted a decent amount of damage.

"What move is that?" asked Naruto, then the Pokédex spoke up.

[Energy Ball, the user draws power from nature and fires it at the target. It may also lower the target's defense power.]

That's amazing, Snivy just learned how to use Energy Ball, way to go Snivy!" said Naruto, Snivy blushed a bit at receiving the compliment from the fox.

"I'm impressed that your Snivy learnt such a powerful move but I intend to wrap this up, Servine use Cut!" said Trip, Servine charged at Snivy with its attack.

"Snivy, use Vine Whip to keep Servine away!" said Ash, Snivy called on her vines and lashed out at her opponent, but Servine knocked the vines away and landed a hit strong enough to knock her out.

Naruto and Ash quickly ran over to Snivy to check if she's okay "Snivy are you okay?"

Snivy weakly replied "I'll be fine, just disappointed that I lost,"

"Don't take it too hard, you'll be the stronger one next time and that I'm sure of it," said Naruto.

"Thanks Naruto,"

"You did great Snivy, even learning a new move in battle. I'm proud of you so take a nice long rest," said Ash before returning Snivy back into her Pokéball, then he took out another Pokéball "I'll be winning this next battle!"

"Do you really want to continue?" asked Trip as he called Servine back into his Pokéball.

"Of course, I'm gonna prove to you that we've gotten stronger since then," said Ash.

"Cause the last thing I want is to be dragged down by you, I need to get stronger if I'm gonna have a battle with Alder,"

"Who's Alder?" asked Ash curiously.

"You mean you haven't heard of Alder? He's the Pokémon champion of the Unova region," said Iris.

"A Pokémon champion, that sounds like he's the Kage of the region which means that he must be very powerful," said Naruto.

"You're right about that Tokala," said Ash then he turned to Trip "So have you met him before, is he a nice person?"

"Of course I met him, and he told me this 'Battle with everything you've got, no matter who you're up against'," said Trip "And I'll never forget the promise that we made, that he would wait for the day when I come to challenge him. And to do that I have to get stronger in order to make my dream a reality,"

"Alright Trip, let's move on to round 2!" said Ash.

"Right, Go Timburr!" Trip threw out a Pokéball to release the Pokémon whom Naruto recognized as the one he had fought back at the Battle Club.

"Ash, we never did scan the Pokémon before did we?" asked Naruto.

"Yeah we didn't," said Ash as he took out the Pokédex and pointed it at Timburr.

[Timburr, the Muscular Pokémon. Timburr always carry a wooden beam. When it can easily lift its heavy burden, it is close to evolving.]

"It kinda reminds me of Lee when he wears those weights of his," said Naruto after listening to the Pokédex.

"I already met a Pokémon champion before and I can't wait to meet another, Oshawott I choose you!" said Ash before throwing the Pokéball to call on the sea otter Pokémon who stood at the ready.

"I'm all ready to win!" said Oshawott as he patted his scalchop.

"Let's do this, Oshawott use Aqua Jet!" Oshawott surrounded himself with water and shot forward like a rocket towards Timburr.

"Timburr use Strength and get ready to knock it back!" Timburr's body glowed red as it stood ready for the incoming attack, but Oshawott completely missed the target and hit the ground.

"Not again!" said Ash.

"It stills needs work," said Naruto shaking his head.

"Why does Oshawott keep on missing with that attack?" said Iris.

"Are you playing around with me, I thought you were going to take this seriously," said Trip while rubbing the bridge of his nose. This annoyed Oshawott who attempted Aqua Jet again before Ash would give a command and was flying all over the place. Then Trip noticed something and started taking pictures before the sea otter Pokémon crashed to the ground again.

Music Pause

"Why are you taking pictures in the middle of battle?" asked Ash as he walked up to Trip with Naruto and Iris coming up.

"Take a look at this," Trip turned the screen to them and zoomed in the picture to show them something which was quite surprising.

"Oshawott's eyes were closed?!" said Ash with a look of shock.

"So in other words, Oshawott had been attacking blindly this whole time," said Kurama with a quirked eyebrow.

"Now that we see it, it makes so much sense now," said Naruto.

"Despite that, I'm surprised that it could even perform the move, that makes it special," said Trip "You've never noticed that?"

"No we didn't," Ash replied.

"Go figure, a water type that can't open its eyes underwater,"

"Is that true Oshawott, why couldn't you tell us?" asked Naruto.

"Well I was too embarrassed to tell you about it," said Oshawott while rubbing the back of his head.

Naruto relayed the message to Ash who smiled at the sea otter Pokémon "It's alright, you trained so hard on Aqua Jet. Once you learnt to open your eyes, you can truly use it,"

"That's right," said Pikachu in agreement.

"Do you want to continue with the battle?" asked Trip.

Music Resume

"Of course!" said Ash, then they stood on opposite ends of the field again "Oshawott, use Razor Shell!" Oshawott channeled energy into his scalchop to form a blade and charged forward.

"Timburr, use Low Kick!" Timburr did something that surprised Ash and the others by throwing the wooden into the air which completely grabbed their attention, then it quickly ran forward and Oshawott off his feet before catching the beam as it fell.

"Wow, what a move!" said Iris.

"Stay focused Oshawott and use Water Gun!" Oshawott got back up and shot a stream of water towards Timburr.

"Use Strength," Timburr's body glowed red before swinging the wooden beam at the water attack, completely blocking it.

"Not yet, Oshawott use Aqua Shell Shuriken!" Oshawott channeled energy into the scalchop which took the shape of a throwing star and threw it at Timburr.

"Dodge it and use Strength!" said Trip, Timburr threw his wooden beam into the air and jumped after just in time to dodge the attack, then he caught the beam in midair and dived towards as it prepared to attack. Trip noticed that Ash didn't call out a command and he was smirking, then without warning, the thrown scalchop came around and hit Timburr at the back of its head before returning to Oshawott who caught it with a grin. "What kind of move is that?! I've seen an Oshawott actually throw their own scalchop!"

"Oshawott, use Water Gun!" Oshawott fired a blast of water which sent Timburr skidding backwards with a decent amount of damage.

"It's not over yet, Timburr use Dynamic Punch!" Timburr slammed the wooden beam on the ground and charged forward with fist that was glowing red.

"Wait for it to get close and then counter with Razor Shell!" said Ash, Oshawott held his scalchop by the side and stood ready, when Timburr got close and threw out its fist, Oshawott lashed out and struck Timburr, sending it flying into its own wooden beam and got knocked out.

"What do you think of that?" asked Oshawott with a smirk.

"Good going Oshawott, we'll keep working on Aqua Jet later," said Ash as he returned Oshawott back into his Pokéball. "Time for the final round, Tepig I choose you!" he threw out a Pokéball to summon Tepig who stood at the ready.

Trip returned Timburr back into its Pokéball and took out another one "Now for my third Pokémon, it will be Vanillite!" then he threw it to call upon the ice Pokémon. Iris started to freak out but she remembered what Naruto said and tried to calm down.

"What is this kid up to now?" said Kurama.

"I'm wondering the same thing Kurama," thought Naruto.

"Why did you choose an ice type when a fire type like Tepig has the advantage?" asked Iris.

"Dealing with your battle style is a good way to get stronger, so I'm going to beat you at your own game," said Trip.

"That's a game you're definitely gonna lose at," said Naruto with a smirk.

"You and Ash are known to be unpredictable in battle, so there's no way he can beat you using your own style," said Kurama.

"Alright Tepig, use Flame Charge!" Tepig's body became covered in flames and charged forward towards Vanillite.

"Use Ice Beam," Vanillite formed a blue ball in front it and light blue beams shot out of hit and hit Tepig, reducing the power of the flame.

"Use Ember and keep going!" said Ash, Tepig released sparkles of flames from his snout which weakened the Ice Beam and slammed into Vanillite.

"That's a good move Ash, using Ember to restore the flames lost is a great strategy," said Naruto with Kurama nodding in agreement.

"Vanillite, use Icicle Spear!" Vanillite recovered in midair and started fired a volley of sharp pointed ice projectiles which pelted Tepig continuously.

"Don't give in, Strafe around while using Ember!" shouted Ash, Tepig jumped away from the attack and proceeded to launched sparkles of flames at Vanillite which made contact, damaging it. Vanillite fired another volley of spear-shaped ice and Tepig would dodge them by doing sidesteps and firing back at it with his own attacks with both inflicting damage on each other.

"That Vanillite has some strong defense," said Naruto.

"Yeah, we've got wrap this up and quickly," said Ash.

"Use Ice Shard!" light blue orbs shot out from Vanillite's body and surrounded it in a circle, then they faded away to reveal chunks of ice before shooting towards Tepig.

"Tepig use Ember to melt the ice while dodging!" Tepig launched his fire attack while on the move to melt the ice tanks to the speed increment from the Flame Charge but a few were able to make contact with him.

"Now use Blizzard!" Vanillite opened its mouth and unleashed a powerful mixture of wind and snow towards Tepig.

"Tepig fight back with a combination of Flame Charge and Ember!" said Ash, Tepig dashed forward while covered in flames which grew bigger when he used Ember, he broke through the Blizzard attack and slammed into Vanillite, inflicting enough damage to knock it out and give Ash the win.

Music End

Looks like we win!" said Ash happily with Naruto grinning like the fox he now is.

"That was amazing Ash," said Iris walking up to them.

"Yup, and that goes to prove we're getting stronger," said Naruto with Pikachu cheering for Tepig who gave a tired smile before Ash returned him back into his Pokéball.

"It seems your battle style doesn't suit me at all," said Trip as he returned Vanillite back into its Pokéball "And that means I'm still not strong enough to battle Alder,"

"Thanks, for the battle Trip," said Ash.

"Why are you thanking me?"

"If we hadn't battled, we wouldn't have known why Oshawott would keep missing with Aqua Jet,"

"Whatever, just give me a good battle the next time we meet," said Trip before he picked up his bag and started walking away.

"Hey Ash, if we ever meet this Alder guy, I would like to battle him. I want to see just how strong this guy is," said Naruto, he could feel Kurama agreeing with him.

"You and me both Naruto, I can't wait to meet him," said Ash.

"Me too," said Pikachu.

"Hey guys, aren't we forgetting something?" asked Iris.

They all thought deeply for a few minutes before their stomach rumbled which instantly reminded them.

"We forgot about Cilan!" said Iris.

"And Lunch!" said Ash.

"Let's hurry back!" shouted Naruto as he ran with the others close behind.

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