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Chapter 13: A Dragon Trainee

After their encounter with the Litwick at the haunted mansion, Naruto and the others continued on the road after the rain had stopped. After a bit of traveling, the gang happened upon a clearing and decided to make a stop and rest as well as have a small spar between Ash's Scraggy and Iris's Axew with Naruto, Kurama and Cilan watching on.

"Are you ready?" asked Ash from one end of the clearing.

"I'm all set Ash," said Iris from the other side "Axew get in close and use Scratch!" Axew ran forward with his claws bared.

"Scraggy focus on where Axew will start with his attack and then dodge!" Scraggy watched closely as Axew approached and swiped at him, then he quickly dodged by jumping back "Alright now use Headbutt!" Scraggy reared his head back and brought it down on Axew's, sending him stumbling back while holding his head in pain.

"Axew shake it off and use Dragon Rage!" said Iris. Axew started off by gathering blue from his stomach before channeling to his mouth, he tried to launch the attack but it ended up exploding which knocked everyone off their feet and left a huge crater on the ground with Axew sitting at the center of it.

"That move still needs a little more work Iris," said Cilan.

"Yeah I know that Axew is trying hard, but it looks to me like a struggle," said Ash as he returned Scraggy back to his Pokéball.

"Maybe but what am I going to do, it takes time to raise a dragon type," said Iris after walking over and picking up Axew.

"From what I've seen, Axew has no problem gathering his energy and channeling it to his mouth, but his problem has to do with the moment he tries to launch his attack," said Naruto walking up to them.

"So you Axew has to work on firing his attack?" asked Iris and received a nod from Naruto.

"Oh yeah, you and Ash still haven't told us how Pikachu learnt how to use Electro Ball," said Cilan.

"Well, it was like this…." Ash began the story.

**Flashback Start**

"Rasengan!" Naruto leapt forward and rammed the blue spinning sphere into a boulder, turning into pebbles with Ash and Pikachu watching from a distance. Ash and the other Pokémon were doing some training in another part of the forest away from Cilan and Iris who had set up a camp elsewhere.

"That move of your is very powerful, it really surprised me when I saw it break through the Protect and defeat Trip's Frillish like that," said Ash.

"What makes you say that?" asked Naruto.

"Because Protect and Detect are two moves that can completely prevent any sort of damage from being inflicted, the only move they can't defend against would be Feint. And now your Rasengan can be included although it won't affect Detect though,"

"I'm also curious about how it could affect a ghost type like Frillish since normal type attacks have no effect on ghost types and your move seems like one," said Pikachu.

Well the Rasengan is made from my chakra which is a combination of spiritual and physical energy, the spiritual part of my chakra must be why I could inflict damage on a ghost type," said Naruto

"Wow, I wish I could learn it,"

"Maybe, but that doesn't mean that you can't create your own version,"

"That's sounds like a great idea Naruto! Don't you think so Pikachu?!" said Ash excitedly with Pikachu nodding in agreement.

In the next few hours, they started working on creating a new move with Pikachu trying to channel his energy and form them between his paws, but it always result in it surging out of control.

"Argh! I just can't seem to get it right!" shouted Pikachu as he went on all fours and his body surged with electricity.

"Pikachu calm down, I'm sure you'll get it r-" Ash trailed off when he and Naruto saw something occur around Pikachu's tail. A ball of electricity formed on it, Pikachu swung his tail, launching the ball at a nearby boulder and destroying it. They were all silent until Naruto spoke up.

"Pikachu what was that?" asked Naruto.

"I-I don't know, I was so frustrated on not forming the ball in between my paws that I must have subconsciously sent the energy to my tail and did that," said Pikachu. Then Ash's Pokédex spoke up.

[Electro Ball, the user hurls an electric orb at the target. The faster the user is than the target, the greater the damage.]

"Wow, so if Pikachu is faster than his opponents, his moves deals much more damage," said Ash.

"And that makes it a perfect move for Pikachu since he's naturally a fast Pokémon. It may not be the Rasengan, but it's definitely a powerful attack," said Naruto with a grin. "Let's keep training so that you can get the hang of it," With that, they kept on training on Pikachu's new move before returning to camp.

**Flashback End**

"And that's how Pikachu was able to learn Electro Ball," said Ash, finishing the story.

"That's quite interesting, experimenting a new recipe just to produce a flavor like Electro Ball is to be expected from you guys," said Cilan.

"I'll say, and it came in handy when dealing with those Litwick," said Iris.

"Wow that sounds so cool! I can't wait to master my Dragon Rage and show you!" said Axew excitedly.

"I'll be waiting to see it too," said Naruto, smiling at the young dragon type Pokémon. Then he heard Kurama call out to him.

"Kit, there's a Pokémon near us and I'm sensing aggression from it," said Kurama.

The group heard rustling of leaves and turned towards the sound to see a cluster of bushes shaking. Then a blast of fire shot out at them, which made them duck under the flames.

"What just attacked us?!" said Cilan.

Then a Pokémon burst out of the bush, it was large blue and draconic with medium sized wings shaped like thistles and a bright red head which looks rough in appearance with a maw bearing no teeth but rather small fanglike protrusions from its jaws. Its arms are longer than its legs which gave it the appearance of a hunchback with a thick tail. It also has tall conical red spikes on its arms, shoulders, legs and tail.

"It's a Druddigon!" said Iris excitedly, Ash took out his Pokédex to scan it.

[Druddigon, the Cave Pokémon. With the skin on its face harder than rock, Druddigon warms its body by exposing its wings to the sun.]

"So that's a Druddigon huh?" said Ash, putting the Pokédex away.

"It's a dragon type and it looks so cool and powerful," said Iris with sparkles in her eyes.

Druddigon held its claws close together and a cyan colored sphere started to form in between them, surprising the group.

"That's Focus Blast!" said Cilan.

"Pikachu, meet it up with Electro ball!" said Ash, Pikachu leapt forward and launched the electric orb from his tail while Druddigon fired its Focus Blast with both of them colliding in midair and cancelling each other out. Druddigon started glaring at them as it got ready to attack "Now it's angry, Pikachu be ready for anything,"

"Got it!" said Pikachu with electricity sparking from his cheeks, then a girl appeared before them and went to the Druddigon.

"There you are, I've been looking all over for you. Are you alright?" asked the girl, but Druddigon shrugged her off and ran away, Naruto and Iris noticed a piece of rope tied to one of its legs. "Wait where are you going?!" she ran after it.

"Hang on Axew," said Iris, Axew nodded before tucking into her before she jumped through trees in pursuit of the Druddigon.

"Guys come on. We're going after them," said Naruto before running after them with Ash, Cilan and Pikachu following behind him.

Soon they caught up with Iris who was standing in front of a small mountain that had a lot of caves in it. She turned to the others and held a finger to her lip as a way of telling them to be quiet before turning to Axew.

"Axew, tell it to come out," said Iris.

"Okay," said Axew, then he jumped out of her hair and started climbing up the mountain before stopping in front of a cave that the sun shone upon it and jumped inside. But it wasn't for long before Axew came running back out of the cave and jumped into Iris's hair, then Druddigon jumped out of the cave and landed before them and roared.

"It's still angry," said Cilan, but Iris fearlessly stepped forward and Naruto was staring at the leg with the rope tied to it and he turned to Iris.

"Could you try and calm it down Iris?" asked Naruto.

Iris nodded in affirmation then she stretched out a hand towards the agitated Druddigon "It's okay, everything will be just fine," the dragon Pokémon wanted to lash at her but it winced in pain so Iris placed her hand on its head which calmed. That's when Naruto dashed forward and used Crush Claw to cut the rope from its leg, making Druddigon sigh in relief.

"What's that?" asked Ash.

"This reason Druddigon was so agitated was because the rope cutting into its ankle, Iris and I noticed it when Druddigon first took off to the cave," said Naruto.

"But how could that have happened, it must have been when it went to look for Belue berries, could someone have done this?" said the girl, completely forgetting that they were standing before her.

"Kit, there's a possibility that someone was trying to catch that Pokémon as that doesn't look like any normal rope which you can find anywhere," said Kurama.

"You're right, and there's a chance that they might still be after Druddigon," thought Naruto before turned his attention to the others.

"Thank you very much for helping my Druddigon, my name is Emmy," said the girl.

"You're most welcome, my name is Iris and this is Axew," said Iris with Axew popping out of her hair to say hello.

"My name is Ash, and these are my partners Pikachu and Tokala," said Ash, Pikachu waved at Emmy and Naruto said hello much to her surprise since she hasn't met a Pokémon that could talk.

"I'm Cilan, and I'm a Pokémon connoisseur," said Cilan.

"I'm a bit curious about how you were able to find Druddigon so easily," Emmy asked Iris who replied.

"That's easy, a Druddigon can't move when its body temperature drops, so when I saw the cave which had the sun shining down on it I figured that Druddigon would be in there,"

"Gee Iris, you really know a lot about dragon types," said Ash.

"Of course, what would expect from someone who grew up in the village of dragons even though I told you guys about it," said Iris puffing her chest out in pride.

"Actually Iris, all you told us was that you lived in the village of dragons and that you were given Axew to raise on your journey, you didn't tell us any more than that," said Naruto, which made Iris deflate.

What they group didn't know was that they were closely watched by a familiar group which was none other than Team Rocket.

"We almost had that Druddigon, but we didn't expect it to have the strength to break free of the rope," said James who was holding a piece of the same rope that was tied to Druddigon.

"Yes but it is a good thing that we kept track of it, because it led us to the twerp of all people," said Jessie.

"And now we can capture Pikachu and Tokala, as well as Axew who is also a dragon type," said Meowth who was inside some sort of flying machine. "Now let's for the opportune moment so that we can get them,"

Meanwhile with the group, Iris was telling about life in the village of dragons where everyone owned a dragon type Pokémon and life is quite relaxing there, "But the most amazing are the dragon masters,"

"Who are they?" asked Ash, with Naruto and Kurama wanting to know as well since dragons represent power from where they came from.

"I've heard them, they're people who know how to get along with dragon types and truly know how to bring out their richest flavor, isn't that right Iris?" said Cilan.

"You're right Cilan, and it's always been my lifelong dream to be a dragon master," said Iris, to which Naruto smiled warmly at.

"So that's why you know so much about dragon types. Say could I ask you a favor?" said Emmy, while Druddigon was playing with Pikachu and Axew.

"What is it you want to ask me?" said Iris.

"I was hoping that you'll teach me more about Druddigon, you see I've only been a trainer for a little while,"

"So you're a beginner," said Cilan.

"Yeah, my dad traded his Druddigon with me so it's my first time raising a dragon type, so once I've gotten a little more comfortable, I would like to go on a journey," said Emmy while petting Druddigon who was enjoying it.

"Okay then, I'll help you out," said Iris jumping to her feet.

"Thank you very much, that means a lot," Emmy said happily.

"So you want to feel comfortable…how about having a Pokémon battle?"

"A battle? I'm not so sure since I've never had a Pokémon battle with Druddigon before,"

"Then I suggest that you do so, trust and faith is quickly built between a Pokémon and its trainer in a battle as they work together to achieve victory," said Naruto.

"Tokala is right, so how about having a battle with me?" said Ash with a tip of his hat.

"That's perfect, be sure to give it all you got," said Iris.

"Okay," said Emmy.

Later on, Ash and Emmy along with Iris to coach her stood at opposite ends of a field to have their Pokémon battle.

"Alright Tepig, I choose you!" Ash took out Pokéball and threw it to call the fire pig who stood at the ready.

"Alright, a battle begin!" said Cilan, standing in as the referee.

Music Start: Pokémon Black; Battle! Trainer

"Okay Tepig, let's start things off with Tackle!" said Ash, Tepig quickly charged forward and slammed into Druddigon, sending it skidding back.

Emmy started to panic until Iris called out to her "Remember that you need to stay calm and think of how to stop Tepig,"

"Alright, Druddigon use Focus Blast!" said Emmy, Druddigon held its claws close together to form the energy sphere before launching at Tepig.

"Dodge it by sidestepping to the left!" Tepig quickly jumped to the side right before the attack hit, causing to destroy the ground where he once stood "Now use Flame Charge!" Tepig started stomping his feet on the ground in preparation of his next attack.

"Druddigon can handle that attack, have it block Tepig's attack!" said Iris.

"Right, Druddigon block it!" said Emmy, then Tepig dashed forward while covered in flames towards Druddigon who crossed its arms right before impact and then pushed Tepig backwards, which sent him skidding to a stop.

"Tepig are you alright?" asked Ash worriedly.

"Yeah, I'm fine!" said Tepig, getting up to his feet.

"Dragon types are resistant to water, grass, electric and fire type attacks so this will be tough for us," said Naruto.

"Now's your chance to attack!" said Iris.

"Okay, Druddigon use Dragon Claw!" said Emmy, Druddigon charged forward with its claws glowing blue.

"Tepig, use Ember to prevent Druddigon from getting any closer!" said Ash, Tepig started shooting sparkles of flame from his snout, forcing Druddigon to be dodging the flames and not get any closer.

"Don't let it stop you, keep on attacking!" said Iris.

"Druddigon, keep on using Dragon Claw!" said Emmy, Druddigon started batting the flames out of its way and was approaching Tepig.

"Tepig, stop using Ember and take evasive action!" Tepig stopped attacking and began to avoid Druddigon's swipes with flips and sidesteps "Now Tackle to knock it back!" Tepig ducked under a swipe then charged forward and slammed into Druddigon, sending it skidding backwards.

"Oh no Druddigon!" Emmy was very worried for it.

"Calm down Emmy, you're not out of this yet," said Iris.

"You're right, Druddigon use Focus Blast!" Druddigon launched another energy sphere at Tepig who was ready for it.

"Dodge it like before and use Flame Charge!" Tepig used a sidestep to evade the attack and charged forward while covered in flames but only faster due to the effects of the attack.

Iris was about to advise Emmy when she noticed that Emmy was focused on the battle and decided to remain silent.

"Druddigon, wait until the last minute and then use Dragon Claw!" Druddigon waited until Tepig got close and then swiped at him, leaving Tepig who was moving too fast to change direction no other choice but to get hit, which sent him flying before falling to the ground with swirls on his eyes.

"Oh no, Tepig!" said Ash worriedly for the fire pig Pokémon.

"Tepig is unable to battle, Druddigon wins!" said Cilan.

Music End

"You did it Emmy! You and Druddigon won the battle!" said Iris with Axew jumping for joy.

Iris and Axew were cheering for Emmy who looked stunned before she finally realized what she and Druddigon had just achieved "We won? Thank you Iris, it's all because of your wonderful advice,"

"Well getting in sync with a dragon type is not the easiest thing to do, all you can do is to trust each and never give. From what I've seen, you two are well on your way to that, right Axew?"

"That's right," said Axew.

Ash, Pikachu and Naruto were currently checking up on Tepig to see if he's alright.

"Tepig, are you okay?" asked Ash worriedly.

"I'm fine now," said Tepig, after hopping to his feet.

"You did great buddy, going up against a dragon type is something to be proud of," said Naruto.

"He's right, especially since they have a strong defense against our attacks," said Pikachu.

"Thanks guys," said Tepig happily.

"Alright, take a good long rest," said Ash before returning Tepig back to his Pokéball and walking back to the others.

"It's impressive that Druddigon knows how to use Focus Blast, Dragon Claw and Flamethrower," said Cilan.

"Does your Druddigon know any other move?" asked Iris.

"No, just those three," said Emmy.

"Well, if your Druddigon knew one more move, it'd be huge!"

"Iris is right, the more moves you have, the greater your chances of winning a Pokémon battle," said Naruto with Kurama agreeing, as he had been creating different variations of the Rasengan back at his dimension "Now that I think about it, I should start working on some new variation with my other forms if that's possible,"

"You might have to limit yourself when doing that since your chakra coils are still not fully set," said Kurama, receiving a nod of affirmation from Naruto. Then he sensed something approaching them fast and quickly jumped into the air with his claws glowing white to signify that he's using Crush Claw. He lashed out at what was approaching which was a black sphere and deflected to a rocky wall, exploding on impact. He landed next to the others and they saw a Pokémon float in front of them, one which they recognize.

"A Yamask?" said Ash confusedly.

"But why attack us out of nowhere?" said Cilan.

The Yamask formed a Shadow Ball and launched it at them, forcing the group to dodge it.

"That's enough out of you, Druddigon use Flamethrower!" said Emmy, Druddigon was about to launch its attack when they were hit from behind by a strong wind current, they turned around to see that it was a Woobat flapping its wings.

"Why is a Woobat using Gust on us?!" said Cilan.

The power of the attack was enough to dislodge Axew and Pikachu off their trainers' shoulders while Naruto was channeling chakra to his feet in order to latch on the ground, then from out of nowhere, several lassos of rope shot out and wrapped around Naruto, Pikachu, Axew and Druddigon much to their surprise.

"Hey, isn't that the same rope that was on Druddigon before?" said Iris.

"Then that means someone was trying to capture Druddigon and they're doing it again!" said Ash.

Naruto and the other Pokémon struggled against the rope which was slowly pulling them away from the others, then Druddigon used Dragon Claw to cut Naruto free from the rope who in turn used Crush Claw to cut Pikachu free from the rope. He was about free Axew and Druddigon, but they were lifted into the air too high for him to reach. They were lifted towards a flying ship which opened a hatch and tossed them inside before closing up.

"Who's responsible for this?!" said Emmy.

"That would be us," the group looked up to see that it was Team Rocket standing on top of the ship and immediately got angry.

"You guys again?!" said Ash angrily.

"Who are they?" asked Emmy.

"They're bad guys who steal Pokémon from their trainers!"

"I resent that, we're simply three geniuses who were able to capture Druddigon and Axew," said James.

"And capturing Pikachu as well as Tokala will be the icing on the cake, a cake perfect for the boss!" said Jessie.

"Well we don't see your boss's name on any of us, so you might as well forget it!" said Naruto with a glare.

"Axew's my partner, give him back to me!" shouted Iris furiously.

"As if, Woobat use Gust!" said Jessie, Woobat flapped its wings quickly to blow the others back.

"Yamask, use Shadow Ball!" said James, Yamask launched another black sphere, forcing Ash and the others to jump out of the way and they turned to see Team Rocket making a getaway on their ship.

"We've got to do something," said Emmy.

"Right, let's go after them!" said Ash, as they ran after Team Rocket.

Meanwhile in the ship, Druddigon kept using Dragon Claw to break out of the container but it was providing little results, Axew stood in the corner feeling unsure of what to do.

"What are we going to do? Druddigon can't seem to break out and I want to help but I still haven't mastered Dragon Rage," said Axew, then he remembered what Naruto told him some time ago.

**Flashback Start**

Axew was hanging around Iris and Cilan, then he saw Naruto who had been with Ash to help Pikachu master the Electro Ball relaxing under a tree and decided to walk over to him.

"Hey Naruto, what were you doing before?" asked Axew.

"Ash and I were helping Pikachu master a brand new move as well as I was training with moves and forms especially the Rasengan," said Naruto raising his head to look at Axew.

"You mean that blue spinning ball? It looked so cool, how did you learn a move like that?" asked Axew excitedly.

"My dad was the one who created the Rasengan, he got the idea from a watching a powerful beast using one of its strongest attacks," said Naruto, he could feel Kurama puff his chest out in pride before continuing "But it took him a year to master the move, when his sensei taught me the Rasengan, I had trouble performing the move as it often blows up in my face,"

"You had trouble with a move too like me?" asked Axew.

"Yup, when one of the people whom I cared about was in danger, I was able to find a way to master the Rasengan in order to protect them. Something that took my father a year to master it took me a week,"

"That's so cool Naruto, how were you able to master it so soon?"

"It's because I wanted to protect my precious people, that desire helped me find a way to do so," said Naruto as he remembered the first time he used the Rasengan to defend Tsunade against Kabuto.

"Well I want to master Dragon Rage for Iris, do you think I can do it?" asked Axew

"Of course, I know that you'll master it soon enough, just keeping working hard on it and you'll eventually get. Tell you what, when you master the Dragon Rage, I'll perform a combination attack with you,"

"Really? I can't wait until that time!" said Axew excitedly before walking back to Iris.

**Flashback End**

Axew broke out of his thoughts as he saw Druddigon still punching the metallic wall but only formed a small dent on it.

"Wait, let me give it a try!" Axew started concentrating blue from his stomach and channeled, then unleashed the attack which was powerful enough to damage the engines and send it crashing towards a nearby mountain. The crash was enough to damage the hatch for Druddigon to punch it open and get out, Axew hopped onto Druddigon's back as they tried to make their way back to Iris and the others with Team Rocket pursuing them.

Ash and the gang had seen the ship crash into the mountain and were making their way over there.

"Naruto, could you use your Shadow Clone to find Axew and Druddigon?" asked Ash.

"Yeah, but it would take too long to find them especially if Team Rocket are still after them," said Naruto.

"Kit, why don't you use your Sage mode to find them?" said Kurama.

"I can't seem to activate Sage mode whenever I try to take Nature chakra around me," thought Naruto.

"Try using it in your Natura mode, I recall that it unlocked when you tried to use Sage mode back at the Castelia gym,"

"Okay I'll give it a try,"

"Hey guys wait, I have an idea," said Naruto, the others stopped to see what he was about to do "Natura mode!" he transformed into his grass type form then he sat on the ground and meditated.

"What is he doing?" asked Emmy.

"I think he's trying to sense where Axew and Druddigon are," said Iris as she saw the yellow markings on his body glow.

"And since this form is a grass type, it makes it much easier with the nature around here," said Cilan.

Naruto was still for a few minutes before he finally stood up and spoke "I've found them and they're this way!" he started hopped towards where he sensed them with Asha and the others following close behind. Soon they reached the mountainside where they found Axew and Druddigon being cornered by Team Rocket with their Pokémon out.

"Oh no, it's the twerps again!" said Jessie angrily.

"Axew, don't worry we'll save you!" said Iris.

"Iris!" said Axew happily.

"Like we would let you! Yamask use Shadow Ball!" Yamask started to form a black sphere between its hands but Ash was quick to counter it.

"Pikachu use Thunderbolt!" said Ash, Pikachu launched a powerful blast of electricity on both Yamask and Woobat.

"You guys come over here quickly," said Iris, Druddigon and Axew ran over to others while Pikachu was still the other Pokémon.

"Yamask, use Nightshade!" said James, Yamask's eyes glowed red as it released some sort of echo which started to damage the others, Druddigon quickly shielded Emmy as they knocked off their feet from the attack.

"Are you guys okay?" asked Ash worriedly.

"We're fine, Druddigon protected me," said Emmy, then Druddigon got up and glared angrily at Team Rocket. Suddenly it started to concentrate orange energy on its stomach to everyone's surprise and Iris's joy.

"That's amazing Emmy, your Druddigon has just learned Draco Meteor!" said Iris excitedly.

"Draco Meteor?" asked Emmy confusedly.

"Yes, now all it has to do concentrate its power and then shoot it straight into the sky,"

"Okay Druddigon, Concentrate all your power and release it into the sky!" said Emmy, Druddigon raised its head and fired a large orange ball from its mouth into the sky. When the ball reached the peak of its height, it split into several smaller balls which fell towards the ground with one of them hitting Yamask and knocking it out. "Wow, so that's Draco Meteor,"

"That even makes Druddigon even more worth catching, Woobat use Gust!" said Jessie, Woobat flapped its wings to send powerful air currents at them.

This made Axew very angry at them "I've had enough with you guys!" Axew jumped form Iris's hair to the ground and started focusing energy from his stomach to his mouth, then he unleashed dark blue energy which took the form of a dragon before shooting towards Woobat and taking it out with one hit.

Iris looked stunned before she smiled happily "Axew you finally mastered Dragon Rage!"

"I was able to do it because I wanted to protect you," said Axew which Naruto relayed the message to Iris who became quite tearful.

Then Naruto reverted to his Polymorph form and walked up next to Axew "Hey Axew, how about we give Team Rocket a taste of our combination attack?" he said with a smirk.

"Yay let's do it!" said Axew excitedly.

Naruto formed a Rasengan on his paw and threw it at Team Rocket, then Axew quickly followed it up with Dragon Rage. The draconic energy grabbed the blue spinning sphere in its mouth before shooting towards Team Rocket which resulted in a huge explosion. The smoke cleared only to reveal a large crater but Team Rocket was nowhere to be seen.

"Looks like they got away," said Ash.

"That's what they always do," said Pikachu.

"All that matters is that we got our Pokémon back and Axew has finally mastered Dragon Rage!" said Iris happily hugging Axew.

"I had a little help from Naruto, he gave me the push needed for me to do so," said Axew for Naruto to translated for Iris.

"All I did was give Axew a little advice, the rest was all him," said Naruto with a smile.

"Yes, but that combination attack with you and Axew was quite a spicy recipe. We'll need to think of a name for it," said Cilan.

"I'm truly thankful for you've done for me and Druddigon, I hope to see you all again during my journey," said Emmy with Druddigon growling in agreement.

"You're welcome, this even brings me closer to achieving my dream of becoming a dragon master," said Iris.

Later on, Ash and the gang bade farewell to Emmy and Druddigon before they continued their journey to Nimbasa city for Ash's next gym battle.

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