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Chapter 9: The Skeptical Evaluation

After the venture in the Pinwheel forest and having a new Pokémon companion join them, the gang continued onwards to Castelia city to challenge Burgh the bug type gym leader to earn a badge. Along the way, Naruto saw something which made him draw the attention of the others to see as well.

"Hey guys, what's that over there?" said Naruto, raising a paw to point at where he was looking, Ash and the others turn to look in direction of where he pointed to see a building in the distance and many people and Pokémon were going in and out of it.

"I don't know but let's check it out," said Ash, as they drew close to the building, they noticed that it looked new and people were carrying bags of items when leaving the building.

"Judging by how new the building looks, I'd say that it's a brand new Pokémart," said Cilan.

"Which must mean that today must be their grand opening," said Iris excitedly.

"Then let's check it out!" said Ash, the gang entered the new building and were stunned at what they saw in the interior, inside there were shops that sold all kinds of items like tools, foods, medicine and so much more which not even Ash, Iris and Cilan had seen before anywhere else.

"Wow, this place is huge! I wonder what kind of things they sell here," said Iris before running off to take closer look at the things on sale.

"I'm sure that they sell all kinds of Pokémon food here," Ash who was walking alongside Cilan and Naruto.

"Indeed Pokémart are known to sell all kinds of items for trainers but it seems like this one is more extensive that the regular ones," said Cilan.

"That's good, it might be a good idea to restock on supplies and purchase items that we would need in the near future," said Naruto.

"That's a good idea Naruto, as I've just realized that we quite low on ingredients. We can do that before we leave," said Cilan, then they strolled through the mart, looking at the assortment of the things on display while Iris was browsing through the accessories section looking at the bracelets behind the glass case. They kept on walking until Naruto saw a long queue of Pokémon trainers standing before a red curtain which was closed.

"What's going on there?" asked Naruto.

"They are waiting in line to get into a Connoisseur shop where connoisseur check for compatibility," said Cilan who came up next to them.

"What do you mean by compatibility?" asked Ash with a look of curiosity.

"That's right, they check for compatibility between trainers and their Pokémon and give them advice," said Cilan.

"It's pretty obvious that there are a lot of connoisseurs aside from Cilan, but I believe that there are ranks right?" said Naruto.

"You're correct, every connoisseur must be evaluated by the Pokémon connoisseur association where they placed into different classes that range from C, B, A and finally S class. In order to perform a compatibility check, you have to be an A class or higher and it so happens that I am an A class," said Cilan with pride. Then the curtain opened to reveal a woman standing behind a table as a trainer walked away happily while carrying his Minccino.

"Whoa, it's a girl," said Ash in surprise to which Naruto rolled his eyes over due to how obvious it is for a female to share the occupation since Tsunade was the first female Hokage in his village.

"The proper name for a female connoisseur is connoisseuse. Why don't you have a consultation as well as it would be a good idea to get some advice from someone else's perspective," said Cilan.

"Okay then, I can ask her about how compatible I am with Sewaddle," said Ash, Naruto nodded in agreement.

"Alright, I'll go and restock on ingredients and items before we leave so I'll see you later," said Cilan before walking off. Ash and Naruto went to stand at the end of the line which was very long.

"Man this line is so long that I don't think I can even sit still," said Naruto.

"Well it comes from the fact that you're a hyperactive knucklehead," said Kurama, laughing at the Pokémon ninja.

"Shut up furball, I can't help it," thought Naruto angrily.

"You there, with the red hat. You don't need to wait in that silly line, I'm a connoisseuse too," said a voice, they turned to see a purple curtain and a hand was sticking out of it, beckoning for them to come.

"Wow, so you can see us all the way from here!" said Ash, but Naruto and Kurama were skeptical.

"If she is also a connoisseuse, then why aren't there trainers queuing here as well," thought Naruto, he shrugged it off and followed Ash but when he drew close, a girl with purple wearing clothes similar to Cilan pulled him in and dragged him to a seat.

"My name is Ash, I'm a Pokémon trainer and this my best buddy Pikachu and that's Tokala," said Ash pointing at Pikachu and Naruto.

"My name is Burgundy, I may not look like it, but I'm a highly skilled connoisseuse ranked by the Pokémon connoisseur association. So besides compatibility, you can also ask me about preparing Pokémon food, battle strategy and even the choice of accessories," said the girl.

"Well I was hoping that you could tell me about the compatibility between me and my Pokémon." said Ash, then Burgundy drew close to him much to his surprise.

"You mean Pikachu? It's an extremely rare Pokémon in the Unova region," said Burgundy, then she sniffed at Pikachu "Pikachu even has a rare fragrance,"

"I don't need to know about Pikachu, it's without a doubt that we're a perfect match," said Ash happily with Pikachu and Naruto smiling as well.

"It's pretty obvious especially since Pikachu is Ash's first Pokémon and they have been together for the longest time," thought Naruto with Kurama nodding in agreement.

"That's true, though it makes me wonder why this girl didn't notice that from the beginning," said Kurama.

"I'd rather wanted you to take a look at this one, come out Sewaddle," said Ash who opened the Pokémon to bring out the bug Pokémon.

"I'll be happy to take a look at the both of you, alors, it is evaluating time s'il vous plait!" said Burgundy taking out her Pokédex "Hmmmmm, I see," after looking at Sewaddle she turned her back to them.

"So how is it?" asked Ash anxiously.

"The compatibility between you and your Sewaddle is….the worst ever!" declared Burgundy to everyone's surprise. "This Sewaddle's special ability is called swarm. But you would be much better off with a Sewaddle that has the special ability called chlorophyll,"

"Why do you say that?" asked Ash with Naruto looking at Burgundy wanting to know the reason as well and noticed her flinch a bit.

"Are you questioning the advice of a connoisseuse that is recognized by the Pokémon connoisseur association!? Look you can catch bugs types anywhere, so take my connoisseuse advice and go catch a different Sewaddle," said Burgundy.

"She didn't even answer the question he asked," thought Naruto, Sewaddle got annoyed and shot a String shot at her face, wrapping it up much to his amusement. Ash quickly called the bug type back before it got worst.

"Why the nerve of that pesky bug type! Don't you have any proper Pokémon you can show me? I've had quite enough of that one so show me another now," said Burgundy after tearing the silk off her face.

"No thanks, I think I should leave," said Ash getting up with Naruto agreeing wholeheartedly as he had enough of this, but Burgundy held him in place

"Didn't you say you wanted to be a Pokémon master? Unless you have your compatibility properly evaluated, that is not going to happen!" said Burgundy.

"Okay, then Snivy," said Ash bringing out Snivy who stood with her arms crossed.

Burgundy took a sniff at her then frowned a bit "This Snivy has a pungent aroma of black pepper and no subtlety at all. And its eyes are too sharp, like kitchen knives, now for the taste test," she drew close with her tongue out, but Snivy wouldn't have any of it and used Vine whip to lash at the tongue, inflicting quite a bit of pain for the connoisseuse. "That Snivy also has zero respect for my tongue."

"You shouldn't say that!" said Ash angrily.

"Plus I don't think any connoisseur would even think of licking a Pokémon just to evaluate it," thought Naruto who was getting annoyed as well.

"I'm surprised that you aren't speaking out for them to hear you," said Kurama.

"And get myself 'evaluated'? No thanks!" thought Naruto looking at Burgundy.

"What about my Tepig?" said Ash, bringing out the friendly fire pig Pokémon who smiled at her, it was a minute of stares and smiles until Burgundy finally spoke.

"It's no good,"

"What do you mean 'No good'?!" said Ash clearly annoyed this time.

"Tepig just sits there with that silly smile, it's far too good natured for a Pokémon battle. I don't even have to evaluate it to know that," said Burgundy, this annoyed Tepig enough to use Ember to scorch her face. Without warning, Oshawott came out of his Pokéball.

"Oshawott, why do you keep coming out of your Pokéball?" asked Ash.

"I'm sure that I can impress her," said Oshawott before hugging Burgundy's leg and winking at her. However, this produced a different result.

"Zoot! I can believe this childish behavior, or that old stale and musty aroma drifting through the air. This Oshawott is a complete waste of my time," Said Burgundy.

"What did you say?!" said Oshawott angrily before blasting her face with a Water gun. Naruto's resistance to lash out was weakening by the minute.

"Okay, how about my Scraggy?" said Ash who was at his wit's end. Burgundy took a sniff at Scraggy, making Naruto wonder if she is related to Kiba's clan.

"Scraggy has the aroma of an old shoe but even so-"said Burgundy, Scraggy pulled up his 'pants' proudly although it sagged back down "You should be ashamed of yourself," making Scraggy hit her with a Headbutt. "That's enough! All of your Pokémon are far too acidic for their own good and they're paralyzing my tongue!"

"I have no idea what you're talking about, at first you said that Pikachu is a rare Pokémon and he had a rare fragrance or something like that," said Ash.

"The word rare doesn't necessarily mean good, frankly your Pikachu is not as cute as the pictures I've seen," said Burgundy. Sure enough, Pikachu struck her with a Thunderbolt. "Horrible! All of your Pokémon are horrible! You need to make a complete change of your Pokémon!"

"Sorry but I think you're wrong!" said Ash angrily.

"Then you don't mind being a loser? You want win all eight badges and make it to the Unova league? Newsflash, it's not going to happen!" said Burgundy.

"Are you serious?" asked Ash.

"Of course! I am a Pokémon connoisseuse and I know what I am talking about" said Burgundy as a matter of fact.

"Which I find highly doubtful. So far, everything I've seen and heard is based on the looks and behavior of my friends which deviates from what you are supposed to really do," said Naruto, finally speaking up for the first time.

"And what kind of Pokémon are you? Are you trying to imitate a Ninetails? Cause you're not doing a good job of it, honestly you're better off without those tails," said Burgundy, she had to take a few steps back from the glare which Naruto was giving her at the moment.

"She did not just make fun of the tails, did she?!" growled Kurama.

"Don't push your luck. Unlike the others, I'm not so good at holding back my strength when I'm angry," warned Naruto. The situation was about to escalate when Iris and Cilan showed up through the curtain.

"Ash where have you been? We were looking all over for you." said Iris.

"Yeah, we were getting so worried since you had been gone for so long." said Cilan.

"AH! It's you!" exclaimed Burgundy while pointing at Cilan.

"Wait a minute, I know you," said Cilan.

"You know this girl Cilan?" asked Ash.

"She challenged me back at the Straiton gym and if I remember, she lost," said Cilan.

"And I have been waiting for this day even since, for this is the day I will have my revenge!" declared Burgundy

"But what do you want revenge for?" asked a confused Cilan.

"I want revenge not only for my defeat but for all those hurtful things you said about my Pokémon!" said Burgundy angrily.

"Well I am a Pokémon connoisseur," said Cilan.

"Cilan, I get the feeling that Burgundy mistook your words of advice for insults as what I've just heard sounds highly exaggerated," said Naruto when they heard what she thought Cilan said. Then she went ahead to tell the gang about how she got evaluated by the Pokémon connoisseur association and earned the license to become a Pokémon connoisseuse so that she can beat Cilan. But was surprised when she returned to the gym and heard that he had left on a journey.

"Look I feel bad that you came after me but we can't have gym battle since this isn't a gym," Said Cilan.

"I've already earned the badge by defeating Chili, all I care about now is defeating you and taking my place as a top class connoisseuse, and then I can have my very own shop after being world famous," said Burgundy with stars in her eyes.

"Wait a minute, doesn't that mean that this isn't a connoisseur shop to begin with?" said Naruto staring intently at Burgundy who began to sweat.

"Now that you mention it, what class of connoisseur are you then?" asked Cilan.

"W-well I'm a C class," said Burgundy hesitantly.

"A C class?! Cilan, didn't you tell us that one has to be an A class or higher to be able to perform a compatibility check?" asked Naruto.

"That's correct, those of C class are only allowed to assist connoisseurs of an A class and above according to the rules of the association," said Cilan.

"So you mean that you've been giving us false evaluations?!" said Ash angrily.

"No way! Any connoisseur would have said the same thing I did. You need a complete Pokémon overhaul!" said Burgundy.

"There is no need for that," said Cilan to Burgundy's surprise "I think Ash has an excellent relationship with his Pokémon,"

"Thanks a lot Cilan," said Ash happily.

"So there may be a little problem with your evaluation method," said Cilan, Burgundy was stunned for a moment and then frowned at him.

"What did you say?"

"The relationship between trainer and Pokémon is a complex one. You can't always make a good judgment just by following the manual" said Cilan.

"I don't need you to lecture me! I know more than you'll ever know and I'll prove it by beating you in a Pokémon battle," said Burgundy.

"Then I accept your challenge" said Cilan to everyone's surprise. Later they stood at a clearing away from the Pokémart where Cilan and Burgundy may have their Pokémon battle.

"How does a two on two sound to you?" asked Burgundy.

"That's fine, whatever you say" said Cilan. At the sidelines, Ash, Iris and Naruto were watching the upcoming battle.

"This is so cool, I've never seen a connoisseur battle before!" said Ash excitedly.

"Me neither!" Pikachu was just as excited.

"Well if you ask me, I think this battle is going to be a bit of a pain" said Iris.

"Maybe, but we might be able to learn a bit from this battle" said Naruto with Kurama nodding in agreement.

"Alright Dewott! Let's go!" said Burgundy, throwing out a Pokéball to summon a Pokémon that bears similarity to Oshawott but different.

"I can see that your Oshawott has evolved into a Dewott," said Cilan.

"Grass types have an advantage over water types," said Iris.

"So now is a good time to use Pansage who is a grass type," said Ash, Naruto remained silent.

"Now for my Pokémon!" said Cilan bringing out Dwebble, much to everyone's surprise.

"Alors, it is evaluating time s'il vous plait! Wow Cilan, you're you a bug and rock type against my water type? If your ability to choose wisely were of food, I'd say it's spoiled," said Burgundy with a smirk.

"We'll see, it's evaluating time! Let's put it this way, you and your Pokémon are about to get a nice taste of what we have to offer," said Cilan.

"Bon, but if I'm victorious, that will finally prove that my evaluation method is correct," said Burgundy.

"I don't that will ever be the case," said Cilan.

"Then if you're so sure, how about you promise that if I win, Ash will replace all of his Pokémon," said Burgundy to everyone's surprise, Naruto was getting angry at the immaturity of the girl.

"Hey hold on! This has nothing to do with this!" said Ash.

"Cilan said that your relationship with your Pokémon is perfect. But my evaluation methods tell me that yours is the worst of the worst," said Burgundy.

"Which goes to show how much of a rookie you are," said Naruto.

"Don't worry about it, Ash and I'll accept your battle challenge!" said Cilan, Ash was about to protest but Naruto stopped him.

"I'm sure Cilan knows what he is doing and should you have faith in him to win this battle just like he does in ours" said Naruto which reassured Ash as they watched on.

"There are no mistakes in my Pokémon evaluation, I'll show you the power of my Pokémon that's fully matured. Dewott use Water gun!" said Burgundy, Dewott shot a stream of water at Dwebble.

"Use Protect!" said Cilan, Dwebble withdrew to its, successfully deflecting the water attack.

"Now use Fury cutter!" Dewott charged towards Dwebble with its claws glowing.

"Use Protect again!" Dwebble withdrew into its shell again to defend against the onslaught of slash from Dewott.

"All that Dwebble is doing is defending," said Iris.

"A bug and rock type like Dwebble is no match for a water type like Dewott" said Ash looking worried.

"I think I have an idea at what Cilan is planning," said Naruto.

"And that girl has already fallen into his trap," said Kurama.

"Only defense? That strategy seems dull for an A class connoisseur like yourself. Choosing Dwebble to go up against my Dewott has to be the worst choice you have ever made. We'll finish this with our next attack, Water pulse!" said Burgundy, Dewott shot an orb of water at Dwebble, which connected but it was able to get up without any problem much to the surprise of the girl. "What!? But how!?"

"That's because this Dwebble has the ability called Sturdy," said Cilan with a smile.

"That was his plan and take a look at Dewott" said Naruto with a smirk, they looked at Dewott who was panting heavily.

"Now to show you Dwebble's true power, use Shell smash and then use X-scissor!" Dwebble jumped out of its shell and into the air, then it glowed red and its claws glowed white and extended before charging at Dewott.

"Dewott use Razor shell!" Dewott grabbed its scalchops and clashed with Dwebble's attack but when they landed, Dwebble returned to its shell while Dewott collapsed, forcing burgundy to call it back to its Pokéball.

"Alright, Dwebble won!" said Ash happily.

"Cilan's plan was to make Dewott wear itself out while defending so that he could land a powerful attack afterwards which was a good strategy," said Naruto with a smile.

"See my method? I choose Dwebble to go up against Dewott because I'm sure that its special ability Sturdy would allow it to withstand even a powerful water type attack. All Pokémon are complex, which is why you shouldn't always rely on a manual to evaluating them.

"So you chose a Pokémon with a type disadvantage just so you can teach me a lesson?" said Burgundy.

"It seems you still don't understand the true nature of evaluating, a connoisseur's job isn't to just say no, but to see each and every Pokémon for its own unique qualities and judge them based on that," said Cilan.

"Look Cilan, the battle isn't over yet! Sawsbuck, let's go!" said Burgundy bringing out another Pokémon which was new to Ash and Naruto. Ash took out his Pokédex to scan it.

[Sawsbuck, the Season Pokémon, and the evolved form of Deerling. The plants on Sawsbuck's horns change depending on the time of the year, and people often use them to measure the passing of the seasons]

"Sawsbuck is my premium rare Pokémon, I want to see what kind of evaluation you have for us," said Burgundy.

"Now for my premium rare, Pansage!" said Cilan, bringing out Pansage after calling back Dwebble "Burgundy, your battling style reflects a fine blend of strength and courage but it will be some time until that recipe has been refined into one that's destined to become a timeless classic,"

"All this recipe talk makes me angry and hungry!" said Burgundy.

"You know, I have to admit that I getting hungry too" said Naruto with his stomach growling.

"Do you have to think about food at this time?" asked Kurama.

"If you stand out here, listening to them talking about recipes and stuff, you would get hungry too," thought Naruto.

"You have a point there, just hope that they finish the battle soon then you can go and get something to eat," said Kurama.

"Sawsbuck, use Horn leech!" said Burgundy, Sawsbuck charged at Pansage with its horns glowing yellow.

"Use Dig!" said Cilan, Pansage quickly burrowed underground "Burgundy, now we'll explore the full depths of battle, my recipe revealed," Pansage burst out of the ground from behind Sawsbuck.

"Sawsbuck use Jump kick!" Sawsbuck launched a double kick at Pansage.

"Pansage use Dig!" Pansage went underground again "Now come out and use Bullet seed!" Pansage came out and fire several volleys of seeds at Sawbuck from the left, right and behind which left it confused.

"Cilan that was sneaky!" exclaimed Burgundy angrily.

"Well, confusion is another piece of the battle puzzle as you can see," said Cilan with a smirk.

"Use Megahorn!" Sawsbuck charged in again with glowing white horns towards Pansage. Naruto shook his head in disappointment.

"That was a bad choice of move for her to use," said Naruto, the others turned to him wondering why he said that "You remember that Pansage has one more move in his arsenal?" after taking a moment to think, their eyes widened in realization.

"Perfect! The time has come to end this battle with an unexpected ingredient by using Solar Beam!" Pansage gathered sunlight its paws and then fired a beam of sunlight at Sawbuck, knocking it out.

"Amazing! Cilan is stronger than I thought," said Ash.

"I told you to have faith in him and he has pulled through, now we don't have to worry about replacing our friends" said Naruto with a smile.

"Thank goodness for that" said Iris. Later in the day, after a lunch because of Naruto. The gang decided to see Burgundy off when Cilan called out to her.

"Burgundy, you have the potential to be a great connoisseur but you need more time to develop and grow. The key to achieve anything in life is patience," said Cilan.

"I'm sick and tired of your lectures! I'm going to become an S class connoisseuse and then I'll show how strong I am!" declared Burgundy.

"That's good, I'll be looking forward to that day" said Cilan with smile, causing Burgundy to blush before yelling out.

"I'll have my revenge on you someday for sure!" then she took off in a cloud of dust, while the gang sweatdropped at the scene.

"She's quite something, despite being a rookie" said Naruto.

"Actually, being able to pass the C class connoisseur evaluation is no walk in the park, plus you have to give her credit for that spark and spirit" said Cilan.

"Then we'll do the same in our gym battles, right Naruto and Pikachu?" said Ash.

"That's right, Believe it!" said Naruto raising a paw in the air.

"Yeah! We've got your back!" said Pikachu, with that the gang continued on their way to Castelia city to meet up with Burgh and challenge his Pokémon gym.

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