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Pulling out the Big Guns!

Naruto: The Mega Gamer
Chapter 6: Pulling out the Big Guns!

"Take this!" Naruto brought his dual shortswords down upon a monster to finish it off as it dispersed into pixels, signaling the end of the battle. Naruto sent the blades away and let out a sigh before checking on the G-Pad which was beeping to see that a request has been completed and smiled in satisfaction "Alright, mission complete!"

Erismon hopped into Naruto's hoodie "We found the three Palpitation for the request!"

Naruto along with Erismon and the Biometals were currently in Thelad Sanctuary on a request today as Avenir hadn't called them, the others were doing their own thing while waiting so he decided to go off on his own for some exp farming and gain some levels he was sure that he could manage plus would megamerge with the Biometals in case the monsters were too strong to handle.

"You're getting stronger Naruto, keep training just like this as I feel that we'll be facing stronger opponents in the near future," said Model X.

"He's not wrong, you need to be at your best before our next encounter with Arfoire," said Model Z.

"Tell me about it, last time we beat her because we were very lucky," Naruto shuddered from the phantom pains of the aforementioned battle.

[Better head back now as it's getting late before your friends start getting worried] K-9 spoke up from the G-Pad, Naruto looked up to see the sky slowly darkening as the sun begins to set.

"You're right, time to return to Lastation,"

Naruto began his trek back to the city and had arrived there by the time had already set and it was nighttime. He reported to the Guild to report in on the completed request and received 2,000 credits and a Random Encounter Lv2 material, he left the building and was on his way to the inn when he met Neptune and Noire with the former perking up upon seeing him.

"Hey Naru, I was wondering where you've been all day?" asked Neptune curiously.

"I thought I told you that I was going to take on a couple of requests from the guild and I just got back after completing the last one for the day," said Naruto with a quirked eyebrow.

Neptune blinked "Oh right…I kinda forgot about that,"

Noire rolled her eyes at that "Why am I not surprised,"

"So why were you looking for Naruto?" asked Erismon curiously.

"Oh yeah! I wanted to invite Naru to eat pudding with me, Iffy and Compa said no but I was able to get Noire to join. So how about it, wanna eat pudding with us?" asked Neptune, hoping that he would say.

"Sure, why not?" said Naruto with a smile.

"Great! Let's go, I know just the perfect spot to eat our pudding!" Neptune grabbed Naruto's hand and proceeded to drag the blushing blonde along with Noire following after them and shaking her head.

"Something tells me that he doesn't really know how to say no to a girl," Noire muttered lowly.

The group soon found themselves sitting at the top of a grassy hill close to the outskirts as they gazed upon the city lights with the cool night breeze blowing through the sky, this scenery made him smile softly as he recalls sitting atop the Hokage Mountain to look at the entire village from above. Neptune had already handed out the puddings for them to snack on.

"See what I mean Noire, eating pudding in a place like this makes it taste a whole lot better," said Neptune before taking another bite of her pudding with a look of relish.

"You got the right idea Nep-chan, I used to do something like this back home too. It makes my ramen taste awesome!" said Naruto in agreement.

Noire silently ate her pudding then she paused to speak up "Um Neptune, I want to ask you something,"

"As long as you don't ask about my account balance, then sure," said Neptune, causing Naruto and Erismon to chuckle while the Biometals and Navigator were just as amused.

"If you were a CPU…what would you think of Lastation? Between the Land and the Console Wars, which would you choose?"

Naruto looked at the twintailed girl in confusion of the question, for what reason would she ask such question from out of the blue like that? Does it have something to do with Lady Black Heart not doing anything about the current situation or is it something else? The blonde ninja aspirant chose to stay silent and listen.

Neptune tilted her head at the question "Hmmm…I'm not a CPU, so I'm not really sure,"

"I'm just hypothetically asking 'What if'?"

"Hmmm…I would like to help whoever is in front of me first. And what's that again? The Console Wars? Even if that goes bad…I'm more than happy seeing the people's face who I saved…and pudding too!"

"Neptune…," Noire looked at her in wonder of the answer, Naruto smiled as this reminds of how Hiruzen would talk to him about what it means to be Hokage, none of them noticed how K-9 looked away upon hearing the statement.

"Anyway, why were you asking about that?" asked Neptune.

"I was just feeling a bit curious,"

"Guess being in a place like this can make you think about things you wouldn't wonder about everyday," said Naruto as he began to wonder about how things are going back in Konoha.

"By the way, your egg pudding looks good. Can I have a taste?" asked Noire politely.

"Okay, then let me try your chocolate pudding too!"

Noire scooped a bit of her pudding and held it towards Neptune "Here, have a bite…,"

Neptune bit into it and squealed at the taste "Ahhh this bittersweet flavor, such bliss!" then she scooped a bit of hers and held it out to Noire "Have some of mine!"

"Thanks…such a sweet flavor," said Noire after tasting the pudding.

Neptune turned towards Naruto "Can I have a taste of your vanilla pudding Naru?"

"Sure…have some," Naruto held out the pudding cup towards her, but what he wasn't expecting was Neptune taking the spoon out of his hands and scooping a bit of pudding before putting it into her mouth "Wha…what?"

"it tastes yummy too," said Neptune, oblivious to the blonde's stunned reaction and he wasn't the only one.

[Wow, didn't see that one coming] K-9 muttered in surprise then he smirked [But entertaining nonetheless with that look on his face]

"Neptune, what are you doing?!" asked Noire looking flabbergasted.

Neptune blinked "Oh right, sorry about that…you wanted a bite too right?"

"What? I didn't say anything like-" Noire was cut off when Neptune shoved a bit of pudding with Naruto's spoon into her mouth before pulling away. The poor girl held her hands to her mouth as she blushed beet red.

"How is it, tastes good right? Time for Naruto to have a taste of mine too," Neptune then shoved a spoonful of her pudding into Naruto's mouth.

All this was becoming too much for the two victims of Neptune's antics with their faces completely red and steam coming out of their ears, they couldn't take it anymore as their eyes rolled up into their heads and fell back in a faint. Neptune looked at both of them in confusion.

"Was it something I did?" asked Neptune.

"Yes," the Digimon, Biometals and navigator responded simultaneously.

The next day, everyone has gathered at the inn and getting themselves ready for the main objective of the day as IF spoke up to grab their attention.

"Okay, so we'll go to Avenir again today. Is everyone ready?" asked IF.

"Ready and willing!" said Neptune cheerfully.

"Me too…," said Compa then she noticed a lack of response from the remainder and turned towards Naruto and Noire "Uh are you two okay?"

"Oh we're fine, there's no problem!" said Noire rather hastily.

"Y-Yeah, we're good to go!" Naruto stammered in response.

Compa blinked in confusion "Uh…okay,"

"Did something happen to you?" asked IF with a quirked eyebrow.

"Oh, that's probably because yesterday I-" Neptune was interrupted by Noire clamping a hand on her mouth to prevent her from saying anymore as she and Naruto blushed from the memory.

"Not another word from you!" said Noire.

"Something tells me that Neptune did something that they don't want to talk about," said Compa.

"Same here," said IF.

[Understatement of the year] said K-9, they heard the door open and turned to see Chian walk inside while holding a familiar weapon in hand.

"Oh, there you are, perfect timing!" said Chian "Sorry for being abrupt, but could you test a weapon for me again?"

"Wait…you mean you revised the weapon already?" asked Neptune with surprise.

"That's pretty fast to finish in a couple of days," said IF.

"Yeah, your feedback kept me up all night. It was pretty interesting data, if you could do this in side with Avenir's work then I would be grateful," said Chian.

"All right, it's not a problem,"

"Great, here you go," Chian handed the Armas Test Model 1.01 blade over to Neptune for her to equip it.

"Okay everyone, let's get going," said Naruto, receiving nods of affirmation from the others before setting out from the inn towards the destination which Ganache had sent to them earlier.

"And so, Nep and family have arrived at a closed factory for Avenir's work," said Neptune as she and the others are currently at said location which K-9 identified to be Avenir Storage No.3 which apparently one of the many buildings constructed by said company.

"You're chipper as usual," said Noire with a sigh.

"Hey when you don't have any memory, you can do anything you want!"

"Tell me about it…," Noire took a glance at Naruto and her eyes strayed to his lips and blushed lightly at the thought of the indirect kiss courtesy of Neptune "A-anyways, what's the deal about being called to this kind of place?"

Erismon poked his head out of Naruto's hood to look at the surroundings "It looks abandoned, what are we going to do here?"

"I'm sure we'll find out soon enough," said Naruto.

"But it doesn't change the fact about its strangeness," said Model Z.

Soon enough, Ganache arrived and greeted the group with a friendly wave before speaking up "It's been a while folks, I would like to have you do some work for us again,"

"Hi there, you must be working a lot. Try not to burn yourself out," said Neptune cheerfully.

Ganache smiled in response "Do I really look that busy, I actually take my breaks seriously,"

"I wish I could take breaks too," said Compa.

"Well most of our work are done by machines, so it's no trouble in the least,"

"Kinda makes one rather lazy in a way," said Naruto.

Ganache resumed the conversation "Back to business, let's begin with the subject of the work. As you can all see, this place has not been in operation for quite some time,"

"So, what are we supposed to do here?" asked IF.

"There's a certain material we've not recovered since the closure, we want you to find it and bring it back to us,"

"Is that all? Sounds a lot easier than I was expecting," said Neptune.

"But there's some kind of catch, isn't there?" asked Naruto.

"Quite sharp of you, the place is now swarming with monsters since the closure so you would have to fight your way through," said Ganache.

"So, what is it that we're looking for as it sounds very important," asked IF.

"Indeed, it is, a certain ore which we call the 'Lastelite'. Just one gram holds enough energy to power a game console for ten thousand years, the excavation of it is difficult which is why we want to recover what we have,"

"I've never heard of such an ore before,"

"Me neither," said Noire skeptically.

"Such a material would have been heard through rumors with the way you describe it," said Naruto with a small frown, there's something about this that's bugging him.

"We haven't heard of such a material during our time with Vent," said Model X.

"Not to mention that it sounds rather farfetched," Model Z added.

"That would have occurred had we not held a monopoly of it, we did not disclose it for the sake of controlling it," said Ganache.

"if it's that super rare, then you don't mind if you could share a bit with us?" asked Neptune.

"Come on Nep, this is no time for jokes," said IF sternly.

"Come on Iffy, this Lastelite thingy can power game consoles for ten thousand years! Which hardcore gamer wouldn't want that?"

"But he said that the company is holding monopoly of the ore, so won't that mean it's off limits?" said Erismon with a look of concern.

"Well if you would like some, I'm sure that the company would spare a small bit since you've proven to be quite an impressive group just as long as you can keep it a secret for now," said Ganache.

"Really?! And here I thought that Avenir was kind of bleh but now I see you all in a different light now!" said Neptune happily.

"But Erismon made a good point, didn't he just mention that they don't want anyone to know about this ore yet? This is kinda odd," thought Naruto with a small frown, he was suddenly snapped out of it when he felt someone grab his hand and looked to see that it was Neptune who was saluting to Ganache cheerfully.

"No worries, leave it to Captain Nep and her trusty crew to slay monsters and retrieve the ore!" she proceeded to drag the blonde along into the building.

"Nep-chan wait!" said Naruto but he was pulled inside, leaving the others little choice but to follow after them.

The group was barely a couple steps away from the entrance when the large steel doors suddenly closed and there was a metallic click from the outside much to their surprise, Naruto approached the doors to try and push them open but to no avail which made that odd feeling from before come back with more intensity.

"What's going on Ganache, why did you lock the doors behind us?" asked IF with a frown.

"Sorry about that, I must have pressed something…to be truthful, I purposely locked you in," said Ganache with indifference.

"Why are you doing this?" asked Compa worriedly.

"For you to serve as food for the monsters inside of course,"

"What gives?! I won't get that ore of yours if you keep acting like this!" said Neptune with annoyance.

"Nep-chan, Ganache had led us into a trap and used that fake story of the Lastelite to lure us in," said Naruto as he glared at the door.

"You mean we've been tricked?!" asked Noire, shocked at the revelation and she wasn't the only one.

"That is quite correct, and pray tell how were you able to figure it out?" asked Ganache with an unseen look of impression.

"A lesson my sensei taught me sometime ago, when something sounds too good to be true, that is you must be cautious. Just wished I had done so much earlier," said Naruto with a growl of frustration.

"A sound advice," said Model Z.

"But why are you doing this?!" Noire demanded for an answer.

"Simple, I am well aware that you're all assisting Chian of Passe in hopes of uncovering our plans for the exhibition if I'm not wrong," said Ganache, earning gasps from the group sans Naruto who just growled.

[He must have sent a spy to eavesdrop on us] K-9 muttered lowly.

"We would win regardless, but I thought it better to get rid of you in the case that you might prove to be a hindrance in the future. I'd best be on my way now, farewell," footsteps could be heard getting fainter as Ganache left the group locked within the abandoned building.

"Darn it!" Naruto punched the door in frustration.

"Looks like the way out is sealed tight," said Noire with a frown.

"Iffy, Naru…what's going to happen to us?" asked Compa looking a bit scared.

"Um, well…," IF tried to come up with a plan but isn't getting any good ones so far.

Noire looked down at the ground with a look of guilt "I'm sorry, this is all my fault. None of this would have happened if I didn't suggest taking Avenir's work…,"

Naruto then spoke up "Don't start blaming yourself Noire-chan, none of this was your fault,"


"But nothing, your plan was a good one and we followed it because it was, we just didn't expect them to spy on us,"

"Naru's right, now's not the time to be so down in the dumps. Plus it's not like we can't get out of here, we just need to find another way," Neptune added.

"Naruto…Neptune…," Noire was really touched at how much faith that they have in her despite the short time spent together.

"Nep is right…a large place like this is bound to have more than one exit besides this one, we'll have to search thoroughly for one," said IF "Let's get a move on, I doubt any of us wants to become monster food,"

"Right!" everyone responded.

The group began their traverse through the abandoned complex but they already started encountering monsters from the very moment they had left the locked entrance; the team were able to take them down but more seem to take the place of the once which they had taken out much to their growing frustration.

"Aaah…there's so many monsters here," said Compa a bit tiredly.

"Yeah, they keep spawning like some military video game," said Neptune with a pout.

"This is way too many even for a monster's nest," IF frowned in thought.

"Could it be that Avenir brought them here so they could finish us?" asked Noire.

"I don't know about that Noire-chan, how would they be able to actually move these many monsters into this place just for us?" said Naruto.

"I see your point,"

Erismon was listening to the conversation when he suddenly perked up and jumped off Naruto's head to land on the ground and scamper away much to everyone's confusion especially Naruto as he followed after the Digimon to bring him back and find out what's going on.

"Erismon, where are you going? It's too dangerous to go off on your own!" said Naruto.

Erismon stopped at the doorway and sniffed the air a couple of times "I smell something familiar here!" then he passed through with Naruto right behind and got ready to call on the shortswords in case there was a monster hiding in wait, only to find something that wasn't exactly one to say the least.

It appears to be a bipedal cat-like creature about Erismon's height with white fur, yellow eyes, a tail, a small horn on the nose, and small fangs. It has metallic feet with three toes each and a large claw on each toe, and metallic hands with three clawed fingers each. It has a magnifying glass-like appendage on its tail, and a yellow looking glass mark on its belly. It wears a red helmet with two horns forming a V-like shape, and a magnifying glass-like object on the helmet, and it has two USB cables of medium length on its back.

Erismon called out with happiness in his voice "Gatchmon, it's really you!"

The creature turned around and blinked before recognizing Erismon and smiled in response "Well aren't you a sight for sore eyes, long time no see Erismon!"

Erismon scampered up to Gatchmon and proceeded to speak with him "Just where have you been? I searched all over Virtua Forest but couldn't find you,"

"Well, I was looking around for anything interesting when I saw a witch standing amongst the monster, I approached her to find out what she was up to then the next thing I knew was that there was a bright flash of light before it died down and I found myself here. Though I found some interesting things around here. By the way…," Gatchmon turned to look at Naruto "…who is that human here with you?"

"Oh, this is my friend and partner Naruto Uzumaki. He protected from some monsters and I've been with him ever since and there are others with him who are also nice too, I can take you to meet them," said Erismon excitedly.

Gatchmon pulled the magnifying glass device over his eye to take a closer look at Naruto "Hmmm…he definitely seems interesting,"

"I guess I'll take that as a compliment," said Naruto with a sweatdrop "So what was it you were looking at?"

"Oh! I almost forgot, I came across something rather exquisite and been trying to learn more about it but I'm rather limited due to my inability to access the network without a buddy. You can see it right over there," Gatchmon pointed a metallic claw behind him for Naruto and Erismon to look.

Laying on the ground is a large red device that looked almost like a sword. The handle was about a foot long and the hilt stuck out to one side with a circular pane of many layers of glass inside the hilt. The rest of the weapon curved upward into a rather blunt design that did not seem good for cutting.

"It looks like a sword," said Naruto, he couldn't help but feel that there was more to it than at first glance.

"Indeed, and yet it doesn't possess a sharp edge like any other sword but I can't help but suspect that it could do more than that. Just the thought of discovering its other features makes me giddy with excitement!" said Gatchmon.

"I can tell that there's a secret hidden within it, I myself share the same level of curiosity concerning it," said Model X as he looked at the 'sword' on the floor.

"Maybe we can take it to Chian to check it out since she deals in weaponry and stuff," Naruto suggested as he took a closer look towards the weapon by going down on one knee.

"That sounds quite reasonable, I would like to accompany you anyways," said Gatchmon.

"Really why's that?"

"I can easily tell that Erismon has definitely gotten a lot stronger and more confident since I last met him, plus I get the feeling that being with you will give me the opportunity to learn a lot of things in the world than I would on my own,"

Erismon looked at Naruto with hopeful eyes "Please Naruto, let him come with us. Gatchmon will really help us a lot,"

Naruto looked thoughtful for sometime before finally giving his response "Alright, Gatchmon can join us if he wants to,"

Gatchmon smiled in response and held a claw out to Naruto "Thanks, I'm sure to learn a lot with you and your friends," Naruto smiled back and held the claw in a handshake as his G-Pad suddenly spoke up.

[New Battle Pet acquired: Gatchmon, the Search type Digimon]

[New Abilities unlocked]

Gatchmon looked at himself in surprise as his body glowed with a blue aura before fading away "Astounding! I can now use my other abilities that were locked until now!"

"That's great Gatchmon!" said Erismon cheerfully.

"You're welcome I guess, anyways let's get this thing to Chian after getting out of here and teaching Avenir a lesson," Naruto picked up the sword and held it before him when all of a sudden it began to drain his chakra which alarmed him and K-9 "What the heck?! Get it off!"

[It's absorbing your chakra, get rid of it!] said K-9 urgently.

"I'm trying but it won't let go of my hand!" Naruto waved said hand about but the sword refused to release itself from him, then the it stopped draining his chakra altogether much to his surprise. Naruto looked to see the inner parts of the sword glowing with blue energy which he suspects to be his chakra, he would have thought on this more if not for the fact he suddenly saw the image of Neptune and the girls being attacked by monsters in his mind along what the sword is capable of along with its name.

[Weapon acquired: Sword type Monado]

[New Skills available]

"Naruto, are you okay?" asked Erismon worriedly.

Naruto shook his head to clear his thoughts before responding "I'm not so sure but we need to head back to Nep-chan and the others as they might be in trouble!"

"O-okay!" Erismon climbed up to the top of his head and sat on it.

Gatchmon followed suit by jumping up to the blonde's shoulder "Then let us be off!"

Naruto nodded in affirmation and ran back the same way he came after following Erismon, soon he regrouped with the others and was about to call out to them when there was a sudden glow amongst and took a closer look to see Neptune holding a familiar disc in her hand.

"Dammit, another one of those enemy discs! Get ready for a fight everyone!" said Naruto as he brandished the sword in hand, mildly surprising himself that he has been holding on to it this whole time. The disc glowed once more before a group of monsters appeared before the group, K-9 was quick to identify them to be robot type monsters being R-4, Bit Customs, and a Pox Vader.

"Then I'll be going full force here!" Neptune transformed into her other form "Get ready everyone, here they come!"

Music Start: Sonic Rush Adventure OST; Boss

"I'll take point, Duelist!" Naruto rushed up to the Poxvader and attacked rapidly with the Monado until he landed about 6 consecutive hits before jumping away to cool down he could tell that he was able to inflict quite a bit of damage despite the weapon's lack of a sharp edge, the monster retaliated by firing a blast of energy which Naruto barely moved out of the way in time as a burst of strong winds occurred where he once stood, IF was quick to follow up as she somersaulted over him and slashed at it consecutively with her claw gauntlets then backed away from a potential.

"Here I come, Critical Edge!" Neptune dashed forward to slash the monster then followed up with an uppercut to launch it into the air then slashed once more before it hit the ground. Suddenly one of the Bit Customs hovered over to the R-4 and channeled energy into the monster, causing it to rise back up and took aim at Neptune before firing a blast of energy which knocked her back several meters with a certain amount of damage "Ow, that really hurt a lot,"

"Hang on Nep-Nep, I'll heal you!" Compa quickly formed an orb of energy and sent it towards Neptune, restoring her health to a certain level.

Gatchmon frowned at this and jumped off Naruto's shoulder as he brought the magnifying glass device over his eye "Hmmm, this requires research. Deep Search!" a matrix of numbers could be seen streaming through the visual device as he looked at each of the monsters before speaking "Everyone, watch out for the Bit Customs as they would provide status buffs to the other monsters!"

"So, we simply need to take them down first, very well then," Noire brandished her sword and charged at one of the monsters and proceeded to slash constantly to inflict as much damage as she could "Lightning Fur!" Erismon joined in by firing a barrage of quills coated in electricity to attack from a distance and Gatchmon rushed by him with great speed "Gatch Claw!" he struck at the Bit Custom with his shining claws until it dispersed into pixels.

"Only one more to go!" IF charged at the last Bit Custom and ready to attack but the R-4 intercepted her with an explosion attack, the smoke cleared only to reveal two burnt wooden logs and Naruto stood a fair distance away with IF next to him "Thanks a lot Naruto, but how did you do that?"

"I don't really know myself," said Naruto thoughtfully, he got another one of those visions about IF about to be attacked and was able to save her in time. The blonde looked at the sword in his hand "All this started when I took it, could the sword somehow make me see into the future?" he snapped back into focus when he heard Noire call out to him.

"Would you stop standing over there and help us out already?!" said Noire after using Lace Ribbons to knock the R-4 away for Neptune to follow up with Cross Combo for additional damage.

"Oh right," Naruto turned his sights towards the Bit Custom once more and quickly closed in on it "Rising Sword!" he performed a spiraling uppercut with the sword to launch himself and the foe into the air and followed up with a combo of additional strikes before knocking it away with an aerial roundhouse kick in direction of IF who finished it off with a cross slash to disperse it into pixels.

"We're all done here!" said Erismon as he and Gatchmon teamed up against the Poxvader and took it out, leaving the R-4 as the last monster for the group to face. The R-4 fired another explosion attack but the team were quick to move out of the way with Naruto having to carry Compa out of harm's way.

"Let's get this over with, Lace Ribbons!" Noire dashed towards the R-4 and performed a flipkick to launch it into the air then juggled it in midair with two spinning kicks before twirling in the air to strike with a diagonal slash "Cross Combo!" , Neptune rushed at the monster and slashed up to 5 hits with the sixth launching it into the air then flying after it with the final slash to drive it to the ground "Duelist!" Naruto leapt in to deliver the final strikes to defeat the R-4 as it dispersed into pixels like the others before it.

Music End

Neptune reverted to her normal form and let out a tired sigh "Phew…I'm beat, transforming and fighting sure take a lot out of me,"

"I guess that takes care of them," said IF then she turned towards to take note of the newest additions with Naruto "So, who's that with you and what's with the sword?"

"This here is Gatchmon, he's a friend of Erismon before being suddenly summoned here and he was examining this sword here. So, he decided to join me while I took the weapon, apparently, it's called Monado," Naruto explained "But where did you guys find an Enemy Disc anyways?"

"Nep-Nep found it while you went after Erismon, it was a surprise for us too," said Compa.

"Since we found an Enemy Disc, do you think that there's a Key Fragment here too?" said Neptune.

"The possibility is there, but we can't be too sure," said IF.

"What are you all talking about? What's this about a Key Fragment?" Noire was getting a little frustrated about not getting answers to her questions.

"Well I'm glad you asked, we're collecting these Key Fragments so we can revive Histy and save the world like the heroes we are!" Neptune puffed her chest with pride.

Noire looked at her with a quirked eyebrow before turning to IF "Um Iffy…is she okay or did one of the monsters hit her head hard to act like this?"

"Nope, she's fine in a certain way," said IF.

Neptune was flabbergasted to hear such a thing from both of them "Hey! Even the docile me is angry at how rude you two are!"

"Now now Nep-chan, I'm sure iffy-chan was just kidding around and we know that you're not crazy," said Naruto.

Neptune clasped Naruto's hands in hers with teary eyes "Oh Naruto, I've always known that you would rise to my defense!"

"Uh, you're welcome?"

"All jokes aside, Nep wasn't kidding about what she said. We need to find all of the Key Fragments to release a tome named Histoire…," IF explained.

"I see…," Noire muttered softly to herself.

"Is there something on your mind Noire? If they're crazy thoughts then we'll be sure to get you the best psychiatrists!" said Neptune cheerfully.

"You're the one who needs help in the head! I can't believe how you're taking all this in stride," said Noire, smiling a bit.

"It's nice to see that you're so friendly with Nep-Nep," said Compa happily.

Noire was taken aback "What? Me? With Neptune? You've got to be kidding me!"

"Come on Noire-chan, you gotta admit that you like Nep-chan at least," said Naruto playfully.

"No I don't!"

"Shocker!" Neptune looked like she just got shot in the chest with an arrow "…and here I thought you, Naruto and I were like war buddies. Friends above friends," then she blinked upon realizing something "Or maybe your affection is a notch above friendship…like love? Look I appreciate the feeling but ah…we're both girls and I don't really go that route,"

Noire looked like she just sucked on a lemon when she heard the implication "Are you stupid!? Love? I don't even like you!"

"Aww, look at you being so Tsundere!" said Neptune innocently.

"Ugh, why am I even arguing with you? Will you guys help me out here?"

"You really do like Nep-Nep after all," said Compa.

"Kinda hard not to see that," said IF in agreement.

"You really are shy, that's cute," said Naruto, Erismon was giggling while Gatchmon chuckled at all this, he just joined the group and is already having fun with them.

"As much as we want to keep this up, what say we get out of here and you two can do whatever you want back at the inn," said IF.

"H-H-H-Hotel?!" Noire blushed red from the statement.

"I-Iffy?" even Neptune herself was shocked to hear that with the same going for Naruto who was also blushing at the suggestion.

"…?" Compa looked around in confusion of why they were reacting like that?

[I certainly wasn't expecting to hear that] said K-9.

"Hm, what's the matter?" asked IF, then the meaning of her words slammed into her like a freight train "…Oh no…don't misunderstand me! I didn't say 'do' whatever at the inn in that sense! No, not at all!"

"Oh Iffy, you look so C-U-T-E, blushing and all," said Neptune with a smile.

"Yes, you really are C-U-T-E," said Noire.

Compa soon joined in "Yessy, C-U-T-E,"

"You always act cool, nice to see that you can also be C-U-T-E at times," said Naruto with a foxy grin, even the Digimon were nodding agreement with him. If it were back in Konoha, Sakura would have bashed him in the head but with them he felt much more at ease to the point of even being playful with them.

Poor IF's face was beet red with steam coming out of her ears "All of you should stop teasing me already!" then she broke the Enemy Disc into two "There, it's borken…no I mean broken! Le-le-le-let's go already!" she hastily walked away to avoid getting anymore embarrassed.

"I didn't expect to see a bashful side of her," said Neptune playfully "Looks like our plan worked, nice job Noire,"

"I-I didn't do it for you or anything, okay?" said Noire with a tinge of pink on her cheeks, seeing Naruto smile at her in response.

"We know, let's go after Iffy-chan so we can get out of here," said Naruto before walking off with the rest following him.

"Nep-Nep, Noire and Naru really are great friends after all," said Compa.

The group were on their way with Gatchmon giving them directions of where to go since he's been there longer than anyone else, also he proved helped by providing information on the monsters encountered which made fighting a bit more easier. Erismon's Treasure Hunter had been upgraded to Adept Treasure Hunter such that he could now unearth hidden treasure as he found several idea chips and even a Silver Sword weapon for Noire to equip with the girl shyly saying her thanks to a sheepish Digimon.

Naruto was also trying to figure out how the Monado works with help from the Biometals and K-9, so far they figured that the blade granted a currently uncontrolled ability to see into the future but nothing more than that. Model Z suggested that he continues using the weapon to attune to it which in turn could unlock more of its secrets so Naruto alternated between using the shortswords and Monado in battles as Gatchmon continued to guide them through the place and leveling up while they were at it.

"Gatchmon, are we there yet? My feet feel like jelly…," Neptune whined out.

"I'm pretty tired too," said Compa.

"Not to worry, we're almost at the exit," Gatchmon, sitting on Naruto's shoulder.

"You girls really need to exercise more, you don't see Naruto complaining," said IF.

"Naruto hardly gets tired that quickly unlike you two," said Noire.

"Well, my sensei always did complain that I'm too energetic for my own good," Naruto rubbed the back of his head sheepishly.

[Tell me about it, typical Uzumaki…] K-9 muttered lowly but Naruto heard it.

"Did you say something?"

[Nothing at all, just muttering random things]

"Hey everyone, can you come here for a bit?" Noire called out from somewhere, making them notice that she wasn't there with them.

"Pretty unusual for Noire to call us, I wonder what's up?" asked Neptune.

"We might as well go and find out," said Naruto before walking towards where Noire was calling them from.

"Ok Noire, we're here so what is it?" asked IF.

"This on the wall…isn't that the disc you showed me before, the one you call an Enemy Disc?" Noire pointed at said object.

"Two in one place? You gotta be kidding me," said IF with a frown.

"Ganache must really want to get rid of us," said Compa worriedly.

"I kinda find it unfair, Planeptune only had one and Lastation has two!" Neptune crossed her arms with a pout.

"But it certainly explains why more monsters keep appearing to attack us," said Gatchmon, already scanning the object with his magnifying glass device.

"Well there's no way we'll leave this untouched, let's break it," said IF.

"Wait!" Neptune suddenly called out.

"What is it?"

"Can I be the one to break it? I've always wanted to break a disc but I didn't want to do that to any of my music CDs, this here is a perfect opportunity for me to do so,"

"Come to think of it, I also had that urge from time to time," said Naruto thoughtfully.

[Given how your pranks usually lead to breaking stuff, I'm not surprised] said K-9.

"…sometimes I wonder what goes through your heads…," IF looked like she was trying to stave off a headache, it was at that moment that the disc started to glow.

"Quit with the talking and break it already! Something may come out again!" said Noire urgently.

"Um well, there's a face looking thingy coming out already," Neptune pointed for them to see that another robot type monster has emerged and was aiming at them with its twin cannons.

"Why are you so relaxed like that!?"

"That's an R4i-SDHC, an advanced form of the R-4! Be careful!" Gatchmon called out in alert.

"Nep transform! Let's get rid of the monster and the disc!" said IF.

"You too, Naru!" said Compa.

"Roger that!" said Neptune then she transformed into her HDD form.

"All over it, let's do this X!" said Naruto as Model X flew into his hand and held it in front of him "Megamerge!"

"Biolink established, M.E.G.A System online!" Naruto was engulfed in a dome light before fading away to reveal him in his Megaman X Form and stood at the ready.

"Listen to me Iffy, I want you to break the disc so that no more monsters would come out," said Neptune.

"But I thought you said that you want to break it?" asked IF in disbelief.

"Now that I've transformed, I'm thinking more clearly now,"

"Argh! Can you be any more random!?"

Compa smiled at all this "Even when transformed, Nep-Nep is a lot of fun,"

"This is almost painful to watch," said Noire in a deadpanned expression.

"Heads up everyone, here it comes!" Naruto called out as the monster advanced towards them.

Music Start: Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep OST; The Tumbling

The R4i-SDHC aimed its cannons towards Compa and fired several rounds at her, Naruto was quick to scoop her up before dashing away to avoid the shots as IF charged at the monster from the left side then slashed rapidly with her claws before jumping away when it spun in an attempt to bludgeon her with one of the cannons.

Naruto placed Compa on the ground and turned to face the monster with a glare, he's really starting to dislike it when monsters target Compa a lot in battle, his gamer sense may view her as being the team healer but personally it's because she's his first friend in this world "Alright buddy, you asked for it! Speed Burner!" he took aim with his Megabuster and fired a pair of fireballs which spun around each other to hit the monster, Naruto followed up with two more before having to jump into the air when the enemy shot at him.

"Now it's my turn! Cross Combo!" Neptune unleashed her combo attack and added a couple more strikes before quickly taking to the air when the R4i-SDHC attempted to use an Explosion attack on her. IF drew its attention away from her by using her Las Delphinus although the damage wasn't that much but it did the trick as the monster now turned towards her and proceeded to fire several round.

"I prefer that you look this way!" Noire called out as she towards the R4i-SDHC from behind and performed her Lace Ribbons combo but the monster's weight prevented it from being knocked into the air and retaliated by using another Explosion.

"Oh no you don't, Strike Chain!" Naruto fired a long chain with a hook at the end to latch onto one of the cannons and used his enhanced strength to pull away, making the attack to miss its target completely "Go for the attack while I hold it back!"

"You got it, Critical Edge!" Neptune swooped in to inflict as much damage as she could with IF and Noire joining her in the assault. The R4i-SDHC finally had enough and performed a 360 spin to knock everyone back whilst pulling Naruto over towards it, but the blonde thought fast and pulled off a counter attack as he somersaulted in midair whilst charging up the Megabuster till he was overhead and let loose a charge shot before landing on the ground with a skid.

At this point, the R4i-SDHC went completely haywire as it began to fire randomly in any directions, forcing everyone to dodge the best they could. Naruto's mind raced for a solution when he heard X suggest him using a certain technique from the Variable Weapons System before he called out to the others "Hey everyone, I need you get behind me!"

"Okay!" said IF as she and the others rushed over to position themselves behind Naruto who had gathered the needed energy for his next move.

"Rolling Shield: Full Charge!" Naruto released the energy from his body to form a red translucent dome around himself as the shots fired at him from the monster were easily deflected then he gathered energy once more "You need to chill, Crystal Hunter!" he fired a large drop of cyan liquid which made contact with the R4i-SDHC, completely encasing in crystal and hence arresting any move "Now's your chance to finish it off!"

"Right!" Neptune and Noire quickly dashed towards the monster and slashed rapidly with their swords before backing away for it to fall into a million pieces then dispersing into pixels not long after.

Music End

"Looks like we're done here," said Naruto before reverting to his normal self with Model X floating up next to his fellow Biometal "Thanks for the assist X,"

"It was no trouble at all, you're becoming more adaptive to the Variable Weapons System which makes it hard for enemies to predict your moves," said Model X.

"He's right, I wait in anticipation for when you start to use me," said Model Z.

"Now that's taken care of, let's break the disc before anymore come out," IF reached out for the disc when Neptune spoke up.

"Hey wait a minute, I said that I wanted to break it!" Neptune protested.

"But you're the one who said that I should break it," said IF with a small at her being so random at times like these.

"But that was my other saying that, different personas remember?"

"Ugh, not this again…"

"Now that I'm my normal self, I wanna break the disc!" there was the sound of something snapping into two but Neptune blinked in confusion as she wasn't the source of the snapping, everyone turned to see Noire holding the two broken halves of the disc in her hands.

"I broke it, there's no way I'm going to fight anymore monsters," said Noire as a matter-of-factly.

"…," Neptune stared at her with a look of disappointment much to Noire's confusion.

"Why are you looking at me like that?"

"Wow Noire, way to break the disc and the mood in one go,"

"Yeah, that wasn't cool at all," said IF, shaking her head in disapproval.

"What?! I'm in the wrong here? You girls were arguing!" Noire protesting.

"But you knew that Nep-chan wanted to break the disc but still went ahead, that's kinda stealing her thunder," said Naruto with a small frown.

"I'm in agreement with Naruto, it was a poor choice made," said Gatchmon.

"Yeah, maybe it's these kind of stuff that leave you friendless," said Neptune.

"I-I have a lot of friends, okay! I'm S-O-R-R-Y, is that what you want to hear?"

"And how do you know that you have friends if you've lost your memories?" asked Neptune, Noire flinched and tried to make a comeback.

"Iffy, Naru, you two are so terrible," said Compa, getting the two to turn towards her with smiles on their faces.

"It was too good to pass up Compa-chan, my inner prankster left me little choice but to do it," said Naruto with a foxy grin.

"Yeah, it's funny to see they argue like this," said IF amusedly.

"Anyways, we're almost to the exit. So let's get a move on," said Gatchmon.

They were able to get the two to stop arguing and continued on their way till they arrived before a large door similar to the one they went through earlier and were relieved upon discovering that this one isn't locked then went through it to find themselves back outside and free of the monsters inside.

"Yay! We're finally outside!" said Neptune happily.

"The rays of the sun on my skin has never felt so good," said Compa in contentment.

"Makes you wanna take a nice long nap,"

"We really owe it to Gatchmon for helping us get out of there," said Naruto, glancing at said Digimon sitting on his shoulder.

"Yeah Gatchmon, thanks a lot!" said Erismon gratefully.

"No thanks needed, I just what I had to do," said Gatchmon.

"Hmmm…," IF was frowning in thought which caught Noire's attention and soon Naruto's.

"What's the matter? you've been quiet," said Noire.

"I was wondering what Ganache was trying to accomplish by trapping us inside with those Enemy Discs spawning monsters," said IF.

"Besides trying to get rid us since we were trying to uncover the company's secret info, nothing else comes to mind," said Naruto thoughtfully.

"Maybe so, but is that really all he was aiming towards?"

"She might be onto something, there could be more than one reason for luring us into a trap," said Model Z with Model X nodding in agreement.

"But the question would be what?" thought Naruto.

"You guys are worrying too much, let's just head back to Chian's place for some lunch," said Neptune cheerfully.

Upon hearing Chian's name, something clicked in IF's mind which made her eyes widen in realization then urgency "That's right, Chian's in danger!"

"What do you mean Iffy?" asked Compa worriedly.

"Remember what Ganache said after trapping us?"

Naruto thought back to what the man said and soon realized what IF meant "Dammit, Ganache wasn't just trapping us for the monsters to take us down, but to separate us from Chian while he goes after since we wouldn't be around to defend her!"

"What!?" Noire couldn't believe what she was hearing right now.

[A frequently used battle strategy, and well deployed] said K-9 with a growl.

"Then we better get back to her pronto!" said Neptune with determination.

"What was he thinking, targeting civilians just for the Expo?!" Noire was growling with rage which surprised everyone around her…and scaring them too "Now I'm really mad, I won't let Ganache or Avenir get away with this!"

"Whoa, whoa, whoa! Now Noire's really mad!" Neptune went to hide behind Naruto who was just as scared with Compa joining her as well.

"Noire…you're scaring me," said Compa fearfully.

Noire turned towards the trio, causing them to stiffen "You girls, enough jibber jabber! We need to go and help Chian!"

"Yes ma'am!" they responded obediently.

"But Naruto isn't a girl, so why did he respond?" asked Erismon while fearfully peeking from Naruto's hoodie.

"I doubt it would have made any difference with her current state of mind," said Gatchmon.

The group finally made their way back to Lastation but were shocked to see that parts of the city has been demolished with rubbles and debris lying everywhere whilst the citizens ran about in a panic, they were disturbed at the sight of the destruction with just the time they had wasted inside of the abandoned storage room and already had a good idea of who was responsible for this.

"Man, this is way too hardcore even for me," said Neptune with a sad frown.

"Ganache is going to pay for this!" Noire growled angrily.

"Pretty obvious, especially with his actions today," said Naruto, frowning as well, involving innocents in things like this is a guarantee to anger him by a lot and apparently the Biometals are just as upset.

"How could he do something like this?" said Model X in a sad tone.

"I guess some things will never change, unless we do something to change it," said Model Z.

There was the sound of footsteps and the group turned to see Chian much to their relief although she's covered in dirt and that there were rips and tears on her clothes.

"You're all safe!" said Chian with a look of relief.

Noire responded with concern "Chian, are you okay?"

"I'm okay, but I need you all to get out of here as things have become very dangerous right now!"

"What do you mean 'get out'? What about you?"

"I'm going to the Basilicom to ask for Lady Black Heart's help, so you should get to someplace safe!"

"No can do Chian-san, we won't be doing any hiding whatsoever," said Naruto with his arms crossed in defiance.

"That's right, we have an agenda with Ganache since he tried to get rid of us earlier," said Neptune in agreement.

"So you won't have to worry, we'll take care of Avenir and anything in our way! Let's go everyone!" Noire took off with the others in tow as Chian tried to call them back but to no avail.

The group traced the sounds of destruction towards where Ganache is most likely to be and sure enough they were able to locate only to be shocked upon seeing a giant robot with the upper body of a human male and the lower body being that of a serpent as it wields a battle axe and a spiked mace.

"Well done Killachine, continue to attack the city, might as well increase the power to display your performance which will be sure to sell quite well to our 'client'," said Ganache with a look of greed.

"Hey you four-eyed jerk!" Naruto called out in an obviously angered voice.

Ganache turned round and didn't seem surprised to see them "Oh my…1,2,3,4,5. Well it looks like you all made it out safe,"

"Did you seriously think that those monsters could take us on?" asked Noire with a smirk.

"Oh, of course not. But they did buy some time didn't they? And with that amount of time, I was able to demonstrate the power of our weapon," said Ganache arrogantly.

Noire clenched her fists upon hearing that "You fiend!"

"Fiend? Even if you called me that, what are you going to do about it? You're weak now since you've lost your power to Avenir,"

"Lost her power, what is the teme talking about and why does he seem so familiar with Noire-chan?" thought Naruto confusedly with how the conversation is progressing but decided to remain silent and listen.

"That's not true!" Noire protested.

"You may say that but you're well aware that you have been gone for too long, the people of Lastation barely believe in you anymore so you have no one to blame but yourself. Though I must thank you for making it so easy for us to take over," said Ganache smugly.

"…," Noire didn't say a word.

"You have nothing to say against my logic?"

"…so what?"

Ganache blinked in confusion at the response "Huh?"

"You're poorly mistaken if you think that I'm here for vengeance and power, none of those matter to me. I'm here for the people who believe in me!" said Noire confidently, Naruto had to admit that he's still trying to figure out the subject of the conversation but her resolution was admirable but then…

"Iffy? Can I speak now cause I really can't take anymore of this seriousness," said Neptune.

IF rolled her eyes at the question "Just wait until they finished talking, okay Neptune?"

"Come on, I need to talk to breathe and I'm pretty sure that their conversation is being skipped so that they can get into the action,"

"Nep-chan, I thought we agreed to let Noire finish with her cool speech then we jump in with our own shorter but cool speeches before getting into the boss fight," Naruto pointed out to her.

"If Nep-Nep doesn't keep quiet then she won't get any pudding," said Compa, causing Neptune's eyes to widen in fear.

Noire turned round with tick marks on her head "It's already too late for that! You've completely ruined the mood!"

"Sorry about that Noire-chan, Nep-chan just couldn't stop herself," said Naruto, getting a yell of protest from the girl in question.

"I need you all to be QUIET and I mean especially you Neptune!" said Noire.

"Y-yes ma'am!" Neptune went to hide behind Naruto to avoid being glared at.

"Are you done talking with your friends? I'm a busy person you know," said Ganache.

Noire turned to glare at Ganache "Let me save you time then, by sending that machine to the scrapheap,"

"Nep-nep, Naru! It's time to transform!" said Compa.

"Copy that!" Neptune focused her energy to transform into her HDD form "Ganache, you went too far! Feel the pain the pain Chian and the citizens endured!" Naruto was about to follow suit when he noticed Ganache taking a step back in absolute shock.

"What?! That form…but, why are you here?!" then Ganache turned towards Noire "You're supposed to be here enemy! Why?!"

Naruto quirked an eyebrow at the question "Enemy? What's that supposed to mean?" he turned to see Noire smile in response much to his confusion.

"For those who believe in me, I'll do anything for them…anything!" Noire closed her eyes as if concentrating then called out in a loud voice "Access!" she was suddenly engulfed in a pillar of light which dissipated to reveal her in a familiar form which caused everyone's eyes to widen in shock.

"Noire! That form!" Neptune was just as taken aback.

"You're the same one we met back at West Wind Valley!" said Erismon in shock.

"Everything will be explained later, first we need to deal with this contraption!" said Noire urgently.

Naruto snapped back into focus and went to stand in between them "Then in that case, let me get into gear for this boss battle! Model Z, it's time for your debut!"

"I've been waiting for this, let us begin Naruto!" then Model Z flew into Naruto's hand as the blonde held it before him.

"Okay then, Megamerge!" Naruto called out to initiate the transformation.

"Biolink established, M.E.G.A System online!" Naruto was engulfed in a dome of light before fading away to reveal him in armor similar to the one he dons when megamerged with Model X except that the blue is replaced with red plus in place of a helmet, Naruto wears an angular black visor over his eyes and his hair had grown out into a long blonde spiky ponytail. Naruto reached to the belt on his waist to hold out a bladeless sword handle which suddenly projected a deltoid-shaped blade made out of green slightly transparent energy.

Naruto took a step forward with the blade held in both hands as he took a combat stance "Megaman Model Zero, ready for battle!"

Ganache took a step back in shock "You can transform as well?!"

"There's a lot more you don't know about and we're gonna show an example on your floating tincan!"

Music Start: Killer Instinct Season 2 OST; Execute (ARIA's Theme)

"I'll take point!" Neptune flew forward at high-speed and slashed consecutively at the Killachine until it had enough and swung its mace in her direction as she quickly dashed backwards to evade the incoming strike albeit barely with the wind from the swing blowing against her hair "Time to get it on!" Neptune channeled her inner energy to increase her strength "Critical Edge!" she flew back at the Killachine to slash the robotic monster then followed up with an uppercut to launch it further into the air then slashed once more with great speed whilst inflicting a large amount of damage.

Gatchmon brought the magnifying glass device over his eye "Deep Search!" a matrix of numbers could be seen streaming through the visual device as he looked at each of the monsters before speaking "Everyone, the Killachine possesses innate resistance to physical attacks due to being a machine type monster, elemental attacks will be more effective against it!"

"This might be a bit problematic given that our current moveset has no elemental affinities," said Noire with a frown.

Naruto spoke up "No worries about that, Model Zero has some techniques with various elements tied to them,"

"Very well, we shall rely on you to inflict the most damage while we proceed with the assault. Mediastation S!" like Neptune, Noire channeled her inner energy to increase her strength as well "Lace Ribbons!" Noire dashed towards the monster and performed a somersault kick to attack it then performed two additional spinning kicks before twirling in the air to strike with a diagonal slash.

"Now it's my turn!" Naruto dashed at the Killachine with the Z-Saber held in one hand then leapt into the air "Raijin Attack!" he transformed the saber into a blade of lightning and lash out with a thrust, electrifying the monster with a large amount of voltage before jumping away. Naruto looked up to see the Killachine swinging its mace with intentions to smash him, Naruto quickly mounted the Z-Saber onto his forearm then spun around like a chainsaw to create an energy shield known as the shield boomerang. Naruto timed the moment to dash backwards at the point of contact to reduce the impact as he skidded away to put up a safe distance before detaching the Z-Saber from his forearm.

"Careful Naruto, the Shield Boomerang is not meant to defend against melee attacks," Model Z spoke up in warning.

"I kinda noticed when I got knocked back from the blow," said Naruto.

Neptune flew past Naruto with her sword at the ready "Cross Combo!" she rushed at the monster and slashed up to 5 hits with the sixth launching it into the air then leaping after it with the final slash to slam it hard to the ground. The monster recovered and retaliated with a swing of its axe at Neptune, Noire blurred in between them and deflected the incoming attack with her sword in defense "Thanks for the assist, Noire!"

"Please exercise more caution," said Noire in a scolding manner.

"Gangway, I'm coming through!" Naruto called out as he ran in a straight line while dragging the tip of the Z-Saber along the ground, getting the girls to move out of the way "Dragon Flame Blade!" he transformed the Z-Saber into a blade of red flames as he performed a leaping upward slash to strike the Killachine and appeared above it "I'm not done yet! Ice Fury Slash!" Naruto transformed the sword once more into a giant light blue icicle before diving towards the enemy and striking it with the force sending both crashing down to the ground but he disengaged at the last minute and landed safely with a roll to avoid damage to himself.

"Keep it up, my scans are reading that the accumulated damage is wearing it down by a lot!" Gatchmon called out while looking at the Killachine with his magnifying glass device.

"Watch out! The Killachine is going berserk!" Model X called out in alert.

True to his word, the monster has gone completely haywire as the monster proceeded to swing its axe and mace wildly about, destroying the surrounding buildings. It seemed to have targeted solely Naruto and ignored Neptune and Noire. Naruto was constantly using short dashes and at times somersaulting into the air to avoid the incoming attacks heading his way, Naruto reached for the belt once more and took out a Z-Saber variation with a 'loose' extendable Z-Saber tip which is held together by several energy chain links called the Chain Rod. Naruto kicked off a wall and launched the Chain Rod to latch onto a nearby street pole as he swung around to somersault over the Killachine to land behind it while atop the roof of a building before going into the offensive.

"Hurricane Fang!" Naruto leapt off the roof towards the Killachine and performed a twirling slash with the Z-Saber taking on a pink color then striking up to three times in a row before Killachine turned round and was about to attack once more but got blindsided by Neptune and Noire in a pincer formation, causing the monster to divert its attention towards them.

"Now's your chance Naruto! Finish it off with the decisive blow!" said Model Z.

"Got it!" Naruto began gathering energy into the Z-Saber and mildly noticed that Neptune and Noire were currently keeping the Killachine at bay, he dashed forward upon seeing the charging halfway complete and leapt high into the air with the Z-Saber held in both hands above his head as the blade glowed brightly to signal the completion of the charge "Full Charged Saber Slash!" he dove towards the robot and lashed out with a cleaving strike before landing on the ground.

Neither of them move until a green glowing vertical line was seen on the Killachine before it split into two and disappeared in pixels, signaling the end of the battle.

Music End

"Looks like we're all done here," said Naruto as he stood back on his feet and deactivated the Z-Saber, Noire and Neptune descended to land next to him.

"With the three of us, this was easy. Hmm? Where's Ganache?" said Noire, this got the others to look around for the person that was the cause of all this destruction.

"Seems like he got away," said Noire.

"He must have do so when we were all focused on taking his toy down," Naruto muttered with a small frown.

"Well no matter, he'll get what he deserves next time!" said Noire angrily.

"Speaking of. Noire, that form of yours…," Neptune pointed out.

"You're just like Nep-Nep when she's transformed," said Compa as she and the others approached them now that the battle is over.

"You mean this form? Well of course as I am the CPU of Lastation," said Noire, this caused everyone sans IF to be taken aback in surprise.

"What?!" Neptune exclaimed.

"I had my reasons, but first off, I wish to apologize for lying to you, and I'm also grateful for your help overall," said Noire.

Naruto reverted to his normal form with Model Z floating next to Model X"I guess should have seen this coming from a mile away,"

"Me too, I never would have known," said Compa.

"Same here, this was quite the hidden piece of information," said Gatchmon.

"Actually, I knew all along," said IF with a smile, getting everyone to look at her in shock.

"No way!" said Noire.

"Seriously, your attempts at hiding your identity need a lot of work,"

[Same here, not to mention that your name was mentioned earlier by that adventurer girl before we even met you] said K-9 as a matter-of-factly, Naruto wanted to smack his head for that as the avatar was right now that he recalls it.

"Great, so all that hiding was for nothing then!" Noire frowned in frustration.

"Not really, at least we got to know each other a lot better compared to the first time we met," said Naruto with a foxy grin.

Noire smiled a bit in response "Yeah, I guess you're right,"

"But since you know who I am, can you tell me now?" asked Neptune.

"Hmmm, what to do?" Noire looked as if she was considering to tell her the truth.

"Come on now, no fooling around this time,"

"It's no secret at this point so you might as well tell her," said IF.

"You know Nep-Nep's true identity?" asked Compa.

"It's actually kind of obvious once you think of it much more clearly," said Naruto.

"Indeed it is," said Model X.

"Wait, you mean she's…," Erismon looked at Neptune in shock.

"Come on, even Erismon has figured it out? Will somebody tell me already?" Neptune was obviously exasperated.

"Alright…Neptune, you're the CPU of Planeptune. You're Purple Heart," Noire finally dropped the bomb on Neptune.

"…Seriously?" Neptune simply quirked an eyebrow in disbelief of the statement.

"Nep-Nep seems to be in shock," said Compa.

"And a bit of denial to boot," Gatchmon pointed out.

"Iffy, Naru…can you really believe that I'm the CPU of Planeptune?" asked Neptune.

"For now, how about you change back first?" IF suggested.

"Oh right," Neptune reverted to her normal self but still has the disbelieving expression on her face "But seriously, is me being…me really okay with you guys?"

"It kinda makes sense, since the first time we met was when you were falling from the sky. Which probably means that you might had fallen down from Celestia," Naruto surmised.

"I remember that day, that was when we found her staked to the ground," said Compa.

"And you needn't worry, we won't be fighting now," said Noire.

"I guess that's good to hear because I think that we could all use some sleep after all this," said IF, receiving nods of agreement from the rest before vacating the area to meet up with Chian.

Later on, the group were back at the inn to rest with Neptune and Erismon fast asleep on the bed while the rest were having a discussion over the recent events.

"Now that things are calm, don't you need to show your identity to Chian?" asked IF curiously.

Noire shook her head in response "Now is not the time, revealing myself now would make things worse. I need to get back into shape before revealing my identity,"

"I guess you have a point there, this Avenir is no joke that's for sure. We need to be prepared for anything they could come up with," said Gatchmon thoughtfully.

"Do you have a plan?" asked Compa.

"Not really, I'm just doing to do my best in helping everyone living here," said Noire.

"Sounds like a good option to go on so far, as expected of Lady Black Heart," said IF appraisingly.

"Enough with the honorifics, just call me Noire since I like that better,"

"Was intending to as I really don't like honorifics when talking with friends," said Naruto with a foxy grin, making Noire smile as well. It would definitely feel weird if Naruto were to address her by title.

"Compared to Noire, looking towards Nep…," IF glanced at Neptune who was currently snoring away.

"She's sound asleep, she must be very tired," said Compa.

"Given the number of battles we went through today, I would be surprised if she wasn't tuckered out by then," said Naruto with a shrug of his shoulders.

[Unlike you who needs a small amount of rest before getting back up and rearing to go] said K-9.

There was a knock on the door before it opened to reveal Chian entering the room and greeting everyone "Hey there everyone,"

"Chian, is the factory okay?" asked Compa with concern.

"Thanks to you all, we've got a lot cleaned up while the rest is for tomorrow,"

"So, how is the factory, really?" asked Noire.

"Most of it is in unworkable condition, not much to be done about it,"

"Bummer, wish we had shown up earlier," said Naruto with a frown.

Neptune then woke up saw Chian "Oh Chian, since when did you show up?"

"I just arrived, sorry to wake you up," said Chian.

"So what happens now?" asked IF.

"With the Expo around the corner, I need to get the factory up and running first,"

"Guess we won't be getting any work till then,"

"Sorry about that,"

"It's no biggie, we'll return to Planeptune to come up with something else," said Naruto with a shrug of his shoulders.

"I guess there isn't much of a choice since we have no leads on a Key Fragment," Compa was in agreement.

Neptune then brought out the Armas Test Model 1.01 blade and presented it to Chian "Here's your weapon back,"

Chian took the weapon "Thanks. When the Expo is near, come back. I'll ask you for more tests then,"

"That's great, I'll hope to see your new factory by then,"

"Count on it,"

The next morning, everyone was at the outskirts of the city although it appears that one of them has something to ask.

"Huh? Nowa isn't coming with us?" asked Neptune confusedly.

"Don't call me Nowa, it's Noire!" said Noire adamantly.

"Oh come on, you can call me Neppy if you like," said Neptune playfully.

"No I won't! wait…why would I even do that?!"

"Noire-chan told us that she would be staying back to take care of things here, but you were asleep with Erismon at the time," Naruto explained.

Neptune looked disappointed upon hearing that "Aww…and I thought we were going to be best buddies…,"

"Now now Nep-Nep, let's not bother Noire. We still haven't found the Key Fragment in Lastation so we'll come back here," said Compa.

"She's right, so we'll return here," said IF.

"And I'll be sure to welcome you all back," said Noire with a smile "Oh and Neptune? Don't go around saying that you're a CPU, you hear? I'm not sure about the other Lands, but each have their own problems,"

"That's right, there's no telling what will happen should they find out," said IF.

"I think we know that already, given we had been attacked twice by people who knew about her," said Naruto, then he saw Noire flinch due to having attacked them before "We're not mad at you Noire-chan, it's in the past now,"

"O-Oh thank you, I'm still sorry though," said Noire a bit shyly.

"Yeah Naru's right! Besides, I'll just have to wait until the last scene then I wow them with my identity," said Neptune excitedly.

Compa clapped her hands in excitement as well "Just like in the theatre! Oh, then I want to come out at the encore call!"

"Let's not forget that we need to pick an awesome background music for that moment," said Naruto thoughtfully.

"I'll be sure to search the most suitable one on the internet," Gatchmon offered, already rearing to go.

"I'll help too!" Erismon spoke up from atop the blonde's spiky hair.

"Great, then we'll have Iffy pull the curtains backstage!" said Neptune.

"They sure are relaxed after everything that happened yesterday," said Model X.

"They'll be needing it, given the journey ahead," said Model Z.

Noire looked at IF with a bit of worry "IF? Are you going to be okay?"

"I'll be fine…or maybe not, I'm already getting a headache…," IF muttered lowly while looking at the others now talk about speeches and poses.


Victory Pose (High Health): Naruto swings the Z-Saber quickly with the trailing light forming the letter Z before fading to reveal him standing there in a combative stance.

"That's the power of a Megaman!"
"If you come up against me, know in advance that you're gonna get sliced and diced,"
"Over already? I barely used more than two techniques,"
"You're becoming more attuned to battle Naruto, keep it up,"

Victory Pose (Low Health): Naruto goes down on one knee and pants heavily as the transformation is undone and Model Z floats close to him in worry.

"Even in this form, it was tough,"
"Man, made a few bad calls there,"
"Must have gotten up on the wrong side of the bed for this to happen,"

"You need to hang back for medical attention, your health is too critical to continue on,"

This is Hussbek online with the latest chapter, Naruto and the gang were called by Ganache for another job only to discover that they were lured into a trap which they managed to escape from it with help from a Digimon called Gatchmon who's Erismon's friend and Naruto acquired yet another weapon to add to his arsenal. The group rushed back to Lastation where they found Ganache controlling a robotic monster to lay waste to the city. It was there that Noire surprised everyone by revealing that she was the same girl they had fought back at West Wind Valley and the CPU of Lastation before he and Neptune teamed up with her to take the Killachine down.

Noire then revealed to them that Neptune is also a CPU and in charge of Planeptune much to the girl's shock and disbelief. Soon it was time for them to return to Planeptune for the meantime since they haven't yet found a Key Fragment with intentions of returning, but Noire chose to stay back in Lastation to help the people out for now. Like Model Z said before, there is a long road ahead of them with one wondering what's next.

As you might have noticed, I combined elements from the X and Zero series to make things with many more to come. For those wondering about why Naruto isn't using his jutsu is because he's rather limited to two at the moment but in future chapters, he'll have more in his arsenal of skills. But I want to ask something…do you guys want me to have Naruto return to Konoha with some of his gear and skills or be granted gamelike abilities instead?

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This is Hussbek from Ghana.

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