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Lost Something?

Naruto: The Mega Gamer
Chapter 3: Lost Something?

It's now noon in Planeptune with the city being busy as ever, Naruto was currently walking down the street with Erismon sitting atop his head and K-9 floating by his side as he was checking up his inventory and status. He had returned from Virtua Forest after completing his quests and training alongside Erismon and gaining proficiency in his newly acquired twin short swords, so far he's making progress with Erismon leveling up and him unlocking a new move from the swords.

"We're doing great so far, a couple more battles and you'll get to level 5," said Naruto after looking at Erismon's status on the Pet system menu.

[Not to mention that you're getting just as strong but your leveling speed is slowing down due to being stronger than the monsters accessible to you] said K-9.

"That's true, I'll need to check on the BSS for any info on more areas for me to explore later,"

"So where are we going to now?" asked Erismon curiously.

"We're going to Compa-chan's place to check on the girl we found back at Virtua Forest and maybe learn of how and why she fell from the sky," said Naruto.

[I myself have been feeling curious of that for some time] said K-9.

"Well we'll be finding out soon enough," said Naruto as they arrived at Compa's doorstep and politely knocked on it and waited for a bit before it opened to reveal Compa who perked up upon seeing them.

"Hi Naru-kun and Eris-kun," said Compa-chan cheerfully.

"Hiya Compa-chan, Erismon and I just came from completing a couple of quests and we thought to pass by and check up on the girl whom we found yesterday," said Naruto with Erismon shyly waving hello at her.

"Come on in, I was just about to check on her and see if she's awake yet," Compa beckoned the duo inside then led them towards her room. They went inside to find that the purple-haired girl is awake and looking around in confusion "Oh you're up! Good morning sleepyhead. Well actually, it's good afternoon,"

"Um this isn't my room, is it? Is it yours? And why am I tightly snuggled in?" asked the girl confusedly.

"Well, it was just last night when we saw a shooting star…which was you," said Compa in the shortest way possible.

"That was a short answer, wait…I fell from the sky!?" asked the girl with surprise.

"Pretty much yes, we found you stuck to the ground like that of a legendary sword or something before we carried you here for Compa-chan to watch over you till you woke up," said Naruto with a quirked eyebrow.

"Yeah that's right, kinda like Soul E***," Compa couldn't quite finish the end of her sentence.

"Really? Wasn't it Excalibur that was stuck to the ground?" asked the girl.

"Oh yeah, I'm not sure why I keep mistaking it for Soul ***e," said Compa "Come to think of it, we haven't introduced ourselves. My name is Compa,"

"The name's Naruto Uzumaki and this is my little buddy Erismon," Naruto introduced himself and his companion.

"H-Hello," said Erismon.

"Well I'm Neptune! Thanks for saving me, Compa, Naruto and Erismon! I hope we can be friends!" said Neptune cheerfully.

"Well it's nice to meet you Nept-…Nepee-…Nepta-…Nepel…Neput…," Compa can't seem to pronounce her name right.

"Neptuna, Nep-Nep, Nepper, it doesn't matter. You can call me anything," said Neptune.

"Okay then, how about Nep-Nep? It's nice to meet you Nep-Nep!" said Compa.

"In that case, I'll call you Nep-chan," said Naruto.

"Oh I've noticed that there're still some bruises left on you, allow me to take a real quick look," said Compa.

"Yeah, I am kinda scraped up huh? Strange, I feel like I got sandbagged…," said Neptune thoughtfully but then shrugged it off "Oh but I'm only scratched, must be my imagination!"

"Erismon and I will go wait in the living room until Compa-chan is done patching you up," said Naruto before leaving the bedroom and sitting on the couch with Erismon plopping next to him. They were relaxing a bit when they heard squeaks and yelps from the room every now and then and would sweatdrop at was going on in there.

"What is happening inside?" asked Erismon with concern.

"I don't know buddy and I get the feeling that I don't want to know," Naruto replied.

It took some time before the duo heard the bedroom door opened and Neptune and Compa, though they noticed that the former looked worn out and the latter was rather sheepish before sitting on the couch opposite to them.

"T-That was close…I was an inch away from entering the light…," Neptune mumbled.

"Oh it wasn't that bad…I only made the wrap a wee bit tight," said Compa.

"Something tells me that the 'wee' part was more than a bit," said Naruto with a quirked eyebrow.

"Tell me about it, I was wrapped tighter than some fighting mummy," said Neptune with a huff.

"Could you tell us why you fell from the sky? It was really something unusual," asked Erismon.

Neptune became very confused as she attempted to answer the question "I…don't know…I don't remember anything before coming here…,"

Everyone were surprised at that and slowly came to one possible conclusion with Compa being more audible about it "Nep-Nep, you must be suffering from amnesia,"

"No doubt from when you crashed to the ground headfirst," said Naruto with a small frown.

"Really? I guess so," said Neptune nonchalantly.

"I'd like to help, but I don't have a cure for amnesia…," said Compa sadly.

"Oh don't worry yourself about it Compa, no need to get yourself down over it,"

"She's right Compa-chan, plus there's yet to be a cure for amnesia besides finding someone who knows Nep-chan to help her remember," said Naruto with a smile to cheer the pinkette up which seems to be working.

"That's right, and I've been feeling kinda hungry since I woke up. Do you have any food I could eat?" asked Neptune.

"Food? Well I don't have much right now, how about some pudding?" asked Compa, Naruto and Erismon began fidgeting at that.

"Pudding? What's a pudding?" asked Neptune confusedly.

Naruto was rather flabbergasted at that "What do you mean by that? Don't tell you lost your memory about food too?"

"I remember 'cake' and stuff, so I guess I don't really know what it is,"

"Hang on, I'll bring some over," Compa went to the kitchen then came a back with cups of pudding before handing them out to them.

"So this yellow thing is pudding, let's see how it tastes…," Neptune took a bite and was taken aback by the taste "Wow, the tantalizing sweetness just melts away on my tongue! This is the best!"

"I know right? I proclaim this to be the dessert of the gods!" said Naruto happily, Erismon was silently savoring his cup of pudding too "And it was made by Compa-chan too,"

"Really? You must be a great chef," said Neptune with wonder.

"Oh please stop teasing me, let me get some more," Compa blushed from the compliments.

"Yes please," Erismon spoke up with a paw raised.

"Me too!" Neptune raised her hand as well.

Compa went back to the kitchen to get some more pudding for the others to enjoy which they did for a while until Compa thought to ask Neptune about something "So what are you going to do now Nep-Nep?"

"Well I want to know what happened, so I'll go back to where I was found," said Neptune.

"We can take you there," said Erismon albeit shyly.

"Thanks, I really appreciate it,"

The group got themselves ready before leaving Compa's home and were soon walking along the streets of the city with Neptune looking around in wonder.

"Wow this place is huge! So Compa, what's this city called?" asked Neptune curiously.

"This is Planeptune, it's a city that Lady Purple Heart presides over," said Compa.

"Planeptune? That name sounds kinda familiar…,"

"It sounds like your name, Nep-Nep,"

"Maybe you've been here before," Naruto suggested.

"So where are we going again? Should I bring something with me?" asked Neptune.

"Well we're heading to Virtua Forest where we found you, but you might need a weapon since there're chances of encountering monsters," said Naruto thoughtfully.

"A weapon huh…hm?" Neptune noticed something "Wait a sec…," she walked away in a certain direction, Naruto and Compa sweatdropped at what she's doing.

"Nep-Nep, what are you doing rummaging through the garbage?" asked Compa confusedly.

"Look at what I found, a sword!" Neptune came running back with said item in hand "Well, it's made of wood but still a sword!"

"Um are you really going to use that?" asked Compa feeling unsure of it.

"Of course, it can get me through thick and thin,"

Naruto let out a sigh "Nep-chan, would you follow me for a bit?"

Neptune tilted her head in confusion "Uh okay?"

"We'll be back soon, Compa-chan," said Naruto before taking Neptune along with him, it took some time before Naruto returned with Neptune a much proper weapon which is a Tachi which he purchased for 500 credits "I would have bought a weapon for you if you had just asked to begin with,"

"Sorry," said Neptune sheepishly.

"Now that we're all set, let's head out, said Naruto.

Compa nodded in affirmation "Ok Naru-kun,"

The group left the city and made their way to Virtua Forest, Neptune showed Naruto and Compa that she can definitely hold her own with a sword although she was taken surprise when she saw Compa take out her giant syringe to fight alongside in the battles. Naruto hung back for Neptune to gain Exp in order to level up, Compa pointed out to Naruto and Neptune that monsters have been appearing from nowhere for the last few years and not in the ways of a stereotypical RPG game which piqued K-9's curiosity. Along the way they picked up several items and one of them happens to be a plan for making a healing pod which Naruto intends to check the BBS out for more info, soon the group arrived at the crash site.

"We're here, this is where we found you Nep-Nep," said Compa.

"Wow, that's a huge hole down there," said Neptune while looking at said place.

"That's what I thought when we found you," said Naruto.

"Does it make you remember anything?" asked Erismon from atop Naruto's head.

"…," Neptune squinted her eyes in deep thought, then she squinted harder, and harder, and harder to the point that they thought she closed them.

"Um Nep-Nep?" asked Compa.

"I can't remember a thing! Are you sure I fell here?" Neptune groaned out.

"Yes you did Nep-chan, there must have been some sort of clue lying around here," said Naruto with a small frown.

"That's right, did you lose something Nep-Nep? Like an ID or anything?" asked Compa.

"I wish but you know I don't really remember anything and all. Now that I think about it, I do remember losing something," said Neptune.

"Really? What did you lose?" asked Erismon expectantly.

"Well it's rather obvious,"


"My memory," said Neptune with a giggle.

"…," everyone simply stared at her in silence which pretty much surprise.

"Um…wasn't that…funny?" asked Neptune.

"Nep-Nep, I don't think now is the time to be funny," said Compa.

Wait, what? I thought you were joking when you asked if I remembered anything!"

"We were being serious Nep-chan," said Naruto with a small frown and Erismon nodded in agreement.

"Joking aside, let's go look for more clues," said Compa.


"What's that sound!?" asked Compa in confusion while Naruto sharply looked around for the source of the sound.

"I have a bad feeling about this," said Neptune, suddenly cracked began appearing on the ground and breaking apart "The ground is crumbling!"

"We're falling!" Compa cried out as they began falling into a deep hole beneath them.

"Compa-chan! Nep-chan!" Naruto rushed forward to grab their hands before they could fall any further "Hang on, I'll pull you two up!" he began pulling the girls with all his strength when he heard sounds of cracking and looked down only to pale upon seeing the ground crumble beneath his feet "Oh no!" then he too fell into the hole along with the others screaming all the way down.

"Ouch…," Neptune let out a ground as she sat up from the ground before taking a look around to notice that she and the others are in some sort of cave with crystals dimly lighting up the place "I didn't expect that, they really changed the story with this remake,"

"*Groan* What on earth are you talking about?" Naruto was the next to get up with Erismon worriedly checking if he's doing okay.

"Nevermind that, where's Compa?"

"I'm over here, that fall really hurt," Compa responded while rubbing her head to ease the pain.

"At least we're all here and accounted for, but the question now is where are we?" said Naruto as he went to help Compa up to her feet before doing the same with Neptune.

"It looks like we're beneath the forest, this place feels weird and a bit scary," said Erismon.

"Yeeah, I'm getting bad vibes from this place," said Neptune.

Erismon noticed something shining on the floor and called out to the others "Look over there, I see something shiny,"

Naruto went over to pick up what appears to be a piece of some sort of relic "What do you suppose this is?"

[I can't seem to identify it] said K-9 with a frown.

Compa shook her head "I don't know, I've never seen anything like this before,"

"I know! It must be a medal to change into items with a king somewhere," said Neptune excitedly.

"Maybe so, we can take it back to the guild for someone to identify it," said Naruto with a shrug.

*ROAAR!* There was a loud roar which took everyone by surprise, Erismon dove into Naruto's hood with a whimper.

"What?! Where's that event-flag-inducing growl coming from?" asked Neptune.

"I don't know but it's obviously not friendly, so get ready!" Naruto summoned Kanshou and Bakuya into his hands and looked around for the potential enemy.

"Naru-kun! Nep-Nep! There's a huge monster over there!" Compa cried out, they all turned to see the monster which appears to have the lower body of a tarantula and the upper body of humanoid as it wields a large sword with the design of a key. The monster roared loudly before grabbing hold of Compa and holding her up in the air "Yikes, help me!"

"Compa-chan! Get your filthy hands off her!" Naruto shouted in anger.

"Oh no, Compa is being *censored* and *censored*!" said Neptune in worry.

"None of that is happening Nep-chan! Now help me save Compa-chan!" Naruto turned his focus towards the monster and threw the short swords like boomerangs but it raised its sword to deflect the blades before swinging it towards Naruto who quickly rolled out of the way before catching the swords.

"Leave her alone you meanie! Lightning Fur!" Erismon charged his quills up with electricity before firing them as needlelike projectiles to hit the monster but it didn't seem to have much of an effect. The monster swung its sword at Erismon but Naruto quickly scooped him up and jumped out of the way and threw Kanshou to hit it in the head before catching the blade in its return.

"Darn, I'm not even denting that thing!" Naruto growled in annoyance.

[Apparently it is on a higher level than you at the moment] said K-9 from within the G-Pad.

"My turn!" Neptune rushed at the monster and struck it hard with her tachi.

***No effect***

Naruto and Neptune was surprised to see that with the latter complaining "What the…who just commented on my attack?!"

Then a female voice spoke up from out of nowhere, surprising them further "I am sorry, I didn't want to surprise you. But I couldn't help myself,"

"Hm, I've heard this voice somewhere before…have we met?" asked Neptune confusedly.

"I am Histoire, I thought I explained this when I was in your dream, Neptune," said the voice now identified as Histoire.

"Oh yeah, Ms. Heavenly Voice from my dream! Wait…that was real?"

"Nep-chan, would you mind lending a hand here please?" Naruto before jumping away from a sword swing by the monster when he attempted to get to Compa with Erismon trying to distract it.

"Oh right! I need to help Compa. Ms. Heavenly Voice, can you help?" asked Neptune.

"No, but if you use your Hard Drive Divinity, things should be okay," said Histoire.

"Hard Drive what? I've lost my memory, so can you please take it step-by-step?"

"…I see, so that was why the conversation was all over the last time…,"

"Hey, anytime now!" Naruto called out while looking over his shoulder.

[You idiot, don't look away from your opponent!] K-9 yelled out, the warning was too late as the monster swung its sword to hit Naruto to send him flying back and tumbling to the ground and inflicting a lot of damage.

"Naruto!" Erismon ran over to check on him "Are you okay?!"

"Ugh…that really hurts…," Naruto slowly got up with a pained groan.

"Naru-kun!" Compa called out in worry.

Neptune saw what happened and got angry at the monster for hurting her friends "How do I use this Hard Drive thingy to kick that monster's butt?"

"Well yes, but I'm sure not sure if you can use it as you are now…" said Histoire.

"Then I'll just have to go beyond the impossible and kick reason to the curb!" said Neptune with determination seeing Naruto get up to fight again "So please…lend me a hand to save Naru and Compa!"

"…I'll force run Hard Drive Divinity from you. Are you ready?" asked Histoire.

Neptune nodded in affirmation "Ready and willing,"

"Neptune, may you power arise…,"

She was suddenly enveloped in a pillar of light which caught everyone's attention before fading away to reveal her in a different form. Neptune has long purple hair in twin tails that almost reaches her feet and bright blue eyes with white pupils in the shape of power signs. She wears black hair clips with glowing blue D-Pad shapes on them, and a black body suit that exposes her chest somewhat. Both of the bodysuit's shoulder areas contain a white outlined D-pad symbol and the arm areas contain purple along the sides while the front of the bodysuit also contains purple areas near the bottom. On the breast areas you can see a single purple strip. Neptune's leg-wear seems as though it is the same as her human form only it appears as black boots with purple tips instead.

"Nep-chan?" Naruto looked at her in surprise.

"Wow," said Erismon.

[Her specs have gone way up] said K-9.

"You're glowing," said Compa.

Neptune looked herself in wonder "Is this…really me?!"

"Yes this is your true form Neptune," said Histoire in confirmation.

"This power…it's flowing from within. There's no way I can lose with this!"

Butterfly wings made of purple energy projected from Neptune's back to help her hover in the air as she held a hand out to conjure what appears to be a large futuristic purple samurai sword along with extra body armor appearing around her, she dashed towards the monster and slashed rapidly, making it roar out in agony from the powerful strikes. It attempted to retaliate with an attack but Neptune ascended to the air before diving with a cleaving strike to damage it further.

Naruto saw an opportunity and dashed towards Compa as fast as he could whilst activating a skill "X-ecution!" he lunged at arm holding Compa and performed a powerful X-slash to force it to let go and caught the pinkette in a bridal carry then moving to safety and setting her down "Are you okay Compa-chan?"

"I'm fine but I'm more worried about you since you took a serious hit from that monster," Compa replied.

"I'll live, best we leave the rest to Nep-chan," they looked back to see Neptune inflicting a lot of damage before jumping away from one of its attack although it appears much weaker than before.

"Here I come, Cross Combo!" Neptune rushed at the monster and slashed up to 5 hits with the sixth launching it into the air then leaping after it with the final slash to drive it to the ground and lay there unmoving "Well, that should do it…,"

"That was amazing Nep-Nep, you beat that monster in a flash!" said Compa cheerfully.

"Man, you really took it to school," said Naruto with a grin, flinching lightly from the damage he took earlier.

Neptune transformed into her normal form in a flash of light "Whew…that was tiring,"

"Well done, Neptune. Compa and Naruto, are you two okay?" asked Histoire.

"Yessy, and it's all thanks to Naru-kun and Nep-Nep," said Compa happily.

"I'll live, nothing a little R&R can't do for me," said Naruto "Although I'm curiously to ask who you are and where you came from, seems like you know Nep-chan too,"

Neptune spoke up "It's Ms. Heavenly Voice AKA Histoir…what was it again?"

"Histoire. You were only off by one letter…," said Histoire with a nonvisible sweatdrop.

"That's right Histy-Histy!"

"You can call me Histy. Nice to meet you Compa and Naruto, I'm Histoire,"

"Well it's nice to see or rather hear you, now can explain to us how you kn-"


"It's still alive!" everyone cried out in fear.

"Let's run!" said Neptune frantically.

"Yessy!" said Compa.

"Ditto!" Naruto got ready to cheese it.

"Wait for me!" Erismon climbed up to his head and held on tight.

The group hightailed it out of the cave like a Pacman outrunning ghosts to get to a power berry as they left the forest and returned to Planeptune before arriving at Compa's place where they can finally catch a breath and feel safe for once.

"*Huff, Huff*…finally…got away," said Neptune tiredly.

"…That was a close call," Compa flopped on the couch.

Naruto sat on the floor and panted lightly with Erismon dropping off his head to land on his laps "…Too close if you ask me,"

"I can't believe it was still alive after all that damage it took…" said Histoire.

"Oh yeah, that reminds me…," Naruto reached into his pocket and took out at the relic piece which he had pocketed earlier before the battle with the monster "Do you know anything about this Histoire?"

"That's a key fragment. It's a piece needed to release me from my seal,"

"You're sealed Histy?" asked Compa with concern.

"Yes, can you release me? There are one of those in each land," said Histoire.

"I could, but I have to fight monsters, right? Isn't it…dangerous?" asked Neptune unsurely.

"Yes your life will be in danger, but if you can help lift my seal then I can in turn help get your memory back," said Histoire.

Everyone perked up at that, especially Neptune "Really?"

"Really really. And anyway, I do need you to get your memory back,"

"Well then, let good old Neptune search for those fragments far and wide!" said Neptune with gusto.

"I'm coming along, sounds like a grand adventure and there's no way I'm missing out on that," said Naruto with a smirk.

"Me too, it will be fun!" said Erismon.

"I'll come too. After all, I can't leave Nep-Nep with her brain loss," said Compa.

"Memory loss Compa…but thanks! Are you two sure about this? I don't want to get in the way and all," said Neptune with concern.

"It's okay, my nursing school is closed because of the monsters and Naruto's an adventurer so it's no problem at all,"

"Thank you…ve…ry…mu…ch," said Histoire but they can't seem to hear her clearly now.

"What? I'm having trouble hearing you histy. Is the static there bad?" asked Neptune in confusion.

"I…using…Fragment…I…ou…t…of time. Pl…eas…lo…ok…for…Key…Frag-" anything else that Histoire was trying to say was soon cut off.

"I think I lost contact, hope Histy is alright," said Neptune.

"Well at least we know how we can get your memory back, let's go Nep-Nep and Naru-kun!" said Compa.

"Sounds like a plan! Let's do it!"

Naruto give her a thumbs up "You know it!"

Sometime later, Naruto, Erismon and Neptune were hanging out in the living room with the blonde having to rest under 'training nurse's orders' in order to recover which wouldn't take long and so decided to check the BBS for the plan he had found back at Virtua Forest. Apparently plans are quite special as they enable one to create to create items, unlock new dungeons and even influence a dungeon in a certain way to one's advantage. The plan which Naruto has is for making a Healing Pod and he has the required amount of the materials so he executed the plan on the G-Pad for the item to appear in his inventory much to his surprise and joy, making him resolve to find more of these plans and make use of them while finding materials along the way.

Compa then showed up from the kitchen "Nep-Nep, I was going to go shopping for the trip, but do you want to come?"

"That sounds like fun! I'll follow along like miniature alien fairies!" said Neptune excitedly.

"Can I come too?" asked Naruto.

"No, you're still not fully healed so you're staying here until we get back," said Compa sternly.

"Ugh fine, I'll wait," Naruto sat back with a pout, can't seem to bring himself to go against her sometimes.

"Alright, we'll see you later," Compa and Neptune waved goodbye before leaving Naruto and Erismon behind.

"*Sigh* so what do you guys think about all this?" asked Naruto.

K-9 emerged from the G-Pad [All I can say is that there will be more than just seeking out these Key Fragments to freeing this Histoire, best you be prepared for anything]

"I've never been anywhere beyond Virtua Forest, so I can't to see what else is out there," said Erismon excitedly.

Naruto fondly petted Erismon's head "That's true plus we get to learn more about Gamindustri along the way too. Might as well relax a bit more before heading out to get some info on how to get to the other lands so we can search for the Key Fragments over there," he laid on the couch with Erismon curling up on his stomach as they took a short nap, they were woken up later by the sound of the door opening with Compa and Neptune coming inside.

"Up and at em Naru, we're going on an expedition," said Neptune.

"Expedition? What do you mean?" asked Naruto.

"Nep-Nep and I have taken a quest to check out a cave for monsters," said Compa.

"Cave, you mean the one we fought the monster in?"

"That's the one, so get on your feet and let's get moving!" Neptune grabbed Naruto's arm and pulled him off the couch then began shoving him towards the door.

"Alright, let's just hope that monster isn't around anymore," said Naruto.

"Me too," Erismon hopped to his head.

The group set out for the Monster Cave and went through the point where they had come from during their escape from the monster earlier before.

"So what exactly are we supposed to do?" asked Naruto curiously.

Neptune looked confused at the question "Um Compa, what are we supposed to do here?"

"Nep-Nep…you didn't read the fine print did you?" asked Compa with a sweatdrop.

"Oh come on, Nobody reads the fine print! Never have, never will!" said Neptune lightly.

"So we're basically going in blind," said Naruto with a groan.

"I guess we'll just have to check out for the monsters and what they're doing," said Compa.

"Do you think we'll run into that monster from before?" asked Erismon worriedly.

"A lot of people came here already so I'm sure it went away," said Compa.

"Let's hope so, I'm not really in the mood to run into it again," said Naruto.

"Ditto!" Neptune was in agreement despite having beaten it before.

They ventured inside and encountered newer and stronger monsters along the way before taking them down and acquiring several monster drops like Blue Ribbons and Pixel Antennas along the way. Naruto also managed to find an Arcade and Shooter Idea chips too, though he's yet to find a blank disc for them, all in all they were making good progress as they advanced further into the cave.

"It's getting darker the deeper we go…," said Neptune a bit nervously.

"You're right, and it's getting harder to see too," said Naruto.

"Nep-Nep, Naru where are you? It's so dark. I can't see you two,"

"We're over here, just hold onto me so we won't get separated in the dark," said Naruto.

"Okay Naru," Naruto felt a part of his jacket being held and knew that Compa is now nearby before moving on.

"Good idea Naru, there's no telling what could be around here in this scenario," said Neptune, suddenly she walked into something with a thump and stumbled backwards but Naruto managed to catch her quickly before she fell.

"Nep-chan, are you okay?" asked Naruto.

"Yeah, if you fell into a pit it could have been a game over," said Compa.

"I'm okay but I think I walked into something, be careful since it's so dark," said Neptune.

"Ow…watch it girl!" they heard a feminine voice and turned to see who it belongs to.

She is a fair-skinned girl with a short physique with her hair having a pale brown hue and has a length that reaches down near her waist. On her head is a bow which consists of two green leaves on the left side of her head. She wears a loose, large, blue coat with silver buttons and trimming that is worn open and looks like it's many sizes too large for her to wear with the sleeves reaches through her hands. From the shoulder to the elbow level of the sleeves is an orange lightning bolt with white trimming, on each side of the bottom of the sleeves are buttoned-on black cuffs with silver trimming, her coat also has two pockets on each side of the waist with the lower end of her coat having a brown fur lining. A loose belt strap that holds nine cell phone holders are attached in the waist line of her coat. In order from the left side of the coat to the right are the colors of the cell phone holders: blue, light blue, green, black, magenta, white, lime green, orange, and light pink. Beneath the open coat, she wears a tank top and a pair of shorts that are black with silver trimming. She wears a black belt with silver trimming and is adorned with a black and silver, diamond-shaped buckle with her name engraved on it, stylized as "IF". She wears medium-length black socks and blue boots with silver trimming that matches her coat.

The girl stood up from the ground and looked at the group in confusion "Wait…what are kids like you doing here?"

"You're calling us kids? You're a kid too, who are you anyway?" asked Neptune, feeling rather offended at what the girl said to them.

"I'm IF, let's just say that I'm the Wind Walker of Gamindustri," said IF proudly.

"…," Neptune and Naruto looked at her in silence.

IF raised an eyebrow at their silence "Ah huh?"

"You're the Wild Talker of Gamindustri?" asked Neptune confusedly.

"Wind Walker. I travel the world, making a living with the guild," said IF "Enough about me, what are you all doing here?"

"We came for the guild too. Oh and I'm Neptune, he's Naru and she's Compa," said Neptune, introducing herself and the others.

"Nice to meet you, I'm Compa," said Compa politely.

"Same here, the name's Naruto Uzumaki and this little guy on my head is Erismon," said Naruto with a two finger salute.

"Hello," Erismon waved a paw in greeting.

"You've got to be kidding, you three are working for the guild too?" asked IF with skepticism.

"Hey don't go giving us that look, we're pretty strong," said Naruto, he really doesn't like it when people underestimate him from the get-go, many gamers did that and ended up paying the price whenever they challenged him.

"Yeah, we're a super team!" said Neptune in agreement.

IF still wasn't convinced "Really? Even with all the monsters roaming around here?"

"Uh…," Neptune began to feel a sense of dread, something which Naruto and Compa are also.

"Nep-Nep, that can't be," said Compa.

"I get the feeling that it is," said Naruto.


"Not again!" the trio cried out in worry.

"What should we do? It must be looking for me!" said Neptune.

"What!? You three know what that is?" asked IF in surprise.

"Yes. Nep-Nep sandbagged Mr. Monster real good, and Naru helped out too," said Compa.

"W-What should I do? It's got to be looking for revengeance..," said Neptune.

"We got no chance but to take it down, partially our fault for leaving it wounded instead of finishing it off," said Naruto.

"Naru's right, we need to defeat the monster for the sake of Planeptune," said Compa.

"Hard to believe, but if you can fight then I'll need your help in this," said IF.

"Okay then, I'll go super-mode from the beginning!" said Neptune then she transformed into her other form and summoned the blade to her hand "Hah…I'm ready now,"

IF was taken aback at what she's seeing right now "Wha-!? What just happened!? Wait, you're huge! Like all over!"

"Surprise! Nep-Nep can change and is super powerful when like this," said Compa cheerfully.

"Well now do you believe that I beat this monster once before?" asked Neptune.

"Do I even have a choice? It's harder not to believe now," said IF.

*ROAAR!* The monster appeared and roared angrily upon recognizing the ones that hurt it before.

"You all better get ready, cause here it comes!" Naruto summoned Kanshou and Bakuya before taking a stance while Erismon stood next to him and tried to look brave with the others getting their weapons ready.

"So, want to get it on, do you? Well the feelings are mutual. I'm gonna have to take you down to stop any more casualties!" said Neptune.

Naruto was the first to launch an attack as he dashed forward and activated a skill "Charger!" he darted to the side to evade a swing from the monster's sword before lunging at it to unleash a barrage of slashes before flipping away to avoid its retaliatory strike, then Neptune swooped in and slashed the monster several times as well before blocking an attack and backing away. IF dashed to the monster's side and struck rapidly with her tri-pronged qatars before jumping back and activating a skill "Demon Flames!" multiple explosions of flames erupted around the monster before combining to create one large final fiery explosion for maximum damage.

"Cross Combo!" Neptune rushed at the monster and slashed up to 5 hits with the sixth launching it into the air then leaping after it with the final slash to drive it to the ground. The monster roared angrily as it attacked the group once more with Compa as its target, Naruto quickly positioned himself in front of her with his blades crossed to block and grunted against the impact whilst getting pushed back a bit "Kenzan Dive!" Erismon jumped over Naruto's shoulder while curling his body up into a spiky ball and charged forth to slam into the monster's face to make it back away from the duo.

"Thanks Naru, you too Erismon!" said Compa thankfully.

"Don't mention it, Compa-chan. Now's our turn, time to try out my newest skill! Trace On!" blue circuits appeared on Naruto's arms from the shoulders to his fingertips which could even be seen through his clothes "And now, Blade Raid!" he proceeded to throw both swords at the monster then projected copies of the short swords and threw them as well for a volley of bladed projectiles before catching the originals in his hands and retook his stance. Compa was quick to activate her First Aid skill to heal him a bit.

"I'll finish this," said Neptune upon seeing that the monster is severely weakened as of now, she dashed forward and executed a 4 hit combo and finished it with a cleaving strike to finish the monster off as it disappeared and everyone leveled up from the battle "Well that was an unfair match, the monster was injured after all,"

"Not really, it had it coming for trying to hurt Compa-chan before," said Naruto with a shrug.

"Not bad, I don't think that I could have been able to handle it on my own. Thanks," said IF.

"No problem, we were the ones who let it go in the first place," said Neptune.

"Still…that's some transformation, you're like a whole different person,"

"Naru and I were surprised the first time we saw it too," said Compa.

Neptune reverted back to her normal form "Phew…I'm beat,"

"Nice fight, you and Naru were totally cool,"

Naruto rubbed the back of his head sheepishly "Aw shucks, it was nothing really,"

"Oh stop flattering me," said Neptune bashfully "Hey Iffy, how about joining our party while we're at it?"

"Iffy? Me? Iffy?" asked IF confusedly.

"Yup! IF=Iffy, sounds a lot cuter too, don't you think?"

"Iffy…," IF smiled a bit at the nickname.

"Oh, you don't like it? Could it be that you've been teased by kinds with that name?" asked Neptune.

"No, I was never teased with my name before. You can call me whatever you like,"

"Okay then I'll call you Iffy too," said Compa fondly.

"Me too, it really fits on you Iffy-chan," said Naruto with a foxy grin.

"So what do you say? Care to join us? Would be great to have a pro like you with us," said Neptune.

"Well why not? As they say, the more the merrier," said IF.

"Glad to have you onboard Iffy-chan," said Naruto happily.

"Yeah, I can tell we'll be great friends," said Neptune.

IF smiled "Sure, looking forward to it,"

The group resumed their trek with IF in tow to further explore the cave while taking on any monster which came in their way, they filled IF in on what they were doing and why which she found to be rather random before continuing onwards. They actually got lucky by finding an SP Charger and a Hunting Sword for Neptune but she chose to stick with the tachi instead, and Erismon picked up four Big Online Idea Chips for the group too with his passive ability Treasure Hunter

Neptune suddenly spoke up while holding up what appears to be a disc with black tribal markings on it to the others "Hey guys, I picked this up but…,"

"Where did you find it Nep?" asked IF.

"Nep? Is that what you're calling me?" asked Neptune.

"Well you named me Iffy, so why not? Like I asked before, where did you find it?"

"I dunno, I found it hanging on a wall over there,"

"Hanging on a wall? You're not joshing here are you?"

Neptune pouted at the skepticism "How can you not believe me Iffy? After all we've been through?"

"That's not so nice to not believe Nep-Nep, Iffy," said Compa.

"I doubt Nep-chan would make anything up about this," said Naruto with a quirked eyebrow.

"I was just a bit taken surprise at how she found it, plus we just met a short time ago," said IF, suddenly the disc began to glow much to their surprise.

"W-What's going on and why is the disc flashing?" asked Erismon worriedly.

"Do you know anything about this Iffy?" asked Compa.

"I don't know, I haven't seen anything like this!" IF replied, the disc flashed brightly before dimming to reveal monsters standing before the group, surprising them even more "Monsters actually came from the disc?!"

"Get into focus everyone!" Naruto summoned the short swords and lunged at one of the Clyde monster and slashed consecutively before jumping away from an attack by another Clyde though Erismon used Lightning Fur to drive it back. Neptune used Cross Combo to attack the Super Otaku but the Ms. Clyde used a recovery skill to heal it so IF attacked it with her qatars with Compa assisting by stabbing with her giant syringe. Naruto rushed up to a Clyde and slashed it several times then used X-ecution to finish it off then threw Kanshou to hit the Super Otaku which was about to attack Neptune before she turned around and used Cross Combo to take it down too.

Compa provided healing to IF as she engaged the Ms. Clyde who kept on healing itself from the continuous damage but wasn't able to defend against the assault for much longer when she used Demon Flames for massive damage to finish off the last of the monster, everyone was able to catch a breath and Naruto passed out some SP Chargers for them to consume and restore their SP.

"That was a surprise, you could have told me that enemies came from discs," Neptune whined out.

"How should I have known? No one knows where monster come fro…" IF trailed off as her eyes widened in realization of certain implications.

Neptune was a little confusion by her sudden silence "What's the matter Iffy, cat got your tongue?"

"So this is where the monsters come from…this is amazing!"

"By that you mean we just found out the origins of the monsters which many having been trying to find out," said Naruto thoughtfully, seeing the logic at what she's thinking.

"Yessy! I think this is a super discovery!" said Compa happily.

"Hahahahahahaha!" the group were suddenly startled by the sound of laughter which came from out of nowhere which didn't make sense since they're the only ones here "I came for my guardian, but I didn't expect to see you here Neptune,"

"Who's there, and what's with that old melodramatic laugh?" asked Neptune nervously.

Then they saw something approach them from behind a rock. She is a woman with a witch-like appearance. She has very pale skin, almost appearing to be a pale light purple. Her hair is also a light shade of purple, being styled in a short haircut with one long bang to the side. Her apparel consists of a black witch hat with thorns circling it with two different shaded purple flowers on them, and feathers sticking off to the side. Her outfit itself is a black one piece with purple stripes along the cuffs and torso area.

The witch appeared to be rather annoyed "Who are you calling old!? Mocking people as usual. You have not changed on bit,"

"Is this a friend of yours?" asked Compa.

"Of course not, I don't know any old lady wearing this much Goth makeup," said Neptune.

"That's a relief, I was beginning to doubt your choice of people,"

"I would have put my resignation if you were friends with her," IF was in agreement.

"Me too, she's too weird for me to even want to talk to," said Naruto.

"Soooo, who are you missus?" asked Neptune.

The witch appeared to be very irritated at the comments thrown at her right now "How dare you! Saying that in front of me…I'll get rid of you all!"

"I think we made her mad," said Erismon nervously.

"We can pretty much say that it's NEP's fault," said IF.

Neptune was flabbergasted to hear that "How come it's my fault?"

"Heads up you two, here she comes!" Naruto equipped himself and got ready to fight the witch who summoned a spear then she flew forward and kicked Compa very hard in the chest to send her tumbling away "Compa-chan! You're gonna pay for that, Charger!" Naruto quickly closed the gap between himself and opponent then slashed rapidly but the witch easily parried the attacks before smacking him away and flew backwards to casually avoid the Demon flames attack from IF. She made to approach but leaned back to avoid a spinning blade thrown by Naruto from the side then flew towards her intended target smacked IF to the ground with the flat end of her spear.

"How weak, is this all you can do?" asked the witch haughtily.

"No way, Cross Combo!" Neptune attempted to use her skill to attack but the witch easily saw through the attacks and defended against them, she was about to counterattack when Naruto jumped over Neptune from behind and performed X-ecution to land a clean hit…only for her to shrug it off like it didn't happen in the first place "Hey what gives!? Our attacks aren't even tickling her!"

"Indeed, because I'm not even laughing," the witch knocked Naruto away then went to strike Neptune hard to the ground and got ready to attack again but blocked an attack from Erismon before backhanding him away "Like a little rat can do anything to me,"

"Then let's see you handle this! Trace On, Blade Raid!" Naruto ran at the witch all the while flinging copies of the short swords with them being deflected till he was up close and activated his Charger skill in a hit-and-run tactic, a couple of hits were successfully inflicted but the damage was far from enough and the woman's sneer told him just that before kicking him very hard in the gut to send him crashing into a cave wall and collapsing to the ground "Darn it…she's too strong,"

"I call this a cheat, she's too strong for an early stage boss!" Neptune whined out.

"She hits really hard," said Compa, slowly getting back to her feet.

"Guess she's much stronger than she looks," said IF.

"What a meanie," Erismon moaned out.

The witch scoffed at the group "Hmph, you're all scum to me. Cry and weep like the losers you are. Now then…I'll be taking back that Key Fragment," she picked up the Fragment which they had dropped during the one-sided fight.

"No fair, we went through a lot of trouble to get it! Give it back!" Neptune yelled angrily.

"Silence!" the witch kicked Neptune, causing her to cry out in pain.

"Nep-chan! Leave her alone you old hag!" Naruto yelled out in anger.

"You're just as annoying!" the witch stomped on his head to drive it to the ground and grinded her heel on it "Hmph, you're nothing more than a weakling who should know his place!"

"Naru/Naruto!" the girls called out to the blonde in worry.

The witch turned towards Neptune with an evil smile on her face "Now the time has finally come, I'll take your power Neptune!" she launched a purple aura towards Neptune as its target "Hahahaha! Finally, the first step to my ambition has finally began!"

"Nep-Nep look out!" Compa got up and rushed over to push Neptune out of the way but ended up getting hit by the aura "Kyaaaa!"

"Compa!" Neptune called in worry for her friend "Compa, are you okay!?"

Compa looked at herself in confusion, she was expecting pain but feels none of the sort "I'm okay?"

"What?!" the witch was surprised at what just happened before it turned into anger "How…dare you get in my way of Nep-Nep!?"

"'Nep-Nep?' Why are you calling her that?" asked IF with a quirked eyebrow.

"Once more, I'll make Nep-Nep's power my own!" the witch launched another purple aura but Neptune scrambled out of the way this time "Hey! Stop running around and just get hit!"

Naruto got a hunch of what's going on here "She's trying to absorb Nep-chan's power!"

[Must be targeting the power of her other form] said K-9.

"And since she's absorbed Compa's power, we now have a chance to actually beat her!" said IF.

"Tch, dammit!" the witch clicked her tongue in anger.

"Hey you, we're even now!" Neptune quickly transformed into her other form "I won't let this chance and you get away!"

"Might as well join in for a second round," Naruto stood to his feet and got ready to rejoin the fight when suddenly he heard a voice speak up in his mind.

"I believe I can help you out," something came out of Naruto's pocket and hovered before himself, revealing itself to be a piece of metal with a protruding round plate on the front with a pair of horizontal lights for eyes, giving it the appearance of a face, a blocky triangular shape with a blue color scheme and a large red crystal.

"Who or what are you?" asked Naruto in shock.

"I am Biometal Model X," it replied.

"Biometal? What is that?"

"I feel it best that I explain things later as you need to help your friends and I wish to lend you my strength as we're compatible,"

"…okay then, but how do I use you?" asked Naruto confusedly.

"First grab a hold of me and yell out 'Megamerge' then I'll do the rest," said Model X.

"Okay then," Naruto took Model X into his hand and held it before him "Megamerge!"

Model X's eyes flashed for a moment before speaking up "Biolink established, M.E.G.A System online!" Naruto was engulfed in a dome light as he underwent a transformation. He wore a black spandex bodysuit and Model X burst into many bits of light before attaching to his body to form armor. Blue gauntlets with yellow bracelets formed over his forearms, a helmet similar to Model X is fitted on his head while donning closed blue jacket armor with a yellow collar. White pieces of armor were also fitted on his thighs and waistline as well, and a set of blue armored boots with thick black soles formed up to his knees to complete the transformation.

The light dimmed to reveal his new form to the others who were in awe at the sight, the witch's eyes widened in recognition and disbelief "It can't be…you were supposed to be sealed away, you can't have found someone to Megamerge with!"

"Well you better believe it, cause it's our turn to beat you black and blue!" Naruto dashed forward and lashed out with a straight punch which struck the witch and this time actual damage was inflicted when they saw her flinch in pain from the strike and back away from them "Alright we can do this!"

[Hey kit, your stats have gone way up courtesy of the transformation. Give her hell!] said K-9 excitedly.

"I'll heal your wounds!" Compa activated her First Aid skill on IF to heal most of her injuries.

"Thanks, I'm good to go!" IF charged at the witch and struck multiple times with her qatars before backing up and using Demon Flames to attack from a range. The witch made to retaliate but Neptune intercepted her and used Cross Combo to inflict great damage and knock her back from her target. Naruto stepped forward and had his right hand transform into an arm cannon "Buster Shot!" he took aim and rapidly fired orange energy bullets to strike the witch and push her back further.

"Is that all you got?" the witch flew at Naruto and swung her spear at him multiple times but the blonde was using short dashes to evade them whilst concentrating energy into his X-Buster, Naruto was slowly backing towards a cave wall but he quickly flipped backwards to kick off it and somersaulted over the witch to land behind her "Charge Shot!" he fired a green energy bullet to knock her into the wall. IF moved in to attack but the witch blocked the incoming strike and kicked her away then Neptune and Naruto double teamed with a slash and a charge shot for great damage "Hold her off while I power up for a big finish!" Naruto began concentrating a lot of energy into the X-Buster.

"Got it, Cross Combo!" Neptune unleashed her skill against the witch to ward her away from Naruto and IF was quick to join in the assault while Compa remained close to him with Erismon doing the same "Demon Flames!" IF triggered her skill to damage the witch but had to take evasive action against the retaliatory attacks before being supported by Erismon who used Lightning Fur to push her back.

A high pitched humming could be heard from the X-Buster to signal its complete charge "Okay, I'm good to go!" Naruto dashed towards the witch and somersaulted into the air and took aim at the target "Full Charged Shot!" he fired a large blue energy shot which is accompanied by two red energy torrents as they swirled around it. The witch attempted to block it but the shot was too powerful as it drove her into the cave wall, denting it before falling to the ground on one knee.

[Variable Weapons System unlocked]

[Special Weapons Available]

Neptune floated over to pick up the Key Fragment from the ground "I'll be taking this back now,"

"Urgh…this wasn't supposed to happen!" the witch growled in frustration and glared at the group especially Naruto and Neptune.

"I have to ask you, but do you know me?" asked Neptune.

"Of course I do! I know you like the palm of my hand!"

"Then tell me, who am I?"

The witch was taken by surprise from the question "What are you talking about? Are you dizzy or something?"

"Nep-Nep has lost her memory, if you know anything about her then please tell us," said Compa.

"I don't think she'll tell us since she obviously doesn't like Neptune," said Naruto with a frown.

"Hahahaha! You? Neptune? Lost her memory? This is golden!" the witch laughed out loud "I was worried when I lost sight of you, but I see that luck is on my side,"

"Hey stop laughing at her, it's not funny!" said Erismon with a frown.

"But it is to me. Think I'll let you hold on to the Key Fragment for now, see you all next time…especially you Megaman,"

"Wait!" Neptune reached out to stop the witch who waved her hand to release a blinding flash of light which dimmed to reveal that she had disappeared "She's…gone?"

"She got away but who was that? Seems like she really doesn't like you," asked IF.

"I don't know…if only I could speak to Histy, she would know who she is," said Neptune.

"Speaking of which," Naruto cancelled his transformation and Model X floated before him "What's all this about being sealed away and why did she call me a Megaman?"

"I believe it best that we leave this cave to someplace safer before I can explain everything to you," said Model X, making him groan a bit.

"Alright fine, this better be worth the wait," said Naruto, then he noticed that the others are looking at him "W-What is it?"

"Are you talking to that floating piece of metal?" asked Neptune.

"You mean you can't hear him?" asked Naruto, receiving shakes from them.

"Sorry but only the user whom the Biometal is matched with can communicate with each other, so I suggest speaking with your mind," said Model X.

[I can hear him though] said K-9.

"Probably because you're my navigator," Naruto then explained to the group "Guess I'm the only one who can talk to it,"

"Anyways, let's get out of here so we can talk about other important matters like the monsters coming out of the discs," said IF.

"Okay, then let's go to my place so we can rest. I'm feeling kind of tired myself," said Compa.

Neptune reverted to her normal form "Alright everyone, homewards to where the pudding awaits me!"

Naruto shook his head in amusement, he would have done the same thing when it comes to ramen. The group began making their way of the Monster Cave to Planeptune to talk about what has just happened and come up with ideas to figure it out.


Victory Pose (High Health): Naruto fires a shot into the air with the X-Buster then winks at the camera.

"That's the power of a Megaman!"
"Who else wants to get blasted?"
"Must have overdone it with that Charged Shot,"
"Mission Accomplished, well done Naruto,"

Victory Pose (Low Health): Naruto clenches his left shoulder as the transformation is undone and Model X floats close to him in worry.

"Even in this form, it was tough,"
"I was lucky this time,"
"Should have prepared more like X told me,"
"Please be careful, those wounds need to be treated,"

This is Hussbek online with the latest chapter, Naruto and Compa come to learn that the girl's name is Neptune but she's lost her memory to so they offered to help her out. They returned to the site of the crash but ended up falling into an underground cave where Compa got captured by a monster and Naruto had a hard time fighting it. Neptune accessed a powerful form aided by an unknown called Histoire who later requested their aid to free her from imprisonment.

The group later return to explore the cave though Neptune skipped over important details, they ran into a girl called IF and teamed up to explore further where they encountered a witch who seems to be familiar with Neptune and seeks her power. It was a one-sided fight until Compa turned it around and a relic appeared before Naruto to lend its aid. A lot is going on so the question now is what else is gonna happen?

This is Hussbek from Ghana.

Signing out

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