The Vulpine Familiar of Zero @hussbek
Showstopping and Eartbreaker

The Vulpine Familiar of Zero
Chapter 4: Showstopping and Earthbreaker

"Come on, do it!" Louise's voice could be heard angrily from the window of her room.

"And for the last time, I won't!" Naruto responded just as aggravated.

"Why not? I'm trying to help draw out a talent which might be hidden inside!"

"First; what you're trying to have me do makes no sense. Second; I've done training far more serious than this if you recall. And most importantly, why exactly are you doing this?" Naruto pointed out.

Louise opened her mouth to retort but paused as she thought back to what this odd familiar of hers has done so far up to this point. He defeated a young with strange magic, can walk up on walls vertically with no hands, once saw him walk on the water surface of the fountain, used strange writings to perform specific functions, becoming adept in swordplay. And the crowning milestone being that he was able to defeat a Triangle-class mage with bare hands and few throwing knives. She has no other choice than to admit that her blonde familiar is very strong and is training to be more so.

"The reason is that I had completely forgotten about the exhibition which is just around the corner," said Louise.

Naruto tilted his head to the side with his arms crossed "Exhibition, what is it all about?"

"It's a gathering that happens every year where students exhibit their summoned familiars to the whole institute. Also, it is mandatory for second year students to participate," Louise explained.

"So, you mean that it's like a talent show for familiars," Naruto queried.

"Something like that, don't you have something that could impress the crowd like that duplication spell of yours?"

"I keep telling you that it's the shadow clone jutsu, they aren't spells," Naruto sighed at the misidentification "But I can come up with something, especially since I'm training on some jutsu as of now with my clones working on them at our training spot,"

Louise perked up at that "Really, what are they?"

"Can't tell you just yet, but now you brought this up. I'll start working on a way to show off my skills, time to let the world know that Naruto Uzumaki is here and he's taking no prisoners dattebayo!" said Naruto excitedly with eyes of determination.

"Please try not to do anything to embarrass me," said Louise with a groan.

"Don't worry Louise-chan, you won't be embarrassed but regarded with awe once I show them my stuff. I'm off to train!" Naruto picked up Derflinger and leapt through the open window to run down the wall, Louise had gotten used to his forms of exit at this point.

"*Sigh* I hope so, but why do I feel like he's going to do something outrageous again?" said Louise.

"So, whatcha got in mind for this partner?" asked Derflinger.

"I'm working on it, but I'll definitely come up with something that is certain to get the job done," said Naruto.

"It'd better be good, know that you're also representing me as well," said Kyuubi.

"I'll keep that in mind as well, just when will I be ready for the elemental jutsu?"

"Once I've seen that you have a satisfactory level of chakra control, you're almost at that point since you've been combining the chakra exercises to increase that level of control,"

Like the fox said, Naruto had been combining the exercises like Leaf Concentration with either the Tree Climbing or Water Walking exercise, also sparring with his clones with either Kenjutsu or Taijutsu when on the water or sticking to vertical surfaces. Naruto was snapped out of his thoughts when he heard someone call his name.

"Oh, is that you Naruto?" Naruto turned to see that it was Siesta approaching him with a wooden bucket in hand.

"Siesta-chan?" Naruto blushed upon recalling the kiss which she gave on his cheek that night "H-How's it going?"

"I am well, are you by any chance on your way to make preparations for the exhibition?" asked Siesta curiously.

Naruto nodded in affirmation "Yeah, it sounds like a big deal around here so I need to do some additional training for it,"

"The Second Years share the same mindset as they're training their familiars seriously. Especially since Lady Henrietta will be coming to watch this year,"

"Lady Henrietta, who is she?" asked Naruto curiously.

"She's the princess of this kingdom and is the symbol admired by everyone ever since the king passed away," Siesta explained.

"Whoa, she sounds popular,"

"Oh, I almost forgot to tell you something," Siesta placed the bucket down then held Naruto's hand in hers whilst looking straight into his eyes "Please do your best as well, Naruto,"

"O-Okay," Naruto stammered in response, he watched as Siesta picked up the bucket and went on her, his stomach felt kind of weird…he doesn't dislike it.

"Whoa, getting kinda hot around here," said Derflinger teasingly.

"Sh-Shut Derf, it's just something new for me to be cheered on by a girl. The ones back home never gave me the time of the day but rather on an emo with duckbutt hair," Naruto mumbled before straightening himself "Now I've really gotta give it my all at the exhibition so as not to disappoint Louise-chan and Siesta-chan,"

Naruto continued on his way to his training whilst noting some of the Second-Year students doing some preparations with their familiars. Kirche was having her fire salamander manipulate its flames in various ways, Malicorne was giving his owl familiar commands, Montmorency was trying to dress up her frog familiar albeit with any kind of success, and Guiche was doing…something with his mole familiar if the gold sparkles around them have anything to do with it, and Tabitha is simply reading a book.

Naruto sweatdropped at all this and continued on his way to his spot where he saw his shadow clones doing various activities like meditation, Fuinjutsu writing, the chakra exercises, and sparring in both Taijutsu and Kenjutsu.

"Hey guys, we got an event coming up and need to work up a performance that no one will be forgetting anytime soon," said Naruto.

"Roger that boss" the clones responded with gusto. He and the clones proceeded to train and plan into the night before returning to sleep for the next day.

In the afternoon, there weren't any lectures for the day as the princess of Tristain will be making her arrival today. Naruto stood with Louise amongst the students at the school gate, watching a line of carriages being drawn by horses although the blonde ninja saw that some of them had horns protruding from their foreheads. The maids exited from the carriages and went to open the door of the carriage which stood out from the others in terms of color and design for someone to step out.

She has short purple hair and teal blue eyes while her outfit consists of a purple cloak, white silk dress with tight sleeves that reach up to her fingers, white stockings and white high-heeled shoes, and she wears a diadem on her head.

"That's the princess of Tristain, she looks so pretty," said Naruto, looking at the princess in awe.

"Be quiet, you're just a familiar so stop being rude!" said Louise, Naruto was about to retort when he noticed how Louise was smiling at the princess. A smile of nostalgia, as if she knew her more personally than anyone else.

Later that night, Naruto and Louise were having a discussion concerning tomorrow with the latter being annoyed due to the blonde not telling her everything aside from the minor details of what he is going to do.

"Won't just tell me what you have planned besides using your sword and chakra thing of yours?" asked Louise.

"No can do, I want it to be a surprise for you and everyone. It's gonna be epic!" said Naruto with a smirk.

"My partner is right, seeing it myself will definitely knock those nobles for a loop," said Derflinger.

"So you say, but how would I be so sure that it won't make my reputation any worse than it is?" asked Louise.

Naruto knew the cause for her worry "I assure you Louise-chan, what I will do will change how people will look at you even if it's bit by bit," They were snapped out of their conversation by the sound of knocking on their door much to their confusion.

"A guest, at this time of the night?" said Louise but then frowned "It had better not be Kirche…,"

"I'll see who it is," Naruto walked to the door and opened it only for a cloaked figure to rush inside and shut it behind them "Hey, who are you?!" Naruto unsealed a dagger from his left wrist seal and prepared to attack.

The cloaked stranger began waving their hands in a panic "W-Wait! I'm not an intruder!"

Louise's ears perked up upon hearing the rather familiar feminine voice "That voice…is it…,"

"Then show us who you are!" Naruto edged closer with the dagger glinting.

"O-Okay!" the figure brought down her hood to reveal a face which surprised everyone in the room.

"Y-Your highness?!" said Louise in shock.

"It's been so long, hasn't it?" said Henrietta with a soft smile, then she turned to Naruto "I'm sorry for the misunderstanding,"

"N-No, it's okay. I wasn't expecting a princess to come in here at this time of the night," said Naruto apologetically, sealing away his dagger and rubbing the back of his head while feeling no small amount of awkwardness.

"You done goofed," said Kyuubi in amusement.

"Shut it, furball!"

"To come upon the humble abode of someone like myself, you shouldn't have done so!" Louise went down on a knee to bow.

Henrietta shook her head at this "Please stop with the formalities Louise, I don't want that especially from you. We're friends after all,"

"But those words are wasted upon me," Louise refuted.

"How do you two know each other?" asked Naruto curiously.

"I was given the honor of being her playmate when we were children," Louise explained.

"Please say 'Childhood friends'," Henrietta held Louise up with teary eyes "How I have wanted to see you again. Ever since father passed, I wasn't able to open my heart out to anyone,"

"Princess, I was surprised when I received a letter from you," said Louise.

"A letter, is that why you were so worried about the performance? I get it now," said Naruto in understanding before leaping away when Louise attempted to grab him. He had long since learned to be ready to avoid her at any time.

"Be quiet, why are you standing around so callously in front of the princess?!" said Louise angrily.

Naruto rolled his eyes in response "You keep forgetting that I don't exactly know these kinds of things, frankly I don't think I want to,"

"It's that kind of attitude that annoys me to no end!"

Henrietta giggled softly at this "It is quite alright, I prefer it this way so you can be at ease Mr. Familiar,"

"Thanks, and you can call me Naruto Uzumaki!" said Naruto with a foxy grin, quickly raising a forearm to block a swing from Louise with the pinkette pulling away her hand which was aching from the self-inflicted harm to herself.

"Why you, please forgive my familiar as he has no manners," said Louise, glaring at Naruto.

"Ain't that the truth?" said Kyuubi, Naruto's eye twitched at that.

"So much that he stood up against Count Mott and defeated him," said Henrietta, shocking the two. She looked at Naruto who felt a bit self-conscious "I have been wanting to meet you, I was curious about the kind of person you are,"

Naruto rubbed the back of his head sheepishly "Oh um, it's just that I wanted to help a friend of mine no matter what,"

Henrietta smiled upon hearing that "I see…," she saw that Louise was worried "It caused quite a stir in the castle, but be rest assured that there will be no punishment,"

"Princess, you…,"

"I haven't forgotten that promise I made to you when we were children, to help you out of any bind. I am a princess for now though,"

"Whoa, you're such a nice princess. Louise-chan is so lucky to be friends with you," said Naruto happily.

"I am just as grateful that she's my friend, she really has summoned an interesting familiar," Henrietta smiled, she couldn't help but find the boy's disposition to be able draw her to him.

"On the contrary; a vulgar, crude and bad-mannered creature like him is the biggest mistake of my life!" Louise refuted.

Naruto glared at her "Hey, just what exactly did I do that was perverted to anyone? You practically force me to wash your underwear when I refuse to do that!"

Louise blushed in embarrassment and brought out her whip "How can you say that in front of the princess?!" she went to attack Naruto with the blonde jumping to the ceiling and hanging from there to get out of the range of her attacks. Henrietta watched this with amusement and tried to hold back her laughter.

Soon enough, it was time for the princess to leave much to her disappointment since she wanted to be with them for a bit longer but didn't want to risk being found either.

"That was the most fun I've had in the past few years, thank you Louise," said Henrietta happily before embracing Louise who responded in kind.

"The same goes for me, princess," said Louise with a soft smile, Naruto smiled at the both of them and couldn't help but feel a tinge of jealousy at their friendship, something he didn't have back in Konoha.

Henrietta broke from the hug and looked at Naruto "Mr. Naruto, please do your best tomorrow,"

The blonde ninja blushed a bit before responding with confidence "I will, I'll show you what I can do. And call me Naruto, no need for formalities like you said before,"

"Are you ever going to act respectful? Guess I'm gonna have to teach you," Louise angrily brought out her whip only for Naruto to swiftly snatch it out of her hands and easily snap it in two.

"Gonna be a long time before that happens," said Naruto, Louise snarled.

Henrietta pulled up the hood over her head and turned her back to them "As I thought…freedom really is the best treasure,"

The duo looked at the princess in confusion of her statement with Louise speaking "Princess?"

"…good night," Henrietta closed the door and left without saying anymore.

"What did she mean by that?" thought Naruto, wondering what she meant by those words and why she sounded so sad when she spoke.

the day of the exhibition had finally come as everyone were seated at the school courtyard with Henrietta seated underneath a tent separate from the students and teaching staff before the large stage set up for where the Second-Year students would exhibit the talents of their summoned familiars and be judged.

"We will now begin the presentation of this year's familiars!" announcer declared with the crowd chattering excitedly about what was to come.

Soon the event was underway; Kirche showed off the fire manipulation skills of her fire salamander while striking sensual poses to rile up the male section of the audience, Montmorency had her frog familiar dance to the tune of her violin, Malicorne had his owl familiar carry one end of a long streamer into the air, Guiche and his mole struck a pose while laying on a bed of red roses with the former holding one in his mouth, and Tabitha displayed the flying skills of her Wind Dragon and had it land softly on the stage amidst applause.

"And that was the familiar of Tabitha the Snowy Wind," said Colbert.

Naruto and Louise were in the other tent, waiting to be called upon. The former remained determined whilst the latter was rather nervous about all this.

"Are you sure of what you are going to do is good enough?" asked Louise.

Naruto nodded in affirmation "Trust me Louise-chan, I'm gonna steal the show,"

Colbert then called out "Next up…Louise Francoise De La Vallière,"

Louise let out a sigh "…let's go," they climbed up to the stage and stood before the crowd "Let me introduce you all to my familiar, Naruto Uzumaki. His type is a…," she was finding it difficult to say what comes next with Naruto looking at her with concern.

"Go for it, Louise the Zero!" said Malicorne out loud.

Naruto frowned inwardly "That fatso better shut it or I'm gonna prank him,"

Louise glanced sideways to see Henrietta smiling at her warmly while sitting next to the headmaster of the academy, silently encouraging her to continue.

"His type is a peasant!" Louise declared, immediately receiving laughter from the crowd as they jeered at her.

"He's a peasant type?"

"That's his social rank!"

"Just what we expect from Louise the Zero!"

"She sure meets expectations!"


Everyone was immediately silenced as they including Louise looked at the source being a very angry Naruto who was glaring at everyone sans Henrietta and Siesta who had taken the time from work to watch.

"I've had just about enough of you all looking down on Louise-chan. I wanted to show off my skills for fun, but now…I'm gonna display my skill to send a message to every single one of you!" Naruto turned to Louise with eyes of fiery determination "I'll need you to get off the stage for I am about to do,"

"Naruto…," Louise looked at her familiar numbly before doing as told.

Music Start:Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus OST; Momentary Life ~ Baiken's Theme

Naruto turned to face the crowd "Alright then, let's get started!" he crossed the middle and index fingers of both hands together "Shadow Clone jutsu!" there a large puff of smoke which then reveal about ten copies of Naruto, making everyone's jaw drop in shock and disbelief especially those that weren't present during his duel against Guiche with said person shivering at the memory "Let's do this, guys!"

"Roger boss!" the clones jumped away and surrounded him as he took a combative stance.

The first clone rushed in and launched a straight punch with great speed for Naruto to parry it with a forearm and counter with and spinning high kick to the face to dispel in a puff of smoke. The next clone rapidly closed in and unleashed a barrage of punches and kicks with Naruto responding to the attacks with blocks and parries before seizing an opportunity to land an elbow strike to the clone's stomach and followed up with a rising knee to the face to finish it off. Two more clones now attacked from different sides, forcing Naruto to constantly alternate between the two as he defended himself, he ducked to trip a clone with a low sweep kick maintained his momentum to knock the other clone out with an uppercut then flipped into the air to stomp on the fallen clone with both feet to dispel it.

A clone brandished a dagger and attempted to stab him from behind but Naruto sensed him and dashed to the side whilst unsealing his own dagger from a wrist seal to exchange a flurry of clashes with the clone as everyone watched in awe. Even the knights themselves were finding it very difficult to keep up with the blonde's movements and speed, they can't bring themselves to think that this battle was something staged but an actual fight.

Naruto maintained defense until deflecting a stab to the side and jabbing at the clone's throat to make it stagger backwards while choking then he jumped into the air with a foot raised above his head before descending to land an axe kick on the clone's head and driving it down to the ground with sufficient force to dispel it.

"You really lucked out Guiche, he would have done something like this to you during your duel," said Kirche.

"P-Please, don't give him any ideas," said Guiche fearfully.

"He might if you annoy him enough," said Montmorency, still haven't forgiven him completely for cheating on her.

"Astounding, could this be the power of the Gandalfr?" thought Colbert.

Naruto rolled his shoulders a bit after the recent clash when the last clone took out a scroll to place it on the ground and unroll it to reveal the seals then slamming a palm to channel chakra into them to unseal a wooden log with a target drawn on it, had to make do with charcoal since he couldn't get his hands on paint.

"Boss, it's all set up!" the clone called out.

"Alright then, time for the finale!" Naruto tossed the dagger into the air then formed a handsign "Kunai Shadow Clone jutsu!" the dagger overhead duplicated into multiple solid copies of itself before falling towards Naruto who proceeded to catch each of them and throw rapidly with spins and flips at the wooden target without missing one before leaping to grab the last one while upside down in midair to throw at the target and landing in a crouch with his back to it. The clone rotated the target to the audience, revealing that he had used the daggers to form the symbol of the Hidden Leaf Village.

"And one more thing, Louise was wrong about me being a peasant-type…Naruto Uzumaki is a shinobi, and don't you forget that!" said Naruto with a smirk as he dispelled everything in a puff of smoke with a handsign before getting off the stage with the crowd stunned to silence.

Music End

"And that was Louise Francoise De La Vallière," said Colbert after finally snapping back into focus, the crowd began to chatter amongst themselves.

"He just keeps making me even more interested in him," said Kirche excitedly.

"…," Tabitha didn't respond but was looking at Naruto with narrowed eyes.

"Just where does this peasant come from to fight like that, I don't know of any mage or knight with skills like those," said Montmorency.

"Naruto…you're so amazing," said Siesta in awe.

"Most astounding, wouldn't you agree your highness?" asked the principal.

Henrietta nodded in affirmation "Indeed it is,"

Back in the tent, Naruto was smiling at Louise "What do you think of that? No doubt, they'll think twice before trying to make fun of you,"

"…," Louise mumbled something.

"Huh, what did you say?"

"N-Nothing! It doesn't concern you! At the very least, you have done well and represented me correctly!" the pinkette turned away with her arms crossed, not letting him see the expression on her face.

"Uh okay?" said Naruto.

"The gal's shy or proud to say thanks," said Derflinger.

"Shut up you rusted piece of metal!"

"Okay guys, just chill ou-," Naruto paused as he looked in a certain direction.

"What's the matter?" asked Louise confused at the blonde's changed in behavior.

"I heard a strange sound and the ground shook a bit," Naruto frowned in focus.

"It must be your imagination,"

"I don't think so, I'm gonna check it out!" Naruto took off towards where he was sure he heard the sound and felt the rumble.

"H-Hey, wait up! They're about to announce the winner!" Louise ran after the blonde ninja.

They went around the tower and came upon a giant made out of stone and it was currently punching at the tower which appears to be protected by a magic barrier.

"That's a golem!" said Louise in shock.

"A golem, what's that?" asked Naruto, his body tensed to respond to anything.

"Now's not the time for questions partner! Look sharp!" Derflinger interjected.

Music Start: Sonic Rush OST; Metal Scratchin'

Naruto looked and saw what the sentient sword meant as the golem reached out to grab them, he scooped Louise into his arms and leapt out of the way to avoid getting caught then moving a fair distance away from it.

"Naruto, look up there! Someone's riding on the golem!" Louise pointed above the golem's head, Naruto looked to see a woman who's face is concealed with a hood but could make out green hair sticking out from within it.

"You're out of luck, there's nothing you can do to stop me!" said the hooded woman arrogantly.

"We'll see about that!" Naruto placed Louise down on the ground "Get to safety, Louise-chan! I'll take her on!"

Louise refuted "I can help!"

"No, I got this!" Naruto crouched slightly with his hands forming a handsign as chakra surged from his body then pooled around his feet, he took off with speed higher than what he displayed during the exhibition.

"It's useless, grab him golem!" the hooded woman commanded.

The golem reached out with a hand to grab Naruto but the blonde ninja easily outpaced it, going around to launch an attack from behind but skidded to a stop and dashing out of the way of a stomp from the golem which began to stomp after Naruto. The blonde ninja maintained his speed and continued to evade the attacks all the while keeping his focus on his true target being the hooded woman controlling the golem.

"Hold on Naruto, I'll help!" Louise stepped forward and brandished her wand.

"No, stay back!" Naruto protested but she refused to listen.

"In Ex…Bet…Flame…Fireball!" Louise aimed her wand but it triggered an explosion near Naruto which almost knocked him to the ground but he managed to recover by rolling along the ground and somersaulting back up to his feet.

"What the heck, Louise-chan?! Are you trying to help me or blow me up?!" said Naruto angrily.

The woman was laughing at all this "Is that supposed to be a spell, it's more of a failure just like you!" Louise growled at the insult but saw the golem about to grab her when she suddenly felt er body being shifted and was now standing next to Naruto and in her place was a wooden log.

"I told you to get to safety!" said Naruto in annoyance.

"Don't be stupid, you're my familiar and a master doesn't abandon their familiar!" Louise responded with determination, Naruto was taken aback by her declaration and felt touched by it before snapping back into focus.

"I understand, but the reason why I wanted you to stay back was because I wanted to keep you out of range of what I'm about to do," said Naruto, stepping forward.

"What is it?" asked Louise confusedly.

"You're about to find out, just enjoy the show," Naruto took off once more and this time crossed the middle and index fingers of both hands together as he ran "Shadow Clone jutsu!" he conjured a large number of clones as they ran up along the golem's body and proceeded to latch onto several parts of its body albeit some of them got caught and crushed in its clutches.

"As surprising as it is to see a peasant use magic, how do you hope to stop me and my golem?" the hooded woman retorted.

"Like this, show her guys!" Naruto called out.

"Okay boss!" the clones began to glow then they proceeded to explode like bombs, destroying the golem much to the woman's shock.

Naruto smirked in response "That's my Shadow Clone Explosion jutsu, I turn my clones into actual walking bombs. By the way, you let your guard down,"

"Wha-," the woman was knocked unconscious by a chop to the back of her head from a clone which had snuck from behind when she was distracted by the other clones blowing themselves up. The clone grabbed the woman and leapt off the crumbling golem to land safely on the ground and waited for Naruto and Louise to run up to them before dispelling.

Music End

"Time to find out who this is," Naruto pulled off the hood to unveil the face only for Louise to gasp in shock.

"T-That's Miss Longueville, one of our teachers! Was she trying to steal something?" Louise wondered.

"Seems like it since she was doing it while everyone else was at the exhibition, a perfect time to break in, get what she wants then escape," said Naruto with a frown, referencing to how he often executes his pranks back in the Hidden Leaf Village.

"Send one of those clones of yours to call the teachers here,"

"Already did so, they'll be here so although the fight with golem would have gotten their attention anyways,"

Sometime later, Longueville was detained much to the disbelief of the members of the academy that one of their own would do such a thing even more so when it was discovered that she was none other than Fouquet the Sculptor who is a well-known thief amongst the nobles. Everyone was also surprised and in disbelief that she was caught by Louise and Naruto as well as them being the winners of the exhibition in addition to it. No doubt this was making many to think twice about insulting Louise with Naruto around.

Speaking of the blonde ninja, he was currently being glomped by Kirche who was pressing her breast against his chest, making him feel rather awkward.

"A winner of the exhibit and capturer of Fouquet, you seem to know how to make a girl swoon for you," said Kirche.

"Um, p-please let go," Naruto pleaded, his face beet red from the close contact with an admittedly buxom girl.

"Awwww, don't be so shy. You look so cute!"

Having enough, Louise yanked Naruto away and glared at Kirche "That's enough, stop smothering my familiar with those oversized mammaries of yours!"

"You're so innocent," said Kyuubi in amusement.

"Shut up furball, I'm just not used to this," thought Naruto.

"Do tell,"

"I'm so glad that you two are safe!" Naruto and Louise turned to see Henrietta and her knights approach them.

"Your Highness!" Louise went down on one knee, Naruto reluctantly followed suit since he didn't want to cause problems at the moment.

Henrietta knelt as well "No need to bow, I am grateful for your successful capture of Fouquet. You as well Naruto,"

Naruto smiled in response "It's nothing really, I wasn't going to let her get away with whatever she was up to,"

"It makes me no less grateful; I must report this incident to the palace. But rest assured that we will meet in the near future," said Henrietta, smiling at the both of them. She got up and was escorted back to her carriage to be transported back to the palace.

"I hope everything will turn out okay," said Louise, looking concerned.

"What makes you say that when we pretty much saved the day?" asked Naruto confusedly.

"It's just that I've been hearing bad rumors in the palace linking to her, I hope that this add to her problems,"

"We'll be sure to help her out then,"

"Don't be stupid, she's a princess and we're-"

"Her friends, I doubt friends would let anything stop them from helping each other out," Naruto interjected, Louise stared at him in silence and realized that he had a point since she would definitely wouldn't be able to forgive herself if she didn't do anything to help Henrietta when she needs it.

"Your fight with that golem can be graded as passable, but don't get full in the head as you were underestimated the entire time. Continue with your current training then we'll see about starting on your elemental training in the future," said the Kyuubi.

"Sweet, I can't wait to breath fire and all those awesome stuffs!" thought Naruto excitedly, the fox scoffed in amusement to the boy's enthusiasm.

Unknown to them, someone was perched atop the tower and looking down upon them but mostly at Naruto. It appears to be a girl with long blonde hair and dressed in a blue outfit with a pink skirt and a blue pointy hat with a visor bill.

"So he's the one we sensed entering this world, quite a cutie too with those whisker marks of his. I really want to know more about him up close but I don't want master to get mad at me," said the girl with a pout before giggling when she saw Louise drag Naruto away from Kirche to their room but frowned when she noted Fouquet was glaring at the duo as the guards took her away "I'd better report back to master, maybe he'll let me talk to him this time…," she summoned a wand into her hand and waved once to teleport away via a magic circle.

This is Hussbek online with the latest chapter, Naruto learns from Louise about an event where the summoned familiars display their talents or skills before a crowd and the best would be awarded a prize. The blonde ninja was all for it and opted to add extra training to what he was already doing for it. Later on, the academy was visited by the princess Henrietta of Tristain who would be the guest of honor to the event and revealed to by Louise's childhood friend upon visiting them secretly at night.

The day of the even came and Naruto got irritated when everyone began looking down on Louise, triggering him to display his current combat skills just to shut them up and put up a message to them. Things got a bit hectic when Naruto and Louise encountered a hooded mage attempting to break into the tower with a golem but were able to capture her…but not everything might be completely. A mysterious girl has her sights locked on Naruto and was apparently sent by her for reasons unknown, the question now is why Naruto is being observed? Be sure to read and review as always.

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