The Vulpine Familiar of Zero @hussbek
Sharpening and Retrieval

The Vulpine Familiar of Zero
Chapter 3: Sharpening and Retrieval

"You need weapons?" asked Louise confusedly as she sat on the edge of the bed in her nightwear after waking up that morning to hear Naruto's request.

The blonde ninja nodded in affirmation "It's pretty much a given; I need to train in using weapons alongside my jutsu so I can manage my chakra more effectively,"

"Does your jutsu really take that much energy?"

"It depends on the level of the jutsu and the amount of chakra used on it. That's why I've been practicing on Chakra control first so I don't end up wasting chakra when in a fight,"

"It's no surprise, considering that you possess massive amounts of chakra which surpasses some of your Kages," said Kyuubi with a snort.

Louise hummed thoughtfully "Well since this day of the week is Void-day, we can go to town to check for weapons suitable for you,"

"Thanks Louise,"

At the other part of the dorm, Kirche was sitting before the mirror and making sure that her appearance is pristine to easily attract the opposite gender. Her current thoughts were on the spiky blonde familiar of Louise, his interaction with her last night made him all the more interesting in her eyes.

"He truly is different from the other boys I've met so far, hmm?" Kirche heard the sound of galloping and looked out the window to see Louise riding on a horse and Naruto was running next to her and keeping pace.

"Just get on the horse already, the town's far from here," said Louise with a frown.

"Thanks but I'll be fine, this is a part of my training," said Naruto, not looking tired in the least.

"Geez, you're very strange,"

"They seem to be heading to town, I wonder what they're up to?" Kirche hummed thoughtfully and then smiled "Now I'm really curious, I'll follow them and 'just happen to run into them' there. But I'll need some help though,"

A small bespectacled girl with short light-blue hair and wearing the academy's uniform was quietly sitting on a bed in her room and reading when she heard the sound of footsteps heading her way, she reached for the long staff wrapped in a light-blue ribbon and waved it while muttering "Ansur Rel An,"

At that moment, Kirche came bursting in and appeared to be speaking at the top of her voice but no sound could be heard. Apparently, Tabitha had cast a Silencing spell to negate sound around her so she could resume reading. She eventually completed a chapter before undoing the spell to hear what she had to say.

"-We're going out today so get ready!" said Kirche.

Tabitha simply shook her head "Void day…,"

"I know that you take your Void days seriously, but you see…someone has caught my attention and is holding it hostage. However, the Valliere has taken him to who knows where with her! You understand right?" Tabitha shook her head again "I see, you won't budge unless I explain everything. I want to chase those two because they're headed somewhere, but I can't catch up without help from your familiar. Please help me!"

Tabitha closed her book and nodded "…okay,"

Kirche smiled happily at that "You understand? Thank you!"

Moments later, they were riding atop Tabitha's familiar which is a Wind Dragon and were currently flying in the air with great speed.

Meanwhile, Naruto and Louise had finally arrived at the town with the latter leading them around. Naruto surveyed the area, seeing many going about their own business; marketing wares, going in and out of shops. It reminded him plenty of the shopping district back in Konoha, making the blonde ninja feel rather homesick. He snapped out of his thoughts when he heard Louise speak.

"We're here, this is the weapons shop. Let's go inside and see what we can get for you," the duo went inside to see a man standing behind a counter who perked up upon seeing their entry.

"Hello there and welcome to my shop, how may I help you?" asked the shopkeeper.

"I'm looking for a weapon for my familiar here," Louise pointed at Naruto who was looking at the swords hanging from the walls.

"Is that so? Later, I've been hearing it's a fad for even the royalty to be equipping their servants with weapons. So, which is it you want?" asked the bucktoothed shopkeeper.

Naruto spoke up "Do you have any throwing knives?" he would have asked for kunai but got the feeling that he wouldn't have those.

"Sure I do, wait a moment," he went inside the store room and came back with several knives (Throwing Knife from Dark Souls 3) and placed them on the counter "Here you go,"

"Why are you asking for these, wouldn't a sword be better?" asked Louise confusedly.

Naruto didn't say anything as he picked up one of the knives and held it in his hand, tossing it a few times to sense the weight. He suddenly spun round and threw the knife; both the shopkeeper and Louise heard a thump and saw the knife embed deeply into one of the wooden barrels containing spears before looking at Naruto who was smiling in approval.

"These will do, I'd like two dozen of these," said Naruto.

The shopkeeper nodded dumbly "S-Sure, is there anything else?"

"Let's see the swords you have," said Louise.

They proceeded to go through the swords but Naruto seemed to have problems with them; the broadswords felt odd in his hands especially since they are double-edged, the same went for the longswords especially with the length, the greatsword's weight put him off, and the rapier felt much too light to him. Naruto took note of something in one of the sword barrels and went to pick it up, seeing it to be a single-edged falchion sword but the appearance tells one that it had seen better days.

"Isn't this a junk sword?" asked Louise skeptically.

"Not exactly, it's been around for a long time but there's plenty of use in it once you tidy it up a bit," said the shopkeeper.

"Hmm," Naruto looked at the sword in his hand, not noticing the glyph on his hand glow faintly as if in resonance "I'll take it, I'd like it if you could add a whetstone too,"

"Sure thing!" the shopkeeper seemed a bit too happy to be selling the sword, something Naruto found odd.

They eventually exited from the shop with Naruto's newly purchased equipment being the sword in a sheath and holstered to his back, the throwing knives packed into leather waist pouch strapped around his waist along with the whetstone inside as well. None of them were aware of Kirche and Tabitha watching them from afar with the former glaring at them.

"That girl came here to woo Naruto by buying him a present! How conceited of her, I won't let this by!" said Kirche with fire in her eyes.

Later that day as the sun was setting, Louise was on her bed trying to read her book but was actually sneaking glances at Naruto who was gently sharpening the sword gently and smoothly on the whetstone as instructed by the Kyuubi. There was a knock on the door so Naruto sent a shadow clone to open it while he continues to sharpen the blade, the clone opened the door to reveal Kirche holding a wrapped-up bundle with Tabitha standing behind her.

"Zerbst, what are you doing here?" asked Louise with a frown.

"I'm here to give something to Naruto as a sign of friendship," Kirche handed over the bundle to Naruto who unwrapped it and was surprised along with Louise to see a golden sword in his hands.

"This sword…," Naruto muttered lowly.

"You followed us, didn't you? That sword was from the weapon's shop," said Louise angrily.

"Which makes me wonder why you didn't buy such a cheap sword but a rusted piece of metal," Tabitha looked at Kirche with a quirked eyebrow, the sword originally cost 1000 gold but Kirche used her feminine charms to make the shopkeeper sell to her for 500 gold "That sword is from Germania and all the best swords and women come from Germania. Not like a Tristain woman like you would understand,"

Louise scoffed in response "I bet that you trifled with so many men in Germania that nobody bothered themselves to deal with you, and why you came to study abroad in a neighboring country,"

This angered Kirche to point her wand at Louise who responded in kind "Wasn't that a mouthful?"

"It was the truth,"

Suddenly, the wands were pulled from their hands and clattered to the floor with the girls turning to see Tabitha putting away her staff to resume reading the book in hand.

"…No magic indoors," said Tabitha stoically.

"Then we'll let Naruto decide," said Kirche.

Naruto pointed at himself "Me?"

"That's right," said Louise.

"…actually Kirche-san, the shopkeeper tried to sell the sword to me but it didn't even feel right in my hands and I was the one who chose this sword," said Naruto.

"Oh, is that so?" Kirche looked disappointed while Louise smiled in victory.

"But it doesn't mean that I don't appreciate the gift though, I'll happily accept it as a friend. Thank you Kirche,"

"You're most welcome," Kirche was now smiling while Louise growled in anger.

"You dare try to pamper my familiar? I really hate you Kirche!" said Louise.

Kirche frowned in return "I feel the same way!"

Naruto waved his hands in a placating manner "Please calm down, you two-,"

"Shut up you stupid women!" a voice yelled out right at where Naruto was sitting.

"Stupid…women?" Kirche and Louise turned towards Naruto with looks of barely suppressed rage on their faces.

"It wasn't me; I didn't say that!" Naruto strongly denied but they didn't appear to believe him, then Tabitha spoke up.

"The sword…is talking," said Tabitha.

Everyone looked at the slightly rusted sword and noticed the metal piece close to the hilt was moving like a pair of lips "Here I was enjoying a nice massage from the spiky haired blondie to the point of almost going back to sleep and you two ruined my happy time. How would you like it if someone did that to you?"

"Isn't that an intelligent sword, a sword with its own wisdom?" asked Kirche in disbelief "You bought another weird item,"

Louise protested "I didn't know since it didn't say anything until now, I'm going to return this creepy thing right now!"

"Hey kiddo, do you know what year it is or rather where this place is?" asked the sword.

"Not really, I'm not exactly from around here to be honest," Naruto responded.

"Can't blame ya, the energy I'm sensing from your body pretty much explains it. What's your name?"

"My name's Naruto Uzumaki, what's yours?"

"I'm Derflinger, nice to meet you partner. Mind if you continue that relaxing massage?" the sword introduced itself.

"Sure, I don't mind. I could use some help during training," said Naruto with a smile then he resumed sharpening it.

"Oh dear, it looks like he plans on keeping it," said Kirche with a sad sigh.

"Why is it I that I always get the strange ones?" Louise slumped in mild depression.

It's been about a couple of days since Naruto and Louise went shopping for the former's equipment and possession of Derflinger. It was late into the night that the blonde was swinging the sword in a series of katas as he was getting used to motions of offense and defense. Both the Kyuubi and Derflinger had to hammer it into the blonde's mindset that weapons like swords aren't to be treated like throwing weapons but as extensions of himself united in one body. Naruto completed his katas before letting out a long exhale and staking Derflinger to the grass.

"Not bad partner, but you still have a long way to go," said Derflinger.

"I know, I still need to build up my speed and strength which this sword style requires according to the scroll I found in the Scroll of Seals," said Naruto.

"Ah, the Amagiri Shinmeiryuu style…I am quite familiar with it," said Kyuubi thoughtfully.

"You are?" thought Naruto.

"Yes, it is a sword style created by the Uzumaki clan which made them famous as well a force to be feared when they were around. Aside from Fuinjutsu, they are also highly proficient in Kenjutsu," the fox explained while reminiscing a certain user using said style.

"Wow, I wish I could have met them. Okay then, I'll work hard to master the style so it will never die out," thought Naruto with determination.

"If only you knew that it is basically your birthright," thought Kyuubi.

Naruto went to rinse off the sweat from his face from the water fountain when he heard footsteps approaching him from behind, he tensed up and turned to see who it is and was mildly surprised that it was Siesta.

"Oh Siesta-chan," Naruto greeted with a smile.

"Good evening Naruto, were you doing something?" asked Siesta curiously.

"Yeah, I was doing some sword training and was just rinsing the sweat and dirt off before heading back to Louise to rest for the night,"

"I see, come to think of it, where are you from?"

Naruto was silent for a few moments before responding "How do I put this, it's somewhere far away…very very far,"

"Um, Naruto? I just wanted to say thank you very much,"

"Hmm, why are you thanking me?" asked Naruto confusedly, not recalling anything that would warrant gratitude.

"You never give up no matter what happens, and you even stand up against nobility despite being a peasant. Seeing you like that has given me a lot of courage, I will continue to do my best all because of you,"

Naruto rubbed the back of his head sheepishly "Gee thanks, this is the first time anyone truly complimented me,"

"Good night, Naruto," said Siesta with a bow.

"You too, Siesta-chan,"

Naruto watched as Siesta walked away from him before he resumed washing his face and went to pick up Derflinger with the sword noticing the strange expression on the blonde ninja's face and called out to him.

"What's the matter, partner?" asked Derflinger.

"I'm not so sure myself, just the way Siesta-chan said goodnight to me felt strange for some reason," Naruto replied before making his way back to Louise's room and took a shortcut by walking up the side of the building then entered through the window, surprising the pinkette and getting yelled at by her.

The next day, Naruto followed Louise to the classroom but she stopped him at the doorway much to his confusion while the other students walked by to enter.

"What's the matter, Louise?" asked Naruto with a tilt of his head.

"From now on, you'll wait outside with the other familiars until classes are over," said Louise.

"Why's that?"

"Because you snore, might peek up a girl's skirt or cause a distraction in general. I don't want to be any more embarrassed as is,"

Naruto frowned in response "Hey, I don't snore and I'm not a pervert. I recall that I was reading from the Fuinjutsu scroll and hardly made a sound,"

"Look, just stay put until classes are over, okay?"

"Alright alright,"

Naruto was currently outside at the corner of the courtyard near the school building with the familiars, he was meditating at to calmly control the flow of the chakra throughout his body but was having a couple of problems at the moment, he felt something slightly wet on his cheek and looked only to be startled by a green-and-yellow snake with a red gem on its forehead as it was licking his cheek, it wasn't the only one cause Kirche's familiar Flame was also prodding its head against his knee in an attempt to get his attention.

"Hey hey, take it easy you two. I'm trying mediate over here," Naruto tried to gently push them away but they persisted and soon other familiars joined them "*Sigh* now I know how Iruka-sensei and Hokage-jiji feel when I do stuff to get their attention,"

"It's called irony, brat. What are you going to do now?" asked Kyuubi.

"Might as well get to know these familiars while I'm before heading over to the kitchen to get some grub since I haven't eaten any much this morning," thought Naruto.

He took to observing the familiars and was quick to note that they bore many similarities to the animals back home and in books but could tell that they possess special abilities upon recalling Flame almost roasting those guys that night in Kirche's room, and it appears that the familiars are just as curious about him as well, given how they kept approaching him and prodding with their heads and tails but were friendly nonetheless.

Naruto eventually left the familiars and headed towards the kitchen where he saw Marteau and others hard at work before the former noticed him and waved merrily in greeting.

"Hey, it's Our Fist! What brings you here?" asked Marteau, getting the other workers to wave in greeting as well.

"Hello Marteau-san, just thought I could drop by and say hello since I got a bit bored and stuff," Naruto replied.

"Well you came at the right time because we got some food left which you can eat,"

"Wow, thanks a lot," Naruto soon settled down and was helping himself to the food given to him "I feel really bad for mooching off you guys, how about I help you out as a way of repayment,"

"No need to be modest, they're just leftovers for the nobles," Marteau shrugged it off.

"I really won't mind if you let me help," Naruto persisted "By the way, have you seen Siesta-chan? I haven't seen her all morning,"

Marteau looked at the blonde in confusion "She didn't tell you? Siesta has quit working here,"

Naruto almost choked on his food before looking at the chef in shock "She quit?!"

"Yeah, it was sudden but it was decided that she would be a servant for a nobleman called Count Mott. She was picked up and carried away in a carriage this morning,"

"But how come? This is too sudden!" Naruto protested.

"In the end, peasants can do nothing but obey every word of the nobles. I better get back work," said Marteau before walking away to do just that,"

"Siesta…," Naruto thought back to last night "No wonder why it felt so strange, it was like you were saying goodbye to me,"

Later on, Naruto was back in the dorm with Louise and asked her for information about this particular nobleman. The pinkette found the question odd but complied nonetheless.

"From what I know, Count Mott is a messenger from the palace and comes to the institute occasionally. Personally, I don't like him because of his cocky attitude,"

"I'm getting the idea that it's the same for a majority of these nobles," thought Naruto "But why would Siesta go to work for someone like him?"

Derflinger was the one to answer "When a nobleman requests a young girl by her name, it's usually an order to become his mistress,"

"Are you for real?!" asked Naruto in shock, already having a clear idea of what the sword meant.

"I often hear stories like that, nobles come in all sorts," said Louise as if it is the truth.

Naruto looked out the window with a small frown then he heard the Kyuubi speak in his mind.

"You're planning on something stupid, aren't you? This is none of your concern," said Kyuubi.

"Call it however you want, I intend on bringing Siesta-chan back here. The thought of a noble taking her as a mistress on a whim sickens me!" thought Naruto angrily, the first thing he needs to do is learn of where the noble lives "Can't ask Louise as it's obvious that she would object so I'll need to ask someone else…and I know just the one,"

The blonde ninja waited till Louise wasn't in need of him before heading down in search of the person he was looking for. Sure enough, he found Guiche at the fountain attempting to woo Montmorency with a brooch and approached them while shaking his head at this.

"You really expect me to forget about what happened with a mystical brooch?" asked Montmorency with a quirked eyebrow.

"Don't tell me you believe what that vulgar familiar said?" said Guiche.

Naruto spoke up with a smirk "I didn't need to say a thing since your actions exposed you,"

Guiche shot up to his feet with a wary look on his face, recalling moments when he saw the odd familiar training in ways unbelievable unless seen "Naruto, are you going to get in the way of someone's romance again?!"

"I needn't bother since you would that on your own, the reason I'm here is to ask about something,"

"W-What is it?

Into the night, Naruto arrived at the walls surrounding a fancy mansion which is where Count Mott resides thanks to the directions given to him by Guiche, perhaps he could cut the guy some slack for now…not so much given how he failed to alert him of the distance. He was thinking of how to infiltrate when he figured that he would do it another way. Sure enough, he was inside of the mansion after purposely letting his presence be known by the guards in order to meet the Count. Naruto took one look at the man and thought of one thing…the guy looks more like a clown than a noble.

"So, what business do you have with me peasant?" asked Mott arrogantly.

"I was hoping to ask if you could release Siesta from her service to you," said Naruto.

Mott scoffed in response "I was thinking that it would be something worthwhile, go home and be glad that you've even been graced with my presence,"

"Geez, how full of themselves are these nobles?" thought Naruto angrily "I did not come with empty hands as I am willing to offer my service in her place with my set of unique skills,"

"What kind of relationship do you have with Siesta?"

"She and I are workmates at the institute but in different institutes,"

"So, you're a servant of the institute, I doubt you're capable of services which only a female is capable of," said Mott with a perverted look on his face.

Hearing this angered Naruto "Hey I said my skills will be more useful to you, draw your head out of the gutter you moustache pervert!"

"You dare insult me, peasant?!" said Mott angrily with his guards becoming aggressive.

"I call it as I see it!"

"It appears you need to be taught where you truly belong!" Mott went over to pick up a medium-sized staff with a blue-colored part on the bottom and the middle, its head is spherical and is most likely made of wood given its brown color.

Naruto jumped back and got ready to fight them when the door suddenly burst open and Siesta dressed in a pink maid's outfit which exposed certain parts of her body rushed in and knelt before Mott in a panic.

"Count, please forgive this individual's rudeness!" Siesta pleaded with the noble.

"What you doing Siesta?" asked Naruto with a frown.

"How could I overlook the insult by this peasant? Move out of the way so I shall teach him a lesson he shall never forget!" Mott demanded.

"I beg of you sir, I shall accept any punishment if only you spare him,"

"That's enough Siesta-chan, move out of the way!" said Naruto.

"Naruto is it, you said that you are willing to offer any service to me, did you not?" asked Mott.

"Yes I did, why?" Naruto crossed his arms with a frown.

"My hobby is to collect printed matter. Actually, there's a book I cannot cease to desire,"

"What kind of book is it?"

"It's a book which a certain mage chanced to summon it in an experiment, I hear that it is an heirloom of an established family in Germania. The daughter of that family is currently in the institute,"

"A girl from Germania? Could it be…," Naruto muttered thoughtfully to himself.

"I'm not sure if a peasant like you would know of her, but she is of the Zerbst family," said Mott.

"You mean Kirche-san?" asked Naruto, realizing who it is.

"Seems you do know of her, if you bring the Zerbst family heirloom to me then I'll give Siesta back to you,"

Naruto looked deep in thought before responding with a nod "Alright then, I'll go and get that book," he turned around and left with Siesta looking on in worry.

"Naruto…," Siesta muttered softly.

Naruto was leaping through the trees as fast as he could back to the institute, he couldn't help but feel that the noble isn't too keen on keeping his word and had to hurry while trying to come up with a way for Kirche to give up the heirloom. He was snapped out of his thoughts upon hearing the sound of a horse galloping towards and recognized the rider.

"Louise?" Naruto landed in the open road for her to see him and bring the horse to a stop "I guess she found out,"

"What in the world are you thinking?! Get on so we can head back!" said Louise in anger, Naruto could only comply and rode with her back to the academy. They went to the dorm room where he explained everything to Louise "You're dealing with someone of higher standings compared to Guiche,"

"I know that already, but I want help Siesta. Don't you feel sorry that she forced to work for a pervert?" asked Naruto.

"I feel sorry for her, but it can't be helped,"

Naruto was flabbergasted to hear that from her "How could you say something like that? Siesta-chan has been nothing but helpful to us!"

"Look just give up on Siesta and go to bed okay?" said Louise before going to bed.

"…fine," Naruto silently complied and went to lay down on the heap of hay. Lights were turned off and few minutes later Louise was fast asleep, Naruto stood up as he had been pretending to be sleeping "No way I'm giving up on Siesta," he silently snuck out of the room to avoid waking the pinkette "Now to find Kirche and ask her for the book,"

Naruto knocked on the door and was allowed into Kirche's room where he explained everything to her and asked about the book.

"Our family heirloom, I think I know the one," Kirche picked up her wand and flicked it, making a chest open up for an book encased in protective casing to float out of it and into her hands "I'm not like Tabitha who loves reading books, so I can let this one go without trouble,"

"So, you had it the whole time?" asked Naruto.

"Yes, my parents made me bring it along with me as preparation for marriage,"

"What do you mean by that?"

"Apparently, this book stimulates a male's sexual desires,"

Naruto rolled his eyes at that "That explains so much why that perverted clown wants it badly,"

"I don't need something like this in the first place, I believe you know why," Kirche slowly traced a finger along her cleavage down to her very alluring negligee something Naruto had been struggling to avoid staring at the whole time with a tinge of pink on his cheeks.

"Y-Yeah," Naruto replied in a flustered manner.

"So, I don't mind giving it to you,"

"Really? Thanks, I'll be sure to make it up to you!" said Naruto happily.

"I already have an idea of a favor; a dinner and a conversation under the night sky. You did say we should get to know each other," said Kirche with a smile.

"Thanks very much Kirche-chan, you really are different from the other nobles. Those guys care more about themselves over others, I'm happy to see that you're not like that," said Naruto with a foxy grin, Kirche couldn't help but feel her heart flutter at his expression.

"He really wears his heart on his sleeves, it makes him so cute," thought Kirche as she watched him leave through the window and making his way out of the school, then a small frown appeared on her face as a certain thought crossed her mind and went to put on her uniform to go and speak to someone.

Naruto arrived back at Mott's mansion much sooner than before since he used chakra to increase his speed, he was escorted to the main hall where he found the noble waiting for him albeit holding his wand much to the blonde's slight confusion but went on to present the book.

"Here, I got the book and now it's your turn to let Siesta-chan go," said Naruto with the book held out.

However, Mott scoffed in response "Do you take me for a fool? That you're actually holding the Zerbst family heirloom in your hand?"

Naruto quirked an eyebrow in confusion "What are you talking about? This is the book, I received it from Kirche-chan herself,"

"No noble is whimsical enough to simply hand over a treasure to a mere peasant, I wanted to see you struggle. Wasn't expecting you to attempt deceiving me with a pathetic imitation,"

"…so, you were never intending to hold up your end of the deal, were you?" asked Naruto all too calmly.

Mott scoffed in response "As if the actions of a peasant would be worth anything to me,"

Naruto tossed the book aside "If there's one of the few things I hate, it's when someone goes back on a deal which is no different to breaking a promise," he channeled chakra into a seal on his right wrist, causing a throwing knife to appear in his head. Seeing this made the guards take aggressive stances.

"So, you draw out a blade at me, I have never seen a foolish peasant such as you," said Mott as he brandished his magic staff.

Naruto simply glared in response "Quit talking and actually show me your worth as a noble, maybe beating you up will change your tune,"

"I am known as Mott the Surge, a Triangle-class Mage. Allow me to show you my prowess in my magic!" he pointed his staff towards a vase on a nearby table for it to topple to the ground and the water to pool out of it, he waved his staff once more for a stream of water to shoot out of the pool and rush towards but the blonde ninja sharply dodged with a dash to the side. Nobleman scowled at this and made the water whip attack him once, Naruto continued to evade with short dashes and flips with hardly much.

"Never thought I could move this well, must be because of all that training," thought Naruto before looking at Mott with a smirk "For a mage, you sure are a lousy shot. Can't even hit a supposed peasant,"

"If you won't shut your filthy mouth, I'll shut it for you!" Mott transformed the water into multiple spears of ice before launching them with every intent to kill.

Naruto twirled the throwing knife into a reverse grip before darting from left to right rapidly to evade the ice spears and deflecting any which got too close for comfort until the barrage ended, that was when he swiftly took to the offensive by launching the throwing knife at Mott's hand to inflict a cut which was more than enough to make the nobleman drop his staff with a cry of pain. Seeing this made the guards move in to attack with Naruto at the ready.

He bobbed and weaved with his upper body while stepping from left to right to avoid the thrusts from their spears before rapidly initiating the counterattack "Amagiri Shinmeiryuu style; Kuruwabarai!" Naruto darted forward to position himself behind one of the guards to grab the back of his opponent's collar, then he lifted him into air with a flip before slamming him down onto the ground before Naruto pounded his elbow into the guard's chest to knock him. Sensing an attack from behind, Naruto immediately leapt into the air to avoid a spear thrust from behind by the remaining guard "Amagiri Shinmeiryuu style;Fuwaguruma!" Naruto twisted his body in midair towards the guard then kicked his face three times with the third kick knocking him out.

Mott watched in disbelief, he couldn't help but question if this is merely an illusion casted by another mage or a dream for a peasant to be capable of such skills; defending against magic without magic, defeating armed guards with no weapons. He scrambled for the magic staff on the floor only for a throwing knife to strike the ground inches between his fingers and the staff, looking up only to pale upon seeing Naruto staring at him with his hand outstretched to show that he was the one to have thrown the knife.

"By now you should be thinking 'If this person is capable of such skill, then why didn't he do so before?' Because I at least tried to be civil unlike you!" said Naruto with a glare "Now, let's have another talk and this time you will listen,"

Naruto was about to say more when the doors suddenly burst open and he turned around to be mildly surprised upon seeing Louise along with Kirche and Tabitha barge inside the mansion. Louise was about to reprimand Naruto but she and the girls were shocked at what they're seeing; Naruto stood completely unscathed, Mott's guards laid on the ground unconscious and the count himself is on his knees with a hand bleeding and his staff on the floor next to him. Seeing all this summarized to one conclusion: Naruto has defeated a noble yet again and a Triangle-class mage at that.

"Naruto, what have you done?!" Louise exclaimed.

"Before you start yelling, let me tell you that none of this would have happened if that teme hadn't gone back on the deal!" said Naruto, pointing at Mott in annoyance.

Mott scoffed in response "And you still expect me to believe that the daughter of the Zerbst family willingly parted with their heirloom to a peasant?"

"If that is what you were thinking then you're mistaken Count Mott," said Kirche after picking up the book.

"Who are you?"

"Pardon my belated introduction, I am Kirche von Zerbst," said Kirche with a bow.

"Y-You're the daughter of the Zerbst family? Then that means…," Mott spoke in shock and dawning realization.

"Indeed, I handed over the heirloom to Naruto to help him," Kirche handed the book back to Naruto who nodded in gratitude "I felt that I should come and make sure that everything would go smoothly as well as prove that the heirloom is genuine but it seems that we came a bit late,"

"Just who is this peasant to you?" asked Mott in confusion.

"He is the familiar of Louise Francoise Le Blanc De La Vallière and happens to be a friend of mine," Kirche glanced to see Naruto smiling at her.

"I-I see, then pardon my haste in judgement,"

"Yeah right, you were looking forward to killing me," thought Naruto before walking forward and held out the book to him "Will you now hold up to the agreement?"

"Of course I will, Siesta shall be returned back to the institute," Mott gingerly took the book into his hands.

"Are you sure you're fine with letting your heirloom go?" asked Louise, still trying to understand all this involving Naruto's crazy actions.

"I took a look inside it sometime ago and found no need of what's inside," said Kirche with a shrug.

Mott unlocked the casing before opening the book as a perverted look appeared on his face upon seeing the content "I don't know what language the letters are in, but to think there's such a thing from the other world," he tossed the casing away to reveal the book cover only for Naruto to have his jaw drop in shock.

"Are you for real…a porn mag?" Naruto muttered in disbelief.

"You know what it is?" asked Naruto.

"Yeah I do, I can read the words since I know the language. Just looks different from what I'm familiar with," said Naruto.

"Well my grandfather was the one to have summoned it years ago," said Kirche.

"Could he have summoned it from the Elemental Nations?" Naruto uttered with the girls wondering what he was talking about.

They all returned to the academy with a grateful Siesta in tow, Naruto personally escorted her back to the quarters.

"I am truly grateful for your help Naruto, this is a debt I might never be able to repay," said Siesta with a bow.

Naruto rubbed the back of his head sheepishly "I didn't do it so you could owe me a favor. You helped me when I was in a tight spot, it only makes sense that I would do the same for you when you're in trouble," he was unprepared when Siesta walked right up to hi and stood on the tips of her toes to kiss Naruto on the cheek before running off with tinge of pink on her cheeks.

"G-Good night!" Siesta called out as she ran.

Naruto slowly raised a hand to touch the spot where she kissed him, his heart was pounding against his ribcage like a jackhammer. He never would have thought that he would be kissed willingly by a girl, a warm feeling began building up from within him as a small gentle smile appeared on his face "…good night,"

The blonde ninja went over to wait for Louise at the stables, she walked past him without saying a word. Naruto felt a bit guilty; he may have helped Siesta but in turn caused trouble for Louise as well "Umm Louise…I want to say I'm sorry for causing you so much trouble today, I just wanted to help Siesta since she's been helpful to us,"

"Be quite for a bit, I'm trying to come up with a suitable punishment for you!" said Louise, looking back at him with a glare.

"I'm really sorry, if you were in trouble too then I would do everything to save you, even if I have to fight the nobles to do it!" said Naruto.

Louise looked back in shock at his proclamation, his eyes show no lie and tone of voice depicting the seriousness in the statement. She recalled his training as well as victory over Guiche and now Count Mott, this boy goes against the very fact that nobles are dominant over peasants.

"O-Of course, it's obvious since you're my familiar after all. Let's head back to my room. It's late enough as it is!" Louise resumed her walk but was blushing for some reason.

"Sure thing," Naruto followed after her, making plans for more training in the next day.

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