The Vulpine Familiar of Zero @hussbek
Getting to the Lowdown of Things

The Vulpine Familiar of Zero
Chapter 1: Getting to the Lowdown of Things

"Look, I really need to get back to my home and make sure my teacher is okay after what happened with Mizuki-teme!" said Naruto as he sat cross-legged on a heap of hay with a collar attached to his neck and a chain extending from it and held by Louise.

"I still don't believe it, for another world to exist is just unlikely," said Louise skeptically.

"Well it's the truth, so just send me back the same way you brought me here!" next thing the blonde knew was that a cloth was thrown over him, he pulled it down to see that it was Louise's cloak and looked to see her unbuttoning her shirt "What are you doing?!"

"No matter who it's with or where they're from, the contract is absolute! And by the way I'm changing for bed," said Louise who is now in her sleeping wear and tossed her clothes in Naruto's direction.

The blonde quickly looked away with his eyes closed "Don't do that while I'm still here!"

Louise titled her head in confusion "Why?"

"Are you trying to so that you're okay undressing in front of a guy?"

"A guy? I see you nothing more than a familiar," Louise tossed the remainder of her clothes before putting on her pajamas and went to bed as she snapped her fingers for the lights to go off "By the way, I want you to wash those for me,"

"Do you really expect me to wash these?" Naruto's eyes strayed towards a particular clothing article and blushed upon seeing it "I don't know whether to be happy that no one is seeing me in this situation or annoyed that she's treating me lower than a human being,"

"If you don't do those things, then don't expect me to take care of you. Cleaning, laundry, errands…those are to be expected of a familiar. If you do your work right, then I'll feed you," said Louise.

"What am I to you, a dog?!" said Naruto angrily, he received no response and looked to see that the pinkette was fast asleep "Jeez, what's with her? Now what am I gonna do?" he glanced to his side to see the Scroll of Seals and suddenly got an idea "Of course, maybe something in the scroll can help me figure out a way back to the village. I can also learn some kickass jutsu from it too, Iruka-sensei did say that a ninja must be prepared for anything…I wish I would have been listening to him more often instead of goofing around back then,"

Naruto opened the scroll and began reading through each of the jutsu, he took note of a special ability of the Shadow Clone jutsu and resolved to use it later once he found a good place to train. Then he came across something rather surprising…something about the art of seals from the Uzumaki clan. He had always thought that he was just a mere orphan but now he learns that he actually belongs to a clan, but why didn't the third Hokage tell him about this? Well he'll be asking him about this once he returns but for now he's going to read more into this art and learn more about it. Naruto read more into the scroll until it was quite late but then he realized that he would be needing ink and paper to practice more, so he went to sleep albeit shivering from the cold air.

The next morning as the sun rose into the sky, Louise was suddenly roused from her sleep and looked up to see Naruto staring back at her as he placed her uniform for the day with a small frown, apparently displeased at having to do something like this. He dislikes perverts and yet here he is doing something akin to it.

"Here are your clothes just like you asked," said Naruto.

"Oh right, you're the familiar that I summoned yesterday," said Louise drowsily "Where is my underwear?"

"You go get those yourself, no way I'm gonna touch those and be labeled a pervert!"

"Then I guess you don't want any food then," Naruto gritted his teeth in frustration "They're in the bottom drawer,"

"Grrrr…fine!" Naruto stomped towards the drawer and hesitantly took out a pair of panties before tossing it over to her "Now would you get this collar and chain off of me?" he had tried to pick the lock but couldn't so he figured that maybe it was enchanted with magic and so gave up.


"Look, I'm not going to run away since I don't know anything about this world!" said Naruto.

"*Sigh* Alright then, now I want you to dress me,"

"No way I'm going to do that! You put on your own clothes!"

"Nobles that have servants don't dress themselves!" said Louise with annoyance.

"Well you've got hands and feet like everyone else, so use it!" Naruto refuted.

"Then I suppose you don't want to be fed and that the chain would remain on,"

"Darn it!" Naruto with great show of willpower and morality put on the girl's clothing on her, swearing that he would taking this secret to the grave with him "There, your clothes are put on, now get this chain off me!"

"Alright already," Louise took out a key from her pocket and proceeded to unlock the collar, Naruto had a closer look and had to admit that she definitely looked pretty.

"If she fixed that foul mouth of hers, she might be cuter than Sakura," thought Naruto then he noticed that she was staring back at him.

"What are you looking at?"

Naruto quickly looked away "N-Nothing,"

Louise finally unlocked the collar, making Naruto feel more at ease "Come along,"

"Where to?"

"To breakfast of course,"

Naruto strapped the scroll to his back then followed the pinkette out of the dorm then into the dining hall where the other students were already there, sitting along three long tables laden with food which caused Naruto's stomach to rumble a bit…come to think of it, he hadn't eaten since yesterday.

"Whoa, all this look delicious! Haven't even seen these kind of food back home!" said Naruto in awe of the food.

"Hurry and pull the chair back, you're really being inconsiderate," said Louise with a frown.

"Oh right," Naruto pulled the chair back for Louise to sit on before pushing it back into position then went to sit on one next to her "Man, what kind of event is today for this nice spread? Anyways, I'm totally starved and…huh?" Naruto noticed that Louise's eye was twitching and she was pointing downwards which he followed to see a plate on the floor "A plate?"

"Only nobles can sit here, peasants on the other hand sit on the floor," said Louise.

Naruto just couldn't believe what he was hearing, not even in his home that the lowest person would have been treated like this. The ways of this world are too messed up and demeaning, what he wouldn't give to be glared at over this, the blonde grudgingly got off the chair and went to kneel on the floor and was offered a loaf of bread which a bite immediately told that it was over a day old. After their prayers, the duo left the dining hall with the blonde wishing in his heart that he doesn't have to go through that every time.

"Normally familiars wait outside during a meal I specifically let you stay with me," said Louise.

"More like making sure that I don't escape even though I can't when I'm somewhere I have no proper idea of," thought Naruto, then he looked ahead to see many students seated on outdoor tables and chairs while interacting with their familiars "What's going on over there?"

"All the second year students have a day off today, we're supposed to communicate with our freshly summoned familiars,"

"Something I doubt you would want to do right now," Naruto deadpanned, he heard something and saw a giant red lizard with the tip of his tail on fire, causing him to help and jump back in shock "What the heck?!"

"Fufufufu, is this the first time you've seen a salamander?" asked Kirche amusedly.

"Well yeah, does it breathe fire or something?" asked Naruto with a bit of curiosity.

"Why of course, like all familiars, my little cutie Flame obeys all of my orders and never run away," Naruto had a hunch that she was aiming that at Louise and couldn't help but feel a bit of shame for that.

"Hey, don't give me that!" said Louise.

"You know, didn't you just sneak in a peasant that was walking around the area? You covered it up well with that explosion,"

"That's not true! I made the summons properly, this guy just happens to show up and he's not even from around here,"

"Well he's very befitting for Louise the Zero," Kirche walked away while laughing haughtily with her familiar following after her.

Louise growled with anger "What's with that wench?!"

"Do they treat you like that every day?" asked Naruto with concern, he recalled how everyone was laughing at her yesterday and he has a feeling that it wasn't the first time she has been made fun of, reminds him of how he was looked down upon back at the Ninja Academy.

Louise turned towards him with a glare "Don't just stand there, bring me some tea at least!"

"O-okay!" Naruto quickly walked away to escape from a potential tantrum, he walked around in hopes of finding someone who help him get some tea for his 'master', Naruto looked up to see a large purple eyeball floating right in front him and staring in curiosity "Uwah!" he stumbled backwards and bumped into someone, the blonde turned around to apologize and saw that with was a girl with black hair and dressed in a maid's uniform "I'm so sorry about that!"

The girl responded with a kind smile "No, it's alright," she bent down to pick up the pick of cake, Naruto was also trying to pick it up for her when their hands touched which surprised them both "Excuse me,"

"No, let me help," Naruto picked up the cake and placed it on the plate.

"Could you be the one that Miss Vallière summoned?" asked the maid.

"Yeah I am, how did you know?" asked Naruto.

"There were rumors that a peasant has been summoned as a familiar,"

"I'm seriously not getting what this peasant and noble business is all about, could you tell me more about it?"

"Those that can use magic are nobles, and those that can't are peasants," the maid explained.

"That's how it is? Doesn't really seem fair at all," said Naruto with a frown "I'm guessing that you're a peasant since you can't use magic right?"

"You're correct, I'm Siesta and I have the honor of serving here," said the maid with a soft smile.

"Well mine's Naruto Uzumaki but you can just call me Naruto –ttebayo!" said Naruto with a foxy grin, which Siesta found to be cute.

"Naruto-san? Sound like a strange name,"

"Hey!" Naruto's eyes twitched in recognition as he and Siesta turned to see Guiche sitting at a table with his mole familiar and another girl different from the one he saw yesterday with her tiny frog familiar "Isn't the cake ready?"

"Coming right up!" Siesta was about to approach when she was stopped by Naruto who was smirking "Naruto-san?"

"You leave this to me, I'll see you again for help to deliver tea to Louise," said Naruto, already coming up with a plan to get back at the arrogant boy as he took the platter from Siesta.

"O-okay then,"

Naruto approached the two and rolled his eyes when he was hearing the boy serenading the girl with those corny romance lines like he did with the other girl, he placed the cake on the table "Here's your cake,"

"Oh and bring some tea as well," said Guiche then he resumed with the wooing.

"I heard rumors that you were dating a first-year recently," said Montmorency.

Guiche scoffed in response "Such nonsense! There's nothing hidden behind my feelings for you!"

"Is that so?" they turned towards Naruto who was looking over his shoulders with a smirk "Now that I think of it, the color of the capes represent the grades of classes. Which means that black capes are for second-years and brown capes are for first years. That's the one I saw that girl wearing when she was talking to you last night,"

"What is he talking about?" asked Montmorency with a frown.

Guiche sweated a bit and tried to change the topic "Hurry up and go back to your business, waiter!"

"Sorry but I'm not a waiter," Naruto turned around with a sneer before walking away.

"You're the one Louise summoned," said Guiche in recognition.

"Thanks for the flying lessons by the way," Naruto continued on his way when he saw the girl whom he recalled was called Katie whom Guiche was talking to last night with a white bag in hand and smiled, it's like someone was trying to help him get back at the snob, he looked back to see the very person attempting to escape…like he was going to allow that "Excuse me but are you by any chance looking for Guiche-sama?"

The girl brightened up upon hearing the question "Yes, do you know where he is?"

"He's right over there," Naruto pointed the way for her as she walked past him in a hurry, the blonde rubbed his hands together in glee "Hehehe, it's on now,"

"I was looking for you, Guiche-sama! I brought my handmade soufflé for the tea party which I told you about yesterday," said Katie with a smile.

Guiche was sweating "Oh, that's very…,"

"Yesterday?" Montmorency was galling at the blonde in suspicion.

"Well that's…,"

"I'm happy for you, you were saying that you would be happy to have some," Naruto spoke up, he has every intention to prevent the snob from finding any way out of this situation.

"Be silent!" Guiche demanded desperately.

"What do you mean? I'm just being truthful since I was passing by at that time," by now everyone was gathering round to find out what's going on.

"What's the meaning of this Guiche?" Montmorency demanded.

"What is it that you're going on about? You're going to found needless misunderstandings with these ladies!" Guiche was now sweating by the gallons.

"What part of it is a misunderstanding when you trying to hide the fact that you've been two-timing," said Naruto, smirking all the while.

"Two-timing?" Katie was shocked to hear that.

"So there really was something going on with this first-year!" Montmorency was absolutely enraged at all this.

Guiche tried to calm her down "Please, Montmorency the Perfume! Do contort your face, one as beautiful as a rose from anger!"

"You're terrible!" said Katie, looking very saddened "You said I was the only one!"

"In that case, please calm down…,"



Guiche fell to the ground on his behind with a swollen handprint on his left cheek as the girls walked away with a huff and everyone was laughing at him, Naruto had never felt so satisfied ever since he came here.

"You just got dumped Guiche! Well you deserved what you just got!" said a chubby boy with his owl familiar sitting on his shoulder.

Guiche saw Naruto and realized that everything would have been fine if it weren't for his meddling and became furious as he got to his feet and glared at the spiky haired blonde peasant.

"It's seems to me that you don't know how to pay respect to nobility," said Guiche.

"Where I came from, respect is to be earned not given just like that," said Naruto with his arms crossed.

"In that case…I challenge you to a duel!" said Guiche while his rose towards Naruto, causing everyone around to gasp.

"A duel?" Naruto titled his head in confusion.

"That's right, I challenge you to a duel! You're nothing but a peasant and a familiar to boot. Yet you've mocked me, and on top of that made two ladies cry,"

"Last I checked, that handprint on your left cheek signifies the opposite of what you just said," said Naruto, getting everyone to laugh again which angered Guiche even more.

"I'll be waiting at the Vestori Square, best prepare yourself for a beating!" Guiche walked away with a huff.

"Jeez, he's just as cocky as the teme back home," Naruto muttered to himself.

Louise then appeared before Naruto with a frown, having been waiting all this time for her familiar to bring the tea before deciding to look for him herself and heard everything "You! What are you doing?" she grabbed his hand and proceeded to drag him.

"What do you mean?" asked Naruto.

"Why are you promising a fight to duel without permission?"

"So where are we going?"

"We're going to apologize to Guiche, right now he might still forgive you,"

Hearing those words angered Naruto to the point that he stopped walking and pulled his hand away from Louise much to her surprise "I won't do anything like that,"

"You don't understand anything, peasants can't win against nobles," said Louise, she was taken aback when Naruto turned towards her with eyes full of anger.

"The one who doesn't understand is you," Naruto turned towards the remaining crowd "Can you tell me where the Vestori Square is?"

"It's right over there," said the chubby noble.

"Malicorne!" Louise wasn't liking this sort of encouragement.

"Thanks a lot," Naruto ran off.

"Wait!" Louise ran after him albeit noticing that he was running quite fast "He's just a familiar and yet he's always going off on his own!"

Within the headmaster's office in one of the towers, a small meeting was held between two of the admins and the headmaster himself.

"No previous case of a peasant familiar exist," said the headmaster.

"That's not the problem a hand," said Mr. Colbert he opened the book in hand to a certain and held it out to them "I didn't recognize the familiar's rune which appeared on him, so I looked it up and it was strikingly similar to this," the page displayed an illustration of runes which match that of the ones on Naruto's hand.

The headmaster's eyes widened in recognition then he turned towards the female teacher in the room "Sorry Mrs. Longueville, but could you please…"

"Understood," The woman left the room but not before throwing a passing glance towards the book then exiting the room.

Naruto had arrived at the Vestori Square where Guiche was waiting along with a crowd, he figured that the guy gathered them there to show off to them which reminds him all too much about the academy which irritates him a bit from the memories, Louise had caught up with him and was panting a bit from exhaustion. Apparently Kirche had also come to watch the spectacle alongside a girl with short blue hair and a pair of glasses while reading a book, Siesta was there too as she was worried about Naruto.

"I praise you for actually showing up and not running off," said Guiche arrogantly.

Naruto scoffed in response "Don't expect me to take the cowardly route, that will never happen,"

"That's enough Guiche, duels are forbidden!" Louise spoke up.

"Only duels between nobles are forbidden, not ones against peasants," Naruto rolled his eyes at the obvious exploitation of a loophole, something he does with his pranks back at the village.

"But that's because nothing like this has ever happened…,"

"Louise, could it be that you're attracted to this peasant?" asked Guiche with a sneer.

Louise was surprised at the sudden question and a pink tinge appeared on her cheeks "Who is? Knock it off! Who wants to sit and watch their familiar get beaten to a pulp?"

"Thanks for the vote of confidence," said Naruto sarcastically.

"No matter what you say, the duel has already started!" Guiche waved his rose for a petal to fall out onto the ground and suddenly transformed into a human-sized suit of armor with a staff in hand much to Naruto's surprise "I am named Guiche the Brass. Therefore a brass golem, a Valkyrie will be your opponent,"

The statue suddenly moved so quickly that Naruto wasn't able to react in time as he was punched square in the gut and took a few steps back while smarting from the pain, he was a little pissed that he was taken by surprise like that. Louise was immediately by his side.

"It's nothing but natural for a mage to use magic in a duel," said Guiche arrogantly as Naruto looked up to glare at him.

"You get it now? Peasants can never win against nobles," said Louise.

"I thought I told you before, the one who doesn't understand is you," Naruto got back to his feet and looked ready to go.

"Oh, did I go too easy on you?" asked Guiche.

"More like you aren't trying hard enough, I've met many that punch harder than that!" said Naruto with a smirk.

"Why are you still getting up you idiot?" Louise demanded.

"Because I've had enough…I was forcefully dragged from my home right after I protected my teacher from a traitor and I don't know if he's alright, I was treated as nothing more than a dog and fed improperly ever since I came here, now this guy is using me as something to vent on just because he was caught two-timing. My pride can only take so much and I'm not going to bow my head this time!" Louise was surprised to hear all this then she saw him remove the scroll from his back and hold it out to her "Hold this, it's very important to me,"

"There's still a chance for you to apologize then I'll end this farce," said Guiche.

"I got something else in mind and it involves me knocking your lights out!" Naruto rushed forwards and the Valkyrie intercepted to punch him once more but Naruto was ready this time as he quickly sidestepped to evade the incoming punch then he performed a low sweep kick to knock it off balance before following up with a punch to the head to push it back a few feet away. The statue stood back up once more and went into the offensive whilst using the staff this time, Naruto was ducking and somersaulting to avoid the assault and countering with punches and kicks thanks to his evasive ability having been honed from the times he was being chased by the Chuunin and ANBU after his pranks and never being caught with the exception of Iruka.

Naruto quickly seized the opportunity to perform a backflip to avoid a thrust and used his leg to kick the staff out of the statue's grip before catching the weapon and using it to smash the head clean off from its body much to the shock of everyone around especially Louise and Guiche as they weren't expecting a peasant to actually fight back and destroy a Valkyrie. None of them, even Naruto himself noticed that the runes on his hand were glowing.

"This can't be happening, it simply can't!" Guiche waved his rose wand for more petals to fall off and create additional golems which then charged towards the blonde to attack, Naruto used the staff and evasive ability to defend himself against multiple opponents before somersaulting away from them to catch a smaller breather before smirking "And what's so funny peasant?"

"Because you keep calling me a peasant when that's not what I am," said Naruto.

"Then what are you if you aren't anything more than a familiar?"

Naruto reached into his pocket and took out the headband which he had taken from Mizuki and put it on after removing the goggles from his forehead "I am Naruto Uzumaki, a ninja of the Hidden Leaf Village and I will win this duel!"

Guiche scoffed in response "And how are you going to do that?"

"I'm glad you asked, let me show just how," Naruto crossed the middle and index fingers of each hand together "Shadow Clone jutsu!" there a large puff of smoke which then reveal about ten copies of Naruto, making everyone's jaw drop in shock and disbelief.

"D-did he just use magic? How's that possible?" asked one of the noble in shock.

"Alright guys, let's get em!" said Naruto.

"Roger boss!" the clones rushed forward with their staves and engaged the golems as one by one they were being taken out, Naruto then targeted Guiche as he dashed towards him and used the staff to perform a pole vault to launch himself over his clones and the golems. Guiche took a few steps back in fear but Naruto remained undeterred as he rushed forward with a fist reared back before lashing out with a punch.

Guiche closed his eyes as the punch closed in and a gust of wind blew his hair back, but he didn't feel anything like pain and so opened his eyes slowly to see a fist merely inches from his nose and Naruto along with his clones which had dealt with the golems standing behind him staring at him intently.

"Do you give up or you want to continue?" asked Naruto.

"I…I yield," Guiche fell to his knees when Naruto stepped away from him, the nobles were mumbling in shock at what just happen, a peasant used some sort of magic to beat a noble which is completely unheard of "To think that a noble would lose to a peasant,"

"One thing that my teacher taught me was never to underestimate my opponent, something you did and paid for it," said Naruto with a smirk.

Louise ran up to what she hopes is the original as the clones were giving each other high fives at their victory "Are you okay?"

"Yeah, I'm okay just a little tired and hungry," said Naruto, causing Louise to flinch as she recalled what he said earlier.

"But how did you do that?"

"Like I told you that I came from another world where many people can do stuff like these and more but we don't do this nobles and peasants crap," Naruto stabbed the staff into the ground and let go of it which made the glow in the runes fade away and he suddenly felt very tired which also made the clones disperse into smoke as well.

"What happen to them?" asked Louise confusedly.

"I must have dispelled them since I'm so tired," Naruto almost slumped over if not for Louise catching him "I think I'll need to rest,"

"Okay, I'll take you back to my room," Naruto holstered the scroll back on as he was guided back to the dorm, unaware that his fight with Guiche had caught to the interest of many around him.

Naruto didn't know when he fell asleep but now he was wide awake and standing in what appears to be a passageway of a sewer. He looked around in confusion of what's going on when he suddenly heard the growl of beast echoing through the passage, common sense would tell him to move away from the source of the sound but something was enticing him to go which he did. Soon Naruto found himself standing before a large gate with a paper with word written seal on it, behind the gate he saw a pair of large red eyes.

"So…my container finally appears before me," a dark voice spoke from behind the gate.

"Container?" Naruto was confused at first then he realized what the voice as he looked up to the eyes which was now accompanied by a fanged grin "That means you're the…Kyuubi,"

This is Hussbek online with the latest chapter, sorry I took so long with updating as I was busy dealing with my other stories until now. Anyways there wasn't much action in this chapter as Naruto is still trying to get used to the new world and its way of life plus he's still a greenhorn despite his victory against Guiche but he'll definitely get stronger with help from the Scroll of Seals and a reluctant Kyuubi to become much stronger as he'll also recall the lessons which he had been ignoring to help which will definitely help. Naruto will also get a summoning contract but I'll leave it up to your imagination until they finally debut. Remember that Naruto will acquire Derflinger and the other being the Sandai Kitetsu from One Piece which makes dual wielding most likely along with a third, but that doesn't mean he would be limited to only those so other weapons are liable to be added so send in your suggestions along with good reasons for them to be added. Till then, be sure to read and review as always.

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