The Vulpine Familiar of Zero @hussbek
The Summoning

The Vulpine Familiar of Zero
Prologue: The Summoning

In the clearing of a forest located in Konoha or the Hidden Leaf Village, a boy sits reading a large scroll. His name is Uzumaki Naruto, a pariah of the village, he has been abused and mistreated ever since he was born. He aspires to become Hokage so that he could protect the people he cares about as well as gain recognition from the people around him. However he failed the graduation exam at the ninja academy twice with yesterday being his due to not being able to properly Bunshin no jutsu. One of his teachers Mizuki told him of a makeup exam which involves taking a scroll from the Hokage's office and learning a technique in order to pass.

"Well I was able to learn the Kage Bunshin no jutsu but maybe learning another technique would increase my chances of passing this makeup exam" thought Naruto who was wearing a rust orange jumpsuit that just screams "I am right here! Kill me!" and green goggles with blue ninja sandals.

Naruto was about to look through the scroll once more when he felt someone come into the clearing. It was his other teacher from the academy, Umino Iruka.

"Looks like you found me Iruka-sensei, I only had time to learn one jutsu from the scroll" said Naruto with a foxy grin.

"He has been practicing out here until he wore himself out," thought Iruka looking at the blond.

"Anyway if I perform the jutsu properly then you would let me pass right? Those are the rules, anyone who learns a jutsu from the scroll passes," said Naruto with excitement.

Iruka looked shocked "Who told you about this?" he asked with tension.

"Mizuki-sensei told me about it, I thought that since you are here, you knew as well" said Naruto.

Hearing a sound from behind, Iruka pushed Naruto out of the way only to be hit by kunai which was thrown. "Like I thought, you planned all this Mizuki!"

The said ninja laughed out loud "You were always too smart for your own good Iruka, now Naruto hand over the scroll.

"W-what's going on?" asked Naruto looking at the two teachers in confusion.

"Naruto! Don't let him have the scroll! It contains the forbidden techniques that could destroy our village, he used you so that he could steal it!" said Iruka.

"Don't listen to him Naruto, Iruka has been keeping secrets from you, him along with the other villagers that concerns you, don't you wonder why they hate you so much?" said Mizuki with an evil smile.

"Mizuki don't tell him! It's a village secret!"

"What is this secret that everybody knows except me?" asked Naruto desperately wanting to find out why he was hated.

"It's a secret that you should never be told" said Mizuki with his smile growing wider.

"MIZUKI DON'T TELL HIM!" cried out Iruka.

"What is it, tell me already!" said Naruto.

"No one supposed to tell you that you have the Kyuubi no Kitsune sealed inside you. You are the one who attacked the village twelve years ago, the one who killed Iruka's parents, YOU ARE THE NINE TAILED FOX!" shouted out Mizuki laughing maniacally.

Naruto just stood there stunned at being told the reason why he was hated. He could find sense in the reason they mistreated him.

"Die! You demon!" shouted out Mizuki before throwing a large shuriken at Naruto who was still in shock to move until Iruka tackled him to the ground and received the shuriken on his back.

"W-why did you save me? You were supposed to hate me as well," said Naruto looking at Iruka in surprise.

"It's because I know how it feels to be alone, like you I used to play pranks and fool around just to get attention but deep inside I felt alone which Is why I wanted to be there for you," said Iruka amidst tears. Naruto looked at him for a moment before running off with the scroll.

"Naruto! Naruto wait!" Iruka called out amidst tears.

"You are so pathetic Iruka, crying for that demon. Didn't you see those eyes? That are that of a beast," said Mizuki with a smirk.

Iruka pulled the shuriken from his back as he got to his feet "You're wrong, Naruto isn't like that!" he threw it only for Mizuki to lean to one side for it to fly past and hit a tree

"You're such a joke, I am going to kill the demon brat and get the forbidden scroll before I come back to kill you" said Mizuki before taking off.

Iruka gritted his teeth in anger "I won't let you!"

Naruto was running through the forest when Iruka came beside him.

"Naruto don't listen to Mizuki's lies. Pass me the scroll so that we can keep it safe from him" said Iruka. Naruto leapt at Iruka and slammed him to the ground before sitting down and leaning against a tree. Iruka disappeared in a puff of smoke to revealed Mizuki "How did you know that I wasn't the real Iruka,"

'Naruto' smirked at him before disappearing in a puff of smoke as well to reveal Iruka "That's because I am the real Iruka," Nearby was Naruto hiding behind a tree with the scroll in his hands.

"Why do you defend that demon brat? If you were the Kyuubi, I am sure that you would keep the scroll for its power," said Mizuki.

"Yeah, you're right," said Iruka.

Naruto bent his head down "Like I thought Iruka sees me like that just like the rest," thought Naruto and was about to fall into despair when he heard Iruka's next words.

"The demon would do that but not Naruto, he knows the feeling of pain and is a hard worker if you look through his clumsiness. He is a ninja of the Hidden Leaf Village, he is Uzumaki Naruto!" said Iruka with sincerity in his voice to which Naruto was struggling to hold back his tears.

"I thought to kill you later but now I've my mind. You will die now!" said Mizuki running in to finish Iruka until Naruto jumped in and landed a head-butt into him, knocking him back.

"If you as much as take a step anywhere near Iruka-sensei, I WILL KILL YOU!" Naruto declared with a glare leveled at Mizuki.

'Smart talk demon brat, I can finish you off in one move," said Mizuki.

"Just try it Teme! I'll return it a thousand times more!" said Naruto while crossing his index fingers before crying out the jutsu. "Kage Bunshin no jutsu!" a large plume of smoke appeared and cleared to reveal copies of himself. Iruka was shocked that his student was able to use a high ranked jutsu with no issue.

"Those aren't illusions but solid clones, he's mastered an extremely advanced jutsu!" thought Iruka with pride.

Mizuki stumbled backwards in shock at the sight of the many copies of the hated boy who were taunting him from all directions "Wha-what is this!?" he fell back on his rear-end with a growing fear in his heart.

"If you're not coming here to fight me, then we're just gonna have to come over and get you," said Naruto with a mischievous grin which is shared by his copies as they charged at the traitor.

"AAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!" Mizuki could only scream in fear and soon pain as he was victim to a serious beatdown and by the end of it all, he laid on ground with swollen cheeks and a black eye all the while twitching.

Naruto stood there rubbing the back of his head with a sheepish grin "Hehehe, sorry about that. I kinda went overboard with that one, are you okay Iruka-sensei?"

"Yeah, I'll be fine once I get to the hospital," said Iruka "He wants to surpass all of the Hokage, and I'm starting to believe that he might do it," the wounded teacher called out to his student "Naruto, could you come over for minute? I've got something to give you, and bring the scroll along too,"

"Gotcha Iruka-sensei!" Naruto happily walked over to pick up the scroll and strap it to his back and was passing by Mizuki when he paused for a moment and turned to look at the Chuunin, particularly the headband and recalled what Iruka said earlier when they were eating ramen at Ichiraku's. Naruto reached over and took the headband off with a frown "After what you did, you don't even deserve to be a ninja anymore," he resumed his jog to Iruka.

Suddenly, a green portal appeared behind Naruto with tendrils stretching out towards him unawares. Iruka's eyes widened in alarm as he called out to the blonde in panic.

"Naruto, look behind you!" Iruka yelled in warning.

Naruto blinked in confusion and turned around to gasp in shock as the tendrils quickly wrapped around his arms and proceeded to pull him towards the portal, the blonde tried to resist by pulling away but he was gradually losing ground against it "Grrr, let go of me!" Iruka tried to help but his wounds were preventing him from moving quickly.

"Naruto, hang on I'm coming!" Iruka limped towards Naruto who looked back with eyes of fear as part of his body was already in the portal

Naruto stretched a hand out with Iruka doing the same to grab on, but the tendrils gave one last yank to pull him in completely "Iruka-senseeiii!"

"NARUTOOOOO!" Iruka cried out in horror as he watched his student disappear before his very eyes. This wasn't supposed to happen, he wanted to give his own headband and graduate him to being a ninja and begin his journey to becoming Hokage. He collapsed to his knees with tears flowing down his cheeks at the thought of never being able to see the blonde ninja to-be.

In the courtyard of what appears to be a large castle of western design, there were a large group of children who were accompanied by an elderly man. They seem to being wearing uniforms which consists of white shirts, black pants/skirts with long black capes worn over their shoulders.

The man who is apparently the teacher spoke up "Finally, today is the day of the summoning ritual. This is the first test since you advanced to the second year and the sacred first day where you meet your familiars with whom you will spend your lives as nobles,"

Amongst the students is a girl with long pink hair who was clenching a small brown stick with a nervous look on her face, she then felt a presence behind her and turned to see a taller girl with dark skin and long red hair.

"I'm looking forward to the amazing familiar you are going to summon," said the redhead, making breasts bounce in a teasing manner.

The pinkette looked away with a frown "Leave me alone,"

Soon the rituals were underway as numerous students summoned creatures of different shapes and sizes, many were content with their new partners while others were a bit disappointed in what they summoned but would eventually get used to them.

"Now, was that everyone?" asked the teacher, having seen a majority of the students summon their familiars but wanted to make sure that no one was left out.

"No, we still have Miss Vallière to go," said the redhead, having summoned a Fire Salamander earlier before and was quite taken with it. She turned towards said pinkette who was trying to hide away from her and the others in general, she stepped forward to the center and along the way was hearing the whispers of the students.

"That's Louise the Zero!"

"What will she summon?"

"There's no way she can summon anything!"

"We'll just have another explosion, nothing else!"

She silently ignored them all and went to stand in the middle of the courtyard.

"After that boasting, you'll summon something more amazing than this little guy, right Louise?" said the redhead tauntingly.

"Of course I will!" Louise retorted, she clenched her wand in determination then raised it above her head "My servant that exists somewhere in this universe! My divine, beautiful and powerful familiar! I wish and assert from the bottom of my heart…answer my guidance!" then she brought it down to point ahead of her.


There was a loud explosion and smoke was everywhere, the students coughed from the smoke all the while murmuring about how the result was as they expected due to having witnessed this so many times before. They waited for the smoke to clear away and reveal what they were expecting…which certainly wasn't what they thinking it would be, especially for Louise. Laying before her is a boy with spiky blonde hair with markings on his cheeks akin to that of a cat or a fox as he wears a rust orange jumpsuit that just screams "I am right here! Kill me!" and green goggles with sandals, and there was a large scroll strapped to his back.

"A human?"

"Those clothes…it looks like a peasant,"

"Yeah a peasant, no doubt about it,"

Louise's eyes were twitching in disbelief "This is divine, beautiful and powerful?" she saw the boy open his eyes and blinked a few times as he sat up from the ground and began to look around in confusion.

"Where am I? What happened?" Naruto was trying to come up with a self-explanation with what's going on as he looked at the people around him though the one who caught his attention the most was the girl with pink hair standing before him.

"You don't understand our language?" asked the girl, Naruto shook his head to affirm her question.

"Hahahaha! Nothing less from someone who puts up a huge front! To think that you would summon up a peasant!" the redhead laughed and was soon joined by the others.

"I just made a small mistake!" said Louise.

"Nothing less from Louise the Zero! A result that meets everyone's expectations!" a fattish student chortled.

Naruto took note of all this, though he couldn't understand what they were saying but he was getting the idea that the students were laughing at the girl. Something he found to be all too similar to what he had to go through back at the academy.

"Mr. Colbert!" said Louise.

"What is it?" asked the teacher.

"Can I try the summoning again?"

"I can't allow that,"


"This ritual is a sacred one that decides the mage's entire life. Trying a second time is a blasphemy against the ritual itself! Whether you like it or not, this boy has been chosen as your familiar," said Colbert sternly.

"I have no idea what's going on, but I gotta find my way back home and make sure that Iruka-sensei is okay," Naruto stood up and began to leave but Louise grabbed him by the collar and pulled back to the ground.

"But I've never heard of using a peasant boy as a familiar!" said Louise, earning laughs from the students again.

"I will not allow exceptions, peasant boy or not. Continue with the ritual," said Colbert.

"Eeeeh? With this?" Louise poked at Naruto with her wand, annoying him to smack it away with a frown.

"Oi, quit poking me!" Naruto retorted despite the language barrier.

"Hurry up, or you really will be expelled!" said Colbert sternly, ready to go through with his statement.

"All right…," Louise sighed in resignation and approached Naruto before kneeing before him.

"Huh? What are you going to do?" Naruto was confused at all this.

"Be grateful for this, normally a noble would never do this with a peasant boy!" then she began to recite some sort of incantation "My name is Louise Francoise Le Blanc De La Vallière. Pentagon that rules the five powers, bless this individual and make him my familiar!" she cupped his cheeks and slowly brought her face close to his.

"What is she about to do?!" thought Naruto in a panic.

"Come on, stay still!" she drew herself closer to him.

"Hey wait, hold on…are you going to…but we just met…isn't this too soon?" Naruto's mind was a total mess in all this and couldn't put up any sort of resistance. Soon he felt her lips against his, causing his eyes to widen in shock and his heart thumped hard against his chest and it didn't slow down when she pulled away from him.

"It seems the Contract Servant has ended peacefully," said Colbert.

"What are you guys talking about and what was th-" anything that Naruto was about to say halted as his body began heating up and he felt like his body was on fire with the most intense on the back of his left hand "What did you do to me?!"

"It will be over soon, it's just the rune of the familiar being burned into you," said Louise.

Naruto struggled to his feet and stumbled around as he gritted his teeth in pain from the heat, he never felt anything like this before. Not only that, it felt like his stomach was being cooked just like his left hand "Ah, Ah…AAAAAAAHHHHHH!" he yelled out in pain as his body radiated a blue aura much to the surprise of everyone watching before it receded he fell to the ground face first while losing consciousness.

"What was that?" said Colbert then he noticed some runes on the back of the boy's left hand and frowned as he didn't recognize them "I'll need to research about it at the archives.

Naruto opened his eyes again to find himself staring at a ceiling and quickly sat up to find himself in a room and he was sitting on a pile of hay, he looked through the window to see that it was nighttime "Where am I? What was that before I fainted, it felt like I was being cooked alive,"

"So you're finally awake," Naruto turned to see Louise sitting at the bed and looking at him with a frown "I was wondering when you were ever going to wake up,"

Naruto jumped to his feet and pointed a finger at her "It's you! What did you do to me? Where am I? Why did you try to burn me?"

"Awww shut up! All you do is chirp!" then Louise recalled something "Oh right, I can simply use a silencing spell to shut you up," she brandished her wand and pointed it at him "Let see…Ansur Ver Ang. Notice the tracks and answer my requests!"


Naruto was send flying into a wall and slumped to the floor with soot all over his body "Ow, what was that for?!"

Louise looked at him in shock "I can understand you now,"

"Huh? I can understand you too," Naruto was just as surprised.

"I was trying a silencing spell *sigh* and that failed too. So what's your name?" asked Louise.

"Oh my Naruto Uzumaki and I come from Konoha!" said Naruto with pride.

"Konoha? I've never heard of such a place,"

"What you mean? It's located at the Land of Fire,"

"I haven't heard of that either,"

Naruto was flabbergasted "Just where am I and who are you?"

"You're in Tristain of the land of Halkeginia. My name is Louise Francoise Le Blanc De La Vallière and I am your master while you are my familiar…even though I had no other choice,"

"A familiar?" Naruto recalled what happened and looked at the back his left hand to see some strange symbols. "Just what is going on?" then he recalled one of Iruka's teaching when he was paying attention at the time…when in an unknown territory, always seek out information from nearby residents. Right now the closest resident will be the pink haired girl in front of him "Could you please tell me more about this place?"

Louise quirked an eyebrow in confusion "What do you mean by that? You should already know as you're a commoner,"

"This is my first time so I don't really know about this place,"

"*Sigh* fine I'll tell you," Louise proceeded to tell Naruto about the world and there being five countries known as Albion, Romalia, Gallia, Germania, and Tristain which they're currently on. He was also told of the government system whereby those capable of magic are treated as nobles while the others are viewed as commoners. She told him that she is currently a student at the Tristain Academy of Magic which is where all nobles are trained to use magic and what happened today was a ritual whereby a mage summons a creature from another universe to become a familiar and serve them eternally. As bored as Naruto is, he remained attentive in hopes that there was a way he could return and so far he wasn't getting the relevant information.

"Okay, I seem to get it…sort of," said Naruto.

"I won't allow a familiar respond to me in such a way," Louise sighed in disappointment "Why is my familiar a peasant boy?! I wanted something cool like a dragon or a griffon!"

"Hey, I'm not a peasant and plenty cool!" Naruto retorted with a frown.

"Be quiet, I wasn't talking to you!" Louise turned around to pick up her wand and cast a spell on the boy only to look back and see that the door was ajar "A familiar ran away? You're kidding!"

Naruto was running through the hallway then down the stairs with the scroll strapped back to his back "I can't afford to hang around here, I gotta get back to the village and make Iruka-sensei is okay!" he got to the next doorway and paused as he saw a boy with blond curly hair having a conversation with a girl with long brown hair.

"I'm good at making soufflés," said the girl with a tinge of pink on her cheeks.

"I would love to try one," said the boy with a flourish of the rose in his hand.


"Of course, Katie. I wouldn't lie to your eyes,"

"Guiche-sama," Katie swooned from the allure.

"There's nothing hidden in my feelings for you,"

"Oh gag me, you only hear these of corny lines from movies. I'm not gonna watch anymore of this," Naruto passed by, hoping that they would ignore him in their moment but the boy noticed him "Isn't that the peasant that Louise summoned?"

"Darn it!" Naruto increased his walking pace.

"In today's ritual? It caused quite a stir amongst the first years as well," said Katie looking at Naruto, couldn't help but look at the whisker marks on his cheeks.

"He had suddenly fainted and stopped moving, so it was quite troublesome for us," Guiche noticed that the boy was leaving "Hold on, you,"

"What does he want?" thought Naruto before turning around with a forced smile "Yes?"

"A peasant putting a noble to trouble, and not a word of thanks?"

"Oh sorry about that and thanks," Naruto turned away before muttering to himself "What an arrogant jerk," suddenly he heard footsteps from above and immediately knew who was coming "Oh crap!" he took off as fast as he could right as Louise showed up panting.

"Louise, your familiar just passed by," said Guiche.

"Help me catch him, he just ran away," said Louise with a frown.

"The familiar with whom you sealed a contract with? Nothing less from your familiar, Louise. Common sense doesn't apply to it,"

"Don't be impressed by it, help me!"

"Guess I have no other choice,"

Naruto continued to run down the hallways and staircases as he continued to look for the exit until he made it down to the ground floor, there he saw that redhead from earlier before sitting by the fountain next to a guy. He ignored that and looked around before seeing the doorway leading out the building.

"Sweet, an exit!" Naruto happily ran past the couple towards the doorway with them looking at him in confusion.

"That guy…he's the one that Louise the Zero…," said the boy.

"Yes, the peasant familiar," said the redhead.

"There he is, over there!" they turned to see Louise being followed by Guiche.

"Hey, what are you guys doing?"

"Oh just listen to this!" Guiche began as Louise went past him.

"Knock it off, he's getting away!" said Louise.

Naruto was soon at the courtyard and running for the gateway "I gotta get outta here and back to Konoha!" suddenly he was lifted into the air "What the heck, what's going on here?!"

"Give yourself up peasant," Naruto looked back to see Guiche pointing his rose towards him with Louise standing by "This is the second time I've kept you afloat,"

"What you doing? Put me down right now!" Naruto demanded.

"I think not, perhaps a little punishment is at hand," he began waving his rose to and fro with Naruto being tossed around.

"Hahaha! A familiar that runs away from its master? It's too funny!" said the redhead while laughing.

"I'm so gonna get back at that guy and…huh?" Naruto looked up to the night sky and was shocked to see a large blue moon and a smaller pink one next to it "You gotta be kidding…I really am in another world…,"

This is Hussbek online with the first chapter of a new story, upon closing the polls and looking at the poll I decided to go with the Naruto/Familiar of Zero story. Conveniently enough, I was given a challenge by The Sith'ari and decided to accept it. These are the requirements for them.

Naruto the Familiar of Zero Challenge

Instead of summoning Saito, Louise summoned our favorite orange shinobi Naruto Uzumaki after he left the Hokage's Library with the Forbidden Scroll of Sealing. How will Naruto deal with being thrown into this world of magic?


1. Naruto must eventually learn and master all of the jutsu from the Forbidden Scroll except for the Edo Tensei, Shiki Fuin, and jutsu that require a Kekkei Genkai.

2. Naruto must have a harem with Louise, Siesta, Henrietta, Tiffania and Jessica in it, anyone else is up to you.

3. Louise must grow to like Naruto faster than she did with Saito in the canon due to Naruto understanding what it is like to be looked down upon by your peers.

4. There must be no rape or mentioning of rape.

5. There must be no Yaoi pairings.

6. Naruto must wield three swords, the first being Derflinger and the other being the Sandai Kitetsu from One Piece after testing his luck against it (He'll do it the same way Zoro did when he got the sword in Loguetown), the third sword is up to you.

7. Naruto must get the Sandai Kitetsu at the same store that he gets Derflinger at.

8. Naruto must not be reliant on using three swords at once.

9. The Akatsuki and Konoha must not be able to get to Naruto, since they would need to know the location of where they need to teleport in order to find Naruto or they'll just teleport to random locations and dimensions, which is pretty dangerous.


1. Lemons are allowed and encouraged.

2. Bashing is allowed.

3. You can have the shopkeeper of the sword shop that Naruto gets Derflinger and the Sandai Kitetsu from, give Naruto his third sword after testing his luck against the Kitetsu (Like how Zoro got Yubashiri)

I recommend that you check out his list of story challenges on his profile page in case that they catch your interest. I've also pushed Naruto's age to fourteen to avoid any potential repercussions. This is my first ever story challenge and I can't wait to see what I can do about it.

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