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"Please allow me this, Lord Hashirama. A fair fight between myself and the girl. We were both kind of out of it the first time."

Hashirama raises his eyebrows, staring at the Senju in front of him. "You want to battle Sakura, Ryo?"

"Yes, sir," Ryo says, straightening his posture in order to look as professional as possible, keeping his chin up.

Hashirama shakes his head, looking over at Tobirama, who was sitting beside him. "Well, obviously that's not something I can just approve of. What will this battle prove? You said that you met her aside the riverbed, right? And she beat down yourself and Heggin?"

Ryo nods. "Yes, sir. We had just returned from the western front, packing up the stuff before returning. She was just there out of nowhere. I mean..." he sighs, fighting the urge to run his hand through his hair. "Don't get me wrong, my lord. I've been watching and listening and she sounds like a good kid, but as you know, I think battle is were we learn the most about someone. I'm not suggesting we battle to the death, my lord," he adds quickly when Hashirama got a look on his face that suggested he was about to decline again, "just another chance to try and learn something that words can't convey as well," Ryo says slowly, looking as though he was silently hoping that he didn't insult Hashirama and Tobirama by talking about the pink haired girl.

Tobirama's eyes flicker to the door. "Hashirama," he says sternly right as there was a knock at the door.

"Come in," Hashirama calls, looking passed Ryo to see the door open and the pink haired girl in question poke her head in.

"Hey," she says. "Sorry, I didn't mean to ease drop. Salma told me you wanted to speak to me."

"Sakura," Hashirama says, waving his hand for her to enter the room. She obeys, closing the door behind her and walking into the room to stand next to Ryo. "So you heard that?" Hashirama asks, suddenly embarrassed. "I'm sorry."

Ryo looks down, narrowing his eyes, more annoyed with himself than anything else. Upset that his clan leader was apologizing on his behalf.

Sakura waves her hand in dismissal. "No, don't worry. I figured this would happen. In fact, I was sure it would have happened sooner. I am a shinobi, Hashirama-sama. I know how to do battle. I can fight one on one, I don't mind and it's not insulting to me that he wants to fight. If you are okay with it, Hashirama-sama, we can have that fight." Sakura glances over at Ryo. "Don't be upset, okay? No feelings are hurt. And no one is offended or anything." Ryo nods a bit begrudgingly.

Hashirama's eyes flickered between the two of them with a strange look on his face, as if mentally trying to decide something. "I... can't decide now, you two. I have to talk with Tobirama and Madara about this. We just got out of war, I'm not sure promoting in-fighting is such a good idea." He reaches up to rub the back of his head, forehead wrinkled with internal conflict.

"Yes, my lord," Ryo says surely, although one side glance at him and Sakura can tell he's unhappy. Probably wishing that he never brought this up in the first place.

Sakura understands that it is a fragile time right now and Hashirama is right to fear that battles between Uchiha and Senju (even though the people involved are a Senju and a Haruno). This type of peace is still delicate and people are still feeling out the boundaries. It's understandable that Hashirama would be so hesitant about just allowing there to be battles from one side or another.

"I'm not here to change your mind, Hashirama-sama, but may I suggest something?" Sakura asks.

Hashirama nods tiredly, dropping his hand onto his lap. "You may." It's obvious, moreso today than the days before, to Sakura that this is starting to wear on Hashirama. He doesn't seem put off by any of their peace, it just seems like without structure and help, it's starting to ware the First Hokage a bit ragged. Sakura hopes that she can somehow help.

"Instead of just throwing two people together and deciding that it's some kind of bad blood match, it could actually be beneficial if you made a spectacle out of it, invite friendly competition. No-kill matches and games, maybe prizes or something to build camaraderie. Do things, like battles, by pairing up two people who wouldn't normally be together," Sakura says simply, thinking back to the game the Leaf played in Sakura's past. She shrugs her shoulders. "You want to draw people to this alliance. I think publically showing people that it's working can benefit, but let's be honest, I don't really know much about this sort of thing. Just saying. No pressure."

Hashirama hums under his breath, nodding slowly, looking a little more lively with ideas running around in his head. "That's a really good idea. Tobi, Madara and I will have to talk. Thank you, Sakura-chan."

Sakura smiles a bit. She's starting to notice, whenever he calls her 'Sakura-chan' it's when he's pleased or excited about what she's said or done. Which is nice, at least. Surprisingly, the First Hokage is not that hard to read.

Ryo bows respectfully. "Thank you for listening to me, my Lords. I shall depart now." He pauses a brief moment, long enough for Sakura to notice, before he turns to her. "Sakura-san."

Sakura bows respectfully in return, feeling bad that ultimately her quick acts were what put them into this situation in the first place. If she had just took a moment to try and analyze the situation, perhaps everything would have turned out differently. Keep that in mind for the future, Sakura, her inner voice whispers, you never know when you might need it.

"Ryo-san," Sakura says before straightening up once more.

Hashirama scribbles something down on the scroll in front of him before smiling kindly up at his fellow clansmen. "Thank you, Ryo. We'll talk later, alright?"

"Hai, my lord." Ryo backs out of the room and closes the door to the meeting room quietly behind himself.

Sakura, who twisted around to watch Ryo leave, turns back to face Hashirama and Tobirama. Hashirama was scribbling something down on the scroll in front of him again while Tobirama is staring at him with the same intense look in his eyes that he has had on his face ever since Sakura first met him. Sakura knew that the Second Hokage was a serious man, but she never imagined he would be this intense all the time.

"You wanted to speak with me, Hashirama-sama?" Sakura asks again, finally turning her gaze from Tobirama to his older brother.

"Yes, Sakura," Hashirama says, stretching his feet for a moment, rolling his ankles until they crack before folding them beneath himself again. "Sit for a moment so that we can talk." Sakura obeys, sitting at the end of the table where she sat before, noting that either the table was new or Hashirama fixed the damage she caused it, before looking back up at him.

"Yes, Hashirama-sama?" Sakura asks, after a straight thirty seconds of silence between them. The two brothers just stared at her, while she shifted uncomfortably beneath their gazes.

After another fifteen second pause - she's not sure why she's counting them, perhaps it's going to become a nervous habit - following Sakura's words, Hashirama finally scoots the scroll away from him and crosses his hands neatly on the table. "Alright, Sakura, I've got a question for you and I want a serious answer. Don't feel pressured to answer one way or another, alright?"

Sakura shifts uncomfortably in her seat, straightening up in worry. "Okay..."

Hashirama laughs, noticing Sakura's sudden worry. "No, sorry. It's nothing bad. I was just wondering if you would be willing to take on two apprentices."

Sakura stares at him blankly before holding up two fingers. "Two?"

He nods. "Yes. Two."

Sakura blinks a few times, feeling the tenseness in her shoulders relax a bit. "I'll start out by saying that I don't mind," Sakura says, looking between the two brothers, noting Madara's absence, "but two is kind of a strange number. Can I ask why two?"

"One Uchiha and one Senju," Tobirama says simply. At Sakura's blank look in return, he adds, "Things are still a little tense between us and the Uchiha. Until things settle down, we are trying to give both sides opportunities equally."

Sakura raises her eyebrows. "Well, I suppose that makes sense. As I said, I don't mind teaching people." A pause as Sakura glances around the room before hesitantly asking, more for curiosity than anything, and hoping that this isn't somehow overstepping her boundaries. "May I ask where Madara-sama is? He's usually here. It's a little strange not seeing him. I suppose it doesn't matter either way... I... don't really know why I'm asking other than curiosity, feel free to not answer," Sakura blabs, mentally berating herself. The last thing she wants to do is give anyone the wrong impression.

Whoever those people are that she doesn't want to give the wrong impressions to and even what those impressions may be, Sakura does not know. And she doesn't really want to delve too deeply into her psyche to figure it out.

Hashirama sighs dramatically, making Tobirama roll his eyes. "I was thinking the same thing, Sakura-chan. Unfortunately there was a little scuffle within the Uchiha compound about a half hour ago between a couple of the members and Madara had to step out and deal with it." He props his elbow up on the table in front of him and rests his chin on his lightly curled fingers, looking lazily around the room. "I wonder when he'll be back."

"Please control your lack of enthusiasm at being alone in my presence, brother," Tobirama says dryly.

Hashirama blinks a few times before turning his level brown eyed gaze to his younger, studying his face for a moment. Tobirama stares back with a slightly annoyed expression. Hashirama finally smiles goofily. It was the kind of toothy smile where his lips pulled back tight to show all of his teeth, his eyes shut tightly and crinkles appeared around the twin brown orbs. That look was reminiscent of Naruto's smile. Naruto's eyes didn't crinkle as much but other than that, it was identical and it hurt Sakura's heart regardless.

"Aw, Tobirama, are you lonely when Aniki doesn't pay attention to you?" He asks teasingly, letting out a little laugh afterword. Sakura presses her lips together tightly, worried what may happen if she's caught giggling at fiery younger Senju brother's expense.

Tobirama glares, more for show than actual anger, Sakura notes while looking between the two. "You wish, Hashirama. My only peaceful moments in the day always magically occur whilst your attention is drawn away from me."

Hashirama pouts. "You are so mean, Tobirama. Seriously, all I do is love you and this is how you treat me." He gives Tobirama big puppy brown eyes, feigning hurt to which the other man seems unaffected by.

"My apologies, brother," Tobirama says simply, sounding anything but.

Sakura smiles a little to herself. It's kind of strange to see such legendary shinobi that she read all about acting so normal. As brothers, Tobirama and Hashirama aren't always on the same page. They are capable of joking around with one another with little teases here and there. Such normal things that Sakura would expect to see in her time, just appears strange now. She can recall being back in school learning about the two of them. Hashirama was the brilliant man behind the unification of the clans and with his best friend - and one time arch rival - Madara Uchiha and his little brother Tobirama - later to be named the Second Hokage - founded the village she lived in.

Lots of things about their accomplishments, but really nothing about them on such a personal level.

Sakura spent a great deal of time this morning laying in the borrowed bed in the clinic, when she should have been getting up and healing the injured, thinking to herself about what she was going to do. For the moment she was content with having her attention diverted to taking care of the hurt Uchiha and Senju but eventually that number is going to run out or at least dim down enough to where she's not needed. When that happens, Sakura hadn't the slightest clue on what to do. For now, she finds a bit of comfort in knowing that her free time will be diverted once more to teaching two apprentices a bit of her 'miracles'.

But just like before, Sakura doesn't perceive that lasting forever and it just brings her back to now. While the village is still in the process of building enough homes to house the two clans that already live here, eventually they will begin making it look like a village. Perhaps Sakura just has to wait until a library is built and then maybe she'll be able to get her hands on space-time ninjutsu to learn more about it, but that's running under the assumption that they would have anything for Sakura to read and beyond even that: if they will even let her read anything if they have it.

She tried to recall the moments leading up to her awakening on the riverbed, but all she can get is fragments of memories. Flashes of out-of-context images and noises like screams and cries and people barking out orders. In the back of Sakura's mind sometimes she can pick out voices she recognizes. Some words are said by herself while others are Naruto and Sasuke and even Kakashi. There is even a word or two from Madara and Black Zetsu.

But when Sakura tries to focus in on those voices, discern more about they - herself included - are saying, her head begins to hurt and it draws forth memories of times that didn't pertain to the war. Her time as Lady Tsunade's student. Meeting Kakashi and forming Team 7. Joining Iruka's class. The bedtime stories her dad used to read to her up until she was ten years old. Meeting Ino.

Sakura shakes the thoughts away, not wanting to tank her own mood again. She adjusts her weight a bit. Her feet are falling asleep. She wiggles her toes to try and get the blood flow by to them.

"So," she says, drawing the attention of the two males in the room, trying to ignore the pins and needles in her feet, "who am I going to be training?"

"Ah," Hashirama says, pleased. His earlier bout depression gone once again. "We've been talking about it, Tobirama and myself, about the Senju and we thought that it would be beneficial if you worked alongside someone you seem to have a good relations with who has shown an interest in learning from you."

Sakura raises an eyebrow. "Who is it?"

It's Tobirama who answers. "Salma Senju."

Sakura perks up at that. "Salma? Really? Awesome." A pause, then, "And the Uchiha?" Please don't be Kana. Anyone but Kana.

"We spoke to Madara about it, but he was still debating on who it should be before he was called away. But you should hopefully learn who it is by the end of the day, and if not: early tomorrow. Is that okay?"

The pink haired medic nods. "Sure. Is that your indirect way of asking me to start their training right away?" She arches her eyebrow higher at that, teasingly. While she was being joking on the outside, on the inside, she was screaming that it had better not be Kana. She rubbed Sakura the wrong way as the pink haired girl is sure she somehow rubs the elegant but bitchy Uchiha in a similar way.

Hashirama grins sheepishly. "Caught me," he admits, then gives Sakura a more level look. "In all honesty, Sakura, you've surprised me. I apologize that while your first impression wasn't exactly the most stunning, and I mean that in the kindest way possible," he adds that last bit quickly. Sakura waves her hand dismissively. If she could, she'd be able to wipe that embarrassing excuse for a first impression out of the minds of everyone that was there and go back and redo it in a bit more of a dignified way.

"I get what you mean," Sakura says.

"Good, but as I was saying," Hashirama continues, adjusting himself again, stretching out his legs, rubbing his left thigh as if there was some sort of cramp there before crossing his legs under the table and resting both elbows and forearms on the table. A quick glance over at Tobirama showed the white haired man was once again looking out the window behind Hashirama, feeling the area out with his chakra for dangers before pulling it back and returning his attention back to the table. Sakura had to wonder if the Second was even aware he was sensing the area or if it was just a conditioned response from years of war.

"You surprised me. Er, all three of us, if I can speak on Tobi's and Madara's behalf," Hashirama says.

"How so?" Sakura asks, folding her hands onto her lap.

"Your medical abilities, for starters," Hashirama says simply. "You are capable of doing things that I could only dream of being able to accomplish as if it were nothing. While I hear your bedside manners leaves a bit to be desired," he says, smiling to show that he's not mad. "Such things can be over looked. You were able to heal internal injuries with ease as well as heal bones with deft precision and most of that was things I heard about from others. But I was in the room with you yesterday when you dealt with Kaido." He doesn't go into detail but Sakura understands what he's saying.

"I had a very good master," Sakura says. "A lot of the things I'm able to do today are because of her teachings."

Hashirama nods slowly, smiling faintly. "Well then, I suppose we have you and your master to thank for all of your help." Sakura blushes, feeling weird about being complemented by the First-freaking-Hokage.

"Thank you..." Sakura murmurs, not at all minding if she was heard or not.

"What's her name?" Hashirama asks after a quick pause.

Sakura looks up, surprised. "Who? My master's?" Hashirama nods.

Sakura takes a moment to debate on whether or not it was safe to tell him. She was his granddaughter after all. But at the same time, it was just a first name. There are tons of people with the same names out there in the world. This could be just another one of those. Sakura sends a silent prayer to Kami, praying that this doesn't somehow prevent Lady Tsunade from becoming Lady Tsunade.

Finally, Sakura looks up at Hashirama and says, "Tsunade."

Hashirama blinks a few times, taking in the name. "Tsunade... Tsunade..." Hashirama says, testing out the name, as if committing it to memory. "I really like that name," he finally says and Sakura could almost laugh at the irony. "I heard that name a long time ago and liked it. If I ever have a daughter, I would love to name her that." Hashirama has a thoughtful look on his face.

If Sakura recalled correctly, Hashirama ended up having two sons. His eldest son got married and had a daughter, Tsunade. Sakura has to wonder if Hashirama had a hand in naming Sakura's future master. Somehow hearing that he is going to give her master the name that she ultimately has in the future puts Sakura a bit at ease. At least she doesn't have to worry about that.

"You heard the name before?" Tobirama says, turning to Hashirama. "I wonder, perhaps are they the same person?"

Hashirama looks as though the thought hadn't crossed his mind. "Perhaps," Hashirama says to the white haired water specialist before looking over at Sakura. "Do you think it could be, Sakura?"

I'm certain it's not, Sakura thinks but wisely says instead, "I guess. I don't know."

"Curious," Hashirama says, stroking his chin.

"Indeed," Tobirama says, turning is head back toward the window and feeling out with his chakra.

Sakura stands before her new home with wide eyes. It was nothing too large. It was all one level with everything she would need. A kitchen, living area, bathroom, bedroom and guest room. It was built traditionally for the time period. All the rooms were connected by a walkway on the outside perimeter of the house, mostly in-closed with the just the backyard portion left open. It reminded Sakura of clan main households. Like the Hyuga's. She can remember having a sleepover with Ino and Tenten at Hinata's house and mentioning it to the white eyed girl.

Hashirama wipes the sweat from his brow. "How is it?" He asks once Sakura steps onto the front porch after doing a quick walk through the house.

"It's wonderful, Hashirama-sama. But you didn't have to make it all so spacious. I would have been okay with a single bedroom-"

Hashirama holds up a hand before she can keep going. He waits until the words have died in Sakura's throat before saying, "I'm glad you feel that way. So you should be so happy with having more space. Take it as my thanks for everything you've done so far."

Sakura wanted to be that modest person that could continuously insist that she can live the most basic of lifestyles, but it was ultimately very flattering to Sakura that he was willing to go the extra mile for her comfort. Just for doing things that she was going to do regardless of a reward. She'll find things to put in the extra space, Sakura just knows it. All she has to do is channel her inner Ino and go shopping whenever she gets a steady income.

Which reminds Sakura that while she has enough money to buy the necessities, such a luxury like that won't last forever. But perhaps bringing that up now would be inconsiderate and kind of a bitch thing to point out. So, she'll just keep these things to herself for a while.

"Thank you, Hashirama-sama," Sakura says, bowing politely. Hashirama opens his mouth but is cut off by another voice.


The pink haired girl looks around until her eyes land on the approaching Senju woman. Tobirama, who stood back so that Hashirama had enough room to perform, turns to look over his shoulder at the voice.

"Salma," Sakura says, eyes lowering to the bundle in her arms as she approaches. "Oh! Is that my stuff?" Sakura had sort of lost hope that she was going to get her things back. There wasn't anything extremely vital, and while she would have liked her things back, she didn't need them... kind of. Perhaps it was more that she was worried that she would get shanked if she asked for her stuff back.

Salma walks over to Sakura, holding up her things for Sakura to take. "Yes. Sorry we didn't give it back sooner." She smiles kindly when Sakura took her things. All of her weapons pouches wrapped up in a large, dark blue cloth similar color to her chunin attire. Sakura unravels the cloth to see that it is her chunin pants with her shirt, now cleanly mended around the once-ripped sleeves. Same with the bottom of her pant legs.

"Salma, did you fix these?" Sakura asks, looking over at the ponytailed girl.

The brown haired girl reaches up and runs her fingers through her long brown locks that rest over her left shoulder, blushing deeply. "I did. I'm so sorry if that was presumptuous of me," she says, avoiding eye contact with Sakura. "I just thought that-"

Sakura drops down onto the dirt in front of the tall Senju woman, wrapping her arms around the slightly older woman. She stiffens in Sakura's grasp for a moment before relaxing and returning the hug.

"I was going to burn my clothes anyway," Sakura says softly, closing her eyes. "I thought I was going to be able to part with them, but seeing them now... I'm so glad that I didn't. Thank you, Salma. I really mean it. Thank you." Sakura pulls back and smiles up at her. "Thank you, Salma."

The long brown haired woman blushes a bit more, smiling. "You're welcome, Sakura. I'm just glad that I didn't overstep my boundaries."

Sakura shakes her head, stepping back up onto the porch, pulling a scroll carrying her normal clothes from home. She turns back to look over at the three Senju. "I'll be right back. I'm going to change into my usual attire. I like the yukatas and kimono, but it's easier to move in my normal clothes. Be right back."

Sakura heads inside, going into the empty bedroom and quickly stripping from the black yukata that she was healing in and removes her usual clothes from the scroll and change into them. She wraps up her chest, seeing her underwear and bra was folded up and stuffed into her medical pouch, thankfully. If she unraveled her clothes and those fell out in front of the First and Second Hokage, Sakura would probably die of embarrassment. Salma's foresight is appreciated.

Sakura seals up her bra and old chunin garbs, before pulling on her red, zip up shirt, black spandex pants, pink battle skirt and elbow warmers and boots. Sakura pauses at the sight of her Konoha headband. Somewhere along the way, perhaps on the battlefield, Sakura lost her 'ninja' headband. As much as she wanted to put the red cloth and metal onto the top of her head, where it belongs, she knows that she can't and, with a heavy heart, seals that back up too.

The pink haired girl equips her weapons pouches, putting her clothing scroll back into her pouch before heading back out of her new house. "Alright, I'm done," Sakura says, walking down to the three Senju.

Salma was nodding to something Hashirama was saying. "I will, my lord."

"Perhaps ask if anyone else around here wants to go with, huh?" Hashirama asks, folding his arms behind his back. "I think it would be nice if more people had time to bond, don't you think Tobi-" his eyes widen a bit at the sight of Sakura. "Wow."

Tobirama, who's back was to Sakura, turns to look at her. Intense red eyes widen slightly. Salma, who was between the two brothers, peaks around Tobirama to look at Sakura.

"Sakura!" Salma says, eyes wide. She steps closer, looking Sakura up and down. "You look... wonderful!"

Sakura glances down at her clothes, wondering what could be so wonderful about them. "Uh, thanks?" Sakura says, looking back up at Salma.

"Those clothes..." Salma steps closer, shaking her head, as if she couldn't believe what she was seeing, "they make you appear so much older!"

Sakura narrows her eyes at the other woman's words. "What do you mean by that?"

Salma blinks confused. "What?"

"It makes me look older?" Sakura asks suspiciously. "How? How old do I look?"

Salma suddenly looks uneasy. "Um, how old are you, Sakura?"

"How old do you think I am, Salma?" Sakura asks, narrowing her eyes even more.

"Don't get mad," Salma says, holding her hands up in a very familiar surrendering pose people give Sakura when she starts to glare at them. She's not that scary, right?

Sakura crosses her arms over her chest. "How old, Salma?"

Salma looks as though she is in physical pain. "At first... in that big yukata... you looked a little... young. Like... maybe..." she mumbles something that Sakura was too far away to catch. She steps closer, tilting her left ear toward the Senju woman.

"Maybe... what was that, Salma?" Sakura asks.

"Twelve?" Salma squeaks, flinching.

Sakura blanches at that. "Are you joking? What about you two?" Sakura looks up at the two men in the group only to let out a noise of distress at both of them avoiding eye contact. "You thought I was twelve?" Sakura squawks. She throws her hands into the air. "What the hell? Why is it so hard for people to see that I'm a woman? Good lord!"

Salma runs her fingers through her hair. "I'm sorry, Sakura. How old are you?"

Sakura stares back at her with a bland look on her face. "I'm seventeen."

If they were expecting something from her, that wasn't it. All three of them stare back at her, surprised, much to Sakura's chagrin. Now would be the time that Sakura wished that she could turn on her heel and stomp away, but she had no where to go. And like hell was she going to go into the empty house behind her and stare at the wood while her temper settles down.

Was it so out of the realm of possibility for Sakura to be a young woman? Sakura is really starting to hate this time period. Had times changed so much? Sakura had no idea.

"Where is your husband?" Salma asks, eyebrows pulling together.

Sakura blinks at the randomness of the question. "Husband? I'm not married." She flushes. She's never even dated anyone, but like hell was she going to point that out. Apparently, times had changed a lot.

Salma tilts her head. "You aren't? Did something happen to him?"

"No," Sakura says slowly, suddenly feeling very uncomfortable. "I've never been married."

The idea seemed so out of this world to Salma, her eyes were wide and she stepped closer until she was right in front of Sakura. "Never? Why? Is there something wrong with you?" As soon as the words left her lips, Salma throws her hands over her mouth. "Oh, Sakura, I am so sorry! That wasn't meant to come out that way! Oh, please forgive me!" Sakura didn't miss Tobirama, reaching up to scratch his throat, looking away while Hashirama physically flinches at Salma's words like they hurt him, behind the long haired Senju woman.

Sakura grumbles under her breath, shrugging her shoulders. "Forget about it. Boys back in my village weren't exactly throwing themselves at my feet for my hand," Sakura says, annoyed. "I know I keep saying it to make others feel better, but seriously, just because I'm not an amazon like Senju and Uchiha women, doesn't mean I don't have feelings too," she pouts.

Salma shakes her head, reaching out to take Sakura's hands. "I don't believe that! You are too beautiful! And no boy has asked for your hand? Are things truly so different in your village? I was married when I was thirteen. I can't believe how different two places can be," Salma says, eyes wide.

Sakura's eyes nearly bulge from her head. "Thirteen! No way!" Sakura was barely six months into her shinobi career when she turned thirteen. To be married already? That's crazy!

The brown haired girl nods. "It's true."

"Where is you husband now?" Sakura asks, weirded out. Salma seriously couldn't be that much older than her. And to have been married longer than Sakura's been a shinobi, is crazy to the pink haired girl.

Salma smiles sadly. "He's gone now," she says softly.

Sakura could hit herself. "Oh, Salma, I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to..."

Salma shakes her head. "It's alright. It was almost two years ago. War does that, sometimes," she says softly, shrugging her shoulders. Although she's trying to brush it off like she was over it, but Sakura can see there is still pain in her eyes. Sakura knew about arranged marriages and was suspicious that this was one of those cases, but Sakura finds it hard to believe that the kind and caring Senju wouldn't have eventually fallen in love with her spouse.

The green eyed medic squeezes Salma's hand in what she hopes to be a comforting manner. "I'm sorry, Salma. Do you have any... um...?" She makes a vague gesture.

The brown haired Senju woman shakes her head. "Children? No. I don't think I can have kids. We tried for a long time but I was never able to become pregnant." She shrugs her shoulders again, still trying to appear as if she was okay, but the pain in her eyes tells Sakura that thinking about that brings fresh pain. "It's over now. Um, Lord Hashirama wanted us to run to the nearest town so that we could pick up a few things that could help you start feeling at home."

It was a poor transition into something else, but Sakura was willing to accept it. In a way, she owed Salma that much. The woman was practically taking care of her since she woke up. It was the least she could do.

Some time during Sakura and Salma's conversation Madara arrived, having pulled both Senju brothers aside. The Uchiha's eyebrows were pulled tightly together, annoyed, and there was a scowl on his face.

"Fucking idiots," Madara mutters as Sakura and Salma walks closer to their group.

"Madara-sama," Salma says, looking a little bit better now that she has something else to focus on, "are you alright? Is there anything I can do for you?"

Madara glares at Salma in annoyance at whatever he was just finished dealing with rather that the Senju woman, lips pressing tightly together. "No," he says, voice a bit strained. "Thank you."

"You don't look thankful," Sakura mutters, not realizing she was speaking. "You look more constipated than anything." As soon as the words left her lips, Sakura flushes deeply in embarrassment. "Dear Kami, I am so sorry!"

Salma stares at Sakura in complete shock, silently saying goodbye to Sakura with her eyes. Tobirama looks greatly amused while Hashirama doubled over, laughing so loud he could barely hold himself up. Madara looked back at Sakura looking greatly displeased.

"That was great!" Hashirama gasps between breaths. "And it's so true!" He was bent over at the waist, bobbing up and down with the force of his laughter. Madara reaches out, putting his hand on the back of Hashirama's head, holding it in place so that he can't straighten up. "No, Madara! Stop, I'm sorry!" Hashirama calls out, trying to reach back and dislodge the other man's hand.

"I'm sorry, Madara-sama," Sakura says, waving her hands around in front of her. "I've obviously lost my mind. I'm so sorry."

Madara grunts, reaching up with his free hand to rub the crease between his eyes. "It doesn't matter. Are you ready to finish our meeting, Hashirama?"

"Yes," Hashirama says, strained. "Do you mind if I be let up now?"

Madara sighs, releasing the future First Hokage. He straightens up, rubbing his back in pain, muttering about pain.

"Let's go," Madara mutters, looking more annoyed than angry now. He glances around at them one more time, eyes sliding over Sakura before moving on before flying back to her, looking her up and down slowly, eyebrows raising before he turns sharply and walks away, shaking his head as if to clear it.

"We'd best go, Sakura, Salma," Hashirama says, bending back until his back cracks before sighing in relief. He glances over at Salma. "Remember what I said." He waggles his finger at her in a feign attempt to be stern.

Salma nods. "I will. Good day, my lords."

"Thanks again for the home, Hashirama-sama!" Sakura calls after the two departing brothers. He waves his hand, not turning back around. "I'm sorry again, Madara-sama! Bye Tobirama-sama!" She calls. She doesn't check to see if they heard her before turning to Salma. "So, what are we doing?"

Salma turns to look at Sakura, folding her hands neatly in front of her. "To the nearest village to pick up things for your home and some things Hashirama-sama wants for the compound. But first, let's go and see if anyone else wishes to come along," Salma says, heading back toward the Senju compound following obediently behind her.

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