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Sakura wasn't really crying, no, that was still for later. But her body was trembling hard, trying to contain the emotions. Sakura has spent a great portion of her life crying about one thing or another, and everyone back home knew that, but here, no one did. They had no idea how strong or weak she was, and while she didn't start out the experience on a strong point and somehow managed to maintain that weak beginning with this display, she is really going to push herself to be as strong as she can be for the remainder of her time here.

Which she hopes, in a way, that it isn't going to be that much longer. She likes the First Hokage, well enough, and the Second and Madara of this time, have done her no wrong, but the longer she's here the more chance she has at messing something up.

Sakura finally starts to calm down, pulling away from Hashirama's comforting warmth and smiling up at him. It's small and weak but it's probably the most genuine she's had in a long time. "Thank you, Hashirama-sama. I'm sorry for being so emotional, but I think I'm okay for now."

Hashirama smiles down at her kindly, politely pulling back to give her some room. "Would you tell me about her?"

Sakura blinks quizzically up at him. "Who?"

He nods to Ino's brush that's on the floor now by Sakura's knees. "The person who owned that hairbrush before you." When Sakura just stared up at him in surprise, wondering how he could have known, he looks down at the brush with sad eyes and says, "You don't just grip something like a lifeline if it didn't somehow have sentimental meaning to you." His eyes adapt this far away look, as if recalling something that he held dear from someone he lost. "Do you want to tell me about her? Was a sister? Or a mother, perhaps?" He asks, pulling himself back from his memories.

Sakura picks up Ino's hairbrush, holding it up to see the glitter in the plastic reflect the light filtering into the room from the windows. In the corner of her eye, she can see the godly shinobi in the room watch with eyes widened slightly at the glittering light. Sakura had cleaned out the hair brush before she used it back home but now, looking at it in the light, she can see one strand of really long blond hair intertwined through the teeth of the brush, making her heart ache for lost friend. Hoping silently that wherever the blond was, she was safe.

"My best friend, actually," Sakura says, eyes locked onto the brush. "It's her favorite color. I met her when we were eight. For so long I was alone, never having any friends because I'm kind of... funny looking, I suppose. So, I was picked on a lot as a kid so I had no self esteem and Ino... she protected me. She scared the mean girls away and gave me a reason to like myself." Sakura smiles at the memory. "She gave me this really pretty red ribbon to help pull my hair back but when we had a falling out a few years later, I gave it back to her."

Hashirama leans back, still facing Sakura with his legs crossed in front of him, resting an elbow on the table and leans against it. Normally, Sakura would assume that he was just trying to be kind, get her mind off of the fact that everyone she knew was gone - dead, as far as they knew - but Sakura got the impression that he was actually interested or at least polite enough to try hard to be.

"What did you two fight about?" Hashirama asks, giving Sakura the impression that he hasn't had much of a chance to talk to girls. Sakura had to guess that being in war had that sort of affect on people. Perhaps Hashirama was interested in what Sakura had to say because he had such little experience talking to someone who's lived a different life than the women of his and the Uchiha clan. If that was the case, then Sakura could understand. If Sakura remembered correctly, the two warring clans had been fighting since their grandfathers' time. Now this makes a lot of sense.

Sakura scoffs a bit, shaking her head a bit. "Typical girl drama, I suppose. We fought over a boy," Sakura laughs dryly. "What a silly thing to fight over. The local heartthrob ended up nearly ruining my relationship with my best friend," Sakura shakes her head again. "But luckily, a few years after that, we were able to mend our relationship. I love Ino, truly. She's um, well since you guys thought I was a boy anyway, might as well speak your language," Sakura laughs, smiling up at Hashirama, seeing him look a little embarrassed at the mistake, "she was kind of a bitch but that's because she knows what she wants."

Hashirama barks out a laugh, probably not expecting Sakura's language in regards to her friend. He must have sensed that she only says it out of love and, thankfully, doesn't appear to be insulted by Sakura's blunt way of saying things. Sakura has to wonder if perhaps he's thinking of his own relationship with a certain hot headed Uchiha. But Sakura makes sure not to look his way, not wanting to tempt fate if the Uchiha was insulted by her insinuating anything.

"She's strong and beautiful and can be kind and caring when she wants to be but she is dedicated and loyal to her friends. Even when we were fighting, she always kept an eye out for me," Sakura says softly, remembering the Chunin Exams in the Forest of Death. "She's everything I'm not. She's beautiful; long blond hair and big blue eyes. Ino's the type of girl to know that she's beautiful and know how to show it off. She is so strong and so sure of herself and she doesn't let anyone tell her otherwise. I envied everything about her. I knew she wasn't perfect, and so did she, but she was also so confident in her imperfections that just... made me love her more."

Sakura paused, collecting her thoughts. "The last time I saw her, she gave me her hairbrush and said, "Well, Sakura, after an ordeal like this, you and I are definitely going to have to go out and have a girl's day and invite the rest of the girls. Give ourselves some time to recuperate and beautify ourselves and get right back out there! But here, I'll leave my brush with you. Knowing you, you'll probably need it more than I will anyway." Then she did that bitchy hair flip thing that she can do so well," Sakura says, laughing a bit. At Hashirama's confused look, Sakura demonstrated, running her hand through her newly cleaned pink hair and flips it back.

That draws another laugh from Hashirama.

"So, she's really cocky and arrogant and very confident in herself. But she really can be sweet when she wants to be and one of the best people in the world if she warms up to you. Does that make sense?" Sakura asks, for some reason caring whether or not the First liked her best girl friend or not.

Hashirama nods, smiling fondly, once again probably mentally recalling his own friend. "Yes," he says. "I have a friend similar to that." His eyes flicker over to the scowling Uchiha and Hashirama bursts out laughing. "Whenever I talk about a friend, why do you automatically assume I'm talking about you, Madara?" Hashirama asks, grinning broadly. "My life doesn't revolved around you!"

"It doesn't?" Madara asks blandly. "You could have fooled me. And besides that, I thought I was the only one who could stand listening to you most of the time."

The corner of Sakura's lips quirk up a bit more, surprised at this vastly different Madara than the one she's used to. Hashirama turns his gaze over to his younger brother. "I have Tobirama, too, you know," he says airily, grinning.

Tobirama stares back at Hashirama with crimson red eyes in silence for a moment before finally sighing. Madara suddenly looks amused before Tobirama even speaks, as if already knowing what the white haired man is going to say. "To be honest, brother," Tobirama says slowly, "I mostly just tune you out."

Sakura has never seen someone get so depressed, so suddenly. Sakura couldn't help herself, she reaches out and puts a hand on his shoulder. "I'll be your friend, Hashirama-sama, if you want." That brightens the soon-to-be First Hokage up quick enough.

"You are too sweet, Sakura-chan," Hashirama says and the way her grinned at her and the honorific added on to her name, made her think about her other best friend, in another blond with blue eye, but this one was a boy. Hashirama reminded Sakura of Naruto. That was one of the reasons he was so easy to talk to. But, once again, Sakura had to wonder how much of her life was suppose to be secret, or just what was okay to say without ruining anything. The way Sakura sees it, simple first names and generic enough stories with little to no details on specific things about the future. Nothing too special about bitchy girls, right?

There was a long silence while Sakura was trapped in her thoughts and when she finally pulled herself out of them she looked up at Hashirama to see that he was looking at Tobirama and Madara, communicating with them with just his eyes. Sakura looks between them before bowing her head. Even if she can't understand their silent communication, it for some reason feels impolite just watching them as if she could.

"You're stubborn as a mule," Tobirama mutters, narrowing his eyes. "Do as you will."

Hashirama beams, pleased to have gotten his way. His eyes flicker over to the long dark haired Uchiha with big doe eyes. "Madara..."

The Uchiha clan leader turns away from all of them and looks out the window that was behind Hashirama when he sat at the other end of the table. The bright sunlight dies his hair a more gray-black color and adds a bit of a tan to his face that probably wouldn't be there otherwise. From the side facing Sakura was the one obscured by his long straight black hair. Sakura had to wonder how he could wear his dark blue Uchiha traditional garbs in this heat? She was already starting to sweat in her thin clothes.

"Fine," Madara finally says, turning back to look over at Hashirama with a large, pitch black eye, the other hidden behind the mop of long hair. Hashirama's face brightens but Madara holds up a hand to stop him before he can get too excited. "But if we want this village to become stronger, we need everyone to pull their own weight. We can't afford hand outs right now. If she can pull her hold her own, then fine, I see no reason to chase her away," he says slowly, looking down at Sakura with intense eyes that make her shift back slightly from where she's sitting.

Sakura must have had an oblivious look on her face because when Hashirama turns to look at her, smiling broadly, he explains, "So, we've talked it over" Tobirama scoffs at that but is ignored, "and we would like to know if you would like to come and live here? This village is going to be a new opportunity for everyone to get a fresh start. Would you like to be part of that?"

Sakura feels so flattered to be asked by the village founders, personally, to live here, in her future home. Sakura didn't know what to do. Was it smart to stay in the Hidden Leaf or was it smart to just leave and figure out how to go home somewhere else? Sakura wished she had some sort of clue as to what she's suppose to be doing here, but she was left just guessing as to what she had to do. Sakura had no idea if she was screwing anything up or not. Sakura wished that this came with clear instructions on what she had to do, what she could do and what she couldn't do.

"I would love to stay," Sakura says slowly, "but I don't want to be invited out of pity. I know I can help out around here, but if I'm going to do that, then... you have to be honest with me about whether I'm actually being helpful or not. And I'm being seriously," Sakura raises her chin and looks at Hashirama with determent eyes, "if you guys, at any point, think that I'm not useful anymore, then you have to let me know. I've been carried a good portion of my life without people saying much to me about it and I don't want it to be that way anymore. Tell me, okay?"

Hashirama nods. "Okay," he says with an appeasing tone, much to Sakura's chagrin.

"You promise?" Sakura says, narrowing her eyes at the long brown haired man. "You have to promise."

He holds up a hand and smiles. "Promise."

Sakura shyly glances over at the other two founders for a moment before lifting her chin again. "You two as well, Tobirama-sama, Madara-sama."

"Fine," Tobirama says simply.

"Very well," Madara says, black eye still intently staring at her.

Sakura nods, looking down at the edge of the table she ruined. "Um, sorry about the table."

Hashirama waves his hand in a dismissive gesture. "Don't worry about it, it can be fixed." He smiles kindly. Sakura wanted to argue but a glimpse passed Hashirama at Madara behind him, shaking his head slowly in warning made her complaint die half way up her throat.

"I don't think I can do anything today," Sakura says, getting down to business, looking away from Madara. "I still have to finish regaining my chakra and winding down from whatever was wrong with me, but I should let you know what I can do so first thing tomorrow, I can be put to work. I have extensive medical training. I know how to perform a multitudes of different surgeries both with chakra and without. I have high levels of taijutsu and can see through most low level to high level genjutsu. Very few ninjutsu that aren't medically based and I'm an adept at medical ninjutsu theory."

Hashirama's eyebrows quirk up and he nods, standing up and walking over to one of the book stands and picking up a scroll off of it and an ink and brush before walking back over to his original seat, sitting down with the length of one leg against the ground with the other knee propped up into the air. It's a strange, oddly boyish way of sitting, yet it seems to fit him just fine. He opens the scroll up and amongst the writing in it, he makes a few more marks, humming a tune to himself under his breath. He blows softly on the new marks, giving it a moment, before doing it again and tapping the drying ink with the tip of his finger before blowing on it again.

Once he seems satisfied that it's dry, he rolls up the scroll until he's got a new, clean area. He taps his chin for a moment with the wooden end of the brush, before making some more markings.

"What are you doing, Hashirama?" Madara finally asks after a few minutes of silence. Sakura was beginning to wonder that herself. Tobirama was looking passed Hashirama out the window that Madara was looking out earlier. It took Sakura a moment to realize that he was feeling out the world around them with his chakra, Sakura had forgotten that the Second Hokage was a very skilled sensor. It appeared as though he wasn't looking for anything in specific, just feeling out for dangers before pulling his chakra back and looking back over at Hashirama.

"Brother?" Tobirama says, when Hashirama didn't respond, moreso because he was lost in his thoughts rather than disrespect toward Madara.

"Had I said something strange?" Sakura asks, when still there was no response, Hashirama bent over the scroll now, scribbling down something intently, his hand not seeming to be able to write fast enough for whatever is flowing from his mind.

"Since he is in his own world," Madara says, turning away from Hashirama to look over at Sakura again. "What is your clan known for? I've never heard of such a clan."

Tobirama also looks over. "Nor have I. Where is your family from?"

"My family isn't originally from the Land of Fire, but I'm not part of a clan, I'm a second generation shinobi from a merchant family. I have no bloodlimit," Sakura says, shrugging her shoulders. "Sorry about that." She smiles at the odd looks on their faces, feeling slightly better now that she's out of her emotional slump for now.

"What does that mean, 'second generation'?" Tobirama asks.

"My parents became shinobi, the first of my family line and I followed in their footsteps," Sakura says. "In my village that was okay. The norm, really. Civilian children could train to become shinobi alongside clan-born children."

"Brilliant!" Hashirama says suddenly, making all three of them jump. The trio turn to glare at the eldest in the room.

"You're back," Tobirama says blandly, glaring at his elder brother just a little bit harder. "So, now what are you talking about?"

Hashirama smiles sheepishly, letting out a little laugh while rubbing the back of his head with his free hand. "Sorry about that. Sometimes inspiration just comes to me out of nowhere. Now, as for what you were saying, I would love to be able to implement that in our own village. Would you mind, Sakura?"

Sakura's eyes widen. "Implement...? You mean, you want to make it part of this villages..." It was so strange. This village was already going to allow children from civilian families become shinobi eventually, but for some reason, just sitting here, being asked if something that is already a reality to Sakura be put into her future is a little strange, and surreal. She knew she was here at the village's founding, but to be part of the planning... To be able to help create it's structure... it's even more strange and surreal.

And once again, Sakura hasn't a clue what she should do in this situation. Naturally, she was born in this village and this was a way of life, so it should be fine, right? They were going to let it happen anyway. So there shouldn't be much of an issue, right? They never covered in school when civilian children were allowed to enter the Academy, just that they could. Anyone could become a shinobi within a Hidden Village or outside of it. So long as someone is willing to train them, anyone can learn the ways of the ninja.

"Yes," Sakura says, finally deciding, wearily, hoping it wasn't a bad idea. "If you want to use that idea, you can. It's your village..."

Hashirama smiles kindly. "Sure, but it was in your village first, I didn't want to upset you."

Sakura's eyes widen. "Oh, I see..." she smiles. "That's okay. Thank you. If you want to do that, then you're more than welcome to." Even though none of them know it, it didn't mean that the idea didn't originally come from the Leaf so it should be fine. Sakura hopes.

Hashirama beams. "Oh, I'm so happy! Sakura, you'll have to tell me more about your village sometime, it may give me some good ideas. I mean, so long as you are okay with it."

Sakura nods. So long as they are things that were already implemented in Sakura's time, that she knows wasn't put into place during the Third's reign. But even then, there was no guarantee. Things like that ended up happening anyway, so even if they happen sooner shouldn't be bad, right? Man, Sakura really needs to get her hands on some space-time ninjutsu and read up on them.

"So what were you writing down, earlier?" Madara asks, only looking slightly annoyed.

Hashirama stares at him blankly for a moment, not seeming to understand what he was saying. Madara points down at the scroll with a blank look on his face. Hashirama looks down at the scroll, scanning it with his eyes before looking back up at Madara, "Oh, I was making a note to myself. I was finding the best place to put Sakura once she starts gets up tomorrow. There is still a lot of people that are hurt from the war on both sides. We can use as much help as we can get and if she has medical training, that's invaluable."

"I may not be able to do a lot, but I could help some of the more critical ones now," Sakura says standing up. "My chakra is stable and I feel well enough right now to help out."

"You just woke up," Hashirama says, holding up his hands. "And you just got over your fever."

"I know," Sakura says simply, "but I'm also a medical shinobi and I won't be able to sleep if I don't at least try and help. Come on, please?" She makes her eyes as large as she can. "You can have anyone supervise if your worried that I'm dangerous or something."

"No, that's not it," Hashirama says, waving his hands around. "I'm worried about you. There hasn't been a case of Uchiha fever in years. It was brought down from the north with the Uchiha family as they began their conquest. I can't believe you caught it somehow. You must have a really weak immune system to have caught that. You still have to rest."

"I will," Sakura says, standing up slowly, looking down at the brush in her hand for a moment, remembering her friends and wishing that they were all okay. She places the brush onto her waist line, holding it there with her obi. "But, I want to try and help. My chakra is fully restored so I can help a decent number of people. Since I'm going to be staying here, and I promised to help anyway, means I might as well start as soon as possible right? Lives depend on it." Sakura bows deeply. "Hashirama-sama, please allow me to help out now. I promise I won't push myself too hard today."

Hashirama blinks a few time before looking over at Tobirama, shrugging. "She's adamant. Brother, could you show her the way and watch over her? I've got-"

A knock at the door cuts him off. The door behind Sakura opens up a crack and a man's voice calls in, "Lord Hashirama, we need you as soon as you can step away."

"Understood, Keiga, I'll be out in a second, wait for me," Hashirama says.

"Undertstood, my lord," the man - Keiga - says in a low voice, almost as low as Madara's. The door slowly slides shut behind Sakura but she doesn't feel the presence behind it leave, as per Hashirama's orders.

"Awesome, let's go, then, Tobirama-sama, let's hurry up and see if we can help out," Sakura says looking over at the Second Hokage as she straightens up. He nods, standing up slowly, letting his bones crack back into place before heading for the door, past Sakura. "Thank you, Hashirama-sama." Sakura tips her chin toward Madara, respectfully. Just because they are enemies in the future, doesn't mean she has to break his back now... hopefully. She's probably never going to not be weary of him, but there is no way she's going to be dumb enough to try and make an issue out of it right now.

For the moment, Madara seems to be calm and not mass-murderous... or whatever he was in the future, and Sakura wasn't about to speed up the process of him becoming that way. So the best thing to do is probably stay out of his path and not reveal anything that could alter the future any more than it probably already has because of Sakura's lack of knowledge. Kami, Sakura hopes that whatever this is ends soon.

Sakura follows Tobirama out, waiting for him to slip his shoes on and step out of the way before she sits down and reaches down to grab her own shoes, but the building must not have been on even ground for this side is a good foot and a half up off the ground, Sakura must have been really out of it not to notice before. Someone picks up Sakura's shoes for her and holds them out for her to take. Sakura looks up to see an Uchiha with large pitch black eyes and short wild black hair, but there a sort of soft, somber look to his face.

"Ma'am," he says softly, avoiding eye contact.

Sakura takes her shoes, "thank you," she murmurs, slipping them on. She pauses when a pale hand is offered to her. Sakura takes it and lets him help her lower to the dirt peacefully. Very gentlemanly. "Thank you," she says again, smiling up at the Uchiha. He nods, closing his eyes and steps aside and bowing his head a bit to stand like a silent guardian next to the door, waiting obediently for Hashirama as ordered.

Sakura pats her clothes, making sure there is no damage to the fabric. The last thing Sakura would want is to ruin such a beautiful yukata that isn't even hers. Sakura's sure that Salma won't be too happy to hear that. Sakura feels tired, walking with Tobirama back through the small village toward the little clinic. For a moment, Sakura wonders if he's just going to put her back to bed and leave her, but then it became obvious. Of course the only logical place to take one's sick and injured would be the clinic, since they don't have a working hospital yet.

As they draw near, Tobirama deters slightly, going around the clinic with Sakura following obediently behind him. It's only when they get around to the back that she can see all of the medical tents put up and people, mostly women, running around from tent to tent trying to save as many people as possible. As soon as Sakura sees it, she knows this chaos won't save as many people. Sakura is surprised that she couldn't hear this chaos earlier and had to wonder if there was some sort of seal around the area to contain everything like disease and sound from the rest of the small village. Sakura didn't know.

Sakura gets to work immediately, pulling back her long sleeves, turning to Tobirama. "I'm off then. Thank you for leading me. Bye," Sakura says, walking toward the nearest tent without waiting for the Second to say anything. Thankfully, it was a medical supply tent. She steals some bandages and ties up her sleeves so they are out of the way and cleans her hands before grabbing some supplies and steps out of the ten and heads to the one directly across from it.

"Who are you?" an Uchiha woman asks, narrowing her eyes dangerously.

"Hashirama's orders," Tobirama says, right from over Sakura's shoulder. She jumps, glancing up at him quickly, wondering how long he was going to shadow her, but then decides that it doesn't matter right now. The young Uchiha boy laying on the boy was writhing in pain on the table, whimpering like a wounded dog was more important then her curiosity over her new shadow. Sakura easily slipped into her medical mode.

The Uchiha woman settles a bit, but still looks at Sakura wearily. "Very well, then. We could use the extra hands." Her eyes flicker down at Sakura's clothes. "You should change out of those first, they'll get messy quickly."

Sakura nods. "Okay, sure, I'll change and just come right back."

The woman arches an eyebrow. "Sure."

Sakura looks at her for a moment, not liking the bland look on her face. Sakura had become so used to people just nodding and thinking that Sakura could do just about anything that the skepticism on the woman's face was a little irking. Relax, Sakura, relax. They don't know how she is just yet, they'll see. But that's not what matters right now. Saving lives is.

Sakura follows the Uchiha woman and quickly changes into a black, sleeveless yukata and heads back in to see the boy. She makes her way over to the Uchiha. He's younger than Sakura, probably thirteen or fourteen. His normally pale Uchiha face is even paler and his face is twisted in a look of pain. He's in only pants and his stomach is discolored with internal bleeding.

When one of the women looked about to protest about Sakura just touching the boy, but Sakura simply says, "I'm a medical shinobi," and that shushed her fast. Sakura lays her hands onto his smooth, pale stomach. "Who is he?" Sakura asks, looking down at the whimpering boy.

"His name is Seito, he's fourteen years old. He's been bleeding internally but we don't know why. He just showed up this morning. He's been in too much pain to tell us anything," one of the woman says.

"Seito," Sakura says, leaning over the boy a bit. "Can you open your eyes, sweetie?"

His pale eyelids part a bit and two black orbs are revealed, looking weak and disoriented. "It hurts," he whimpers.

Sakura smiles kindly. "Did you fall?" He looks hesitant. "It's okay. You can tell me. I'm not going to be mad," Sakura says, sending chakra into the boy's body slowly.

"Yes, ma'am," he says softly.

"You did fall?" Sakura clairifies. He nods. "And you landed on your stomach?" Another nod. "And judging by the shape of the discolored skin, something long enough to give you a bruise across the stomach, like say, a tree branch?" She raises an eyebrow. The boy doesn't respond, but looks away. "No need to say anything, I think I've got enough."

Sakura feels the inside of the boy with her chakra. He's got a bruised rib and a broken one on the same side. It's nicked an organ, causing him to slowly bleed internally, but thankfully it's still early and can be fixed without any long term issues. As Sakura was healing the hurt organ, she had to wonder to herself how he could have hit a tree branch so hard to have literally broken a rib. She's sure there is more to the story, but she got what mattered.

Once the organ was healed, she sends soothing chakra to his bruised rib, ebbing down the pain a bit. Sakura pulls her chakra back and walks over to a neatly folded rag and picks it up, bringing it to her nose and sniffing it. The harsh smell of chemicals that have soaked into the rag is strong. Sakura puts it down and looks around.

"Is there anything he can bite down on?" Sakura asks, looking around the room at the people in it.

"Why?" the Uchiha woman asks, crossing her arms over her chest.

"He has a broken rib, I need to set it," Sakura says simply, staring at the woman, "and forgive me if I don't trust him not to bite his tongue off in pain."

"You can't set a rib," she says, giving Sakura the most bitchiest, snobbiest look Sakura has seen in a while.

Sakura narrows her eyes. "When I get something to stop him from biting his tongue, then I'll show you just how much I can set ribs. Now, do you want to keep arguing or can we get this boy some help?" The woman doesn't respond so Sakura looks around the tent. "Anything?"

Another woman grabs a rang from behind her and offers it to Sakura. "This is clean," she says, dark blue eyes wide.

Sakura takes it, nodding her thanks, before leaning over Seito's pale form. "Seito, I need you to listen to me, right now, okay?" The boy opens his eyes a bit more, since the pain has lessened.

"Yes, ma'am," Seito murmurs, blinking slowly.

"I need you to bite down on this. What you are about to feel is going to be sharp, but sudden and then it'll be done, do you understand? This is so you don't bite your tongue," Sakura says as calm as she can. Seito looks worried and even looses more color to him, if that was even possible, and opens his mouth to accept the rag. Sakura balls it up and puts it in his mouth. "Can you break alright? I mean, as much as you can with a broken rib."

Seito nods, breathing through his nose, eyes wide.

Sakura puts her hands over the rib, closing her eyes to concentrate. She can feel the people in the room shift closer to get a better look. If Sakura could remember correctly, only top ranking medical shinobi and someone like Hashirama was able to mend bones in this time period. But those were bones in the limbs. Arms and legs of the like. Bones in the torso are a lot more sensitive. There is a larger margin for error. Luckily, Sakura is actually really good at fixing bones. No matter where they are in the body.

"Are you ready, Seito?" Sakura whispers. He whimpers in affirmation, stomach muscles tightening a bit beneath her fingers. Sakura wraps her chakra around his broken rib, starting the mend the smaller pieces back together cleanly before snapping it back into place. There is a sickening cracking noise and Seito cries out in pain, muffled by the rag, throwing his head back a bit before falling back flat on the table, trembling.

Sakura opens her eyes and looks down at Seito, sending in soothing chakra to settle the pain receptors. The young boy has tears streaming out of the corners of his glassy eyes that he's bravely trying to force back, while staring up at Sakura. She reaches up and removes the rag and sets it down out of the way.

"How do you feel?" Sakura asks softly, wiping his tears away. "Better?"

He nods, blushing. "Thank you, ma'am." He clears his throat, trying to scrap a bit of his dignity off the table. Sakura rolls her eyes, not caring too much for the macho Uchiha attitude.

"You'll be a little sore for a few days so no strenuous exercising for about a week, understood?" Sakura asks, narrowing her eyes a bit.

Seito frowns, looking away. "Yes, ma'am."

Sakura doesn't believe him one bit. Sakura smiles cruelly, reaching out and pinching both sides of Seito's cheeks and pulling them out, glaring. "Now listen to me now, you little Uchiha bastard. If you dare disobey me, I will hunt you down and break all of your ribs. There is a man in this village that can save your lily white ass from my wrath, you hear?" Sakura snarls, getting up close to the young boy. "Is there any part of what I said that's unclear?"

Seito shirks back, looking like he wants to sink into the table and out of existence, shaking his head briskly. Anyway to get as far away from Sakura as possible. Sakura looks him in the eye for a moment, debating on whether to believe him or not, but once she sensed he was afraid enough of her to not disobey, she released him and turned around.

"Excellent, I'm ready to move on now," Sakura says to no one in particular before heading out of the tent.

Sakura moved from tent to tent over the next couple hours, helping out everyone she could get her hands on, easily sending them all on their way. She heals the range of injuries from broken bones to internal bleeding, but alas, after a few short hours, Sakura couldn't continue any longer and had to head back to her room. About twenty minutes into it, Sakura forgot about Tobirama's careful eye and just took the role that came naturally to her.

People were fighting her at first, challenging her leadership, but when she started getting results right away, they fell into line and started listening right away. It probably didn't hurt that Tobirama was her shadow. Sakura had to wonder if the Second had anything more important to do instead of just following Sakura around, which she knows was an order from Hashirama, but still.

"This is where we separate," Tobirama says when Sakura sat down to take her shoes off outside her door. "I will see you tomorrow, then."

"Uh, thanks..." Sakura says, looking up in time to see the white haired man turn and walk away. Sakura blinks rapidly in confusion at his curtness.

Tobirama makes it a few feet away before stopping, turning his head slightly, offering Sakura his masculine, profile. Strong nose and chin, narrow eyes and broad jaw. His right red eye hones in on her, making her suddenly feel a little breathless at the intensity of his gaze. "Good work today," he says curtly, before turning and walking off without another word. Sakura watches him go until he's disappeared through the trees.

Sakura takes her shoes off, running a hand through her hair, pushing it back a bit and letting out a sigh before standing up and heading into her room to get some much needed rest before tomorrow comes. While she was still doing pretty good chakra-wise, her body could no longer stay away after too many days of restless sleep, and shut down right as her head touched her pillow.

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