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Tobirama walked her back toward her large camp outside of what would hopefully one day be Konoha. They walk through the forest in silence, listening to the noise of the forest, because of the camp and the village so close, the forest is quiet, ninja from both sides are patrolling around in the darkness and the forest is hiding from them, not used to the interference.

They walk in silence, letting the sounds of the twigs snapping beneath their feet, their own breathing and the whispers of their clothes surround them. It was peaceful setting around them despite the undertone.

Sakura still doesn't know how she is suppose to react. What she's suppose to do. She wants to go back to her family and see her parents. She wants to go back to her Konoha and be with all of those that she loves, but the more she thinks about it, the more she's starting to realize that no everyone she loves is back in the place she was born and raised. Konoha will always be her home, and will always be a place that she was strive for, but there is other people in this world that she holds very dear too. The founders, Salma and Aya, being some of them.

She's not sure, even if the option was open to them, that she would be able to return to her Konoha without any regrets. She would definitely miss everyone she met here. But that's a moot point, seeing as they are never going to get to return back to the Konoha most of them grew up in ever again because of those bastards that killed her parents.

Sakura's hands curl into fists as a spike of anger courses through her, but it easily vanishes. She's too tired right now to hold onto this anger. At least for now. She's just got to relax a bit and try and cope.

Sakura closes her eyes and lets out a slow, long winded sigh. She can feel Tobirama's eyes on her, but as respectful as always, he doesn't pry. Not anymore. He's probably as emotionally drained as he is. Sakura's used to be overly emotional while Tobirama's used to be overly stoic. They both let a lot of emotions today, more than they were used it. Sakura's sure both of them could do with a bit of seclusion for now.

As they draw near, Sakura stops, spotting Ino standing a few feet away, her hands curled into nervous fists at her side. Ino's single, visible eye locked with Sakura and the pink haired girl knew that her long time best friend had been out there for a long time, trying to gain the courage to go and see her. Ino probably feels partly responsible for Sakura's parents death. She should have done something to protect them, something to save them. She should have told Sakura the moment that they saw each other again. So many different things, Sakura knew, was eating her best friend alive, and in that moment, it made Sakura feel better.

Because now she can focus on something else, at least for a moment.

Sakura opens her arms and walks toward her tall friend. Ino's pretty face twists in sadness and she runs into Sakura's arms and they hold one another close.

"I'm sorry, Sakura," Ino whispers, wrapping her arms tightly around the slightly smaller girl. "I'm so very sorry."

Sakura didn't want to thank her, even though that was probably the right thing to say. She didn't want to say that she understood when deep in her heart, she didn't. She didn't understand why it had to be her parents. Why it had to be anyone. Why it had to be Konoha. But she did know one thing without a shadow of a doubt. She was glad that Ino was there. She was glad that the tall blond was alive and well. No matter how much pain she felt for the death of her parents and many others that she knew and cared for, she's glad that Ino was there with her now.

"I love you, Ino," Sakura whispers into her best friend's ear. The blue eyed girl freezes for a moment before squeezing Sakura so tightly it was hard to breath, but she didn't want it to stop. She just wanted to feel something other than the deep rooted pain in her soul.

"I love you too, Sakura," Ino whispers back. Sakura squeezes back as tightly as she dared. She's not sure how long they stood there, but when Sakura finally pulls back from her best friend, she looks over her shoulder to wish Tobirama a good night, but he's already gone.

It was late into the afternoon the next day when Sakura was approached by Kakashi. She was out in the forest, sitting on the fallen over tree that she and Madara sat on what felt like years before when she had punched Kana in the face. It wasn't that far away from where her people settled, so she was surprised to find it. She has been there since earlier that morning, just thinking. Mostly about her parents. She dreamt about her parents. Just a menial day with them. Something that she's done a thousand times before but when she woke up, she felt like she had no energy.

"Hey Sakura," Kakashi says, pulling Sakura out of her thoughts.

"Sensei," Sakura says, looking up at the gray haired man. He's got his hands stuffed into his pockets and he was leaning against a nearby tree trunk, staring back at her lazily, living true to his image.

"How are you doing, Sakura?" Kakashi asks, blinking slowly.

Sakura stares at his scar for a moment, not used to seeing it out in the open without the sharingan. She blinks a few times before looking into his eyes, not having the strength to try and force a smile she knew he wouldn't care for.

"I'm tired," she says softly, running a hand through her short pink hair. "I miss my parents. I'm... still trying to process this, I guess."

Kakashi nods slowly. "I understand." And she didn't doubt that one bit. If anyone could understand, it would be Kakashi.

There is a moment of silence, while the two listen to the soft sounds of the forest around them. Sakura's legs slightly dangle from over the trunk of the tree still, letting her swing them back and forth a bit.

"What's on the agenda today?" Sakura asks, trying to find something to say. It's not like the silence was uncomfortable, but still unusual for her. While the connection to her sensei she felt earlier is still there, she's not sure how to otherwise go about it.

"Lady Tsunade, myself and our top clan leaders are going to have a meeting with the Founders and their clan leaders in a few hours to discuss our next coarse of action," Kakashi says smoothly, removing one of his hands from his pocket and rubs the back of his head in a very Kakashi-like action. "I have been mustering up the gall to ask you if you could do something for me. Well, more of us, than anything."

"Okay," Sakura says, nodding. "Go ahead."

Kakashi looks at her with a touch of fondness in his dark eyes. "I know these last few hours have been especially painful for you, Sakura, and I hate to start asking favors of you so soon afterword, but I wonder if maybe it'll help you a bit to focus on something else."

Sakura nods again. "Maybe. What do you want to ask?"

"If you would come with us," Kakashi says easily. "I've been thinking that we would need a party that would want the best for both parties to bridge the gape without a lot of flowery falsities."

Sakura rolls her shoulders back. "Sure, sensei. I'd be happy to be there. I'm sure it would make the Founders feel a bit better to. We're... friends." Kakashi smiles a bit, she can tell by the crinkles around his eyes.

"I'm not surprised." Sakura blushes a bit at his words. That's more of a Naruto expectation than a Sakura one, but she's happy that he said it regardless.

Something struck Sakura a bit odd, suddenly. "Sensei, may I ask you a question?"

Kakashi shrugs. "Shoot."

"And don't take this the wrong way," Sakura says slowly. Kakashi nods for her to continue. "But why are you going to be there, sensei? I understand Lady Tsunade and the clan leaders, and myself a bit, but why you?"

Kakashi blinks once, twice, three times. "Well..."

"It's a pleasure to finally meet you," Kakashi says, bowing low at the waist before the Uchiha and Senju brothers, the Yamanaka, Akimichi and Sarutobi clan leaders respectfully. "My name is Kakashi Hatake and I am the Sixth Hokage of Konohagakure no Sato." He straightens up and gives them a little wave of the hand.

Sakura shook her head at his left side, still unable to believe it herself. After they returned home after the Fourth Great Ninja War, Tsunade thought that it was time for her to finally step down and she put forward her successor, who was Kakashi. The people of Konoha had no problem fervently agreeing to have him as Hokage, and it wasn't long afterword that the transition started happening and Kakashi took office and Tsunade became the elder, to offer him her advice seeing as the three other Elders had died.

Sakura can't believe, of all the things to forget, she forgot that her own sensei had become the Hokage.

"I am Tsunade Senju, Fifth Hokage of Konohagakure no Sato and current advisor to the Sixth," Tsunade says.

"I am Ino Yamanaka, leader of the Yamanaka Clan," Ino says, nodding her head slowly, single blue eye flickering over to her grandfather, before returning to the Founders.

"I am Shikamaru Nara, leader of the Nara Clan," Shikamaru says, hands stuffed deep into his pockets, blinking lazily.

"I am Tsume Inuzuka, leader of the Inuzuka Clan," Tsume says, reaching down to pet the top of her dog's head. He sits obediently at her side, one eye covered by a black eye patch.

"I am Shibi Aburame, leader of the Aburame Clan," Shibi says, nodding his head respectfully.

"I am Hinata Hyuuga, stand-in leader and current heiress to the Hyuuga Clan," Hinata says, bowing lowly.

"I am Choza Akimichi, leader of the Akimichi clan," Choza says, smiling kindly.

"I am Konohamaru Sarutobi, stand-in clan leader to the Sarutobi Clan," Konohamaru says, a fourteen year old Konohamru looking around at the adults with narrowed eyes, challenging them to question his right to be there. He wasn't the heir, Kurenai's young daughter was, as she was the child of Asuma, the eldest son of the Third Hokage.

"There are more clans," Tsunade says, "such as the Uzumaki and the Uchiha, but the only two living members of those families have not yet rejoined the group so they will not be present today.

"And lastly, I am Sakura Haruno," Sakura says, waving her hand around a bit. "I am no clan leader, but I am the apprentice of the Fifth Hokage, student of the Sixth and have spent the better part of the last few months here and both believed it would ease this along by my presence."

"I am happy that you're here, Sakura-chan," Hashirama says, smiling kindly down at her, looking so much better than he has since he started getting sick. Sakura smiles back at him, lightly, her eyes flickering over to Tobirama to see him staring at her. She wiggles her fingers a bit at him. Tobirama doesn't outwardly react other than a very subtle nod.

"Thank you, Hashirama-sama. I'm glad that I was able to be here," she says.

Hashirama opens his mouth, as if wanting to say more, before deciding that now was not the time and letting it go.

"I am Hashirama Senju, leader of the Senju Clan," he says instead.

"Tobirama Senju, heir to the Senju Clan," Tobirama says, arms crossed over his chest as he looks around the room almost primarily mistrusting, but when his eyes settle on Sakura, they soften slightly.

"I am Madara Uchiha, leader of the Uchiha Clan," Madara says, shifting a bit to Hashirama's right.

Izuna waves his hand a bit, drawing the eyes to him. "I am Izuna Uchiha, heir to the Uchiha clan."

"Inojo Yamanaka, leader of the Yamanaka Clan," the tall blond man says, casting a slow glance Ino's way, seizing her up with his blue eyes. Completely identical ones in the girl stare back at him unflinchingly.

"Sasuke Sarutobi, leader of the Sarutobi Clan," the Sarutobi clan leader says, staring at Konohamaru curiously. That's right, he's the father of the Third Hokage. He's Sasuke's namesake. Looking at him, he kind of looks like the Third Hokage, in his younger years. Sakura remembers, well actually, a picture that Tsunade showed her of the Sannin as young students with their young sensei grinning broadly at the camera. Sasuke Sarutobi and young Hiruzen are very similar in appearance that Sakura's surprised she didn't make the immediate connection to it. He also had the three lines coming out of his eyes, but he didn't have nearly as many freckles on his face that the Third did.

Konohamaru's challenging glare falls away as his dark brown eyes settle on those completely similar in his genetic great grandfather.

"Chojishiro Akimichi, leader of the Akimichi clan," the Akimichi clan leader says, smiling at Choza, who smiles back, like they have been long time friends rather than having just met. But, then again, the Akimichi have been known for being pretty relaxed. Sakura shouldn't be so surprised. But it is still kind of interesting, to be honest.

"It's a pleasure to make your acquaintance," Kakashi says easily. While the rest of those in the room look a little bit... well, - starstruck on Sakura's side, because of ancestors and legendary founders, and in awe at descendance and the understanding of there being alternate universes - like they weren't sure what to think, really while Kakashi seemed completely relaxed, as well as Tsunade, and Sakura too, but she was the only one of them that really had a good reason for it. She has been living with them for months and already sees them for real people rather than just legends. But still, it's such a Kakashi-like vibe that it's a little forlorn in a way. She misses home more than anything at that moment.

And her parents.

Sakura smiles faintly at them, as the discussion get on. They don't so much explain what happened to Konoha, no more than she already knew, a genjutsu was put up around the village, they were attacked simultaneously, and they had very little time to organize and flee. Kakashi explains a bit more about Naruto and Sasuke's ability, using Sasuke's Rinnegan and Naruto's connection with Kurama, but most of the explanation went right over her head. All she really needed to understand was that Naruto and Sasuke are still growing more and more powerful while Sakura is once again caught up on something.

Her parents and her village is a very big something, but where Naruto would be able to use this to make him stronger, Sakura can feel it anchoring her. Sakura knows she's not Naruto - and knowing how hard his life was, she wouldn't be confident in saying that she wished she was him - but sometimes she wishes she was more like him and less like herself.

In Sakura's heart she knows that her parents wouldn't want her to hold herself back or let what's going with them stop her from living her life. Sakura has always sort of been at odds with her mother for a great portion of her life. Her mother is - uh, was - a very strong personality and wanted things her way and none other because that's just how she was. Her mother always wanted her to be pretty and delicate and perfect wife material, but Sakura was in the wrong profession to be living in that sort of mindset and so with an overbearing mother and a very head strong Master, it was impossible for Sakura to be feeble minded or weak willed, she had to be strong both physically and mentally.

Still, the thought of her parents and destroyed village leaves a displeasing, sour taste in her mouth that she can't seem to ignore. It's like a nagging thought in the back of her head that keeps poking and prodding even though she's trying to forget it. A pain in her gut that constantly reminds her of what she lost.

Sakura wants to continue wallowing in her self pity - she really does - but she knows that she has to at least pretend like she's moving on, until the time comes when she finally does. She doesn't want to be the center of attention, she's not built for the limelight. Naruto is, though. He was made to be the center of attention. Sakura learned long ago that his life was meant to be the ones talked about in the history books, not hers.

"I understand," Hashirama says slowly, his voice pulling Sakura from her thoughts. She blinks back into the meeting room and stares down the long wooden table to the Senju clan leader sitting peacefully at the far side, dark eyes lowered a bit. "But I'm still a bit worried."

"We can understand that," Kakashi says easily, staring at the oldest Founder. "Don't think that we aren't sympathetic. It's not going to be an easy transition nor will it be a seamless one, but it's something that we can do together. We had to build everything from the ground up too. We will have to do it again, regardless, but it's logical that we would be able to help one another."

"I get it," Hashirama says. "But you understand where we are coming from, right? So many strangers, so many questions and a whole lot of unknowns and I just want to make sure that I'm making the right choice." He looks over at Madara, then Izuna, then to his other side to look at Tobirama. They all exchange looks for a moment before he looks back over at Kakashi. "I know that there is a peaceful, and even mutually beneficial, outcome for both of us, but I'm not sure if I even know where to start looking."

A moment of silence settles over the group. Finally, for the first time, Sakura believes, Shikamaru speaks, "I am on Lord First's side." It was such an odd thing to say, but it was without a doubt a Shikamaru thing to say.

"That's nice," Ino says sourly. "Mind explaining?"

Shikamaru shrugs, reaching up and scratching the back of his head. "It makes sense. Being outside of their village, where we are separate and they can keep an eye on us is one thing, interlacing the two sides is another thing. I know that wasn't part of his primary argument, but it's not just their family, but the structure of the government as they have been forging it that will already be in question. And may even need to be altered depending on which way this all turns out."

Ino frowns at the brown haired boy next to her. "I don't think I understand."

"I think I do," Hinata says softly, glancing over at the boy across from her shyly. "You are talking about the council of clan leaders, aren't you?"

Shikamaru nods to Hinata before turning to Ino. "If we integrated with them, we would have doubles of clans representing, for one fact. Two Yamanaka clan leaders, Akimichi, even Sarutobi." Shikamaru shakes his head. "How is that going to work out?"

"It's not impossible to figure out," Choza says easily. "Life, even politics, is all about give and take." He lets out a little sigh. "I know where you're coming from, though, and it's not the same thing that was originally promised when they joined."

"Essentially certain clans would have two votes whereas the rest would only have one," Tsume says, shaking her head.

"Why would only some clans?" Izuna asks. "Why wouldn't it be all?"

Tsume turns slitted brown eyes toward the Uchiha heir. "Some of the clans that joined the alliance are gone, wiped out in either the assault on Konoha or from other causes. There is only one Uchiha left and without more than ten people with the Sharingan, technically Sasuke can't represent the Uchiha from our time until he has children, nine of them, or at least nine other members with the Sharingan. But after Lady Tsunade is gone, the Senju bloodline of our time goes with her."

"Tsume!" Choza says, dark eyes wide. Even Sakura couldn't believe the Inuzuka's callous words. Hinata gasps softly, looking up at the woman next to her while everyone else just stares in varying degrees of surprise. Kakashi runs a hand through his head, probably wishing they had forgotten to let the Inuzuka know to show up for this meeting.

The room falls silent once more. Tsunade, who was sitting next to Kakashi on the upper half of the table, is completely unfazed by Tsume's words, her eyes closed peacefully. She knew this was the fate of her bloodline, long before today and had already made peace with it. Sakura's not sure how her master was able to do that, Sakura is still reeling from losing her parents, she can't imagine having parents, cousins, uncles, aunts, losing it all and accepting that her entire bloodline is going to die with her. She's not going to have kids to try and keep the bloodline alive. She's made peace with that, somehow.

The Founders and their fellow clan leaders look in complete shock, going into this, none of them could have guessed that one of the founding clans would be wiped out within the next few years and how dangerously close the other one is. It's got to be a real shocker to them. Sakura can't blame them for it. Sakura can't even believe it. She remembers when she first got to this timeline, she was in awe walking around with so many Uchiha and Senju, she can understand their confusion at having the opposite happening; walking around and not seeing any. It was all Sakura knew, but she can only imagine how they would feel.

"There is a way to get around this," Tsunade says, voice even. "We just have to think about it."

More silence.

"Shikamaru," Kakashi says, looking down the row of people to the Commander of the Shinobi. "When you were explaining about the clan numbers, you said firstly. Does that mean you foresee something else as being a problem?"

Shikamaru shrugs his shoulders. "Maybe. Maybe not. I don't want to straight out assume certain issues if they aren't going to be ones. I just want to put all the cards on the table so that we can look at this all whether it be as separate issues or as similar ones. Positions like Lady Tsunade, yourself Lord Hokage, and even Sakura's doesn't exist, at least not yet, and even when it does eventually it won't have a First through Fourth Hokage to be able to fill the gaps just yet."

"I understand," Kakashi says. "We can't be the Fifth and Sixth Hokage, because someone has to be the First Hokage, before that."

"I have a question," Sakura says, raising her hand a bit. All eyes turn to her. "Shikamaru, you said my position. I don't have a position on this Council, or the one back home."

Shikamaru stares at her, blinking slowly. "Right..."

"You do have a position back home, Sakura," Kakashi says. "You are a Sannin and an advisor for me. I trust your judgment and that of Naruto and Sasuke."

Sakura blinks in surprise, wondering if that decision was what brought her and her sensei closer together, the fact that he believed in her and trusted what she had to say. She's sure it's at least part of it. "Oh, I... I didn't remember that."

"It's okay, Sakura," Hinata says softly, offering a small, kind smile.

"Well," Sakura says slowly, trying to push her mind past the Sannin and Advisor part of the conversation to the part that matters, "we could still have a council, it may make things more complicated but would give us the freedom that was originally promised to us as people when we all became part of this village."

"I'm happy to hear your suggestion," Hashirama says softly, offering her a kind smile too. Sakura couldn't help but smile a bit back.

"It could be like the council we had back home," Sakura spares a glance over at Kakashi, before her eyes returned to Hashirama. "We had two sections of the council back in our timeline. One for shinobi, made up of Clan Leaders and other specific positions, and one made for civilians. But instead of the civilian side, make it from our Konoha. Two Councils, still loyal to a single leader. Kakashi, as our Hokage, is the speaker for us in private meetings with First Hokage, whomever that may be, while which ever of the two Founding clans choose for their representative for private meetings with the Hokage."

"Like Elders," Ino says. "Oh! So if one from the Uchiha or Senju clans becomes Hokage then the other could be the representative."

"Or, more like an Elder than just in similar job title," Shikamaru says. "The representative is the Elder, that way it's not so one sided." He shrugs his shoulders. "It's fair enough while still being in your favor," he says to Hashirama.

"Shikamaru," Kakashi says flatly.

"I apologize, my lord," Shikamaru says submissively.

"No," Hashirama says, glancing over at Madara, who nods a bit, "we want this to be fair to everyone..."

"Without any trust, it'll make you feel better knowing that the tables are a little bit more in your favor," Shikamaru says. "You don't know us, and our sheer numbers block out your own, it's not wrong to be weary and don't let my apathetic expression tell you otherwise. It's smart to be weary, and afraid, but we are no threat to you, and that's a fact."

"It's understandable," Madara says, finally speaking for the first time. Sakura sees all of her friends' eyes slide over to the dark haired man. There is a bit of weariness in their expressions, but they keep it clean, professional, without a hint of their true worry. He wasn't the man they knew. They caught on collectively, faster than Sakura did. It's hard to stare into the eyes of the person they once called an enemy and think of them as an ally without a shadow of a doubt. It's just a little weird.

"What is, brother?" Izuna asks, looking at his older sibling.

"I'm just saying that it does make more sense for them to be appeasing to us because not only do they completely out number us, but also possess skills that we don't know and would be hesitant to allow them around my clan, not because I believe they are bad people but because I don't know them. I don't trust people I don't know," Madara says, pushing the fringe in his eye away a bit before it falls back into place.

"I think we can all agree to that," Tobirama says slowly, blinking his narrow red eyes. "In our lifestyle, trust isn't a luxury that we can just give out whenever we want to."

"And no one is suggesting that anyone does that," Tsunade says. "It's all about moving forward at our own pace. We don't need to speed this up for anyone." There is murmuring of agreement across the room, everyone can appreciate the openness of that. The fact that they are all on the same page in most cases, is relieving to everyone. The last thing either side wants is some form of conflict with the other.

"I understand where your hesitance and worry comes from," Sakura says softly, reaching up and pushing some of her fringe away from her face. "No one wants a bad deal and no one wants to put those that they love in danger, but Shikamaru is right, while we might be strangers to you guys, a lot of people you don't know and don't trust, to us, you are our founders. You are the ones that made us possible. The clan leaders, myself and my Kage are all a bit desensitized by your presence simply because most of us saw you in the war or have good enough poker faces. But if you could see the way we see you, you wouldn't be so worried anymore," Sakura says softly, shaking her head.

Yet another silence falls over the crowd as everyone is lost to their thoughts. No one knowing how to really move this conversation forward. Sakura could feel the itching pain in her chest as her mind is allowed to wonder back to her parents, when the answer comes to her. So suddenly and so forceful, she gasped without realizing that she did. All eyes turn toward her once more.

Sakura's green eyes raise up to Hashirama to see that, yes, he was willing to do anything to make this work. He wanted people to be happy. At the very core of his being he was someone who simply wanted others to be happy and be safe. He was the best kind of person. With that reassurance in his eyes, Sakura knew that she had to throw her idea out there, especially since everyone was looking at her now.

"Maybe you can," Sakura says.

"Can what?" Tobirama asks.

Sakura's eyes turn to his, locking onto them. She gave him a moment to really look into her eyes, so that everything laid bare before them. She was the exact same person that they met a few months ago. She never pretended to be someone she wasn't. She was too set in her ways for that. Or at least for it to actually work. She was the same person that they called friend. The same person who helped Izuna and saved Hashirama. She wasn't any different now that more of her people were there with her.

Tobirama must have seen that, or at least she hopes he did, because she turns her eyes back to Hashirama and says, surly, "Maybe you can see the way that we see you. Come and see our people, all of them, and see for yourself. Make your decision based on what you see, not our word for it."

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