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And She Felt

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Word Count: 5,480

So many different thoughts and feeling swirled around in Sakura's head at that moment. All she could do was stare at the beautiful face of her Master, finally seeing the lines on her skin that she didn't originally notice when she first saw her. Not a lot, and not very noticeable, but they were there. She looked a bit older than Sakura could recall, and when her eyes dragged over to Sai, she realized that he was a bit different too. His hair was longer, but that's it.

Back to Tsuande, Sakura couldn't help the overwhelming love and happiness that swelled up in her gut at the sight of the blond haired woman. Her mentor and someone that she trusted more than most others in the world.

"Why are you here?" Sakura asks, green eyes wide. "Master, what's going on?"

"You remembered your mission," Tsunade says instead, crossing her arms under her chest, pushing up her healthy bodice. "I'm proud of you, Sakura. With all of the memory loss happening amongst the ranks, I was worried about you."

"Yes, my mission is to protect Hashirama-sama," Sakura says slowly, stepping closer to Tsunade. "But why? I'm not stronger than he is. Plus he's got Tobirama-sama, Madara-sama and even Izuna-sama here with him. Why would he need someone like me?"

Tsunade smiles. "You're right. In terms of fire power, those men have you beat, in some ways. But I'm not talking about physical brute strength. If I wanted a powerhouse with them, I'd have sent Naruto or Lee. No, I wanted you for the one thing that you could offer the Founders that that two could not."

"My... killer sense of humor?" Sakura asks blankly, not sure where she was going with this. Tsunade's smile is razor sharp, obviously not appreciative of the joke. Sakura smiles sheepishly back, feeling a little bit better when she heard Izuna snort behind her. Tsunade may not have appreciated it, but at least someone had. "Uh, just kidding."

Tsunade considers something for a moment before casting a glance over at Sai, who pulls his dark eyes over to her for a second before shrugging and returning his gaze to the person directly in front of him - Tobirama.

"Shikamaru told me that you had to return to the village because there was an incident here, right?" Tsunade says, turning her large brown eyes back over to Sakura and quirking a single, perfectly manicured eyebrow.

Sakura stares at her for a moment, green eyes locked onto Tsunade's own dark brown, trying to understand what the woman was trying to get at when it suddenly hit Sakura like a ton of bricks. Her eyes widen in a mixture of realization, horror and worry. "Wait, are you saying that the reason that Hashirama-sama collapsed was because of the people who attacked home?"

Tsunade shrugs her shoulders. "I'm not certain. At least not at this moment. I don't know what happened. Do I believe they would have begun moving this suddenly? I'm not sure. But they will be coming here one way or another. Whether it be for us," Tsunade says slowly, before nodding to the men behind Sakura, "or them. Either way, they will come."

Sakura, having completely forgot that she wasn't alone, turns to look over at Hashirama, Madara, Izuna, Tobirama and the other Uchiha with wide eyes. "I... I am sorry! This must not be making any sense to any of you."

Hashirama looks between Sakura, Sai and Tsunade, mouth opening and closing, as if trying to understand something. Izuna and Tobirama stare on, mistrustfully, not knowing what to say or to think. Madara, on the other hand, is staring directly at Tsunade.

"You're a Senju?" He asks slowly.

Tsunade nods. "Yes. Genetically," she looks over at Hashirama, "I am his granddaughter." The four founders stare at her with wide eyes.

Sakura whips around to stare at her master. "My Lady! Do you know what you are saying?"

Tsunade nods. "Yes, Sakura, I do." She looks over at the four founders. "I am genetically your granddaughter, Hashirama-sama, but I am not your granddaughter. As far as I can tell, you have not married yet, therefore have not bore my father, uncle and aunt. So, I am not your grandchild, but I am related to you by blood."

"My Lady!" Sakura says sharply, green eyes wide. "What are you doing?" What was she saying? Didn't she know that she was going to ruin everything? Why in the world would she say any of that? Konoha would never be the same at this point, right? Isn't that how messing up the past works for the future? You screw it up too much and eventually the place you left behind no longer exists?

Shouldn't Tsunade know this? What was she thinking?

"I know what I'm saying," Tsunade says simply, "but this isn't like a regular time travel story of legends or things in story books, Sakura. I was never meant to be born here anyway."

All the protests die on Sakura's lips. She stares at her master with slack jaw for a moment before mustering up the strength to croak, "What?"

"Something very vital is missing here, isn't it?" Tsunade says, doing a gesture toward where the one time Leaf Village is with a sweeping gesture. "Think, Sakura. Where is the Uzumaki?"

Sakura blinks a few times, a horrible tickle at the back of her mind distracts her. The Uzumaki? They... they did help fund the construction of the Hidden Leaf. Yes, she remembered learning about that. How could she have forgotten about them? They were one of Konoha's biggest allies until they were destroyed a little over forty years ago - for Sakura. It wouldn't have happened yet.

She looks over at Hashirama. "The Uzumaki..? Where...?"

Hashirama frowns. "The Uzumaki? They are the cousin clan of the Senju, Sakura-chan. I can't believe you know about them. As..." he glances over to Tsunade and Sai for a moment before looking back at Sakura, "As for where they are... they were wiped out by the Uchiha many years before I was even born."

Sakura's jaw drops. "What? How..? How is that even possible?" She looks back over at Tsunade, not sure she understands. "What is going on, my lady?"

Tsunade closes her eyes for a moment, collecting her thoughts before saying, quietly, "Our home is gone, Sakura. We were unable to protect it from those people that attacked us. In order to survive, we had to come here. In the act of doing so, we all got scattered across this timeline, though thankfully it's been within months of each other, maybe even a few years, but that has yet to be seen." A moment of hesitation, and then, "This isn't our past, Sakura, this is an entirely different timeline."

Sakura shakes her head slowly. "I... don't understand..."

"It was by chance that we were able to find this timeline," Tsunade says. "Naruto and Sasuke were searching other timelines and this was the one that they found that was the closest to our own. It was by chance that they returned in time to save us from the slaughter."

"And we were getting slaughtered," Sai says. "We didn't see them coming, Sakura." He turns black eyes toward her. "The only thing we could do was run." His hand curls into an angry set of fists. "It is... logical, anyway."

Sakura frowns at that. "Why was Naruto and Sasuke looking through different timelines?" She wraps her arms around herself. "What's the point?"

Tsunade shakes her head. "That doesn't matter right now. It's not the pressing issue. Right now, we have something else we as a group have to focus on, and that is where we are going to go."

Sakura blinks a few times. "Where?" It was absurd. As soon as she thought about it, she knew that what Tsunade said was true. Even though Konoha was their home, this wasn't Konoha. And now that she knows this isn't even her past, she isn't even sure what she has been freaking out over for the last few months. She couldn't ruin a future that probably won't come to be anyway.

Now Sakura felt like a complete idiot. It was like no matter what she did and said, a part of her always had to be aware that whatever she did could somehow affect her future, her home. To suddenly learn that it was all for nothing? It was a bit jarring. What she did here had no affect on her home because it wasn't connected to it, like Sakura thought it was. When Tsunade told Hashirama-sama that she was genetically his granddaughter, it affected little, if anything at all, because he wasn't her literal grandfather. Merely a version of him from a different timeline.

But that also means that Sakura can never go home.

Konoha was gone.

"What are we going to do now, then?" Sakura asks softly. Her shoulders slump a bit. The fact of the matter stays the same. They were all homeless now.

"You can stay with us," Hashirama says, surprising Sakura. She turns to look at the long brown haired clan leader with wide green eyes.

Hashirama offers a little smile. "You all need a home, right? Well, we need, and want, allies. It's not so bad. We can treat it as any other alliance. We can all be part of the village together." He smiles kindly.

Tsunade stares at the man for a moment, a small, tender smile crossing her lips. "We would greatly appreciate that," she says softly. "But I fear you would be bring more people onto your plate than perhaps you are thinking. We aren't a simple clan of a couple hundred, our numbers are in the thousands." Tsunade says simply, crossing her arms under her voluptuous bosom. "I'm aware that supplies are limited here and that would be an unexpected strain on your supplies and while I'm sure we would be able to sustain ourselves I'm not going to lie. We will outnumber you and the clans you have on your side," Tsunade says, staring deep into Hashirama's eyes.

"Hashirama," Tobirama says, speaking up for the first time. Hashirama glances over at him. "Don't be rash," Tobirama warns.

"You don't understand," Sakura says quickly, turning to look at Tobirama and Hashirama. "Tobirama-sama, I understand your hesitation and your worry, trust me, it's not unreasonable, but you have to understand something from our side," Sakura says, waiting for his red eyes to finally slide over to her, mixed feelings swimming in those depths. "Hashirama-sama founded our village, as you are now aware. Our people, even during my time... we revere him as a god."

That gets quite a few shocked looks.

"Hashirama?" Madara gasps, blinking slowly as if he wasn't sure he heard her right. "A god?"

"Not a literal god," Sakura says, quickly backtracking a bit. "His power, his legend. As much as could be managed survived even in my time. He founded our village, then founded the unification of the clans and made the world that we now live in. His stories... they aren't as exaggerated as I once thought. You, Madara-sama, Izuna-sama and Hashirama-sama are men that aren't easily matched in our eyes. To you, we are strangers," Sakura says slowly, daring to take a step closer to the mistrusting man, thankful that he didn't take a step back or warn her not to move. "But to us, you are family."

Perhaps it was a bit deceitful using words like that "family" against Tobirama-sama because it goes with Hashirama's Will of Fire, but Sakura didn't know how else to explain it. She could understand why Tobirama was worried about letting so many strange people around his family, especially days after admitting to her that he wasn't the type of person to trust easily, but she needed him to understand that they weren't people of his time allying themselves with him and his family simply because they needed to or saw an opportunity. For all intents and purposes, it was something that they were always going to do - or be. Konoha was their home and even thought this wasn't the Konoha that they were used to, Sakura can attest that the ideas are pretty close to the same.

Sakura could recall, ever since her childhood, whenever someone spoke fondly of the First Hokage, they would look up at his face carved into the mountain side and smile. They adored the First Hokage for all of the accomplishments and stories told that most weren't even alive for. Sakura used to always be in awe of the First and Second Hokages viewing them only as titans.

Even though now she understands that they aren't simply titans - but men, it doesn't really change her view on them. While she loves and adores them as friends and comrades, a part of her will always hold this strong, desperate and even border lining obsessive need to serve by their side and as part of their army. Sakura has great respect for the other villages and their founders, but has never once desired to leave Konoha for a different village. For a different ideal.

It was for the ideals that Konoha was built upon that people like Itachi Uchiha were born. People like Kakashi Hatake and Naruto Uzumaki. It was because of these ideals that someone like Obito Uchiha were born. And it was because of these ideals that Madara Uchiha had both a rise and fall and another rise again.

Sakura saw Madara Uchiha now in a light she never thought she would see him in.

Sakura didn't blame Madara. Not the Madara of her time, for what he had done. In some ways, what he wanted was no different than what any of the people mentioned before him wanted. It's just his execution was something that took her by surprise and maybe cleverly masked his true intention. For all of the bad and wrong things he's done in his life, when he died, Madara Uchiha was good.

And now Sakura knows, this man, this Madara, wasn't the man who did any of those things. This man hasn't done anything wrong and simply because they are in a different timeline, he may never.

The four men sit in silence for a moment, the strange Uchiha looking around uncomfortable, dark eyes darting to his clan leader and heir, trying to follow by their example. With them having no idea what to do or thing, he looks completely lost.

"I am no god," Hashirama finally says, after a long silence.

"I understand," Sakura says delicately. "But everyone in our village will see you as that. You have little to worry about other than everyone staring at you. All of you." Her green eyes scan the other three founders.

"This is a lot to absorb," Tsunade says. "We can understand if you need to take some time."

"No," Hashirama says, shaking his head. "I kind of knew that this was a strong possibility," he looks at Sakura. "I figured you have to be from the future."

Sakura's eyes widen. Tsunade leans on one hip and tilts her head letting out a soft, "Huh," before Sakura steps closer.

"What do you mean?"

"We all talked about it," Madara says slowly. "At first we were suspicious of you, Tobirama and myself, but as we got to know you... things changed. Your vagueness, the way you held yourself and presented yourself. The way you interacted with people and expected it in return. After thinking about it, we began to spitball the idea that you were from the future."

"We didn't know for certain, even after having seen your memories, although that did strongly reinforce our belief," Tobirama continues for the black haired man, just as slowly, " but we didn't really know until we met with the Shikamaru-boy."

"Shikamaru?" Sakura asks, surprised. "Was it what he said about the Uchiha and Senju?"

"No," Tobirama shakes his head. "It's the fact that he's a Nara."

"I... don't understand," Sakura admits.

Hashirama smiles. "The Nara clan has been a long-time ally of the Senju. Shikiyo is actually a close personal friend of mine," Hashirama admits. "And when he was that age, he looked just like Shikamaru. Same drawl, same body language, everything."

"A Nara is a difficult person to miss," Madara says. "And it's not even about their personal appearance but a look in their eye." He brings his pointer finger up to his one revealed eye. "Any Uchiha who has ever been on the battlefield can spot a Nara a mile away."

Sakura frowns. "Kami damned it, Shikamaru. You were the one who screwed the pooch - twice."

Tsunade waves her hand around. "It doesn't matter. Thankfully this makes it a bit easier for us to move on from. There is much that needs to be discussed between us. Even if we can no longer find a home here, I refuse to leave you to face a monster that you won't see coming. We did, and we lost almost everything," Tsunade says, dropping her hands to her sides.

Sakura's shoulders droop a bit, worried about her master's words. "It's all gone, isn't it?" She asks softly.

Tsunade's sad brown eyes turn to Sakura and she nods. "Yes. Our history, our jutsu, our homes, all of that is gone. Even a lot of people that we loved. They are gone too, but not everyone is gone. We will just have to find a way to survive with the hand that we've been dealt. We don't have any other choice, Sakura."

Sakura bows her head, both out of respect for her master's words, and worry that all present would be able to see the tears building up in her eyes. It was one thing to worry that everything was gone. It was another thing entirely to hear it from someone she trusted more than most others confirming it.

But then, there is a loud dog's bark.

Sakura blinks her tears away and looks up in time to see Akamaru barrel past the strange Uchiha and head straight for Tsunade. The woman steps aside as the dog lets out this heartbreaking series of whimpering and whining as none other than Kiba Inuzuka drops down from one of the trees behind her and spreads his arms open wide for the large bear-like animal to basically jump into his arms.

Akamaru's whimpers and whines come in between his frantic licks on Kiba's face. His large paws rest on Kiba's shoulders and his tail is frantically waving back and forth.

Kiba laughs, turning his head from side to side to stop Akamaru from sticking his tongue into his throat. "Stop, boy, stop. I know! I know! I've missed you too, buddy!" He runs his hands lovingly through Akamaru's fur a few times before pushing the dog down and kneeling down Akamaru's level. "It's okay, Akamaru. I know, I missed you, boy. It's okay!" Even though he's trying to sooth the excited dog, it also sounded like he was talking to himself. "Good boy. Good boy."

Sakura turns to look at Hashirama, Tobirama, Izuna and Madara. "That's Kiba Inuzuka," Sakura says softly. "He's Akamaru's Inuzuka Master and Partner."

"Ah," Hashirama says. "This is nice." He smiles, looking over at the happy duo.

Sakura's smile at the reunion fades when she realizes that yet again, another person has managed to sneak up on her.

"How..?" She raises an eyebrow. Then it came to her. They were masking their chakra. That was something that she hadn't needed to do since she first showed up. She hasn't been put into such a situation yet. She can't believe she hadn't realized it sooner.

And then she realized why. No one else here, in this timeline other than her and her friends, knew how to do that. Hiding one's chakra wasn't something that was created until just before the beginning of the First Great Ninja War. And it was created by none other than the illustrious Tobirama Senju. No wonder he looks so frazzled by all of these people sneaking up on him. They were using a technique that he hadn't even invented yet - if he's going to technically invent it in this timeline - and he didn't know how to counter it. Or to even know to look.

Sakura watches as one by one, her friends drop down from the trees around them, all of their chakra perfectly masked. Shikamaru, Tenten, Hinata, Shino, Choji, Lee, and Ino, next to Kiba and Akamaru. Sakura's eyes lock onto her best friend and couldn't help herself. She rushes over to the slightly younger girl and throws her arms around her.

Ino smiles, hugging her tightly. "Damn Forehead, if I knew you were going to be this lovey dovey, I'd go away more often."

"Shut the hell up," Sakura mumbles before releasing her friend.

Ino laughs, looking down at the shorter pink haired girl with a single visible blue eye, grinning.

Sakura turns back toward Tsunade. "What are we going to do now, my lady?"

"For now," Tsunade says, crossing her arms over her chest again, "we are going to back off. We will give the Founders some time to discuss this situation. We will come back in a few days to hear what they have to say."

"Wait," Hashirama says, stepping closer, waving off the sharp look Tobirama sent his way. "Please, stay here for the night."

Tsunade bows her head. "Thank you, my lord, but I must attend to my people. I can't simply leave them to fend for themselves. They need stability right now."

"I understand," Hashirama says quickly, walking over to her only to stop right in front of her. Tsunade had to strain her neck to look right up into his large dark brown eyes. "I meant all of you. I understand that there is going to be many of you, but please, this forest is large and plentiful. Plus, it'll do us some good to desensitize ourselves to your collective numbers by exposing ourselves to it."

"You haven't..." Tsunade starts slowly.

Hashirama glances over his shoulder at his brother and the two brothers of the opposite family. "I think I speak for the majority when I say that we would like for you guys to feel welcome."

Tobirama didn't appear like that was what he wanted, and for the most part Madara was visibly very leery, but Izuna appeared to agree with Hashirama. He nodded slowly to the brown haired man's words. He leans in close to Hashirama and turns his head so the bottom of his chin was pointing toward them so that no one would have been able to read his lips and he whispers something into Madara's ear that seems to calm him down a bit.

Tsunade stares at Hashirama for a long, baited moment, not seeming to believe his words. "Are you certain that's a good idea?"

Hashirama nods. "Yes. I don't see why it wouldn't."

Tsunade nods very slowly. "Very well, my lord. We will set up camp outside of the village boundaries, but we will stay out of the village for the time being." Her eyes drag over to Madara, Izuna, and Tobirama. "Is that going to be a problem? I would like to know now before I waste too much time."

"If Hashirama says so, then leave it," Madara says. Izuna nods and Tobirama turns away, red eyes scanning the trees, looking for any more hidden shinobi.

As much as Sakura respected Hashirama and knew that he was basically their leader, a part of her was curious as to why Madara didn't fight Hashirama on this. It wasn't until Hashirama turned around, stepping over a root in the ground while placing his hand on the bark of the tree to keep himself balanced, that Sakura immediately knew why.

On the battlefield, Hashirama Senju was a god.

In a forest, he was something else entirely.

Sakura was hit with many forms of shock, both in the situation around her and at herself. As Tsunade and her friends were going to depart, a part of Sakura wondered where she was going to go. Was she going to go back to her house that night, or with her friends. It was absolutely absurd to think. Of course the only place she was going to go, was with her friends to help make up the camp for the night and see what else she can do to help.

Sakura was shocked, and happy, to see more people alive. Some were suffering from Uchiha Fever, the same thing that she had been sick with when she first showed up, like Shikamaru. Others had already moved past it. And she was happy to see the face - er, sort of - of her teacher, Kakashi Hatake.

"Sensei!" Sakura exclaims once her eyes lock onto the scarecrow's familiar gray hair.

Kakashi turns toward her, headband pushed up to his forehead to reveal two black eyes, one of which branded with a scar. "Sakura!" His eyes light up and he smiles when she stops in front of him. "I'm glad to see that you are okay."

"Same," Sakura says. "I haven't been able to see Sasuke or Naruto. Where are they?" She spares a moment to look around, before Kakashi's hand on her shoulder brings her back to his face.

"They aren't here yet, I don't think," Kakashi says. "More and more people are showing up each and every day. Sasuke and Naruto were the last to pass through the rift they created. But they could show up at any time. So be patient."

Sakura nods quickly, feeling silly for getting her hopes up so suddenly. She's been waiting a long time to be able to see everyone again. She's got to see most of her friends, she can wait a little bit longer to see her two remaining teammates.

So, Sakura bids Kakashi farewell as he turns to a few jounin that approached to speak with him, to assist Tsunade, Shizune, Ino and Hinata in moving patients closer to the village. It had taken Sakura and her friends about two hours to make it to where their current camp was located. Tsunade pulled Kakashi aside, spoke with him for a few moments before getting things moving.

It would be a slow and tedious process, Sakura was sure, and she knew that they wouldn't actually be sleeping outside of the village for the next day or two, but it was kind of exciting moving the forces closer. Each preparation made and step taken was just drawing her and her fellow shinobi closer and closer to her their new home. Where their old home would be. Eighty years into this not future.

This was a bit confusing.

There wasn't a lot of time to sit around and chat with one another, but everyone was working together and even though the couple of thousand that was there in the camp, hidden by very powerful seals conjured by what remained of the sealing team, was still nothing compared to what Sakura was used to. But she couldn't dwell on that now. A lot of other things needed her attention. She would be able to grieve and process later.

For now, they had to get moving.

There was an unbelievable feeling of belonging that she couldn't deny while working with other fellow Leaf ninja. They knew her name and when their eyes locked with hers no matter how brief there was familiarity and recognition. She could remembering caring for almost every person she came across since coming to the camp because they were all people she crossed paths with at some point in her career.

Even though this wasn't Konoha. Even though they were out in a forest, the ground still moist from the rain just days before, in the middle of nowhere, Sakura couldn't help but feel like she finally found the place where she belonged. She was surrounded by familiar faces and people that loved her almost as much as she loved them.

Sakura was finally home.

It took five days before their entire camp was moved next to the fledgling village. Which was honestly quite impressive for how many of them there were. But it was also proof that not nearly enough of them had made it out of Konoha alive. If Sakura understands it correctly, Shikamaru estimates that with them, currently, is about two thousand shinobi and a little over a hundred civilians that happened to be close by when Naruto and Sasuke opened the "rift" as they have begun referring to the portal to this timeline.

Two thousand shinobi was nothing compared to what she was used to. That number, while large for the people of this time, was surprisingly low for what Sakura was used to in their village. It was staggering to think that they had lost so many people. Sakura wasn't sure of the final numbers when the war ended, but having only two thousand remain just didn't seem right.

The only saving grace, for now, was that Shikamaru assured her that not everyone was there yet. There was still some people missing that they knew for certain went through. Naruto and Sasuke being some of those people.

Thinking about Naruto and Sasuke made Sakura remember some other people she couldn't believe that she had forgotten.

"Ino," Sakura calls tot he blond haired young woman who was walking the perimeter of their camp, that's on the side of the village. Even though it was their home, no on was taking any chances until they all knew where they all stood. The tall Yamanaka slows down for Sakura to catch up before continuing, eyeing a group of Senju men that watch them pass slowly.

"Yep?" she says.

"Have you heard anything about my mom and dad?" Sakura asks. "I haven't seen them yet. Do you think they will be coming through soon?"

Ino freezes, pulling her eyes away from the Senju to look at Sakura, her single visible blue eye wide. She opens her mouth, about to say something, before she shuts it again, looking as if she didn't know what to say.

"What's wrong?" Sakura asks, knowing that look on her best friend's face. Sakura knew Ino, better than she knew herself sometimes. The way Ino's nose and mouth scrunched up, Sakura knew that something was wrong. "Ino," Sakura says slowly, dread filling her gut. "What's going on?"

Ino turns to Sakura completely, putting her hands on Sakura's shoulders and stepping closer, her back toward the Senju men, as if to try and give the two young ladies a semblance of privacy. Her single blue eye is narrowed and sad.

"Sakura," Ino says softly. "I... don't know how to say this..."

Sakura's heart rate picks up. "What? Ino, what? Just tell me."

Ino lowers her hands to Sakura's gripping them tightly. "I... Sakura, your parents... they... they're gone."

"They didn't make it through?" Sakura whispers, horrified. No, that can't be right. Naruto would have definitely saved her parents. What was Ino saying?

Ino shakes her head slowly, deep creases forming between her eyes and she's unable to even look at the pink haired girl. "No, Sakura. I saw it. Your mom and dad... those people... they..." she sucks in a deep breath before letting out slowly. "I saw them cut your parents down, Sakura. I am so, so sorry."

For a strange, unexplainable moment, Sakura felt numb. The dread in her belly and the pain in her chest vanished and she couldn't feel a thing. And then, just moments after she realized it, Sakura felt everything.

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