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Sakura and Tobirama sit in silence for almost an hour, watching the kids play around with Akamaru. The dog was tired, and laid down for most of it, but was very receptive to the kids, letting them jump all around him and over him. His tail didn't stop wagging for more than a couple of minutes. He even licked Tobirama's hand when the man retrieved a bowl of water for the large dog after Sakura off-handedly mentioned that Akamaru was panting a lot. Sakura couldn't help but grin broadly up at Tobirama for his small, kind act.

There was a tiny bit of hesitation from Tobirama when he approached Akamaru, but he probably sensed Akamaru's entire demeanor was different than before. He wasn't going to be biting anyone, especially surrounded by so many kids. Akamaru really was a good boy. Sakura was happy that Kiba was such a good master and couldn't wait to tell him about how good Akamaru was next time she sees him.

"Thank you for doing that," Sakura had said when Tobirama returned to her side while Akamaru drank greedily from the water bowl, pausing only to lick the hand of one of the Yamanaka kids when they reached out to pet his head.

Once refreshed, Akamaru went back to playing with the kids. Sakura just sat there next to Tobirama, taking a moment to just watch them. There is just something about the sound of children's laughter that just eased Sakura's nerves. Akamaru was having fun playing with the kids. Sakura was just enjoying the sounds, even though it was sort of an icky day out, but at least the kids were out and having fun while it was okay out.

Thankfully the storm that was over them seems to have cleared up some.

"Sakura," Tobirama says, catching Sakura's attention, pulling her eyes away from the kids and Akamaru to look up at the one day Second Hokage.

"Hm?" Sakura looks up at him.

"I've been thinking," Tobirama says, red eyes drawing over to her, "was the alcohol just for sterilization for the scalpel? You kept it close but then left in Hashirama's room after you left. Is there a reason for that?"

Sakura blinks a few times, confused by his words before perking in surprise. "Oh! Yeah, do you think he's still awake in there?" She stands up, kicking off her shoes again and turning toward Hashirama's bedroom door.

"He's not moving around," Tobirama says, "but his chakra hasn't settled so I don't think that he's asleep."

Sakura waves her hand for Tobirama to follow as she steps outside Hashirama's door. She brings her hand up and knocks on the door, hearing Hashirama quietly call out to her. Sakura couldn't really hear what he said but assumed it was okay to just walk in. Thankfully it was, Hashirama was just sitting up in his bed with a familiar worn out book sitting on his lap.

"Lord Hashirama?" Sakura asks, peaking her head further into the room.

Hashirama looks up at her with wide, dark brown eyes. "Sakura-chan? Yes? What is it?" He closes the book without marking the page before setting it aside.

"May we come in?" Sakura asks, opening the door a bit to show Tobirama.

Hashirama nods, gesturing to the space around him. "Please."

Sakura steps in, leaving the door open for Tobirama to close behind them. She walks into the room hearing Tobirama softly slide the door shut behind her before she lowers to the ground next to Hashirama, immediately locating the bottle of alcohol she left behind and holding it up to Hashirama with a playful smile. "I had the girls bring this to me so that I could sterilize the wounds, but I also thought that you would probably need a swig or two after the few days you just had. Or months."

Hashirama barks out a laugh as Tobirama settles on his other side. Tobirama smiles faintly.

Sakura jiggles the bottle around a bit, waggling her eyebrows. "Tobirama-sama reminded me that I forgot to give you a sip. Great job for being a trooper for this entire thing. I'm proud."

"Even though I almost killed you with the ceiling?" Hashirama asks, taking the bottle. His words are playful, but there is genuine sadness in his eyes. He would never have forgiven himself if Sakura had gotten hurt trying to help him.

"That's the best part," Sakura says easily. "Because that's totally not how I'm going to tell the story. It's going to be something like, I was healing your tattered, broken body all the while your natural self-preservation instincts were trying to kill me. I managed to battle off the mokuton like a boss before fixing you completely. Trust me, the tale I weave is going to be epic." Sakura winks playfully.

Hashirama lets out a tired, but amused laugh. "What about Madara?"

"Who?" Sakura asks jokingly right as Hashirama took a swig of the alcohol. He coughs, letting out a loud laugh. Sakura waves her hand around. "I'm kidding! Don't choke!"

Hashirama passes the bottle to Tobirama who honestly looked like he needed it, and grins at Sakura as Tobirama takes a hearty drink to settle his nerves, but not enough to hamper his sensing before offering it to Sakura.

She immediately starts to shake her head. "Oh no, I'm good. I'm not much of a drinker..."

"Come now, Sakura-chan," Hashirama says, smiling boyishly, "just a sip is fine. I think you've earned it."

Sakura shakes her head. Her Hokage was promoting underage drinking. Well, technically, it's not underage in this time. It isn't really in Sakura's time either. Shinobi can start drinking when they become shinobi. It's because they are seen as adults. If you're old enough to drink, then you are old enough to drink. It's not against the law for Sakura to drink, but when she became a shinobi, it was frowned upon for them to drink while still so young. But it's all a matter of preference, Sakura supposes.

Sakura could remember the first time she drank. It wasn't with her parents, but with Tsunade, which shouldn't be all that surprising, actually. But it was when Sakura was fourteen and it wasn't a lot, but Tsunade wanted to celebrate Sakura becoming a chunin. That was the first time Tsunade had said that she was proud of Sakura and it made all of the pain and agony that Sakura went through under the woman's cruel thumb worth it. Tsunade was a tough but fair master and she was lucky to have her.

Sakura will never not be thankful for her master.

"Okay," Sakura relented, reaching across Hashirama's legs to take the bottle, feeling nastolgic. Sakura threw her head back and took a swig coughing almost immediately after it hit the back of her throat but she refused to spit it up and swallowed down the bitter liquid, shivering and coughing as she handed the half full bottle back to an amused Hashirama.

"You are not lady-like at all!" Hashirama laughs.

"Ow, hey!" Sakura wheezes, wiping tears from her eyes. "That burned all the way down," she complained, shivering again. "Oh, but it did clear up my nose."

"It's not an insult," Hashirama says, laughing, then reiterates, "or, at least, it's not meant to be. I love that about you, Sakura-chan. I love your fire. I love that I can't expect anything from you, really. You are full of surprises and I thoroughly enjoy it."

Sakura blushes a bit. "Well," she wheezes, then clears her throat, wiping the last of her tears away, "I thank you for liking my individuality. But alas, on that note I need to get back to my house and sleep. I'm tired and you need to rest too. I'll be back sometime tonight to check on you, so rest up." Sakura climbs to her feet and walks to the door.

"Thank you again," Tobirama says, putting his balled up hands on his thighs and bowing as much as he can while sitting. Hashirama tilts his head down as well.

"Yes, thank you, Sakura-chan."

Sakura shakes her head, waving her hands around embarrassed. "Please don't bow, my lords. Really, it was my pleasure! Rest up now. You both look like hell." She offers them a Cheshire smile before slipping out of the room, into her boots and saves Akamaru from the rambunctious children before returning to a now empty home, curling up with a panty, hot Akamaru and falling to sleep in moments.

Sakura steps out into the hot, afternoon sun after having spent the entire night at the hospital. She brings up a hand to shield her eyes from the unforgiving sun, looking around the bustling Hidden Leaf. Sakura looks around for a moment, dazed by all of the activity. The night was slow and all of her patients slept peacefully throughout the night - which was both wonderful and rare.

Sakura turns toward home and heads that way, weaving through the crowd. Sakura takes the time to just enjoy the activity, happy to finally be home again and back into the groove of things. People who see her in the streets stop and wave, calling out to her to ask how she's doing and how work was. Since she's returned she's been revered as one of the heroes. Along with the rest of her team. The group that took down the Rabbit Goddess.

The pink haired medic still wasn't used to all of the attention. Sometimes she's afraid that she will wake up on the battlefield and all of this would have been a dream. More times than not Sakura finds herself back there. Back in those camps, wrist deep in dying shinobi; friends, family, allies. Back on the front line fighting against Madara Uchiha and Obito and even Kaguya herself.

Sakura shivers in fear. She could go the entire rest of her life never thinking about Madara Uchiha again. Even Obito turned good at the end. While in some degrees, Sakura can sympathize with Madara's plight, she could never see how someone as great and magnificent at the First could have once loved a man like that. She didn't even know what would have to take place for something like that to be possible.

But thankfully, Sakura didn't have to know. All of that was behind her now.

Sakura made it home easily enough. Her parents were in the living room talking about one of her mom's friends that she met up with at the market. Even though Sakura was tired and just wanted to go to bed for the next year and a half, she sat down next to her dad and listened to her mother rant on and on about one thing or another for the better part of an hour, occasionally throwing in her own two cents before finally bidding goodnight and heading upstairs after kissing both of her parents cheeks.

After having a small taste of what war was really about, Sakura has learned to let a lot more things go than she normally would have. Her mother's ranting and raving, which was once a source of great annoyance and ire for the pink haired girl, was something she looked forward to now that she was home and safe with her family. She would take her mother's insistent complaining over not having her at all any day. Even the sparse moments between her mother's ranting, her father would look over at her and smile lovingly.

Her father was a very passive man without much of a backbone, but Sakura is starting to understand that he's like that to fit her mother's abrasive personality. Something like that is the only way their relationship would work. Her parents wouldn't be able to be together like they are today without one of them being a more passive personality.

And that was her father.

Sakura was happy that her father didn't seem to mind. He loved her mother and was willing to allow her to be the way she was without question. Sakura aspired to be in a relationship like that. She aspired to find that person in her life. She thought that it would be Sasuke whom she would spend the rest of her life with but since he left the Leaf again, she's been wondering if perhaps she's wrong.

And that's ignoring what's going on with Sai. Now that's an entirely different thing that she still hasn't been able to wrap her mind around. It shouldn't be this hard, since she's always had this aching suspicion since they first met, but still, it was strange to get some form of confirmation.

Sakura closed the door to her room and fell onto her bed, scrambling into a comfortable position before curling up on her side, closing her eyes. Her eyelids felt like they were each holding up one of Lee's weights.

Sakura was almost completely asleep when something immediately pulled her from her drowsiness and into complete awareness. She shoots up in her bed and looks around her room, wondering what it could have been that awoke her. Her eyes narrowed but unable to figure out what it was. Once her racing heart began to settle down once more, sleep began to tuck at the back of her mind.

She sank back into her bed, letting her eyes slip closed before she felt it again. Sakura jumps to her feet, feeling it stronger than ever and realizing what it was immediately.

"Oh no," Sakura gasps, green eyes widening. Someone was casting a genjutsu around her house.

And the village.

Sakura opens her eyes, heart racing, but her awakening was calm. She takes a moment to stare at the ceiling and regain her bearings. She wasn't in the Hidden Leaf anymore - well, she was just not in her own time. Sakura took a moment to stare out at the moonlight that filters in through the window and bathed Sakura in it's light.

Sakura looks over at Akamaru as her heart rate slows down. He whimpers softly in his sleep, monstrous paws twitching one way and the other as he dreams. Sakura reaches out and runs her fingers through his thick, white fur, hoping that it sooths the big dog. And it does after a moment, his whimpering quiets sown and he begins to relax again.

She pushes herself up and stretches her hands above her head, letting all of her vertebrae crack and stretch before she finally relaxes again and stands up. Sakura pauses for a moment, pulling out Ino's purple brush, using it to get rid of her bedhead before putting it back into her pouch. She walks over to the door, peaking down at Akamaru to make sure that he doesn't wake up before slipping out and softly sliding the door shut behind her. Thankfully it's not too late so she's slip out for a few minutes, see how Hashirama is doing before coming back to bed. Akamaru won't even know she's gone.

Sakura makes it to Hashirama's and Tobirama's house in record time, seeing the house was completely dark inside. Sakura worried for a moment if perhaps it was insane to check on Hashirama at this time, but he was close to death and she didn't want to take any chances. But she didn't want to just go walking into two of her founders and friends home without their permission.

After a moment of debate, Sakura lightly lets her chakra flare a bit, hoping that would be enough to wake Tobirama and not the entire village. She's kind of lucky she hasn't run into a Senju patrol and been shanked for lurking around outside their clan leader's home.

Thankfully, Sakura wasn't left with her thoughts for long, the front door opens up and Tobirama sticks his head out, locating her immediately.

"Sakura..?" Tobirama says softly, running his hand up and down his face for a moment to force away the sleepiness before opening the door. "You are here to check on Hashirama?"

Sakura nods, relieved. She kicks her shoes off at the door and follows the future Second Hokage deeper into his home to just outside of Hashirama's room. Sakura lightly knocks on the door until she hears a groggy voice call out to them. It wasn't exactly understandable, but Sakura got the gist of it and opens the door slowly. She peaks her head in to see Hashirama half sitting up in his bed, looking around lazily.

"Sorry to wake you, Hashirama-sama," Sakura says, walking into the room. She grabs the closest candle and digs around in her pockets for a match. Once she sits down at his side, lights the candle so that they can see each other in the dim light she proceeds to check him over. Even though he was half asleep through the entire thing, he listened to everything she said and Sakura was convinced that he was going to be fine. Without saying much else, she let Hashirama lay back down and leaves the room.

Throughout the entire check up, Hashirama's head bobbed up and down as he slipped between conscious and unconscious. He would mumble incoherently whenever Sakura spoke to him, but she didn't mind. He's had a long past few days and deserved to rest. So once she was done she left the room without wasting another moment, sure that Hashirama fell back to sleep almost immediately after his head touched his pillow.

"How is he?" Tobirama asks, running his fingers through messy white hair from where he waited for her out in the hall.

Sakura laughs. "He's going to be fine. He's tired, but great considering that he was nearly dead a few hours ago. I still want him to rest throughout the night and all of tomorrow but he might be well enough to get up and pick up on his daily routine again. Not completely since I still want him to rest, but since he's not a normal case. Because of how powerful the healing element in his chakra is, he's healing a hell of a lot faster than you or I would but I just want to be careful."

Tobirama nods. "I appreciate that."

Sakura reaches out and pats his shoulder. "It's fine. I'm sorry about waking you up so late. I just want to make sure that he's okay."

Tobirama rubs his face, rolling his shoulders back a bit before leaning against one of the supports for the building. "I thank you for that, Sakura. So he's going to be okay now?"

Sakura nods. "Yes. Just because he's a special case, I can't predict exactly how he's going to react because of who he is and how he's different from other people. But I believe these next few days should be taken easily, even if he feels well enough to start doing his daily routine again, just until I'm certain that he's going to be completely okay."

"I agree completely," Tobirama says, crossing his arms over his chest. "We'll try and give him some time to relax and heal up."

"Good idea," Sakura says. "I know that he's been really stressed for the past few months, giving him and yourselves, some time to just sit back and relax, would do all of you some good. And don't try and give me some lame excuse about feeling fine," Sakura says when the future Second opens his mouth to protest. "I can see the dark circles under your eyes, all of yours. You are all hard working and dedicated and I admire that about you all completely, but take a moment to really think about yourselves and your health. Even though you can't all take a break at once, you should trust one another and take a break every once and a while. Just so that you can remain in tip top shape for your village."

Tobirama's lips seal closed and he nods minutely. "I understand," Tobirama says slowly, after a long pause. "I understand that we are all pushing ourselves, it just... kind of surprised me that Hashirama would be the first to fall."

Sakura presses her lips together. "I think that there is a lot of factors that has lead to Hashirama-sama's collapse. But, I also believe that you all should take some time to really relax and find your center again whenever you can, simply because this beautiful village can't be built on the foundation you want to without all of you working together."

Tobirama nods. "I understand," he says again.

Sakura runs her fingers through her short pink hair before offering up a little smile. "Well, I'm not here to tell you what to do. I'm here to just make sure my friend is alright. Just let me know at any point if something goes wrong. I'll come back again around noon tomorrow to see him."

Tobirama nods, letting his arms drop as he leads her back to the front of the house. Once she's at the road again that will lead to her home, he asks, quietly, "Do you want me to walk you home?" Sakura's sure any other night, he probably would have walked her home, but he looks like he's ready to collapse on his feet and just needed to sleep.

Sakura shakes her head, reaching out and running her fingers through his light, silky locks. "Don't worry. Go back to bed. Goodnight."

Tobriama looks up at the clouds covering the moon above them. "Goodnight, Sakura. Thank you again. I will see you tomorrow." His red eyes lower to Sakura. He blinks slowly looking like he wanted to say something, but then decides not to. But he does stand outside and watches her back until she's out of his view before disappearing back into his home.

"Hey, guys," Sakura says, stepping up next to Madara and Izuna a few days later. She just got away from Akamaru and a bunch of the village children which seems to be his distraction to find Izuna and Madara in the forest. Izuna was sitting a few feet in front of Madara, relaxing from what appeared to of been meditating.

"Sakura," Izuna says, waving his hand in greeting. "My brother told me that you were back. You weren't gone for long, were you?" He smiles boyishly.

Sakura rolls her eyes. "Yes, yes. The heartfelt goodbye that we shared was ruined by my not-so-epic, not-so-delayed return. I know. But I'm curious about something, do you two have a moment for potentially a silly question?"

Madara, who's arms were crossed and he was leaning on one hip, nods for her to continue. "Go ahead."

Sakura takes a moment to consider before sitting down on the ground next to Izuna. "Okay, so I know a lot about genjutsu, it's one of the few skills outside of medical ninjutsu that I have, and I sort of know the answer to this, but I would like some clarification from someone more experienced than I am in this regard if you two don't mind."

"What's up?" Izuna asks, pulling his knees up and resting his left elbow on his left knee, using that hand to run through his messy dark blue hair, reminiscent of Sasuke's hair color.

"Is it possible to cast a genjutsu over an entire village? Like, let's use the capital for just an example, or at least a city the size of the capital. How difficult would it be to cast a genjutsu of that magnitude over a village that size?" Sakura looks between the two brothers.

Izuna squints up at the sky while Madara frowns to himself, deeply considering her questions, which she appreciates.

"It would depend, honestly," Madara says slowly. "I can't say for certain one way or another, seeing as I have never performed a genjutsu that large before, but I can say, theoretically, it's possible. I would imagine the person who did this would have to be the most powerful in the world, or there would have to be a bunch of them that work very well together. It would have to be a seamless casting on all parts. If someone skilled with genjutsu was inside the village, then those casting the genjutsu would have to be very careful to have it done all at the same time as to not alert those sensitive to genjutsu."

Izuna nods. "Yeah. If they aren't careful and plan out accordingly, I can imagine it going array. Genjutsu can be a really fickle and complex style of fighting and while useful in ambush and traps, I can't imagine it being used in an actual battle scenario, easily. There would have to be a real genjustu master at play, one that is very confident in their skills to be able to do it while in a battle situation."

Madara gives his little brother a small nod of agreement. "I wouldn't say it's impossible, but it certainly wouldn't be easy."

Sakura cups her chin in thought, frowning a bit in worry. That dream she had of home. She wasn't sure what to think about it. It felt so real. That had to be another memory. That had to be the beginning of the coordinated strike against all of the Hidden Villages.

"Hi, everyone!" Hashirama calls, bouncing up next to his best friend. Since he was allowed to continue with his life - aka, leaving his room - the day before, he's been positively jubilant. Sakura isn't sure if it's because he's happy to be alive, or if the time he got rest was enough to rejuvenate his seemingly endless energy supplies. He really did remind Sakura of Naruto. That kid didn't have an off button.

Tobirama steps up along side his older brother.

Izuna waves his hand around in greeting, squinting up at them, since the sun is behind the three older men in the group. Another Uchiha man steps up next to them, it wasn't someone that Sakura's ever seen, but no one reacts to his presence so Sakura just ignores it.

"Hi guys," Sakura says, also waving her hands in greeting. "How are you feeling today, Hashirama-sama?"

Hashirama is beaming. "I feel fantastic, Sakura-chan! Thank you so much for asking me!" He is practically bouncing right next to Madara, who looks slightly annoyed by his best friend's behavior but appears to prefer that over the sick and whimpering Hashirama.

Sakura laughs. "Good, I'm glad that you're feeling..." she blinks in confusion as something comes to her. A voice, whispering in the back of her mind. She could see Madara, Hashirama, Tobirama and the strange Uchiha staring at her clear as day, but then, next to them, Sakura could see someone else. She could see Naruto staring down at her. But he looks a bit different than she remembers.

Naruto's blond afro was chopped short. He's taller than what she remembers and he's grown into his face more. It's thinned out a bit and his eyes are a bit more narrowed. He looks very handsome.

It almost looks like he's right next to her, as clear as she could see him in her memory, he stood before her. His lips were moving, but no sound came out. It took Sakura a moment to realize that she had to read his lips in order to understand what he was saying. She could hear the founders calling out to her, trying to get her attention and somewhere in the corner of her vision, she could see Tobirama reaching out toward her, placing his hand on her shoulder. She could feel it, but she couldn't focus on it.

She could only stare at Naruto's lips, as he spoke and suddenly something that she never thought would come to her did.

She knew why she was here. What Shikamaru remembered. Shikamaru must have remembered the same thing Sakura is right at this very moment.

"Oh Kami..." Sakura says softly as Naruto disappears once more. "I remember..."

"What?" Izuna asks, tilting his head to the side. "Remember what?"

Sakura shakes her head slowly, blinking rapidly, trying to get her thoughts in order. "I can't believe it. It's so simple! How could I have forgotten?"

"What is it, Sakura?" Hashirama asks, brown eyes wide. He steps closer, looking concerned. "Are you okay? What's wrong?"

"I remembered my mission," Sakura says, green eyes looking between the four men, two sets of brothers, not caring about the other man. "I can't believe I forgot it."

The space around them grows a bit tense. Tobirama slowly lowers to his hunches right next to Sakura, eyebrows pulled together slightly, as if mentally preparing himself for what he was going to hear.

"What is it?" Tobirama asks.

"Hashirama-sama," Sakura says, looking up at the oldest of them, "I remember."

Hashirama nods very slowly, looking worried. "Sakura-chan, I don't think you should say anything more..."

"No," Sakura shakes her head. "I have to tell you. You have to know."

Hashirama looks unnerved but nods slowly, lowering down to his hunches right in front of her. "Okay..." he says slowly. "Only if you are certain..."

"I am," Sakura says. "I was sent here to protect you."

Hashirama's eyes widen. That was definitely not what he was expecting to hear. "What?"

"Did you say you weren't sent here to protect him?" Madara asks, pitch black eyes wide.

Sakura nods. "I remember now. That's why Shikamaru allowed me to return. He had to of remembered that too. My mission was to make sure that you would be okay."

Hashirama's mouth opens slightly, when someone cuts him off. Tobirama jumps to his feet, Raijin pulled immediately. Sakura, Izuna and Hashirama jump up a moment after to see Sai standing there, a few feet away from them, smiling that fake smile.

"Good job, Ugly. I'm glad you finally remembered. Better late than never, yeah?" He asks. To a regular person, it sounded kind of cruel, but Sakura could feel it. Sai was kidding, offering an olive branch. He was relaxed. It wasn't as if he had a bunch of god standing before him, prepared to kick his ass just for sneaking up on them.

"Who's that?" Izuna asks, shifting slightly behind Sakura.

"No idea..." Madara says, stepping closer to Izuna.

"Yes," Sakura says slowly to Sai, ignoring Izuna and Madara behind her, dropping her guard slightly. "But Sai, what are you doing here? What about Shikamaru? What about the meeting?"

"We had it," someone else says, walking around one of the nearby trees. She walks all the way up to Sai and then past him, stopping a few feet from Sakura.

Sakura's green eyes widen. "M-Master!"

Tsunade stands before Sakura, looking exactly as Sakura remembered. But there was a bit of darkness in her eyes that belied the war she had to face. The things that she's had to go through, losing her home once more.

"Sakura," Tsunade says, offering a little smile on her red lips, before it drops and she looks to the men around her. "Gentlemen. It's nice to meet you all. I am the Fifth Hokage of Konohagakure no Sato. I am Tsunade Senju."

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