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Hashirama's Power

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Sakura runs her hands over his body, being sure to hover a few inches above his skin, trying to find out what was ailing her future Hokage, and friend. Sakura's eyebrows pull together tightly. She can see the infection in his lower abdomen, but she just couldn't figure out where it came from. Sakura wanted to take a moment to really figure out what was wrong with him, but Hashirama cries out in pain, his normally jubilant face is twisted in agony.

The room stares at her anxiously but none as powerful as Tobirama and Madara. They were practically burrowing holes through her. Sakura couldn't spend another second thinking about it now while he's still in so much pain.

Sakura raises her eyes to Aya and Salma, who are staring at her with wide, worried eyes. "Alright, ladies," Sakura says and their backs straighten up. "I need bowls of water, a lot, and some clean rags. I need a pen and paper and all of the herbs I write down, a lot of them. You healers, help them out." The girls nod and stand up, the other healers in the room nod, climbing to their feet too. "Oh," Sakura calls out to them, making them pause. "And bring me some alcohol."

The girls stare at her for a moment, as if waiting for the punch line. Sakura stares at them. After a moment of just staring Sakura says, "Is the alcohol on my face? If not, then go! Now." Salma and Aya jump before running from the room as fast as they could.

Sakura turns away and starts setting up the room, forcing herself not to pause to look over at Hashirama every time he whimpers softly in pain. Sakura cleans up the room, pushing all the miscellaneous scrolls and books away from her work space. Hashirama never really struck Sakura as the type of person who would sit indoors and read a book as opposed to going outside and enjoying the sun. Sakura had to admit, that there was much about Hashirama that she didn't know. She really still had much to learn.

About all of them, really.

As Sakura is cleaning up, she picks up a really old book, that is well used. She pauses, looking at it. The book is kind of heavy in her hand. She runs her hand over the worn leather bound cover.

"It's my brother's favorite book," Tobirama says. He looks over at her from his brother's side, one hand pressed lightly against Hashirama's shoulder, almost as if he's hoping his big brother will feel his presence and absorb his warmth for comfort. Sakura can see the lines forming between Hashirama's eyes from the pain smooth out a bit at his brother's comfort. He's still in pain, but it's almost like subconsciously Hashirama is remembering who he has to be strong for.

Sakura looks down at it for a moment, seeing that the book is well used, but is also well cared for. Sakura stands up, walking over to the desk in the corner and gently lays it down there, out of respect for the founder of her village. It was when she slowly, delicately put the precious book down that she realized how dirty traveling in the rain has made her.

"Oh," Sakura says, looking around the room. "Can someone grab me soap to wash my hands with and water too? I'm messier than I thought." One of the other people in the room stands up and runs from the room. Sakura calls after them, "Thank you!"

"Normally," Sakura says, looking over at Madara and Tobirama, "I would advise being away from the patient so that I can work in peace, but this is a slightly different situation. He's going to really need you guys here by his side. He is..." Sakura hesitates for a moment. "He is in a lot of pain right now. He needs to have those that he loves and trusts close by to keep him strong. Okay?"

Madara and Tobirama nod slowly, both glancing down at Hashirama, who is breathing heavily, eyes squeezed shut. Tobirama's hand on his shoulder squeezes tightly and Madara's back stiffens.

"Stay strong, Hashirama," Madara says slowly, his voice even and strong. Hashirama lets out a slow, pained breath but still doesn't wake.

Once Aya and Salma return with everything, including someone else who was willing to help. It was Kana Uchiha. She just lowered her head a bit when Sakura's eyes flicker over to her, submissively and Sakura decided that she didn't care enough to make a stink one way or the other. She was someone who could help Hashirama and that was all that mattered. Sakura wasn't going to make a big scene about this and by the look that Kana sent his way, she could tell that the Uchiha woman wasn't going to make one either.

That suited both of them just fine.

Sakura begins to sort everything out, telling Salma what sort of recipe she needed to make - since she is the best at that - before telling everyone else what they needed to do. Once everyone knew what they were to be doing - even Madara and Tobirama had a job. They would hold him down so that he couldn't struggle during the procedure. Just hearing that made both of them literally lose all of the little color in their faces, but they didn't complain, if it saved Hashirama they wouldn't stop her - Sakura made her way over to Hashirama and sits down next to him, leaning down on one arm to be near eye level with the whimpering young lord.

Sakura puts her hand on his cheek after pushing his hair from his sweaty face, not minding in the slightest. She gives his cheek a little pat to wake him up. At first it did nothing but after she moved her hand to his shoulder and gave it a real shake, not too bad though, it was enough to wake him up.

His eyes are wet and only open a crack, the crease between his eyes is deep. His lips move slightly, but nothing more than a low groan comes out. Sakura gives him a brief moment to start to wake up. Once his dark eyes slide toward Sakura she offers a little smile.

"Hashirama-sama," Sakura says slowly, "can you hear me? Do you understand what I'm saying?"

Hashirama nods slowly. He blinks a few times slowly saying, softly, "I'm so happy to see you, Sakura-chan. I've missed you..."

Sakura smiles, she can't help herself. "I've missed you too," Sakura says softly. She pats his shoulder a bit. "I've going to help you now, okay? I need you to listen closely to me. Are you lucid enough to understand?"

Hashirama nods slightly. "I am."

Sakura brings her hand back to his cheek, her smile fading. "There is a strong infection in your lower abdomen. I'm going to have to remove it. I'm going to make two incisions." She pulls her hand away from his cheek and brings it down to the side of his abdomen where he's laying on to the other side. "Here and here. I'm going to be using fluid to collect the infection and remove it from your body. In doing so, it my brush up against some of your organs. Namely your small intestine and stomach, which luckily for you, happens to be littered with stress induced ulcers."

Hashirama doesn't respond, and Sakura's not surprised by it. It's easier to pretend there is nothing going on, despite the pain. Sakura's not going to push it now, but that doesn't mean she's going to let it go permanently. But for now at least, she can.

Sakura straightens up, quickly reaching over to grab one of the small bowls that she had one of the other women make separately from Salma's recipe. "Alright, Hashirama-sama, I need you to sit up a bit so that you can drink this. Could you help me, Tobirama-sama? Not too much but enough that he doesn't just choke on it."

Tobirama, who was just sitting behind Hashirama, nods and scoots forward a bit, putting his hands on Hashirama's shoulders to help him sit up a bit. Hashirama groans a bit, but doesn't complain. Sakura puts the bowl to his lips and tips it up a bit so that he can drink. Sakura knows that it's a bit repulsive, knowing the herbs that they had to use, but he doesn't stop until it's all gone.

"It'll act as a mild sedative, hopefully it'll numb you a bit for what is to come, but I can't give you any more than that. I'm sorry," Sakura says genuinely. She looks away, wishing there was something that she could do to help make him feel better, but she couldn't do anything other than remove that infection from his belly and figure out how it got there in the first place.

Tobirama lowers Hashirama back against his bed, after helping Sakura remove the top part of his kimono, which meant shifting on Hashirama's part which meant pain. But Hashirama grits his teeth and bore it until he could lay on his side again. For some reason it hurt slightly less on that side.

Sakura grabs a scalpel and the alcohol, using it to sterilize the metal before leaning close to the future First Hokage and gives him a small cut on his lower abdominal and sits back onto her feet to watch as the wound seals closed in a matter of moments. "Fuck," Sakura mutters.

"What?" Tobirama says, looking between Hashirama and Sakura. Hashirama blinks tiredly.

"Chakra..." Hashirama slurs softly.

Sakura nods. "Lord Hashirama's impressive healing chakra is at it again. I won't be able to perform the procedure if we can't get his chakra pacified, while it's going on." She licks her lips for a moment, considering her options.

"What do we do?" Tobirama asks, voice slightly strained.

"How about a seal?" Madara asks. When Sakura and Tobirama look over at him, he explains, "Something to seal up his chakra just for the procedure. Can that be done?"

Hashirama nods, but Tobirama frowns. "That shouldn't be-" he starts but Sakura waves her hands around to get him to look at her.

"Look, whatever the seal is really used for; prisoners, criminals, whatever, it doesn't matter," Sakura says simply, looking into Tobirama's red eyes. "I need you to understand me right now, Tobirama-sama, Hashirama-sama will not survive until nightfall if this continues. It is because of his healing chakra that he has made it this long. He will not last until dark. It doesn't matter what the original reason this seal was made for, just make it temporary, use regular ink, we'll just have to be careful not to smear it. He needs it now."

Tobirama's lips press tightly together, mentally conflicted.

"What's the difference between the inks?" Aya asks. "Temporary? Regular? I don't get it..."

"Because it's not using chakra infused ink it's not very powerful," Madara says simply. "Hashirama's chakra could still come out, but it would seriously hamper it. Plus, he's in no condition to be using his chakra right now anyway."

Sakura nods slowly in agreement. "Yes, so we don't need it completely sealed away but we need it hampered enough so that I can work in peace. But without Hashirama's chakra healing some of the internal damage a bit at a time, it's going to accelerate his degeneration. We are going to have to move fast. So, as soon as you're done, Tobirama-sama..."

Tobirama swallows his protest and nods, looking over at Hashirama's desk, asking one of the other Senju women to grab the ink there. She does and he quickly draws up the seal onto his big brother's shoulder, hovering his hand over it and looking at Sakura. "Are you ready?" Sakura nods, bringing the scalpel down to Hashirama's abdomen, ready to cut. Sakura pauses a moment, reaching out and grabbing a clean rag, ball it up and brings it over to his mouth, giving him a sad expression.

Hashirama offers a tiny, understanding smile, opening his mouth and accepting the rag being put in there.

"Ready," Sakura says, voice tired. The whole room is filled with a tense silence as Tobirama's hand glows blue as his chakra seeps into the ink, activating the seal. Hashirama flinches, letting out a low groan in pain, slightly curling in on himself before straightening out. Once he stopped moving, Sakura started. She quickly did the two incisions, happy that they didn't start to close up right away and reached out to the first bowl, sticking her hand into the cool remedy.

Sakura brings her left hand to the lower incision and her right one to the upper incision. She sends the remedy into the bottom one and grabs hold of it with the top, pulling it through his body, grabbing as much of the infection she can. Hashirama squeezes his eyes shut, the tips of his long lashes are wet. He doesn't make any noise though. As Sakura works, she can see Tobirama teetering between wanting to stop her from hurting his brother, and just leaving the room so he doesn't want to see it.

But he stays. Hashirama is his big brother. Hashirama wouldn't leave if Tobirama was in his place. So Tobirama stays.

The liquid going into Hashirama's body is a light green and comes out a mixture of brown, green and red. He's bleeding internally now, without his chakra healing him. Sakura swallows thickly, trying to stay focused. Everyone remains quiet, yet she can feel the room shifting closer. Sakura brings in the next batch of medicine, doing the same process as before, she must have brushed some of the ulcers because Hashirama spasms in pain, whining in pain.

Tobirama, Madara and Kana - who was at Hashirama's feet - reach out and grab hold of him and hold him still. Tobirama is careful not to touch the seal on his shoulder. The building around them creaks and groans. Sakura wanted to pause and see what was going on, but knew that she didn't have a moment to waste. She just had to ignore the creaking and groaning of the building around her and how everyone else was looking around with eyes blown wide. Sakura could have sworn she heard Madara say Hashirama's name, but Hashirama couldn't hear, he was in too much pain to be coherent enough to respond.

"Aya," Sakura says, not stopping her mechanical movements of pulling the infection out of Hashirama's body.

"Yes ma'am?" Aya says, voice laced with worry.

"Come over here by his head and start healing the ulcers in his stomach and intestines," Sakura says.

"Shit," Aya mutters, racing over to Sakura's side. She brings her hands down his stomach at the odd angle that she's at and forces her chakra into her hands.

It was like a well oiled machine. Sakura would remove the infection into an empty bowl, then grab another handful of the remedy and continue the cycle all the while Aya is healing the ulcers, Kana is helping hold down a practically flailing Hashirama along with Madara and Tobirama, Salma is making more of the remedy, another woman - Uchiha - is removing the bowls and cleaning them before returning them for Salma, another woman - this one Senju - is wiping Sakura's brow and keeping her short hair from her eyes while the final woman is running back and forth with more herbs when they start to run low.

In the back of her mind, Sakura noticed something in the bowl that struck her as odd but she didn't have the time to stop and examine it. She had to wait until Hashirama was out of danger before she could stop and take a look at it. She makes a mental note before continuing to work.

Finally, Hashirama stops thrashing about in pain and looks up at Sakura through water brown eyes as she pulls the last of the infection from his body, pausing only to check Aya's work, healing particularly smaller ulcers, making sure all of the infection and closing up the two incisions before she finally removes the rag from Hashirama's mouth.

Everyone in the room settles back, letting out sighs of relief now that it was finally over.

"How do you feel?" Sakura asks once the rag is out of Hashirama's mouth, being the only one not to have settled back.

"I'm sorry," Hashirama rasps.

Sakura blinks in confusion, raising her head for the first time since she started the operation only for her heart to plummet into hell. All of the wood making up the ceiling is removed from place, bent and made sharp pointed right at Sakura's head from all directions. She could barely move without hitting one of them with her head. Sakura's eyes widen into the size of dinner plates.

"Shit," Sakura murmurs, repeating Aya from earlier. She looks around at all of the spear-like pieces of wood ready to skewer her. She can see pieces of wood littering the floor and it's at that moment she notices that Madara is standing with his gunbai fan in his right hand. It was clenched in a way where he was able to strike out with it, presumably to destroy the wood spikes before the pain stopped.

Sakura looks at Madara for a moment. "Thank you." He nods slowly, sending his fan away. She looks down at Hashirama. He looks so pale and tired, but thankfully the danger has passed for now. His breathing is deep and labored as he frolics between consciousness and unconsciousness.

Sakura laughs under her breath.

"What?" Tobirama asks, rubbing his forehead, looking like he aged twenty years since they came into the room. After a pause, he reaches forward and wipes the ink seal off of his brother's arm. Hashirama's chakra floods back into his body more securely than before and starts to heal the damage.

The surge gave Hashirama a bit of strength and he opens his eyes, looking around blearily. "I'm sorry, Sakura-chan..." he says softly. He blinks a few times, trying to clear his vision. "I didn't hurt you, did I?"

Sakura shook her head. "No, Madara-sama kept me perfectly safe. No worries, alright?" Hashirama doesn't seem assuaged by her words, but rightfully decides that now probably isn't the time to argue.

Hashirama puts his hands together, interlacing his fingers and all of the wood moves back into place, seamlessly. Sakura lets out a little breath, realizing that the people she didn't recognize in the room earlier when she first arrived was gone. They must have slipped away shortly after she arrived and she just didn't even notice.

"How do you feel?" Sakura asks again, looking back to Hashirama.

"Tired," Hashirama admits, letting his hands settle onto his toned stomach as he lays down flat on his back. "But I feel a lot better. Thank you, Sakura. You saved me."

Sakura smiles, not denying him, before her smile fades. "No matter how hard I try. I just can't figure out what happened. That infection was there for a reason. It didn't magically appear and Madara-sama said that you haven't been training in the last few days so it couldn't have been an injury." Sakura cups her chin and frowns as the other girls clean the room around them, removing all the bowls and herbs and rags.

"Could it be the ulcers on his stomach and intestines?" Aya asks, tilting her head to the side.

Sakura shakes her head. "No. Well, not all of it. It would explain the blood but not the vomiting and that infection was watery and really bad. Unless you've been dealing with these abdominal pains for a few days prior to your collapse...?" She says looking at Hashirama.

"I wasn't," Hashirama says, sitting up slowly, trying to keep himself awake. He tentatively touches his side, sighing in relief when he didn't feel any pain. "I was just tired before and after you left it all went down hill in what felt like hours."

Sakura lets out a slow sigh, wracking her brain.

"Could it have been some kind of leakage from his intestines?" Salma asks, sitting next to Sakura, opposite of Aya.

"No..." Sakura says slowly, not remembering seeing any other red flags from his intestines other than the ulcers.

"Perhaps another organ?" Kana says, picking up a bucket of water.

"What?" Sakura says, looking up at the dark haired woman.

She freezes, as if realizing that she spoke out loud. She turns slightly to look over at Sakura. "No, nothing. I apologize..."

Sakura waves her hand around dismissively. "No," Sakura says, "I didn't hear you. What did you say?"

Kana hesitates, looking over at Madara, who is staring at her stonily, as if warning her to be on her best behavior. She looks over at Sakura slowly. "I said... it could have been another organ. Something around there..."

"But what, though?" Aya asks, running her hand through her mid-back length black hair that's usually pulled up into a knot on the top of her head is let down to be redone.

Sakura remembers something. "Oh wait!" She calls out to one of the woman who were about to run out the last bit of infectious bowls. "Bring that over. I thought I saw something while I removing it from Hashirama-sama." The healer brings it over carefully, giving it to Sakura. The pink haired time traveler looks into the darkened liquid, spotting something floating in it.

Sakura reaches into her pouch and pulls out tweezers and plucks the little thing out of the gunk and lays the bowl aside and cleans the little thing off with one of the clothes and stares in shock. Everyone leans forward to inspect what sat on the cloth on Sakura's palm.

"What is that?" Salma asks, green eyes wide.

"Is that flesh?" Aya asks, her voice raising three octaves.

"Yes," Sakura says, light green eyes wide.

"From what?" Madara asks incredulously, shaking his head.

"His appendix," Sakura says, shaking her own head. "I can't believe I didn't even notice that he was missing his appendix. It's a classical case. I should have noticed right away." Sakura wraps up the flesh in the cloth and lays it to the side for a moment before reaching out to Hashirama. "How in the world could I have missed that?" She sends her chakra into his body. "I mean, you would think I'd notice that he was missing an entire organ but... no?"

"What's wrong?" Tobirama asks, red eyes tired and worried.

Sakura's eyebrows pull together tightly. "What the hell? He still has his appendix."

Salma and Aya both share identical looks of confusion. Salma asks, softly, "How is that even possible?"

Aya gasps loudly, making Sakura, Hashirama and Tobirama - who is wound up like none other - jump at the sudden noise. "He has two appendix?" She asks loudly, black eyes wide. Sakura frowns at her apprentice, reaching out and flicking the girl on the forehead. "Ow, sensei!"

"No, baka," Sakura says, frowning before turning her attention back to Hashirama's toned abdominals. "How did that..." She blinks a few times before letting out a bark of a laugh, surprising everyone in the room. "No! No fucking way!" Sakura pulls her hands away and grabs the rag with the piece of flesh. "No way in the world. Here, send your chakra into this little baby for me." Sakura offers the little piece of flesh to Hashirama.

After a quick look at Sakura's face to see if she was seriously, to see that she just might be slightly insane, he hovers his hand over the flesh and sends his chakra into it until Sakura says stop. She pulls the rag back to herself, staring intently at the piece of flash with everyone else pressing closely to watch, to everyone's amazement, the piece of flesh grow and grow and take shape until it's a small organ in the palm of Sakura's hand.

"What the hell just happened?" Madara asks, black eyes wide.

"You just watched Hashirama-sama repair an organ that was just a tiny piece of flesh. Just like he did inside his own body when his appendix ruptured. That baby went nuclear and he was able to salvage it somehow and repair it subconsciously within his own body," Sakura says a mixture of fascinated and horrified by the prospect. That would make healing him next to impossible if she never knew where the problem originated but at the exact same time Hashirama just fucking recreated an organ from a tiny shred of flesh.

Sakura could do that in someone else with great concentration and within herself at the cost of pretty much all of her chakra. Hashirama Senju did it instinctively. His body knew that should be there and just fixed it without a fucking problem. Amazing.

Sakura laughs, looking up at Hashirama, shaking her head. "What the fuck are you? Some kind of medical powerhouse? Good lord. Now if you were a universal donor, we'd be unstoppable." Sakura shakes her head incredulously.

"What's that?" Aya asks.

"It's in reference to his blood type. If he had O- blood then he could have his blood transfused into anyone." Sakura waves her hand around dismissively. "Not that that really matters. I was just saying. Alright, get a warm bath run, get a change of clothes prepared along with bedding and lets get this finished up. Salma," Sakura hands the brown haired girl the rag, "you and Aya get this little appendix, along with the rest of those bowls of infection and appendix flesh and burn it away from the village, make sure there is nothing left. If someone is resourceful enough they could steal Hashirama-sama's cells from that so make sure it's completely gone, understood?"

"Yes, sensei," both girls say, jumping to their feet, gathering up the rest of the bowls with Kana's help before leaving.

"Alright," Sakura turns to the sweaty brown haired man, "let's get you washed up and into clean clothes and a bed. That's where you are going to be staying for the next few days, okay? Think about leaving this room before you are completely healed and I'm going to fucking destroy you, alright?" Sakura smiles threateningly and Hashirama shrinks.

"Yes, ma'am," Hashirama says submissively.

Sakura smiles, pleased. "Excellent. Let's get you up now."

Once Sakura checks over Hashirama one last time to ensure that he's going to be alright, she walks over to the door, bidding him a good rest and promising to return in a few hours to check on him, Sakura closes the door softly behind her with her boots and cloak in one hand to see Tobirama waiting for her, looking out over his back yard from the hallway that stretches around the house, kind of like the Hyuga household.

"He'll be alright," Sakura says, stepping up next to him. She sits down and pulls her shoes on before sending her wet cloak away into a seal before looking up at Tobirama, to see him staring down at her from the corner of his eye. "I'll come back and check on him in a few hours. Just let him rest for now and for the next few days. He should be back to his old self in no time. I mean it, with his chakra, he could be alright tomorrow for all I know, but let's give him a few days to be certain one way or the other."

Tobirama nods slowly, having finally changed into a heavier kimono to block out the cold chill that has settled over the Land of Fire. It was still cold out and the sky was a dreary gray, but at the very least it stopped raining. Sakura had to wonder if Shikamaru and Sai made it safely to what would one day be the Valley of the End.

As soon as the thought crossed her mind, Sakura stopped.

Would it still become the Valley of the End? That was where Hashirama and Madara battled to the death. Where Hashirama supposedly killed his best friend because Madara used the Kurama to attack the Hidden Leaf after he defected.

Sakura knew that it was suppose to happen but she can't ignore the very painful fact that she has messed a lot of the past up that she shouldn't have and the possibility of Hashirama and Madara going separate ways now just doesn't seem possible, anymore. In some ways, with the Curse battling inside Madara, the chance of him leaving was always great, now with the Curse seemingly completely gone - with Izuna returned to health - has left Madara in a perpetual state of calmness. That anger and rage that once boiled within those pitch black depths is completely gone now.

Sakura just can't imagine what could happen to lead to the Valley of the End anymore. At this point, Sakura was completely alright with Madara never leaving the village, seeing as he is now. Madara isn't a bad man. He's got a stony face and a stern voice, but he's no different than Tobirama in that sense. Neither appear to be very forthcoming or show their emotions and it makes them hard to approach if one didn't know them.

But that's not the case at all. They both grew up in a time of war and mistrust, it's no wonder neither really know how to be open to people. Hashirama really is their dramatic foil. He is just a complete odd ball, in all shapes and forms.

Sakura didn't want Madara to die. She wasn't afraid of him anymore, nor did she think he was a bad guy. She was so lucky to have been given this experience to see for herself what the First saw in his childhood friend. Especially today. While everyone there was Senju, only Madara and Aya were Uchiha. Aya is a medical ninja, trained by Sakura and it was natural for her to be there. Madara was different. He was there because Hashirama was his best friend. He was going to be there to see Hashirama get better, or there for his friend's final moments.

Hashirama was Madara's best friend. There is no way he was going to be left alone.

Sakura could feel an overwhelming swell of respect in her belly for the dark haired Uchiha who was far more than anything she could have imagined.

Sakura is just glad beyond reason that Hashirama was okay. That he was going to be fine. She's going to have a tough time sleeping tonight because this has left her with much to think about, but at the very least, Hashirama will live to see another day. It was just such an odd series of events to happen right after Sakura left the Hidden Leaf.

Could it have really been just a coincidence?

Sakura's not sure what to believe in that regard. Either way, she's happy to be able to spend a bit more time in the village until Shikamaru and Sai return to get her and hopefully finally be able to tell her what the hell is going on.

"Thank you, Sakura," Tobirama says, breaking Sakura of her thoughts.

"Huh?" She looks up at him with wide green eyes. "Oh, you're welcome. Anytime."

Tobirama smiles tiredly at that, but there is a twinkle in his eyes that gives Sakura the impression that those were the precise words he was looking for. "I am truly and irrevocably glad that I met you."

Sakura's face lights up and she has to look away. "Ditto," she says, awkwardly.

"My brother would be dead right now if it weren't for you," Tobirama says, looking around his backyard. It's got to be early evening. Sakura doesn't say anything, she can't refute it. It probably would have been noticed by the Senju medical shinobi had Hashirama not completely repaired the obliterated organ before anyone had a chance to see it. Which was still completely amazing in Sakura's opinion. She couldn't wait to tell Tsunade about it.

"I'm glad that I could help," Sakura says, offering a little smile.

Tobirama turns toward Sakura, looking down at her with mesmerizing red eyes, they are softer and more open that Sakura has ever seen them. "How can I ever thank you?" He whispers so softly, Sakura more read his lips than heard his voice.

Sakura shakes her head. "He's my friend. I didn't help him for thanks. I appreciate you saying it though. Like with Izuna-sama, the thanks is enough." She stares into his pretty eyes and can see herself reflected back. Something happens between them. It's not a physical thing, but it almost felt like electricity passed between the two of them. The hairs on Sakura's arms, legs and the back of her neck stand on end, but that could also be because she wasn't wearing proper clothing for the cold, but she wasn't sure.

Tobirama blinks slowly, his breaths are like small puffy clouds around his mouth. "I will never forget this moment," he says, voice deep.

What moment? The moment she saved Hashirama - holy fucking shit she just saved her fucking Hokage! - or this moment. The one between the two of them? She opens her mouth about to ask, when she hears something step in front of them.

Sakura and Tobirama turn to see Akamaru sitting on the grass directly in front of them, lazily, panting hard. His tail wags when they look at him.

"Oh, shit!" Sakura gasps, jumping up. "I am so sorry, Akamaru, I completely forgot that you were following after us!" She pauses, looking up at the sky. "Wait, what took you so long?"

It's at that moment that a bunch of Senju children with two Uchiha, an Akimichi and two Yamanaka round the corner, into Hashirama and Tobirama's back yard. All their eyes lock onto Akamaru.

"Come on, puppy!" One of the Senju girls call out, patting her thighs. "Let's play some more!"

Akamaru barks happily but falls to his side and rolls onto his back, tail wagging. Sakura sits back down next to Tobirama, laughing.

"Good boy, Akamaru, play with the village children!"

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