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Nymphadora Tonks

Chapter 8
Nymphadora Tonks

Author's Note: Almost nothing Harry learns of his family history in this chapter is canon. I know the names of James' parents have been revealed, but I am ignoring that information and going with common fandom information. Truth is, I HATE the name Fleamont, for some reason.

Monday, December 28th, 1992 – Morning

After his first night's sleep in his new Private Quarters, in a bed that was extremely comfortable, Harry woke up early and had taken a shower – which was far better than the communal showers he had been used to. He had then made his way to the Great Hall for a quick, early breakfast. Then he visited the Hospital Wing to spend some time with Hermione, before he had to head toward the Transfiguration classroom for his first Metamorphmagus lesson with Professor McGonagall.

While in the Hospital Wing, Hermione had happily told him that she should be fur-free by the time Harry was finished with the day's Metamorph lessons.

On his way to the Transfiguration Classroom, he once again made a stop by his Private Quarters, to pick up his feminine school robes in case he would have to turn into his feminine form during the lessons.

As Harry made his way to the Transfiguration Classroom, his mind went back to the events of the previous evening. Harry had spent most of the day in the Hospital Wing with Hermione, keeping her company. Madam Pomfrey didn't mind at all – according to her, if he was spending time with Hermione, he couldn't get in trouble elsewhere. Harry couldn't fault her for that.

The previous evening, while Harry was spending time with Hermione, Professor McGonagall visited them in the Hospital Wing. The first thing she told them was that she had sent out a letter to Hermione's parents. She had also decided that – pending Hermione's health, and whether or not Hermione was 'in heat' that day - she would accompany Harry and Hermione to Diagon Alley during lunch time. If Hermione's parents agreed, Harry, Hermione and Professor McGonagall would meet them for lunch at the Leaky Cauldron. Then McGonagall would take Harry and Hermione to Gringotts, and finally do some clothes shopping for Rose.

Then Professor McGonagall had some bad news. She explained to Harry and Hermione about her meeting with Ron and his father. Harry had been extremely angry by the end of it. His hair and fingernails had changed into angry colors, and several times, both Hermione and Professor McGonagall had told him to calm down.

But Harry had a reason to be angry. He had been led to believe, compelled to believe that Ron Weasley and his mother were good friends of his. Harry liked Fred and George Weasley, he thought they were pretty great. Percy Weasley was a bit pompous and sometimes confrontational, but he probably would be disgusted to know what his youngest brother and mother were up to. Arthur Weasley was nice and had a good heart.

Ginny – well, Harry wasn't sure what to think about her. Her fan-girl fancies annoyed him some. However, Hermione had told him she had a theory about Ginny. What if, perhaps, Ginny had been raised by her mother to act like that? After all, it appeared she was raising her daughter to be the future Mrs. Potter – a title Harry was hoping to give to Hermione once they were old enough. Hermione thought Ginny might be innocent in all of this, but she also agreed that they would need to watch her in the future.

But Ron and Molly – they were only helping Dumbledore control him. And to what end? Harry wasn't sure. However, Professor McGonagall had a theory that, perhaps, Ron and Molly weren't entirely guilty in all of this. Dumbledore was a very persuasive man. When McGonagall informed them that she was going to get the DMLE involved in the next few days, she also told Harry that if Ron and Molly helped to prove Dumbledore's guilt, then they might get off easily. Neither Harry nor Hermione were sure what to think of that. After all, Ron had been helping Dumbledore Compel them – perhaps not doing the spells, but assisting in how to Compel them – over the last year and a half. If they hadn't discovered it now, how long would it have happened in the future?

When Harry stepped into the Transfiguration classroom, he found that Professor McGonagall was the only one there at the moment.

"Come and have a seat in front, Harry," McGonagall said. "May I call you, Harry? I only ask because – well – it would be rather awkward to call you Mr. Potter if you're still Harry, but in your feminine form."

"You may, ma'am," Harry said, as he sat down at the desk directly in front of McGonagall's desk.

"Miss Tonks has not arrived just yet," McGonagall said, "So I thought we could discuss other things first."

"If I may ask a question I missed out on last night," Harry said.

"Of course, Harry," McGonagall said.

"Will the DMLE get involved in the Chamber of Secrets investigation soon?" Harry asked.

McGonagall pursed her lips. "In truth they should have been involved after Mr. Creevey was attacked, perhaps even when Mr. Filch's cat was attacked. But the Headmaster insisted that the staff could figure it out on our own. I am quite disagreeable with that opinion, and now I know it was Loyalty Potions which kept me from voicing such disagreements. Once I get the DMLE involved in the Headmaster's wrongdoings, I will inform them of the Chamber of Secrets investigation. If anything, it will be a nice starting point, putting some doubt into the Headmaster's position here at Hogwarts. I am quite certain that the DMLE will solve the mystery in no time once their involvement begins."

"I hope so," Harry said.

Harry wondered if he should tell McGonagall about the voices he had been hearing. He decided he would wait until the DMLE became involved.

"I imagine you visited Miss Granger this morning?" McGonagall asked.

"Yes, ma'am," Harry said, "According to Madam Pomfrey, Hermione should be fur-free on her face and body by the time we're finished here with today's lessons."

"Excellent," McGonagall said. "Hopefully it will make things easier for Hermione to adapt to when it comes to her new lifestyle. Has she received post from her parents this morning?"

"Not yet, as far as I know of," Harry said.

"I am also expecting a letter when it comes to accepting or declining the lunch invitation," McGonagall said. "Speaking of our upcoming plans in Diagon Alley, I think this is the opportune moment to speak to you about your family history and the House of Potter, while we wait for Miss Tonks to arrive."

"Alright," Harry said.

"I'm going to assume you know very little or next to nothing about your family history, Harry," McGonagall said. "If there is something you know about, please speak up."

"I probably know next to nothing," Harry muttered.

"Very well," McGonagall said. "The Ancient and Most Noble House of Potter goes back a very long way. Your bloodline and House was one of the First Families to be recognized in the British Wizengamot. Have you ever read the Tale of the Three Brothers by Beedle The Bard? The book of his tales can be found in our library."

"I admit I have not, though I have seen the book a few times in the library," Harry said, "Am I related to Beedle?"

"Nay," McGonagall said, "You are, however, related to the Three Brothers, or rather, the brothers who influenced the story. Officially you are a member of the bloodline of one of the brothers, Ignotus Peverell, but since you're also technically related to their father, then you're related to all the brothers. Ignotus' great-granddaughter married a Potter, thus uniting the Potter and Peverell bloodlines. You are the latest son in a long line of sons who married and kept the Potter name flourishing all these years. So officially you are a member of the House of Potter, and House of Peverell. Because your grandmother, Dorea, was a Black, you are also considered a member of the House of Black. Interestingly enough, Draco Malfoy and your soon-to-be tutor, Miss Tonks, are also members of that House."

"I'm related to Draco Malfoy?" Harry asked, turning up his nose, "Really?"

"Harry," McGonagall said, "if you go back enough generations, every member of a pureblood family is related to every other one. All purebloods and half-bloods in Great Britain are related in some way. As long as you don't have children with someone who you share the same grandparents with, it isn't considered Taboo."

"Oh," Harry said.

"Tomorrow when we meet with your Account Manager, you will take an Inheritance and Blood Test," McGonagall said. "You will likely find Potter, Peverell and Black as the Houses in which you qualify as Lord and Head of. Though you may be second-in-line for House Black. That is three Houses. Why is that important, you may ask?"

Harry shrugged and nodded.

"Something which may surprise you to discover, Harry," McGonagall said, "is this: Polygamy is legal in the wizarding world. You could marry as many as four or five witches and it wouldn't be considered Taboo."

Harry's jaw dropped. "Really? Will I be required to do so?"

"You will likely be both Lord Potter and Lord Peverell," McGonagall said. "That is two bloodlines you may wish to continue into a new generation. One wife for each bloodline. You may also inherit the title of Lord Black. That is a third. And then we get into a bit more of a complicated topic: Betrothal Contracts."

"Betrothals?" Harry asked.

"Marriage Contracts," McGonagall clarified, "Meaning you may be obligated by contract to marry a girl. In fact, I should warn you not to be surprised if you do have a Betrothal or two to your name. Your father might have penned them before his death."

"Why would he do that?" Harry asked.

"Because it was expected of him," McGonagall said. "Your father was in a Betrothal Contract himself, but sadly his Betrothed was murdered the summer after your parents and your father's Betrothed finished their education. So your father only married your mother. But he could have had two wives. You know his Betrothed's niece, Daphne Greengrass. She is a Slytherin in your year."

Harry's eyes widened. He could have technically had two mothers?

"In fact, Mr. Potter," McGonagall said, "I would not be entirely surprised if Daphne Greengrass is Betrothed to you, since your father never completed the Contract with their family."

"Daphne?" Harry asked, "A Slytherin?!"

McGonagall huffed. "Mr. Potter – Harry – unfortunately your perception of Slytherins has been highly slandered upon. I understand your attitude toward Draco Malfoy and Pansy Parkinson isn't exactly that great, but Daphne Greengrass is nothing like Miss Parkinson. The Greengrass Family, in fact, is in an Alliance with House Potter."

"Really?" Harry asked.

"Yes," McGonagall said. "That Alliance is known as the Great Alliance. It was started by your grandfather, Charlus Potter. The Great Alliance was a political powerhouse in the Wizengamot. In fact, several of your fellow students in your year – their Houses are in an Alliance with yours. In addition to Potter and Greengrass, the Great Alliance consisted of the Houses of Longbottom, Bones, Abbot, MacMillan, Boot, Patil and Lovegood. House Lovegood has a daughter in first year right now. Houses Patil and Lovegood are Minor Houses and therefore they do not have a seat on the Wizengamot, but the rest of the Houses in the Alliance do."

"If my Grandmother was a Black," Harry said, "Why aren't the Blacks in an Alliance my Grandfather created?"

"Good question," McGonagall said. "Aside from the Greengrass Family, which is Neutral, every House in the Alliance is a member of the Light Alliance. The Black Family, however, were members of the Dark Alliance. Your Grandmother never associated her much with the Blacks after she married your Grandfather."

"Great Aunt Dorea was considered a Black Sheep in the family," a voice said behind Harry, "Much like my own mother."

Harry looked over his shoulder and found a young witch standing at the entrance of the classroom. He realized this must be Nymphadora Tonks, his new Metamorph Tutor. Harry recalled McGonagall telling him that this witch had just finished her education in June, so she was likely eighteen, maybe nineteen. She had a heart-shaped face and – Harry had to embarrassingly admit to himself – she was very cute. Her hair was a hot pink color, a brighter shade than the color his hair became when he was embarrassed.

"Nymphadora Tonks," McGonagall said, moving to her feet, "Welcome. I'm sure he needs no introduction, but this is Harry Potter."

"No introduction necessary," Nymphadora said, as she walked over to Harry, who stood up at once, "I'm not a big fan of my first name, but I do allow some to call me by a shortened version, Dora. As it appears you are now my Apprentice, I give you that permission."

"It is a pleasure to meet you, Dora," Harry said, extending a hand.

"You are a little charmer, aren't you?" Dora said, shaking his hand, "Girls must be all over you."

She giggled when Harry's hair turned pink.

"Lovely shade of pink, mate," Dora said, "Was that something you control, or random?"

"It happens when I'm embarrassed," Harry said, "But it only started happening recently."

"Ah," Dora said, nodding, "Mine turns a shade of red when I'm embarrassed, but only when I am really, truly embarrassed. I can usually control it. And so will you soon enough. So, you finally discovered you're a Metamorph. I was wondering when that would happen."

"You knew, Miss Tonks?" McGonagall asked, looking genuinely surprised.

"Call me Dora, ma'am," Dora said. "Yep, I knew. My Mum and Dad were dear friends with your parents, Harry, before they died. I even met you once or twice when you were a baby, and I was five or six years old. Even back then I liked having pink hair, and when you met me and saw my hair, yours changed into a little tuft of the same color. I was worried last year when I never saw you change your features."

"Why didn't you ever say anything?" McGonagall asked.

"I figured it was none of my business," Dora said, shrugging. "So what changed?"

"Sit down, and we can discuss that," McGonagall said.

Harry sat back down at the desk, and Dora sat down next to her.

"It turns out, Dora," McGonagall said, "That Harry's magical core was bound to twenty-five percent until only a couple days ago when it was raised to fifty-percent."

"It was still bound?" Dora asked. "That is absolutely criminal!"

"Indeed," McGonagall agreed, "However, there may be a good reason. You see, even at twenty-five percent, Harry was average, and even sometimes above average with his fellow students when it comes to magical ability."

"At twenty-five percent?!" Dora exclaimed, looking at Harry with wide eyes. "Do you what that means, mate? You're a pretty strong wizard. Or you will be. That's impressive!"

"Even more impressive," McGonagall said, "When you realize that Harry has a history of pulling off some Metamorph feats throughout his childhood."

"If that is true," Dora said, "Why did you tell me he only discovered it recently?"

"Unfortunately," McGonagall said, "He was Obliviated of such knowledge until recently. And yes, that will be investigated by the DMLE as soon as possible. Thanks to a Flushing Draught, his memories are restored, and he can control some of his talents, but he still has much to learn."

"What can you do right now, Harry?" Dora asked.

"I suppose the most important is that I can turn into my go-to feminine form," Harry said, "and I've apparently been doing so since I was six years old."

"Blimey!" Dora said, then motioned to the feminine outfit on the desk, "Explains why you brought those clothes with you. When was the last time you turned into a girl?"

"Yesterday morning," Harry said, "However... Rose, my feminine personality took over."

"Oh, dear," Dora said, "Do you know how long 'Rose' has existed?"

"Since I was seven years old," Harry said.

"Have you Compromised with her yet?" Dora asked.

"Yes," Harry said, "She's agreed that I am the dominant personality, and I could turn into my feminine form and keep my personality if I wanted to. In turn, Rose wishes to emerge sometimes. And she wants five new outfits of her own. Tomorrow Professor McGonagall is taking me to Diagon Alley, where Rose will emerge, and will do her own shopping."

"Are you going to let her emerge today?" Dora asked.

"No," Harry said, "I was thinking that if I might Morph into my feminine form, it would be my choice."

"When do you planning on going to Diagon Alley tomorrow?" Dora asked McGonagall.

"After our lesson tomorrow morning," McGonagall said.

"I wonder if I might be able to join you," Dora said, "So I can watch Rose when she emerges tomorrow. And perhaps get to know her a bit. Just to make sure she is alright with the Compromise."

"I think that would be alright," McGonagall said.

"Do you have a male personality, Dora?" Harry asked.

"I do," Dora said. "His name is Nemo. But he only emerges once every few months, just to let me know he's still around. That's only because I've known about my Metamorph talents for most of my life, and been able to deal with them. At first, Nemo showed himself once or twice a month for two years until I could control him. Now I'm proud to say I am ninety-nine percent female-dominant."

"I haven't decided if I want to be entirely male dominant," Harry said. "Let's just say... pregnancy may be something I might want to do at some point in time. Just because I want to embrace my Metamorph talents. However..."

"Yes?" Dora said.

"I don't fancy guys that way," Harry said, "So..."

"So you can't see how you could become pregnant if you wanted," Dora said.

"Unless it was with a fellow Metamorph," Harry said, "But, of course, that won't happen for several years."

"Talk to me when you're older if you're still interested," Dora said. "I might be able to be a sperm donor."

"Really?" Harry asked.

"You're the only Metamorph, close to my age, aside from my age, that I know, Harry," Dora said, "It would be an experience. However -"

She winked. "I may ask you to return the favor."

Harry blushed and his hair turned pink again.

McGonagall cleared her throat. "If we could move on from that topic for the time being?"

"Of course, ma'am," Dora said. "What's on the agenda for today?"

"I was about to ask you that, Dora," McGonagall said. "I have a body-length mirror here if you need it. I know that Harry was practicing with one yesterday."

"Really?" Dora asked Harry.

Harry shrugged. "A little bit."

"Well then," Dora said, "How about you show me what you're capable of right now? Only in your male form right now. I personally know how uncomfortable it is in boy's clothing when you're a girl. If you want to test out your female form, we can do so, but you'll have to change clothes."

"I expected that, of course," McGonagall said, then pointed to a curtained-off area. "If you wish to change at any point, you may do so behind there."

"Once you're comfortable, however," Dora said, "I may ask you to change in front of me."

"Er... clothed or naked?" Harry asked.

"That would be your decision, of course," Dora said, "I tell you what. Don't think about that right now. It might be something to do on the last day of this crash course in tutoring. Or sooner, depending on your comfort level."

"Alright,'' Harry said.

Over the next few minutes, Harry showed off everything he had been practicing the previous day in the Hospital Wing. Mostly it was changing his hair color, as well as changing his eye color

"Mostly I've only been able to pull off changing the color of my hair and eyes," Harry said. "When I am angry, my fingernail color also changes, but it always looks funny aside from the normal color."

"Fingernails shouldn't matter when you're a boy, Harry," Dora said, smiling. "However, when you can use that ability as a girl, it is so much easier than putting on nail polish."

Dora raised her hands, so Harry could see her fingernails. She changed them into several colors, before returning them to the same color as her hair.

"As for your hair color and eye color," Dora said. "You're doing very well. I'm sure you wouldn't be surprised to know that color changing your features is the easiest part of Morphing."

"No, I'm not surprised," Harry said. "I was also trying to work on changing the length of my hair. I was mostly focusing on trying to cover my scar in ways that didn't look so obvious. But... hair length is more difficult. I don't understand that, though. When I'm transforming into Rose, my hair is pretty long."

"Harry, you can't compare Morphing to a complete gender-change," Dora said. "Changing genders, especially into your go-to gender preference is the most natural thing for a Metamorph. Especially to Metamorphs who have both a male and female personality like you do with 'Harry' and 'Rose'. That is because when Rose emerges, she's completely emerging into the form she is used to."

"So is that why I've had a history of changing my gender in my sleep?" Harry asked. "It has happened quite a bit. The most recent was yesterday."

"Were you still you, or Rose, when that happened?" Dora asked.

"Um," Harry said, "While I've had a history of Rose emerging while I am asleep – which I can now remember thanks to the Flushing Draughts – I was still myself yesterday morning when I woke up. I just woke up looking like a girl. Unfortunately that was before I knew gender-swapping was possible. Before my memories were restored."

Dora laughed. "That must have been interesting!"

"That's one word for it," Harry muttered.

"Until you learn to completely control gender-swapping," Dora said, "You may wake up in the future as your feminine form again. But if your Compromise is as good as you say it is, Rose should not emerge unless you give her permission. When I speak to Rose, I will make sure that she knows you're the dominant. I've dealt with this before and will know whether or not she's lying."

"Alright," Harry said.

"So!" Dora said, "We know you're good at changing your hair and eye color. However, we don't know if you can keep it for a long period of time. I noticed you can change your eyes to look like cat's eyes. Change your eyes to that color now, please."

Harry turned back to the body-length mirror and pictured his eyes as those resembling Hermione's new eyes. He grinned when he succeeded.

"Excellent," Dora said. "Now, I want to see if you can keep that eye-color for a long period of time. To make it even more difficult, we're going to practice changing your hair-length, since that is what you were working on already."

Harry's cat's eyes only lasted about thirty-seconds. While he was focusing on changing the length of his fringe, his eyes returned to the emerald green color.

"Don't be too discouraged, Harry," Dora said, "That is exactly what I thought would happen. That happened because you were so focused on changing your hair-length, that you lost focus in keeping the change in your eye color. In order to perfect your Metamorph talents, keeping your hair color, hair length, eye color and any other change will have to feel natural to you in order to keep them all for long periods of time. Even I still have problems keeping my control for too long. The easiest way to train yourself on this is... this."

Dora's hair changed from pink to green.

"Changing your hair color?" Harry asked.

"Changing one thing about you every so often," Dora said. "Notice that the rest of my body never changed. Perhaps sometime I'll show you how I look normal when I'm not focused on changing my appearance. Then you'll see how much I am keeping changed at any one time. Professor McGonagall, how long were you hoping these lessons will last?"

"The last lesson will be next Sunday," McGonagall said. "The rest of the students will return from Christmas Break that evening, so our last lesson will be Sunday morning. How many of those days will you be able to present?"

"Actually, that is something I hoped to discuss with you," Dora said. "I wouldn't mind staying in some Private Quarters here all week if that is fine with you. I packed some bags for a week-long stay."

"I think that would be alright," McGonagall said. "I might be able to set you up with some Private Quarters near where Harry is staying."

"Near Gryffindor Tower?" Dora asked.

"Nay," McGonagall said. "I suppose I forgot to mention that. Due to some recent events – including Harry's Metamorph abilities – Harry and a friend of his are staying together in Private Quarters on the fourth floor. Perhaps Harry can introduce you to his friend later. Though I must warn you. She's going through some changes of her own. More than a usual thirteen year old girl."

"Well," Dora said, "That improves the situation. If you're bored in the next week, Harry, during the late afternoons or evenings, you can also visit me in my Private Quarters to continue more Metamorph training."

"That might be a good idea," McGonagall said. "If it doesn't interfere with other things currently in Harry's life."

Harry knew of course what McGonagall had meant – Hermione's in heat predicament.

"I might take you up on that, Dora," Harry said.

Over the next couple of hours, Harry continued his first day of lessons with Dora. These lessons included keeping his eye color or hair color the same while concentrating on working his other features. During the second hour of the lesson, Dora seemed to have a new fun hobby: finding ways to embarrass Harry. After the fifth time of Dora doing this, Harry finally realized why she was doing it.

"You're trying to help me stop my hair from going pink when I'm embarrassed," Harry said.

Dora grinned. "Was I that obvious? That was exactly what I was trying to do. After all, if you wish to keep your Metamorph abilities relatively secret from the majority of the student body for a period of time, you need to be able to control your blushing. Your hair going pink would be a clear sign that you're a Metamorph, Harry."

Harry nodded, conceding the point.

"How much longer do we have left for this lesson?" Dora asked McGonagall.

"Half-an-hour," McGonagall said, "Then I want you to go eat lunch, Harry. Constant Morphing will give you an appetite."

"Alright," Harry said.

"Half-an-hour," Dora said. "Plenty of time."

"For what?" Harry asked.

"I want to see you in your feminine form," Dora said. "It would be a waste not to do so since you brought your feminine outfit with you."

"Alright," Harry said, "One problem. I haven't changed to my feminine form knowingly. Every time I do, Rose emerges."

"I assume you changed back to your male form yesterday after discovering you looked like a girl," Dora said; Harry nodded. "How did you change then?"

"I focused on my male appearance," Harry said. "I saw... me... in my mind's eye."

"Really?" Dora asked.

"Yeah," Harry said, "Why?"

"It took me at least a year to use my so-called mind's eye to change my appearance," Dora said. "If you're telling the truth, mate, then training you might be a lot easier than I thought!"

Harry grinned. He hoped that was true.

"Do you remember how you looked as a girl?" Dora asked.

Harry nodded.

"There you go," Dora said. "If that works, we'll use your mind's eye going forward with your training. Remember Harry. While you're transforming, you need to be sure you keep your own personality. Focus on changing only your gender, not your identity."

Harry nodded. At Harry's request, Professor McGonagall moved the body-length mirror behind the curtained-off area. Harry grabbed his feminine outfit, then walked into the curtained-off area. He undressed completely, trying not to think that he was starkers in front of two women. He then stood in front of the mirror, and focused his mind's eye on Rose's appearance, while still trying to focus on being himself, being Harry.

He closed his eyes, focusing on his feminine appearance. After half-a-minute, he opened his eyes. He grinned when he saw Rose's appearance standing in front of him. It was still weird, however, to see him looking like a girl, especially when it came to seeing certain body parts. He proceeded to change into his outfit. He had a bit of difficulty putting on his training bra, but figured it out soon enough. When he was dressed, he checked himself in the mirror. When he decided he looked good enough, he left the curtained area.

"Harry?" McGonagall asked. "Are we still speaking to you?"

"Yes, ma'am," Harry said, "though I suppose it would be difficult to tell, wouldn't it? I have my feminine voice."

"I'll trust you're telling the truth," Dora said. "After all, I am meeting Rose tomorrow officially. I imagine Rose has a different personality than Harry. So, how do you feel, Harry? Are you comfortable?"

"Funny enough, I suppose I am," Harry said. "The only awkward part is the clothing."

"Only the clothing?" Dora asked. "After all, a girl's body is quite different than a boy's."

"There is a term for what happens when one loses limbs," McGonagall said. "It is said they feel a 'phantom pain'. Now, I know it is different than losing limbs, but do you feel any phantom pains? Any odd feelings of body parts that should be there that aren't?"

Harry, of course, knew what McGonagall was implying.

"I don't know whether to feel embarrassed or not about this," Harry said, "But no. I don't have any of those feelings. It does feel weird seeing myself naked when I look like this, but aside from that..."

"Then I suppose that means you feel natural in both genders, Harry," Dora said. "That is very good. Was it easy to Morph into your feminine form?"

"You were right," Harry said, "It was the same as when I Morphed into my male form. I saw this appearance in my mind's eye and changed. I didn't feel any of the changes either."

"I am impressed, Harry," Dora said. "Perhaps it is because of the Flushing Draughts bringing back lost memories. I don't know. But you are quite the natural at this. This next week will be a very fun experience!"

Harry grinned.

"You are definitely your mother's daughter, I'll say that," Dora said. "You don't mind me calling you that – using feminine terms instead of masculine?"

"I should probably get used to it if this appearance will be common," Harry said.

"Excellent," Dora said. "You make a beautiful girl, Harry."

Harry grinned, and blushed.

"Huh," Dora said, "I don't know if it is because you can control it, or because it is different with your feminine from, but your hair did not become pink when you blushed."

"Well, Harry," McGonagall said, "If you could change back into your male form and get dressed back into your normal clothing, I think we can call this first lesson finished. You've done wonderfully so far. Once you're back to your male form, you're excused. But I want you to get some lunch. Dora, I'll take you to your temporary Quarters when we're finished here. I'll put you somewhere near Harry's Quarters so he can visit you for bonus lessons in the next week."

"Alright," Dora said.

Harry walked back into the curtained area. Seven minutes later, Harry left, back in his male form, and dressed.

"Tomorrow, I would like the two of you to be here at eight-o-clock," McGonagall said. "Pending any unplanned issues, we'll have a three hour lesson, then we'll head to Diagon Alley with Harry's friend."

"Alright," Harry said.

Harry said farewell to Dora and Professor McGonagall, then left the classroom.

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