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The Truth Will Out

Chapter 7
The Truth Will Out

Author's Note: This chapter has no title. I seriously couldn't figure what to name it, but if any of you have any ideas, I'd love to hear them. EDIT: Thanks to puma1sunfire for the reccommendation!

A guest reviewer asked why Harry always gets the Harem. Why not Hermione, with a Harem of males. Actually this is a pretty good question. Why? Because with a harem of males, only Hermione can get pregnant with a baby from one father at a time, so one bloodline at a time. Harems such as Harry and several girls are more common because Harry would be able to impregnate all his wives, and have children with multiple Houses much sooner, then one woman would with multiple men. One female, with multiple men, makes no sense to me.

Sunday, December 27th, 1992 – Late Morning

Albus Dumbledore was finishing going through his morning mail, which included opening a few late Christmas gifts from friends, allies and acquaintances. Most of the gifts turned out to be books. Every year, everyone always gave him books. Out of the two-dozen books he received this year, only four of them were books he didn't own.

"Perhaps, each December, I should publish a list of the books I currently own," he said, sighing, as he opened yet another book he owned – which also happened to be the third copy of the same book he received that Christmas. "Oh well. Irma will enjoy having new books for her library."

He had been opening his mail since coming back from meeting Harry Potter. He had refused to acknowledge the fact that Harry referred to himself as a girl, as Rose Lily Potter. However, he also couldn't deny the truth of what the emergence of Rose Lily Potter meant. Harry Potter had somehow been cured of at least one, maybe more, and perhaps of all the Obliviations Albus had given him over the years.

Albus wasn't sure what was to be blamed on Harry discovering his true feminine form. Perhaps it was because of the removal of the bindings around Harry's magical core. Or possibly... possibly... Madam Pomfrey had given Harry a Flushing Draught. If she had given him a Flushing Draught, this also meant it was likely she had given one to Granger, as well as herself! This meant that Harry and Granger knew everything Albus had made them forget, and knew everything Albus had Compelled them to believe, including fabricating Harry's friendship with the Weasley family.

Albus wasn't sure what he was going to do about this. Granger, the Neko, would be immune to any future Compulsions, Obliviations, and Potions which affected her mind. If Harry was Compelled in the future, Granger would notice any changes. Albus couldn't do anything to Granger, simply because it appeared that Harry was her official mate, a Neko's mate! Not only would Harry and Granger defend each other with their very lives – if Harry did survive his mate's death, he would never recover to do anything that Albus wanted him to do.

And then there was Rose Potter. Even though he wanted to ignore the girl, he knew she existed. He had met her several times during her and Harry's childhood. She was a part of Harry, a part that could never be permanently removed. Not even Obliviations could remove her. Rose Potter was quite smart, and extremely strong-willed. She was proud to speak her mind, and she wouldn't take any of Albus' bullshit, either. Basically she was everything Albus hoped Harry would not be.

Split-Personality Disorders among Metamorphmagi was a dangerous thing. If the "alien personality" – also known as the non-dominant personality – became the dominant personality, the original personality was in danger of never coming back. In other words, if Rose became the dominant personality, Harry Potter would rarely be able to show himself. The 'Harry Potter' everyone knew would officially be Rose Potter.

Albus could not let that happen. That was why he refused to acknowledge Rose.

As Albus rummaged through the last of his mail, the miniature stone gargoyle on his desk, which represented the larger gargoyle which guarded his office turned to him.

"Ron Weasley is requesting admittance to your office, Headmaster," the miniature gargoyle said.

"Allow him in," Albus said.

Albus sighed as she collected his mail and placed it in a drawer. Ron Weasley's appearance was not unexpected. He knew why Ron was coming to meet him. Unfortunately, he could only give Ron some bad news.

Albus waved his wand at the office door, and Ron stepped into the office.

"Greetings, Mr. Weasley," Albus said, "Please be seated."

Ron walked across the office and sat down in the chair across the desk from Albus.

"How has your Christmas holidays been, Ron?" Albus asked.

"Okay, I suppose," Ron said, "Good haul of presents this year. It's just..."

"Yes?" Albus urged.

"Harry's missing, sir!" Ron said, "Last time I saw him was last night, outside the Hospital Wing. He was waiting to see Hermione. I told him he could see her later. Said he should come with me, and we could play chess. But he refused! He told me I should stay with him and wait for Madam Pomfrey to let us see Hermione. I think... I think he needs another Compulsion Charm. I told him he was my friend, and he argued and said that I was also Hermione's friend."

Ron scoffed. "As if. I realized the Compulsion Charm must have gone away. Or maybe it was just... I don't know. I decided to wait for Harry, but he must have returned to the dormitory after I fell asleep then left before I woke up. And he wasn't in the Great Hall for breakfast! I even asked Madam Pomfrey if he was in the Hospital Wing. She said he wasn't there! Then I realized something else! Harry's trunk is gone! I came here as soon as I discovered that! He's missing, sir! What if he ran away from Hogwarts?"

"Relax, Ron," Albus said, "Harry did not run away from Hogwarts. He spent the whole night in the Hospital Wing."

"Why?" Ron asked. "Because of Hermione?"

"No," Albus said. "I'm afraid you wouldn't understand why he spent the night. But I am afraid that something did happen that will change the future of Harry's time here at Hogwarts. Harry and Miss Granger will be living together in Private Quarters."

"What?!" Ron exclaimed. "You told me you were working on splitting them apart. Why are they going to live together?"

"Unforeseen circumstances, Ron," Albus said. "Unfortunately, what happened to Miss Granger last night changed her. She has become a Neko, a Cat-Girl, which is a magical creature. It appears that Harry is her mate."

Ron scoffed in disgust. "You mean they're... together? As in boyfriend and girlfriend?"

"I'm afraid it is much more difficult than that," Albus said. "Nekos are an intriguing creature. If they find their mate, they will defend them with all of their power. And their mate will do the same."

"So why do they have to live together?" Ron said. "If Hermione's a... a... whatever... surely she isn't human anymore. Can't you just expel her?"

"Unfortunately the Ministry would never allow me to expel her," Albus said, "Especially since they know I've accepted both werewolves and Veela as students in the past. Nekos qualify under the same category as werewolves and Veela. Only less dangerous."

"Okay, I understand why you'd place Hermione in Private Quarters," Ron said, "Why does Harry have to live with her? Because he's her mate?"

"Exactly," Albus said. "I'm afraid I cannot tell you anymore. Your mother would be most displeased with me if I gave you such information."

"My mother won't like this at all," Ron said. "I thought you agreed that Harry would be with Ginny, not Hermione!"

"Polygamy is legal, Ron," Albus said, "Harry can marry both your sister and Hermione."

"But I wanted Hermione!" Ron exclaimed.

"You never expressed interest in her before now," Albus said.

"Maybe not," Ron said, "But next year, we'll get to go to Hogsmeade. Where students have dates."

"I see," Albus said. "You want her because Harry has her now."

"So what if I do?!" Ron exclaimed. "He gets everything he wants. I agreed to be his friend so I could be a part of that!"

"Ah," Albus said, "I am afraid Harry does not see you as his friend now."

"What?!" Ron exclaimed. "Why not?"

"I fear the Compulsions have been entirely lifted by some unfortunate accident," Albus said. "He knows that I Compelled him to become friends with you and your family."

"So Compel him again!" Ron said.

"I can't," Albus said. "If I do, I would surely be caught. Harry and Granger do not have enough evidence at the moment to do anything. Granger's mind cannot be influenced anymore because she is a Neko. She would know if her mate acted differently than he should."

Ron sighed. "So there is nothing we can do?"

"I'm afraid not," Albus said.

"I will be writing my mother about this," Ron said. "Perhaps she has some ideas."

Albus merely nodded. Unfortunately, he knew he could not Obliviate or Compel Ron. Molly would discover if he did. She was one of Albus' strongest supporters, and she had made him promise never to control or Obliviate any of her children's minds. She even threatened to make an Unbreakable Vow with him. Only she could influence her children's minds. He hoped that Molly would take care of his problems when it came to Ron.

"Write your mother," Albus said. "But do nothing else. Do not attempt to speak to Harry or Granger. Do not attempt to insult Granger. As Granger is his mate, Harry will defend her even from verbal attacks. Leave them alone for now. Perhaps, in time, your friendship with them will mend."

Ron shrugged. "Alright. Can I be excused?"

Albus nodded. "You may."

Ron stood, then turned and headed out of the office.

Albus exhaled, popped a lemon drop in his mouth, then relaxed in his chair. He had been very careful during his conversation with Ron, and for a reason. He could not let Ron know about Harry's Metamorph talents or his illegally bound Magical Core, nor could he know about the real reason for Harry and Granger rooming together – Granger's 'in heat' predicament.

If either of these things were discovered, the Ministry of Magic would find out and Albus knew he would have a lot of heat coming his way, especially due to his part in Harry's bound Magical Core. He already had plenty of heat due to the Chamber of Secrets fiasco. If Ron knew any of these things, he would likely tell other people, and word would get out to all of Hogwarts by the first day of the new term. Albus could not afford any of this happening. He would need to do damage control when it came to Harry and Granger rooming together. But how?!

Albus sighed and picked up his unread mail again. He needed something to take his mind off these current troubling issues.

Meanwhile Minerva McGonagall was currently making her way down the Grand Staircase in the direction of the ground floor, where her classroom was located. Several things were on her mind.

She could not believe Albus Dumbledore had Compelled her and had given her Loyalty Potions keyed to him. She thought she was smart enough to notice these and prevent them. She vowed to be extra vigilant from now on.

Harry Potter and Hermione Granger's stories about being Obliviated and Compelled were heartbreaking. What had been done to them was absolutely criminal! She also suspected they may have been given Loyalty Potions which had been removed with the Flushing Draughts. Before that morning, Harry and Hermione had both been respectful toward Dumbledore, and had always called him 'sir', 'Headmaster' or 'Professor'. Today they mostly referred to him by Dumbledore. That may have been for their sudden disrespect for the man – for good reason. But Minerva was sure they had been given Loyalty Potions.

At least future mind control toward the two students was something Minerva would likely not have to worry about anymore. She knew Nekos, like Werewolves and Veela, were immune to mind control of any kind. While Metamorphs weren't immune, Harry was a Neko's mate. If Harry was under any type of mind control, Hermione would probably know about it.

Minerva was thinking about the letter she needed to write to Miss Granger's parents, when she neared the second floor platform on the staircase. Ron Weasley emerged from the corridor. Seeing him made her remember how Ron was also likely involved in Harry and Hermione's Compulsions.

"Mr. Weasley," McGonagall said, "I'm glad I caught you. I need to speak with you."

"Have you seen Harry, ma'am?" Ron asked. "I've been looking for him. Do you know where his Private Quarters are?"

"Who told you Mr. Potter has Private Quarters?" McGonagall replied, "The Headmaster?"

Ron nodded. "Yeah. But he didn't know where the Private Quarters were. I thought you might."

"You're lying to me, Mr. Weasley," McGonagall said. "I know well enough that the Headmaster, himself, escorted Mr. Potter to his Quarters this morning. I also know a few other things. I think we need to speak in private, Mr. Weasley."

"Can it wait?" Ron asked, "I – er – really should be working on my end-of-term homework."

"You have one week left of Christmas Break, Mr. Weasley," McGonagall said, "You have plenty of time to work on homework. This cannot wait. Of course, if you disagree, I can always give you detention every night for the next week, where you'll have plenty of time to work on end-of-term homework."

"No!" Ron said, "I mean – I – I'll come with you. I can work on my homework later."

"Very good, Mr. Weasley," McGonagall said. "Come now. We're going to my office. It is near my classroom. I'm quite sure you know where that is. So how about you lead me?"

Ron sighed and headed down the Staircase. Minerva knew she needed to be very careful about her meeting with Ron. She knew it was possible that Ron would tell Albus about their meeting. As she followed the boy to her office, she decided exactly what she needed to do.

"Please be seated in the chair in front of my desk, Mr. Weasley," Minerva said, when they stepped into her office. "I need to send a message in the Floo Network, and I better see you in that chair when I am finished."

"Alright," Ron muttered.

As Ron did as he was instructed, Minerva walked over to the fireplace, and collected some green powder from the Floo. She stuck her head in the Floo, muttered "The Burrow!" clearly but softly so Ron didn't hear her, and waited. Soon, she was looking into the quaint sitting room of the Burrow. Ron's father, Arthur Weasley, was sitting on one of the rocking chair, reading the recent Daily Prophet. When Minerva cleared her throat, Arthur looked over the newspaper and smiled when he saw her.

"Minerva," Arthur said, "What can I do for you?"

"I am meeting with your youngest son," Minerva said. "I am afraid he may very well be in some trouble. I need you to be there officially."

Arthur frowned. "I see. I will be there shortly. How should I arrive?"

"Floo Travel is fine by me," Minerva said. "You can enter my private Floo into my office. The password is 'Cattery'."

"Alright," Arthur said, "I'll see you there."

Minerva nodded and backed out of the fireplace. She stood and walked over to her desk and sat down. Ron was looking quite bored in his chair.

"Why am I here – er – Professor?" Ron asked.

"That will all be explained shortly, Mr. Weasley," Minerva said, "I'm just waiting for someone to join us."

"Who?" Ron asked.

The fireplace roared as green fire flashed. Arthur stepped out and walked over to the desk.

"Dad?" Ron asked, looking shocked, "What are you doing here?"

"I invited him," Minerva said; she conjured a chair next to Ron's chair. "Please be seated, Arthur."

"Thank you, ma'am," Arthur said, as he sat down, "Now, what is this all about?"

"Earlier this morning,"" Minerva said, "Madam Pomfrey gave Harry Potter and Hermione Granger both a Flushing Draught after they showed some suspicious behavior."

"They were given what?" Ron asked.

"A Flushing Draught," Minerva said. "It removes all Compulsions, Obliviations and harmful Potion effects from the drinker."

Ron's eyes widened. Minerva held back a smirk – obviously the boy now knew exactly why he was there.

"Obviously if Madam Pomfrey decided they needed the Draughts," Arthur said, "Then she thought something bad had obviously happened to them."

"Yes, and she was correct," Minerva said. "It turns out that in their childhood, prior to coming to Hogwarts, they were victims of Obliviation. Harry was victimized several times, and Hermione, a handful or less, but nonetheless, someone did Obliviate her."

"Who?" Arthur asked.

"I'm afraid it was Albus Dumbledore, Arthur," Minerva said.

"No!" Arthur said, aghast, "Why would he do such a thing?"

"That is still under investigation," Minerva said.

"What does this have to do with my son?" Arthur asked.

"I'm getting there," Minerva said. "On September 1st of last year, as Harry was trying to discover how to board the platform, he found Hermione and her parents. According to Harry, he overheard her talking about the platform, and was going to meet with her so that they could find the platform together. However, Albus interrupted Harry before he could do that. Unfortunately Albus Compelled Harry, making him do something else."

"What did he want Harry to do?" Arthur asked.

"He wanted Harry to meet your family," Minerva said. "He instructed Harry to find your wife and children so that they could help him get on the platform. Not just instructed – nay – Compelled him to do so."

"Why?" Arthur asked.

"I do not know," Minerva said, "I am wondering if Ron would know. Don't give me an answer just yet, Ronald, I am not finished. I want you to think about your answer. A couple months later, on Halloween of last year, perhaps you heard that a troll was lured into the castle."

"Fred and George mentioned it once," Arthur said, "I heard that they said it was a fun prank idea for Halloween."

"Unfortunately it was not a prank," Minerva said. "Now as I understand – I was able to get part of this story before today, and the rest today – Hermione wound up in a bathroom all day, crying because someone had bullied her. Who was responsible for bullying her? I'm looking at him."

"Ron?" Arthur asked, "I did not hear about this!"

"She made me look bad in Charms class that day," Ron grumbled, "She's a know-it-all."

"Ronald!" Arthur said, with a scolding tone, "She is your friend!"

"If I may continue," Minerva said. "Arthur, here's a hypothetical question for you. Say that, perhaps someone made fun of you while you were a student here. If you were embarrassed, and wanted to be alone. Where would you have gone, if not to a Professor?"

"Perhaps my dormitory," Arthur said, "The beds are very private if you want to be alone."

"Do you you believe Hermione Granger would have done that?" Minerva asked.

"I know that she is a very smart girl," Arthur said, nodding. "Yes, that is exactly what she would do. But... you said she was in a bathroom all day?"

"Indeed," Minerva said. "Because she had been Compelled to go there. By Albus Dumbledore himself. Now, I don't know why he made her go to that specific bathroom. But later that same evening, the troll which invaded ended up in that very same bathroom."

"Oh, my!" Arthur gasped.

"Now, there are apparently two stories about what happened that night," Minerva said. "The first is what Harry and Hermione were led to believe. According to Harry, before today, he believed that he had gone to that bathroom, with Ron. He believed that Ron helped him save Hermione from the troll. He was also led to believe that myself, Professor Snape and Professor Quirrel had discovered them. None of that happened. He, and Hermione, had been Compelled to believe that story.

"Here's the real story. Harry wanted to save Hermione. Ron refused to tag along and help. Harry successfully saved Hermione from the troll, without any notice from a Professor. Or so they would believe. Harry and Hermione then went back to the Gryffindor Tower, where Ron was waiting for them outside the portrait. According to Harry, he and Hermione got in a big fight with Ron, ending up with Harry telling Ron that he never wanted to be Ron's friend again."

Ron opened his mouth to argue, but closed it when Minerva glared at him.

"I'm not finished, Ronald," Minerva said. "During the argument, Professor Dumbledore appeared. Harry and Hermione immediately told the Headmaster what happened, telling them that Ron refused to help them. Dumbledore's reply: Compulsion. Dumbledore compelled Harry and Hermione to believe that first story."

"While Ron stood there?" Arthur asked, looking at his son.

"According to Harry and Hermione," Minerva said. "Ron suggested to Dumbledore to compel them so they help him with his homework and play chess with him."

"Those liars!" Ron yelled.

"Ronald!" Arthur said. "Tell me this isn't true. Remember what I always tell you and your brothers and Ginny. Speak honest when you're in trouble, as if you were given a sip of Truth Potion. Because if I find out differently..."

"Alright!" Ron grumbled, "They didn't lie. That did happen."

"Why?" Arthur asked, "Why did you take part in that? Tell the whole truth, son."

"But it will get Mum in trouble!" Ron said.

"Ron," Arthur said, "Tell the truth. Do you not understand what is going on here? If this is taken in front of the DMLE, or even the Wizengamot, and you are asked to give testimony. If you say something here, and say something else there, you could be in trouble."

"Fine," Ron grumbled. "It started a couple days after Percy's birthday, a few days before I started here at Hogwarts for my first year. You were at work. Professor Dumbledore showed up at home, and talked to Mum and me. He told Mum that he expected Harry Potter to be lost on September 1st, trying to find Platform Nine-And-Three-Quarters. If she said keywords like the Platform's name, or the word 'Muggles', and said them out loud, then Harry would probably find us. Mum agreed."

"What did the Headmaster have to say to you?" Arthur asked.

"He told me I had a chance to be Harry Potter's best friend," Ron said. "He told me that if I met Harry on the Hogwarts Express, and stayed with him, and talked to him, then we'd become friends. I was supposed to brag about Gryffindor House to make sure Harry would want to be in that House."

"What did the Headmaster say he'd give you in return?" Arthur asked.

"If I succeeded, if I became Harry's friend," Ron said, "Then he told me I would also need to spy on Harry, and report to Professor Dumbledore every Saturday while at Hogwarts, and tell him what Harry did. If I did all this, he would give me candy, and Galleons. And also he would help me with my classes. I would get extra credit every week when I gave him good things about Harry."

"What about Hermione?" Minerva asked.

"Professor Dumbledore said he was interested in Hermione," Ron said. "I don't know why, but apparently he was afraid Harry would be friends with Hermione. Professor Dumbledore said he knew what would happen on Halloween with the troll. All I had to do was tease Hermione enough. She ran off and Professor Dumbledore met her to Compel her. That evening, after I refused to help Harry save Hermione, I met with Professor Dumbledore, and told him what Harry was doing. I was waiting for them back at Gryffindor Tower that night. Dumbledore Compelled them and – yeah – I knew Hermione was smart, so I wanted her to help me with my homework. And I liked playing chess with Harry. So I asked the Headmaster to influence them, so they'd do that stuff."

"If Dumbledore didn't want Hermione to be friends with Harry," Minerva said, "Then why are they still friends?"

"He said he wanted me to keep an eye on Hermione," Ron said. "He also said..."

"Yes, Ronald?" Minerva asked.

"He told me that he would work it out eventually so that Hermione would be my girlfriend," Ron said. "Just like he'd work it out so that Ginny would be Harry's girlfriend."

"Did he say how he was going to do that?" Arthur asked. "How would Ginny be Harry's girlfriend?"

Ron shrugged. "He said Mum would take care of that."

Arthur sighed. "I was afraid of that."

"Care to explain?" Minerva asked.

"Love Potion," Arthur said, "Molly has had a history of making them. She made some for one of Bill's old girlfriends that she particularly admired in hopes that Bill would marry her. Bill found out, then told me. It isn't farfetched to assume Albus would use her to create Love Potions."

"Which he could use on Harry and Hermione," Minerva said. "Arthur I need to explain something to you, but I do not want Ron to know about it. I need your permission to temporarily make him deaf."

"What?!" Ron exclaimed.

"Silence, Ron," Arthur said, "I'll do it myself, Minerva. Ron, you will not hear anything for a period of time. But you will remain seated where you are, and will not say anything."

"Fine," Ron muttered, looking as if he was anything but fine about it.

Arthur pointed his wand at Ron's ears. Ron gasped and covered his ears then looked around. He grumbled and looked down at his lap.

"Arthur," Minerva said, "What I am about to tell you, nobody can know. Not even your wife. This is about Harry and Hermione. I would not tell you if it wasn't for your wife and son's apparent involvement."

"Alright," Arthur said. "I promise to keep it a secret. I could even make a Vow, if you wish."

"Unnecessary," Minerva said, "I believe you can keep it a secret. Alright. Yesterday, Hermione Granger was involved in an unfortunate Potions mishap. It resulted in her becoming a Neko."

Arthur gasped. "Oh, poor dear. How terrible. How is she coping?"

"Oddly enough, she's rather okay with much of it," Minerva said. "It is a new learning experience, which she does enjoy. Anyway, it turns out that Harry is her mate. Perhaps you know what it means to be a Neko's mate."

"I've heard about such things," Arthur said, nodding. "A Neko and their mate will defend each other to their deaths. Their relationship virtually cannot be broken up."

"Indeed," Minerva said. "Nekos also cannot be Compelled, Obliviated, or have their minds affected at all. So Love Potion would not affect her."

"Well, that is good," Arthur said.

"Hermione and Harry will be living together in Private Quarters due to personal reasons," Minerva said. "Now, I must be honest here. I don't know what is going to happen to Ron. We have evidence that, in addition to Ron assisting and knowing about Albus Compelling Harry and Hermione, Ron has also involved himself in controlling Harry's actions and spying on him. Also, it could be seen that he has a part in Hermione's attempted murder-by-proxy using the troll, since his insult had led to her ending up in the bathroom, in addition to Albus Compelling her."

"So what could happen to him?" Arthur asked.

"It is unknown at the moment," Minerva said. "Albus may refuse suspension or – yes, even the possibility of expulsion, simply because it would mean he is admitting his own guilt. However, the DMLE could also get involved. For now, I would ask that Ron retrieve his belongings and return home with you for the remainder of Christmas Break. I do not want him anywhere near Albus at the moment, in fear that he might reveal to Albus what we've discovered."

"Alright," Arthur said.

"If the DMLE gets involved and Albus gets arrested," Minerva said, "You might be able to make a deal with the DMLE. Ron and Molly would give up all information they know about Albus, in turn for immunity from any crimes of involvement. Suspension or Expulsion is still possible, however."

"I understand, ma'am," Arthur said, "I imagine you will tell Harry and Hermione about what you discovered?"

"Very likely," Minerva said. "There is something else. If Ron returns, Harry and Hermione will not want to be involved with him. They know now that they didn't want to be friends with him. They know he was involved in Compelling them, and they were forced to be friends with him. Also, I fear Ron may tease Hermione more because of her being a Neko. Because of their personal involvement with him, they may react badly if he insults Hermione."

"I will make sure he behaves himself around them when – if he returns to Hogwarts a week from now," Arthur said.

"Very well," Minerva said. "You may escort your son to Gryffindor Tower so he can collect his belongings. I imagine you'll find your other children and can tell them – well – whatever you feel is best. Password is Mistletoe."

"Alright," Arthur said. "Thank you to coming to me about this, Minerva."

"Of course," Minerva said.

Arthur waved his wand at Ron, and he could hear again.

"Come on, Ron," Arthur said, "I'm taking you to Gryffindor Tower to pick up your belongings. You're coming home for the remainder of Christmas Break. We'll be discussing all of this."

Ron grumbled but said nothing. He stood and followed his father out of Minerva's office. Minerva sighed and relaxed in her chair. She needed to discuss these new developments with Harry and Hermione by the end of the day. She also needed to write to Hermione's parents.

Also... she needed to contact the DMLE sometime in regards to Albus. However, something kept playing in her mind. She wondered if Harry's lax of knowledge in his family history and goings-on at Gringotts had anything to do with Albus. After all, Albus had made Hagrid take Harry to shop in Diagon Alley the first time. When they visited Gringotts, instead of Hagrid taking Harry to meet with his Account Manager, he had met with a random Goblin. What if Albus had influenced that? What if Albus knew that there was something the Account Manager knew that he didn't want Harry to know.

Minerva made a decision then. She would wait. She would arrange a meeting with the Grangers and accompany Harry and Hermione to Diagon Alley to go to Gringotts, do some shopping and meet with Hermione's parents. Madam Pomfrey had confided in Minerva and told her all the fur should be removed from Hermione's face and body by tomorrow evening. If Hermione looked like herself – in addition to those new additions that were unfortunately permanent – and not 'in heat' the following day, Minerva would accompany Harry and Hermione to Diagon Alley that day. Minerva also decided she would explain Harry's family history, and Ancient and Most Noble Houses tomorrow in addition to him meeting Nymphadora Tonks.

Minerva cleared her throat, took some writing material and began writing a letter to Hermione's parents. Hopefully the Grangers would accept their daughter's new lifestyle. If they didn't... well, Minerva would cross that bridge if it came.

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