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Breaking The Ice, Part 1

Chapter 38
Breaking The Ice, Part 1

Author's Note: Yes, you read that title right. Part 1. This chapter went everywhere and nowhere at the same time. This chapter is absolutely hysterical. This is more of funny and bizarre side of the meeting in the Lord's Quarters. Next chapter we get back to the serious business.

Monday, January 4th, 1993 – Mid-Afternoon

Parvati Patil was currently sitting on the toilet in the bathroom of Harry Potter's private quarters, with teardrops gradually rolling down her cheeks that she did not bother to wipe away. She was too busy feeling all kinds of emotions: sorry for herself, angry at herself and others – including but not limited to her sister Padma, Daphne Greengrass, Hermione Granger and Harry Potter – and also upset.

She was upset that she hadn't handled herself better so far during the conversation with Harry. She reasoned that that wasn't completely her fault.

First, she had expected this meeting to take place last night after the feast, when she had been mentally prepared for the conversation she had planned with Harry. But Professor – no, Headmistress – McGonagall's new rules had slapped a Bludger right into those plans. Especially the new restrictions on curfews. She would have definitely not been able to make it back to Gryffindor Tower from Harry's Private Quarters without getting caught last night, and even if she had, the Fat Lady might have outed her rule-breaking anyway.

Then there was the fact that Harry had been sent to Headmistress McGonagall's office with Aurors, Madam Bones, McGonagall, Hermione and all of the Weasley siblings currently in attendance at Hogwarts. Why that happened, she hadn't discovered nor could she begin to fathom the answer. It seemed everything had been working against her last night. She had fallen asleep angry that all the preparation and planning she had done – expecting to use those plans that evening – had gone out the window.

Then there was another contributing factor. She had prepared for the meeting to be between herself, her twin sister, Padma, and Harry Potter. She had not expected Hermione Granger nor Daphne Greengrass to be included! How was she supposed to talk about something as private as her planned conversation was, with two others she had not planned for. It was going to be embarrassing enough talking about it to Harry! Sure, she could kindly request that Hermione and Daphne not be included in that discussion, but there were a couple of problems with that.

The first was predictable. Daphne Greengrass also being Betrothed to Harry was known to her and Padma. Their father had told them that. So it wasn't too surprising for Harry to have invited her to a meeting that was discussing the Betrothal Contracts. She couldn't blame Harry that he was hitting two Bludgers with one Bat (or two birds with one stone, in Muggle tongue) inviting Daphne to the same meeting as Padma.

The second – Parvati couldn't have prepared for that even if she had a year of planning. The revelation the previous evening that Hermione Granger was now a Neko was something Parvati could have never foreseen. She even doubted the Divination Professor, Sybill Trelawney could have predicted that! Hermione wasn't the only student pissed at Gilderoy Lockhart for his pathetic lesson on Nekos earlier that day. One of Parvati Patil's lesser-known secrets was that she had plans to work in the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures in the Ministry of Magic. When she was growing up, Parvati had loved learning about all kinds of Magical Creatures. Sure, some of them freaked her out more than others. But many were simply so fascinating!

Suffice it to say, the mysterious and elusive Neko was one of her favorite subjects to read about and research when she was young. She had dreamed about becoming a Neko, since she was a little girl, and now Hermione Granger – a thirteen year old Muggleborn – was now a Neko! How unfair was that?! Both Headmistress McGonagall and Lockhart had alluded to Hermione having some type of accident which transformed her into a Neko. They were being very hush-hush about it.

Parvati, however, was almost sure she knew how Hermione had become one. What was amazing was that Hermione had achieved the steps needed to become one, then appeared to become one completely by accident! The fact that she had to prepare Polyjuice Potion herself – because it had to be fresh for the transformation to occur – and that she had the knowledge, ability and skill to do so was absolutely amazing. She was envious of Hermione for that factor alone. That Hermione was foolish enough to mistake – and it was a mistake, because her transformation was clearly an accident – a cat hair for a human hair was pretty amusing. Hermione was so smart that she should have joined Padma in Ravenclaw, but she was so dumb to make such a mistake. And that mistake turned her into a creature that Parvati dreamed of being.

That Hermione was a Neko was a very big complication in Parvati's plans, for one simple reason. Parvati was ninety-nine percent positive that Harry Potter was Hermione's mate. Not just her boyfriend but her mate. Being a Neko's Mate was serious business. Parvati had read about this during her research. If Harry Potter was Hermione's Mate, then that brought up a lot of complications.

Not just for Parvati, but also for her twin sister Padma, and Daphne Greengrass, as Harry's contracted Betrothed. A Neko mated for life. Basically, Hermione Granger was destined to be Lady Potter, a title that was supposed to be given to either Padma or Daphne, as Harry's contracted Betrothed. Parvati grimaced at that thought. Her father would be severely peeved. She had heard him jokingly call Padma "Lady Potter" just the day before to an embarrassed and blushing Padma. He had planned for her to be Lady Potter. But now it appeared that title belonged to the Muggleborn Neko, Hermione Granger.

Parvati was already dreading the day she and Padma would try to convince her father that both his daughters should marry Harry Potter. She already knew that conversation wouldn't go so well at all. Now adding the fact that her father would be angry that Padma wouldn't be Lady Potter complicated that future conversation to where it would become absolutely impossible.

The tears fell harder down Parvati's face as this thought crossed her mind. She was doomed, she knew. Doomed to watch her sister marry Harry Potter. She was doomed to marry a man who had other wives. Oh, she would be just fine if that man was Harry Potter. But that dream seemed absolutely impossible now.

Daphne Greengrass' earlier statement to her swept through her mind.

"If – when Padma marries Harry," Daphne said, "You'll still be considered Harry's family. You'll be his sister-in-law."

"Fuck you, Greengrass," Parvati muttered under her breath, "Yeah, brag all you want, bitch. You get to marry him, you don't need to parade that I'm destined to be his sister-in-law. I'm fucking well-aware of that now."

Sister-in-law. She hated that term. Sister-wife, now there was an okay term. Well, sort of. She would be just fine being a sister-wife as long as she was married to Harry. Even if it meant one of her sister-wives was her actual sister! Being a sister-wife to a group of Indian women – not all of whom may be witches – and married to an older Indian man was not in her dreams or plans.

Suddenly a thought moved to the forefront of her mind. An absolutely delicious, tantalizing thought. She wondered if that plan would work. No, actually she knew it would work. Hadn't she seen the results of that plan already? What made her hesitate was the consequences of the plan. Her father would be absolutely pissed if she went along that plan. To the point where she'd be kicked out of her family. Still, the idea, the plan, sounded pretty good to her. The result would likely mean that she wouldn't have to marry an older Indian man. She'd escape that fate. But would the plan lead to the results she wanted? Something in the back of her mind was telling her no.

Parvati sighed. It was an excellent plan but one that would have to be given thought. And she would only go through with the plan if her fate as an old Indian man's future wife was close to happening. For now, she would try to go through with her current plans. Yes, even if they were extremely complicating.

She also decided then and there that she was not going to discuss this alternative plan with anyone. Not Padma, not Lavender. Not Harry or Hermione. Nobody. They would definitely not support her plans, at least until she went through with them. Then she could explain her reasoning, and hope that they accepted her. And if they didn't... well, she'd cross that bridge when it came.

Her thoughts were broken when she heard the bathroom door open. She gasped in surprise for a mere second then sighed in relief when she saw it was her twin sister, Padma. She then narrowed her eyes.

"What are you doing in here?" Parvati asked.

Padma shut the door behind her, then leaned against it.

"I figured you probably wouldn't be coming out of here until I came in here and got you," she said, "and even then, you wouldn't be coming out until you talked to me."

Parvati huffed but did not argue her sister's point. She did want to talk to her sister.

"What's wrong, sister?" Padma asked.

Parvati didn't reply. She wasn't sure where to begin.

"Can I guess?" Padma asked; Parvati sighed and nodded. "Daphne mentioned the word 'sister-in-law', and soon after, you retreated in here. It isn't too hard to guess, you know. You don't want to be Harry's sister-in-law."

"You knew that already, Padma," Parvati said, "Yes, I want to be Harry's future wife. Of course you know that. We discussed that very topic how many times over the past few days?"

"Only because you wouldn't shut up about it," Padma said, with a grin.

Parvati stuck her tongue out.

"Careful, or I might expect you to do something with that tongue," Padma teased.

Parvati's tongue retreated back into her mouth and she blushed fiercely. Padma chuckled. Then she sighed deeply.

"You know, I was quite shocked you had decided to run off into here, Parvati," Padma said, "Daphne's sister-in-law comment would have been a great opening for you to begin your planned discussion with Harry."

"Are you mental?!" Parvati growled. "I can't discuss that conversation with Hermione and Daphne in the same room as us and Harry!"

Padma raised her eyebrows. "And why not? Daphne is Harry's future wife as much as I am. Why shouldn't she be included in the conversation? And Hermione, she's..."

Padma paused with a frown, and it was easy to see she was trying to figure out how to continue.

"If you believe Daphne should be included in that conversation," Parvati said, "Then Hermione definitely should be included in it."

Padma raised an eyebrow, looking at her questioningly. "Why? She's Muggleborn. I doubt her parents would agree to a Betrothal Contract."

"They don't need to, Padma!" Parvati growled. "She's already destined to be the future Lady Potter!"

Now both of Padma's eyebrows were raised. "What makes you say that? Okay, there's a possible chance that those two are dating. I'll give you that one, if that is what you think. But how long will that last? Harry's betrothed to three girls, Parvati. Considering Hermione's Muggle upbringing, I highly doubt she would agree to be included in a polygamous marriage."

"Oh, Padma, you really should have listened to me over the years when I talked to you about Magical Creatures," Parvati said.

Padma snorted. "We've discussed that to death, Parvati. Magical Creatures are your thing, not mine."

Parvati snorted. Then she snickered, and finally started laughing. No, not laughing. Cackling.

"What the bloody hell is so funny?!" Padma demanded.

"You're going to – regret - not being more into – Magical Creatures, Padma," Parvati said, through her laughter. "You're going to be spending the rest of your life with one."

"What the bloody hell is that supposed to mean?" Padma asked, then she snorted. "Oh, right. Harry's a Metamorphmagus. Parvati, they're not considered Magical Creatures. Metamorph is considered an ability, not a Creature type!"

"I know that!" Parvati growled. "I'm not talking about Harry!"

"Ooh," Padma said, "The Delacour girl. She's a Veela, isn't she?"

Parvati cursed under her breath. She had forgotten that. "Okay, two Magical Creatures then. Padma, I'm talking about Hermione!"

"I'm still lost, Parvati," Padma said.

Parvati snorted. "You do not belong in Ravenclaw, Padma. You agree with me that Hermione is probably Harry's girlfriend, right?"

"She appears to be living in Harry's quarters," Padma said. "Wait, didn't you tell me that Hermione revealed she's Harry's Vassal? Maybe they're not dating. Maybe she's just living here as Vassal."

"They're not just dating, Padma!" Parvati exclaimed.

"Okay, so she's his girlfriend!" Padma said, "So what? Outside of Betrothals, no relationships this young last very long! They're going to break up sooner or later. Like I said, she wasn't raised to be in a polygamous relationship. So what is the problem?"

"The problem is she's a Neko, Padma!" Parvati said.

"I thought you liked Nekos," Padma said, with a frown. "I do remember how you always discussed them more often than your other Creatures. Why is her being one a problem?"

"It isn't a problem for me, but for you!" Parvati exclaimed. "Listen to me very clearly, Padma. Harry is her Mate!"

Padma stared at her. First with questioning eyebrows, then her eyebrows started to raise and her eyes widened.

"Mate?" Padma asked. "As in..."

"You know how Veela only ever have one Mate?" Parvati asked. "The same can be said for Nekos. If Harry and Hermione are dating, there is a ninety-nine percent chance that Harry is Hermione's Mate."

Padma frowned and slid her back down the bathroom door until she was sitting down with her knees against her chest.

"Oh," she said, quietly.

"Most Muggle women and Muggleborn witches rarely worry about their surname going to their children," Parvati said, "Given that Hermione is Harry's best friend, his first love, and most importantly, his Mate, it is quite likely he's already decided – unconsciously or not – chosen her to be his Lady Potter."

"Oh," Padma repeated. "Daddy won't be too happy about that."

"No, he won't," Parvati said, "Then it just gets worse."

"How could it possibly be worse?" Padma asked.

Parvati winced and explained exactly how worse it could be. Padma's response would have been heard throughout the Private Quarters had the bathroom not been Silenced.


At roughly the same time, in the sitting room of the Private Quarters, Daphne Greengrass exclaimed out loud. The Silencing Charm on the bathroom door didn't go both ways. So the Patil twins had heard her, and had immediately proceeded to leave the bathroom to see what the matter was.

(A few minutes earlier)

Rose Lily Potter, the female counterpart and feminine personality of Harry James Potter, was absolutely and unquestionably bored out of her mind.

Well, actually she was currently inside Harry's mind. When it wasn't her turn to "play", she was trapped in what appeared to be a tiny little room inside Harry's mind. In this room there was a very comfortable rocking chair, a mirror and a television. Every moment she was in this room - aside from when she was speaking (or "compromising") with Harry in front of the mirror (which wasn't all that often) - she was sitting there, either watching the television or contemplating.

The television only showed one thing – Harry's point-of-view (through his eyes) as he went through his days. At least she got to sleep when he did!

It had been six days since she had come out and play in the real world. Six days since she had shopped in Diagon Alley. She had thought a lot about that shopping trip. Especially the outfits she had bought. There were the school outfits she had compromised with Harry to buy in case they ever agreed to introduce her to Harry's friends – aside from Hermione and Dora, that was. There were also the five seasonal outfits she had bought in that lovely little store that only witches could go into. Aside from when she had tried on the outfits, she had not had a chance to wear them yet.

Harry had worn the school outfit when he had changed into his female body during his Metamorph training, but during those times, that was always Harry. Never did he let Rose come forth and play during those occasions when he transformed into his female self. That wasn't fair. Why did his personality get to remain on the surface even when he transformed into her?

That was only one of Rose's current complaints. Five days ago, things escalated in Rose's nice little room. Five days ago, Harry Potter lost his virginity to his Neko Mate, Hermione Granger. And wasn't that fun to watch? Things got... interesting (and annoying)... whenever Harry and his Neko Mate had sex. The first time it happened, the "ceiling" above Rose's chair lit up like a disco ball. The second time, the floor lit up with lights as well. Rose got annoyed by the third time. The whole room lit up and she had to squint her eyes to avoid the light. Since then, every time Harry and his mate had sex, the light show began and kept going on until the literal climax.

Then there was the fact that she did not want to watch Harry shagging his mate! No, she wanted to be the one experiencing it. Well, maybe not the male side of it. She figured she – Rose – would have a lot of fun with Hermione.

Unfortunately, Harry had not shown up in the mirror to talk to her, so she could ask (read: demand!) that she could surface! Harry James Potter was selfish! When she had agreed that he could be the dominant personality, she had thought he'd let her surface every other day – at least for an hour or two, if not more! But no... she hadn't been able to surface since her shopping trip!

Why had she been allowed to go shopping if she wasn't going to be able to wear her outfits? Why wasn't Harry sharing his girlfriend with her? Why? Because he was selfish!

Rose sighed and looked at the television. She hadn't been paying attention to it for a while, ever since that flamboyant idiot Gilderoy Lockhart's class had begun. She usually loved watching when Harry went to class. But History of Magic was boring, and DADA was cringe-worthy with Lockhart as the Professor. Did that ghostly idiot, Binns, realize all he was doing was reading from the textbook for his "lectures"?! Really, Harry didn't have to attend that class, all he needed to do was read the book! And Lockhart... he needed to be fired. And soon. He was a fraudulent arse! Okay, he was kind of handsome, but he was also an arse!

Rose raised her eyebrows at the television. What was going on? Why were there other girls aside from Hermione in the Lord's Quarters? Wait... she remembered Harry had been planning on meeting the Patil twins – that explained the two Indian girls. The sexy little blonde was wearing Slytherin green, so Rose deduced she was Daphne Greengrass. Oh. This would be the planned meeting Harry had wanted with the girls. Well, two of the girls – one of the twins, and the blonde. What was the other twin doing there?

Rose waved her hand and the volume rose. The twin Harry wasn't Betrothed to was speaking. Rose faintly recalled her name was Parvati.

"The contract was made when we were all in nappies!" Parvati said, "Daddy wouldn't have known if you'd be in the same Hogwarts House as one of us. He decided Padma, because she's technically the older daughter."

"Which is understandable because it is the proper procedure when it comes to penning Betrothal Contracts," Daphne said.

"Exactly," Parvati said.

"So that explains what your father meant when he said you were upset," Harry said.

"He told you that?" Parvati asked; she blushed and huffed. "Of course he did. He's so... infuriating sometimes! I'm not Betrothed to you. Why is my problems your problems?!"

"If – when Padma marries Harry," Daphne said, "You'll still be considered Harry's family. You'll be his sister-in-law."

Rose snorted as she watched Parvati glare at Daphne, then – after asking where the bathroom was – leave the room. What a bitch! Rose was very glad that Parvati wasn't the one Betrothed to Harry.

However... Rose could read between the lines. She had glared at Daphne when the girl mentioned "sister-in-law".

"Oh, you little tart," Rose said, with a snort. "You want to be Harry's wife, don't you? Sorry, lass, he's already going to be married to four girls – five, maybe, with Dora, if we decide to let her put a baby in our belly. You, Parvati, have no room in our family! So yes, you'll be a sister-in-law! Do you hear me, Harry?! Tell Padma to tell her tart sister she ain't getting her wish!"

Rose glanced at the mirror. Empty. Of course it was. Never when she wanted to speak to Harry, did he ever show up in it. He only showed up when he wanted to speak to her. Hmmph. Being the secondary personality sucked.

Rose sighed and listened to the conversation. Padma had left, probably to talk to her sister. Hmm... interesting... it would appear Daphne wanted to live in the Lord's Quarters like Padma. Wait... Padma was going to live in the Quarters too? If Padma discovered her Betrothed and his mate shagged like bunnies, she might join in.

That meant more sex. Which meant more lights. Which meant more watching Harry participate in something she didn't get to join!

And now Daphne wanted to live there too. That sexy little Slytherin. If she was going to live there, if she was going to be a part of the "light show", then Rose definitely wanted in.

There was just one problem. Daphne didn't know about Rose yet. That had to change... and soon.

"I wonder what's wrong with Parvati," Harry commented.

"Girl issues most likely," Daphne snorted. "You could never hope to understand that."

Hermione laughed. "Actually you might be surprised to find that maybe he could."

Rose grinned as Hermione and Harry cracked up laughing. If that wasn't an invitation for her to introduce herself to Harry's Betrothed, she didn't know what was.

She closed her eyes and concentrated on bringing forth herself to the surface. As she felt the change, she grinned and opened her eyes.

No longer was she in that tiny room. Now she was in the sitting room of the Private Quarters. However, her arrival wasn't exactly how she expected it to be.

"WHAT THE BLOODY HELL?!" Daphne shrieked.

Rose snorted as Daphne fell out of her chair then stood up and backed far away from her.

"Harry!" Hermione shrieked, "What are you doing?!"

Rose smiled and turned to Hermione.

"I'm offended you don't recognize me, Hermione!" Rose said, "You just took me shopping a few days ago!"

Hermione's eyes widened. "R-Rose?"

"Hi, pretty kitty!" Rose exclaimed.

Hermione did not blush – which was Rose's intention. She jumped up and glared at her.

"Rose, what do you think you are doing?!" she growled.

Rose pouted playfully. "I wanted to play."

"Rose... go to your room!" Hermione growled. "Now! I'll talk to you in a minute."

Rose pouted again. Then she grinned. If she went to her room, she could get out of these gross boy's clothes and get into one of her new outfits. She stood, then waved to a shocked Daphne Greengrass, then started her way to her bedroom. The two Patil twins were at the edge of the sitting room looking at her with the same shocked expression Daphne had. Rose grinned and waved at them, before jogging past them and headed to her bedroom.

Now, it was time to play!

This chapter came absolutely out of nowhere. I had some of Parvati's thoughts and schemes planned for this chapter already. But Rose's part was unplanned. She wanted to play, so I let her come out and play.

I am SO sorry for the huge delay in this story. I started Ilvermorny Champion and that latched onto my brain. Over the last couple of days. I reread this story, and then boom! I started writing this chapter and this is the result. I realized Rose hasn't been in the story for a while, and she desperately wanted to play. This is the result.

What do you think of Parvati's thoughts and schemes? What do you think her "plan" is? What do you think she told Padma that made her yell? What do you think of Rose's POV, and her "mind-room"?

Next chapter: Hermione does her best to explain to the girls exactly who Rose is. Then she talks to Rose and tries to convince her to let Harry come back. Does she succeed? Either way, they return to the sitting room and continue the discussion.

Hopefully it doesn't take months to bring in the next chapter. Hope you liked this chapter!

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