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Arrests And Interrogations

Chapter 37
Arrests and Interrogations

Author's Note: Bad news. I have decided, upon advisement by one of my reviewers, to split my ideas into two or three separate chapters. So this doesn't have everything in it I promised. This just focuses around Lucius Malfoy, Amelia Bones and Peter Pettigrew. Good news, is that with this change, I was able to publish this much faster than expected!

This chapter takes place at the same time as the morning events of the previous chapter.

Monday, January 4th, 1993 – Early Morning

Lucius Malfoy was relaxing in his favorite chair in the sitting room of Malfoy Manor, while drinking from a cup of English tea, and reading through his early morning post as he waited for the new edition of the Daily Prophet. He had woken up only minutes ago to find several scrolls of parchment waiting for him.

He merely skimmed over most of the post. One letter announced the recent engagement between the eldest son of one his allies, and the eldest daughter of of another ally. Another letter was a pregnancy announcement from yet another ally.

There were also three letters from pureblood Houses – all of whom weren't close allies with the House of Malfoy – who were proposing Betrothal Contracts between their daughter, and his son Draco. Lucius rolled his eyes and ripped up all three of those letters. He and Pascal Parkinson had been in talks several times concerning a Betrothal Contract between Draco and Pascal's eldest daughter, Pansy. He had been planning on penning an official contract on his son's thirteenth birthday later that year. He wondered if he should change his plans, and meet with Pascal and complete the contract early, just so he wouldn't be bothered by all the annoying Betrothal offers.

He opened the next scroll to find the letter he had been looking for. He knew his son would be writing about certain things already. He was about to start reading the letter when he heard a noise nearby. He turned his gaze toward the source of the noise and found one of the family house-elves – Dobby, he remembered – carrying a pile of what appeared to be clothes.

"Dobby!" Lucius snarled, "Why have you brought a pile of dirty laundry in here? You know well enough that dirty laundry belongs in the basement for wash!"

"Dobby knows this, Master Malfoy," Dobby said, "Dobby simply wondered if there was any dirty laundry in Master's sitting room."

"I doubt it," Lucius said, then waved a dismissive hand, "But you're welcome to search. Just don't bother me while I read the morning post. Speaking of... has today's edition of the Daily Prophet arrived?"

"No, Master Malfoy," Dobby said.

"When it arrives, I expect it in my possession a moment later!" Lucius said.

"Yes, Master Malfoy," Dobby said.

"Good," Lucius said, "You may return to your chore."

"Yes, Master Malfoy," Dobby repeated.

Lucius huffed. He took another sip of his tea, and started reading his son's letter. There was the expected complaints about the new Headmistress Minerva McGonagall, including complaints about the rules she had laid out. Lucius had already informed his son that McGonagall had been voted in as Headmistress, though he hadn't told the boy about the Headmistress' new rules. As much as he loved his son, he got a certain thrill from seeing his son complaining about things he didn't like, or complaining when things didn't go his way. It was good lessons for the boy to find that not everything ever went his way. If he learned anything during his time at Hogwarts, Lucius hoped it would be that lesson more than anything.

Then there was the expected complaint about the new Potions Mistress, Andromeda Tonks – Lucius' sister-in-law. Lucius and his wife, Narcissa hardly ever spoke of her sister, Andromeda. She had made some bad choices years ago, and Narcissa just wanted to forget about her. This dislike for Andromeda had been passed onto Draco, after Narcissa had told him about her.

Lucius had decided against informing both his wife and son of the probability that Andromeda would be Severus Snape's replacement. Draco's complaint that his blood-traitor Aunt was teaching him Potions was entertaining to read. He expected many complaints about Andromeda from his son in the future, and while he would reply to those complaints with comfort and soothing, he would privately smile at the thought of his sister-in-law teaching his son. Potions was an important subject, after all, and Draco was used to Severus Snape giving him good grades even if he had poor work. That would no longer happen with the new Potions Mistress. Something Draco truly needed if he was ever going to learn to to Master the art of Potions.

Then there was the first of the unexpected complaints. His eyes widened at the mention of Harry Potter being a Metamorphmagus. He had never expected such an ability from a boy like Potter. Unexpected... but also interesting. He would ponder on the possibilities of that later. Then there was another complaint involving Hermione Granger. This was nothing unexpected. Draco always complained about the Mudblood Granger, and how she always outperformed him in classes. The unexpected announcement was that Hermione Granger had somehow become a Neko over Christmas Break, and somehow she had been able to keep the secret from all the students who had stayed at Hogwarts over the holidays, including Draco. Another development Lucius would have to ponder. He had never heard of a Mudblood Neko. He looked forward to the possibilities of that.

Then there was another unexpected announcement, and this shocked Lucius greatly. Madam Amelia Bones, Head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement, and several Aurors and Unspeakables had visited Hogwarts and had taken part in the Start-Of-Term Feast. Madam Bones had announced in front of the whole school that the Chamber of Secrets had been discovered, the monster behind the attacks destroyed! The fiasco had been solved!

Lucius' hands and face went suddenly clammy. He had known about the Chamber of Secrets since his son had written home the day after Halloween a few months ago. It had taken a couple days of research and deep thought before Lucius had realized that the diary was likely involved in the Chamber of Secrets. He had given the bloody diary to Arthur Weasley's one and only daughter, in hopes she'd give it to her father. He hoped her father would, in turn, get in trouble for having something so dangerous. But he realized that the bloody little girl had decided to take the diary to Hogwarts and write in it. Lucius had known there was nothing good with the diary. He just didn't know exactly what. But he knew it was involved with the Chamber of Secrets. The diary was fifty years old, and the last time the Chamber of Secrets had been opened was fifty years ago! It wasn't a coincidence.

If the Chamber of Secrets ordeal had been solved, then Lucius knew he was at risk. The diary would likely be found soon if it hadn't already been found. There was a chance that the Weasley girl – or anyone of those witnesses who had been in Flourish and Blott's that day, including Harry Potter – had figured out that the diary had been given to the Weasley girl by him! When that was discovered –

Lucius' reverie was interrupted by an alarm that usually indicated someone was at the front door. He stood and found that the house-elf, Dobby, was still in the room searching for dirty laundry.

"Dobby!" Lucius snarled, "Find out who is at the front door!"

Dobby dropped the large pile of laundry on the floor, and vanished.

If it was Madam Bones, or Aurors, or someone from the DMLE, then he knew he was already in trouble. He hadn't heard any alarm ward which usually went off at the front gate at the edge of the plot. Which meant that the ward had been disabled. Suddenly the fire which had been roaring in the hearth in front of him suddenly died out. Which could only mean that the Floo Network connected to the fireplace was disabled. A quick attempt at Apparation failed, which meant Anti-Apparation wards had been set.

"Dobby!" Lucius growled, trying to keep the panic out of his voice.

Dobby appeared a moment later.

"Aurors and DMLE are here, Master Malfoy," Dobby said, "Dobby is sorry, but they barged inside without permission."

Lucius' eyes widened as several Aurors and other members of the DMLE stepped into the room. They were led by Mad-Eye Moody and Amelia Bones. Lucius panicked at the sight of the Aurors, and in a moment of stupidity, he reached in his robes for his wand. Before he could grab it, he was immediately Disarmed, and suddenly he felt himself flying through the air. Luckily his fall was stopped by the very same pile of dirty laundry the house-elf had set down.

"And here I was about to ask you to come quietly, Malfoy," Moody grunted. "That was a very stupid move."

"Lucius Malfoy," Amelia Bones, "You are under arrest. You have been charged under suspicion of involvement with the opening of the Chamber of Secrets, which nearly resulted in the deaths of two young Muggleborn students. More charges could be added at a later time. Oh, and I suppose we should add charges for your attempt to flee us."

Lucius growled, picked up a sock that had landed on his chest and threw it away. Suddenly, there was a loud, happy squeal. Lucius turned his attention to the source of the noise and saw the house-elf, Dobby, holding the same sock he had just thrown.

"Master has given Dobby a sock," Dobby said, emotionally, with big fat tears falling down his face, "Dobby is free!"

Before Lucius could do anything, Dobby vanished from the room... and probably far from Malfoy Manor. Lucius growled and turned back to Bones and Moody.

"You lost me my servant!" Lucius snarled.

He reached inside his robes again. He had a mere moment to remember that he had been Disarmed, before everything went dark...

Monday, January 4th, 1993 – Early Morning

Amelia Bones shook her head as she looked at the now-Stunned Lucius Malfoy. Moody walked over to Malfoy, and searched the pockets of the man's robes.

Moody snorted. "Don't know what he was searching for. There is nothing there."

"Due to the rage at the loss of his elf, he likely forget we Disarmed him," Amelia said.

Moody snorted. "Probably."

"Madam Bones?" Kingsley Shacklebolt called.

Amelia turned and found Auror Shacklebolt standing in the doorway of the room, with one arm grasped on the arm of Narcissa Malfoy.

"Found Malfoy's wife, as you asked," Shacklebolt said.

"What is the meaning of this?!" Narcissa demanded.

"Lady Malfoy," Amelia said, "Your husband is being arrested on several charges. Do you have any intentions on interfering, or are you going to cooperate?"

An odd and unexpected smile crossed Narcissa's mouth. "Take him. And if you need more reasons to arrest him, I can give them. However, I want your promise of complete immunity from Minister Fudge excusing me from any involvement in what you discover."

Amelia raised her eyebrows. "If you provide excellent information, I promise Minister Fudge will grant you complete immunity."

Narcissa stared at Amelia for a moment, before she nodded. "Vanish the large rug in the center of this room. I'd do it myself, but I do not want to be Stunned like my husband."

Moody pointed his wand at the aforementioned rug, which vanished instantly Amelia raised her eyebrows again as she saw what appeared to be a trap door.

"You'll find an assortment of Dark artifacts stored under this room," Narcissa said. "Some of the artifacts are missing, however. They were sold off to Eobard Borgin of Borgin and Burke's."

Amelia nodded as she stared at the trap-door. She ordered a couple members of the DMLE in the room to return to the Ministry and bring back a team to handle the trap-door, and any artifacts they found. She ordered a couple of the Aurors to guard the trap-door, two more Aurors to keep an eye on Narcissa Malfoy during the duration of the visit, and several others to do a thorough search of the Manor for any other dangerous or suspicious items.

"Aurors Moody, Shacklebolt," she continued, "Take Malfoy to the Ministry. Interrogate him. Drain him dry of information. Then place him in one of the high-security holding cells on Level Ten."

Meanwhile, she would also be returning to the Ministry. She needed to meet with Minister Fudge, then she had an interrogation of Peter Pettigrew she had been looking forward to since she woke up that morning.

But first, she needed breakfast. She wondered what the morning special was at the Leaky Cauldron.

Monday, January 4th, 1993 – Mid-Morning

Three hours later, Amelia was staring through a one-way spell-proof window into an interrogation room where Peter Pettigrew was currently sitting at a table. Pettigrew was in magic-binding cuffs, and the room had been enchanted with an Anti-Animagus Ward.

Nearly an hour ago, she had met with Minister of Magic Cornelius Fudge. He wasn't exactly happy to see her, however. The previous evening, she had contacted him at his home, through the Floo Network, and had woken him up from slumber at a late hour of the night. She had informed him about the Chamber of Secrets, that the investigation had been solved, and that Lucius Malfoy was the main suspect. The man was absolutely shocked and quite pale at that revelation. Malfoy was arguably his greatest supporter. He had ordered the man be arrested, and Amelia had promised she'd do it first thing in the morning.

That morning, she had informed Fudge of Lucius' arrest, and Narcissa's request for immunity. Fudge agreed to grant Narcissa Malfoy immunity if her information proved fruitful. After sending a message to Malfoy Manor for the team there to officially begin the investigation on the apparent artifacts, she had made her way to the interrogation rooms. Now she was watching Pettigrew, and letting him stew in his thoughts before she would go in and question him. Minister Fudge had also given her orders about what to do with Pettigrew.

Amelia's reverie was interrupted as, nearby, Alastor Moody and Kingsley Shacklebolt stepped out of a neighboring interrogation room. Amelia knew Lucius Malfoy was in that room, and had been in there for the past two-and-a-half hours.

"Get anything out of Malfoy yet?" Amelia asked.

"He's still adamant on being bloody stubborn," Moody grunted. "We're going to let him sweat it out for a few minutes."

Amelia raised an eyebrow. "I thought he had already been 'sweating it out' for an hour before you went back in there. He still isn't talking?"

Moody huffed and shook his head. Amelia sighed and dug into her robes, then took out her pocket-watch, which she had had in her possession since receiving it from her parents on her seventeenth birthday. She glanced at the time and shrugged.

"Depending on the amount of Dark and illegal artifacts in the hidey-hole under that sitting room," Amelia said, "The team investigating the artifacts should be back within the hour for a report. Let Malfoy sweat it out until the report comes back, then interrogate him again. If he says nothing this time, you have permission to drown him in Veritaserum."

"Amelia," Shacklebolt said, "Anything Malfoy says under -"

"- under Veritaserum is inadmissible in front of the Wizengamot," Amelia finished for the Auror, "I know that, Shacklebolt. However, I have it on good authority that the bloody rule is possibly going to change by this coming weekend."

"'Good authority'?" Moody echoed.

Amelia nodded. "Cornelius let me in on that little piece of information. Next Sunday, the Wizengamot Council will have an emergency meeting to vote in a new Chief Warlock. During the Council meeting, Fudge is going to bring up a vote on the use of Veritaserum in trials. He believes if Veritaserum was legal to use two days ago, Albus Dumbledore would be in laying on a cot in Azkaban now. So... we interrogate Malfoy with Veritaserum today. Then keep him in the holding cells until Monday. If the motion passes -"

"The use of Veritaserum today will be admissible in front of the Wizengamot," Moody said, nodding. "As long as you don't let the Council know Malfoy was interrogated before the motion passed."

Amelia merely shrugged. "Lucius is guilty as sin. You know it. I know it. We just need him to spill."

"I can't argue with that," Moody grunted.

"Of course you can't," Amelia said, "Oh, and if you get anything out of Malfoy about a diary, let me know immediately."

"A Diary?" Shacklebolt asked. "The diary we found last night?"

"Found a lot more information about it since then, Shacklebolt," Amelia said, "Can't say no more than that. It is confidential information. I doubt Malfoy knows exactly what the diary is, but I'm quite sure he has information about it anyway. Since you're free for the moment, Alastor, I want you to join me as I interrogate Pettigrew. I'm not looking for you to question him, though if you have questions, feel free to ask. I just need you there as back-up."

"You're quite adamant on working me hard before my retirement next week, aren't you, Bones?" Moody asked.

"Just letting you know how much we're going to miss you, Alastor," Amelia said, smiling.

Moody snorted. "Are you going to use Veritaserum on Pettigrew? Wait until next Monday to set him in front of the Wizengamot?"

Amelia's smile turned wider, and she dug into her robes and retrieved a vial of Veritaserum.

"I'll only use it if I have to," Amelia said. "Actually, Fudge is hoping it won't be necessary. We're both hoping Pettigrew spills enough legally so we can put him in front of the Wizengamot tomorrow and convict him."

"Tomorrow?" Moody asked, "Weekday trials require only the bare minimum of Council members."

"I'm relying on a quick, guilty conviction," Amelia said, "I just want to see him in Azkaban so I can give Sirius Black, Remus Lupin, and Harry Potter the good news they want."

Moody made a noise of agreement. "Right. Let's get this over with. I want to get back in there with Malfoy."

Amelia nodded. "Shacklebolt. Keep an eye on Malfoy. Maybe he'll do us a favor and start squawking out information."

Shacklebolt nodded once. Amelia led Moody into Pettigrew's interrogation room. Amelia took the empty chair across from Pettigrew, while Alastor remained near the door. Amelia removed a folder from her robes, and took a blank piece of parchment and a Dictation Quill from it.

"Testing Dictation Quill," Amelia said.

The quill wrote the three words Amelia said. Amelia waved her wand at the piece of parchment and the words vanished. She took her pocket-watch from her robes and looked at the time.

"It is nine-fifty on the morning of the fourth of January," Amelia said, as the Dicta Quill began to write again, "Interrogation Room B. Interrogator: Amelia Susan Bones, Head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement. Secondary Interrogator: Auror Alastor Moody. Prisoner is Peter Patrick Pettigrew."

Amelia returned her pocket-watch to her robes and relaxed in her chair as she stared at Pettigrew. Pettigrew was looking down at the table, as he had been doing since Amelia and Moody had entered the room.

"I can't imagine living eleven-plus years as a rat, Mr. Pettigrew," Amelia said, "That is quite impressive. Even more impressive that you spent all that time playing a role as somebody's pet. I saw the cage you called home. I've been trying to imagine being cooped up in that cage for so long – how many hours a day were you in the cage? More than you were free. And your diet. Merlin, Mr. Pettigrew, that must have been horrid. Living in a cage. Horrid food. It is almost as if you had been spending the last eleven years in Azkaban prison – excusing the Dementors, and the fact that you were given some sense of freedom.

"Do you know who else spent eleven years in a cage, Mr. Pettigrew? Sirius Black. The only difference between you and him, is that he is now a free man."

Pettigrew jerked his head up as he stared at Amelia with wide eyes.

"Oops," Amelia said, grinning, "I suppose that must be news to you. I can't imagine a rat gets much opportunity to read the Daily Prophet. Shame. Sirius Black was given a trial on Saturday. He was found innocent. The article about it appeared yesterday in the Daily Prophet. But I can't imagine Ron Weasley being interested in news. So I'm sure he didn't say anything about Sirius Black's newly-found freedom.

"Sirius explained several things during his trial. I give you permission, Mr. Pettigrew, to stop me and speak up when you find something interesting to talk about here. Auror Moody and I are eager to hear it. Sirius' story was pretty amazing. He revealed that when James and Lily Potter offered him the role of Secret Keeper, he refused. Simply because he would be the obvious choice. Who did he suggest instead? You, Mr. Pettigrew. I'm sure you were ecstatic to accept it. I'm sure you were so delighted to betray two people who trusted you, who were your friends, and break the Secret by telling it to Voldemort."

Pettigrew winced visibly.

"Don't like hearing his name?" Amelia asked. "What do you want me to call him? What did you call him? The Dark Lord? Master? I know you're a Death Eater, Mr. Pettigrew. I've already seen the Dark Mark on your arm. Rest easy, Mr. Pettigrew. I can't charge you with being a Death Eater. I can, however, charge you will several other things. And I have already done so. But let's get back to Sirius Black's trial, and what he revealed."

She removed a piece of parchment from her folder. It was word-for-word, Sirius Black's statement from his trial concerning the night he confronted Peter Pettigrew. She read every single word to Pettigrew.

"Pretty ingenious of you," Amelia said. "Accusing Sirius of the crime you committed. Then you committed that horrible crime of slaughtering twelve Muggles. Twelve! In the aftermath of the explosion, you cut off your finger, and turned into a rat and escaped. The finger was all that was left of you, as far we knew. That is what you wanted right? For us to find your finger, and believe the rest of you had been blown up in the explosion?

"You're very lucky I was only an Apprentice in the DMLE back then. You're lucky I wasn't allowed on the scene. Because I would have been looking for far more than a finger. I would have been looking for brain matter. Toes. Far more blood than the droplets from a finger. I would have figured it out that you had simply cut off your finger and vanished. And Sirius Black would have told me back then that you are a rat Animagus. I could have put two and two together.

"So you faked your death, and made a journey all the way from that street to Ottery St. Catchpole, where a young boy found you, and took you in from the cold. You decided to pose as their rat. And here's where I have a question. Here's where I need your help. Common garden rats live for three to five years when domesticated. You lived with the Weasleys for eleven. The Weasleys were clueless as to how they had missed that key piece of information.

"But I have a theory. You used Confundus Charms on the Weasleys, probably while they were sleeping, so they wouldn't realize you were living longer than you should have."

"It is a fine theory, Madam Bones," Moody said, "But it brings up the obvious questions. Why did Mr. Pettigrew use Confundus Charms? Why didn't he just slaughter the whole family? He had killed twelve Muggles back in '81. Why didn't he kill the Weasleys?"

"Oh, that's easy," Amelia said, staring at Pettigrew. "He became too codependent on them. I owe that theory to Sirius. He told me he didn't think you'd wind up as someone's pet. You'd be too codependent. But Sirius' time in Azkaban has left his memories fuzzy. Perhaps he forgot how codependent you are in nature, Mr. Pettigrew. You tagged along with James, Sirius and Remus during your school years. The fourth Marauder. The fourth wheel. James, Sirius and Remus – all of whom were far more smarter, far more handsome, and far more popular than you. You latched onto them, because they made you feel good.

"So I can't be surprised that you remained with the Weasleys all these years. You became too codependent on them. And it only led you to get caught."

Pettigrew frowned. Amelia huffed and stood up. She picked up the piece of parchment and Dicta Quill, then ordered Auror Moody to follow her out of the room.

"What's going on, Bones?" Moody asked after shutting the door to the interrogation room. "I thought you were intent on stuffing Veritaserum down his throat. It seems to me you did all the talking in there."

"I got the answers I wanted," Amelia said, "Simply through his expressions and reactions. He thought he was being smart by remaining silent. His expressions betrayed him. I didn't need to ask him questions, Alastor. He confirmed everything I said in there. Between the evidence we have, and Sirius Black's witness statement, Pettigrew's going to Azkaban for a long time. The Wizengamot won't clear him of the charges."

"They cleared Dumbledore, didn't they?" Moody grunted, raising a scarred eyebrow.

"Dumbledore's a wise, cunning and manipulative old man, Alastor," Amelia said. "If Pettigrew's any of those things, he is cunning. But he isn't cunning enough. We have him, Alastor. The Wizengamot won't clear him, especially after clearing Sirius of the charges. Let him stew in the room for a while, believing we're still going back in there. Once you're through with Malfoy, take Pettigrew to a holding cell. And dear Merlin, do not forget the Anti-Animagus enchantments!"

"Of course, I won't forget, Bones!" Moody growled, "Do I look like a rookie to you?"

Amelia laughed, and started walking off away from the interrogation rooms. "I still haven't gotten my invitation to your retirement party, Mad-Eye."

"I ain't having a bloody retirement party, Bones!" Moody growled. "And if anyone gives me one, they're going to regret it as long as they live!"

Amelia laughed again, as she left the interrogation rooms.

I know. This is a relatively short chapter. If I had kept to my plans, it would probably be as long as the last chapter. But I've decided to split up the chapters. Good news, is that I was able to get this chapter up much quicker than I would have if I added the rest into this chapter.

I decided against showing Lucius Malfoy's interrogation because I wasn't sure what I wanted in it.

What did you think of Dobby's freedom scene?

Next chapter: We return to the Lord's Quarters. Padma and Parvati have a discussion. More discussions between Harry, Hermione, Daphne, and the Patils. And something else happens I don't want to spoil, but I'm sure you'll enjoy.

Meeting with McGonagall, among other things, will be in two chapters.

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