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Interlude: Padma and Parvati Patil

Chapter 22
Interlude: Padma and Parvati Patil

Warning: Sexual Situations between Underage Characters (12+), Fem-Slash, Sibling Incest

Friday, January 1st, 1993 – Early morning

In the Southall district of London, stood a quaint, two-story home which belonged to the House of Patil. When Pacha and Ashanti Patil had purchased the house seven years prior, they had planned for their twin daughters, Padma and Parvati, to eventually sleep in separate bedrooms. They had attempted to do this when the twins were nine years old.

However, the morning after they had moved Padma into her new bedroom, they discovered that Padma's bed – which had been in her bedroom – was now back in her sister's bedroom as it had been in the months and years before. Padma, of course, could never have moved the bed without difficulty, and definitely without making a lot of noise. Her parents soon realized the bed had been moved by Padma, using accidental magic. Apparently she had been very upset that she and her sister couldn't sleep in the same room anymore, and her emotions had moved her, and her bed, into her sister's room.

So the third bedroom had remained a guest bedroom, and the twins continued to sleep in the same bedroom. They never shared a bed until they had returned home from Hogwarts a year ago for Christmas Break. The twins were in separate Houses at Hogwarts, so they didn't get the chance to sleep in the same bedroom, as they always had. But when they returned home for the first time, Padma had snuggled up into her sister's bed, and slept next to her sister. Ever since then, they did this occasionally whenever they were home.

The first day of 1993, however, was not one of those occasions. When Padma Patil woke up early on the first day of the year, she felt very lonely, even though her twin, and best friend, Parvati was across the room in her own bed. Over the past couple of days, Parvati didn't even attempt to snuggle up in Padma's bed. In fact, Parvati had been avoiding her.

It didn't take a Ravenclaw to know why Parvati was avoiding her twin. It had started Tuesday evening during dinner at the dining room table. Their father had received a letter from Gringotts, earlier that day.

Tuesday, December 29th, 1992 – Evening

The Patil Family were dining together, as they always did when the twins were home. They were discussing plans for the rest of Christmas Break.

"I wish we were invited to the Minister's New Year's Eve Party," Parvati said, frowning, "Lavender gets to go."

"Lavender's family is a Noble House and has a seat on the Wizengamot," Ashanti said. "Most, if not all, of the Wizengamot are usually always invited to big Ministry parties."

"And we're only a Minor House," Parvati said. "I know."

"I think that may change in the coming years," Pacha said, "I have a feeling the Great Alliance will return soon enough, and our House will ascend."

"But," Padma said, confused, "The Great Alliance has been dormant ever since James Potter died, and Harry went to live with the Muggles."

"Yeah," Parvati said, "Harry's twelve years old. That's five – four-and-a-half years until he turns seventeen."

"Unless he were to become Lord Potter earlier than his seventeenth birthday," Pacha said, "I don't know all the details, but it appears that Harry has very recently – perhaps even today – taken his Inheritance Test at Gringotts. As he is the Heir Apparent, and last surviving member of the Ancient and Most Noble House of Potter, it would appear that he has become Lord Potter as soon as he took the Inheritance Test."

"How do you know this, Daddy?" Padma asked.

Padma studied her father's behavior, as he and her mother exchanged glances. They only did this when they had to tell them something serious or secret.

"Your mother and I have been keeping a secret from you for all of your lives," Pacha said. "About a month after your first birthday, James Potter approached me. He wished to talk to me about placing his son, Harry, in a Betrothal Contract with one of my daughters."

"Which one of us?" Parvati asked.

"Daughter, do not interrupt your father," Ashanti scolded her.

"It's Padma, isn't it?" Parvati asked, "Just because she was born a few minutes before me."

"Parvati!" Ashanti scolded.

"I'm right, aren't I?" Parvati asked. "Am I in a Betrothal Contract too?"

"We were never approached for a second Contract," Pacha said.

"Then I'm doomed with the Line Continuance Option," Parvati said, "Doomed to be a second-wife, to be responsible for continuing our Houses' line. Am I going to end up with a man far older than myself?"

"What's so terrible about that?" Ashanti asked, "It is what I went through. It is what many of your Aunts have gone through in India."

"I'm a British witch, Mother!" Parvati said, "I might have been born in India, but I'm British! I want to marry a wizard my age like a normal witch. Like Padma. Why her? Why not me? I'm a Gryffindor, Harry's a Gryffindor! This isn't fair!"

Without being excused – as was proper during Patil family meals – Parvati stood up and ran out of the dining room. It wasn't until that moment that Padma realized what was going on. She had been so distracted by her twin sister's complaints, that she hadn't given herself time to think.

"I'm Betrothed to Harry Potter?" she whispered, "I'm going to marry Harry?"

"Daughter," Pacha said, "He's gained his Lordship. Unless he asks you otherwise, you will call him Lord Potter, out of respect. His father and grandfather were dear, dear friends of mine. I will not have you disrespect the son and grandson of two people I deeply respected."

Padma winced slightly. She was thinking of how she had accused Harry of being the Heir of Slytherin. Harry was a member of the Founding House of her family's Alliance. Because she was part of a Minor House, in the metaphorical totem pole, she was below him – even if she was pureblood, and he a half-blood. If her father ever found out she had accused him like that... well, she didn't want to think about that. She'd likely lose part, if not all, of her inheritance for possibly harming the future of her House's position in the Great Alliance.

"Lord Potter," Padma said, nodding, "Alright."

"It it quite possible, likely probable, that you won't be Lord Potter's only wife," Pacha said, "James Potter was discussing other possible candidates for Contracts. He was part of a Betrothal Contract himself with Helena Greengrass – Lord Castor Greengrass' sister. Tragically she was murdered before the Betrothal Contract could be finalized with marriage."

"Which would mean the Contract was inherited to Lord Greengrass' offspring," Padma said, remembering her lessons about Betrothals – now she knew why her father had taught her about that subject, "Daphne Greengrass – Harry may be in a Betrothal with her as well."

"Yes," Pacha said.

"Is Parvati right?" Padma asked, "You placed me in the contract because... technically, I'm your oldest daughter?"

"That was James' idea," Pacha said, "You'll likely become Lady of one of Lord Potter's Houses. He is part of more than one House. The youngest daughter traditionally carries on the Line Continuance Option. Parvati may have said what she did in anger, but she is correct. You were born first."

"So I could be Lady Potter," Padma said.

"Possibly," Pacha said, "Unless he gives that title to another. The Titles were never discussed in making of the Betrothal Contract, because it is considered improper to do that. It is Lord Potter's right to marry someone outside the Betrothal Contracts if he wishes. Someone who he would fall in love with, just like his own father did. If so, then they might receive that title."

Padma nodded, mutely, still trying to take in the news.

"Why me?" Padma asked, "Just curious. We're a Minor House in the Great Alliance. Susan Bones, and Hannah Abbot are both members of Houses with more political power than ours."

"It was strategic," Pacha said, "James hoped that the Betrothal would elevate our House, giving the Great Alliance another vote in the Wizengamot."

Padma nodded again. That made sense.

"May I be excused?" Padma asked, "I need to... to try to mend things with Parvati."

"Of course," Pacha said, "I am going to send a letter to Lord Potter. Would you like me to add anything from you?"

"Just that I intend to seek him out when I return to Hogwarts," Padma said, "I haven't exactly been very social with him outside of class. That needs to change, I guess."

"A smart idea," Ashanti said, approvingly, "You may be excused."

Padma stood and left the dining room. To her dismay, Parvati didn't wish to 'mend' anything. However, when she told Parvati she would move to the other bedroom, Parvati merely shook her head – she may have been mad at Padma, but there were some things that wouldn't change, even in anger – that was one of them. Parvati might not have snuggled up with her at night, but at least Padma was still allowed to sleep in the same bedroom.

Thursday, December 31st, 1992 – Evening

Two evenings later, Padma was once again sitting at the dining room table with her parents having dinner. Parvati had received a letter from Lavender Brown the previous day, inviting her to the Minister's New Year's Eve party. Pacha and Ashanti gave her permission, however Parvati could not spend the night with Lavender. She had to be home after the party.

"Daddy?" Padma said, "Why did you let Parvati go to Minister Fudge's party? She... well, after what happened on Tuesday evening -"

"She apologized the following morning," Pacha said. "Before her friend invited her to the party. So it was genuine, and not just a selfish strategy to go to the party. How

ever, I only let her go because I was expecting a reply from Lord Potter, and I knew she would not want to be a part of another discussion about the Betrothal Contract. Lord Potter did write back – I received his letter a couple hours ago."

Padma's eyes widened, and she nearly choked on her glass of water, which she had just taken a sip from. She cleared her throat and set the glass down.

"What did he say?" Padma asked.

"He confirmed that he did indeed receive his Lordship on Tuesday," Pacha said, "And that he was involved in three Betrothals."

"Three?!" Padma exclaimed.

"As I assumed," Pacha said, "Lord Potter is Betrothed to Daphne Greengrass. The third Contract is with the youngest daughter of Pierre Delacour, French Ambassador to the British Ministry."

Padma searched her memory. She remembered meeting the Delacours once. They had two daughters, one of which was her age, just a few days younger than Harry. Gloria? No. Grace? No... Gabrielle! She also remembered something special about the Delacour girls.

"Gabrielle," Padma said, "But, isn't she a Veela?"

"Yes, like her mother and older sister," Ashanti said.

"Risky Contract, that is," Padma said, "Harry – sorry, I mean Lord Potter – might not be her life-mate."

"Possibly true," Pacha said. "There's more. He didn't explain exactly why, but apparently he has been moved to Private Quarters. I suspect they are Lord's Quarters. It is a Hogwarts tradition for Emancipated Lords to move into the Lord's Quarters. Especially... if they have Betrothal Contracts."

"What difference does that make?" Padma asked.

"Daughter, I'm sure you understand how important a Betrothal Contract is," Pacha said, "and exactly what it means for Houses and bloodlines. Your children will be part of a powerful bloodline, even if they do not share the name of Potter."

"Yes, sir," Padma said; she still wasn't sure what the problem was.

"Lord Potter mentioned something," Pacha said, "But it sounded like an innocent statement coming from him. Perhaps he doesn't exactly understand just yet how important this statement was. He has invited you to move into his Private Quarters – a separate bedroom, mind you – during the remainder of your time at Hogwarts."

Padma's eyes widened. "Really? So if I accept his invitation, I won't be living in Ravenclaw Tower anymore?"

"I already replied to Lord Potter," Pacha said, "He will receive the letter tomorrow morning. I accepted the invitation for you, daughter."

"Before you discussed it with me?" Padma asked, "Why? I'm not trying to sound disrespectful, Daddy. I'm just... I don't understand."

"You are promised to Lord Potter, Padma," Ashanti said, "Do you understand what that means?"

"I'm going to marry him in a few years," Padma said, "Whenever a wedding date is decided. I understand that."

"I don't think you do, daughter," Ashanti said.

"Padma," Pacha said, his expression hard, "I am forbidding you from dating or fraternizing with any other boy aside from your Betrothed. Do not accept a date from any other boy. When you visit Hogsmeade Village starting your third year, Lord Potter is the only boy you can accompany. If a boy tries to fraternize with you in any way, aside from Lord Potter, you will stop all conversation with them, and inform both your Betrothed and myself. One of us will handle it."

"So I can't be friends with any boys aside from Lord Potter?" Padma asked.

"As long as it is only platonic friendship, my daughter," Ashanti said, "But if your friendship becomes any more than that..."

She trailed off, leaving her statement open. Padma frowned and nodded.

"Alright," Padma said, "I don't understand why this is important."

"To make our point more clear," Pacha said, "It prevents you from becoming pregnant with a child sired by anyone but Lord Potter."

Padma blushed, her cheeks becoming quite hot. She finally understood.

"I – well, of course –" Padma stammered, "I – I mean I - I would never risk the Contract like that, Daddy. Ever! I don't even think -"

She blushed deeper and looked down at her lap.

"Yes, daughter?" Ashanti said.

"I wasn't even planning on having... intercourse... until marriage anyway," Padma said.

"I never said I forbid that, daughter," Pacha said.

"Daddy?" Padma asked, wide-eyed.

"I'm not expecting you to be a virgin on your wedding night," Pacha said; Padma blushed; she never discussed sex so openly with her father before, only her mother and sister, "Even then, it is entirely possible you'll be married before your education ends. If you wish to please your future husband before that wonderful day, I give you permission, as long as you use Contraceptive. Having a baby before you finish your education is not what we want."

"But...I don't understand," Padma asked. "If you don't want me to be a mother before I finish my education, why are you okay with –?"

Why were they okay with her having sex – as long as it was with Lord Potter? She couldn't say it out loud.

"Preparation for the future," Ashanti said. "Practice makes perfect, as the Muggles say. Your Betrothed will have at least two other future brides, one of which is a Veela. Lord Potter won't be able to resist temptation with a Veela. So why should I expect you to resist him? He is your future husband, after all. You will only ever be with one man."

Padma cleared her throat and took a sip of water.

"Maybe... eventually, I'll give into temptation," Padma said. "I don't even really know him yet."

"That's all very well," Pacha said, "Even then, you'll have enough opportunities to get to know Lord Potter. Because you will be living with him while at Hogwarts."

Padma nodded. She had never expected any of this. The fact that she was Betrothed was still something she was trying to comprehend. Now she would be living with him in his Private Quarters? It was almost too much!

Friday, January 1st, 1993 – Early morning

Padma's reverie about the past few days was broken up by the sound of quiet crying and sniffling. Padma looked over at her sister's bed, and found that Parvati was completely under her blankets. Even then, Padma could hear her crying. Padma frowned and stood up from the bed. She walked over to Parvati's bed and sat at the end of it. As she did, she heard Parvati gasp.

"Go away," Parvati muttered.

"I'm not going to ask the unnecessary question that is on my mind," Padma said, "Because I know why you're crying. I'm quite sure it has nothing to do with what happened last night at the Minister's party. However, now that I think about it, I need to know. You didn't do anything stupid like hook up with a bloke last night, did you?"

"No!" Parvati exclaimed, "Believe me, I thought about it. I, at least, thought about kissing a random bloke when midnight came around, but I didn't want a bloke to think I did it because I fancied them. Way too messy."

"Did you tell Lavender about Harry?" Padma asked.

"No," Parvati said, "She'll likely be mad at me for keeping it a secret. But she's going to have to find that out for herself. I told nobody. It isn't really my business anyway. We were babies when Daddy penned that contract with Harry's father. I was being completely unfair with Daddy that night. He couldn't have known which one of us would fancy Harry, or what House at Hogwarts anyone of us would have been in. I – I was..."

"Jealous?" Padma asked.

Parvati sniffled, and pulled the blanket down so that she was looking at Padma.

"I wasn't jealous of you," Parvati said, "I'm jealous of Harry. He gets your affections now."

Padma blushed lightly. She knew what Parvati was alluding to. The Patil twins had been keeping something from their parents for about a year now. Starting on Christmas, a year ago, Padma and her sister had been engaging in intimate acts with each other. They didn't go all out right away. At first it was only kisses. Parvati had kissed her sister under the mistletoe as a joke that Christmas. Parvati had apologized to her that evening before bedtime, but Padma had given her a kiss in response to her apology. During the remainder of their first Christmas Break, they did nothing more intimate than share a few kisses, including a rather passionate one on New Year's Eve.

When they talked about the kisses, Parvati said she was just practicing for when she would kiss others. Padma would later find out that her sister and Lavender kissed a few times in secret in the months between Christmas and Easter Break. Padma was rather surprised to find that she was jealous. Parvati said she had nothing to be jealous about. During Easter Break, they had moved onto light petting each other's budding breasts, but going no further. During summer, they had moved to kissing and licking each other's breasts and nipples, but once again going no further.

While they had continued their intimacy around Christmas, they hadn't gotten any further with each other yet. It was just kissing and fondling.

"I don't think that's very fair," Padma said softly, "I know you haven't stopped playing with Lavender. Did you share a midnight kiss with her?"

Parvati nodded. "In the witches' bathroom. And then, I... I let her touch my breasts, under my bra, and I touched hers. Because I was angry at you."

"I'm not angry with you," Padma said, "If you want to be affectionate with Lavender, I don't mind. But you're not losing my affections. I don't even know if I want to be affectionate with Harry yet. I haven't thought about it much. Remember how we talked about first kisses happening in Hogsmeade."

"Little did I know your first kiss with a boy will be with Harry," Parvati muttered.

"I thought you said you weren't jealous," Padma said.

"I'm trying not to think about it," Parvati said.

Padma crawled toward her sister. She grinned when Parvati lifted up her blanket, and Padma slipped underneath it and laid down next to her.

"Here's a thought," Padma said, "I wonder what Harry would think if he learned about – you know – you and me."

"Y-you won't tell h-him, will you, Padma?" Parvati stammered a question, with wide eyes.

"Only with your permission," Padma said, "But he might like it. He might like watching us. Or.. he might want to join in... with both of us."

"Daddy would never approve of me being with Harry," Parvati said, "You're the one Betrothed to him. I'm going to end up with – well, somebody that is nowhere near as good as Harry. Gods, I'm probably doomed to be married to an Indian man a decade or two older than me, who can barely get it up without Potion assistance. Stop laughing!."

Padma was indeed laughing. She stopped, eventually, and cleared her throat.

"I'm laughing because you're being ridiculous," Padma said. "You are very beautiful. Why wouldn't a boy at Hogwarts be interested in you?"

"Because I'm bloody second-wife material," Parvati muttered. "I will always be someone's second choice."

"Any boy would be lucky to have you as their girlfriend, and wife," Padma said.

"Oh, sure," Parvati said, "I can just see it. A boy asks me to be their girlfriend, discovers the position I'm in, then asks me to help them find a First Wife!"

"Is Lavender in a Betrothal Contract?" Padma asked, grinning.

"Padma, that is not the point!" Parvati exclaimed.

"Not the way you're looking at it," Padma said, "You and Lavender just need to find a boy. She's his First Wife, you'll be second, and you get to continue the Patil House bloodline. And you can still snog and do whatever else to Lavender, for the rest of your days as well."

"I wish you and I could both be with Harry," Parvati said, sighing. "That would make things so much easier."

"It could happen," Padma said.

"Sure, if I give up my inheritance, and never speak to our parents," Parvati said, "And break so many Taboos by marrying my sister's husband."

"Sister, sister-wife," Padma said, shrugging, "What's the difference?"

"It's impossible," Parvati said. "but you're sweet for giving me a nice fantasy,"

Padma smiled. She moved Parvati's blanket over them both completely, so they were underneath it. Then she leaned toward her and kissed her softly. Parvati grinned against her lips and kissed her. Padma moved a hand toward the top of Parvati's pyjama bottoms, and slipped it inside and into her knickers, and pressed a couple fingers against her slit. Parvati gasped against her sister's lips, at the new sensation, and backed away from her lips.

"Wh-what are you doing?" Parvati asked, once again stammering. "W-we never did this before."

"I'm showing my sister how much I still love her," Padma said. "You've masturbated before, haven't you?This isn't too different."

Parvati blushed, and shrugged. Padma reclaimed her lips again, and rubbed her tongue against her sister's lips. Parvati opened her mouth, and Padma dipped her tongue inside. The twins brushed their tongues together, as Padma continued rubbing her fingers up and down across her sister's nether lips. Then she gently slipped a middle finger inside.

Parvati gasped, at the feeling, and backed away from Padma's lips. She closed her eyes, relaxing against her pillow, as Padma wiggled her finger around inside her sister, slowly opening her up. Padma had masturbated before, and since she and her sister were identical in almost every way, playing with her sister couldn't be too different. She placed her thumb against Parvati's little nub, remembering how doing this to her own drove her wild.

"N-no," Parvati gasped, "N-not there."

"Do you want me to stop?" Padma asked.

"Don't you dare!" Parvati hissed.

Padma grinned and started rubbing her thumb against the nub, as she started slipping her finger in and out of her sister. Parvati had a small orgasm almost immediately, then she lasted for nearly five more minutes underneath Padma's ministrations, before a more orgasm overwhelmed her, liquid gushing around her sister's finger and into her her knickers.

"That was so brilliant," Padma said, before pecking Parvati on her shuddering lips.

"Gods, Padma," Parvati gasped, "My knickers are soaked!"

"Sorry," Padma said, grinning; actually she wasn't sorry at all.

"No, you're not," Parvati said, then mischievously grinned, "Payback time!"

Padma grin soon turned into moans of pleasure. Her sister's fingers were just as skilled as her own.

Truth time: None of this chapter was planned until I started writing it. I wanted to show Padma and Parvati's reactions to Padma's Betrothal to Harry. I did know I wanted to have the Patil twins be affectionate, but I wasn't sure how far I wanted to go with it. Some people might not like that part, but it was basic sexual explorations and curiosity, participating with the person they loved and trusted most.

I debated quite a bit with myself about Pacha and Ashanti's support toward Padma's... future intimacy with Harry. But I decided to keep it in. Mostly it has to do with House Rivalry – regular Houses, not Hogwarts Houses – between sister-wives. After all, Padma's parents know one of her sister-wives will be a Veela. I could have saved it for when they learned about Hermione's Neko lifestyle, and Harry's situation with her. But that seems too late in my plans. However, the whole discussion was done with the parents' belief that such things wouldn't happen for a few more years.

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