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Amelia Bones

Chapter 15
Amelia Bones

Author's Note: I may be taking some liberties with canon when it comes to Mad-Eye Moody's involvement with the Chamber of Secrets, but it seemed like a good idea.

Wednesday, December 30th, 1992 – Late Afternoon

Madam Amelia Bones, Head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement, was currently sitting in her office, at her fine mahogany desk. On the other side of the desk, Auror Kingsley Shacklebolt was seated in a chair. Standing against a wall was Alastor "Mad-Eye" Moody. Moody had refused to sit in a chair, saying it made him vulnerable if there was a sudden attack.

"What am I doing here, Amelia?" Moody asked, "You know I am set to retire in the next couple of weeks."

"I'm well aware, Alastor," Amelia said. "I thought you might like to be involved in not one, but two big investigations, before you turn in your badge."

Moody stared at her with both his normal eye, and his magical eye.

Amelia sighed. She couldn't hide anything from him. "And you've been an Auror longer than any of us. You were an Auror fifty years ago, weren't you?"

"Aye," Moody said.

"One of your cases," Amelia said, "had to do with the so-called Chamber of Secrets at Hogwarts."

"I remember," Moody said.

"Exactly what do you remember?" Amelia said.

"Several students were attacked at Hogwarts," Moody said. "The last student who was attacked unfortunately died, a young Muggleborn named Myrtle Warren. I believe her ghost now resides in the same bathroom at Hogwarts her body was found in. One of the prefects at the time – ah, I forget their name, my apologies, probably not important anyway – he found Rubeus Hagrid in possession of a young Acromantula. Hagrid was suspected of attacking the students, and was expelled for it. But there was no clear evidence that the students were attacked by an Acromantula. After Hagrid's expulsion, there were no more attacks, and the investigation went cold. It was never truly solved."

"Well, the investigation has gone hot again, Alastor," Amelia said, "The Chamber of Secrets has been opened again. Two students, both Muggleborn, and Argus Filch's cat have been Petrified, according to what I heard from Minerva McGonagall and my niece, Susan. One of the students is Susan's classmate and housemate in Hufflepuff. She says Filch's cat was attacked on Halloween, and the students were attacked within the last two months."

"Why am I just hearing about this now?" Moody asked, with a growl.

"I'm afraid I just learned of it myself this morning, Alastor," Amelia said, "Minerva told me about it. Apparently Albus Dumbledore decided to keep the investigation exclusively inside Hogwarts, but Minerva decided to get us involved now."

"Does Minerva suspect Hagrid?" Kingsley asked.

"If she does, she didn't tell me," Amelia said, "But I am going to Hogwarts tomorrow morning at ten-o-clock, and I want both of you with me. We can talk to Hagrid then."

"Did your niece say anything about this?" Moody asked.

Amelia sighed. "Susan, and much of the student body, believes Harry Potter is behind the attacks."

"Potter?" Kingsley asked, "Why him?"

"According to Susan, he's a Parselmouth," Amelia said.

"Let me guess," Moody grunted, "There was a message involved. 'Enemies of the Heir beware', and all that rubbish. Same as last time. Heir of Slytherin nonsense. Slytherin was a Parselmouth, so the Heir must be one too."

"That is basically what Susan told me," Amelia said.

Moody snorted. "Kids these days. If Potter's guilty, I'll eat my eye – the real one!"

Amelia stared at Moody with raised eyebrows.

"It means I'm bloody sure he's innocent!" Moody growled.

"Well, I agree with you on that one," Amelia said. "I am going to meet with Unspeakable Croaker and a couple of his associates in the Department of Mysteries. I hope they'll accompany us tomorrow, and we can get to the bottom of this investigation before the majority of the students come back on Sunday evening."

"Aye, that's a fine idea," Moody said, nodding. "We'll figure out what the real monster is. I am quite sure it ain't no humongous spider either!"

"What's being done about the Petrified students?" Kingsley asked.

"I failed to ask," Amelia said, "We can figure that out tomorrow."

Moody snorted. "If I know Albus, he's using the Hogwarts Greenhouses to raise Mandrakes for the Mandrake Draught. He's too proud to purchase Mandrake Draught from elsewhere in the world. The Petrified students wouldn't be restored until the middle of next year, probably!"

"I'll see if we can obtain some Draught before tomorrow," Amelia said, making a note on the parchment in front of her about Mandrake Draughts. "Now, there is something else I need to speak to you about. Neither of you are going to like it. Especially you, Alastor."

"Why 'especially me'?" Moody asked.

"Because Albus Dumbledore is a good friend of yours," Amelia said.

"What has the old coot done now?" Moody asked.

Amelia explained the same story that Minerva McGonagall had given her, including everything to do with Dumbledore's alleged crimes against Harry Potter, another student, and more than one staff member. Kingsley looked absolutely flabbergasted, and Alastor had a hard expression on his face as he listened to Amelia. Amelia went on to explain Ron Weasley's involvement, and possibly Molly Weasley's as well.

"I sent a letter to Arthur Weasley earlier today," Amelia said, "And he replied. He's bringing in his wife, and youngest son, Ron, so they can speak to me about their involvement with Albus. If they give me good information, I'll agree to give them immunity from any charges when it comes to their involvement with Albus. Ron may face suspension or expulsion, however."

She inhaled and exhaled, and looked at Kingsley, then Moody.

"So what are we going to do about Albus?" she asked.

"Amelia, we'll be lucky to drag him off Hogwarts Grounds in magical cuffs," Moody said, "Albus Dumbledore isn't an easy man to arrest. It will be even more difficult to convince the Wizengamot to charge him. He has his hands in way too many pies."

"Including yours?" Amelia asked, staring hard at Moody.

"I know how to do my job, Amelia!" Moody grunted. "I ain't going to let my friendship with Albus get in the way. If he's guilty, he is guilty. I'm just saying we could put him in front of the Wizengamot, and they'll likely clear him of most if not all of the charges. He won't spend a minute inside Azkaban."

"That may be," Kingsley said, "But his reputation would be sullied. He'd definitely no longer be Headmaster, nor would he be the Chief Warlock. The ICW would likely boot him once they got wind of this. And I haven't mentioned what will happen once this gets out in the Daily Prophet. He will no longer be seen as the Leader of the Light, especially once everyone learns of what he did to the Boy-Who-Lived."

"Aye," Moody said.

"If that happens, I'll be pleased," Amelia said, "But not as pleased as I would be at hearing the Wizengamot call him guilty. If he's Compelled Harry Potter, imagine what else he has done to other students! Like my Susan! I can hardly think about it. If Albus is still Headmaster by this time Sunday, I'll resign from this office, and take my Susan away from that school. For her own safety. Hell, I won't leave Hogwarts tomorrow until I have enough evidence to take in front of the School Governors!"

"Does Fudge know about any of this?" Kingsley said.

"Hell no!" Amelia said, "Are you mental, Shacklebolt? Do you know how close Dumbledore is to Fudge? Dumbledore could be called Fudge's Chief Advisor with how much advice he gives to Fudge. If Fudge gets word of this, the first person he'll tell is Dumbledore. I want to see the shock in Dumbledore's eyes when he realizes what we're doing at Hogwarts! Neither of you will speak a word of this to nobody. Understand?"

"I know how to keep my mouth shut, Amelia," Moody said, "I'll be right beside you tomorrow."

"I'll have your back, and you have my silence," Kingsley said.

Suddenly, there was a knock on the door. It opened, and Amelia's secretary, Samantha, poked her head inside.

"Arthur Weasley and his wife and son are here, ma'am," she said.

"Allow them inside," Amelia said; "You may stay, Shacklebolt, Alastor, if you wish, since you're involved in this investigation."

Moody and Kingsley agreed to stay. Arthur Weasley stepped into the office with his wife, Molly, and youngest son, Ron. Amelia conjured three seats next to Kingsley.

"Greetings Arthur, Molly, Ron," Amelia said, "Thank you for coming. Please take a seat."

Arthur led his wife and son to the chairs. Ron sat in between his parents.

"Before we begin," Amelia said, "I ask you to feel free to speak in front of Aurors Shacklebolt and Moody. They are involved in this investigation."

Kingsley and Moody greeted Arthur and his family. Arthur gave them warm greetings.

"Early this morning, I spoke to Minerva McGonagall," Amelia continued, "She gave me some very distressing news involving Albus Dumbledore and some criminal behavior he is involved in. Minerva also informed me, Arthur, that your wife, Molly, and son, Ronald, are involved in some of this criminal behavior."

"Unfortunately, that is true," Arthur said, glancing at his wife and son, both of whom were looking at their laps. "Minerva met with me earlier this week, and I learned this information from her and Ron. I brought Ron home for the remainder of Christmas Break. I had a discussion with him and Molly, and he's been ordered to remain in his bedroom ever since, aside from mealtimes."

"I am willing to grant Molly and Ron immunity from any charges included in this investigation involving Albus Dumbledore," Amelia said, "As long as I am given information that would lead to Albus' arrest. Unfortunately for Ron, immunity does not prevent suspension or expulsion from Hogwarts."

A frown formed on Ron's mouth, but he did not look surprised. Apparently he had already been informed of this possibility.

"Albus would never allow Ron to be suspended or expelled," Molly said.

"Molly," Arthur said.

Amelia raised her hand to silence Arthur, and she looked at Molly.

"Perhaps that is true, Molly," Amelia said. "However, I happen to believe that Albus will be removed from his post as Headmaster by this time on Sunday."

"He's not a criminal!" Molly exclaimed. "He's done so much for Great Britain, and you're shaming him by calling him a criminal."

"You're aware of what your son has done, aren't you, Molly?" Amelia asked.

"Whatever Albus has done," Molly said, "It was for a good reason. Ron doesn't need immunity because he has done nothing wrong. If Albus asked Ron to do something, Ron is a good boy and would do whatever he was asked by such a well-respected man."

"I'm sorry, Madam Bones," Arthur said, "My wife has had this opinion since I brought Ron home."

"How about we let Ron tell his side of the story?" Amelia suggested. "Then myself, and Aurors Moody and Shacklebolt can decide whether Ron has done nothing wrong. I'm sure they may have some questions for you that I haven't thought of myself."

"I'm sure I will," Moody said.

"Go on, Ron," Arthur said, "Tell Madam Bones everything you told me and Professor McGonagall."

Ron began to tell his tale, starting with Dumbledore's visit to the Burrow a year-and-a-half ago. Molly attempted to shush Ron almost immediately, but Amelia stopped her.

"Molly, if you interfere with my investigation one more time, you will spend the night in holding on Level Ten," Amelia said. "And you will lose all chances of immunity. Continue, Ronald."

Molly glared at Amelia, but Amelia ignored her, and focused on listening to Ron. By the time he finished, Amelia was quite disgusted with the young man, and Kingsley looked as if he shared the same opinion. Moody was merely staring at the young man with both eyes, which was frightening in itself.

"When was the last time Dumbledore Compelled Potter?" Moody asked.

"I think the Headmaster did it once a week," Ron said, "The latest Compulsion must have ended on Saturday night. He didn't want to play chess with me, and challenged my friendship with him and Hermione. Wouldn't have happened if he was Compelled."

"Did Dumbledore Compel Potter this summer?" Moody asked; then his magical eye turned to Molly, "Or was it you, Molly?"

"Why do you ask, Alastor?" Amelia asked.

"We know Potter was Compelled to be Ronald's friend," Moody said, "We know he was Compelled to meet the Weasleys at King's Cross before making his way onto the Hogwarts Express. Dumbledore wanted him to befriend the Weasleys, because they're close allies with Dumbledore. He wanted Potter watched by someone when he couldn't do it. Potter stayed with you this summer, did he not, Arthur?"

"He stayed for part of August," Arthur said.

"If Potter was Compelled to befriend the Weasleys, Amelia, then he was forced to stay with the Weasleys," Moody said. "How did he get to your house, Arthur?"

"Molly told me that Ron, and my twin sons, Fred and George flew my Ford Anglia to Surrey and picked up Harry," Arthur said.

"Is that true, Molly?" Moody asked, "Or was that just a story Dumbledore collaborated with you?"

"Those Muggle relations of Harry's are very bad people!" Molly said, "I wanted Harry to come to my house to spend time with my family. If I asked Albus to do something to help Harry get him away from those people, it was to help Harry, who is Ron's best friend."

Amelia raised her eyebrows. She wrote down a note on a piece of parchment to investigate Harry's Muggle relations, while Moody continued with Molly.

"Only because Potter was Compelled to be your son's best mate," Moody snorted, "Let me guess. This is just like that troll incident. Harry believes something happened, but it didn't really happen that way. Instead he was Compelled to believe your son once again helped him like the 'best mate' he was, strengthening their so-called 'friendship', and Dumbledore simply brought Harry to your home on his own!"

"Molly," Amelia said, "Do you know what the punishment is for brewing illegal Love Potions with intent to use them? Minerva told me all about your apparent plans to use Love Potions on Harry Potter and his Muggleborn friend, so they would fall into false love with Ron and your daughter."

"That is hearsay, Madam Bones!" Molly said, "Where's your proof? Aside from Minerva McGonagall's tall tales, you have no evidence! You truly believe Minerva? Are you so blind that you cannot see her obvious ambitions? She'll become the Headmistress if Albus is sacked! She has her own hidden motives! She's a Snake in Lion's clothing! She doesn't deserve to be Head of Gryffindor!"

Amelia ignored the woman's ranting. "Do you still deny Ron's story? Should I simply forget this meeting? If I find other evidence of Ron's connections with Dumbledore's crimes, I would have no choice but to arrest your son and put him in front of the Wizengamot. Are you going to leave that up to chance? Will you still deny Ron has done nothing wrong? Or do you wish for Ron to be granted immunity?"

Molly's hardened expression finally broke. She was a mother after all, and her son was in trouble.

"Ronnie's a victim and has done nothing wrong," Molly said, her eyes going misty. "He does not deserve to be expelled or even suspended, and definitely not arrested. But I won't deny that his story is the truth."

"What about you?" Moody asked, "Did you Compel Potter at any time?"

"Only because Albus asked me to," Molly said. "I did it for Harry. He shouldn't have been raised by those Muggle relatives of his. Arthur and I would have been good substitutes for the boy's parents."

"I happen to know that James and Lily Potter had several preferred Guardians on their mind to watch over Harry," Amelia said, "I was named one of them. I'm quite sure you were not, Molly. I'm also quite sure Harry should never have been raised by his Muggle relatives, and I will be getting to the bottom of that! I will be recording this memory in an official Pensieve, to submit evidence toward Albus Dumbledore' arrest and hopeful conviction. If this leads to taking down Albus Dumbledore, the two of you will be granted immunity from the crimes."

"Thank you, Madam Bones," Arthur said.

"You are all excused," Amelia said.

The Weasleys stood and left the office.

"Molly Weasley's guilty as sin," Moody grunted. "She'll do something sooner or later. Mark my words. You watch her, Amelia. As for that boy... he'll be lucky if he finishes his education at Hogwarts."

Amelia nodded.

"What did you say about James and Lily Potter's preferred guardians for their son?" Kingsley asked. "Sounds like something that would be in a Will. But as far as I know, they never wrote one."

"Oh, they wrote one," Amelia said, "Minerva told me. Harry opened it recently. Minerva was there when it was opened, and she told me for a reason. Sirius Black was listed on the Will. And right next to his name... 'Godfather, per the Godfather Ritual'."

Kingsley's jaw dropped.

Moody grunted. "I always said there was something fishy about the way he was sent to Azkaban. No trial. I could have sworn Black was innocent, even of killing Pettigrew and those Muggles. Bartemius Crouch and Millicent Bagnold sent him off to Azkaban without wanting my own opinion."

"But they weren't the only ones, were they?" Amelia asked, "Dumbledore was the Chief Warlock, even then."

"You believe Dumbledore sent him to Azkaban for a reason?" Kingsley asked.

"I believe Dumbledore didn't want Sirius to raise Harry Potter," Amelia said, "And there was a reason why."

"Don't go reaching for fantasies when you don't have solid facts, Amelia," Moody said. "Stick with what we do know. If you lose your focus on this investigation for a moment, Albus Dumbledore will chew you up tomorrow and feed you to his phoenix."

Amelia sighed. She knew the old Auror was correct.

"You're right," Amelia said. "Meet me in here tomorrow morning at nine-thirty sharp. We'll be heading to Hogwarts. You're both excused."

Moody and Kingsley both left Amelia's office. Amelia proceeded to procure a copy of Molly and Ron Weasley's confessions from her memory and placed them in a small vial. She placed the vial in the small box which held everything that had to do with Dumbledore's investigation.

She then relaxed back in her chair, and inhaled and exhaled a deep breath. Unspeakable Algernon Croaker would be meeting with her before the end of the day, and she needed to prepare for that meeting. She hardly ever spoke to the Unspeakables, simply because she rarely had a case that would ever involve their intelligence. But the Chamber of Secrets investigation was right up their alley. There was no doubt that the Chamber of Secrets investigation would be solved with their assistance, and possibly even before the students returned on Sunday evening.

Of course, Amelia had been pondering a question all day about the Chamber of Secrets. Someone had opened the Chamber of Secrets, someone had written that message Susan had told her about. Something was attacking Muggleborn, and someone had to be controlling that something. Unfortunately, until all of the students came back on Sunday evening, she wouldn't be able to discover who that somebody was.

She was quite sure it wasn't Harry Potter. She had told that very same thing to her niece Susan. It didn't take long for Susan to believe her. Harry's best friend was a Muggleborn after all. His dearly departed mother was Muggleborn. Why would Harry attack Muggleborns? Susan was ashamed when she realized that. Amelia had also reprimanded Susan, simply because Harry was the last remaining member of the Ancient and Most Noble House of Potter, who was allies with the House of Bones. Harry had every right to remove the House of Bones from his Grandfather's Alliance because of this small betrayal. Susan was even more ashamed after that, and she promised to apologize to Harry when she returned to Hogwarts.

Amelia smiled to herself as she thought of Harry Potter. She had been very good friends with James and Lily Potter, and had met Harry when he was just a baby. She was looking forward to reuniting with the young man.

And then there was Sirius Black. She was doing everything she could not to go straight to Minister Cornelius Fudge and inform him of Sirius Black's apparent innocence. But she needed concrete proof. She needed permission from Harry Potter to obtain a copy of his parents' Will, which she would then get from the Potter Family's Account Manager at Gringotts. Then she would give the proof to Fudge. Sirius would get his trial he should have gotten years ago.

"What a meeting that will be with Fudge," Amelia murmured, "Informing him Sirius Black innocent, and Albus Dumbledore guilty as sin. If everything goes right, Albus will replace Sirius in the Azkaban prison cell."

She smiled to herself at that thought. That would be justice. And that was exactly what she had wanted when she became an Apprentice in the DMLE so many years ago. Justice to those who had ripped her world apart. Justice to those like the bastards who had killed her brother and his family.

Albus Dumbledore may not have committed those sorts of crimes. But he still deserved justice.

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