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There is freedom waiting for you,

on the breezes in the sky,

And you ask "What if I fall?"

Oh but my darling,

What if you fly?


"Mate..." The Hybrid whispers, his voice soft and airy, as if stuck under her spell.

Klaus slowly cups her face, staring into those inhuman, glowing blue eyes. She purs happily at his soft affection. Her lips curve up in a smile as she looks down into his eyes. She settles back on his hips a bit, tilting her head back and forth before looking up toward the sky, glowing eyes finding the moon. She spreads her arms open wide toward the sky, staring at the moon as twinkling starlight falls from the moon and into her skin. The marks on her neck start to glow just a bit brighter as she hums deep in her throat.

She lowers her chin to her chest and her arms to her side to stare down at Klaus. She smiles again, flashing white teeth stained a bit red with blood before movement catches her eye and she turns to look over at Rebekah and Elijah. She tilts her head to the side slightly before humming low in her chest and magic crackles in the air around them, forcing the siblings' eyes to reveal themselves as vampires. Her lips curl in rage and she pops up to her feet.

She turns her eerie blue eyes toward the closest vampire sibling - Rebekah - and growls, spreading her legs wide in a mixture of a defensive stance and an aggressive stance.

"Caroline..." Rebekah says softly, looking terrified. Elijah, who had his arm around her to hold her back earlier, is now slowly pulling her back and away from the supercharged werewolf. "Please don't do this."

Klaus pushes himself between Caroline and his siblings, grabbing onto her arms and holding her in place while she snarls at his siblings over his shoulder. Klaus pushes Caroline back as Elijah pulls Rebekah to keep them separate.

"No, Blue Spirit," Klaus says, moving so that his face was in her's, breaking her line of sight from Rebekah and Elijah. She growls at him but he holds himself steady without flinching. "No, Blue Spirit. Don't touch them. They are my family. My brother. My sister."

The Blue Spirit tries to look past him but Klaus keeps putting himself in her way to stare into her eyes. She growls at him again, not appreciating how he's trying to block her from her foes.

"My siblings," Klaus says again, slowly. "My family. My brother and sister." The Blue Spirit finally looks at him, really look at him after a few long moments of staring holes through Rebekah and Elijah. Her lips fall flat as she stares at him, like she hears him, but doesn't understand what he's trying to say. Klaus squeezes her arms, pressing closer to her. "If we are mates, then I'm asking you to not hurt my siblings. My family."

The Blue Spirit frowns, eyebrows pull together tightly. She looks over at the siblings, then to Klaus, then back to the siblings, her lip curling a bit in disgust. She bares her teeth at Klaus, snarling.

"Nature is in balance," Rebekah says, her voice holding the smallest of a tremor, but it pulls the Blue Spirit's blue eyes toward her. "It was disrupted when we were created... but we have become part of nature. It's been a thousand years... we are here. We are part of nature now..." She chews on her lower lip for a moment. "We're alive. In our own way. We aren't a plague anymore. We have control. It's ugly and imperfect but we are still part of nature. We weren't before, but we are now. Not all vampires are good. Not all witches are good. Not all werewolves are good. If you are... if you're willing to show mercy to one or two of them, why can't you show mercy to all three? Have we not gotten past the blighted part of our existence?"

The Blue Spirit stares at her, blue eyes wide as she tilts her head back and forth, with a completely impassive look on her face. The Blue Spirit is listening to her but it's not clear if it hears what she's saying or not.

Rebekah extracts herself carefully from Elijah's grip, staring back into the glowing blue eyes of the super werewolf in front of her. "I understand when we were created and we didn't have control. Or when there were only us children. But it's not just us and we aren't going around needlessly slaughtering people by the hundreds just because we are evil creatures of the night. We have assimilated, adapted to survive. Is that not nature at its core?" Rebekah sucks in a deep breath, taking a tiny step closer to the Blue Spirit but being sure to stay behind her brother. "And doesn't the fault for our creation lies with the creator? Our mother used magic to make us this way. Our own mother. Why are we the criminals for what she did? I understand if we are to be killed for what we did, but why must we die because of what someone made us into?"

The Blue Spirit turns her head more to the side, listening, but still, her expression remains impassive. She doesn't look outwardly aggressive anymore which is comforting in its own way. It gives Rebekah a bit of strength and courage to push onward.

Rebekah steps a bit closer. "I don't know if you know Caroline... the body of the person that you're inhabiting, but she's my friend. Maybe my best friend. I don't have a lot of friends..." Rebekah looks down at the stake in her hand before looking back into those unnaturally blue eyes. "And my brother... my brother Nik loves her. Loves her so much that while we unintentionally awakened you, we thought we lost her. And my brother... well... Nik, Elijah, and I... we love her. She's our family. The body that you inhabit... she's our family."

"I don't know how she feels about me," Rebekah continues softly, "but I know how I feel about her. She is my family. I love her. And even though it's only been a few hours... I miss her. I miss her because she brings light into our lives. It's easy to love her because she's open and honest and kind and wonderful, but she loves us too. Despite the fact that we are all dark and twisty. She loves us, and she's your host. That's got to matter for something, doesn't it?"

The Blue Spirit's eyebrows pull together as her frown deepens a bit. She growls, but it lacks some of the luster that it had before. It's more of a noise than the threat that it was before. The Blue Spirit is still looking at Rebekah with eyes flashing in disgust and anger.

Rebekah looks down at the stake again, eyebrows pulling together too. She chews on her lower lip a bit more before taking another tiny step closer to Klaus and the Blue Spirit, sucking in a deep breath as the Blue Spirit starts growling low in her throat again, staring hard at Rebekah.

"Careful, Rebekah," Klaus mumbles under his breath.

"Shut up, Nik," Rebekah mumbles back. "We are part of nature now, Blue Spirit. My brothers and I. We... are alive. We can die. We can... save lives. We can heal people with our blood. Hell, we can even reproduce! Sure, not like humans. But we can make more of us, and that's like reproducing, right? We can laugh, and cry, and feel sensations of the body and heart. We can control our urges and while we are capable of great evil, we are also capable of great good." Rebekah stares into the glowing eyes of the Blue Spirit, her shoulders slumping as her voice falls to a small, breathy whisper, "If you are going to kill me. Please don't do it wearing the face of my best friend. That is crueler than this existence I didn't ask for. Please."

The Blue Spirit looks over at Klaus, staring into his eyes for a long moment as if somehow reading his mind, before looking over at Rebekah, growling lowly. The Blue Spirit lowers her eyes down toward the grass, staring at the palms of her hands for a moment before pressing them into her stomach and letting out a little sigh. She stretches her spine, rolling her shoulders and then sighing again, this time defeated before holding out her hand to the Mikaelson sister. Rebekah looks down at her hand, then to the Blue Spirit, back to the hand, before finally settling on the Blue Spirit. She moves the White Oak Stake over to her left hand before slowly lowering her right hand onto the Blue Spirit's offered hand.

The Blue Spirit turns her hand over a presses her nose into the pulse point there, taking a deep breath. She makes a displeased face, sighing, before taking another deep breath and holding it for a moment. Two. Three. Then she exhales, letting out the breath of acceptance and offering a thin smile taking one more lung full of breath, holding it a moment, then hums again, making the markings on her neck glow before she exhales onto Rebekah's wrist. Her breath is hot, so hot it almost sears the skin.

Rebekah goes to pull back, gasping in pain but the Blue Spirit doesn't let go. She breathes out until her lungs are empty before pulling back and letting Rebekah's hand go. Rebekah pulls her hand to her chest and steps back. She looks down at the inside of her wrist to see the reddening skin slowly turn redder and redder but on the sides, something white starts to appear. More and more and more, it clears up until there are two small, identical scars. Marks that look like wings.

"What is that..?" Rebekah asks, looking at the Blue Spirit.

She tilts her head, not responding before looking over at Elijah and holding out her hand for him to take.

"She's marking us," Elijah says, unbuttoning the button on his sleeve and pushing it up to offer his hand to her for her to start the process over again with him this time.

"What does that mean?" Rebekah asks as Klaus slowly moves out of the way so that she can do what she's doing.

Elijah shakes his head slowly. "I'm not completely sure. In our research, Athena and I came across people in history that were given these marks by the Blue Spirit. I'm not sure what they mean, but I can only hope that it's a good thing."

Rebekah gives him a sideways look, pursing out her lips. She wants something a bit more concrete than that, but she's not given much of a choice other than to accept it. "Why does the scar look like wings?"

"I'm sorry?" Elijah asks, glancing over at his sister.

"The scar," Rebekah says, inspecting her wrist. "Why does the scar look like wings?"

Elijah shakes his head. "I'm not sure," he admits.

She sighs and looks down at her wrist again. The skin is still red with the wing-like scars bumping out. The more she heals, the more that they look like wings, which isn't what Rebekah was expecting at all. She's not sure what it means but it honestly is a little beautiful in its own way. She runs her thumb over the sensitive skin, thoughtfully before looking over at Klaus. "Do you think this means she isn't going to rip our hearts from our chests?"

Klaus offers a little smile, reaching out to touch her shoulder. "I hope so."

The Blue Spirit lets go of Elijah and looks down at her fingertips, pursing her lips a bit before looking back up at the moon. She turns around to just simply gaze up at the moon with a soft, loving smile on her face before turning to look over at Klaus, sucking in a breath with bright eyes. Elijah rubs his wrist while Klaus smiles back at her, stepping closer to the Blue Spirit and looking up at the moon.

"Beautiful, isn't it?" Klaus asks softly, gazing at the side of the Blue Spirit's head.

She smiles at him before looking toward the forest nearby beyond the property line. Her smile widens more as she reaches for the hem of her ripped shirt, pulling it up over her head and dropping it onto the grass as she starts walking toward the forest. She gives Klaus a backward glance, inviting him with her eyes and a little tilt of her chin to the forest before turning away to work on the tie of her waistband.

"Rebekah..." Elijah says softly.

"Hm?" Rebekah doesn't pull her eyes from her wrist.

"I know why they look like wings now," Elijah says.

"Why?" Rebekah asks, looking over at her brother, who tilts his chin toward the awakened werewolf.

"Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful," Klaus sighs, shaking his head with his eyes blown wide in awe.

On her back. Caroline or the Blue Spirit, it's not clear who they are dealing with anymore. But they are holding onto the tethers of hope that somewhere beneath the blue eyes and the glowing marks that Caroline is still there. She's in there somewhere. And on her back like in the movies, is a set of scars across her shoulder blades and down the back of her arms to about the middle of her upper arms. Scars that are stark white against her already pale skin. Scars that look like wings.

"I wonder... her true form must have been some sort of bird," Elijah says softly.

"The Blue Spirit was an angel," Rebekah whispers, her blue eyes wide. She brings her hands up to her face, almost poking herself in the eye with the White Oak stake. She gives it a look before turning her awe-inspired eyes toward the other blonde's back. "She's an angel."

The Blue Spirit's bones start to break once her pajama shorts fall to the grass. They break rapidly until she's completely ripped through her undergarments until she's a full-blown wolf. She shakes and shivers until her fur is fluffed out. The dark fur on her back is now marked with white fur that looks like wings, just like her skin. She bows down in a stretch before looking over at Klaus with eyes that should be golden, but are still that eerie glowing blue.

"She wants me to go with her," Klaus says, staring back into those hypnotic blue eyes.

"Then you should go," Elijah says, nodding.

Klaus turns away and slips his shirt off as Elijah turns to look back toward the house, remembering that they at one point had an audience to see that the porch was empty. At some point during the fight Elena, Stefan, Damon, and Katherine must have run off without them noticing. Elijah frowns deeply, upset by the way this all turned out but happy to know that they are no longer right in front of him. He's not sure what he's going to do once all of this settles down.

The Blue Spirit waits patiently while Klaus shifts into a wolf before wagging her tail a bit before racing off into the forest, disappearing into the darkness. Klaus goes to chase after her but stops to look back over his shoulder at his siblings. He looks between the two of them long and hard before turning and running off after the Blue Spirit into the darkness of the forest.

Rebekah and Elijah look after Klaus for a long moment until he's completely out of sight. They stand in silence for a few minutes, shoulder to shoulder. Rebekah looks down at the stake in her hand, sucking in a deep breath and saying, "They brought him here."

Elijah also sucks in a breath. "Yes, they did."

"They brought him here to kill us."

"Yes, they did."

"They brought him here to stop us from awakening the Blue Spirit."

"Yes... they did."

Rebekah blinks a few times, blue eyes watering in anger as the muscles in her face twitch a bit. "They brought him here to stop us from trying to save Caroline's life."

Elijah nods very slowly, reaching out to put his arm around his sister. He squeezes her arm tightly, still eyeing the darkness with Rebekah. "Yes, Sister. Yes, they did."

They lapse into silence for another few moments, just relishing in the safety that they have got - no matter how temporary - and the release that comes with no longer having to run for their lives. The demon that has been haunting them for the last thousand years is finally gone. They don't have to run anymore. They don't have to be afraid anymore.

But now, instead of scared for their futures. Instead of worrying about tomorrow being the day that they lose everything. That they have to drop everything that they are doing to run for their lives because their world is blowing up around them once more as the nuclear weapon known as Mikael is soaring through the air right at the tops of their heads. All of that was over now. Now they have the chance to really live their lives without worrying about whether or not their peace will one day come to an end and they will have to uproot their lives. Now, nothing is stopping them from living. Stopping them from finding true happiness.

"I'm going to kill them, brother," Rebekah says softly, half-lidded eyes staring into the dark forest. "I don't know if it's going to be today or tomorrow, or a week from now, or a month, but one day I'm going to kill every single one of them."

Elijah lets out a long, drawn-out sigh, not saying anything for a moment before resting his cheek against her head. "I know, dear sister."

Three days.

Three days of Klaus and the Blue Spirit running around through the forest, catching and killing prey, running through the trees, roaming the lands as far as they dare before returning to the safety of their den for the night to curl up around one another to sleep peacefully. The Blue Spirit awakens inner wolves in the dogs around them. Those with more wolf's blood howl with her, and those with so little run and hide in fear.

They play fight their way through the days, running around and exploring, taking in the world as it is while avoiding humans. It's like they were in their own little slice of heaven where only they existed. Their ability to run free and the desire to do so. They were the masters of their own destinies. They decided where they went and what they did. The Blue Spirit seemed content with watching nature, roaming the forest, and watching the animals and the people without interacting too much. Cautious, careful, but observant.

But all beautiful things come to an end and on the night of the third day, they return to the Mikaelson mansion where Klaus's siblings were waiting for them at the hybrid's silent request. He knew he had to return to steadily he had been making his way back home and she followed after him, not wanting to be left alone.

The home had already been repaired from the damage that had been done to it by Mikael and the deceit of Caroline's former friends. Elijah came out to greet them, bringing clothes for Klaus to put on as he shifted back to normal while the Blue Spirit trudged into the house still as a wolf, smelling around and inspecting the area with blatant curiosity. She offered Elijah and Rebekah a look but didn't show any aggression toward either of the siblings as she made her way into the living room in her exploration and made herself nice and comfortable on the couch, curling up into a little ball, falling asleep immediately.

"Welcome back," Rebekah says as Klaus walks into the living room while buttoning up his pants.

Klaus offers her a grin, his face dirty from days without a proper bath. "Thank you, sister, I hope that the two of you weren't too lonely without us here."

"We certainly weren't lonely," Rebekah says, rolling her eyes as her nose crinkles up. "But I'll admit that I do miss the moments when the house didn't smell like a dirty, wet dog. So there is that."

She smiles at him despite her words and expression. Klaus smiles back at her before looking between his siblings. He pulls his shirt on over his head and casts a look over at the couch to see the sleeping wolf laying there unmoving aside from the gentle rise and fall of her back.

"She's wonderful," Klaus says softly. "I know that Caroline has wanted to go running together since I awakened my werewolf side but that was wonderful. It was nice to be able to just... run free. It was liberating to be part of that..." He shakes his head, turning to look back over at his siblings. "I just... I wish that it could have been with Caroline. Not with something wearing her skin."

"I saw her blue eyes as she passed me," Rebekah says softly, tucking a loose strand of long blonde hair behind her ear. "So," she says slowly, looking down at the hardwood floor before peaking up at Klaus through long, thick lashes, "...Caroline never came back?"

Klaus crosses his arms over his chest and lets out a long sigh, shaking his head. "No... no, she didn't."

"It's not over," Elijah says, confidently. "She's not back yet, but that doesn't mean she won't ever come back. Don't lose hope. Not yet. Not until we are certain that she'll never come back."

Klaus and Rebekah both look at each other, thinking the same thing about their sappy brother. Honorable Elijah who is ever the optimist. Elijah raises an eyebrow at his siblings, feeling like he has to defend himself, at least a little bit. "We don't want to give up on the chance that Caroline might come back. We want her too, so we should keep ourselves open to the possibility. Have hope."

"Yes," Rebekah says, wrapping the blanket she had over her shoulders a bit tighter. "Yes, keep holding onto hope, that way it'll hurt a lot more if we don't get our girl back." Klaus looks sad at her words, accepting them more than Elijah's. Their hope and optimism are too frail for Elijah's liking.

He notes their looks and rolls his eyes and shakes his head, looking past his brother toward the couch behind blond as movement caught his eye.

"Niklaus, look."

Klaus turns around to see the werewolf having changed back into a naked, sleeping Caroline, curled on her side. She's dirty with marks on her body from their roughhousing that she hasn't quite healed from yet but is completely unbothered as she sleeps peacefully.

Klaus walks over to her, grabbing the blanket that Rebekah offers him to drape over her naked body. He wraps her up in the blanket around her before pulling her into his arms. She groans low in her throat, wrangling her arms free from the blanket to wrap around Klaus's neck. She buries her face into the hollow of Klaus's throat, eyes squeezed shut as she lets out a little sigh.

"Hopefully that's a good sign," Rebekah offers softly.

"Hopefully," Klaus says, carrying the body of the woman he loves up into her bedroom.

The shattering of glass pulls her from the darkness. When Caroline blinks a few times, she's disoriented. She reaches out to touch the counter next to her as she stares out the double doors leading into the backyard of the house Klaus gave to her. Her mind feels sluggish and weak and the sky is brightening up as the sun has just peaked over the horizon, bathing the day with a gentle golden light bright enough to blind her.

She squeezes her eyes shut and leans against the counter trying to fully pull back into her own body. She feels weak and tired, her stomach is rumbling and her throat hurts. She licks her lips a few times as she forces her eyes to adjust to the gentle light. She looks down at her feet to see that she had knocked a glass that was on the counter off of it and it shattered into a million pieces. That had to of been that sound that pulled her back into herself. She doesn't know how she got here but thankfully knows that she's safe, just disoriented.

"Caroline?" Klaus calls the softness of his footsteps a few feet behind her. "What happened?"

"Is everything alright?" Elijah asks a few steps further behind him.

"I smell blood, what's going on?" Rebekah's voice pipes up from one of the side rooms, making her way closer. "Oh, she's awake!"

"I can see that," Klaus says, walking closer. The sound of glass crunched beneath his boots as he reaches out to her. One hand holding onto her waist and the other one grabbing her hand at her side, not the one helping support her against the counter. "Come aside, love, let's get that glass out of your feet, shall we?"

Caroline hears herself mumble as she blinks a few times, her mind finally starting to clear up from the hazy fog that was hanging over it.

Klaus's hands on her freeze. "Did... you say something, love?"

Caroline leans back into him a bit, using her hand that was once holding her up to rub at her forehead as she licks her lips, swallowing a bit before turning to look into Klaus's beautiful blue eyes as they widen, staring back into her own, full lips parting. "I said," Caroline rasps, "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to break the glass."

His eyes flicker back and forth between her own as this blindingly beautiful smile works its way across his face, bright blue eyes mist over as he steps closer to her side and cups her face with so much tenderness and love Caroline half expects to be dealing with an alien that has taken over the body of the man that she loves. There are relief and love and joy shining like the sun in his eyes and on his face as he leans in close to kiss her softly on the lips.

"Caroline," he whispers lovingly against her lips. "My beautiful Caroline, oh how I missed you so."

He kisses her again and pulls her into his arms, so soft and gentle, as she might break. Caroline sinks into his warmth, not sure what has gotten into him but he seems happy, so she's not too worried. She wraps her arms around his neck and lays her cheek against his.

"Did I go somewhere?" Caroline asks softly, kissing his ear as he wraps one arm around her waist and slides his free hand into her hair to keep her close.

Klaus buries his nose into her hair and neck, breathing in deeply before saying, softly, "Somewhere so far away that I thought I would never see you again. But you are back."

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