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Bloodlines @wingedladycolette
It's okay

Author's Note: I'm sorry about the long wait! I'm kinda feeling this chapter, so I hope you all are too! It's probably because it's hella late and I am super tired, so we'll see how I feel in the morning, but for now, I'm happy! Thank you all for your kind words so far! I love hearing them, they really inspire me to keep going! I hope you continue to enjoy!

"You're an absolute fool," Caroline says as soon as Klaus steps up next to her and Stefan on their way to Lafayette Cemetary. "I just called her and she told me where to meet her."

Klaus gives Stefan a look before leaning in close to Caroline, like that would somehow prevent Stefan from hearing them. "I'll have you know that I wasn't just looking for this Jane-Anne Deveraux. I'm getting a feel for the city. It has been a hundred years since I was last here."

Caroline didn't know about all of that, but she was willing to just let it go. She was too tired and weak to really care. She looks over at Stefan. "I think we'll be okay from here, Stefan. Please make sure that Bonnie is okay." Caroline slowly pulls away from Stefan, making sure that she still had her footing beneath her before Klaus wraps an arm around her waist and she leans on his shoulder. "I don't like her being alone here."

"Are you sure that you're going to be okay?" Stefan asks.

Caroline nods. "I'll be okay."

Stefan nods slowly, casting a look over at Klaus before saying to Caroline, "I'll go back. Call me if you need me."

They walk - or Klaus practically carries her with how slowly she's moving and how heavily she's leaning on the hybrid - toward the Cemetary in silence. Caroline thinks about the night of October 22nd. That was almost four months ago. The night of the Mikaelson Gala. She only really remembers it so well because it was the day she super betrayed her own friends and never confessed to it. She felt bad for never telling her own best friends about what happened, but she knew how her friends felt about Klaus and while on any given day she would typically agree with them.

But everything really changed with Silas.

"I never got to say anything after everyone came back from the Silas island. After everything that happened to us these last few months I never really got around to thanking you," Caroline says, knowing that now really isn't the time, but feels like she can't ignore what no one else knows about but her. After all that they've been through, the least that she could do is say thank you.

"What are you thanking me for?" Klaus asks, blue eyes scanning the streets before them. New Orleans is pretty busy. The streets are bustling as people walk about enjoying the sights.

He sounds genuinely surprised by her having anything to thank him for. His attention is focused on the world around them, keeping a close eye for witches hiding behind corners or in dark alleys waiting for the proper moment to strike out at them. He is way too paranoid to go into this blind, especially since he's watching Caroline's back since she's too weak to even hold her own body standing let alone watch her own back.

"I never told them," Caroline says softly. Klaus looks over at her, staring through long lashes. "I never told my friends that I let you leave to chase after them to the island. After what happened with Kol... I mean after Jeremy killed Kol..." He blinks slowly, staring at her for a moment before looking forward. "You saved him. No one knows. None of my friends. Just me. Silas was going to kill him but you saved him, and never told anyone. You were never thanked for it."

"I think you're reading too far into this," Klaus says. "I wanted to remove the Gilbert boy from the ancient immortal psychic's control. How was I to know what he would do with the Hunter?"

Caroline shakes her head slowly. She leans into his side a bit more, a yawn forcing its way from her lips. She's ready to go back to bed. Obviously, she knows that she can't. She's got to see this Jane-Anne Deveraux and see what in the world they want from her - or more likely Klaus - and start plotting their way out of this situation.

"I'm not," Caroline says, resting her head on his shoulder as what little bit of energy she had is being sapped from her once more. "And I don't know what Silas would have done with Jeremy other than kill him. And Elena would be without a brother. Like you were without Kol. Yet you saved him." Caroline looks at the side of Klaus's head, recognizing the look that plays across his face. It's the sadness, the brokenheartedness, the pain, but also that feeling of resolution as well. He has accepted the hand dealt to him.

Klaus doesn't respond, lips pressing together in a thin line. His eyes fall to the cobblestone path beneath their feet. He's thinking about her words, thankfully and hopefully he can hear the sincerity in what she's said. He may not think she should thank him, or have asked for it, but at least he's thinking about it carefully.

"You can't fool me, Klaus Mikaelson," Caroline says softly, turning her eyes toward the Lafeyette Cemetary archway, seeing the maze of tombs and monuments to the dead beyond. "I know that you aren't always the big, bad wolf."

"You must be delusional, Caroline," Klaus mutters, hard glare falling into place as he prepares to face the witches, "but that is something we will deal with at a later date. For now, the witches of New Orleans."

Someone steps into their path. A woman in her mid-thirties with long brown hair and eyes. Her steps are slow and purposeful. Her posture strong and sure, but there is a nervousness in the way she grips her hands at her stomach. Her eyes find Klaus right away and she looks terrified but hides it well. Even from where they are, Caroline can see the way her throat tightens at the sight of him. The creases that form between her eyes and the fear that lay bear there. It's not a surprise that she's afraid.

Klaus... has that sort of effect on people.

Then her eyes find Caroline and the softest expression crosses over her face. Klaus stops about five feet from the witch.

"You... must be Caroline," the woman says. "Are you in pain?"

Caroline doesn't want to think about the ache of the body or the pain in her head. "I am Caroline. Are you Jane-Anne Deveraux?" She asks, ignoring the last question.

The woman nods slowly. "Yes. I am Jane-Anne. Come. You must be exhausted."

Caroline blinks a few times slowly wondering if she's seeing things, or if her mind is playing tricks on her for being tired and in pain. "Am I going crazy or... is that Elijah Mikaelson?"

"Your mental stability is not what is in question at the moment, Caroline," Klaus says, pulling away from her so that she can lean on the closest wall for support. She gives him an annoyed look as he marches across the small - She didn't know what to call it - to where Elijah is standing next to Jane-Anne Deveraux, the witches parting like the red sea before him. "The only question I have right at this very moment is; what are you, my dear brother, doing here in New Orleans?" His eyes narrow dangerously, basically answering Caroline's question.

"Peace, Niklaus," Elijah says, holding up a hand whimsically as if that alone had enough power to stop the raging bull that typically is Klaus Mikaelson. "I was informed of the threat to your life and came to investigate. The witches have been telling me the most peculiar tale. And they were just getting to the good part, I'm sure, when you showed up."

Klaus stares into his brother's eyes for a long moment before finally turning toward Jane-Anne. "Well, out with it then. What do you want from Caroline and me?"

Jane-Anne kneads her hands at her stomach looking like she's trying to build up the courage to speak with the eyes of both Mikaelson brothers turning their eyes toward her. She steels herself, lifting her chin slightly, before looking over at Caroline.

"I suppose I should start with you, Ms. Forbes. That necklace you wear, it belongs to your great grandmother Angelica Forbes," Jane-Anne says slowly. Caroline already realized that but didn't say a word, waiting for her to continue. "You should know that your family is cursed, Ms. Forbes, with the inability to carry children to term."

Caroline stares at her, blinking rapidly. She's never heard of that before. "We do?"

Jane-Anne nods. "Yes. Your ancestor on your great grandfather's side came to the New Orleans witches, my family, to be exact to conduct a spell that would strengthen themselves and allow them to carry strong children to term. It saps the energy of the mother to make the child stronger so that it can survive. So it isn't uncommon for women in your grandmother's bloodline who wear that necklace to grow weak over the course of their pregnancy. Their strength being used to keep the child strong."

Well, that was a piece of family history that Caroline didn't know. It's certainly interesting, but Caroline had underestimated how old this necklace was. She looks down at the bright red jewel, running her fingers across it for a moment before looking up at Jane-Anne. "That... is kind of interesting, I'll admit that, but what does that have to do with me? Why am I exhausted from wearing a necklace that drains the energy of the parent to strengthen an unborn child?"

Her questions are met with absolute silence. Klaus, who in the middle of Jane-Anne's explanation of the necklace turned to look at it, was now staring at Caroline's face before something crosses his features. A strange look of confusion and disbelief, before looking over at Jane-Anne, his lips parting but no sound coming out.

Even Elijah looks confused, crossing one arm over her chest while cupping his chin with the other, looking over at Caroline curiously. Dark eyes were darker still with disbelief.

Caroline raises her eyebrows. "What? Was that a dumb question? Why isn't anyone saying anything?" She looks around at the two Mikaelson brothers and the gaggle of witches that were present, all staring at either her or anything but her. Caroline forced herself to straighten up against the wall to preserve some of her dignity.

"Caroline," Jane-Anne says, pulling the blond's eyes to her. She gestures to the young brunette next to her, "this is my sister, Sophie. She has the innate ability to know when someone is pregnant. And she saw you. Forbes women have a harder time carrying children on a normal day, but you, being human and carrying the child of the Original Hybrid? Your energy is being sapped far greater than normal."

Jane-Anne's voice falls into silence and all Caroline could do was hear her blood roaring in her ears and watch as Klaus and Elijah both turn to look at one another very, very slowly. So many different things cross her mind at once, yet she's not sure which to dwell on first. Her lips part and she says, "But I'm not - " human, is on the tip of her tongue when her eyes find both Elijah and Klaus both staring at her, shaking their head very slowly to stop her from finishing her sentence. If for some unspoken reason they thought that she was human, the brothers were willing to let them believe that.

"But I'm not pregnant," Caroline decides on. "I can't be pregnant. And who's the fictional dad? What, Klaus?" She snorts hard enough for it to both hurt and wakes her up a bit more. She laughs dryly, shaking her head in disbelief. "Let's start with the very obvious fact that he's dead, and had their been some sort of magical reason for him to be able to have kids, he's probably the proud father of at least half a dozen football teams at this point."

Klaus blinks slowly, casting her a furrow-browed look that she didn't know how to interpret. She said it in part to make a point, and to be a bit funny, but there is a stab of pain to her chest at her own words. She pushes the feeling away, not wanting to offer the feeling more thought than the brief moment it was offered.

Elijah's lips quirk slightly at that before falling flat. Well, at least someone found it funny.

"He wasn't always this way," Jane-Anne says while Sophie purses her lips to stop from smiling at that too. "But something recently changed, hasn't it?"

Caroline stares at her, trying to get her befuddled mind to pinpoint what changed. Her brain just about latched onto it, when Elijah says, "He broke the werewolf curse."

She blinks a few times, that logic making some kind of sense. She supposed that was a huge magical change that recently occurred. Still, she clings to anything that would somehow prove to them and herself that they've got the wrong girl and this lunacy was nearing its end. Caroline mentally calculated the amount of time between when Klaus broke the curse and now.

"Okay, so it's been a minute since then, we spent one night together," Caroline admits, feeling weird for having to say that like she was owning up to something bad. She hasn't said it to anyone before and yet here she was owning up to it in front of a room full of strangers probably trying to kill her and the older brother of the man in question. "But Klaus has probably slept with other people. Why are you zeroing in on me? Klaus, just tell them who else you've been with so we can go home and they can harass these other girls because I'm not pregnant."

Elijah turns his dark eyes toward his brother as Klaus stares down at the ground, his eyebrows pulled together tightly. His lips press into a line as he avoids the gaze of everyone in the room.

"Klaus, tell them," Caroline says, pushing away from the wall to stare at the ancient hybrid. "Klaus. Oh come on, look at me. Klaus!"

Klaus blinks rapidly, still staring at the ground. Caroline thought for a moment he was trying to recall the number of people that he's been with, probably trying to recall if it was before or after he broke his curse, which really annoyed her.

But slowly, he raises his eyes so very slowly to look over at Caroline, lips pressing tighter together still, swallowing thickly. When he finally manages to let his eyes meet hers she finally knows the truth written across face. He stares back at her without uttering a word but his silence speaks volumes. There isn't anyone else. His pursuit of her hasn't been half-hearted.

"Klaus..." Caroline says, eyebrows pulling together. She's not sure what she thinks about this. She's not sure if she has any right to think about it. Klaus wasn't hers. He was free to do whatever - and whoever - he wanted. She didn't have any sort of say in whatever it was that tickled his fancy. She blinks a few times before turning to Jane-Anne. "You know what? Never mind. I'm not pregnant. I would know if I was."

"Have you been having your period?" Sophie asks.

Caroline's eyebrows quirk up at the personal question. "No," she admits, "but that's not because of pregnancy." It's because I'm dead.

"Well, the lack of energy that you have is proof enough for us that you are pregnant," Jane-Anne says, "and Sophie can sense who the father is. But there is something else that we can do to prove it if you want."

"Yes," Caroline says, crossing her arms over her chest. "And when it shows that I'm not pregnant, then you unlink my life to this necklace and let me go home." The witches all look at one another. Caroline sucks in a deep breath. "Deal?"

Jane-Anne looks between the witches, the brothers, and then turns her dark eyes toward Caroline. "Okay. We have a deal."

There is a touch of relief, sure that she wasn't going to turn out pregnant, especially since they hedge about 98% of this entire thing on the fact that for some reason they think that she's human, which is insane. "Okay. So how do we do it? Some sort of magic spell?"

Jane-Anne nods, digging into the pocket of her coat. "Yes, I have a spell that will prove the father is who we suspect but I have a simple, magic-free way to prove it that you can't dispute."

Caroline blinks a few times. "How?"

Jane-Anne pulls out two pregnancy tests still in their boxes.

"I have been sick and exhausted these last few days," Caroline says, walking back into the circle of witches with the two Mikaelson brother standing a few feet away watching the witches closely. Klaus perks up a bit when she walks back into the room. "I have hardly drunk any water so the fact that I was able to generate enough pee for two pregnancy is really impressive."

Klaus didn't want her to go alone, and honestly, she didn't really either, but at the same time, she wasn't sure how to look at him. They put some insanely bad juju into the air and she's not sure how to look at him. She's sure she heard Jane-Anne and Klaus arguing when she initially left all the way up until she came back. He thought that this was all lunacy too. He thought that she was being insane and he wanted her to give him a good reason to not tear all the witches of New Orleans to shreds for thinking that they could get away with threatening him.

Elijah managed to convince Klaus to stay his hand until they learn more.

Jane-Anne holds her hand out for the pregnancy tests but Caroline clutches them close to her, trying not to think about what was inside them. "No. I'll hold onto them until it's time."

Jane-Anne drops her hand and nods. "Okay. That's fair."

"So, while we wait," Elijah says as Caroline ignores Klaus staring at the side of her head, "why don't you tell us why it was so important to you to go through all these hoops to get my brother to New Orleans?"

"We need you, Klaus Mikaelson," Sophie says, drawing Klaus's eyes toward her. His expression is dark and angry. He does not like to be told what to do. At all. And Caroline knows this very well.

"Our city is being held by the throat by none other than Marcel Gerard," Jane-Anne says, casting her sister a sideways glance.

Klaus and Elijah share a look with one another. "Marcel?" Elijah asks, surprised. "The vampire Marcel?"

"Who's Marcel?" Caroline asks, but everyone ignores her.

"He's not the same person you left behind," one of the other witches says. "He's got a death grip on the witches and we need your help."

And then they set to arguing. Klaus against the witches, Elijah against the witches, then Klaus against Elijah. Caroline just watches trying to understand the situation when she remembered the sticks in her hands. She pulls them up to look at and feels her blood run cold as all of the sounds of bickering around her start to fade away as if she was walking further and further down a dark tunnel and all she can see is the two little lines on each saying that she's pregnant.

Sh's not sure how long she was staring at the sticks, but the sound of Jane-Anne's sister's voice pulls her back into her body with the softest, most certain, "Congratulations. You're pregnant."

Caroline looks up to see Sophie staring back at her as the room falls quiet once more. Klaus and Elijah both turn to look at her.

"It doesn't say your pregnant, does it?" Klaus asks blue eyes were blown wide in disbelief. "You can't be pregnant..."

Caroline feels her hands go completely cold and numb as the sticks fall from her fingertips. Tears of fear and confusion slide down her cheeks as she tries to wrap her mind around what is happening.

"It's time," Jane-Anne says, more to the collected witches than to Caroline as she walks across the room to the blond, reaching out and placing her hand on Caroline's stomach.

Caroline raises her eyes toward Jane-Anne and is surprised by what she sees. The compassion, the sadness, the resolution. She feels pity for Caroline for being in this situation - whether it be because Klaus is the father or that her child now links her to the situation that they are in - but she's bound by what she has to do and steels herself to push down whatever she's feeling to do what she must.

And Caroline sees in her eyes the eyes of a mother. The tenderness and sadness there. Like a mother, who is staring down at her child and accepting that sometimes shitty things happen and she simply must allow it to.

"Forbes women have a tough time carrying human children," Jane-Anne says, "so if we are being honest, I'm surprised that you were able to keep the baby alive for as long as you have. This necklace will help it survive but by doing so, it will continue to sap your strength. Thankfully, the power of New Orleans will assist in keeping both of you alive. But I am sorry. You will progressively grow weaker the further along you go. As the baby grows in strength the more it will drain from you.

"In a normal human pregnancy, it would simply make you fatigued most of the time, but you are carrying a supernatural baby. It holds Mikaelson blood in it, which means magic. It's going to be a little witch, I think. And so it draws more energy still. But it could also be a werewolf. Or perhaps both. Either way, this child will consume massive amounts of energy and being here, in New Orleans, will alleviate some of the pressure on your body, which is why it was essential for you to come here," Jane-Anne says.

Caroline looks down at the hand on her stomach, unable to even think about moving. "But... I don't look pregnant. If Klaus... if he's the father..." She can feel herself shaking. "He would have to be. The last time I was with Tyler was a long time ago. But Klaus being the father would mean that I... I'm like four months along. I'm not... big." Admittedly, she had gained a bit of weight from her crazy eating habits, but she's been so stressed about everything going on lately; Elena turning into a vampire, Silas, Tyler still being MIA after the Hybrid revolt, school and everything else, she's been more than just stress eating. More like stress gorging.

"The baby isn't growing fast enough," Jane-Anne says tenderly. "Your womb is not a hospitable environment."

Okay, Jane-Anne has been pretty nice thus far but every time she says that Caroline's womb - and that of the women in her family - is not a hospitable environment, Caroline gets this vision of her womb being a freaking desert of outer space or a warzone or something. She has got to stop saying that. It was kind of hurting before, but Caroline had accepted that she was never going to have children when she died and became a vampire, but now that she knows that she is pregnant and could still lose the baby because the women in her family can hardly carry human children let alone supernatural ones, is really stressing her out.

"Now that the baby is getting energy and strength, it should start to grow, and rapidly," Jane-Anne says comfortingly. Caroline isn't sure that is going to make her feel better either.

Baby? She can't have a baby! This is completely insane!

"I can't believe this," Caroline whispers, feeling like her world is crashing down around her.

"Now," Jane-Anne says, sucking in a deep breath. "I am going to perform a spell that will use the baby's magical essence to call out to both parents. It will leave a small, heart-shaped mark on the hand of each parent so we will be able to know for certain. If we are wrong, then the mark won't show up on Mr. Mikaelson."

"How can we trust this?" Elijah asks carefully seeing as Klaus can't stop staring, wide-eyed at Caroline's face with his mouth hanging open. An entire wave of different emotions passing over his face every second as he tries to come up with some sort of understanding of the situation.

"The spell is linked only to the child," Jane-Anne says. "It will use the child's magic to mark the parents. It's a temporary spell that will fade in a few minutes but it will tell us if we were right, or wrong. I won't even go near the hybrid." And Jane-Anne doesn't appear as though she's worried they might be wrong. Which, technically, Caroline isn't either. She knows who she slept with and in the last year, it's been Tyler and Klaus. And if it had been Tyler, there was no way she wouldn't already be showing at this point. No... maybe it's been long enough that she would have given birth already? She's not sure anymore. She can't think straight.

So Jane-Anne places both hands on Caroline's stomach and starts to chant something in a language she doesn't recognize over and over again. Caroline feels a strange tingling sensation wash over her as she looks down at her hands, watching as a dark heart-shaped mark appears on the palm of her right hand. Like a three-day-old sharpie drawing that was washing away bit by bit. Jane-Anne stops chanting and steps away, lips pressing together tightly.

Caroline watches as Elijah turns toward Klaus as he lifts up his right hand after she turns hers toward him, Klaus looks at his palm, then turns it to Caroline. It's clear. And for a moment, Caroline is freaking out. Does that mean it's Tyler's? How long had it been? It couldn't have been anyone else's. It was Tyler or Klaus, that's all she knew for certain. Then, Klaus looks at his other hand, as if forgetting that he had two of them and stares. Caroline's heart rate picks up as Elijah leans in close to look at his hand, before turning dark eyes up to Klaus's pale face.


"I see it," Klaus grounds out, his emotions dancing off his face between complete and utter fear and unfathomable rage. Caroline's not sure exactly who he was mad at, but she knew which would beat out. Because rage is easier. It's always easier. Especially to someone like Klaus. Where all his life he's needed to use rage as a weapon to protect himself.

"This is ludacris," Klaus snarls, turning his eyes burning link blue fire toward the witches. "You bring us all the way out here in hopes that I will do your bidding all for the sake of a child that you perceive to be my weakness? Do you think you can threaten and control me? Do you think there will not be consequences to this? Why should I help you? Why should I even care?"

"Brother, please," Elijah starts, reaching out to touch Klaus's arm but he rips his arm back, away from Elijah's touch as if it burned him.

"Don't 'brother please' me, Elijah!" Klaus snaps, stepping back as if he was literally being backed up into a corner and he was ready to strike out like an injured animal. Elijah must have had the same impression because he holds his hands up to show he means no harm. "Why should I believe these witch lies? They are trying to use this child I care nothing for to control me into attacking a one-time friend all because they aren't allowed to use magic in the Quarter? I will not be used as a tool."

"Hey," Sophie snaps, her eyebrows pulled together. "Are you saying you don't care about Caroline?"

"What I feel for Caroline in none of your business, witch," Klaus snarls, making her shrink back a bit when his eyes land on her.

She takes a beat, steels herself, before saying, "Look at her, you prick."

Klaus's face twitches with his anger and for a moment, Caroline thought that he was going to flash over to the girl and snap her neck, and maybe he was, but then Elijah looked down at her, at first in confusion, then in pity, and he softly says, "Niklaus, look."

And he did.

He turns, scowling angrily, and looks down at her, and somehow, that's when she realized, in the middle of the ranting and raving, she fell back against the wall behind her and slide to the floor. She was shaking and crying so quietly she didn't even realize she was until she hand to remove her hands from her mouth to breathe, forgetting how to use her nose.

She was overtaken by so many emotions that she didn't know how to handle them.

She was pregnant? She was really going to have a child? Even after she had come to accept that she would never have any biological children of her own due to her vampirism?

And not only that, but Klaus Mikaelson was the father? Disregard the fact that he was kind of an ally, kind of an enemy depending on the day, but her friends don't even know that they slept together. One time.

Never mind the fact that it wasn't Tyler's because he was, at the time she slept together with Klaus, and technically still is, her boyfriend. Yes, after all of this Caroline and Tyler ended on a really weird note. With Klaus having officially chased Tyler out of Mystic Falls, they never really settled on what was going on with their relationship. And as far as Caroline is concerned, they are still together. This means Caroline sleeping with Klaus makes her a cheater. And this baby growing inside of her is proof of the deception.

And even though the little voice in the back of her head wants to tell her that she isn't a cheater because he left and they basically broke up, but it didn't feel completely over. But her neurotic brain wouldn't accept that so she went right back to believing that she was a cheater. And the voice also wanted to blame Klaus for all of this, just because it's easier that way, but she knew that she couldn't blame him. Honestly, Klaus did nothing wrong.

Caroline has always been dramatic and emotional, but now she feels like a mess. And with all these thoughts and emotions swirling around inside of her like an angry maelstrom, she could only stare at Klaus, tears streaming down her face as the anger melts away from his.

She whispers so softly yet somehow, in the silence of the cemetery, it sounds like she's screaming, "You hate me. It's okay. I think I hate me too."

Hurt flickers across Klaus's face and Caroline's brain tells her it was because she spoke the truth. She closes her eyes slowly, feeling fresh tears sliding down her cheeks and she has to blink a few times to clear her vision enough to see Klaus slowly kneel down in front of her. He places his hands on her knees, staring into her with big, sad blue eyes, shame dwelling in them.

"I don't hate you, Caroline. I don't."

Caroline didn't believe him. But she didn't blame him, though. Even though that evil little voice wanted to. She reaches out with her hands to lightly cup his cheeks, forcing a smile that actually hurt her. She hated seeing him like this. It wasn't his fault and he has every right to be mad and mistrustful. Rationalizing it in her mind, Caroline knew that this was terrifying to him and he was handling it in the only way Klaus knew how to. His anger wasn't really directed at her, or really the witches, but at the situation as a whole.

He's scared. He's scared and his mind is going a thousand miles a minute and he needs to vent that anger or the fear will overwhelm and destroy him. And Caroline is so sorry she did this. It'd be different if they were dating or seeing each other casually or even friends on more than just when the occasion suits her and her friends.

But no, they were on-again, off-again acquaintances that have a lot of unresolved emotions and chemistry. And thinking about it now, Caroline is ashamed of how she treated him all this time. It wasn't that she hated him, no, they were past that. But once she fell into the mean, bitchy attitude that she got with him - that he never seemed to mind - she couldn't drop it.

But she was never overly kind to him. And this man is now the father of her child. A child she didn't think she would ever be able to have. And he wasn't even her boyfriend at the time, simply the man who scared her boyfriend - who she loved - out of town because, essentially, Klaus Mikaelson is an asshole.

She can't control all the whirling emotions inside of her, but she can try to help him. Maybe offer him the touch of kindness that she never did before.

While stroking his cupped cheeks with her thumbs, she rasps, softly, "It's okay, Klaus. It's okay to be scared and even angry. I'm so sorry that this happened, but it's okay. It will all be okay. I'll take care of it." She forces a smile, nodding slowly as she stares into his pretty eyes, sniffling loud and no doubt looking like an absolute mess. "You don't owe me anything. I'm not mad, nor will I be mad. You can be apart of its life, or not, that is your choice, but I'm going to have it. I'm going to keep it. If I only get one chance to have a child, I'm going to have this one."

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