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Bloodlines @wingedladycolette

Author's Note: Hello my loves, I'm sorry for the long wait! I hope that you continue to enjoy it! Let me know what you think! Enjoy!

Caroline, exhausted, falls asleep feeling loved. And safe.

Caroline's not sure how long she was asleep before she woke up slightly to the feeling of Klaus untangling himself from her. It took her a second to pull into herself enough to reach out for Klaus, missing him by a mile, but calling out to him, trying to make out his figure through bleary eyes.

"Shh," Klaus says, pushing some of her hair from her face and settling her back into bed, and bringing the blanket up around her. "I'm just going to get some blood for us. I'll be right back."

Caroline blinks blearily, not wanting his warmth to leave her, but she understands that he must be tired. She drank a lot of his blood. She's not sure when the last time he drank blood was, but she can't blame him for being hungry. She was getting kind of hungry herself, so she hoped that he meant it when he said he was grabbing some blood for both of them. She wasn't exactly ready to wake up now to drink blood, she would rather sleep than anything else, but it is nice to know that some will be near for when she is ready for it.

She slips back to sleep for what feels like only a moment before he's climbing back into the bed with her. She groans, lifting herself up a bit so that he can slide underneath her so she can rest her head on his shoulder. He's so warm, so familiar, and there is a flutter in her belly that could only be Jelly Bean. Caroline's been reading just about every baby book that she could get her hands-on, and she would go running to Klaus to tell him all about stuff he probably already knew about but he let her blabber on anyway.

She remembered reading about how babies can recognize voices while still in the womb. Maybe little witch babies can sense more than just that.

She feels Klaus press his lips to her forehead and Caroline presses closer to him, as close as she can with her growing belly in the way. Klaus's hand runs up and down her back a bit as he whispers, "Are you hungry, Caroline? Would you like some blood?"

Caroline shakes her head a bit, curling closer. "No... no blood. Just sleep."

Klaus chuckles breathily, hugging her closer. "I don't want tomorrow to come," he says softly. "I could get used to a cuddly Caroline. I don't want her to go."

Caroline teeters back and forth between conscious and unconscious. If she could, she would sleep forever. It feels like she spent the last couple of hours going through a triathlon in record time. This weakness feels beyond bone-deep. She's so thankful that she has Klaus here with her right now. She definitely wouldn't have been able to go through this alone. She's still scared - terrified - about whether or not her baby is going to be okay but she feels in her heart that her baby has to be okay. She has to be.

Certainly, Klaus isn't a doctor, but surely he's been around long enough to know if something is alright. Someone...

A baby?

Caroline sighs, running her hand up and down his chest, feeling her fingers run over the rosary around his neck. She snuggles closer to his warmth. "Cuddly Caroline loves warmth. Keep that... and keep her..."

Klaus chuckles softly, kissing her forehead again. "Sleep, love. We'll talk more in the morning."

Caroline hums under her breath as she slips back into slumber.

"...causing all sorts of trouble, doesn't she?"

Caroline opens her eyes slightly to see that she's laying on her back, with Klaus's back facing her as he runs his hand over her stomach. The early morning light casting off of his open face and his eyelashes cast the shadows of his impossibly long shadows down his cheeks. He smiles softly while rubbing his thumb softly across the taut part of her stomach.

"Your mother was very scared, my littlest wolf," Klaus whispers softly, lips lightly brushing her belly. "You're going to have to be a good girl for your mother. I don't think she can afford both of us to be wild. You have to be good, okay?"

Caroline feels the corners of her lips curl up a bit as she fights the urge to rub her eyes and stretch out. When is the next time she's going to see Klaus Mikaelson, the biggest, badest wolf around, looking like a benevolent angel smiling down at his little girl? Last night, Caroline felt the love that Klaus for her, and this morning she gets to see him cooing over their unborn daughter.

Klaus presses another soft kiss to her stomach, smiling gently. "Hopefully you'll be a bit better at sneaking peaks at me than your mother is."

"You could tell I was awake?" Caroline asks, rubbing her eyes and trying to hide her smile behind her stretch. She stretches her toes down and after she finishes rubbing her eyes, then raising her hands up above her head, sighing in relief as her joints pop.

Klaus twists around slightly to smile at her charmingly. "You slow down your breathing when you're watching someone and you don't want them to notice that you are."

Caroline relaxes back into place before offering Klaus a weird look, raising one of her eyebrows high toward her brow. "I do not."

Klaus slowly, tentatively, reaches out to touch her stomach again, casting her a careful look to make sure that she wasn't upset about it - which she wasn't. It actually felt really nice to see this strong, hotheaded hybrid being so gentle. It felt nice to have someone doting on her, and honestly, nothing is more attractive than an honest to God asshole with a resting bitch face go completely soft boiled when staring down at her pregnant belly.

"Ah yes, you're right..." He says softly, giving her a charming half-smile.

Caroline offers him a half-hearted glare that makes him smile a little bit more. "Don't patronize me, Klaus."

"Sorry," Klaus says, sounding anything but apologetic. He gently rubbed at her stomach, considering something for a moment before looking back at Caroline. "Would you like some blood?"

Caroline both hears and feels Caroline's stomach growl, making her flush a bit. "I would love some, but first I want to talk to you about something. About last night, I mean." She pushes herself up against the headboard to look at the father of her baby. Klaus goes to take his hand back, no doubt figuring she was moving for the sake of getting him to let her go, but she reaches out to take his hand and rest it on her stomach again. She feels the flutter in her stomach again. She huffs slowly, shaking her head. "She's been doing that a lot lately, do you think it's okay?"

Klaus glances at her, curiously, tilting his head slightly before a soft look crosses his face. "She's moving, Caroline. She's fine. She's just moving around."

Caroline sighs in relief. "She's okay?"

Klaus nods slowly. "As far as I can tell. Her heart is strong and even. She's moving around, which is good. We should definitely go and see a doctor just to make sure, but I think she's okay. Our little girl seems healthy."

Caroline nods back, running her hand over her stomach a bit. It's a relief to know that she's okay for now, but she remembers Sabine's words from the night before. The thought of her baby dying... it's like a white-hot poker is being stabbed into her chest and swirled around. She feels like she's going to throw up. She presses her lips together, trying to find the words through the pain in her chest.

Klaus, who was staring at her face, sets his expression firm. "What's wrong, love? What was it that you wanted to talk about?"

Caroline rests her hands over Klaus's on her stomach, turning her eyes to his. "The witch... last night. She reached out... she touched me. When she did... I felt... I thought..." She presses her lips together tightly for a moment, trying to find the words. "I thought she figured out that I... was a vampire. I was gonna kill her, Klaus. I was going to snap her neck and hide her body like an absolute psychopath." She lets out a shaky laugh. Klaus doesn't laugh back. He just stares at her with calm, sharp blue eyes, waiting for her to finish. Her shivering smile fades as she looks down at his hand, wrapping her own around it, hoping to pull some of his immeasurable strength into herself. "I should have killed her..."

"Did she hurt you?" Klaus asks cooly, his eyes half-lidded.

Caroline shakes her head. "No, she didn't. I mean, not really. She scared the life out of me..." She feels her lips trembling, trying to keep it together. She wants to ball like a baby, thinking about what Sabine said, but to be honest, she doesn't know for certain. She just needs to tell Klaus. Not only does he deserve to know, but she needs him to know.

Klaus grips her hand tightly, staring into her eyes. "Just take a deep breath, Caroline, then tell me."

Caroline wraps her hands completely around Klaus' left one, trying to pull some of his strength into herself. "I don't know for certain... but..." she sucks in another deep breath before just saying it, "I think our baby is going to die, and I think Sabine, that witch from yesterday, saw it. But she ran off before I could... could ask her what she saw. I... I don't know but I'm scared, Klaus. I'm so freaking scared."

She looks into the eyes of her baby's father to see the skin around his is pulled tight as he narrows them, dangerously. His full lips are pressed together tightly with anger searing into his darkening expression. He reaches his other hand forward, wrapping his hands around her own. He stares at her for a long, drawn-out moment, trying to collect his thoughts while at the same time, trying not to make Caroline even more afraid than she already is. She can tell that he is only getting madder by the moment but he's trying to keep his calm while his mind is obviously whirling.

As silly as it is, Caroline feels herself calming down as Klaus gets even more upset. One of them has to be level. They can't both be letting emotions rule them. Well, they can, but that's how they got Jelly Bean. Maybe it's because when Klaus gets that look on his face, he usually gets down to business and it really is a relief to see it. Klaus getting stuff done doesn't always work out well for them, but this has something to do with their baby, so she has to cross her fingers and pray.

"You can't find anything?" Caroline asks, passing the empty blood bag over to Klaus, who leaves the room to throw it away, as she stares at her best friend. "I'm certain that Sabine saw something. Saw something horrible. The look on her face, Bonnie. Oh, it was horrible."

Bonnie offers Caroline a worried look, chewing on her lower lip. She rubs the tips of her fingers together, considering carefully. She reaches out again and places her hands onto Caroline's stomach, closing her eyes and focusing. Caroline rubs at her forehead, exhausted before looking over at Elijah and Hayley, standing by the doorway. Elijah has his hands stuffed in his pockets while Hayley has her arms wrapped around herself as she leans against the wall of Klaus's room where everyone seems to have gathered.

"Are you okay?" Caroline asks, looking at the young werewolf.

Hayley nods, gesturing to her head half-heartedly. "I'm fine. Just a little bump on the head. It couldn't have happened on a better night. The full moon healed it all up before I even woke up to change. I'm perfectly good. I'm just... sorry, you know? For not being able to help out more."

"You were a big help..." Caroline says softly, looking down at her hands for a moment before glancing back over at the werewolf. "Thank you for being there. For running interference."

Hayley shrugs her shoulders, not really knowing what to say. She looks down at her feet for a moment, thinking, while Elijah casts a look over at her that Caroline doesn't recognize. She doesn't get a moment to observe it before Klaus comes back into the room, looking over at Caroline and Bonnie, who were sitting on his bed with furrowed brows.


Bonnie sighs, pulling her hands back onto her lap, shaking her head. "No, nothing. I don't see anything. At least, not beyond a healthy baby witch. She seems to be doing well. She doesn't appear to be siphoning a lot of energy from you right now, Care. It seems like she's still surrounding herself in Klaus's magic. This is good. For the future, I mean," Bonnie says, slowly.

"You'll help supplement some of the magic going to the baby with Klaus?" Elijah asks, raising his eyebrows.

Bonnie nods, offering a little smile to her best friend, before casting a look over at Elijah. "Yeah, but not too much. Maybe in a few weeks, she'll be able to better absorb the magic, but it's definitely helping to alleviate some of the pressure on Caroline, so maybe if everyone is in agreement, we can visit something like that again, later. But as for what Sabine saw, I don't know."

Klaus sighs, running a hand through his hair, turning and pacing around the room while Bonnie rolls her eyes. He rubs at his face, blue eyes flickering back and forth across the room as his thoughts run away with him.

"So, you don't know what Sabine saw, right?" Caroline asks, turning to look at her best friend. "Nothing that would explain why she would freak out as she did?"

Bonnie scrunches her lips to the side, shrugging her shoulders. She shakes her head slowly, remorse shining in her dark eyes. "I don't know what she saw, Care. I'm really sorry."

Caroline lets out a long, drawn-out sigh, looking down at her hands as she leans back against the headboard of Klaus's bed. She stares at her hands for almost a full minute, listening to the silence before finally looking around the room, trying not to let the worry mount any more than it already is. "So... what do we do?"

"I just got off the phone with Marcel," Stefan says, stepping into the room between Elijah and Hayley. Everyone turns to look at him.

"Why?" Bonnie asks, raising an eyebrow.

Stefan gives her a look like he doesn't understand the question. "Because he called me?"

Bonnie rolls her eyes. "Don't play dumb with me, I'm not Damon. I don't find it amusing." Stefan actually smiles at that one, finding amusement at his own brother's expense, even if he wasn't there. "But why did he call you?"

Stefan shrugs his shoulders. "He was worried about Caroline. I mean, he did go across the city and reveal his ace witch whether he knows we know it's her or not, just to help us find Caroline. He was checking in to make sure that she's okay."

"Aww," Caroline says sweetly, feeling a bit better offering peripheral thoughts to something else. "That's sweet of him."

"You're awful chummy with the enemy, mate," Klaus says, more bitterly than actually angry, turning around to look at his old friend.

Stefan gives him a level look, raising an eyebrow. "Yeah, well, I'm with Caroline. I actually like Marcel, and besides that, considering the situation that we are in, and you being you," he waves his hand around a bit before crossing his arms over his chest, meeting the narrowing of Klaus's eyes unflinching. He presses his lips together, quirking his eyebrow a bit more. "Don't look at me like that. You being you means that you have a lot of enemies. You, me, and we all know this. Caroline hasn't actually cultivated enough clout in the vampire world to make enemies as you have. But as I was saying, Marcel doesn't seem like a bad guy, so anyone showing any signs of possible emotional entanglement with your daughter could be to our benefit."

Caroline quirks an eyebrow. "What?"

"Anyone interested in the safety of your daughter is a plus," Stefan says, giving Caroline a little nod. "It takes a village, right?"

Caroline nods slowly, understanding that. She believed that they would all need to be in this together. Plus, yeah, Caroline really liked Marcel, and the fact that he was willing to not only help make sure that she was found safe but to also check-in to make sure that she's okay afterward is very sweet of him. He's really making her like him more and more each day. He really didn't have to help her in any way, but Caroline appreciates that he cares enough to check-in.

"It was nice of him to check in," Caroline says softly, rubbing at her forehead.

"Not just that," Stefan says, shifting his weight back and forth from one hip to the other, looking around the room. "I told him what you told us about Sabine, without giving her name, and he said that Davina might be able to help. That she was asking about you too, Caroline."

Caroline's eyes widen as she looks over at Bonnie. "Do you think she'll be able to help?"

Bonnie chews on her lower lip a bit, considering. She looks between Elijah and Klaus. "She might be able to help, right? A lot of the magical properties of the witches here comes from the ancestors, doesn't it?"

"In a way," Elijah says, pulling his hands from his pockets, "but they do have magic independently. They aren't strictly bound by the ancestors and their magic. They can operate singularly. I'm not sure if it will help, but I'm not certain it will hurt either."

"If the skill was singularly Sabine's, Davina will not see anything," Klaus says, crossing his over his chest and furrowing his brow.

"There's only one way to find out, right?" Stefan asks, raising an eyebrow.

"Won't this Davina witch be able to tell that Caroline is a vampire? Don't witches have that sense or something?" Hayley asks, drawing all eyes back over to her. "It's why I jumped in with her. Can't they like, sense that? Or am I wrong?"

"No," Bonnie says, shaking her head. "No, you're not wrong. But I don't sense anything about Caroline being a vampire, even though I know that she is. Jelly Bean is acting like some sort of forcefield around her."

Caroline rubs at her forehead, trying to imagine what that's supposed to look like and how her unborn baby is making such a thing from within Caroline's own body. It's not a very pleasant cognitive image in her head. Mostly a colorless blob. She squints off to a corner of the room, trying really hard to imagine it, but can't picture anything worthwhile. She turns her blue eyes to her best friend, ignoring the slightly quirked eyebrow and amused expression on her face.

"Okay? What does that mean?"

Bonnie offers a little quirky smile. "When we touch people, the feelings we get from them, like when I touched Stefan that first time, I connected to his aura and felt that something wasn't right. It's a safety mechanism by nature so that witches can easily detect predators like vampires. And while I know that you are a vampire, obviously, but when I touch you..." she reaches out and takes Caroline's hand, staring down at it for a long moment, concentrating, before shaking her head and looking back into Caroline's eyes. "I don't sense you being a vampire. Jelly Bean's power is growing so massively, that she's covering you up. She's hiding you from other witches. She's protecting you."

Caroline feels touched. So touched, that tears fill her eyes. She runs her hands over her stomach, still unable to believe how much she can love another person. She's never met her daughter, yet she loves her so much it physically hurts her to think about. She just loves her so much.

"Oh, Jelly Bean," Caroline coos, closing her eyes and wishing that she could hold this precious little life in her arms and shower her with all the love in the world. "Jelly Bean, you shouldn't worry about me. You don't need to protect me. It's my job to protect you. But thank you, my sweet little girl." Caroline rubs her stomach a bit before looking up at Klaus, who was leaning on the footboard with a gentle smile on his lips. "Our little girl is so special, did you hear that?"

Klaus nods with a softening expression on his face. "She's a marvel, of course. She's our daughter. How could she be anything other than absolutely marvelous?"

Caroline smiles back, softly. "If we're super lucky, she'll get all of our good points. Not your terrible temper, or my neurotic tendencies. She's going to be perfect, so perfect there isn't any way that we could screw her up." Hopefully, Caroline whispers in her mind.

Klaus's eyes stare into her own and Caroline gets the feeling that he can read her mind. That he knows what she's worried about. That he knows that they are going to have to worry about being good parents and not somehow screwing up their beautiful daughter. Something to talk about. Later, of course. Not now.

"Do... you think Davina might be able to help?" Caroline asks, wanting nothing more than to make sure that her baby was okay. She's wonderful, powerful, and perfect. And she hasn't even been born yet. Caroline needs her sweet baby to be okay. No matter what.

"Are you... Caroline?" The dark-haired witch asks, walking down to the pews, staring at Caroline with wide blue eyes. She casts a quick look over at Marcel before turning her eyes back to Caroline.

The pregnant vampire nods, smiling. She knows, realistically, that she's only a few short years older than the witch, but for some reason, it feels like a lifetime separates them. She looks so childish, so young. So much younger than Caroline feels. Caroline has no idea how this girl is some sort of magical super witch with a death grip on the rest of the New Orleans witches. Maybe they were wrong. Maybe this Davina person is just another witch that Marcel has in his pocket and not the super witch that Bonnie was talking about.

Marcel said that they could meet up in the early evening, which gave Caroline plenty of time to shower, drink blood, eat and muse with the others on who kidnapped her last night. Caroline doesn't remember. She blacked out the moment her neck was broken and didn't wake up until Bonnie was funneling Klaus's magic into the crystal around her neck. There were moments when she was semi-conscious, but she doesn't remember any of it. It wasn't enough that she was fully resurrected from the dead, just partially before she passed back over that threshold to the other side. She didn't have anything to offer.

Nor did Hayley, unfortunately. She was knocked out before she knew what was happening and then again before she was able to get her grip. All that she knew was whoever it was, it was a man. She vaguely remembered a man's voice. Sadly, they don't know much more than that. Which aggravated Klaus to no end, and Caroline too, if she's being honest.

But she can't focus on that right now. Right now, she has to focus on Marcel Gerard and his super witch.

Caroline steps even closer to the younger witch, pulling away from Bonnie, after offering her a sweet smile, then turning her eyes to the younger teen in front of her. Bonnie moves over to one of the pews to sit down next to Stefan, who scoots over to offer her space, crossing his ankles and arms, figuring they were going to be there for the long haul."Yes, I'm Caroline. I heard that you tried to help me. Thank you."

Davina smiles a bit, tentatively. She looks nervous around so many people. But she seems happy to be appreciated. There is a small pinkening of her cheeks as she says, bashfully, "I didn't do anything. I'm just glad that you're okay." A pause, then, "Oh, and I'm Davina, by the way. Davina Claire."

"Caroline Forbes," Caroline says.

Davina plays with her fingers, pulling at them for a moment before looking back over at Caroline, dragging her eyes across all of Caroline's companions; Stefan, Klaus, Elijah, Bonnie, before landing on Caroline again. Hayley still isn't in the picture. Not for Marcel. Baby witch in the Quarter can be forgiven, but not a werewolf. Not when Marcel is almost definitely the one who chased them all out. This is more about keeping Hayley a secret and keep her safe.

"So..." Davina says slowly, stepping up in front of Caroline, looking up at her. "I heard from Marcel that a witch visited you right before you were attacked. That... she saw something?"

Caroline nods. "She said that she saw death. She saw death and my baby. It freaked her out so bad she turned pale as a sheet and basically ran off of my porch to her car to get away from me as fast as possible. I couldn't get anything more from her before she left. Bonnie... well, Bonnie didn't see anything. We were hoping that you might be able to see what she did and at least tell me more because I'm honestly freaking out. If there is something wrong with my baby or something is going to happen to her, I want to know."

Davina nods slowly. "I understand. Do you... mind if I hold your hand?"

Caroline shakes her head, holding out her hand for Davina, praying that somehow Davina was going to figure out whatever it was that Sabine saw, and reassure her that her baby wasn't going to die. She's been trying to be calm this whole time, knowing that panicking wasn't going to help her, but now that she's so close to getting some answers - hopefully - she can't contain it, easily. She's excited but terrified. She's hoping that Sabine was wrong in what she saw, or that there was some other explanation for what she thinks that she saw.

Either way, she just needs Jelly Bean to be okay. That's all.

Davina wraps her hands around Caroline's and closes her eyes. There is a prolonged moment of silence as Davina concentrates hard before she jolts as if she was shocked and pulls her hands back.

"D, what's up?" Marcel asks, stepping down from the steps behind Davina until he's by her side, dark eyebrows pulling together in worry. "Are you okay?"

"What did you see?" Klaus asks, appearing at Caroline's side, grabbing onto her arm, as if he could physically pull Caroline and Jelly Bean out of the way of whatever scary thing that Davina saw.

"Is it my baby?" Caroline asks, feeling her heart pounding hard against her chest. "Is something wrong with her? What did you see?"

Davina rubs at her forehead, face pinched in pain and fear. She looks pained, turning her pretty blue eyes to Caroline. "I... I saw death. I saw you die. I heard you screaming. It's you. It's not your baby. It was you who died. You die in childbirth."

Caroline feels her entire body relax, a lungful of air escaping her. Her shoulders droop and she turns to Klaus, placing her hand over the one Klaus has wrapped around her inner elbow. She stares into his furrowed brow face, his blue eyes narrowed. He turns his eyes to her own, and they stare at one another for a long time. Caroline can't read minds, and she's pretty sure becoming a Hybrid didn't give Klaus the ability to do so either, but he is good at reading expressions, so she hopes that she can convey to him not to be concerned.

His face doesn't shift, doesn't show how he feels. Caroline just hopes that Klaus doesn't start losing his mind while she's trying to calm down.

"Just me?" Caroline asks, slowly, keeping her face and voice even. "You saw me die? Not my baby?"

Davina rubs at her forehead again, eyebrows pulled together tightly as she turns to Caroline. "I don't think so. I didn't see anything happen to the baby. It was just you. It was... hard to make out, but I heard him crying, your baby. I could hear him."

"Her..." Caroline says softly. "Jelly Bean is a girl."

Davina nods slowly. "Her. I heard her crying. I think she's okay. It was just you that I could see. I just... I could see the light fading from your eyes..."

"Did you see what caused it?" Klaus asks, his expression flat and his voice pulled slightly taught. "What killed her?"

"No..." Davina says softly. "I'm sorry. I wish there was more that I could see." Davina genuinely looks sad, staring into Caroline's eyes. Her face twists into confusion when the horror doesn't play out across Caroline's face. No fear, no worry, no terror, just cold detachment. Maybe she sees the relief on Caroline's face, and it's no surprise that she's so confused. She has no idea why Caroline isn't concerned with her life.

"It's okay," Caroline says, reaching out to take Davina's hand, relieved by what she heard. "Thank you for your help. I really do appreciate it."

Davina's eyebrows pull together tighter. "I am so sorry, Caroline. Surely there must be something that we can do..."

Caroline smiles at her, which seems to stun Davina. The younger witch looks scared for her like she wants to do something to make Caroline's fears go away, but she doesn't know what to do. Caroline squeezes Davina's hand tightly, hoping to convey how okay she is with this news. So long as Jelly Bean is okay, Caroline is okay.

Because Davina doesn't know and Marcel - who is also staring at Caroline's completely calm face with confusion - doesn't know either. It doesn't matter if Caroline dies in childbirth. Caroline is a vampire, and if Jelly Bean is born and out of her then there isn't any need to be worried about whether she will wake up or not. This is the best news Caroline could have gotten aside from no one dying. Caroline will be okay if she dies in childbirth. So long as Jelly Bean is okay, Caroline isn't worried about it.

Now, why Sabine was freaking out, Caroline isn't sure. But at least Jelly Bean is going to be okay.

"Aren't you scared?" Davina asks, squeezing Caroline's hand. "Aren't you scared to die?"

Caroline shakes her head, smiling softly down at the shorter teen. "No. No, I'm not scared. Not of this. I was scared, once, what feels like forever ago. But someone very conniving, very charming, promised me that I would see the world," Caroline says, casting a look over at Klaus, who tilts his head a bit before she looks back down at Davina, "and I haven't gotten to see it yet. He gave me his word, and he doesn't go back on it. At least, not with me. And I have Bonnie and Stefan. I have an amazing support system here and back home."

Caroline sees the sadness in Davina's eyes at the mention of a support system. This look makes Caroline believe that she feels isolated. She feels lonely and ostracized. She doesn't seem like she's angry with Marcel like he's holding her hostage, but she still seems sad. Like something else is preventing her from not feeling that way.

"You seem sad," Caroline says softly, feeling bad for the slightly younger girl. "I don't know what's wrong, why you're sad, but I want you to know that I am so thankful for you helping me. I hope you know that this definitely means we get to be friends."

Davina smiles softly, sadness shining in her eyes as she hopes that was true. It's probably not Caroline that makes her happy, but the idea of having someone else, close to her age is probably better than no one. But Caroline will take it. Besides, the super witch will less likely want to kill Caroline and her baby for Marcel if they are both emotionally invested in Jelly Bean.

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