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"And this is Stefan Salvatore," Klaus says, gesturing to the youngest vampire with them. "He's an old friend of mine from Chicago. He's also a friend of Caroline's."

Marcel takes Stefan's hand and offers him a charming thousand-watt smile. "Another sired by Klaus?"

Stefan's smile tightens a bit, remembering the strain on their already tumultuous relationship that that whole debacle put on them. He shakes Marcel's hand before pulling away and straightening up a bit. "Indirectly. I was changed by someone else. But, uh, yeah. I guess he was."

Marcel nods slowly. "How is Caroline doing? It's been a few days since I last saw her. How is she?"

"Good," Stefan says, smiling a bit more assuredly. "She's good. She's Caroline. She's trying to respect your wishes about witches in the Quarter but she is going a bit stir crazy. She organizes and plans and cleans." He looks down for a moment, considering something before looking back up at Marcel. "You like her, don't you?"

Marcel opens his mouth, looking shocked while trying to find the words, he obviously didn't expect that from the younger vampire. He glances over at Klaus, who purses his lips in his smile at the man he raised.

"It's alright," Stefan says, stuffing his hands into his pockets as he shuffles his feet. "It hasn't been long but she does that to people. Makes them like her. It's her compassion, I think. She just has a way about her. She looks into your eyes with those big blue ones and she takes your heart right from your chest. She does it with kindness and in such a way you feel you have to thank her afterward. You didn't ask for it, you didn't want it but she did it anyway."

Marcel's flustered look turns into a coy smile. The type of smile that crinkles the skin around his eyes. "Ah, so it's a natural superpower of hers, I see."

Stefan smiles more back at him. "Yeah, unfortunately. It's how she made the big bad wolf submit."

Marcel's brown eyes flicker over to Klaus, who was staring back at him intensely, trying to decide on something that affects him deeply. Marcel knows that look, that mental war that plays across his sire's face as he tries desperately to decide on what he's going to do about a situation that has him emotionally bound up. He's fighting with himself over something that is very important.

Honestly, it meant a lot that Klaus was opening up about more people in his life to Marcel. He wasn't sure that once they went their separate ways that they wouldn't be able to get back to this point. And it looks to Marcel that Stefan was a friend of his, and Caroline wasn't. At least not just a friend. Marcel would have to be absolutely blind not to see how much his sire favors the young blond girl.

Like Stefan said. Young Caroline Forbes "made the big bad wolf submit".

When they came to meet with him, Marcel was already there waiting for them. He watched his sire hold the door open for her, follow her to the table she chose, and scoot in next to her, blocking her body from the rest of the room. Then those dangerous blue eyes turned right to him and Marcel is reminded immediately of the hundreds of years that separate them. Why Klaus Mikaelson was never someone to underestimate.

Marcel knew not to test Klaus's patience, especially with how protective he was over the young girl before. Something about her was special - as only the extraordinary catch Klaus's attention, but Marcel wasn't quite sure what it was just yet.

She greeted him kindly, and he forced himself to relax, for her sake. It's obvious that she was worried and fidgeting, her heart racing a mile a minute, but she started to relax when he did. Klaus didn't, of course. He laid his arm against the back of her chair, which if she noticed, she didn't react to, and watched Marcel with this stoic face, blue eyes dark and calculative.

They talk a bit and Marcel tries to learn more about this girl whom his sire obviously fancies. She's kind and offers a smile free of charge, which Marcel really liked. And it didn't hurt that she was nice to Cami, someone Marcel already liked. She's honest and speaks her mind. She looks timid, but there is a strength in her that Marcel was curious about. It was only when she blurted out that she was pregnant that Marcel finally understood where her strength came from. He was shocked, no doubt, but then he wasn't so shocked.

If there was one thing that Marcel knew was his sire's kryptonite, it was children. Marcel knew that his sire had a particular soft spot for children, so to learn that this child - just eighteen years old - was going to have a baby. Double babies, no wonder Klaus was interested in her. And the baby is a witch. Caroline is bound to the witches of New Orleans and the witches here want Klaus to distract Marcel.

Throughout this whole exchange, Klaus has been weary of Marcel - which he expected - but also very tender toward Caroline. He wasn't overly casual with his touches, but he was placing his arm around the back of her seat, rubbing at her back when she wasn't feeling well, and even when he was starting to get upset, she would reach out and take his hand he would let her. All things not completely unusual for Marcel's sire, but there was definitely something more going on here between those two.

She knew Marcel's sire well. Her blurting out that she was pregnant was obviously not what his sire had wanted and she could tell. Cupping his face like that? Looking into his angry eyes and telling him to breathe? Either she has something on him that Marcel would kill to know about, or his sire really was fancy for the young pregnant girl.

Klaus's honesty about his feelings were both refreshing in their rarity - seeing as he's only usually honest about these things once everything is already burning around them or he's been backed into a corner - and welcoming in their sincerity. Marcel knows that something like this isn't easy for his sire. It's not something he does unless under duress, usually. But this girl has been trying to convince Klaus, since learning about their history, to just bury the hatchet. To just work through their problem or just forget about it and start anew?

Admittedly, there wasn't a lot of time throughout the years when Marcel didn't want to reach out for his sire, just to see him again. Just to talk to him. They were close, very close, and more times than not... well, Marcel has missed him. And it's obvious to him now that Klaus has missed him too.

And now the witches are planning on using his sire as a distraction to try and find Davina. And they are keeping Klaus locked in place here because one of them is linked to Caroline, whom he fancies. And despite the predicament that they put Caroline into she was still willing to offer them the benefit of the doubt. She called Marcel out on his manhandling of the witches while condoning them as well. Admittedly there isn't really an innocent party here, and while Caroline obviously doesn't know what all is going on, she's offering to understand to both sides. She has no love for the witches that threaten her and her baby, but she understands that no one forces Klaus Mikaelson into anything all willy nilly. Making Marcel's sire do anything he doesn't want to comes at great personal risk.

After Caroline walked away to pay the tab, and before she came back to impart wisdom on Klaus's current mindset - as far as she knows it - Klaus revealed a lot to Marcel. Maybe more than he anticipated, maybe not, but Caroline is important to him. Very important. And while it still isn't completely clear that Klaus is on his side - which isn't unusual since Klaus is usually only on Klaus's side - he's definitely not fond of the witches. Not that Marcel can really blame him, or Caroline for that matter, because he's not particularly fond of them right now either.

Klaus bringing Stefan, a friend of his, to meet Marcel is bigger than it would appear to the untrained eye. Klaus is offering an olive branch, in his own way, and Marcel feels a bit of hope in his gut for their chances of making it through this. Maybe they can't start anew, there might just be too much history, but that doesn't mean that they can't mend some of the broken pieces and move forward. Marcel really did miss Klaus. And maybe it's not too late to rebuild what they lost. What Marcel essentially destroyed.

Klaus will be mad, furious, but maybe he'll be able to accept Marcel's actions after a lot of yelling and screaming. Maybe some fighting, but he really does hope that they can make it through this. It is a disaster of his own making and he knew he couldn't live in ignorant bliss forever. One day Klaus would reappear before him and when that day came, inevitably the truth would come with it.

He has to tell Klaus the truth, he knows that he does, but maybe he needs to endear himself to his sire before he does. Maybe that will lessen the fallout. Maybe.

And maybe, unknowingly, Caroline has helped pave the way with the strange influence she has over the big bad wolf.

They spent the day walking around, talking, and admiring the sights. Stefan's fun, managing to easily keep up with the older vampires, even with only about thirty years separating the younger two. They kept everything light and easy, making sure to stay away from heavy topics that might stir up any unwelcomed conflicts with their long history.

As they were walking down the street with the sun starting to dip down closer to the horizon, Stefan feels his phone vibrate in his back pocket. He pulls it out and looks at the screen.

His eyebrows pull together tightly as he answers the phone. "Bonnie?"

"Stefan," Bonnie says, her voice hitched in worry that immediately puts him on edge. "Stefan, please tell me that Caroline is with you."

Stefan's jaw tightens as he turns to look at Klaus and Marcel. Marcel's eyebrows quirked up curiously while Klaus's is flat, staring hard at the younger vampire. "Caroline?" Stefan says slowly. "No, she's not here." Klaus's face hardens in worry, the levity of his expression from their joking is gone so swiftly. "Why? What happened?"

"Caroline's gone?" Klaus asks, walking closer. "Where is she?"

Stefan shakes his head, holding his hand out to stop the hybrid from getting into his face as Bonnie says, worriedly, "Elijah and I just got back to the house. We found Hayley unconscious outside and Caroline is missing. We checked the house and couldn't find her, but there didn't appear to be any struggle so I... I just needed to know if Hayley was alone when she was attacked or if Caroline was still here. I... I didn't know if you guys came back for her and just didn't say."

"No, Bonnie, we didn't," Stefan says, looking into Klaus's eyes. "Klaus and I ran into Marcel, we've been with him all day. Is Hayley alright?"

"Yeah," Bonnie says, sighing in frustration. "Elijah is with her in the house, she got knocked in the head pretty hard. Someone knocked her out but she must have woken up almost right away because she was hit hard in the side of the head. If she wasn't a wolf..."

"Yeah," Stefan says, looking at the fury building upon Klaus's face. "So someone attacked Hayley and took Caroline."

Bonnie sucks in a deep breath. "Yeah. I'm going to start looking for her."

"We will too," Stefan says, looking over at Klaus to see chilling anger tightening the skin around his nose and mouth. "But New Orleans is a big place. Any idea where to start?"

"None," Bonnie admits. "We'll try to get Hayley up and see if she remembers anything. Tonight is the night of the full moon, she's going to be healing a lot faster than normal. So hopefully..." she sucks in another deep breath, "hopefully she'll wake up soon."

Klaus reaches forward, taking Stefan's phone from him and talking into it, "Let me know what you learn as soon as she wakes up."

"Alright," Bonnie says, then hesitates, "Klaus, I am not going to wait long. If Hayley doesn't wake up soon, I'm going to use magic to find Caroline. I don't care how it screws up your plans. Just know that." Then she hangs up.

Klaus underhand tosses the phone back at Stefan's chest before turning toward the street, ready to start tearing up the pavement to look for the baby vampire when Marcel steps up next to the enraged blond. "Caroline is missing?"

"Don't worry about Caroline, Marcellus," Klaus growls, eyes scanning the crowds like Caroline will simply just appear walking amongst them as if nothing was wrong when Marcel reaches out and puts a hand on his sire's shoulder.

"I do worry," Marcel says, staring into the eyes of his sire. "She's eighteen, pregnant, and I was there that day. I saw how sick she became just sitting there at the table doing nothing. We don't play games with the lives of kids, Klaus. We just don't. Let me help. I got eyes all over this city."

Stubbornly, Klaus opens his mouth to tell Marcel not to worry about it but Stefan intervenes, sending the oldest of them a look before turning his eyes to Marcel. "We would appreciate the help." He pulls up a picture of her on his phone, taken only a few months ago, just before all of this madness, crinkly-eyed, beaming grin, beautiful Caroline, and hands it over to Marcel.

Marcel sends the photo to himself and then sends it to all his men to keep a lookout for her along with a basic description. Height, age, roughly what she was last seen wearing, and that no one was to approach her, just to reach out to him and let him know and he'll handle it from there.

"Any idea who would have wanted to take her?" Marcel asks, looking between the younger vampire and the older hybrid.

"No one," Stefan says, shaking his head. "She doesn't know anyone. We just got here. And the only people who knew about us being here was our friends back in Mystic Falls. I'm not sure she knows anyone else."

"The witches?" Klaus says, looking over at Stefan. Then he looks past him to the shop just over the younger vampire's shoulder at Rousseau's. It doesn't take him longer than a moment to make up his decision and he goes stomping over to the building with the blackest look on his face. He walks right into the bar, to see that it is remotely empty despite how busy it was outside.

"Klaus!" Marcel calls, chasing after him with Stefan.

Klaus rounds on Marcel before he can step foot into the building pointing at him. "No, you cannot be here. If the witches know that you and I are working together, if they have her they are going to make it impossible for me to get to her. Stay. Out. Here."

Marcel pauses, staring into the furious eyes of his sire before backing down. Something about the anger in his voice and across his face made the younger vampire stop in his tracks, nodding his head slowly. Klaus wasn't going to fight anyone on this. He wasn't going to play any games with Caroline's life and that of her baby - of Klaus's baby, but Marcel didn't know that part.

Stefan steps in and to the side of the door as Klaus looks around at the few people in the bar like they were maggots for the briefest of moments before he turns on the charm and compulsion starts rolling off of him in waves. "Hello everyone," he says, sickeningly sweet, drawing all the patrons' eyes to him. "You all had a wonderful meal but now you're ready to leave. Your bills have been paid and you are ready to continue about the rest of your daily plans. Goodbye now."

Slowly, but surely, the compulsion sinks in and the guests get up to leave, abandoning their plates of half-eaten food or just ordered drinks behind them as they all start shuffling out.

Stefan waits until the last patron is out the door before flipping the sign to closed and locking the door to make sure that no one else comes in while pleasant Klaus sinks into the depths of his personality and enraged Klaus springs to life. He looks around the room for a moment before his face twists into an angry smile that turns the temperature in the room below freezing.

"Oh, Sophie!" He calls, his voice sickeningly jubilant, despite the angry snarl across his face. "Come on out, Sophie!"

A moment later, the kitchen door opens up slowly and Sophie sticks her head out and looks around, eyebrows pulled together tightly, looking around the empty restaurant before her eyes land on Klaus. She sucks in a deep breath before stepping out from around the door. She wraps her arms around herself looking pale as a ghost.

"Did you scare everyone away?" She asks, eyebrows pulling tighter, she looks exhausted, rubbing at her neck.

Klaus zips across the room and grabs her around the throat and basically throws her into the closest wall and presses up next to her, staring into her eyes. Stefan calls out to Klaus, calling his name and telling him to be careful, but Klaus is already back to calm. He sucks in a slow, deep breath, staring into her fearful eyes as she sucks in deep breaths of pain.

"Where is Caroline, witch," Klaus snarls in her face, blue eyes bleeding yellow as sclera darken.

Terror splashes across her face as she stares into the eyes of the angry hybrid in front of her. "I..."

"Caroline, Sophie, where is she?" Klaus growls, leaning in closer.

Sophie presses tightly against the wall, eyes were blown wide in fear as she stares back at him. She sucks in another breath, blinking a few times before finally registering Klaus's words. "Caroline? Something is wrong with Caroline?"

"Don't speak to me as if I were a fool, Sophie. No one here has their eyes on Caroline but you and yours." Klaus leans in closer, his lips curling in such a way to reveal his werewolf fangs in his rage. "Don't try to fool me. Where is she? Where is Caroline? You will tell me or so help me, you will wish for death, Sophie Deveraux, of this, I swear."

"I don't know!" Sophie says quickly, pressing her pale lips tightly together as the terror is slightly replaced with panic. "The last I heard she was at your residence from Sabine."

"Sabine..?" Klaus growls, his voice a deep rumble in his chest. "Who is that?"

"One of my fellows..." Sophie says, her voice shaking. "She stopped by to check on her for me. I haven't been feeling well these last few days, and I hadn't heard from Caroline so I wanted to make sure that she was okay."

"So this Sabine took her," Klaus rumbles.

"No, she wouldn't," Sophie insists. "She just went there because I asked. No other reason. She didn't do anything to Caroline. She wouldn't."

"I don't even believe you for a moment," Klaus growls.

"Well you should, because she didn't do anything! I swear, she just went there because I asked. Where is Caroline? What's going on?" Sophie searches his face, trying to find a sign of what happened in his expression. "Is she okay?"

"As if you care," Klaus growls.

"Of course I care," Sophie insists, eyes were blown wide. "She's innocent! She has nothing to do with anything. If it wasn't for you, she wouldn't even be on our radar - so to speak. And keep in mind, I am still connected to her, if she dies, I die."

Klaus blinks, slowly, and his eyes return to normal as he pulls back a bit, finally able to hear honesty through the enraged buzzards in his ears. She was right. Sophie would naturally have a vested interest in Caroline's safety, if only just for herself and her own health.

"She's right, Klaus," Stefan says, walking closer and placing a firm hand on his shoulder. "Now lay off. Look at her. Look at how pale she is. It doesn't look natural. And she looks like she can barely stand."

Klaus pulls back finally and Sophie slumps against the wall, looking pale as a sheet. It's hard to tell if it was fear of Klaus that made that so, or if perhaps it was an indicator of what happened to Caroline. Klaus sucks in a slow, deep breath before nodding and forcing himself to take a full step back to give the witch some space to breathe.

Sophie is pale and using the wall to hold herself up. Her eyes are glazed and surrounded by dark circles. She keeps rubbing at her neck like it was still aching from earlier. Klaus throwing her against the wall probably didn't help it. Honestly, she looks like death.

If she looks like that, Klaus can't imagine how Caroline feels. How she looks. And that worry that's been building in his chest since the moment he learned that something was wrong with Caroline - that she was missing - is being fueled into his anger as a way to express that worry. He tries to stomp it down but it's mounting dangerously quickly.

"If she really doesn't know anything then this is a dead-end, Klaus," Stefan says, and her weary brown eyes turn to him, not recognizing him but understanding that he was one of Klaus's people. He was there as back up for Klaus. And for Caroline. "We have to find her."

"I can help," Sophie says, pushing away from the wall a bit but shrinks back into it when Klaus turns a menacing glare toward her.

"You, I think, have done enough." With that he turns toward the door, unlocking it and stomping out into the packed streets, his jaw and hands clenched tightly in anger. Stefan spares one last look over at Sophie, who sank to the ground with terrified wide brown eyes, before turning away only for something to catch his eye. A movement within the bar, he looks again but sees nothing. He hesitates for only a moment before shrugging it off and following after Klaus.

"Did your men learn anything?" Klaus is asking Marcel as soon as Stefan crosses the busy street and back over to the two older men.

"One of my guys saw someone fitting Caroline's description being taken to the bayou but they didn't want to go out there, without having any idea what was going on," Marcel says, shaking his head. "She was unconscious and being carried by a dark-haired man, but that's all he saw."

"Your 'guy' didn't try to stop him?" Klaus asks, gritting his teeth more in anger.

"Honestly, I don't know if it even occurred to him," Marcel says sincerely, rolling his eyes in disgust and disappointment.

"I want his head," Klaus snarls.

"Who? Marcel's guy or the one who has Caroline?" Stefan asks, eyebrows raised.

Klaus growls. "Both."

Marcel and Stefan both share a look, but neither say anything for a moment. Finally, Stefan says, "So, what? Are we going to traipse around the bayou looking for her? Because that is going to take forever and we don't know what sort of condition that Caroline is in, let alone whoever this guy that took her is." Stefan crosses his arms over his chest, shaking his head. "And why the bayou?"

Marcel presses his lips together tightly, dark eyes looking around the crowded streets. "We can't just go out there without direction. We need a plan. It's a big place and the last thing we want to do is get lost and make Caroline wait longer than necessary."

"We have to do something," Stefan says, looking between both men, wondering which will bend first. He knows what they need, and he knows that they know. They need a witch. They need to do some sort of locator spell to find her, that's the only way to narrow it down without all of Marcel's guys including Klaus and his posse combing through a werewolf infested bayou looking for a pregnant vampire. So who is going to bend first? Klaus in revealing Bonnie to Marcel? Or Marcel in revealing his weapon to Klaus.

Their saving grace right now is that there is a chance that Marcel believes that they don't know what's going on. That another witch is what is keeping a death grip on the covens of New Orleans. Maybe that will be the thing that tips the scales. Or they are just going to keep staring at each other until one of them breaks down or Caroline just magically appears on her own. Wouldn't that be some wishful thinking?

Stefan knows that Klaus can be really stubborn when he wants to be, but he also knows that Caroline makes him very impulsive. That Klaus would leap into any sort of danger for her and now there is a baby growing in her - his baby - and that only makes him more impulsive. Stefan knew from the beginning that the idea of the baby freaked Klaus out, made him weary and very aware of all of his many enemies, but Caroline being Caroline made him forget those things.

She makes him dote on her because sometimes she's thoughtless and doesn't drink blood because she's worried about her baby. And she needs constant reassurance that her baby is okay and so she makes him listen to it's - her - heartbeat to reaffirm that she's okay. And forces Klaus to bond on an emotional level with it to assuage his fears. She doesn't mean to, and there is no calculative move on her part. It's just Caroline being Caroline and that's how she trapped the big bad wolf without lifting a finger.

And now Klaus has a daughter? Or will? Caroline has such an emotional death grip on Klaus that that little girl growing in her belly is going to have Klaus wrapped around her little finger.

Klaus's stubborn resolve disintegrates quickly as the seconds pass and his thoughts stray to what horrible things could be happening to Caroline, but just before it breaks down completely Marcel yields. He whips out his phone with an "I think I know someone who might help us" and turns away for a moment to call them. Klaus looks over at Stefan with dark, worried eyes, but says nothing. At this point, Stefan doesn't care about the games that they were playing and it's starting to look like Klaus doesn't either. Klaus looks pale and worried and Marcel must have seen that.

Maybe he's not as bad as everyone fears he might be. Maybe Caroline was right.

"Hey D, I need a favor," Marcel says, glancing over at Klaus. "I need you to find someone for me."

D turned out to be Davina Claire, as Marcel introduced her. He brought them to the church where she was waiting for them. She's young, maybe sixteen, wearing a long white dress like an angel with long brown hair like a halo around her hair and lightly tanned skin. She kneads her hands at her stomach, watching Klaus and Stefan carefully but steps close to Marcel, trusting him to keep her safe.

"Did you bring something of hers?" Davina asks, keeping her voice even despite how scared she looks. "Something I can use to locate her?"

"Elijah is - " Stefan starts but the doors open behind him, cutting him off. They turn and look to see Elijah walking down the walkway between the pews holding a simple purple hairbrush in his hand. He looks at Stefan, offering a little nod, before looking into the eyes of his brother, sharing an unspoken conversation with him before looking over at Davina.

"Hello, young witch, I'm Elijah and I believe this is what you were looking for," he says, holding out the brush for her to take. Davina takes it and looks down at the nearly clean hairbrush, blinking a few times. She looks back up at Elijah as he stuffs his hands into his pocket with a smooth, "She's very cleanly in all aspects of her life, but there were just a few strands of hair so hopefully, it's enough."

Davina nods, looking at the brush for a moment before turning around and walking over to the table behind her where there are supplies set up for the locator spell. She pulls some of the remaining strands of long blond hair from the brush and places it over the map of New Orleans on the table. She waves her hand and all the candles in the room light up and the bulbs overhead turn off, bathing the room in gentle darkness.

Davina holds her hands over the map and closes her eyes, saying a slow incantation over and over again, growing in volume as the spell starts to activate. Magic is thick in the air, making the hairs on Stefan's arms stand on end. The hairs from Caroline's comb turn to ash on the table where they lay and the spell stops. Davina opens her eyes and looks down at it, her eyebrows pulling together in confusion.

"It didn't work," Davina whispers.

"It didn't work?" Klaus repeats, blue eyes wide. "What in the bloody hell do you mean it didn't work?"

Davina looks over at Marcel, panic written across her face. "It didn't work. I can't find her. I can sense that she's here, in New Orleans... I just... I just can't seem to find her. She's hidden somehow. But the magic from the necklace you told me about is still active. I know she's here, I just can't seem to locate her."

"It's okay, D, just breathe," Marcel says, placing a hand on her shoulder. "Do you have any ideas?"

Davina looks down at the map again, apprehensively. "I don't know. There has to be another way but... I don't..." She chews on her lower lip a bit, trying to think of something. "I could try and locate the necklace but..."

"It's made of power from the ancestors, you're not going to be able to distinguish it on these lands."

All eyes turn to Bonnie, walking slowly down between the pews, her dark eyes focused on Davina, pointedly ignoring the hard stare of Klaus at the side of her head.

Marcel's eyebrows pull together, looking at the other dark-skinned girl. "And you are?"

"She's a witch," Davina says, blue eyes wide as the slightly shorter witch walks up to the table to stand on the opposite side of the New Orleans witch.

"A witch?" Marcel says, looking over at Klaus with narrowed eyes.

Klaus stares back at him without saying a word. Bonnie places her hands on the table to look between Davina and Marcel. "Caroline is my best friend, and she's missing. I'll tell you the same thing I told Klaus. I care more about her and that baby in her belly than I do about whatever squabbles are happening here in New Orleans between the witches and you. So yeah, I am a witch and I will find my best friend and her baby." Her dark eyes find Marcel's own dark eyes. "And you can't stop me."

"How are you going to do that?" Davina asks. "Miss uh..."

"Bonnie," Bonnie says easily.

"Bonnie..." Davina says slowly, staring at the older witch like she's knot sure what to think of her just yet. "Her hair is gone, there is something blocking my ability to find her. How are you going to?"

"I'm going to use something stronger than hair to find her," Bonnie says, pulling her hands back to her side and tilting her head. "I'm going to use blood."

"Blood?" Davina echoes. "You have her blood?"

Bonnie shakes her head. "No, I'm going to use Klaus's."

Everyone's eyes turn to look at the Hybrid in the room. But his eyes are staring at Bonnie, hard, trying to decipher what she's trying to say. Was she really just going to reveal that the baby in Caroline's stomach was Klaus's? Just like that? She really didn't care.

"Why Klaus's blood?" Marcel asks, eyeing the witch carefully.

"Caroline has Klaus's blood," Bonnie lies easily, turning to look over at the hybrid. "I'm going to use Klaus's blood to locate the bit of blood that she has of his to find her."

The baby. Bonnie is going to use Klaus's blood to find the baby. To find Klaus's daughter.

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