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The little boy

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Sakura couldn't breath. She was being yanked into many different directions. Not only did she have to deal with everything that this Sakura did in her life - having to own up to someone else's actions - but this is something else entirely. This wasn't like Hashirama and Madara, who were Sakura Seto's childhood friends. They were their own people from beginning to end. Sakura was just a chapter in their young lives, but they were able to grow and live around and beyond her existence. Sakura wasn't naïve enough to believe that she was more important to them than she was.

But this is something completely different. This is a child that they are talking about. A little, innocent boy who lost his mother - and who even knows how that happened - and had her replaced by this Sakura. An imposter.

Sakura knew that women birthed children young in this time period, but if Sakura did the math right in her head, Sakura had to of been - if this Sakura was the same age as her - then she would have been about fourteen years old. Sakura tried to think back to when she was fourteen years old, what she was doing with her life and where she was mature-wise.

Sakura had started her training beneath Tsunade Senju full time while Naruto slipped away with Jiraiya on their journey away from the Hidden Leaf. She had turned her focus from being a little, whiney, cry baby to someone she could be proud of and was well on her way to taking the first steps. She was by no means ready to put her life on hold to get pregnant and have a child of her own. The thought of bearing Sasuke's children was always in the form of childish fantasy. It wasn't something that she really thought about or knew the severity of what being a parent could really be.

Sakura was an only child. She was the baby in the family. She never really had to put people before her in a familial sense. Her parents gave her everything she could have really wanted but never made her responsible for any of it.

But somehow this version of Sakura was able to do what Sakura herself was unsure was even possible for her. She had a child young and even though he's dirty, Sakura can feel the strength in his grip around her neck as he holds onto her and his weight in her arms. He's a cute little boy, but he has weight to him. He eats well and is strong. He's just a bit dirty. That never harmed anyone.

"Sakura?" The woman asks, putting her hands on her hips. "Girl, are you even listening to me?" Sakura doesn't respond, staring off into space. "Bah!" The woman says, waving her hand around dismissively. "Fine by me. Take the little hellion! Like I care, anyhow! A boy belongs with his mother. Don't come asking me for any more favors!"

The woman waves her hands around more, before turning around and walking away.

That's what pulls Sakura from her stupor. With the boy tightly in her arms, Sakura scrambles to run after the older woman. Sakura didn't know what else to do. She didn't want to just be left alone with the small boy. Sakura knew how to take care of children, she was a doctor after all, but she's never been a mother. She didn't know how to be a mother. As much as she loved her own mother, she didn't really see her mother as a very good example. All her mother used to ever tell her was how hard she wasn't working. How she wasn't focusing on what mattered.

For a point of time, Sakura almost wondered if she hated her mother. She hated that her mother wanted her to be the perfect little princess that all the boys would fawn over, rather than being a shinobi. Her mother didn't instill the care for her own life in Sakura that Sakura felt like she should have. Sakura didn't know to really worry for her life and so she never really tried to make herself strong. Just pretty.

Sakura wanted so badly to go back in time and be bale to smack eight-year-old Sakura upside the head and convince her that the only way to make it into the world would be to train her ass off and focus less on boys and more on herself as a person and a shinobi. Sakura wanted to hate her mom for not instilling the desire for being a shinobi, the life she chose, into her.

But at some point, Sakura just decided that she had to take responsibility for that herself. She should have known that her life would be in danger if she didn't do something to learn to protect herself. So she let that annoyance and border lining hatred for her mother go.

There is no way Sakura can take care of this cute little boy. She doesn't know him. She doesn't remember him. What if he's allergic to something and Sakura gives it to him? What would she do then? what if he was allergic to the herbs she would give him to curb his reaction to an allergen? Sakura would never forgive herself for hurting this poor little boy. If he really was the son of the Sakura that she's pretending to be, then he's her responsibility.

Sakura stops in front of what could only be a large shack. The woman shoots her an annoyed look before walking into the shack. As soon as the door opens, Sakura can hear the sounds of children screaming and crying.

"Heavens!" The woman squawks. "I've been gone ten minutes and this place is an absolute mess!"

"What's her name?" Sakura whispers into Manmaru's ear. "The woman who was taking care of you. Who is she?"

"Mommy's friend," Manmaru says, pulling his dirty little face from Sakura's shoulder to look into her eyes with his own very dark ones. "Yuzu-san."

Sakura wasn't so sure that they were friends, but at least now she had a name to the woman who has been taking care of her "son". She wasn't sure what to expect from this woman but if Sakura promised to be back in a week and three months have past and this woman was still watching after this boy for her, than the woman couldn't be all that bad.

Sakura slowly, cautiously, steps into the little home to see that there are three children running around, all dirty and crying. One looks to be ten, one looks to be eight and the youngest appears to be about the same age as Manmaru.

"Clean up this place, messy children," the woman - Yuzu - says, clapping her hands together, frowning both impatiently and unhappily. The kids - all dirty with clothes in much the same style and appearance as Manmaru - are all screaming and crying while they are cleaning up thrown toys and other miscellaneous things that are strewn about. The kitchen, living room and one of the bedrooms, probably Yuzu's judging by the lack of bright colors and children's stuffed animals.

There was a hallway that leads deeper into the house, one is obviously a bathroom that Sakura can see and probably another bedroom for the children to share but Sakura didn't feel right about going in any further, so she just stood by the door and looked around.

"Yuzu-san...?" Sakura says softly, watching as the woman walks around picking up toys and clothes thrown about. "I'm sorry about leaving Manmaru here for so long..."

Yuzu sends Sakura a dark unamused look. "Not as sorry as I am, Sakura. Just take his stuff and go. I have enough to deal with as it is."

Sakura shifts uncomfortably, adjusting Manmaru in her arms a bit. "Do you need some help?"

Yuzu glares at her. "No, I just need to clean up this house and get these kids under control. I was worried sick about you Sakura! I told you I couldn't take care of another little hellion. Why were you away for so long, huh?"

Sakura didn't know how to respond to that. She really had no answers for this woman. Although she seems very crass, now that Sakura is over her initial surprise, there is deep care in the woman's dark eyes. Sakura's disappearance actually affected the older woman. She was upset and worried and even though she said she was going to put Manmaru up for adoption, Sakura is seriously doubting that she would have, now.

"I'm sorry, Yuzu-san," Sakura says, slowly. "I didn't mean to be away for so long. What can I do to help you. Please?" Sakura felt bad. She really did. Even though it wasn't her that did this to Yuzu, the woman was older and had a lot more to deal with. There had to be a reason for this Sakura to have left her five year old son with Yuzu - who has three children of her own to deal with - and just left him there. For three months?

Yuzu stares at Sakura for a moment, studying her face for a moment. Her arms are full of toys and clothes. She lets out a long, drawn out sigh. "Help me clean up." Sakura nods, leaning down to put Manmaru onto the ground.

"No, no!" Manmaru says, shaking his head briskly and holding onto her tightly. "No, I don't want you to go, Mommy."

Sakura's heart breaks a bit. "Honey, I'm not going to go anyway. I'm just going to help Yuzu-san clean the house. Help too, okay? I won't go anywhere."

Manmaru looks up at her with large dark eyes for a moment, making sure she wasn't lying. Once he seems to believe her, he lets her go and starts to help out too. The rest of the kids have finally calmed down and are cleaning up too. They blab and talk to one another while Sakura and Yuzu just work in silence. Sakura didn't really know this woman and she was rough around the edges, but she didn't seem all that bad.

"How are you?" Yuzu asks, frowning, as she cleans off the small kitchen table.

Sakura blinks a few times, looking over at the other woman. "I'm okay. I really am sorry that I was away. There was some... things I had to take care of that I didn't want Manmaru to be involved in."

Yuzu crosses her arms across her chest. "Is this about the boy's father?"

Sakura blinks in surprise, not having thought about that before. Not really. Who was Manmaru's father? Sakura had a very bad feeling about all of this. Not so much about the boy's father, but Sakura can imagine why she's a single mother and the thought alone is pretty horrible, but about why she would leave her son with another woman who obviously has so much on her plate only to awaken in that strange, half underground... hall? Sakura wasn't really sure what it was but it definitely had something to do with those men that were following her.

Even though she has no idea what those men could have wanted from her, she now had that to worry about.

Sakura now had to bring along Manmaru and put him into that danger. It wasn't just about Sakura anymore. Now she had to worry about them trying to hurt or capture or whatever to Manmaru alongside herself. She wasn't the only one anymore. She certainly couldn't ask Yuzu to look after her son. He was her responsibility so she would be the one to look after him.

"No..." Sakura says after too long of a silence. Yuzu just stares at her with narrowed eyes, showing her disbelief plainly on her face.

Sakura was telling the truth. To a degree. Sakura didn't really know what any of this was about. She didn't know why she left Manmaru alone with Yuzu and three small children. She didn't know what to do. What she wanted to do or how she was even going to do it. She was told that she had to help Madara Uchiha and the first Hokage, but no one ever said anything about a son.

"Yuzu-san..." Sakura says slowly, looking up at the dark haired woman. "I'm sorry about being away for so long."

Yuzu harrumphs, shaking her head. She steps into the hall and throws the clothes and toys into a separate room down the hall. Once she gets back into the main room, stepping over Manmaru and the middle boy who have shifted from picking up the toys to playing with them. Yuzu spares them a simple glance before sighing and moving on.

She stops right in front of Sakura, putting her hands on her hips and staring into Sakura's eyes, being about as tall as her. "What will you do now?"

Sakura didn't really have the answer for her, and her immediate reaction was to admit that she didn't know, but then, looking into Yuzu's eyes, she knew that the woman would offer up her home to stay in, even though she was struggling as it was and didn't have the room to accommodate them. Sakura couldn't tell her the truth, even if she wanted to. Even though she didn't have any bad feelings about this woman bit was in fact becoming more endeared toward her, Sakura didn't really need to trust her.

"I have a place to stay," Sakrua says, "but we won't be in town for long."

Yuzu nods slowly, looking away. "Well, stay for dinner, then." She shrugs her shoulders as if she didn't really care one way or the other. But Sakura was beginning to learn better.

Sakura nods. "Sure, thank you."

The dinner was very simple, Sakura expected as much. She learned all of Yuzu's kids' names. From oldest to youngest; Kotsu, Noato and Hanbito. She learned that their father was on the village watch and is usually never home. Yuzu didn't say much about it, other than to just shrug her shoulders nonchalantly and pretend that it didn't really matter to her.

But Sakura could tell it wore on her. She must really miss her husband but they are already living in practical squalor, they couldn't really afford to have him cut back any. Sakura could understand that, not from any form of personal understanding, but from a logical and empathetic standpoint.

Sakura packed up Manmaru's meager belongings, sealing them away in a scroll before she took Manmaru's hand and left the house hours later. Manmaru was tired and had to be picked up a few minutes later because he was starting to fall asleep. Sakura cradled his little body in her arms, feeling a powerful swell of protection for this little boy. As much as it confused her, she knew that she had to protect this little boy. While Yuzu took care of him for the past few months, there was only one person in the world who would protect this little boy above all else, and that was going to be her.

Sakura checked into an inn that night and laid beside the little boy, watching him sleep. He was still dirty and Sakura knew he needed to take a bath in the morning and get some new clothes to replace the dirty ones. His belongings were meager, but she did notice something that Manmaru was insistent upon making sure Sakura had and it was a had sewn black cat named Kuro.

Sakura grabs out the scroll and brings forth the little black cat, turning it toward the moonlight to take in the dirty thing. It's missing one of the buttons that are used for it's eyes and there is loose threads at the tip of it's tail acting as tail fur. It was kind of cute. Even if she could make out the poor stitch lines, she could see that there was a lot of painstaking work put into it.

Sakura had to wonder who made it for him. It was probably her, which was unfortunately, seeing as Sakura didn't know how to sew very well. It's probably a trait she's going to have to pick up and perfect a bit if she's going to be dealing with a little boy and a ninja on top of that. She knew how to mend clothes and sutra wounds, but not how to make an actual cat. That was kind of cool.

And perhaps a little telling.

Sakura puts Kuro against Manmaru's side, watching as the little boy curls around it, hugging it to his chest. Sakura runs her fingers through feathery pitch black hair, slowly, not wanting to wake the little boy. She just stared down at the little boy's face, admiring how absolutely adorable he is. His lashes are a mile long and pitch black against his pale flesh. Sakura was completely jealous of how high his cheekbones were.

He was so absolutely adorable, Sakura couldn't even see herself in him. He didn't have her skin tone, her face shape, her eye, mouth, and nose shape. This boy had to of gotten all of his features from his father because he didn't get any of them from her. She runs her fingers through his long black hair, admiring how soft it is before laying her head down and letting him rest without her touching him and possibly waking up.

She may not mentally remember when he was born or who his father is, but this little boy had no one other than her.

If Sakura Haruno was going to have to become Sakura Seto, for this little boy, she would.

Sakura wasn't dumb. She could tell this boy was an Uchiha. The frilly, girly side of Sakura's mind that hasn't reared her ugly head in years made a loud squeal off in the recesses of her mind, but the logical, hard working Sakura was easily able to ignore her. Sakura thought about the possibilities for this little boy's father and the number of Uchiha that she knew was in fact limited, but she didn't have all of Sakura Seto's memories yet. She didn't know if Madara was the only Uchiha that she knew.

That other boy, the one who looked like Sasuke that was what Sakura assumed to be Madara's little brother, also seemed to know her, and not only that but Tobirama-sama as well. Sakura still has to be careful about just assuming things. Just because she doesn't remember meeting the two younger brothers, doesn't mean that she didn't.

But Sakura couldn't really think about it now. She had to get some sleep. Knowing Sakura's luck, Manmaru is going to be up at the crack of dawn anyway so she'd better let her mind rest for now. Think more on it later.

As Sakura should have suspected, Manmaru was up at the crack of dawn wanting to play. Normally she would be bothered by being woken up so early after hardly having any time to sleep but this was different. This gave Sakura a reason to get up and move around. It was a purpose for her. After going through all of this without having any real direction other than to protect the First Hokage and Madara, this was something more solid. Something right in front of her. Something that she could focus on.

It was a bit of a relief.

Sakura and Manmaru went out to get him some more clean clothes before returning to their room and having them both take a bath. First Manmaru, cleaning him up and changing him into a new simple kimono and pants, a fitting black color that matched his eyes and hair, before Sakura took a quick one herself while Manmaru played in the next room with the door to the bathroom ajar so that she would be able to hear him.

Sakura sat down on her bed, hair pulled up into the towel while she takes another and dries out Manmaru's hair.

"Mommy," Manmaru says, petting Kuro's head.

"Yes, Manmaru?" Sakura asks, pulling out a simple comb and working gently on the tangles.

"Where were you? Why were you gone for so long?" he asks, tilting his head slightly to look up at her.

Sakura tilts his head forward as she keeps working. "I'm sorry, Manmaru. I don't have an answer for you. I didn't mean to leave you behind for so long. But don't worry, I'm not going to leave you again." It was true. Sakura wasn't going to hurt this little boy. Not if she had a choice in the matter. This little boy should have to pay for the mistakes of his mother - whatever those may be.

"Will you leave again?" Manmaru asks, little shoulders bowing inward, sadly.

Sakura shakes her head, turning the little boy around and pulling him tightly into her arms. She was not the boy's mother, but one day she would be. She would remember them soon enough, it seems. The lines will begin to really blur. They already seem to when it comes to this boy. Maybe Sakura had a motherly instinct inside of her that awakened when this boy called out to her or the girl this Sakura used to be bleeds into her own feelings and memories.

"No, Manmaru. I won't leave you. I am so sorry for doing so before, but I will stay with you and protect you," Sakura says softly into his damp hair.

The little boy grabs hold of her simple kimono, holding onto it tightly. "I love you, mommy. I'm glad that you aren't leaving, again!" Sakura hugs him a little bit closer.

Manmaru turns around Sakura continues to comb through his hair, gently removing all of the knots that have formed as the little boy continues to play with his stuffed cat. After a few minutes of silence, the little boy calls out to her again.


Her heart swells a bit. "Yes, Manmaru?"

"What's that dot on your forehead?"

Sakura blinks in surprise before reaching up and touching her Yin seal on the center of her forehead. "Oh, this? It's my Yin seal. It contains my yin chakra just in case I need it."

Manmaru turns around in front of her and tilts his head to the side cutely, dark hair framing his face. "I don't get it..."

Sakura smiles faintly. "It's alright. I'll have plenty of time to explain it all to you."

Pitch black eyes stare up at her, so beautiful and dark. The eyes of an Uchiha. Yet they are nothing like Sasuke's eyes. Manmaru's eyes are soft and lively and beautifully innocent. They haven't seen anything horrible or scary. They don't know the loss of love or any form of pain this world has to offer. They don't have the Sharingan.

Sakura reaches out and lightly caresses his pale, soft cheek. "I'll teach you everything you need to learn to become a ninja," Sakura says. "You are young, but it is prime time to learn the basics." Sakura smiles softly. "Would you like that?"

Manmaru nods, smiling happily. "Does that mean I get to spend more time with mommy?"

Sakura leans forward and kisses his forehead, the action feeling so natural. "Yeah."

They packed up their things - well, Sakura did, Manmaru just played with his toys - and they checked out of the inn. They traveled about an hour away, following a stream so that they would be able to easily return if they needed to but also be provided a bit of privacy to train. Or at least, begin training. Sakura realized that while her that was born and raised here may of have a bit of training with Madara and Hashirama as children, she wouldn't have been nearly as proficient of a shinobi as Sakura is.

Just because he's a small child doesn't mean he can't at least begin learning how to be a shinobi. Besides, unlike Sakura, this boy is from a clan and has clan blood flowing through his body. He'll become more powerful than her in no time if he's anything like the Uchiha in Sakura's time. Sakura hopes so. If this boy became more powerful than her, then she'd have nothing to worry about. She's been doing just fine against these people. She wants to make sure that this adorable little boy would be alright too.

At least, without losing himself. She won't lose this little boy like she lost Sasuke.

Sakura and Manmaru took their shoes off and played in the water, all the while Sakura spoke about chakra, using the flow of the water to explain the flow of chakra and Sakura wasn't surprised that the boy was able to easily answer her questions afterwards with a bit of help. He was definitely an Uchiha and picked up shinobi traits without a hitch.

"Does everyone have chakra?" Manmaru asks, splashing in the water with his feet.

Sakura nods. "Yes. Every living being holds chakra within them. Even the world around us is filled with chakra. It is called nature energy. This energy flows through any and all living beings and only those with the ability of a sage can access the nature energy that flows around us, but everyone can use their chakra so long as they have enough control to maintain it."

Manmaru blinks innocently, not fully understanding, but that was fine. Sakura wasn't going to force him to learn and understand. She was going to let it be a gradual thing, but she would never allow him to mistaken it for an easy ride. He would need to learn how to protect himself merely because of his father's genes making up half of who he is. People will seek him out merely because he is a bloodline holder so far away from his clan.

If Manmaru learns the way of the shinobi and decides not to do anything with it, than that is completely his choice, but Sakura wants him to be able to defend himself should he need to, but that is a future thing. He is small and innocent now, so Sakura will handle all of the fighting and protecting, but she won't be able to guard him forever.

"Can we come back and play again tomorrow, Mommy?" Manmaru asks, as Sakura helps slip his sandals onto his little feet.

"Sure," Sakura says, standing up and wrapping her cloak around herself. "Did you like learning about chakra today, Manmaru?"

Manmaru nods, happily. He takes Sakura's hand and together they walked back to the inn where Sakura booked for another night. Sakura then went out to get some food for them before she spent the next few hours learning about Manmaru.

She learned that his favorite color was blue - which only made Sakura laugh - and that he loves cats. Sakura did in fact make Kuro for him when he was little and that he's used to traveling around because Sakura Seto had become somewhat nomadic but only stayed in the Land of Fire. But he did mention something that she didn't really think about. That he visited her home a few times every year.

"My home?" Sakura asks, green eyes wide. "What was my home like?"

Manmaru's shoulders droop a bit. "It's really sad. You said the fire wiped it out when you were just a young girl. Before I was even born."

Sakura leans back against their shared bed from where they both sat on the floor to eat. Sakura rolls her shoulders back a bit, trying to imagine what it was like. "My home burned? Did I ever say why it was burned down?"

Manmaru looks down with large, dark eyes. "Umm," he says softly. "I don't really remember. Something about a fan?" His thin eyebrows pull together tightly, unable to recall her exact words. He shakes his head after a moment, unable to recall.

Sakura looks around the room slowly, curious. A fan? A fan and fire? Like the Uchiwa fan? The clan symbol for the Uchiha clan?

Sakura wasn't sure if it was Manmaru's words that awakened a memory within Sakura Seto for Sakura Haruno to witness or her imagination got the best of her, but that night Sakura dreamt of a great fire. A fire that was the beginning of the end of the life of Sakura Seto.

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