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The Blacks

Parents, children, and animals were creating quite the racket on the platform. The scene itself was very similar to the beginning of the school year, except this time students were returning to spend their winter holidays with family.

"Relax, he's going to come out sooner or later" Remus told Sirius who was watching over the massive crowd.

"I know, I know! I'm just- I'm really excited! It's going to be our first proper Yule together! I didn't think he would accept the invitation," Sirius rambled, running his fingers through his hair nervously. "I should have been doing this a lot earlier since I'm his godfather."

"I'm sure he's happy that you offered even if it is a little late." Remus assured him.

Sirius didn't hear him as he spotted Hadrian coming out of the train. Eyes lighting up, he rushed forward and hugged his godson, "Pup! Oh how I've missed you!" He exclaimed, swinging him around, almost strangling him.

"A-Air..." Harry choked out, gripping onto his godfather's arm, cheeks turning red from how tightly he was being squeezed.

"Padfoot you're going to end up killing him before the holidays have begun!" Remus exclaimed, forcing Sirius to let Harry go so he could catch his breath.

"Well excuse me Moony! I haven't seen my adorable godson in so long! He even got taller!" Sirius gleefully ignored Harry's yelp as he pulled him back into a hug, this one not as tight.

"Sirius, you're making a scene…" The hair Harry had painstakingly worked on was now back to being a birds nest from all the rough handling.

"Well it doesn't matter, I'm Lord Black and there's so much Moony and I have to show you!" Before he could go off on a rant, Harry slipped out of his arms and greeted Remus.

"Cub." Smiling Harry hugged Remus tightly, "Moony, I'm glad to see you haven't lost your marbles while trying to take care of Sirius."

Remus chuckled, returning the hug before looking at him, "I've gained tolerance over the years, or else I would have lost my fair share of marbles."

"Hey! Why are you both ganging up on me?! I'm your godfather not Moony!" Sirius yelled out childishly as they made their way off of the platform. Remus had already shrunken Harry's trunk and put it safely inside his pocket. Hedwig had been let out of her cage and told to fly to Grimmauld Place.

"So what are we doing?" Harry questioned. If they were heading to the Black residence they would have used the floo. They weren't doing that, and instead had entered the muggle world.

"We're going to eat out! Remus and I found this amazing Italian restaurant a while back and we thought you'd like it. It's why I told you to wear muggle clothes under your robes. Speaking of which you need to get yourself a nice leather jacket! No godson of mine can go without a leather jacket that makes him look devilishly handsome." Remus shook his head, giving Harry a look that told him to play along. Harry didn't have the heart to tell Sirius that he rarely went out in the Muggle world. If he wore the jacket at school everyone else would be looking at him strangely.

"We've also renovated the house and fixed up a room for you, looks similar to your own bedroom, too." Grinning Sirius put an arm around his shoulders, "Which means, my dear godson, you are welcomed to drop by anytime and stay over for however long you want! Doesn't matter if it's at an ungodly hour, the door will always be open for you."

"Unless you are at Hogwarts, then you have to stay where you are." Remus butted in, not wanting Sirius to give Harry any ideas.

Harry swallowed, his throat and chest feeling rather tight. Clearing his throat he spoke, "Don't worry, Moony, I wouldn't do something like that. Education is the most important thing after health." Sirius placed his arm around Harry's shoulders, gently squeezing. And if his voice sounded just a little strained they didn't comment on it.

Remus chuckled, "Spoken like a true Ravenclaw."

I flopped onto the bed, sinking into the mattress and ignoring my still damp hair. Sirius didn't just take us out for dinner, right after the restaurant was clothes shopping. To be more specific, Sirius had been searching for the perfect leather jacket for me. After that Remus took us to see the Shakespearian play Hamlet. It's one of my personal favourites due to the big debate on whether Hamlet had actually become insane, or if he was faking it till the end.

It was an enjoyable day, I will admit that, but it was also very exhausting. I didn't even know that the two of them had planned for all of this to happen on the day I came back. Who knew what else they were planning for the rest of the break? Knowing Sirius it was most likely something extravagant and crazy.

"Breaks are supposed to be relaxing…" I mumbled, snuggling into the soft sheets. Sirius and his usual antics would be the opposite of that, but… I don't mind. It was nice staying here, and true to their word, I did have my own room. It didn't look exactly like my bedroom at Potter Manor, but that was actually better. I liked the difference here, be it the massive oakwood bed, or just the size of the room. It used to be Sirius's old room, and he and Remus had spent a good portion of their time cleaning it up.

Apparently Sirius would do everything that his parents disapproved of to get them all riled up. His room was a clear demonstration of that by having anything and everything muggle plastered onto the walls. He had pages of magazines as posters, books, and even got himself a motorcycle that he magically enhanced. The posters and papers he put onto the walls with a permanent sticking charm and so they had to use a potion to undo it. Remus hated Sirius in those weeks for all the extra work.

The sheer number of potions they had to use was enormous, and then getting rid of the junk that was in the room took another couple of days. Apparently Sirius was a hoarder, a family trait, and Remus argued with him a lot on the things that needed to be thrown out. Then they decorated the room with things I would like, even got me a new mattress for the bed since the old one was worn and dusty. The size of the room was something I'd have to get used to, it might even be bigger than Rose's room now that I think about it.

"Hey cub." I looked over to see Remus by the door.

"Hey." Smiling, he came over and sat on the edge of my bed, "Tuckered out from today, huh?"

"Yeah, I don't know how you guys planned so much in just a day. We walked so much..."

Chuckling, Remus grinned, "Well you know how Sirius is. He's determined to make the most of this break, to make up for all the ones that he missed."

I blinked sitting up, "I'm not mad at, nor do I blame him for all the past ones. Just offering for me to come over during the break is more than enough for me."

"I know, I told him that too, but he can't help but feel guilty about that. He is your godfather and he feels like he neglected that duty. So just go along with all that he does alright? He went mad with planning on making this the best Yule yet ever for you."

I smiled, feeling a wave of warmth wash over me. It's been a long time since someone planned something for me during the holidays. "Alright, I'll make sure to not complain or anything." So this is what it was like to have a godfather… I just remembered something, "Aren't you Rose's godfather? Don't you plan stuff for her?" I'd never heard Rose talk about the things that "Uncle" Moony got her. It was strange since she loved to brag about all the things she got.

"I, well, I do plan things sometimes, but then she says how she already has plans with her friends. So I just send gifts here and there." I raised a brow, no letters? No going out together?

Seeing my confusion, he gave a small smile, "We don't exactly exchange letters, she's stopped responding to mine. So I just make sure to give her a basket of chocolates on her birthdays and holidays."

"Oh… I'm sorry." Rose didn't want to keep in touch with him, maybe because he didn't give expensive gifts, or because he was a werewolf. I wouldn't be surprised if that was the case.

"No need to apologize for her, Harry, it's her decision. Besides, I have you to take care of now. Sirius may be your godfather, and he has matured, but not enough to be a serious adult," Remus winked. I laughed, "It's kinda scary trying to imagine him as a responsible adult."

Remus grinned, "Make sure he never hears you say that, or else he won't stop saying how he is one. Other than that, how's sixth year?"

"Well you know, busy. Professor Freto gave us this massive project in Ancient Runes…" I began explaining.

"You're one of them!"

Harry looked up from his breakfast confused. Sirius was a mess, hair stuck up everywhere and his clothes rumpled.


Remus paid the owl for their newspapers, handing one to Harry, "He means being an early riser."

Sirius moaned, flopping onto his chair, head on the table. "I live with two demons!" He whined until the smell of coffee reached his nose. Perking up he gratefully took the offered mug, "Ah my liquid gold!" Harry shook his head at the sight before focusing on his pancakes.

"So what are the plans for today?" Sirius asked now that he was more awake.

"Well I have a student that I'm going to be tutoring a little later today for three hours. They have exams coming up soon." Remus explained, adding cream to his tea.

"I want to take a look at the Black Library to see if I can find any information for my Ancient Runes project. I just need to see what other options I have." Harry said, reaching for the plate of fruit on the table.

"Merlin! You both are just going to work?! It's the holidays! I get that Remus has a job, but even you Harry?!" Sirius exclaimed, baffled that anyone would spend their holidays doing work. Holidays existed for a reason.

"It's not everyday I have the chance to look at a library as big as the Blacks. I need to take this chance since my project isn't like everyone else's." Harry countered.

"Ah right, you're trying to improve the pensieve right? You sure picked a tough goal, then again we were like that too." Remus added.

"Pensieve? Why would you pick that?! We barely know how a pensieve is made and there are so few in the world." Sirius butted in.

"Because I wanted a challenge. The professor already looked at and approved my work. He said that if I can make the item do half of what I plan, I'll be halfway to my Mastery in Ancient Runes, and possibly Arithmancy. Pensieves are centuries old, it's about time someone started to think of improvements.

I'm not using a pensieve as my base anyways, it's easier to just start from scratch. Headmaster Dumbledore let me study his to see how it works. I want to use some of what's already there, and it's not hard to read the runes. The Hogwarts library has a bunch of texts on runic languages available. The twins' older brother Bill works as a cursebreaker and was kind enough to answer some of my questions; he has a mastery in Runes and Arithmancy," Harry countered. He had planned thoroughly when coming up with this idea. All that was left was to get the materials to make the prototype. He didn't expect that he'd be able to make a perfect one right from the start. A prototype would be more than enough to get the funding necessary to complete the project.

"Well you've certainly put plenty of thought into it, and if your Professor has approved it, then there's nothing for us to complain about. Our project wasn't as ambitious, but it certainly outshone everyone else in that class." Remus commented, ignoring Sirius's grumbling about Ravenclaws.

"Oh? What did you make?" Now Harry was curious, he may not know the stories about their Hogwart years that well, but even he knew they were oddballs.

"Oh, we made a layout of the classroom on parchment. Showed everyone who was in there, no matter what time or day." spoke Sirius. Wait, that sounded really familiar…

"Did you expand on the project?" He asked just wanting to confirm.

"Mmm, yes, we made a map of the school. Why?" Remus answered.

Smiling Harry shook his head, "Well, the Weasley Twins found this map of the school that shows everything. It should have been obvious to me, I mean, two of the four makers are Moony and Padfoot."

"They found the map?! We lost it to Filch after sixth year, of course by then we knew the castle like the back of our hands. James had the cloak so it wasn't too big of a deal. Do the Twins use it?" Sirius asked, excited to hear what the map was being used for now.

"You guys are practically their idols. They're like the second generation Marauders, I'm sure if they met you two they'd go insane."

Remus chuckled, "Then I guess Molly's hairs have gone white with their antics."

"We should give them our journals! It's not like we use them for anything!" Sirius suggested, eyes lighting up at the thought of how much chaos the two could make.

"I thought the twins were two years older than you?" Remus questioned, remembering the few times he met Molly while out shopping.

"They are, but they got offers of apprenticeship. George is studying Charms under Professor Flitwick, and Fred is doing Potions under Professor Snape."

Sirius whistled, "Mastery right after graduation? That's tough to achieve, and Severus is even harder to get the approval of with his history."

"Well they did spend their entire Hogwarts years pulling pranks. Everyone knew that they had done some of the most ingenious pranks in history. McGonagall commended them for some of the stuff before telling them to take it down. Even Professor Snape talks about their potion skills from time to time."

"Really? What are some of the pranks they've done?" Sirius questioned, curious about what this new generation of pranksters were like.

"Well their biggest prank so far…" Harry began, conversation as they ate their breakfast.

"Okay! That is it! I've had enough!"

Harry looked up from his book, wondering what was the matter. He was in the midst of making some notes for his project, he had found quite the fascinating book on Arithmancy. "What is it?" Putting in the last sentence of his report.

"This!" Sirius gestured to the library and him. He stalked over and started to put away the books, "It's the Holidays! I know I've said you can do your research, and use whatever the manor has, but this is ridiculous! You can't spend your entire holidays holed up in here studying and doing h-homework of all things!" He shuddered, working up to a rant.

"Remus and I renovated the entire place and made it even better. None of the dark magic stuff is out where anyone can touch it, and we even added in some new things. The ballroom has been fixed up, so have the gardens, we even added a recreation room where there's a pool table, darts…" He started listing.

"So you want me to garden? Or dance?" Harry questioned, amused by all of this.

"No! I'm saying that my godson should be having fun on the holidays as well. Now come on! It's time you learn the classic game of darts!" Sirius declared, pulling Harry up from his seat and then leading him out of the library.

"You'll like the place, we made sure it's not old and stuffy looking like the other purebloods have theirs. We even have a bar! Course there are wards placed over it, responsible drinking and all that," he continued. Harry raised a brow at that, he remembered clearly James talking about the amount of times they were able to sneak alcohol.

"That was Remus' idea wasn't it?" He questioned as they entered the room. It was certainly a lot more modern looking, the entirety of Grimmauld had a more modern appearance. Carpeted flooring, rich wood and leather seating… It certainly had a classy vibe.

"This is certainly nice…" Different from what he was expecting from a Noble house, but Sirius was considered to be the oddball of the family.

"Right? Now come on, have you ever played billiards before?" Sirius already bringing out the things they needed for the game. Setting things up with a swish of his wand,

"It's quite fun once you get the hang of it, here." He handed over a stick and then began teaching Harry the basics of a game.

"So how is Hogwarts treating you? And nothing about the academics either, I know you already talk to Remus about that! I wanna know what my bookworm for a godson is doing outside of class." Sirius questioned, wanting to know more about his godson. He really should have been doing this earlier, supporting him throughout his years and everything. Now he was close to becoming an adult…

"Hmm, it's not bad. I mainly study for my classes, sometimes my friends and I would do something. The Weasley Twins always talk about their next pranking scheme, and we have collaborated a few times, but mainly they tell us so we can avoid being affected. Neville and I go to the greenhouses from time to time to handle the plants. Professor Sprout really likes him and even gave him a spare key for the lower tier plants."

"Neville? As in Neville Longbottom? Frank's kid?" Sirius questioned, surprised by that.

"Hmm? Yeah, though he never talks about his parents, always his grandmother or relatives."

"Well I don't blame him, it's a shame what happened to Frank and Alice. An accident, they were both unspeakables and because of it they lost their sanity… I can only imagine what it was like living with Madame Longbottom, everyone knows how strict she is. Stricter than McGonagall!"

Harry hummed, not really commenting on it, "Well Neville is great, we became friends in our second year. He's terrible at potions and came to me for help since I was second in school rankings. A lot of people say he's a wimp for a Gryffindor, but him doing that showed how brave he actually was."

"Frank was like that too, compared to Remus and our group, he was always more quiet. People always have the misconception about Gryffindors being rowdy, and sure we might appear that way, but not always." That was true, Harry didn't know why, but everyone had stereotypes for all members of the houses.

"What did you do during your years at Hogwarts? I only heard snippets when you guys would come over." Back then whenever they would visit he always ended up staying in his room. A few times they would pop by, mainly to give gifts or talk a bit. His parents would always say how he was sick, or tired from playing, excuses just so he wouldn't meet other people. Even back then he was becoming isolated from everyone else.

"Well you know how I am the weird one of my family, but you don't know the extent of it. I'm sure your grandpa told you how I ran away from home and ended up staying with them? They even paid for my tuition since my mom blasted my name off of the tapestry. Course it was a surprise when I found out my old man didn't officially disown me, meaning I was still the heir. Man my mom sure was mad!

Anyways, your grandparents really did welcome me back then. They said I could call them mom and dad, but I preferred having them be aunt and uncle. Your grandfather had this habit of having a glass of scotch after dinner and it sure got your grandma into a fit. She always went on about the importance of his health, and if you heard some of the punishments…" Harry listened happily to the stories of his grandparents when they were younger. It was nice to know more about them, especially his grandfather. His grandma didn't speak too much about him ever since he passed, it brought too many painful memories for her.

"I should have told you all of this earlier, heck even gone with you for your Hogwarts shopping trip! But I've been neglecting my duties…" Sirius suddenly said after they had stopped reminiscing.

"You haven't been neglecting your duties Sirius, sure you weren't there for everything, but no one can be. It's impossible, and you were busy with your own things." Harry countered, not wanting Sirius to beat himself up out of guilt.

"No, Harry, you shouldn't make excuses for me. Being a godfather is a very important role, I'm basically a third parent, and if I took my duty more seriously I would have seen what you were going through a lot sooner. I would have been able to help you! I of all people would understand what exactly you were going through and I-"

"Stop." Harry cut in, wanting to put an end to this before Sirius really started to go off on a tangent, "You're making it sound a lot worse than it actually is. I don't blame you and I never will. Being here for me now, letting me have my own space, it makes up for all those times. I truly mean that." Harry assured him, holding Sirius' hand. " And if I hear you going on this guilt trip again, I'll prank you until the break is over!"

Sirius gave out a choked laugh, "Me?! Prank me?! I'm a Marauder kiddo! You'll be lucky to get a coloring charm on me!" He was still trying to acknowledge the fact that his godson did not resent him for not doing his duty properly.

Harry smirked, "Is that a challenge?" They dissolved into laughter, the heavy atmosphere disappearing just like that.

Remus curiously began searching for Harry and Sirius once two hours had passed. Sirius was grumbling about studying too hard, and not enjoying a break, it wasn't hard to figure out who he was talking about. Following the sound of laughter he peeked in and smiled at the sight before him.

"Looks like you two are having fun." He commented, Harry and Sirius sitting down at the table. A deck of cards was summoned from the cabinet, inside there were several board games one could play. A few of them even seemed to be Muggle, from what Harry noticed.

"Remus! We're about to play poker! Come join us!" Sirius exclaimed, gesturing to the empty chair as he tapped on the cards. The wonderful thing about magic was that one could play a game of poker with no one having to be the dealer. The cards began shuffling themselves, and even performed a few elaborate tricks for their amusement.

"Sirius thinks that he can beat me when it's clear I have the better poker face." Harry teased.

"Is that so?" Grinning Remus sat in the offered seat, taking his portion of 'chips'. "Is this candy?" He questioned when seeing what they were using to bet.

"Well, we can't use money, Sirius wouldn't let me, and we all have a sweet tooth." Harry countered.

"As your godfather I'm trying to be responsible and with me being the adult, you will lose in poker." Sirius said, the last card being dealt.

"Hmm I have my doubts, you are rather spontaneous, and Ravenclaws are second best on poker faces. The Slytherins obviously are number one, but that's because of their house."

"I am not spontaneous!" Sirius blurted out.

"He's got you there Padfoot. You are very spontaneous." Remus joined in.

"Yeah? Prove it!"

"You said we were going to play darts, but we played billiards instead. You got bored of billiards after two games and decided on Poker finally." Harry said smiling.

"Hmph! Let's just start the game!" Sirius declared, putting some of his candy into the center. Remus and Harry followed as well, with that the game began.

Twenty minutes later…

"What kind of bullshit luck is this?!" Sirius exclaimed. Harry's end had all the candy.

"Not luck, skill. I told you that my poker face is better than yours." Harry said with a grin, opening up a chocolate frog to eat.

"It was a fair game." Remus conceded, finding this all amusing.

"That's because you lasted longer against him! You said you never played poker!"

"I never said that, I have played poker plenty of times against the twins. Those two love to make bets with everyone." Harry countered, offering Remus a chocolate bar.

"Then I declare a rematch! I was going easy on you thinking it was your first time!"

Thirty minutes later…

"Sirius… You should give up." Remus said, patting his back empathetically.

"I got defeated by my godson…" Sirius whined, head resting on the table, "My pride has been taken."

"I did warn you ahead of time, you just didn't believe me." Harry reminded him, plundering his pile of sweets with a wide grin.

"Sirius! Time to wake up! It's almost 12 o'clock!" Harry yelled, knocking on the door.

"... go away…" Sirius mumbled, snuggling further into his bed.

"Remus said that if you don't wake up he's going to eat your portion of food and make sure you don't get any coffee." Harry said after a minute, smiling when he heard the sound of footsteps rushing. The door opened a moment later to show a panicked Sirius,

"He wouldn't dare…"

"I'm being completely serious!" Remus yelled out.

Harry went back downstairs once the door was closed on his face. "You're mean, Moony," he commented, taking a seat and having his lunch. Hedwig was happily having her plate of bacon, all chopped up so it was easier for her.

"It is the only way to get your godfather up, he's never been a morning person." Remus countered, having his own cup of coffee with the newspaper before him.

"You could always try other methods." Sirius grumbled out, sitting down and protectively shielding his food. His hair was still a little wet from the shower he took.

"Ew, I don't want to hear about your love life." Harry complained, nose scrunched up in disgust as he took a bite of his sandwich.

"I'm not the one who's had their mind in the gutter." Sirius retorted, having some of his scrambled eggs.

"You both are acting like children." Remus told them, wondering just how Sirius could still act like this. Harry was just actually acting his age and enjoying himself. The few times Remus had seen him before he looked like he was trying to be mature and adult-like. It didn't sit well with him.

"Oh, sorry about that Hedwig, I forgot to give you your copy." Harry handed over his extra copy of the Daily Prophet over. Laying it out neatly on the table so she could read and turn the pages.

"Hoot." Hedwig took another bite of her bacon.

"Yeah the news has been pretty mediocre lately, but that's good, means nothing bad is happening. Although I would like it if they had more interesting sections. Guess that's what the magazines are for. I was planning on getting the business one, which one are you interested in?"


"Ah, fashion, of course the queen of the skies would want that. Alright, I'll make sure to subscribe to it, save it for me to read later okay?" Harry had some of his fruit.

"I still can't get used to this." Sirius muttered to Remus.

"Well you're going to have to, I find it rather cute. Shows how close they are."

"It is, but do you really think she reads the paper?" Sirius questioned. Right on cue Hedwig looked up and stared at them both. Ruffling her feathers before turning the page.

"She's not dumb, or deaf, she can hear you perfectly fine. Plus Hedwig is my familiar, of course I was the one that met her standards." Harry commented, finishing up his sandwich and having his pudding.

"Hoot!" Hedwig preened a bit before affectionately nibbling on Harry's ear.

"Think you can do some deliveries for me girl? I plan on giving the group their gifts ahead of time so you can relax." Hedwig gave him another affectionate nip before continuing on with her meal.

"Alright, you have an interest in duelling right? With me being an Auror, I can help you develop those instincts through experience. Of course don't expect me to be teaching you a bunch of spells, that's not what's important. Instead, being able to think on your feet and having a body that can follow it is much more important." Sirius began explaining, opening up the doors to the duelling room.

"You have experience in dancing, Aunt Euphemia would have made sure of that, it's going to come into use here as well. Footwork is something a lot of people overlook when it comes to duelling, but no one has ever seen a clumsy dueller before. So, for the entirety of your break when you're not having fun or studying, I'm going to have you follow the physical routine Aurors go through. It may not seem like much, but you can always add on to it when you find it becoming easy." With that Sirius started to conjure several items necessary for their training session.

"So let's see where exactly your body is right now." Harry was a bit nervous as this was the first time he's seen his godfather be so serious outside of his life. He always became serious then, listening to his problems and the like, which was a very great feeling. Seeing that look now, wasn't so great.

"Okay, what do you want me to do?"

"Hmm, a few laps around the room, sit ups, push ups, jumping jacks, weight lifting, and of course stretching. You'll have to stretch before and after, it's always good to do so if you don't want to end up pulling a muscle." He listed off, making a list with a piece of paper.

"That's quite specific… Have you ever played Quidditch?" Wizards never exactly placed their physical condition as the highest priority. The amount of people who were overweight was not hard to see when going out in the Wizarding World.

"No, but I've heard James complain enough about the exercise routine over the years. Some of it rubbed off on me I suppose. You're going to start eating more with all this training taking so much energy. Wizards in general expend more energy because of the magic we use compared to our Muggle counterparts. Now come on, we don't have all day!"

Harry sighed but complied nonetheless, never giving out a word of complaint when he felt tired. Sirius was helping him achieve his goals, and that was all that he had been wanting since his grandfather's passing and grandmother moving out.

"Hmm not bad, you're in better shape than the average wizard, especially since you're not doing any sports." He commented, looking over the results.

"Well I did spend a lot of time in the forest back at Potter Manor. Grandfather always took me to take care of some of the creatures and gather some important ingredients. I'm still doing it now." Harry told him, gratefully taking the offered water and towel. It wasn't a bad workout, but he was feeling a bit out of breath.

"Good, that means you'll adjust to this workout routine a lot faster. Now that you've gotten your blood pumping it's about time we start on your spells. We'll begin from the basics, and don't worry about the trace, the wards on this place block it. A trade secret among all the Pureblood families." With a swish of his wand an old looking dummy came out, chipped, a little odd smelling, but still usable.

"Now then, we're going to start with first year spells. I know that you're a sixth year and know a lot more powerful spells, but I want you to be creative. There's a lot of spells that you can use outside of Defense Against the Dark Arts and with you being a Ravenclaw I'm sure you can think of some.

Take the Lumos spell for example, you can use it to blind your opponent for a brief moment. Which makes it perfect for you to use Incarcerous to tie up your opponent. You can also throw in the disarming spell to make it a nice combination. Combinations are good, makes it easier for you to not panic in stressful circumstances. The thing you have to avoid with combos is habit and growing too comfortable with them. That's how someone can find out your weak point and they'll go about it in several ways…" Harry let Sirius' voice wash over him, his mind eagerly soaking up the knowledge. He had never been more happy to have requested help from his uncles.

"My cousin is more than willing to host us for the next few days and even gave us access to the library. Of course there are going to be some areas that are off limits, but he is the Lord of the family." Alphard explained as his friends exited out of the floo. They were in what seemed to be a living room or parlor.

"It certainly was generous of him, we'll have to return the favor in some way." Zevi said, dusting off his robes. Tom didn't say anything, instead taking a look around the place curiously. It was a lot more modern looking than he expected for a Pureblood house, most of them were still in the Victorian style. He froze at the sight near the exit, the conversations of his circle completely ignored.

Hadrian was sitting on an armchair, sound asleep, an open book on his lap. What was he doing here?

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