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The Proposal

Chapter 6: The Proposal

The next day rumours about the incident on the dance floor spread around. What had Tom Riddle, the hottest boy in Hogwarts, done to anger someone? Who was that someone? A lover? Friend? The person Tom was courting? Why was this person being courted? So many questions that everyone wanted answers to. The female population decided that this mysterious person was a female in disguise. A way for her to gain Tom's attention as the thought of Tom being gay was too much for them to bear. The males ignored all the drama, the news was of no importance to them.

Hadrian was happy that the rumors of his courtship were now gone, no longer the focus of the Hogwarts population. He had missed the privacy he had normally, making time for studying difficult. One couldn't concentrate if they were being questioned by others constantly. That had diminished when he Miss Skeeter had wrote a new article. Somehow finding out about the situation in the ballroom. He frowned when his eyes landed on the latest article written by her. Rita Skeeter has been giving him many problems lately towards his plans. He didn't want anything related to him put in the paper, so he gave the works a glare he thought it deserved.

Hogwarts Royal Love Affair?!

By: Rita Skeeter

Welcome my dear readers! It seems that things have become interesting at Hogwarts! Last night the first ever Halloween Masquerade Ball for Hogwarts! It sure was a fantastic sight if these pictures mean anything. The students came in with amazing costumes some of them even hand crafted! But that's not the big part my lovely readers! Hogwarts had a love affair that night!

Just who this love affair was about? Why it was none other than our Lord Slytherin, Tom Riddle! The youngest lord in history and charming too with his looks. It seemed that something happened as Lord Slytherin seemed to be very mad during the ball. Why? Because the other person was dancing with several others! Who? We don't know! Other students were very kind to share some words about this mystery guest with me, answering some questions I had. I've agreed to their request of staying anonymous, so they'll be labelled as student 1 and so on…

RS: So how did this whole incident begin?

Student 1: Well I'd have to say that it began when the mysterious person with the blue cape entered the ballroom. They made a big entrance and grabbed everyone's attention really.

Student 2: It was the outfit! Gorgeous with the color scheme, made the wearer look like a prince because of it. The way he was walking and seemed to draw your attention... It felt like you were in the presence of royalty.

RS: That must have been such an awe-inspiring experience for you both. What happened after this person entered? Any hints of who this person could be?

The two students were in depth thought, looking at each other. Most likely asking each other questions before Student 2 spoke up.

Student 2: Well the person was around the Weasley Twins, Lovegood, and Longbottom. They seemed to be good friends, and I think the Ravenclaws were surrounding the group.

Student 1: That seemed to make Tom Riddle angry, he didn't like it when it was dinner time. I remember seeing him making his way to the table, but all the seats were taken. The rest of the tables were occupied as well now that I think about it. All of them were Ravenclaw students too...

This was interesting to hear my readers. It seems that whoever this mysterious person was, was able to make Lord Slytherin angry. Tom Riddle is known for being able to keep a level head in even the most dire of situations. This person had to be special for the young lord to lose his cool.

Student 2: But things didn't get interesting until it was time for others to dance. That's when everyone started to realize that something was happening.

RS: Is that so? What exactly was happening? Did a fight occur?

My interest here was peaked everyone. The way these students were speaking it looked like the dance was the main event. My hunch was only confirmed with the bright smiles these students had on their faces.

Student 1: No, no, we have enough of those happening between Slytherin and Gryffindor. This was a fight, but it seemed more of a duel of wits that happened on the dance floor. Whoever that person was, they seemed to dance with everyone but Tom Riddle. It was crazy to see, since the female population would do anything to have a dance with the guy. The look on his face was fantastic to see as well!

The other student agreed remembering other certain things that had happened. Overall it looked like Lord Slytherin had done something to anger this person. Who this person was is the better question. I've asked around, hoping for one to know, but no such luck. Though the students had their suspicions and thoughts on who this person could be.

After hearing some of their thoughts I had come onto my own conclusions. This mysterious person is the same age as the young lord. The students that surrounded the mystery person consisted mostly of Ravenclaws. Hadrian Potter is a Ravenclaw the same age as Lord Slytherin. He is also in the midst of a courtship, could he be the mystery guest?

While the article didn't create more problems for him, he didn't like how spot on Rita Skeeter was near the end. This was the only time he was glad for being second born. Many people dismissed what she wrote as Tom Riddle couldn't have chosen a second born to court. It was illogical since Riddle could do much better in their eyes. Because of this thought process he was left relatively alone. Something he missed ever since Rita wrote articles on his family.

At least there were no gossip or rumors on his courtship appearing. The jobsworths had moved onto more appetizing things, the new article being one of them. Of course he found it amusing that they were all gossiping about him without knowing. Some of them even tried to come out as the mysterious, but they were humiliated right after. Tom's rather vicious fangirls interrogating the people before deeming them to be fakes.

Hadrian pushed all thoughts of courtships and articles out of his mind. He needed to focus on his Runes project now that he had Professor Freto's approval. He was able to book an appointment with him to talk over his idea and see if he could continue with it. Several other ideas and plans were made as a backup should the professor reject his first idea. Thankfully there was no need, in fact the professor had praised him.

Encouraging him to go with the idea and even hand him books from his own personal collection. To ensure he understood and didn't do anything dangerous with his idea.

At the moment he was in one of Hogwarts many spare classrooms with a fireplace. With some nifty transfiguration spell work on one of the desks and chairs became more comfortable. The wooden chair became one of those leather ones Sirius was fond of. With another desk he was able to make a longer and steadier surface for him to work.

The book was one of the many that Professor Freto had given him. This one specifically covered the branch of Rune Chains, linking several symbols together. A complex subject that became dangerous at the slightest mistake. Very much like the Japanese Sealing he read once in a book. The fantastic thing about the book was its design. The author introduced simple chain links before transitioning to the more complex ones. There were diagrams and explanations on why things were done a certain way. Informing one on the restrictions and rules that had to be adhere to for one's safety.

I need to ask the Professor where he got these books. They'll be good to have as a collection and will help with many of my side projects. I should also buy a set for the twins, for their help at the ball. He thought, his free hand busy writing notes in his journal. The books made the creation process simple, despite all the issues the professor spoke of. Most of his classmates were struggling in this part, while he was close to completing his first draft. Of course, they were being borrowed, but he aimed to buy a set of his own, or copy them in some way.

Enraptured by the book, he was oblivious to two people entering the peaceful room. The second person entering a moment later and taking up the position of an observer. Rosemary ignored the second person, glaring at her darling brother with her hands on her hips. She smirked when he jumped at her clearing her throat, ruining a page of his precious journal as well. Seeing that she felt gleeful, her little brother's precious work becoming a mess.

It was short lived as Hadrian used a spell to reverse the damage he caused. He took his time packing away his things, well-aware of his sister's growing impatience. Unfazed by the hand that slammed down on his desk or the growing anger on her face,

"Yes? Is there something I can help you with?" He asked, voice monotone. His normally expressive eyes showing no emotion for her while he held onto an inkwell. With her violent action it would have tipped over, creating a mess that was unwanted. He glanced over her form, taking note of the new dress with distaste. It was a waste of materials in his opinion. Rose and his mother adored the more elaborate designs to show off their wealth. Just how many clothes did a person even need?

The thought of ruining the dress with the inkwell crossed his mind. While it would bring great pleasure for himself, the consequences of such an action was too steep. He didn't want more trouble from his already adoring family. He had enough of trouble to last a few good years already, anymore could cause drastic changes to his plans. Sighing he tucked the little bottle into his bag, confident with the charms placed on it. He wouldn't put it above Rose to sabotage his items out of anger or jealousy. He was brought of his musing by Rose's voice,

"Yes, you can for once little brother. I demand that you stay away from Tom. He doesn't need a second-class citizen to be their intended when he can do so much better. Being the Lord of a Founder line, he needs someone that would improve his reputation. That means new connections, fresh blood into the line, and power.

What he sees in you is insignificant when compared to me, the heir of the family. You're the disgrace of the family, the second heir, the late bloomer, a spare. Nobody special while I on the other hand..." She flipped her hair back, the action seeming to be practiced. The term late bloomer used for people who displayed acts of magic later than usual. These children weren't considered powerful as accessing the magic core was simple. Well at least in the mindset of most wizards.

Hadrian knew that he wasn't a late bloomer, while the memories of his babyhood were blurred at best. He remembered his first act of magic, summoning a bottle of milk into his hands. His parents too busy doting on Rose to give him food even back then. That act and all future ones were considered to be Rose's. The excuse of her being the oldest used, making him doubt the intelligence of his family and the world. It was no wonder no big advancements in magic were made the past few centuries. Wizards had become lazy, content with what they knew of their magic.

"Late bloomer? I believe that term suits you since we both know it was me who did all that magic when younger. You know it's true, why else do you think Mother and Father praise you so much? The relief they felt when their firstborn displayed magic... The embarrassment they would have felt if their firstborn turned out to be a squib. Deny it all you want, but you know it's the truth." His words cold and sharp, making Rose feel some doubt in herself. It was only a for a small moment, but disappeared just as fast with the help of how much her parents spoiled her.

"So what if that's the truth, you're exaggerating since it's clear that I have magic. Furthermore Mother and Father favour me over you, what else do I need? Who wouldn't favour me?" She said, flicking her hair back once more. Hadrian contained the grin he felt coming, she gave him the perfect comeback,

"Careful there, Rose dearest. You sounded eerily like the younger Malfoy, Draco. The person you had a crush on, but once he rejected you, you moved onto Tom. How shameful that the heir of the family fortune would jump from boy to boy. It makes your purity rather suspicious with how desperate you make yourself to be. What would our parents say if they found out their precious daughter isn't as pure as they thought?" He grinned, leaning forward, enjoying the opportunity given to him. It wasn't everyday he got to say such things. "As for who wouldn't favour you? Tom Riddle seems to be doing an amazing job at that. The person you had a crush on ever since third year is courting me. The 'spare' of the family." Tormenting her further. He smirked as she moved back as if struck, shock on her face. "Karma is a bitch Rose, and loves to serve revenge when cold and with your attitude; you deserve it." He finished, glee blooming in his chest. How long he wanted to say those things, all those insults and more from the years.

She seemed to finally understand his words. Her facial expression twist into something ugly as she raised her hand to hit him. Hadrian was prepared to defend himself when another hand caught Rose's by the wrist. The grip had to be tight if her flinch meant anything.

"A lady shouldn't be using her body to hurt someone, but rather in words. From what I can see you seem to lack that Miss. Potter." Rose looked at Tom with wide eyes. Her heart racing as she looked at her crush, despairing over their official meeting. This wasn't how things were supposed to go!

"Tom! I didn't notice you come in! My little brother and I were just talking about some things!" she floundered, trying to salvage the situation with a smile on her face. Tom didn't give her the chance, cutting her off as he was in no mood for games.

"Those things seem to concern about me Rosemary. Should you have any problem with me I would like for them to be told to me. Not to Hadrian, and knowing of your reputation my own could be damaged." Rosemary winced at that jab, clenching her hands,

"More importantly you risked the lives of everyone on the upper, lower, and this hall. Disturbing your brother while he was in the process of linking Runes is foolish. One mistake on the drawing or placement of a symbol could cause an explosion. You wouldn't know such information as you're not taking Runes after all." He gave her a hard look, irritated at all the things she said to his raven. "How ironic as you boasted on your intelligence when it's your brother in that class."

Rose throat closed up, no words were coming out of her lips. Everything that Tom was saying giving a stab of pain in her chest. Even if she was able to talk Tom wouldn't let her,

"Furthermore, I do believe that I never gave you the permission to use my first name. Next time be careful with what you say, stupidity like that will give you more enemies than allies. It would be a shame for the Potter Line to tarnish all because of the foolishness of the heir." He finished, letting go of her hand. By the end of the speech Rose was red from embarrassment and shaking in shame.

Hadrian showed no pity for her, it was a long time coming for someone to admonish her actions. For it to be her crush of all things was even better. She always wanted Tom's attention and was now getting it in the worst possible way. Things couldn't possibly get any better for him. He had his revenge without even having to do anything.

"Seeing as you have nothing else to say Miss. Potter I would appreciate if you would let me have some private time with your brother. There are some things I wish to ask him, while having a pleasant conversation." His tone giving no room for argument. Her pride torn to shreds, she dashed out of the room with tears in her eyes. Running past Luna Lovegood and Cassandra Moreau without a glance. The four of them didn't care for her distressed state, her attitude over the years made her no real friends. She only had followers that'd leave in a moment once her popularity vanished.

"There was no need for you to stop her hand, I was handling the situation just fine." Hadrian said, looking at him. Luna and Cassandra had taken seats behind Hadrian. Since Tom and him were in a courtship they needed escorts of the opposite sex. They were to be there whenever the two were alone together.

Luna with her ability of knowing things before they happened, had the advantage of being aware when Hadrian needed her. Cassandra was already informed of Tom's plan to see Hadrian. Violating a rule of courting could disband the courtship altogether. The escorts needed to be a meter away from the two at most, thus their reason for sitting behind Hadrian.

"I am well aware, but Rose was speaking of me. It was well within my right to defend you as you only said the truth." I transfigured one of the chairs before sitting across from him, "Has she always been like that? Ill-mannered and quick to her temper?" The situation that occurred making me curious of his situation with his family.

Hadrian sighed, bookmarking the page he was on with a slip of paper. My eyes were brought attention to his nimble fingers, the grace they held in them. We were similar in that aspect, having a natural grace that everyone else lacked.

"Hmm, I'd suppose so. She takes more after my mother in the aspect of her temper. Unlike my mother though she's more rash, having my father's recklessness. A terrible combination for an heir I'm sure you'll agree." He said, placing the book on the table.

I glanced at the title, taking note of how advanced the subject was. Did the Hogwarts curriculum bore him as well?

"Hmm you are correct, though I am still astounded by her thought process. She should have realized by now that I hold no interest in having her as my bride." I blinked, looking at Hadrian as he huffed a laugh, shaking his head. Was there something amusing about what I said?

"I'm not surprised with your confusion with what happened at the ball. For a person that's able to charm almost everyone, you're lost on the subject of emotions. Rose isn't a logical person like you and I, she's like the fangirls you have. As you know she dreamed of being married to you ever since third year. She's more in love with the fact that you're charming, wealthy, popular and powerful. If she were interested in your personality, she would have known you weren't interested long ago." He took a pause for some air,

"But she isn't, she's enamoured with the idea of you. That's why no amount of rejections or cold words can dissuade her. Your actions back then may have harmed her emotionally, but she'll push it all aside. Forget about everything that you have said to her." I frowned, understanding more of Rose's actions, but one thing still bothered me.

"That's a disturbing behaviour for a person to have, are your parents not aware of it? It sounds more like her mental state of mind is questionable."

Hadrian smiled, it seemed more bitter than happy to me. "Who knows what my parents are aware of. They're blind when it comes to Rose, anything she does is perfect in their eyes. The opposite happens for me, no matter how great I do, I'm stuck at last place."

We were both surprised when Lovegood set down a tea set and cake on the table. A small smile appeared on Hadrian's lips, thanking her before he poured himself a cup. I nodded at her in thanks before helping myself to a slice of cake. I gave a hum at the taste of vanilla and strawberry. It was a shortcake, did that mean she and Hadrian knew where the kitchens were? There was no other explanation as one couldn't conjure food. He was becoming more interesting as I got to know him...

"I hope you wanting to ask me questions wasn't all on my sister's mental health. Because then this wouldn't be considered a pleasant conversation Tom." He said, cutting himself a slice of cake. I smiled adding some cream to my tea.

"No, of course not. I was only curious about this new development that happened." I took a sip of the drink, it was well made, "What I came here for was to know you better Hadrian. The incident back at the ball told me that I was neglecting an important aspect. I was so focused on courting you I forgot to use this opportunity to get to know you better."

Hadrian raised a brow, setting his cup down, "Is this your way of making up for what happened back then?" He asked.

The feelings of fondness and sadness went through me, it was very brief. My raven was so used to people gaining his favour or wanting to use him. He couldn't accept the thought of me trying to become his friend first.

"I suppose you could call it that if you wish. My intentions remain the same, I wish to court you. Knowing you in the process is something that I want to do." I gave a small smile showing that I had no ulterior motives.

"What is that Tom Riddle wants to know of little old me?" He questioned, setting down his tea. If I said everything then that would make him become wary and make me sound too forward… I settled on something that was more simple.

"Why not the basics? It has been a month or so into our courtship and I wish to learn from you. Miss Skeeter may have written about your family, but I've learned not to believe all of her words." I made myself comfortable for what was hopefully going to be a long conversation.

Hadrian hummed, thinking over his words before seeing there was no harm of telling 'the basics'. "What do you think of Muggle literature, specifically the classics?" He asked in return, eyes gaining a small shine to them.

I sluggishly entered my bedroom, my mind and body exhausted from the events of today. Stretching out my limbs and changing into more comfortable clothes I made my way to the Common Room. School was over for today, but I still needed to finish up my homework. Other Ravenclaws had the same idea in mind, or were relaxing by the fire with a book or game of chess.

I sat down at the largest table with the throne-like chair. The fireplace was close enough to fight the chilly winds commonly found in the tower. As the Prince of Ravenclaw this was my seating area. People of my court were the only ones allowed to have a seat around this table. I rubbed my eyes tiredly before bringing out all the essays that were due next week. Plenty of time to finish the work then, but those days were reserved for the Runes Project. With the new event being added onto my list because of the Hogsmeade trip I had a shorter time to complete my work.

Grumbling I looked over the notes I had written in preparation for the essays. Today was Thursday, so I had only today and Friday to have most of them completed. Some time on Sunday could be used to check them over one last time before I handed in a final copy... Taking a deep breath I prepared myself for a gruelling time of writing three essays back to back.

Time went by rather and soon it was nearing eight when Luna came and sat down across from me. I took note of her presence with a glance before continuing to work. At the moment I was doing a proofread of my Herbology essay to make sure that the general outline was to my standard. After a few more minutes of silence Luna spoke,

"I say you'll enjoy yourself greatly on the Hogsmeade trip Hadrian." I gave her a look, somewhat expecting this conversation to be brought up,

"Whether I enjoy it or not doesn't matter Luna. I have too many things to handle at the moment to go on this trip." I stated, frowning as I crossed out a interrupting sentence, rewriting it on top of the crossed line. She frowned, her eyes losing their faraway look.

"You need to relax Hadrian or else the Nargles will start to swarm your head. Going on this trip will be beneficial for you." I sighed, drying up the ink before putting away all the essays,

"Beneficial how? You know that I don't agree to this courtship! Accepting his invitation to go on a Hogsmeade trip with him will show the opposite of that." Luna smiled, patting my cheek.

"I didn't say anything about Mr. Snake, you're assuming everything. I only said you'll enjoy yourself, it'll be beneficial for you." With that she left the table, skipping her way up to the girl's dorms. The event she spoke about was none other than an invitation to Hogsmeade with Tom. It happened during an accidental meeting today, a few days after the long confrontation with Rose.


The weekend had finally approached, making many students relieved. While it was not a Hogsmeade weekend, many were taking advantage of the good weather. Snowball fights and the like were being done by relaxing students. Hadrian used this opportunity to do his Runes research as the library would be deserted. It seemed that Tom was thinking along the same lines as they had almost bumped into each other.

"You're heading to the library?" He questioned, arms carrying some textbooks while his bag held more. Tom raised a brow at the sheer volume of textbooks he had, all for his Runes project it seemed. It made him curious on what exactly Hadrian was making. The only two options were that he was improving a large object, or creating a new item altogether. He was leaning more towards the latter with how much he was carrying,

"I've already taken advantage of the silence earlier on this morning. It looks like you've decided to do the same, but later. A heavy sleeper?" He teased, eyes shining with amusement. Hadrian narrowed his eyes, his own eyes flashing,

"Having some free time to use is rare what with our teachers dumping work onto us. I use that time to catch up on sleep, not everyone can be an early bird." He stated.

"So an early bird made out of necessity? Who would've thought that out of the Prince of Ravens?" He said leaning against the wall. His own bag filled with books, but not as much when in comparison to Hadrian.

"I am an early bird on school days, a bit of leniency on the weekends doesn't hurt anybody. It's not like my routine is affecting my grades as I am still holding second place for our year." He retorted. Tom smirked,

"But we could be tied in first place should you use that extra time to do more studying." He suggested.

Hadrian raised a brow, "Unlike you, I have the actual need for sleep. There's rumors going around stating that you're a vampire. Handsome, charming, and being able to excel in all subjects, it's no wonder why they'd think such a thing." Seeing Tom grin he gave him a look.

"No, that is not me admitting that you're all that. Like I said before, those things won't work on me. I was repeating the rumor, the jobsworths already inflate your ego enough."

"Like I'd ever accept their pathetic compliments. They're kissing up in hopes that I'd give them a piece of my power. Like a starving dog wanting a bone from its master really. I'm not stupid enough to share it, they'll destroy my reputation with their foolishness." He said haughtily. Hadrian found the sight amusing, comparing it to a Malfoy he knew,

"You're resembling Abraxas Malfoy with all that posturing you're doing." He couldn't help, but give a laugh at how fast Tom stopped acting snooty.

"I do not look like him at all." He stated with narrow eyes, crossing his arms,

"What? I thought you'd be happy at the comparison since he is your friend." Hadrian tilted his head, looking at him with curiosity.

"I wouldn't say we're friends, allies is a better word to use. Besides I'm well aware that Abraxas is made fun of for his posturing. He's compared to the beloved Malfoy albino peacocks behind his back constantly. I may not like the sheep and their gossiping, but it's good to hear for anything. Rumors hold a hint of truth in them after all."

Hadrian hummed, his arms and shoulder hurting from all that he was carrying, "Hmm, well I must get going, I've already lost time speaking to you." He straightened himself up, about to continue heading to the Library when Tom stopped him,

"Wait, before you go I forgot to ask you something last time we met." His voice soft. Hadrian looked at him curious on what exactly Tom was going to ask him,

"How about a date during the Hogsmeade weekend coming up?" He asked, light gathering in his hands before shaping into a flower. A Calla Lily to be specific that was handed to him.

(End of Flashback)

My mood having worsened I took out the journal containing my Runes project. There were some things I needed to look over before I could call it a night. The trip to the library back then had given me some interesting ideas and, as well as results. Possibilities that I needed to discuss with the Goblins or Professor before I decide making an attempt.

Basics of the Memoria

Foundation: A metal base that would be compatible with the gems chosen need to be found. Colour doesn't matter, but there's the matter of getting the materials first. Asking the goblins for some help is the best option. Before that can be done need to have something to negotiate with them. A part of the profit is possible, but how much to give them? What kind of contract will I need to make with them and the Auror Department?

Runes: The study of Rune chains is still a work in progress. The basic runic enchantments are already completed. Creating the detection spell that's to be added with the other spells is the problem. A variation of the detection spells needs to be found or made. Over the break there needs to be a prototype for the Professor to look over. He could ask some of his colleagues of his for help as well.

Magic: Solution to the use of magic is still in progress since many wizards/witches do not have large cores. Need to find a restriction or something that reduces the activation amount needed. Making the item take the magic around the area may be possible.

Note: Research on items that can absorb latent magical energy the most and ask the goblins if they're willing to help along with some warders. Books or materials would be the most helpful.

Below those notes were some equations on the chaining of Runes. I was having trouble on where I was going wrong with the equation and needed to ask for an outsider's point of view. Tom would be the best option at the moment since he and I are tied in class. Professor Freto has been unexpectedly called off for some emergency with his family. The best time to ask him for his advice would be on the Hogsmeade trip... was this what Luna meant by beneficial? I jumped in surprise when Luna hugged me around the shoulders. She giggled looking at me with the brightest smile on her face. Taking a seat beside me as she clapped her hands,

"You're going to go! Oh, this is wonderful! I'll get to have so much fun! The Kitsunes will be able to join us and then we would get to play with Mr. Snake's court!" She proclaimed.

I looked at her with some amusement. "So this is why you wanted me to go? For your own enjoyment?"

She pouted smacking me on the arm. "No! You'll have fun too! The wilting rose will finally get what she deserves as well. Today was a good start on having your revenge on her." I gave her a little look before moving onto other subjects. Luna was more than happy to tell me about her day, delighted that she was able to find a Crumpled Hornsnack.

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