All Fall Down @erieene
The Mistake

Much to Hadrian's dismay the whispers and laughter continued for weeks. He was luckily able to find the cause of the gossip with the help of Luna. It was his courtship, something that would have made him panic. That was until he realized that they thought he was being courted by a girl. While not great, it was better than the Hogwarts population finding out who he was being courted by. The chaos that would occur if the truth came out, that Tom Riddle was his suitor... He shuddered at thinking that despite it being the truth. He preferred to have his sanity and limbs that the rabid fangirls would likely take.

It was annoying how the students of Hogwarts would make kissing motions behind his back as he passed by. He was not deaf, thank you very much, and he clearly expected too much maturity from these people. He became enraged when attempts to severely injure him started to come about. Their way of thinking was that his parents wouldn't want to live with an embarrassment. As if his parents gave a damn about him, they were only using this opportunity to get Rose her dream husband. Not that such a thing would occur, as much as he despised Tom, he had to admit that he was intelligent. Too intelligent to want such a dim-witted bride that his sister would be.

That wasn't to say he was proud or happy that Tom chose him. Such a thing was ridiculous! The Slytherin Prince was causing him trouble. Trouble that he didn't need or want! Huffing, Hadrian shouldered his bag some more and headed to the library. His refuge from all this pandemonium. Madame Prince had never been much of a godsend till now, stopping others from disturbing him with a glare. He stepped out of the way of a Boils Curse sent his way, returning a Stinging Hex over his shoulder glancing at the perpetrator. Low and behold it was his lovely sister.

A small smile came on his lips as he took note of the fury on his sister's face. Though that disappeared when she caught his eye, giving him a smug smile with a glint in her eyes. He didn't know what she was so smug about, it wasn't like she was doing anything. The twins were oblivious to the very person that had caused this disaster. Or in Hadrian's words, a chain of problems after problems. Tom watched the twins observing Rosemary before leaving, he had seen enough.

There is a reason you are a Gryffindor, Rosemary Potter. It is not because of your bravery, no it's because of your stupidity and lack of motivation. For me to be interested in you, would mean that I am a person that holds no intelligence. He thought, smiling as the image of Hadrian came to mind. Your brother on the other hand... He's more than worthy... His mind drifted back to an incident that had taken place a few days ago. His decision reassured once more at the skill that his raven had displayed.


Hadrian and Luna were walking from the library with several stacks of books in their arms. They were practicing their French as they made way to their common room. As the two stood on the slow-moving stairs several vicious students attacked them. Hadrian with his quick reflexes put up a shield. He noticed that the students were from different Houses. The barrier blocked most of the spells while Luna diverted the ones that went astray. It was difficult for them to defend themselves because of the large amount of books they each held. The attackers used it to their advantage by casting deadlier spells. Spells that could cause permanent damage if cast right. The stairs started to change with increased speed courtesy of a Hufflepuff's rune work.

The two lost their balance when the stairs they were standing on started to shift from side to side. The books tumbled down the stairs as the two victims clutched at the railing for their safety. The shield wavered and a bone breaking curse was able to get pass and hit Luna. Hearing her cry of pain Hadrian became livid. He attacked the group with some nasty spells from the Black Library, taught by Sirius of course. Their attackers fell with screams that attracted the attention of everyone nearby.

Hadrian gasped and went to help Luna who had fallen further down the stairs. Luckily, she didn't stumble all the way to the bottom as she'd be dangling on the edge. With the amount of pain she had to be feeling from her broken leg she may not have been able to hang on. In the end she had a fractured wrist and as he suspected a broken leg. She had some bruises and cuts from her fall. It was nothing too difficult a simple healing spell couldn't fix.

Being a Prefect came in handy sometimes. He ended up taking 40 points from everyone and assigned two weeks of detention. After all, endangering a student's life and tampering with school property was a serious offence. Many of them complained, but were silenced under the glares from the teachers. They said it was a light punishment for what they'd done as it was on par with attempted murder. They earned another week of detention due to arguing against the punishment. The Professors wanted to let the lesson sink in, lest others got ideas.

Many of them did not attempt to attack Hadrian or Luna again or by proxy after that. Although that didn't mean they couldn't spread more rumours or verbally attack them. Luna was upset on his behalf, and Hadrian was thankful, but he was used to it. Hadrian wasn't bothered by the treatment, but was feeling rather worn. Many members of his House had challenged him for his title as Prince of Ravenclaw. It was only false bravado from the attacks on his self, but he reminded them why he held the title for so long.

Hadrian wasn't bothered with the jeers at being the second born of the Potter line. The Ministry had added a new law stating that the firstborn of a family would inherit everything should the Lord of the line not name any other heir. This law had come into play only a few years back and made the status of second borns even worse. There was no support given to the second child, they'd have to create their own family fortune and connections. It left a bitter taste in Hadrian's mouth as he cared about his family history and fortune more than his sister.

Hadrian of course knew of his fate and prepared for the day he turned 17. The age where second borns would be cut off from the family fortune. In preparation he made connections, did well in his education, and saved every bit of money he had. The goblins help and his smart choices of investment had ensured he'd be well off.

(End of flashback)

Unbeknownst to Harry and the audience was that Tom had been there during the entire exchange. He had been resting on one of the higher staircases, observing the scene below. Taking note of the ones who dared to attack his raven like the cowards they were. There was no need to intervene as Hadrian handled the situation quite well. Yet, he was quite curious about his level of power. Suffice to say Hadrian's magical power pleased him, his own magic feeling giddy. It purred at the small taste of Hadrian's magic, itching to go forth and surround him. He clamped down on that urge, not wanting anyone to know of his secret, much less Hadrian to find out his motive so soon.

People finally backed off not wanting to end up in the hospital like others or catch the ire of their Head of House. The small group of sixth years had made their houses lose fifty points each. Something that had made them an outcast as gaining points were difficult. Particularly for those who were in the year with Hermione Granger. Many referred to her as a walking encyclopaedia of Magic despite being Muggleborn. She had even begrudgingly won some respect from the Slytherins, not that they'd admit to such a thing.

With so much gossip about Hadrian's courtship many students sent letters home. It didn't take long for the Daily Prophet to catch wind of the news and soon Rita Skeeter made her way to the Potter Manor. The British Wizarding World was eager for a story of a Noble family and the Potters were happy to oblige. Of course, things hadn't turned out exactly as planned what with the journalist being Rita. Although it would be the Potter parents who'd say that things hadn't gone to plan. All because their reputation had taken a large hit, intentional or otherwise. The end result of this disaster appeared on the next Monday Exclusive paper with a bold headline.

Hadrian Potter Neglected?

By: Rita Skeeter

You have read right dear readers! A few days ago we heard the news that Hadrian Potter the second child of the Potter family was being courted. Who? We don't know yet! Being the faithful reporter I am I decided to find out more and find out who the person is. I visited Potter Manor two days after this news and asked for an interview. The two parents agreed and so I started to question them about their son. After all we need to figure out the enigma that is Hadrian Potter, and his secret suitor.

Imagine my surprise when I started the interview and they could hardly answer any of my questions! Don't jump to conclusions my love readers, these questions were simple. What Hadrian's hobbies were, his favourite colour, and etc... The complete basics to getting to know someone. The Potter parents had great difficulty answering them, each answer was doubtful.

What was strange was that when I questioned them about Rosemary Potter they were able to answer every question. Their answers were confident and left no room for doubt. To give you all a further understanding I've enclosed a piece of the interview.

RS: Good Afternoon Lord and Lady Potter! I'm glad that you have agreed to do this interview with me about your children.

JP: It's of no problem Rita, any parent would be proud to have their children in the Daily Prophet. What questions do you have for us?

RS: Let's start with the simple stuff, that way the readers have a better idea of what your children are like. What's Hadrian's favourite colour?

(Here the two parents looked at each other, their movements hesitant)

LP: Well I'd say that it's blue Rita, to represent his Hogwarts house.

RS: Ah, so he's a very intelligent person to be in the house of ravens.

JP: I suppose you could say that.

Lord Potter sounded very unsure at his words, looking to Lady Potter for a moment. This continued on throughout the interview. It was gone the moment I questioned them about Rosemary Potter. Their facial expressions had brightened up and looked relieved.

Feeling as if I hadn't gathered much information on the star of this article I excused myself and went to find Mr. Black and Mr. Lupin. Both of them were conveniently visiting that day and are known to be great friends with the Potters. Their friendship dated back to their Hogwarts years, truly a friendship to be admired.

RS: Pardon me gentlemen, but would you mind answering a few questions about the Potter children?

SB: We don't mind at all! What do you wish to know?

RS: Well as I spoke to Lord and Lady Potter it seems that they don't know Hadrian as much as I expected. They explained that he was a very quiet child that didn't interact with others much. Seeing as you two are his uncles surely you must know more about him!

RL: It is true that Hadrian was a quiet child; we like to think of him as a reserved person. Though Hadrian doesn't have many friends, he enjoys the time he spends with the few he has. He usually spends his time with either me, Sirius, or his grandparents. Most of the time that is during the holidays. He would visit his friends when they're free, though he sends letters more seeing as how busy they are.

RS: He seems to be a very nice young man who is more interested in his studies, then playing around. From what I've seen he's been second place of his year ever since he started at Hogwarts. There's also the fact that he's gotten awards for all the hard work he has done.

(Sirius Black started laughing here my readers and he looked very proud as he spoke)

SB: Ah yes, Hadrian has always been a very studious child; I am not surprised at his placing in the House of Ravens. He loves reading books of any kind and is regularly seen with at least one book in his hand. I remember several times where Remus and I had to drag him away from the library for dinner. If he could live in the library I'd have no doubt that he would do so.

RS: I'm sure that he'll have a bright future ahead of him, especially with all the hard work he is doing right now. So tell me, what is Hadrian's favourite colour?

RL: Hadrian likes the colours green, blue, and brown. He says that it reminds him of the forest that he and his grandfather always explored.

RS: He seems to have had a strong relationship with the late Fleamont Potter.

(This is where Sirius and Remus gave each other sad smiles.)

SB: He did and was devastated at his passing. He had locked himself in his room, looking over items that Fleamont had given him. The two of them shared a strong bond, his grandfather treated him more like a son. We made sure that Hadrian ate as grief had blinded him since he had lost his grandfather. It took weeks for him to return to his normal self and we made sure he was never left alone.

RL: Fleamont adored Hadrian and he played with him every time he visited. Hadrian loved him in return and would do anything to make him proud. He started to read books at an early age and would tell his grandfather everything he learned. Lord Fleamont also loved music and Hadrian decided to learn the piano. His grandmother Euphemia taught him everything that he knows of the instrument.

We have teased him many times that he was a grandpa's boy, but he would look at us with a bright smile. He was very proud of that and even said that he'd take care of them when he was older.

Listening to them talk about how much Hadrian loved his grandfather made my heart warm. The bond they shared seemed unbreakable, it was a shame that the late Lord had to pass so early. As we continued I learned several things. Hadrian is a smart man who enjoys reading and coming up with new things. He has many hobbies, but exploring the family forest and playing the piano are his favourites.

The one thing that had been bothering me the entire time, my readers, was the lack of love Hadrian received. As I walked around the manor I couldn't help, but notice how Hadrian didn't seem to be in most of the pictures. Is there more to this story? Just what is the relationship between Hadrian Potter and his parents?

This is Rita Skeeter and I will make sure to find out more my dear readers!

The article prompted a large amount of gossip about the Potter family. The questions Rita Skeeter had brought up were quite scandalous. The Potter family, thought to be the perfect light representative, were showing cracks. The Wizarding World only wanted to pry those cracks open even further. They were like vultures waiting for the right moment to strike, to tear down the not so perfect family.

Unfortunately for Hadrian those vultures were persistent on questioning him. They didn't care that it was rude to do such a thing. Especially considering his 'supposed' situation in the article that Miss Skeeter wrote. Something he wasn't going to agree or fight on. He didn't want to appear weak and worked far too much to be considered that anymore.

The library was once more his sanctuary and he had never been so grateful for being kind to Madame Pince. The lady made him an exception to her rules, even getting him food during his studying binges! Of course, the no harm to the books wasn't something she'd excuse him from. Then again it wasn't like he was going to allow such a thing to happen if it was in his power. With the precaution of the notice-me-not charm he had peace to do as he pleased.

Much to the amusement of Tom Riddle he liked how things were turning out. The Potters, while an influential family, were bothersome. Whether it was getting his Raven or the future problems they'd make themselves to his ideals. They were rather pro Light and abolished anything Dark with cliché talks of evil. Anyone who understood Dark Magic would know that evil was Black Magic. It was with good reason as well, what with what some of those rituals and spells required.

He was a curious person when he was younger and finding Black Magic books in Borgin and Burkes was easy. He turned away from them after reading a few passages. The items needed, the process, and side effects outweighed the result anyway. Only an insane person would do such things and he preferred his sanity intact thank you very much. Besides there were other ways for him to accomplish his goals, war was only a last resort. Spilling too much magical blood wasn't recommended what with their already small population.

Speaking of population Tom looked down at the newspaper. The bold words stared back at him, taunting him and his anger. While Rita Skeeter was a rather distasteful journalist, she wrote well. Drawing in the Wizarding World with her words and teased them with bits of information. She forced them to think, ponder the questions she raised, making them eager for more. It was rather Slytherin of her and it was no wonder they called her Queen of the Quills.

Even so the contents of the article was something he didn't like. Some parts may have been exaggerated, but most of it was true, and that left a bitter taste in his mouth. He didn't like hearing news of a person being neglected, for personal reasons of his own, and to know his Raven is one of them... His eyes went over the figure reading a book, head held by a hand.

How much have you suffered my raven? How are you still able to be the person you are after all this? What else will you show me?

The rumours and article were soon put to the back of everyone's minds as the Masquerade Ball approached. Boys scrambled to get a date and gift while girls looked for dresses and hairstyles. Hadrian was pleased to not be part of this madness, as he read a book in a large window seat. It was one of his many reading spots away from the prying eyes in the castle. He couldn't be in the library as even that place was filled with talks of the ball. There were also the questioning glances he was receiving from others. They'd probably expect him to bring his suitor to the ball, a ball he wasn't planning to attend. He had no obligation to entertain the masses and he would keep it that way.

Hadrian blinked as he heard the sound of flapping wings. He bookmarked the page he was on of "Merpeople: A Comprehensive Guide to Their Language and Customs by Dylan Marwood." Luna was rather interested in the merfolk of the lake and he was as well. It was likely that there were many fascinating things in the depths of the Great Lake. Being allies with the merfolk could give him the chance to see what those things were. Looking up he was greeted with the sight of Aspen flying towards him. Hadrian couldn't help but feel a bit apprehensive as the last letter had caused quite a disaster for him. Something he would be telling Tom when he had the opportunity because he needed a peaceful year! This was his last year of being under his parents thumb before he turned 17. The age where his parents would cast him from the family manor and fortune.

Aspen hooted, sticking out his leg impatiently as he had been waiting for quite a while. Hadrian gave an apologetic smile, while he hated Tom for all the ruckus he was causing, Aspen was a beautiful owl. He was a very sweet owl as well, something he hadn't expected from the Prince of Slytherin. He untied the letter, giving a few scratches into Aspens plumage before watching him leave. Sighing he mentally prepared himself for the new set of problems Riddle would bring. He opened the letter, eyes scanning the contents, and was a bit surprised at the lack of compliments and flowery words. He had expected another letter lavishing him with flattery like the previous. Something that annoyed and amused him as he wasn't the type to want such things. Besides who knew that the Prince of Slytherin could be such a romantic?

My Raven,

While the contents of the article worries me I will not pry. I do not have the right as we haven't gotten to know each other well enough, not that you you'd answer them in the end. People remain tight lipped on such topics as far as I know. Due to me realizing how little we know of each other, this is my attempt at fixing the issue. I will share with you a little piece of me that others are oblivious to or lazy to acknowledge. I hope in return that you will do the same for I wish to have a good marriage with my consort.

I like pecan chocolate, my snake Nagini, and the quote "great minds think alike, but fools rarely differ". Intelligent debates with others who know their field is a hobby of mine despite it's rarity. You'd be astounded by how small the numbers of people with brains is. Politics is a subject that interests me what with all the power plays we do in Slytherin. I prefer the season Autumn with its beauty of the falling leaves than the other seasons. My favourite subject out of all would be Arithmancy since I am fascinated with how a spell works. I hope that is enough for you to feel as if you're no longer corresponding with a stranger.

Now I will tell you the things I know about you. That way when you share you cannot give me the same information. Since you're quite accustomed to Slytherins I expect you to find any loopholes in my words. Of course, I'll make sure there is none, Slytherins don't leave any weakness for others to exploit.

Your favourite dessert out of all is Treacle Tart because that is the only dessert you take a second helping of. Your eyes always brighten whenever your snowy owl flies to you. You get so absorbed in an Ancient Runes text that you never hear when a person calls your name. Will you tell me more about yourself oh mysterious one?



A romantic and a bit of a jokester? No one would think that Tom Riddle of all people could be those two things. It was the vibe he gave off to the general population, then again the same could be said for him. He never bothered about what others thought of him, as long as he kept a squeaky clean reputation all was well. Though that was becoming difficult to do because the article. People were going to start snooping around and damage his parents reputation. That was something he'd like, but the chances of something bad about him being put into this was likely.

That was damage he couldn't take at the moment so he'd have to find some way to prevent more articles from coming out. As much as Hadrian tried to deny it, a part of him was enjoying the chaos that was happening. It was disrupting his plans a bit and he was getting a lot of attention but now his parents were under watch. They liked having the public's attention, but not like this that was certain. He could see the horror that was most likely going through his family's mind at the moment.

Whether he enjoyed this chaos or not, he was going to make sure the Slytherin Prince didn't win. He had more dignity than the people who'd melt at his charming words. It didn't matter that this courtship was a surreal experience. He wasn't going to become Riddle's consort, being his friend was fine, but not consort. If anyone else was near they would've seen the smile appearing on Hadrian's face. A smile filled with amusement and excitement, that Hadrian was oblivious to.

It was finally the day that many Hogwarts students had been anticipating. Well,the majority of the student population were excited, others weren't as happy. The more introverted kind found such an event to be a waste of time. Chaos ran through the school as students did last minute preparations. Fixing up dresses, suits, ties, and accessories. Anxiously playing with presents as they waited for the upcoming enchanting night. The staff of Hogwarts ensured that all decorations and snacks were accounted for. The orchestra conducted by Professor Flitwick and his charms played an upbeat tune.

The Great Hall became more haunting with the color scheme red, cream, brown and white. The House tables were replaced with circular ones with cream table clothes. Candles floated at various heights with dimmed flames that cast low shadows. Long red curtains covered the windows as the polished marble floor gleamed. It was a very modern look for Hogwarts.

Tom Riddle was the perfect dark prince in everyone's mind. But the question that went unanswered was the identity of the consort. Who would be the person that the prince would sweep away? The answer was something only a few were privy to and it was one that would shock the population. The prince's date at the moment wasn't ready nor planning to attend the ball. In fact Hadrian was rather content with a large tome in his hands as he laid in bed reading.

Balls were something he didn't particularly enjoy. All the dancing, hushed whispers and looks given to each other didn't appeal to him. He was a Gryffindor in that sense since the only balls he enjoyed were the ones that had no political talk. His grandparents balls only had close allies and friends having fun. Balls like that had become scarce as everyone was trying to gain influence.

Aspen flew in as he reached a fascinating section on self-transfiguration theory. This branch of Transfiguration was a rather slippery slope as a small mistake could be fatal. Thus he promised himself to have memorized everything before attempting such a thing. He was not reckless like his father and he didn't want to cause any internal problems. Magical healing could only go so far and research had been limited.

Not wanting to be bothered by whatever Tom had brought on this time he ignored the falcon. Aspen, seeing that he wasn't getting any attention, decided to hoot. Loudly. When that didn't work he decided to try something else. Hopping onto the bed and landing next to Hadrian he clacked his beak, showing his leg. Hadrian continued to ignore him as he became immersed into the theory. Aspen squawked; he was not used to being ignored. He flapped his wings and started to peck at Hadrian's hand, making sure not to break the skin. With an exasperated look Hadrian placed the book down after marking the page,

"Exactly like your owner hmm? Hates to be ignored..." He muttered as he carefully untied the letter. He turned a blind eye to the ruffled look Aspen was giving him. Those two held too much in common if he were to say so.


I have been waiting for the past half hour and it seems that you are not attending the ball. Are you afraid of what people would think of you? Are you irritated by what has Miss. Skeeter's article has caused? The name calling, the rumours, the laughter. Are you willing to give these people the satisfaction? The knowledge that they have the power to lock you up?

I thought you were better than them Hadrian. It seems that the person I saw was only my imagination. You're a raven with clipped wings trying to act as a hawk. What do you have to fear from these harmless sheep? I find myself disappointed at what I see, but you can still prove me wrong.


A growl shattered the silence in the room, Aspen moved back feeling wary. Hadrian's arms shook as fire seemed to fill his veins. How dare he! How could he?! He didn't know anything about him! The smooth parchment crumpled under his grip before he threw it to the other side of the room with a scream. Aspen hooted in alarm before he flew out the window. He knew his master had done something terribly wrong and that it would cost him. How much was up to debate.

How dare he call him a coward! You're a raven with clipped wings trying to act as a hawk. The Slytherin's voice taunted him, enraging him even further. He was unaware of the tears that went down his cheeks, the little whispers going through his mind.

"You don't have the right to say that, you don't know me..." He yelled out, angered at the somewhat desperate tone in his voice. He didn't need Tom Riddle! He was doing fine on his own!

"Why not show that to him?" Luna's voice cut through the silence. Hadrian blinked, looking at her in surprise, wondering when she had entered his room. Luna smiled, hiding her own anger at the Slytherin Prince. She despised anyone who hurt her big brother. The Slytherin Prince had done that, whether it was intentional or not.

"Show him how little he knows you, prove that you aren't like everyone else. You're the Cold Prince, you can play his game, and win." She said, eyes shining with determination. Hadrian's mind whirled with her idea before a smirk appeared on his face. Clapping her hands in excitement she led him to the bathroom, handing him several bottles to use,

"Warm bath water and soak in it for about twenty minutes. Use this one to at least tame your hair a small amount." She said before bringing out the package that was sent weeks ago. She took her wand out and swished as she mumbled. Shrugging his shoulders Hadrian left everything to his adopted sister's hands.

After thirty minutes he came out to see Luna carefully arrange the clothes on his bed. He took note of the differences from the original design. The Slytherin green cloak became a royal blue with silver swirls around the edge. It was lengthened to stay above his ankles instead of his shins. The shirt became more of a shimmering grey while the almost knee-high boots became a deep black.

The shirt had become more form fitting when he tried it on, and despite the material of the cloak it was quite light. Smiling Hadrian let his sister adjust the clothes however she liked. Everyone thought that Luna had questionable taste because of what she wore. In actuality she was great at putting together colour schemes with a touch of theatrical drama. That touch of drama was needed for this instance since Hadrian was feeling rather vengeful.

"Alright, we're done with the clothes," She turned to glare at the top of his head pictures pointedly, " Now for that rat's nest you call hair." Luna raised her eyebrow at the little pout he was giving. Hadrian's hair was a rather sore point for him since he liked being neat but his hair was the opposite.

"It's not that bad!" He scowled, grumbling as Luna let out a giggle. She gave him a Look,

"I'm afraid that a Blibbering Humdinger must have fogged your eyes if you're having trouble seeing yourself in the mirror." She brought out a thick book of spells for hair, clothes, and makeup, one that he was very familiar with. Hadrian sighed, sitting down on the chair and letting Luna do her magic. She always did enjoy playing dress up. Though, those memories were under lock and key, it didn't matter if he looked good in a dress.

The end result had the two staring, Hadrian's hair, which looked like a bird's nest on a normal day, was somewhat neat. Somewhat was a big improvement. The hair was side swept with a slight undercut. The strands given the smallest amount of waviness giving a flared effect. Luna couldn't stop grinning as she looked at her masterpiece,

"I suggest that you do your hair like this from now on my dear brother. Your hair looks much better this way. The prince won't leave you alone tonight." Hadrian hummed, finding that he agreed. He smiled turning around to look at her,

"Are you attending the ball?" He questioned, ready to play protective brother. Luna gave a hum before nodding.

"Yes, Neville was the one who invited me to the ball. He has no Wrackspurts surrounding his head." she said as he got up. Luna was wearing a nice silver dress that reached the floor. It was heart shaped, strapless and seemed to glimmer in the light. A slit was made on the right and reached a little above her knee. The heels were a nice grey color with a bow. Her hair was curled with two small braids circling around her head.

"That's good; as long as he treats you right I will have no problem with him. Now tell me, how do I look?" He questioned after putting on the mask. Luna made him turn around before she waved her wand. A small gust of wind went through making his hair look a bit more natural. She gave a thumbs up before they headed out.

The common room was quiet with only students who needed to study staying. Most of them had decided to attend the ball what with it being a new event. Hadrian did get some looks much to his displeasure, but it was a good sign for the plan. Taking a deep breath he greeted Neville in front of the Great Hall,

"Good Evening Neville." Neville gave a small smile to Hadrian, wringing his hands and shifting his gaze away from him. Hadrian's reputation was formidable and he didn't want to make him angry.

"G-Good Evening H-Hadrian. L-Luna you look very beautiful." His voice low and soft. Hadrian smiled, nudging Luna to go over to him,

"Thank you Neville, your outfit is very soothing. It suits you and keeps away all the Wrackspurts." Neville blinked before giving a slow nod. Accepting the strange compliment since Wrackspurts seemed to be terrible by Luna's standards.

"I'll leave the two of you to enjoy yourselves. I expect you to take care of her Neville." Hadrian told him, looking like the overprotective brother he was. Neville didn't want to test the rumours of Hadrian's duelling ability, ever so he quickly made a promise. Hadrian gave them another smile, watching them go into the chatter filled hall.

Hadrian took a deep breath, gathering the anger he felt into a ball before cooling it. He was the Cold Prince of Ravenclaw and he needed to act it. He was not going to act like a Gryffindor, going in there with barely restrained anger. Being calm while displaying your anger made a person more intimidating. Feeling ready, Hadrian opened his eyes, palms resting against the large doors.

You wanted to play this game Tom Riddle, I'll give you exactly that. This time you'll learn of the monster you unleashed upon yourself. I do not take such insults lightly.

1. The Ribbon 1408 0 0 2. The Letter 2043 0 0 3. The Flower 4916 0 0 4. The Mistake 6119 0 0 5. The Masquerade 4490 0 0 6. The Proposal 4007 0 0 7. The Outing 11347 0 0 8. The Circles 8909 0 0 9. The Blacks 5796 0 0 10. The Unexpected Surprise 5341 0 0 11. The Black Chaos 6052 0 0