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The Flower

Chapter 3: The Flower

The twins spent the rest of the weekend at Potter Manor. Their Head of Houses were informed through Remus who was calmest out of everyone. Lily and James were still backing up Rose, leaving a foul mood between the childhood friends. Sirius and Remus decided to stay and show their support for Hadrian. They never thought that the two parents would start favouring one child over the other. Especially with Lily speaking about it during her time of pregnancy. They still remembered the day when their friends made a vow to never love one over the other. What had changed since then?

The two godparents also realized that they didn't know Hadrian as well as they thought although they spent time with him whenever they came over. He was a sweet kid, but most of the time they were talking to their friends. Being an Auror was a tiring job and nowadays they only visited to catch up on what happened in their lives. Wishing to remedy this they started to spend more time with Hadrian. The godparents decided not to speak to Lily and James until they apologized to Hadrian. Their behaviour and the words they said about him was inexcusable. Sirius was hit harder as he was once in the same position as Hadrian. A child should feel love and support from their parents, never anger or hatred.

It was a delightful surprise for the two to find Hadrian interested in what Rose called, "Adult stuff." Rose never liked Politics, business deals, or anything that would help the world. Nor was she interested on improving the Potter Family fortune and reputation. Despite the fact that she had to take the lessons because she was the heir of the family line. The two didn't like it, but figured that her husband would be the one to manage those types of things. She was fine with how the world was and wanted to wear nice dresses and live in luxury for the rest of her life. Hadrian always added his own opinion into the subjects that made the two wonder how he learned them.

The question was answered when they first entered Hadrian's room. Hadrian's room was big like Rose's, but that was where the similarities ended. Rose's room had posters of muggle bands and celebrities. Lily had wanted her children to be well acquainted with the muggle world. That way in undercover work they wouldn't stand out. There was always something on the floor or some clothing lying about. She had her school books placed on a shelf and a large stack of magazines on her night table. The room was also done in vibrant reds and golds that would remind one of Gryffindor.

Hadrian's room was done in the soothing colors of brown, blue, and grey. It wasn't a surprise with him being in the Ravenclaw house. The next thing they saw was the shelves put on the walls. Wherever they looked there was always a book. It was neat and tidy making it easy to see the way his mind worked. Frames of his friends were on tables. His desk had parchment, a ink well, and his school books placed on top for easy reach. It showed how he was serious with his education. They also saw how open he was with having both Muggle and Magical literature on his bookshelves. His books were organized by genre and title.

Another surprise was the way Hadrian spoke. One would think that with Hadrian being a bookworm he would have the common problem. Lacking in social skills and confidence for the intelligence they held. That was not the case; Hadrian's voice instead was calm and held a soothing quality to it. He spoke with confidence and always had some fact to back up his statement.

Sirius enjoyed talking about defensive strategies that could be used in a battle. He even played simulations with Hadrian once learning about his interest in Duelling. Hadrian was quick on the uptake and always analyzed the situation from every point of view. Sirius lost more than once to his good uses of strategy, much to his irritation and Remus's amusement. Remus and Hadrian discussed their favourite Muggle literature and the techniques used in the writing. The two were happy to find that they liked the classics and originals of said work. Sirius found it boring, but did not bother the two when they were in their element.

Harry couldn't help, but feel elated as he spent time with his two uncles. For the first time since his Grandfather's death he felt accepted and loved. The two of them encouraged his interest in Duelling and Languages. Sirius even promised him that he'd give him some books from the Black Library on Battle Magic! Remus made a physical training schedule saying dodging spells was better than blocking. There was also the fact he would be more fit compared to other wizards. Physical exercise was something that was neglected because of their dependency of magic.

Sadly, their time was cut short as it was time for the twins to return to school. Hadrian hugged his two uncles, happy that they were still defending him to his parents. The weekend was one of the most wonderful visits he'd had. The two godparents smiled as they watched Hadrian disappear into the green flames. Rose smiled at her parents, eyes shining when they handed her a bag of gold. Remus frowned, they were spoiling Rose more than needed. Hadrian didn't receive any spending money which made him dislike the situation more. Remus and Sirius left without saying anything to their two friends.

I brushed off the soot as I exited the fireplace. Professor McGonagall was at her desk marking some work. She glanced up at me as Rose entered; I gave her a soft smile. Professor McGonagall's office was comfortable with warm colors and a roaring fireplace. She had pictures of previous Quidditch teams on the walls, the House Cup shining at the top of a shelf.

"Morning Professor, how was your weekend?" I asked. She set down her quill and look at the two of us.

"It was good Mr. Potter. I suspect that you enjoyed your time with your parents?" she asked looking over her glasses.

"Yes although it was an unexpected surprise. The issue has been taken care of and there's nothing to worry about now." I replied back. Rose left the office without a greeting; I noticed the frown that Professor gained.

"Is there anything I can help you with Mr. Potter?" I thought of how to phrase my question,

"Yes, Professor I wanted to know if you could help me with the career choice I wish to get in? Even though I am only in sixth year I wish to gain some experience in warding, duelling, or alchemy. Duelling I can only do for a small amount of time after all. With the amount of Mastery I'm aiming for, Warding and Alchemy is another option I have. I'll have to go against large competition to even get into that career or the others though. I need some tips or advice." I held my breath wondering if I spoke out of turn. McGonagall sighed,

"Sometimes I wish Hadrian that your sister had the same amount of drive that you do. You both have your parent's talent and intelligence. It's sad to see such a waste of talent. As for your question, I may not be able to help as much, but I do have some things that may be of use to you." She motioned for me to take a seat as she went to one of her many bookshelves. Professor McGonagall's book collection wasn't as extensive as Professor Flitwick's. Nonetheless it was still an impressive collection that leaned towards Transfiguration. She scanned the shelves, fingers brushing the spines. Sometimes pulling out a book, skimming through it, before putting it back. Throughout this she muttered under her breath.

"Where did I put those books? I'm sure I had them around here somewhere..." After a few minutes of searching she finally found the books. There were at least fifteen of them in total and were quite thick. With the help of magic they were placed on the table before me.

"All of these books are supposed to be given to the children who wish to go into the jobs you have listed Mr. Potter. Every Head of House has several copies; sadly after Bill Weasley graduated they were no longer needed in the Gryffindor house. Professor Flitwick had to ask several times from us for copies of these books. I have come to the decision to give you these. They'll prove more useful in your hands than the students in my house. These will give you the correct information and the best way to get into the careers you wish. I also gave you a few extra books that are about the careers in detail. I expect you to become a very successful man Mr. Potter." She said and returned to her marking. I stammered out a thank you and took the books.

It felt nice to have someone expect great things of you. It showed how much skill the person believed you had. I hadn't had someone expect great things from me in a long while... It didn't matter that it was my teacher, praise was praise. I gave her a bright smile before making my way back to the Ravenclaw common room.

"So, Tom did you send the letter?" Abraxas asked a week later during lunch. Tom was busy writing away in the journal that he always carried. They knew that the journal had plans that their lord had for the future. There was no doubt that the item had extensive wards put on it. If someone were to read the contents they'd be put in a rather delicate situation.

"Yes, the plan has worked wonderfully. Hadrian Potter will soon be a part of our group." he answered as he scratched out what seemed to be several lines. This was where his followers looked at each other confused.

"Hadrian Potter, is this person a cousin of Rosemary Potter?" Lestrange asked as he ate some of his crepes.

"No, Hadrian is the younger twin sibling of Rosemary Potter. He's in second place on the ranking list and is in Ravenclaw." Tom said before closing on his journal and starting on his breakfast. He never liked having rich things for breakfast, but instead had cereal, eggs, fruits, and juice.

"Hadrian, I never knew that the Potters had another child, or that he was Rose's twin sibling." Zevi muttered his curiosity peaked. Tom ignored them and walked on to Care of Magical Creatures. His group didn't bring up the subject after that. It was clear that it was something their lord wished to keep private for the moment.

The chatter of Hogwarts students grew as time went on. The main reason being the announcement of a Halloween Ball taking place. With the theme of the ball being masquerade people were worried on who to take as a date and what to wear. Well the girls were worrying if one were to be more specific. Since it was a Masquerade Halloween Ball there were many styles of dresses to choose from.

Rosemary was determined to get Tom's attention on her. Since he'd be around Hadrian more often she could use this to her advantage. She'd show him that she was the much better option compared to her brother. She would become Mrs. Riddle no matter what! The first step would be to show of her status, the Halloween Ball was the perfect opportunity. She just needed a dress that was better than all the other ladies...

Hadrian wasn't interested in nor planning on attending the Halloween Ball. He found events like these to be a bore, and he'd be considered as another face in the crowd. If he was able to make important connections then he would go. But those things happened in more official parties and events. The ones where you had to have an invitation, something that wouldn't occur until he graduated.

Aspen, an owl that was grey with spotted black or white feathers, flew down with a package in his claws. Hadrian blinked at the sight before clearing up the area around him. Ignoring the looks he was receiving from everyone else as the large Falcon landed. He had become accustomed to Tom giving him weekly letters, but those were on Fridays... Today was a Tuesday, so what exactly was the Prince of Slytherin planning?

He glanced to the table across the room where Tom seemed busy with his friends. From the way things looked it looked to be a heated discussion of some sort. Well whatever the Prince had planned he wasn't going to fall for it. He stated in all his letters that charm and gifts weren't going to win him over. He gave some food for Aspen, scratching his plumage in thanks before letting him leave. As he took out the letter tucked into the ribbon he missed the calculating look Tom sent his way.

He was startled when a Nightshade flower slipped out of the envelope the moment he opened. He hissed in pain when one of the thorns of the flower pricked his fingers. Ignoring the pain he looked over the fauna curiously, never having seen a flower with this color. It was a deep shade of violet with small lining of light purple reaching outwards. It was gorgeous to Hadrian and he knew that his grandfather would have loved it just as much. Smiling he focused on the letter,

My Raven,

Sending you a rose was something others had done too many times. I consider myself to be unique and so shall treat you the same. Instead of a measly rose I offer you this Nightshade. A flower that I find to resemble you greatly. Unlike its muggle counterpart this flower grows in the dark. The waning moonlight being it's only source of warmth. It reminds me very much of you and your survival as second born.

Overshadowed by your sister's popularity, and given hardly any love for being born later. Your thorns protect your beauty from the cruel world. The poison in your eyes remind of the death, haunting, but enchanting as well. Lastly is the way you are, graceful and forcing everyone to look your way. Much like the bold colors of the flower... Inside the package is something that may help you at the ball.

Please come my raven, I will wait for no one else.


Hadrian touched the petals of the flower, marveling at how soft it was for such a deadly flower. Smiling he found himself liking the description that Tom gave, it wasn't sappy... There was no use of words that brutes gave and it wasn't how the Gryffindors showed affection that was certain. Just this once, he'll allow himself to accept the silver-tongued prince's words. It was going to be the only time though, and he would make sure that the letter didn't show any of it. There were many things he could pick at with what he said, he would not become Partner of Slytherin. He had his own plans for his future and being married, to Tom Riddle of all people, wasn't one of them. He tucked the flower in his bag, going back to his breakfast.

"Well Hadrian aren't you going to open your present?" Padma questioned, curious about why Hadrian had received such a large gift and who the giver was. He had been getting letters from the same owl weekly and she would have chalked it up to his parents. The only thing that made that an unlikely thing was that Rosemary hadn't received a gift as well. Hadrian blinked looking at her before taking note of how many people were eyeing him and the present. He swallowed his mouthful of eggs, tapping his wand on the package. He placed it's shrunken form in his pocket,

"I'm afraid that this is quite private Padma. I'll open it once I'm in my rooms." He explained, putting jam on his toast before taking his bag and leaving. He was ignorant of the look that Rose sent his way, it was one of filled with utter hatred. She was supposed to be the one who was receiving that gift! Not her idiotic brother! She was to be Tom's bride! Not him! This was going all wrong! She was going to make her brother pay once she forced him to tell him his secret. He had to be hiding something, no one else got Tom's attention!

"Hello Hadrian, the Nargles will not bother you for the rest of the day. I fear that they will return with vengeance, when or how is unclear to me." Luna whispered as she skipped beside Hadrian. She didn't like not being able to help Hadrian, he was so sweet to her. Treating her like the sister he was supposed to have. She knew that the wilting flower didn't treat him as she was supposed to. It was so sad since Hadrian was such a nice person... She still remembered the day she met him, that was the only time she'd thank her bullies. Leading her to her big brother that would keep her safe…


Her feet were feeling a bit cold as she walked through the halls of the great castle. The nargles had taken her shoes once more, maybe the red beet earrings weren't enough to ward them off? Oh well her shoes would come back to her at one point they always did at the end of the year. She blinked as a figure walked towards her, it was dinner in the Great Hall so what was a person doing out walking?

"You're Luna Lovegood right? What are you doing out here?' He asked. Her specs showed how bright his aura was, too bright for Nargles to bother him. Hadrian Potter, the Prince of Ravenclaw and also the second child of the Potter Line,

"Hello Hadrian Potter, I do believe that is my name and the nargles seem to dislike you very much." She looked up to the ceiling, so that's where her shoes were... That's good, her feet were starting to feel a little numb. Maybe she could ask one of the House Elves if they could help her?

"Aren't your feet feeling cold? It's winter and the castle gets unbearable at times with it's stone structure." Was he feeling concerned about her? No one was concerned about 'Loony' Lovegood, that's how it was supposed to be.

"The nargles like hiding my things. They do it for fun and my feet are a little cold, but I'm sure that my shoes will come back." she replied. Looking around some more, maybe there was more of her items here? She became surprised when Hadrian brought out his wand and made an arch,

"Accio, Luna Lovegood's missing items!" he stated, his aura flaring before her shoes came down. She looked on wide eyed as several more things piled up, clothing, parchment, quills, and so many more. She looked down at her feet, throat feeling tight. Now Hadrian knew her secret and she was going to be made fun of…

"How about you tell me the culprits who did this to you while we sort out your items?" he said softly. Did she hear him right? He wasn't going to make fun of her? He felt angry for her? Luna looked at Hadrian to find his eyes glowing from restrained anger. His hand shaking as he clutched onto his wand,

"If there's one thing I hate more than anything it's bullying. Especially when it's happening under my watch." He hissed out, she smiled. He was such a nice person, being called cold didn't suit him. She put on her shoes frowning a little bit at the paint that was splattered on them,

"It's okay, it's nothing too bad... They're just having some fun." She whispered, looking around for the ring her mother had worn. It was the most precious item she had.

"Calling you 'Loony' isn't fun, making you have to look for your things and have them damaged isn't fun. They're being cruel and I abhor cruelty of this kind." He stated, using his magic to organize everything.

"I need you to tell me Luna, I can't help my friend otherwise then." Her heart stopped at that word. Friend... Ginny Weasley was her friend, but she got other friends and left her alone... She didn't have any friends... Hadrian made her look at him, eyes shining with sincerity,

"How about we have dinner in the kitchens? You can tell me while we eat." He whispered, handing her all of her missing things. Organized and shrunken so she could carry them. Tears gathering in her eyes she nodded,

"Okay..." From then on Luna Lovegood had many friends, but her protector was always going to be the Cold Prince.

(End of Flashback)

Hadrian was grateful for meeting Luna that night. In the two months they had known each other they gained a sibling relationship. Something he wanted with Rosemary, but obviously couldn't get. He never did understand why Rosemary was so cruel to him, he didn't understand his parents either. Other families weren't so harsh on second born children compared to them. Some of them even had good lives with the support of the family!

Luna excused herself saying she wished to visit some of the creatures in the forest. It became a usual thing and he didn't mind since having good relations to creatures gave an advantage. Things like harvesting herbs for potions in the forbidden forest became much easier. The Centaurs knew the forest well and directed them to the places they needed to go to. Some of them allowed them to take their hairs or the chips of their hooves. It was interesting to see the effects they had on potions.

Readjusting his bag, he greeted Madam Pince with a small smile. Taking some of the offered parchment paper he went over to the regular table. He planned on having most of the essays completed today. He was itching to look over the books Professor McGonagall had given them. He didn't have the opportunity to do so since the teachers were giving plenty of homework. The year between fifth and seventh year was very stressful since their NEWTs were next year.

As Hadrian spread out his work on the table he didn't notice Tom who was sitting a few tables away. Several stacks of books beside him for his Arithmancy assignment. Every once in awhile he would glance at him and observe his habits. Wanting to see Hadrian when he was unguarded as it was becoming rare to do so.

Strange on how you cause such an effect on me my raven. Riddle thought, fiddling with his quill while he focused on his work once more.

Hadrian didn't know how much chaos the package and flower brought to Hogwarts. Specifically the gossipers and rumor mill. Hadrian Potter receiving what seemed to be a gift and a letter? That sounded like he was undergoing a courtship! Although there was one question that was on their minds. Why hadn't Rosemary Potter been getting any gifts or letters of courtship? She was the heir of the Potter Line after all, so proposals of marriage were rather important for her age.

The Purebloods knew the answer to that question, but they weren't willing to share with the others. Saying that the Potter Heir was an unfit bride for any Pureblood family had its consequences. Consequences no one was willing to take as they were too troublesome. That wasn't to say they were curious with Hadrian's situation. Many of them were surprised that the Potter Line had a second child, one that was also a twin. What was so interesting about Hadrian, to make him receive a letter before Rose?

Since Hadrian was off the list, courtships were very private things after all, the masses went to Rose. Rose was not very happy with this development, she was not in the spotlight. People were showing too much interest in her brother! Her mood soured as she remembered why everyone was interested. Because her brother was being courted by her crush! Her crush! It was unfair! She deserved to be Tom Riddle's betrothed not her stupid brother!

Her eyes gleamed as an idea drifted into her mind. She didn't know what her brother had that made Tom so interested, but she still had a chance. Tom would never associate himself, much less marry someone who had a bad reputation. She was Hadrian's older sister, and better yet twin. Everyone was going to believe because she was the heir and more popular.

Smirking internally, she answered the group of people's questions. Adding in stories that were embarrassing to add fuel to the fire. She was going to have Tom as her husband no matter what it took! Her parents were supporting her because it was her fantasy. She was going to make turn into a reality, but the first step was crushing her brother…

I frowned at the rude remarks some people were making and the snickers that seemed to follow me. A feeling of unease went through as I took note of some of the looks that were being sent my way. They were acting as if they knew some secret of mine which wasn't good. I had plenty of secrets, each of them very important for my survival in the future. Plenty of people had asked what was in the package, but I stated that it was private business. That had been the wrong answer. Their whispers and glances increasing after each group of people questioned me.

I didn't like this at all, not knowing what was going on, the possible damage this could be making for my future... I wasn't willing to share the fact that Tom Riddle was 'courting' me. I don't call it as such, he only wishes to know me so I could be of use to him. That was how Slytherins worked and if I showed them the letter that would mean he had won. I was not going to give him that satisfaction!

"Hey Hadrian, how does it feel, to be a wimp!" Zacharias Smith said before laughing with his group. I was ready to ignore him and make my way to Ancient Runes when the next thing that came out of his mouth stopped me.

"Awh, is the little deore embarrassed?" Zacharias teased. I tensed up, my heart racing at that word. How did he learn it?! No one was supposed to know of that nickname! Gritting my teeth, I turned around and looked at him,

"What did you say?!" I hissed. Zacharias grinned, eyes shining with glee at my reaction,

"What? Little deore? Why is that what you let people call you? How pathetic! Can you really consider to be a man th-" His eyes widened when I grabbed him by the front of his shirt.

"Where did you hear that?" He swallowed, eyes filled with fear as I glared at him,

"H-Hey, it's just a joke..." I pushed him against the wall, my anger increasing,

"It's not a joke, now tell me!" Seeing him hesitate I pulled out my wand,

"Rose! Rose! She's the one who told me!" He said quickly his eyes widening. Eyes narrowing, I looked at him for a long time before nodding. I put my wand away,

"Don't make fun of that nickname ever again." I growled out before letting him go. Rushing to Ancient Runes my mind racing with this new knowledge. How many people knew? Were they all going to make fun of me for it? How much of my reputation was damaged? How... How did she learn of it? My heart pounded against my chest while the whispers and laughter seemed to follow me. I was starting to feel nauseous from everything. As I entered the classroom I walked over to Professor Septimus, ignoring everyone.

"Excuse me Professor? I'm not feeling so well at the moment... Can I know what the assignment is? I'm going to be lying down, hopefully I'll get better." I whispered. He looked at me for a moment before nodding, tapping on a blank piece of parchment before handing it to me,

"Of course Mr. Potter, if you have any questions feel free to drop by my office." He said smiling at me. I thanked him placing the paper in my bag before heading somewhere private. I needed some time to calm and collect myself from everything…

I stubbornly ignored the tight feeling in my throat and slight sting in my eyes. I wasn't going to show weakness, not here, not in front of everyone... I pushed open the doors of the Room of Requirement, curling up in the plush armchair that was provided. The familiar scent surrounding me as I felt my self control start to fray. Hot tears trailed down my cheeks, my heart felt as if it was constricting and my body was trembling. I could feel the sobs bubbling up in my chest, this felt so similar to before…


"Hadrian? What's got you so upset little one?" The smooth, deep voice of Fleamont Potter broke the bubble seven-year-old Hadrian had put around him. He sniffled hugging his knees as he made himself smaller in his hiding spot,

"N-Nothing faeder..." He mumbled. His Grandfather sighed,

"It's not nothing little one, why else would you be hiding away from me?" Hadrian didn't reply to him, knowing that his grandpa was right. He always was,

"Now then why don't you come out? I'm sure that your hiding spot is feeling small for a growing boy like you. You can tell faeder what happened with a cup of hot chocolate. How does that sound?" That sounded rather nice and the spot he was in was rather stuffy... Slowly Hadrian crawled out of his hiding spot. His Faeder giving him a proud smile that he couldn't help, but return,

"There's my special little boy! I was very worried when I didn't feel you hugging me when I came out of the floo!" Hadrian couldn't help, but giggle, letting his faeder pick him so they could sit in that comfy armchair. Two cups of hot chocolate appearing on the small table beside them. Fleamont handed Hadrian one cup and the two drank, enjoying Mipsy and her skill with the drink. He used his hand to wipe the milk moustache on Hadrian's face before smiling at him,

"Now that our bellies are filled with chocolate, tell me what's gotten you upset little Hadrian." That made Hadrian start to cry again, his cheeks becoming more puffy. He shook his head, not wanting to tell his Faeder the reason, what if it was true? Fleamont frowned, whatever had happened had hurt his grandson. He rubbed his back, wiping away his tears,

"Hadrian you have to tell Faeder, I don't like seeing my little boy crying." He said softly, holding him tight to his chest. Hadrian shook his head again,

"I don't wanna..." He whispered back, hiding his face in his jacket. Fleamont's brows furrowed as he thought of just what his grandson had went through to put him in such a state,

"You don't want to, or you're afraid to?" His eyes brightened as he heard him mumble afraid. Getting an idea of what could have happened he smiled and hugged his cute grandson. There was only a small amount of things that could make Hadrian be afraid and he knew what they were,

"Does it have something to do with Faeder?" He whispered, hand going through the messy raven hair. He smiled when he felt him nod,

"I see, would it help if Faeder promises to not get mad or sad at whatever you have to say?" He felt his grandson freeze for a moment before peeking up at him,

"Promise?" He nodded, looking at him with warm eyes,

"I never break my promises little one." That made Hadrian relax as the fear left him. He took a deep breath, wiping his tears with his sleeve,

"Rose was being mean again... I wanted to join in on her lessons since they looked fun, but she said some stuff..." He mumbled, looking down at his lap as he played with the bottom of his shirt. Fleamont frowned, not liking the direction this was going,

"What kind of stuff did she say?" Hadrian shrunk some more, his lips wobbling as he gripped at his shirt,

"H-How you don't l-like me... b-because I'm not special... I can't h-have any lessons l-like R-Rose because I was born later..." More tears started to fall as his shoulders shook, "I-I'm a s-spare..." He whispered before sobbing completely. Fleamont was very angry, not at his grandson, never his grandson, but at his granddaughter. They were twins! Just what were they teaching her to make her treat her younger sibling in such a way?!

He pushed away those thoughts as he had much more important matters to attend to at the moment. He hugged his grandson tightly, rocking his body back and forth. Feelings of sorrow going through his heart, Hadrian was such a sweet child… Rubbing his back as he made soothing noises,

"Oh little one... None of that is true, Faeder loves you very much. You're not a spare and definitely not ordinary. You're very special little one, to your Faeder especially." He whispered, placing a kiss on his brow. Hadrian sniffled, looking up at him with watery eyes,

"Really?" Fleamont nodded, giving him a wide smile,

"Really, do you think I would call Rose deore? She has plenty of nicknames of her own, deore is just for you." He said, poking Hadrian's nose making him giggle. His eyes shine as he asked him a question,

"But what does deore mean Faeder?" Fleamont chuckled, relaxing back in the armchair. Smiling as his grandson made himself more comfortable,

"It means precious, valuable, loved, and beloved little one. Everything that you are to your Faeder." Hadrian beamed at that, feeling glad that he told his Faeder what happened.

(End of Flashback)

It took some time for me to gather myself from the memory. Once I felt better I pulled out the paper that Professor Septimus kindly gave me. It explained what kind of project were to do this year. Either improving an item or making a new device from scratch. Runes had to be incorporated in some way for one to get full marks. Nothing too difficult to accomplish if one was good at the subject. Most of the marks went towards creativity and application of the Runes itself.

Taking my bag and sitting at the study that the room had provided for me I took out my things. The crackling of the fire and the soothing presence of several bookshelves made me calm. Focusing onto the long hours of research I was now going to do I cracked open "Chaining Runes" by Dante Sworth. My journal was out and ready for me to take notes as I read along.

After around a good two hours of reading through various textbooks provided by the room I had an idea. It was going to be mix of an improvement of an old item, while also being considered as a new product. Of course, first I needed to look at the types of Runes used on the original object. Then I can also delve into variations before starting to make own Rune Chains.

For that alone my object had to be made out of a material that was easy to carve runes in. If it was also magically conductive then the better. Certain gems could also amplify the amount of magic placed so it could be used by low powered wizards. Having an item that only high-powered wizards could use was a bad business move and restricted the use of it. I added a side note of asking the goblins if they had any magic conductive metal and gems I could purchase. That is if I give them a good offer in return... I placed an additional note underneath to check what valuable things I had. Lastly, I checked over the progress I had already made over my project.

Memoria Inspectoris

By Hadrian Potter

"With the help of several runes along with a piece of magic conductive metal one would be able to view a memory. It's build will be different from the pensieve that stores memories and allow others to see them. Many find the experience of a pensieve dizzying and too expensive to buy. This is due to the fact that they are difficult to make.

My idea is to make an object similar to the pensieve that is easy to use. It will cost less and be better quality. Pensieves while a useful object can only show a memory. Meanwhile the Memoria will be able to detect if a certain image has been tampered with or ruined. There will also be several features that will allow a person to zoom in or stop the memory at a point. Akin to what a muggle video or movie player does.

Instead of a person having to go into the item, the Memoria allows a memory to be displayed. Making it possible for an entire audience to see without a problem. It also reduces the amount of time needed for trials and investigations to be completed. The ability to show an image to several of people is considered a hologram projection.

This feat will be accomplished with the help of linking runes. One needs to only add some magic into the runes for the Memoria to work. With the help of certain gems ones magic can be amplified and others can help focus the magic what to do."

I felt satisfaction with how much progress I made in a few hours. This was only the first draft of course, I would need the Professor's approval before doing such a task. He wouldn't want us to risk our lives because we've overestimated our ability. Ancient Runes was a rather dangerous subject. A little mistake could create an explosion due to the stored magic.

Taking out another sheet of paper I wrote down the possible issues that I would encounter as I worked. The professor may be able to give some advice on how to tackle these issues. The kind of metal, gems, and shape of the design being the main ones I could think of at the moment. Beside the questions I placed several options and possible solutions I had procured. They'll have to be approved by the professor first of course.

Deciding that I had put enough work into the project for the moment I took out my other assignments. Stretching out my arms before I gathered my other textbooks. Bending over I started to answer the essay question for Transfiguration. It was assigned today and was based on Gramp's laws of Transfiguration. Like the laws of Physics Lily used to talk about, although Magic broke those laws.

Tom became worried, not that he'd never admit to such a thing, when Hadrian immediately left the class. That worry only grew at the reaction of the students whose laughter increased. Wondering what was going on he listened to some of their whispers,

"Ha! Looks like he's too embarrassed to come to class!" Damien Carter said, eyes shining with glee. Several others laughed as well,

"Well who would be able to look at others with his secret? It's embarrassing." Lana stated, cheeks pink from giggling. Tom became more confused, what had he exactly missed? What was this secret that everyone else was speaking of?

"Not much of a Cold Prince is he now? I bet he'd lose that title, it's not like the Ravenclaws are going to want such a leader. Their reputation will be ruined!" Anger rising, he clenched his quill, mind swarming with possibilities of what happened. What had happened for his raven to leave? He didn't look so well when he entered, but that wasn't the case at breakfast…

Irritated that he didn't know something he focused on the project the Professor gave. He'd find out what happened later. Right now, he needed to distract himself to prevent injuring the sheep. The things they were saying about his raven, all untrue and pathetic. They were only jealous of what his raven had, too lazy to work for it.

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