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The Letter

Chapter 2: The Letter

The weekend had finally arrived and the Potter twins were confused. Their parents had told them to come back home for the short break. It had to be something of great importance since their mother never made them miss a day of school. Education was very high on the priority list for her children. Well, Rose's education if he wanted to be technical. Hadrian asked his Uncle Sirius, but all he would say was that it was a surprise.

At the moment, the twins were sitting in the Headmaster's office. They were waiting for one of their uncles to take them through. Both refused the offer of a lemon drop that Dumbledore always gave. Rose looked rather bored as she sat in the comfortable chair. Hadrian was taking the time to observe strange items and ask questions about their purpose. Dumbledore answered each of them, eyes twinkling with happiness at his curiosity. The twins didn't talk to each other, and they didn't have to. Their relationship was nothing like the sibling love others spoke of. They weren't close like the Weasley twins, not that they wanted to be. Rose had always been the social one while Hadrian preferred studying or reading.

It was a disadvantage to be the second born. As the second born of the family, Hadrian didn't have many expectations. He was to marry someone influential, to bring more power to the family name. That was all he needed to do, it was his 'duty' to the family. No one cared about what his education or dreams were, whether he wanted to be married. He was a tool that was to be used to increase the Potter family reputation and nothing else. Rose didn't have that fate with her being the first born. She would gain all the assets and money after she was of age; or should James and Lily ever die early. While he would get just enough to buy a place and essentials before having to get a job to support himself.

He already knew this, and spent the money that was given every month, which was 1000 galleons, carefully. 500 galleons were saved for his education and the rest used for investments. He did this all with the help of the goblins. They took a small bit of pity on him and every record of withdrawal would go 'missing' under piles of paperwork. Of course, he never took out more than 700 galleons, that would alert his family to his work. It was something he wasn't willing to risk at the moment, there was too much hope riding on his plans. He exchanged the money used for investing to Muggle currency first. He already owned a good amount of businesses. At the moment his parents were blissfully unaware of his growing wealth.

"Hey pups! We should get going if you want to see the surprise!" Sirius declared before disappearing into the fireplace. The two followed him and after Remus used a spell to get rid of the soot on their clothes saw the letter on the table. Rose shrieked before running over to Lily asking for details. Hadrian calmly sat beside Remus and noted that the letter hadn't been opened yet. A small thought of the letter being for him and not Rose as his parents thought went through his mind. He immediately banished such a silly thought. The stigma of being the second born made the possibility of courtship slim.

The tension grew as the group of six looked at the Slytherin Crest on the letter. Hadrian vaguely wondered what they were all waiting for. Though the more pressing question in his mind was why Tom Riddle was courting Rose. He had to have seen how terrible she would be as a wife and as a Lady. Everyone in the entire school knew of her crush on him, so he couldn't be oblivious... Right? Having the title Prince of Slytherin must mean something! Rose became tired of all the waiting and cleared her throat, making Lily pull away from her stupor. Picking up the intricate letter opener she sliced open the letter with a flourish. Hadrian didn't understand what was the point of that. It was unnecessary drama in his eyes, a waste of energy and effort.

Rose leaned forward, a bright grin appearing on her face. Eager to hear of the words Tom Riddle had for her. She knew that he wasn't able to resist her charms! She was the most beautiful girl in Hogwarts and no man could deny her, even Tom Riddle! Lily pulled the expensive looking letter out with the tips of her fingers. Clearing her throat, she started to read out loud. Hadrian thought she sounded like what she was about to say was gospel, it would suit the flare his family was displaying,

Dear Lord and Lady Potter,

I send you this letter with the intention of formally courting your-

She had immediately cut off leaving everyone confused. The letter clenched in her hand as she looked at the letter with shock. Hadrian compared it to her being told that the Potter Family was poor. Something likely to happen if Rose kept up with her ridiculous shopping expenses. He couldn't wait to see when that day happened. It'd be a priceless memory for him. Rose snatched the letter from Lily, impatient from her mother's stalling.

Dear Lord and Lady Potter,

I send you this letter with the intention of formally courting your son, Hadrian Potter. I plan to marry him should he accept my proposal. I wish you all a good day and thank you for taking the time and consideration of my offer.


Tom Marvolo Riddle,

Lord Slytherin

There was a long pause in the air, everyone trying to absorb what was told. This was unexpected for the family, something they had thought would never occur. The idea that Hadrian would be in a courtship with a Lord. With one of Slytherin's status, it was inconceivable. Unknown to the shocked group Rose was gripping at the letter. With an enraged yell, she launched herself at Hadrian shocking the group even further. It was only Remus's heightened reflexes that stopped her from hurting her sibling. His arms were around Rose's waist, ignoring her thrashing in his arms.

"You! What did you do to get his attention!" she yelled as she tried to claw at Hadrian's face. Remus moved her farther away while her parents tried to calm her down. She had a look of utter hatred that bought out the ugly side of her. A side that the Potter parents were oblivious to and one Hadrian was well acquainted with. It was one of the main reasons he and Rose could never have a close relationship.

"I don't know! I've hardly ever spoken to him! Sure, we walk by each other, but we never say anything. I barely even see him in the first place!" He yelled back not wanting to go anywhere near his sister as he used Sirius as a shield between them. What Hadrian said was indeed true, there was no form of contact between him and the Slytherin Lord. The most was a nod towards each other which was rarer than the two walking by each other.

"Liar! You're trying to take him away from me! I know he's not gay! He can't be, you must have used a spell on him! Tom would never show interest in someone of your standing. You poisoned him with a love potion!" she yelled at him. Sirius and Remus rushed to his defense since Rose hit a nerve with them. They found her being completely absurd at this point. They became shocked when Lily and James agreed with Rose. They would rather believe their daughter who was acting hysterical? Soon the lounge room was filled with arguments of why they were defending one of the children and condemning the other instead perhaps. Hadrian took the letter and left for his room with none the wiser. His mind was trying to understand all that had occurred in less than half an hour.

I sighed and closed the door to my room. The Impurturbable Charm made sure that no sound of the argument came all the way up here. Immediately the envelope become heavy once more in my hands. Curious I opened the flap and saw another letter that couldn't have been missed by my dear parents. Taking it out I noticed that it was larger than the one read downstairs.

Dear Hadrian,

If you are reading this letter then this means that you are completely alone. The notice me not charm was necessary as this letter is meant for your eyes only. Now, my reason for writing a letter for you is because of your confusion. I am aware that we have never conversed- much less looked at each other. That my proposal of courtship is abrupt, but I have come to a decision. I wish to become your acquaintance, possibly something more.

It has come to my attention that no one has taken the time to know you, despite being a rather interesting person. You hold second place below me in Academics, and your skill in Defence equal to mine. Though you're in the house of Ravens, you show abilities befitting of the Slytherin House. On the other hand, your sister is a typical Gryffindor. She is quite popular with people and has a talent in flying. But unlike the other males I find her lacking in the categories that would make her a good contestant to be a bride.

I'm sure you can understand my thought process, in comparison you make a more fitting consort. Of course, becoming your acquaintance is of higher importance for now. But should we be as compatible as I suspect, then I will have you as the Husband of Slytherin. A fair warning for you, once a person grabs my interest I will never allow them to leave my grasp. Don't forget that little Raven.


Tom Marvolo Riddle

Lord Slytherin

My hands clenched the letter at the mere thought of being his husband. The way he wrote the letter oozed of arrogance! I will never marry someone like that, especially one who was treating me like some kind of prize! I gritted my teeth, ready to show him how angry I was by rejecting his offer. It didn't matter if it was a hand of companionship!

Thankfully I was able to refrain myself from doing such a thing. Doing something like that would only bring consequences was not worth the trouble. Even sending the letter would bring issues and bad impressions. Something that I want to avoid when possible, I had enough against me already. Influential people was not something I needed to be add on the list. The whining of my parents would also be an irritated addition.

Taking a deep breath, I cooled my thoughts and calmed my racing heart. I smirked as I sat at my desk, bring out a new set of parchment. I'll dance to his tune for now, but that doesn't mean I can't have my own fun while at it. He was hoping for me to be his husband? He'll have to work for it, and I won't be wooed by his charms! Grinning I worked on my reply letting him know what I thought of all this.

Dear Tom,

Because you used my first name, in return I will do the same. I will accept your proposal for now, but do not think you can win me over. I will not play along with your games, especially this farce of a courtship. If you wish for us to become acquaintances a letter of correspondence would be more suitable. Giving a letter of courtship complicates things further and makes your reasons invalid. Don't think that I can be fooled so easily like my family. I expect a true reason to be given should you reply to this letter. We Ravens know the ways of the Snakes better than the Badgers and Griffins after all. I can tell when someone holds an ulterior motive for me.

Be prepared for some letters from my uncles. Should you be able to handle their questioning you will have gained some of my respect. Not enough for me to accept your proposal of course, that will only occur when hell freezes over.


Hadrian Potter

Second born of the Potter Family

Satisfied I dried the ink with a spell and told my owl- Hedwig- to give it to Tom Riddle. Feeling rather exhausted I decided to turn in early. My mind went to the fight that was still ongoing in the lounge room. The friendship with my parents had with my uncles may become more damaged than I thought. I was well aware of them both preferring the same sex, and Rose had made a rude comment relating to it.

Changing into sleeping clothes I laid down on my bed. Wondering how much this letter was going to change my life. As my Grandfather had said, every little ripple created a large wave later on... I rolled over and closed my eyes, letting Morpheus take hold of me for now.

I worked on my Runes assignment, finding the private Slytherin rooms more suitable for such a delicate task. Through the corner of my eyes I noticed the enchanted parchment glowing. Setting down my quill, I grabbed the paper and smiled at the appearing words from the listening charm that I had placed on the ribbon. My plan had worked, while it was very risky the results were too important for me to care of the backlash. As I read what was written I felt my eyebrow raise. It seemed that the Potter family wasn't as perfect as they made themselves out to be. The argument that was occurring between Black, Lupin, and the Potters was enough proof.

Rose in the meanwhile had once more shown the immature attitude that irks many of my followers. I have to agree with their words. The Lord and Lady of Potter have spoiled her to the point where marriage may be impossible for her. Only a fool will take her, as she would squander whatever fortune one has by the end of a year, two if they are lucky. For her to have a crush on me was quite unfortunate. Completely blinded by the charming persona I place in the public.

Though placing an unnoticeable listening charm on the ribbon was quite ingenious of me to do. The rate of failure being quite high what with how old the Potter Wards were. But if this charm could go through that means that Lord Potter hasn't been taking care of them. It was of no surprise, everyone knew that Lord Potter didn't take care of his assets. It was such a shame, Fleamont Potter was known for being a business genius. He was able increase the Potter fortune by five percent. His son, Lord James Potter, clearly didn't inherit that talent. Seeing that they were no longer speaking I cancelled the spell and burned the paper. It would be foolish of me to leave any evidence after all.

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