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The Ribbon

Disclaimer: I do not own any of Harry Potter. That belongs to J. K. Rowling, this story is only used for fun and not for profit.

Now that, that's out of the way! I welcome you all to my first ever Tom/Harry Pairing! This has been on the processor for a while and still is. I am writing the chapters as fast as I can so please bear with me. Here are some things that will help you understand how the story goes.

1. Tom and his group of friends were born in the same year as Harry. This is a timeline mash fic.

2. Harry has a twin sister named Rosemary Potter.

3. James and Lily are alive and there is no Voldemort at the moment.

4. Enjoy reading and message me for any questions.

5. This story is inspired by CrystalIceSweet's Heir of Magic. I have used parts of her story, the first three chapters specifically, but it's with her permission.

Chapter 1: The Ribbon

"She's doing it again." Abraxas stated during breakfast.

"I'd thought you'd be used to it by now Abraxas." Zevi answered, raising a brow as he gave him a look. This was a rather common topic between the group, Abraxas picking on the manners, or lack of, from others.

Abraxas huffed before saying, "It bothers me, especially with her being the heir to a Noble and Ancient house! You'd think with her social status that she would at least act with some dignity." he said stabbing his chicken with some aggression, showing his frustration. The person they were talking about was none other than Rosemary Potter. She was busy giving Tom doe eyes that made Abraxas want to retch. Tom didn't show any reaction to the attention he was receiving from her and other females. To the males of the Hogwarts it looked as if they didn't even register in his ambiance.

Rosemary or Rose as she liked to be called, was known for her crush on Tom Riddle. It wasn't a surprise as Tom Riddle was very charming. Others found themselves ensnared by the aura he gave off, and the group weren't an exception. He was infinitely more impressive compared to the other male students. Being titled as the Prince of Slytherin, top of the year, most wanted guy out of the entire school. Defeating such a reputation would take plenty of hard work that many of the boys didn't see the use of.

Rose Potter was the heir to the Potter family fortune due to being the first born. Although she was an average person in general, at least in Tom's eyes. She wasn't very noteworthy other than her talent for flying. For a person like him, one's beauty could only go so far. In the Slytherins opinion there was nothing special about her other than her family name. Something that they despised as they held some form of ambition. They wanted to become someone noteworthy, while Rose was content with the prestige that came with the Potter name.

"Come on, we need to head to Defence ." Zevi said as Tom got up abruptly. Tom's textbook already in his arms as he slipped on his bag before making his way to the third floor. His group followed him as he ignored the looks several girls gave him or the sighs of adoration as he walked by. No one noticed the fleeting look he gave the Ravenclaw table as they passed by.

"Mr. Potter will you stay back for a moment please." Professor McGonagall stated, her voice sounding stern while everyone else started to pack up. Some of the students gave me some worried looks while others grinned, thinking that I was in trouble. I nodded in acknowledgement, quickly adding in the last bit of notes of the lesson. Sighing in relief I dried the ink before making my way over to her. Satchel over my soldier once all my things were packed.

"You wished to speak to me Professor?" I inquired looking at her with some worry. Many papers were on her desk, she seemed to be grading a fourth year's essay by the title of the topic. Being the Deputy Headmistress and a teacher must be difficult to maintain. At the moment she was grading some papers that seemed to be from a fourth year. A few minutes later she folded her hands and looked at me,

"It's nothing serious Mr. Potter, I just wish to know what caused your sudden improvement in my class." I felt my shoulders slump as relief went through me. That's all she wanted, I thought it was something my sister had done once more. I became confused wondering if she thought I was slacking before. She seemed to understand and cleared up the confusion,

"It's not that you're a lazy student Mr. Potter, you're extremely talented, just like your father. I was curious because your grades have gotten even better and your essays are now above and beyond of what I ask." Understanding now I gave her a sheepish smile,

"Well Professor I was doing some research for what I would like to be after graduation. During my self-study I came across Duelling, it was very fascinating what with what a duelist does. All the spells and strategies that a duelist can use is very fascinating to me. During my research I noticed that all duelers held at least one Mastery in a subject. I also wish to have one, but in Transfiguration, Charms, and possibly Runes. Professor Flitwick was once a duelling champion, but I want him to notice me out of dedication. Not by asking him if he could make me his apprentice." I explained getting a bit carried away. She gave me a small smile; a feeling of pride went through me. To have Professor McGonagall smile at you was something rare. It was her way of saying she was impressed by what the student was doing.

"I'm glad to hear that you have such ambitious goals. Your family line is known for their magical capability in duelling and wards. I do hope you have gained the talent. Now I don't want you to be late for your next class, so give this to your professor. It's an explanation for your delay." She said before signing a piece of paper. I thanked her and rushed to my next class - Runes. With the help of some secret passageways I was able to go from the first floor to the second in a few minutes.

"Sorry for being late Professor Freto, but Professor McGonagall wished to speak to me." I said and handing her the slip. Reading it over she nodded and placed it to the side while I made my way to my desk. The stares of the others were on me the moment I entered. It seemed that they were waiting for me to become embarrassed. Did all the students have nothing better to do?

"Okay class today we will…" she said starting her lecture once more as I took out all my books. I immediately started taking notes in my notebook and lost myself in the world of Runes.

"Do you think Rose is doing okay?" Lily said as the Potters sat in the lounge room. She was reading a book while drinking some tea, curled up on a sofa. James was reading the Daily Prophet and having some coffee.

"I'm sure she's doing fine dear. She's doing well in her classes and has plenty of friends." James replied. Their warm day was interrupted by an owl swooping in through the open window. A letter was dropped onto the coffee table before it left.

James looked at the letter, eyes widening at the sight of the pink ribbon while Lily quickly picked it up. Untying the ribbon, the two stared at the crest that was stamped onto the envelope. Lily gave a large squeal,

"Rose will finally get her crush!" she said while James rushed to floo his friends to tell them to come over. Lily was already mumbling plans while glancing at the letter with a smile on her face. Oh, the great things she could plan now!

"What's the cause of this commotion?" Sirius asked as they entered the room. Remus and Sirius soon spotted the letter and immediately understood the situation.

"Rose got her first ever courting letter!" Lily yelled clapping her hands together. Remus being the most sensible person at the moment spoke,

"It could also be for Hadrian. I mean he's eligible for courting as well." Lily waved her hand in a dismissive gesture,

"No, no Remus! I'm pretty sure that Lord Slytherin doesn't swing that way and neither does Hadrian." She didn't know how wrong she was, neither did anyone else, and that would change everything.

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