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"You know the voice is real, right? I did explain it to you." I said to Bruce as I stared at the bottle of pills.

"I know." He simply stated as he held the bottle in front of me, "These antipsychotics are an experimental batch from Arkham. I hope that they will diminish the effects of One has on you." Bruce took the voice of my predecessor pretty well, surprisingly well in fact… I should be worried.

I mean this is the man who knows the literal the symbol of hope; he has a working plan to take him down. Yet this time I don't blame him, I mean I can walk into a room and know how to kill everyone, not that I would, but One on the other hand…

If Batman has a plan, a failsafe, anything to take me down when I turn to the dark side, so to speak, I won't fault him.

"At least I don't have to do therapy." How does in the hell does he convey so much with emoting base emotions? "No." I denied the idea of therapy, "I mean do I even qualify for therapy I'm two weeks old. I don't have many thoughts or memories to go over."

"And you're also more human than most people I know." That's either a compliment, or he's talking about most of his rouges.

I took the bottle from his hands with reductants, "Thank you, Bruce."

His passive expressions show the pangs of confusion, "I wasn't expecting you to thank me."

I let out a snort, "I'm not thanking you for the pills or the forced therapy, but for giving me a chance."

"You haven't done anything unforgivable." The yet went unspoken.

Still, I didn't want the conversation to linger on it any longer, "So I noticed, you haven't spoken to Damian yet."

"We have." He said coolly.

"You've talked about his training or his intellect," I said in response, "Look, while he may not have been made like me, he wasn't raised like a normal child."

"What do you suggest?" He said after a moment of silence, I couldn't say I blame him for finding this all difficult, finding out you have a son with an assassin who you have a complicated relationship with can't be an easy thought process.

"Talk to him but not as Batman, hell you don't have dad, be Bruce. Get to know him. I did, he has interests that don't just pertain to being an assassin." I pocketed the pills and walked out of the kitchen, leaving the Gotham Playboy to his thoughts.

"You are lucky I don't have my sword; else I'll skewer right now." Damian's growled.

"Bring it short-stuff." Tim matched the tone.

"Master Tim, Master Damian, I must insist you cease your childish behaviour at once." Alfred Pennyworth stood on as he tried to pry the two away from each other.

"Stay out of it, old man." Damian glowered at the aged butler.

Uh oh. Nope. Damian can act like a brat, he can start a fair fight with Tim, he can whine and pout for all I care, but I won't let him off the hook if he starts to insult the Brit, goddamn the man cooked us a feast last night when Bruce brought us to the manor, and I'll be damned if the man wasn't the best cook, I've ever met. Ensuring my eternal loyalty.

"Damian," I appeared suddenly behind him, yanking him back with the scruff of his neck, "enough," I warned which he just scoffed at.

"Don't try me, cousin." He said with a cocky grin.

"Damian." Bruce appeared in the doorway, ignoring the tense air around us.

"Yes, father?" I could tell Bruce withheld a wince at the title.

"I would like to spend the day with you if you would like that?" He finished awkwardly.

Damian didn't seem to notice, "Of course." He nods enthusiastically for once making him seem like a young boy, not a hardened assassin.

Tim looked sour, but he didn't say anything, even when Bruce turned to him, "Tim, take Two with you to the Happy Harbour Base."

"What?" Tim's jaw clenched as I felt a slight unease.

Bruce didn't say anything. Instead, he simply glared down at Tim, causing the boy to scowl down at his feet.

Alfred let out a noise of discomfort, "May we please refer the young man as anything other than, Two?" Alfred is the only to voice his opinion of my name, "You are not a weapon to be catalogued, but a young man." He said as his eyes locked onto mine as if he could tell the name didn't bother me.

I simply shrug, "If you can think of a name, by all means, go ahead." A thought came across my mind, "You know what? I'll join you, Alfred, we can make a day."

"Two," Bruce said, ignoring the withering gaze of Alfred, "I want you to join Tim."

"You're not going to take no for an answer, are you?"



"This is awkward as all hell."

"Yep." Tim agreed, popping the p.

"Sorry about Damian." I sighed.

He matched my sigh as he looked away from the console, "It's not on you to apologise for him."

"Still, I can't help but feel responsible for him."

"Why? If you don't mind me asking, because it seems as if you should worry about yourself as well."

"Oh, I do, sort of… huh." My face scrunched in confusion, "Fuck, I guess I haven't really taken care of just myself." I acted and left the League of Assassin's because I wanted to save Damian, I brought us here because it was the only place where they wouldn't touch him, and I even fought off the Young Justice team because Damian picked the fight.

"I guess that's why the big guy wanted me to come with you."

Tim nodded in agreement, "Batman probably wants you, Damian, to stop relying on each other."

"And to do that…"

"Have some time away from each other. He probably asked me to bring you along because you're easier to get along with." He said as if that was the easiest thing to recognise.

"I don't think your team would agree," I mumbled to myself as I thought of the green skin teammate of his. The only one's privy to One, is Bruce and Miss Martian, Damian to an extent but he just thinks I have a mental disorder instead of the actual truth behind it. That's if Miss Martian did tell her team about the mind-melding discovery.

"You'll be fine." Tim gives me a small reassuring smile, why is he nice to me? It's not unwanted, but I figured by extension of Damian he would dislike me.

Tim taps the portal console one last time and walks beside me, and before I knew it our surroundings changed, my stomach doing a flip the whole way but more or less I was still the same.

"B01 – Robin. Z01 – Guest." A female mechanical voice spoke out as we walked out of the portal.

Tim pulled out and donned a pair of sunglasses and a flat cap from his jacket, and just in time to as one of his teammates came into view.

"Hey Robin," Kid Flash came rushing over with a bright grin on his face, but it instantly disappeared as he noticed my existence, "What's he doing here?"

"Easy KF." Robin raised his hands as he stepped in front of me, "Batman asked, and by that, I mean ordered me, to bring Two along."

"Hello." I stuck my hand, but Kid Flash just let it linger in the air.

"Megan isn't going to like this." Kid Flash simply said as he turned to Tim.

"What? Megan loves getting to know new people." Tim defended.

"Apparently not everyone." He mumbled.

When the entire team stood in front of me all showing various expression of distrust or downright dislike, I took a deep breath and bowed my head before glancing every single one of them in the eyes, "I apologise for my actions last night. I hope we can all start off on a new foot."

Megan said nothing as she refused to acknowledge me further, walking off. Artemis meets my gaze while Kid Flash nods unsurely before they both trail of after the Martian.

Superboy stepped in front of me, "You're like me." He said with a passive voice.

I willed a smile on my face, "Well, I'm not half-Kryptonian, but yeah, I'm sorta like you."

Superboy nodded with an unreadable expression on his face before he walked off without saying another word.


"I apologise for my team." Aqualad came over with an apologetic look on his face, "Superboy has proven to be difficult at the best of times, but Miss Martian… I'm…" He looks like he's struggling to find the right words.

I raise a hand, "It's alright."

"Why don't we show him around?"

"Because that's not a recipe for disaster," I said knowing that half of the team pretty much hated me.

Only when we appeared in the manor did I let out a breath of relief. "You seemed pretty tense throughout the whole thing," Tim said as he ran a hand through his hair.

"Would you be offended if I say I was expecting to be jumped?"

Tim let out a snorted laugh, "Do you expect to get jumped even at home?"

"Not really my point," I mumbled.

As if the universe hates either Tim or me, the lights flickered off, and I felt four presences swarm all around the Batcave.

"League of Assassin's," I growled and angled Tim to be behind me.

My body screamed at me as I leaned my right shoulder back and while the fist sailed past my head I caught the wrist of an assassin; I brought my knee up with flexibility I didn't have in my previous life and slammed it into the assassin's jaw.

As he fell to the ground, I plucked three throwing knives from the belt of the assassin and threw two of them in a snapshot, hitting a perched assassin, knocking them down to the ground, allowing me a chance to stamp my booted foot on their neck.

The sounds of blades being unsheathed filled the cave. I charged forward as I held the last remaining throwing knife in a reverse grip. I swiped wide forcing one of the assassins to block with the flat of his blade. I dropped my guard, causing the assassin to stumble.

As they buckle, I turned my attention to the second assassin, I gripped their wrist and flipped them over my back, my boot stamping down on their head, knocking them out.

The last remaining assassin got their bearings in time to see my foot came up the side of his head.

Only when the silence became deafening did I speak, "Why the hell did they send the B-Team to the Batcave of all places?"

"What the hell was that!?" Tim exclaimed as he waved around the cave.

"League of Assassin's," I said simply, shrugging my shoulders.

"Yeah, I freakin figured that. What I mean is what the hell was that? The high-speed takedowns. I've never seen anyone move like that, not even Bruce."

My face scrunched up, "Really?" My body just acted; I didn't even need to think about. Sure, this was the first time fighting, where I'm not holding back to an extent, but in a world where there's quite literally a godlike alien, fast takedowns surely can't be that impressive to Tim.

"Well, I've never seen it, but that's not the point," Tim said as he walked to one of the assassin's searching their concealed pockets.

"They wanted the perfect weapon… so they constructed me."

Tim just let out a sigh, "I hope you know how sad that is."

'Sounds like someone is jealous.'

'Great, you're back.'

'Back? What did you believe the 'medication' Batman provided would truly stop me?' One's voice chimed in my mind, though he did sound sluggish.

'Can't blame me for hoping?'

"Damn it." Tim cursed, calling for my attention, "Nothing."

"We should check on Bruce, Damian and Alfred."

He gives me a curt nod and heads toward his gear in a display case, Tim pulls out the dynamo mask however before he could call Bruce through his communication device, I felt another presence behind me.

Once again acting on instinct, my left arm lashed backwards hitting whoever was behind me in the ribs, forcing them to drop their guard for a second as they recoil in pain. Giving me an opening slid in behind them, kicking the back of their knees, dropping them to the ground and allowing me the chance to wrap my arm around their neck.

"Two, stop. Let Nightwing go." Tim demanded in a panic.

"Nightwing? Oh shit." I released my hold, and the first boy-wonder let out a rough cough, "Shit, shit, shit. I am so sorry." Some B-Team mooks sure I can fight and beat, but I shouldn't be able to dismantle Nightwing easily.

'Do you believe we rank so lowly? We were made to destroy threats to the League of Assassins. There a nary a foe that matches us Two, the sooner you accept that the sooner we fulfil our purpose.'

Nightwing stood up, rubbing his neck, he regarded me with a piercing gaze, "Whose he?" He asked Tim, but he kept his eyes on me.

Tim let out a sigh, "It's a long story."

"It involves the League of Assassin's?"

"Yep, but before you go on the attack, Two is a friend." Tim defended, "You just spooked him."

"Spooked, huh?" Nightwing's guarded expression morphs into a small smile, "Kind of want to see you, when you're serious."

"Just look around you, Dick." Tim said as he waved at the unconscious assassin's, "He did it himself, I didn't even have time to register what the hell was happening."

Nightwing let out a low whistle with a smile, "Impressive." He walked to the assassins and handcuffed them before placing them in an impromptu jail, that formed from a set of bars lowering as he tapped away on a device on his wrist.


Tim gave me a small wave, "Don't worry about it. Dick is just one of those guys that forgive and forget."

'Then he's a fool.'

'Hush up. There's nothing wrong with a little forgiveness.'

'Then you're a bigger fool then he is. Would you forgive, Nessa for all the pain and agony she inflicted on us?'

'I won't forgive her, but we should keep in mind that she's a product of her environment.' One didn't respond, but I could make out a muffled grumbling in the 'back' of my mind.

"Bruce called." Dick spoke out to us, "He told me he was attacked while he and Alfred were driving."

Tim opened his mouth, but Dick cut him off, "Don't worry, Alfred is fine. He managed to drive Bruce to an abandoned lot where he could fight off the League."

"Did he mention Damian?" I questioned a seeping worry setting in, what if Talia or Ra's attacked Bruce. I just can't fathom how either father or son would react when confronted by either them.


"Oh, Bruce's son," Tim said simply, but anyone could detect the slight edge to his voice.

Dick's face becomes blank under the mask, "…What?"

"Bruce and Talia son." I said, drawing the attention of the Bludhaven hero, "My little cousin. I brought us hereafter Ra's tried to execute us."

He started to rub the bridge of his nose, "Anything else I should know?"

"Two is a genetically modify weapon, who has an evil voice in his head," Tim said simply yet again as he dropped the bombshell.

"Wait, you know?" I said as I sidestepped away from the boy, "Why are you so chill about it?"

"Miss Martian explained to the team what she discovered about you." I let out a visible wince, "She's a bit frightened of you and the voice, but she wanted to clarify that it's two separate entities." He shrugged in indifference, "Plus Bruce trust you."

Dick let out a snort causing Tim to throw him an annoyed look, "Okay maybe not trust yet, but he's giving you the benefit of the doubt."

"Meaning he's going to keep an eye on you waiting for you to slip up." Dick chimed in.

"Why so bitter? You and him fighting about something again?"

"When aren't we?"

"Yet you're here because he asked?" I couldn't help but question.

"Well, it's simple." Dick grinned, "I'm here for the little nerd, and I suppose now, and you." He said disarmingly, quickly reminding me, the role he tends to be associated with when talking about the Bat-Clan.

Tim groaned, but a smile was on his face.

I swallowed a lump at the back of my throat, "Why are you guys cool with me, despite knowing about it?"

I could see the underline of pity on Tim's face which he quickly squashed, "Because despite being made to be a killer, the worst thing you've done so far is save the twerp." He said with a slight chuckle in voice.

"Little-Nerd has a good sense of judgement."

"I hate you."

Dick let out a hefty laugh, "So is anyone going to explain the whole Bruce has a son thing to me know?"

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